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Blood House

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(A/N This story is written entirely in 2nd person perspective. I will state who's perspective we are looking from to avoid confusion. If in a new scene, it's not stated who's perspective it is means that it's in a 3rd person p.o.v  Enjoy!)

Chimes of the chapel's bells were ringing in their ears but they tuned it out by whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. The couple had made their way to the wedding's after party, which was in a club that was made into a ballroom not far from the church.

"I love you, Mark Lee." Taeyong said, grinning.

"As I you, you cheeseball" Mark giggled.

"I'm not joking." Taeyong whines.

The just-wedded couple soon heard someone clear their throat behind them. Naturally, they looked back. Silence took over their peripheral as they stared for about a few minutes gazing at the unknown man. The man's stature was muscular, he was wearing a black tux that was obviously thrown on carelessly, but his face could not be seen clearly due to the dull lighting that was put on for a romantic setting. All that could be made out was the man's bronze skin.

"Can we help you?" Taeyong finally said glaring at the man ruining their moment. They stood there until the man finished scanning them over.

The man chuckled. "Not you, but the gentleman in white." The man said pointing at Mark. "You're the son of Lee Kwangsoo, am I correct?" Mark cautiously backed up, knowing exactly what kind of people his father works with. An eerie feeling settled in the atmosphere.

"Y-yes" Mark accidentally stuttered. He cursed at himself for displaying weakness to the man. "Who are you?" Mark was beyond terrified. Who knows what kind of questions they could ask about his family, who he knows, what he knows. No one usually could correlate his relations with his father, seeing that he has kept his distance from him for quite awhile.

Luckily for Mark, all the man did was hum and walk away.

"What was that?" Taeyong asked. Holding a shivering Mark. The man had left an unsettling feeling within his bones. The way he smirked as if he knew he was scaring the couple.

"I don't know." Mark replied. "I don't feel so good, tae." He felt perfectly fine. But he had a feeling that if he didn't keep an eye on the man, something horrible might happen.

"Do you need to go the the toilet? Freshen up a bit?" Taeyong asked. Mark nodded and excused himself.

Taeyong started pacing around the spot where the man had been. Only a few minutes had passed since mark left. A few minutes until Taeyong had a pit feeling in his gut. His heart started racing as he made his way to the bathrooms.

He opened the door, it was empty. "Mark?" Taeyong called. He walked furthur in and saw only one stall closed, and the rest opened. Taeyong sighed in relief. He put his hand on the closed stall "Mark, baby? Are you alright?" The stall slowly creaked open as he applied pressure on it. It wasn't locked.

There he saw his husband, his lover, his best friend.

one beat.

With a knife logged into his throat.

two beats.

three beats.

four beats.



Taeyong let out a piercing scream as he fell to the floor.


"Lee Kwangsoo's son, Mark Lee, was brutally murdered last night at his and Lee Taeyong's wedding. The perpetrator is unknown." Chanyeol read from a police report, looking at Sehun expectantly.

Sehun sat at his desk staring up at Chanyeol, bored out of his mind. "And you're telling me this because?" He said unimpressed.

"Lee Kwangsoo was one of the commanding forces in Johnny Seo's gang, the GY syndicate." Chanyeol explained.

Sehun looked spaced out. Chanyeol internally groaned.

"Lee Kwangsoo ran away from the syndicate but left with some very important receipts, leaving Johnny and his men to hunting him and his family down. Which means the GY's are getting distracted." Chanyeol circled around Sehun flailing his arms with every word. "Don't you understand? This could be the perfect chance for us to strike them."

"I will strike whenever I want to strike." Sehun replied calmly. "Besides I have Jongdae's team on the way to complete a certain task."

"But that won't be enough. You don't understand, sir!" Chanyeol rebuttled. "It is the perfect moment to take them down once and for all! Why won't you use this chance?!"

"Chanyeol." Sehun's voice boomed in the empty space of his office. He was starting to get sick of dealing with the elders' annoyance. "Have you've not consider the fact that Johnny would've taken precautions on other syndicates? He is not as gullible as you think he is. Never underestimate your enemies."

Chanyeol looked down at his feet. It is true that Johnny Seo and his company is known for being extremely cunning. Chanyeol lays down the options of what might happen if they do infiltrate the enemy. He looks back up into Sehun's eyes and stares in awe."Yessir. Forgive my foolishness."

"Take it as a lesson. Now leave." Chanyeol nodded as he walked away.

Sehun sighed and laid back into the backrest of his office chair. He still needed to tidy his papers and he'd be done for the day. Being a mob boss at 23 wasn't easy.

He looked outside the tinted window to his right. Droplets of rain litter the pane, its sounds relaxing him. It was night time, he glanced at the clock that said '9:32'. The night is still young he thought to himself. He contemplated finishing up his work.

Fuck it. He kicked himself off his chair.

He went back to his mansion that was on the outskirts of the city. He made his way up the stairs on the path to the master bedroom. The mansion was far too big for one person but he needed it for show.

Once he entered his room he immediately discarded his suit jacket and tie and peeled his slacks off. All of these were replaced with a white, extremely tight T-shirt, tucked into ripped jeans with his Louis Vuitton sneakers. To top it all off, he entered his bathroom and stood in front of his extravagant illuminated mirror. He took out his makeup kit, put on foundation, smeared eyeliner under his eyelids to create a smokey eye effect. He put on an Adidas cap and made sure no one could recognize him.

He sneaks out of his home and passes the guards. He didn't want to alarm anyone, so he decides to walk there instead.

