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Blood House

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* Dongjae POV *


It burns. Everywhere in his body burns. He tried to get out of bed, he couldn't. He tried to brush his teeth, he couldn't. He tried to put on his clothes he couldn't. He tried to eat breakfast, he couldn't. Because every time he tried to do something remotely normal, he ended up in the toilet vomiting. He couldn't stop the voices in his head. The screams. Murderer! Murderer! Murderer, they shouted. 


Marilyn had told him; "You knew what you were getting into. It's not fair to complain." 


He knew. Yet, he didn't know. Killing seemed like the easiest thing in the world. He had seen it in movies, he's been in rooms with dead people in it. He'd seen X kill someone, too. 


Despite knowing that, he still couldn't breathe the same way again. It was as if he had forgotten how to. 


Dongjae stares at the door as Sehun and X walks in, eyes casted down. 


Sehun passed a briefcase to Jongdae and Chanyeol silently. Dongjae assumed it was Taejun's. Did he die, too? Did Sehun kill him the same way Dongjae killed his men? 


Humans are so fragile. There are so many ways you could kill them. You could beat them to death, stone them to death, gun them to death, burn them to death, drown them to death, stab them to death, crush them to death, make them bleed to death, gut them to death, poison them to death, suffocate them to death, torture them to death, skin them to death, choke them t-


"Dongjae." Sehun called. 


Dongjae's eyes remain staring blankly at him. 


"Dongjae!" Jongdae shouted at him, snapping Dongjae out of his trance. 


"Y- yes?" Dongjae stuttered, cowering into himself as X and Chanyeol stared at him. Jongdae nodded at Sehun. 


"I heard you did as I asked." Sehun walked over to him. The elder lifted his palm to pat Dongjae's head. Sehun smiled. "I'm proud of you." 


And there it was. Dongjae's heart picked up pace and suddenly all that guilt and dark thoughts flew away in a moments notice. 


"Ye- yessir. Thank you…. sir." Dongjae attempts to hold back a small smile, feeling nothing but pride in himself from Sehun's acknowledgement. He hears Chanyeol scoff and mutter something under his breath from where he was standing, but ignores it. He was not gonna let that bastard ruin this moment. 


“You really got that kid wrapped around your finger, huh?” Jongdae said to Sehun as they were walking back to the office, Chanyeol hearing in keenly.


Sehun nodded. “Yes.” He smiled softly. “The perfect human puppet.”



"How long 'you gonna stay here?" Kai asks. 


"I don't wanna go home." Kyungsoo grunts, pouting. 


Kai huffs out a laugh. "But you have school." 


"Fuck that shit. I'd rather be jacking off to porn than go there. I’m staying here.” Kyungsoo kicks his feet up and puts it on the coffee table, arms resting back on the couch.


Kai laughs, putting the teabag in the hot water. "I like this you better. Better than the ass kissing bitch you were before." 


"Until you used me to earn dirt cash? Yeah."


"It's good money." Kai shrugs, bringing two mugs to the coffee table, placing it down. He sits down, picking up the nearly forgotten stack of files. He flips through them. 


Kyungsoo scoffed. “I’m really gonna stay here, lend me your couch.”


Kai looked at him cynically. “Why?”


“Because Baekhyun would be at home. My sister asked him to take care of the house.”


“Well, good luck trying to sleep with a killer in the house.” Kai says, continuing flipping through the files.


Kyungsoo grinned. “Great, so I’ll be crashing here tonight, yeah?”


“Whatever. I’m going out tonight, so keep the place sparkly clean for me.”



* Sehun POV *


Sehun sat in the heavily tinted car, staring at the dark empty sea. His men were already posted in place. He could see Chanyeol and his team next to three trucks, with Chanyeol himself muttering profanities, most likely at K. Bai was leading his own team on one side of the harbour, while X was doing the same on the other side. Jongdae was up front with his team collecting the drugs itself. K did a good job organising them.


Craters and tins barrels litter the space. Usually the dock was used to unload oil and fuels. A great spot for shipping substances without the cops knowing where.


The car pulls up to a space close to the sea, where the ship would be docked soon. But positioned so that the tin crates near them will act as a shield should any enemies would snipe them. 


His driver gets out, but Sehun makes no movement whatsoever, remaining in the car.


He hears the door opposite from where he was sitting and yet he continues to just stare out at the ocean.


“Everything’s ready.” He hears K say. “The ship is expected to dock in thirty minutes. There are no signs of enemies anywhere. Looks like we’ll be getting easy money.” K grins.


Sehun side eyes her with an eyebrow raised. Almost mockingly.


K gulped. “Is there.. something wrong, sir?” With that Sehun looks away again.


“Nothing. Leave.”


Sehun sees from his peripheral that K nods slightly and leaves the car, face contorted in confusion.


He sighs as he leans back. Finally, peace and quiet.


