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Don't You Get all Tough With Me

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       It was a Sonny afternoon in the suburbs of California, and Milton David Krupnick was alone in his room. He ran his fingers through his hair, already stiffening from sweat, and sat down on his bed. His duvet, who’s pattern depicted a plethora of different magic themed items, was once a source of prepubescent titillation. However now it just seemed embarrassing to Milton. For years now he had begged his parents to buy him a new quilt, but his dad, Mr. Krupnick, would never have it. Milton was still in his Karate gi. Typically students changed out of it after practice, but the way the stiff yet lose fabric rubbed against his gaunt pale body aroused a sense of confidence in him.

       “Tomorrow’s the big day…” Milton thought to himself untying his greenbelt and throwing it across the room. Usually, he was more deliberate when putting his things away, but he couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow's tournament. It wasn’t a normal karate match. The tournament was being sponsored by Hollywood Center Studios and the winning team would get to star in an episode of the hit TV show MacKenzie Falls. Jack Brewer, Milton’s highly advanced teammate, was a diehard MacKenzie fan. Though Milton didn’t watch TV, the fear of Jack’s disappointment made his knees quake. Jack was a total chad and an unquestionable Alpha Male and Milton knew this all too well. Jack’s unmatched abilities in martial arts? His skills with the ladies? The way every lock of his flowing mane danced across his soft olive skin?? His ass??? Jack had established dominance from the moment that he first walked up to Milton’s lunch table. From that point on Milton faced constant emasculation from Jack. While this often made Milton jealous of Jack’s manliness, he didn’t entirely dislike it. Milton, who was now stripped down to nothing but his knee-high socks and white boxer briefs, nervously sighed and locked his door. Grabbing his cat ears and laptop, he slid on the maid costume and reluctantly turned on his webcam.

End of Chapter 1!