On the way, Sehun passes drunkards vomiting on the street, smoking preteens, etc. etc. the usual.

He reaches his destination 10 minutes later as he finds himself standing in front of neon lights forming the words 'Eden'. He enters through the front and is immediately greeted by loud, ear-ripping bass music, sweaty bodies grinding on each other.

Sehun sits by the bar with purple lights protruding from under the table the name of the club stretched across the walls behind it. "The usual." Sehun says to the bartender.

"One blowjob coming right up, sir." A certain bleached blond said from behind the bar.

"Fuck you." Sehun replied grinning.

"My pleasure, quite literally. " The bartender laughs loudly through the music. Sehun looks at him blankly. "I'm just kidding~. One tequila on the rocks right up!" He says holding a shot glass.

Baekhyun serves him his shot, the glass sliding slightly on the surface as he passes it to Sehun. "Haven't seen you in a while. Been goin' out?" Baekhyun wiggles his eyebrows at him.

"Work's been hectic is all. I needed to let loose a bit" Sehun replies monotonously.

"Sucks, huh. You work as an office worker right? You're still young, too." Office worker? Oh yeah, Sehun completely forgot that he introduced himself months ago as Samuel, the office worker to said bartender.

"Well, you gotta do what you gotta do." Sehun sighs.

"Oh shit." Baekhyun exclaims. Sehun looks back up at the man. The bartender points at a certain direction "ohshitohshitohshit, 3 o'clock, a hottie." Sehun furrows his brows and looks to his right. "Bitch, you wanna let loose? Get out there right now, Sam."

Sehun looks back down at his drink, contemplating the stack of papers on his desk waiting for him. Yeah, no. He got up, abandoning his drink, walking towards the dance floor, with a cheering Baekhyun behind him.

Sehun starts off innocently. He flails his arms in the air along with the R&B music in the backround. Little by little making his way towards the decently hot guy that Baekhyun was pointing to. The guy had auburn hair that did not go well with the illuminescent purple lights at all, but still cute nonetheless.

Sehun starts smirking as he feels the persons' gaze on him as soon he stepped into one of the corners of the dancing mat. That was his cue to start swaying his hips to the beat. Feeling many people's stares on him, his confidence started to boost. Sehun knew himself that his body was not like other guys'. He wasn't 'small' per se, not at all. But he was a mix in between of being extremely thin, and extremely muscular.

He soon felt hands on his hipbone. Very large hands. "Hey, cutie." The hot dude said. His voice was deep and gruff. It whispered into Sehun's ear just right even though the loud music was playing, it was clear enough to make out. "Whats your name, sweetheart?" He turned Sehun around and as he got a closer look at his face, the man had soft features in contrast to his muscular build.

"Samuel." Sehun replied. "Yours?"

"Yeon-seok. Nice to meet you Samuel. So,.. Would you, um, like to come back to my place for tonight? " He replied....Not enough. His reply was not enough for Sehun. Sehun needed something- more. Sehun was never sure of what he is looking for, but who is, really. All he knew is that he's just a sucker for certain things and Yeon-seok doesn't look like he'll deliver Sehun's wants.

But, Sehun did want to let loose so. He put on the sweetest smile imaginable and-"I would love to."


*Jongin P.O.V*

"Kai." A voice reverberated in the almost empty room. Jongin glances up at the woman.

"Who are you?" Jongin asks, putting his knife down. Silence once again befalls in his wake.

"I-" Her voice falters in disbelief. "I'm Irene. You've known me for about 4 months, just at least remember my name, please." Irene says, sadness evident in her eyes.

"Irene." Jongin whispers. "I think I've heard that name before." Irene frowns even deeper. "What do you want?"

"The boss wants to see you. He said he's been calling you ever since you succeeded your mission yesterday."

"Tell him to come here himself." Jongin replies nonchalantly, going back to sharpening his knives.

"What? No! Do you want to be killed?!" Irene panics. Johnny never takes no as an answer.

"Oh, sweetie." Jongin simply looks into Irene's eyes, but it felt to her as if he was crowding her comfort zone. "If I were you, I'd be more scared of me than that wuss. After all, I can kill you right here, right now." Jongin continues sinisterly. "Now go."

Irene, speechless, nods upon instinct and stumbles out of there, towards the boss' office. This mansion building was disguised as a factory, though beyond the doors were a much more lush decor. Behind her she could hear Jongin laugh darkly.


"I really don't understand you."

Jongin sighs as once again someone disturbs his peace. He swears he was about to stab a bitch until he looks up and sees the mob boss himself, Johnny. Johnny fuckin'.. what was his last name? "What."

"What do you mean what?" Johnny is practically seething with anger. "I called you to meet me, and you're here not even 5 fucking rooms away from me doing what- staring at your goddamn knives?"

"Dude, relax, I know your favorite niece was kidnapped but you don't have to be such a bitch about it." Johnny sucks oxygen through his nose sharply.

"Good job on yesterday's mission, Kai." Johnny reluctantly says, trying to keep it professional. He knows he can't do anything about Jongin's behaviour. The assassin was more influential in this business than most. Just to keep him here, working for him was tough, but it was crucial for his syndicate's success.

"Kwangsoo came back last night begging for his life. He didn't even care about his son. He was more caught onto how we found his family's location." Johnny explains. Jongin snorts. Weak.

"Isn't that good news."

Johnny pauses for a bit, thinking carefully of how to word what he's about to say to the assassin.

"Kai.. about my niece.. I know this is abrupt but I need you to take on a new mission."