He had been agitated since yesterday. Since Kai left him there stranded at McDonald’s. He wanted to scoff. Humiliation bubbles up to his cheeks, but he doesn’t let it show. When I see him, I’ll kill him. 


Sehun was just getting to grow fond of him too. Such a shame. That bastard will know his place.


Even if he makes Sehun blush as if he weren’t a killer.


Kai’s perfect jawline, that messy hair, his perfect nose, his smirk that makes him grow weak to- no.


No. Never, never, never. 


It’s just physical attraction. Physical. Purely physical.


He won’t let anyone, not even a goddamn assassin invade his mind.


Sehun slumps over, feeling empty as he always does.


But he does not miss a familiar red flash pointing directly at him from the reflection of the window. Looks like K was wrong after all.




“This makes no sense.” Chanyeol grumbled under his breath, feet on the steering wheel.


“Um, sir, if you look at it pos-” One of his men voiced. Chanyeol looks at him through the rolled down window of the truck.


“Shut the fuck up before I make you shut the fuck up.” Chanyeol glowered.


“I’m sorry.” The man squeaked.


“That’s what I fucking thought.” He mumbles. “Hey Jim!” 


“Y-yes?!” The guy named Jim said hastily.


“Do we got intruders?” Chanyeol scratches his head with his gun; a bright red coloured desert eagle. “I’m just itchin’ to kill someone.”


“N-no sir.” Jim said timidly.


Chanyeol chewed his bottom lip, ready to shout at him.


Just then, K knocked the truck’s door, making a loud thump sound.


“Calm down, cowboy.”


Chanyeol scoffed. “Maybe I should just kill you, Crystal.”


“Haha, very funny.” K replied mockingly. “I’m here to remind you that the ship will be docked in about twenty or so minutes. You know the drill.”


“Uh huh.”


“I’m serious, hothead. Screw the operation up, it’ll be on your neck.”


“Ok, K .” Chanyeol grinned.


K rolled her eyes. “You are so damn annoying.”



* Sehun POV *


Sehun doesn’t even bother to panic or move. He was too tired for this shit.


He sighs and gets out of the car. Slowly, he makes his way towards Chanyeol’s post. He sees K and Chanyeol bantering and only when they notice his presence, they stop.


“Heya boss.” Chanyeol got out of the truck, standing next to K.


“Is something wrong, sir?”


“Don’t panic.” Sehun said. 


K furrows her brows. “Wha-”


Chanyeol’s eyes immediately starts scanning.


Sehun sees K’s body physically tense, mouth agape. Chanyeol, too, mimicked shock, only thing he didn’t show it as much.


Chanyeol pursed his lips. "Fucking snipers ruining my fucking day." He mumbles. “I’ll find the guy, stay put.” He says, checking his guns' magazine. "There are gonna be more of them, warn the others." Chanyeol looks at K, who nods while saying something into a walkie talkie she had on her. 


Sehun says nothing as Chanyeol walks away smiling. 


"Sir, stay behind the truck." K tells him. 


Sehun sighs. "How long more until the shipment?" 


K checks her watch. "Fifteen minutes." She curses. 


Sehun nods. “Get everyone moving.”




* Jongin POV *




“Mr. Jii.” The two clasped hands.


“It’s been quite a while.. two years, was it?” The man said with a thick Chinese accent. 


Jongin had always liked Jii. Though old, he was smart and rational. He paid well, too.


Jongin smiles. “Yes, it’s always great to work with you, Mr. Jii.”


The old man waved his hand. “Please skip the formalities. You are my favourite hitman for a reason. I hope you do your job well tonight. I expect highly of you.”


“Of course.” Jongin never liked being too polite to anyone but this dude was an exception. After all, he ran one of the most influential organisations in Asia; the Jii corporation. 


The family was almost over ninety years old. Compared to the Ox, which was just established less than five years ago, the Jii corps were way more powerful.


“I’ve sent the best snipers around in this awful country just to kill that brat.” Mr. Jii says. Ahh, yes. Country democracy. The Jii corporation was mainly based in China. It makes sense they would hate the mobs in other countries.


Jongin smiles. “Ox is a high rising mafia organisation. It’s only rational to send the best.” 


“High-rising, huh.” Mr. Jii says. “I’ve seen many families come and go. I’ve destroyed many of them, too. This one will be no different.” He continues, head held high.


“Is that why you’re here in Korea? To make sure Blood House doesn’t get more powerful than you?”


“The drugs, my boy, the drugs. Can you imagine how much they would make with that shipment alone? They would take over the entire mafia in Korea. I’ll have to kill them before that happens. If not it would be an underground war between China and Korea.”


Jongin stays quiet, staring at the man. In a way, Jongin could understand. If Ox gets hold of the drugs, they could might as well take over the economy system in Korea. More money, more power. More power, absolute dominance. Interesting move, Sehun. Very interesting.


Mr. Jii opened his mouth, as if to say something, but he is cut off by one of his men. He sighs. “Let’s go kill this son of a bitch.”