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Sewing Needles & Carving Knives

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“Dad!! We could be fashionable late! Isn’t that part of the glamour of presenting your best fashion fierceness?” Amanda said to Honey as he held her arm like the gentleman he aims to be, as he led them out the door a small fruit plate in hand to Joseph’s barbecue. Once they got in, Honey was extremely anxious all of a sudden.
He hadn’t been near anyone his age for a long time after his fiasco of a banishment from Japan. Before he could find a way to excuse himself- Amanda placed her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye putting on her best fashion mogul voice and stance, centering the both of them as she spoke:

“Darling- you’re going to be amazing, you have faced off against fashion moguls in the heart of Tokyo, and you have come out shining and strong, this is nothing. Now go make friends!”
She then pushed her father straight into the arms of Craig, who in turn caught him in his burly arms and gave a small smile:
“Honey Bro it’s good to see you again! I see you’re still able to rock those piercings-after all this time!” Honey then smiled blushing gently before he hugged Craig gently before speaking in Japanese:
“How could I not, when you met me in that exchange program, I was two seasons ahead of the system here! They’ve made a marvelous comeback here once again!” Craig laughed before responding back in semi-fluent japanese out of wanting to making his bro comfortable:
“Bro you’re still as fiery as ever, you should go talk to other dads before i get burnt to a crisp from your flames.”
Honey then nodded and walked up to Damien and Joseph, he gave Joseph a friendly nod before introducing himself with a bow and asking Damien gently:

“ Excuse me my good sir, but do pray-tell where on earth did you acquire such noble and quite elegant attire? I haven’t seen such a sewing pattern in ages, but you have seamlessly made history lively and quite elegant with said attire.” He paused for a moment, thinking the next sentence through, and then continuing:

“ If I may introduce myself, I am Mr. Honey Seikei ,and over there is my daughter Amanda.”

Amanda then waves happily before the kids drag her back into their games.
Damien then gave a glamorous smile and said with an elegant air:
“Pleasure to meet your acquaintance Mr. Seikei, I am Mr. Bloodmarch of the Bloodmarch estate. My attire was commissioned by a close friend who enjoys the dark and elegant nature of victorian gothic attire. Do pray-tell how do you know how to speak the victorian English?”

Honey then gave a small smile:

“I use to read Jane Austen when I was younger, but I was mentored by a seamstress who’s family dated back during those times. She’s moved onto a greater life from ours but it is quite lovely to meet someone who knows of the elegant language.”

Damien couldn’t help but chuckle and smile appreciatively, he then offered his hand to shake:
“Well it is quite admirable and kind of you to keep the teachings of Miss Austen alive outside of a classroom, and it is also quite curious how you know of the old teachings in the genre of fashion, Mr. Seikei- you must diminish m curious inquiries over tea sometime! Well I must not keep you all to myself, please do go meet the other dads, they would definitely enjoy your company as much as I have ”
Honey then smiled graciously giving a firm handshake:
“It would be my pleasure Mr. Bloodmarch, please do feel free to write to me!” He gave a small bow before turning his attention back to Craig who appeared behind him and dragged him to meet Hugo and Mat:
“Yo, Honey Bro! I’ve seen you met and impressed Damien. I haven’t seen him enjoy a conversation in a while. Let me introduce you to Mat and Hugo!”
Honey nodded before offering a hand to shake to Hugo while saying brightly giving a kind smile:
“Mr Vega! I did not know you lived here, it’s good to see you out and about! I love the tweed coat and tie ensemble, it suits you quite nicely!” Hugo then blushed a little- smiling back:
“Thank you Mr. Seikei, it is nice to be out the school-I see you and Craig know one another!”
Honey then let out a small chuckle:
“Craig met me when I came to the U.S, and we’ve been estranged but good friends after we graduated. I use to carry him to his business class when he couldn’t get up for the life of him.”
Craig then scoffs wholeheartedly:
“I can totally bench press you now bro!”
Honey then laughs, before looking at Mat and offering a fist bump-since he did look like the cool music type and Mat bumped him back:
“Hey again! The coffee was amazing! I was able to get most of my stuff out and about thanks to your coffee making skills!” Mat then gave a shy smile, nodding appreciatively:
“It’s all good, Im glad you’re a fan-but I also gotta say thanks for the new banana bread name! After you gave it a cool name a bunch of other people came and ordered some- before Mat could finish, Craig’s twin daughters, Briar and Hazel, along with Carmensita, bombarded their dads nervously- the twins saying in unison while trying to keep their voices down:
“Dad! All of our pants got ripped!”- Carmensita nodded in embarassed agreement.
Before Mat could interject- Craig then looked to Honey who looked at Craig:
“Honey Bro can you use your skills to save all the girls?”
Honey then nodded okay, pulling out a white spool of string and a needle from his hair. He then motioned all the girls over to him:
“I got you ladies, can you show me where they ripped?”
Briar and Hazel then pointed above their knees, and Carmensita then motioned to the hanging fabric off her knee. Honey then knelt to Carmensitas’ level and said gently:
“Don’t worry, these cute jeans are gonna be okay. Im gonna sew it back on, so please don’t move and don’t be scared okay? I promise i won’t poke you.” He gave a pinkie swearing his honor for her before working quickly. While he quickly sewed her ripped pants back, the other dads and kids made a small crowd around him. When the string pulled everything back together seamlessly and he managed to cut the extra string with his fangs he paused to take a breath before motioning Briar and Hazel over, to absorbed in his work to notice the small crowd around him.

The girls pinkie promised with him before he was able to sew ambidextrously both pants at the same time. When the strings were pulled, he gave a bright smile at the girls, who gave him a thumbs up and ran off. He gently wrapped the left over string to his spool and tucked the very small needle into the spooled string which he then put away. He looked up and froze, slightly blushing at all the attention. Before he could explain himself to the crowd, Amanda- his savior and headstrong daughter drew the crowd’s attention:

“Before you all bombard my dad with questions: the burgers are done, and we all need to eat!”

The crowd of dads and their kids nodded before going to eat. After that unprecedented show of events Honey managed to sneak into a corner and nurse a cup of very cold ginger ale, accidently joining an antisocial Robert who was nursing a cup of very strong whiskey. Honey nodded at his presence taking a long sip of his soda while doing so. Unpromptedly Robert spoke to him;
“Where’d you learn to sew like that?”
Honey a bit frazzled by this question decided to fuck with him and told him in a morbid tone:

“I had to sew my friend’s almost fatal wound shut before he almost died on me in the middle of Kyushu’s wilderness. Not a man nor signal to save him, just a fearful certified nurse who earned his friendship and himself who in turn made the foolish move of getting the both of us into that mess. It was the most haunting and useful lesson I ever learned in my life-even though he ended up dying in my arms.” Robert looked at him almost shaken by the tone and gravity Honey put in his voice.

“Jesus Christ kid, you serious?” Robert asked. Honey then gave him a shit eating grin replying in a joking manner:

“No, im joking. I just know how to do most things.” Robert visibly relaxed, before Honey shifted into a more serious face:

“Or am I?” Honey looked at him with a haunting look before walking off. Robert was then re-shaken and then realized he fell for his own trick and cursed under his breath. He then started to eavesdrop on the other nerds telling him about Dadbook, making a mental note to search for this nerd’s page once he got home.
Honey then nodded okay at the information deciding to talk to Amanda once the party was over.
After a few more drinks (ginger ale obviously there are children there!) Amanda and Honey then said their farewells, as the party ended. As he and Amanda hung out at home for a bit, he mused gently about the anti-social Robert, how he looked like every high school boy in Tokyo who were going through a rebellious phase, but had a different air than Craig described to him at first. Before he could entertain his thoughts more, he was kicked out by his daughter’s social life, and he was stranded to walk to the bar, since he did need a small drink after he drew around a crowd with a talent he swore to leave behind in a life that’s no longer his. As he reached the bar and sat down, he saw the man of his thoughts again.