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A Fading Blue

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It wasn't that late at night, but it was late enough. Time to set his plan to action. Would leaving Voltron be easy? With the people he's spent a year with? They were only humans in space for galaxies. And he was just going to leave them without a word. Why wouldn't he? They say they're his friends, but in reality he was just the odd one out. The misfit, the seventh wheel.

Lance shuddered at the last thought. He knew what he was doing was risky, it could jeopardize the universe. But who was he to judge what Voltron did? He's had this nagging voice in the back of his head for months. It felt similar to Blue, but softer. Kinder. Like a mother almost. Repeating the same words,

Find me.

Leave them.

They do not need you. 

They are not worthy enough to be with you.

My paladin...

Find me!

Another shiver ran down his spine and earned him a worried gaze from Shiro. The Black Paladin tried to be there for everyone but he was the only human adult in a castle full of children. He walked over to the Blue Paladin and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Everything okay, Lance?" Concern laced Shiro's voice.

"'m fine. Just a cold chill." A lie. A bold-faced lie. To Shiro, his hero.

"If you feel any worse, let someone know." A comforting smile found it's way to Shiro's lips. Because honestly, who could hate Lance? That's not what he thinks, anyways. "I'm sure Coran would have some type of medicine for it."

Lance nodded. "Will do, Shiro."

Shiro ruffled his hair and he squawked indignantly, ducking out of the way. He let out a whine and tried fixing the mess but stopped. No use in doing that without a brush. Chuckling, Shiro turned to follow the other paladins.

"Come on, Lance. Take a break before dinner. The others will be in the common room."

"I'll be there in a minute. Just need to sort myself out. Can't go looking like this!" Lance chuckled and gestured to himself. 

Shiro smiled before turning to leave. "I'm sure they'll figure it out if you're late. Don't worry, we wont start without you."

"Sure thing." Lance followed, but turned and headed towards his room. Blue purred something in the back of his mind. Good luck, my paladin. I will always be with you if you need me.

Thanks, Blue. If I can pull this off, it'll be a miracle.


He grabbed a few bags and headed towards the pods, the other paladins completely unaware of his plan. Save for maybe Coran. The old Altean had some knowledge of Lance's misfortune, being thrown into a war where his own friends were better friends with each other than him. Lance left the papers on his desk. Letters for the team. One for each and one for all of them.

After he made it to the escape pod hangar, he headed to the farthest one, there was one missing from when Shiro shot Sendak back to space. Lance quickly opened the pod and threw the few bags in so he could go back and get the rest. The door to the hangar closed and Lance knew someone had caught him.

"Lance? I know you're in here. I won't tell the others, but please, come out." Coran. Of course.

Lance poked his head out from behind another pod. He knew there was no use in hiding from Coran so, shyly, he came out of his hiding place.

"Hey Coran. You caught me." He laughed nervously.

"Is this about that voice you told me about?" Coran asked.

"Yeah... I didn't know what to do about it. It sounded like a lion to me so I was going to investigate it. Alone."

Coran. "Very well, my boy. I know I can't stop you, but travel safely."

"Will do, Coran."

"You should make an appearance at dinner so they'll at least know you're here still."

"Alright. Let's go."


The common room had four paladins sitting on the couch. Shiro looked up from the table game they were trying to learn to see Coran and Lance.

"We were wondering where you two were. Don't worry about the game, it's not like any of us can understand it anyways." Shiro said.

"Do you know what any of this means, Lance?" Hunk asked as he showed Lance one of the cards.

"I didn't look through the Altean Language book much so I couldn't tell you." Lance shrugged.

"And that was our last hope." Pidge whined. "Game night is ruined."

"Don't be like that, Pidge. I'm sure we can find an Earth game for you all. Maybe you can teach me!" Allura said.

Hunk grinned. "What about truth or dare?"

Keith smirked, Shiro smiled and Lance tried to not look disappointed.

"That is a great idea!" Pidge hopped up on the couch. "I haven't played truth or dare since the Garrison!"

"Keith should go first. Since he's like, super secretive and all that." Hunk said.

"Fine. Pidge, truth or dare?" Keith asked.

"Dare. I'm not a wuss." Pidge said confidently.

The game lasted three hours. Allura was dared to steal one of Pidge's cookies that Hunk made - she had one arm covered in scratches and bite marks from the youngest paladin, lick Keith's cheek for some kinky reason and told an embarrassing story about her times as a young princess.

Coran watched Lance the entire time as the Blue Paladin glanced towards the doorway. He was getting antsy about what was nagging at him. The last round was coming up and he wanted to leave.

"Coran, truth or dare." Hunk asked.

"Truth. I'm too old for these dares." Coran said.

"Tell us a secret from the old days of Voltron."

Coran perked up "An old days secret, you say? Well, I suppose there is one. One that even Allura doesn't know about."

"Do tell." Allura said, scooting closer to him.

"There was a sixth lion." Lance perked up. 

"Really?" He asked. Maybe I'm right about the voices in my head, then!

"Indeed." Coran nodded. "It will only speak to you if it thinks you are it's true paladin, the purest in the galaxy. Originally, I thought it was Allura, but now with all of you here, I'm not so sure."

"Maybe it's taking it's time." Allura said.

Coran hummed. "Perhaps."

Find me... Lance.

"Alright, I think that's enough truth or dare for now. Time for bed, Paladins." Shiro said.

The team disappeared to their separate rooms. Coran followed Lance to his, willing to help him with the last of his bags.


"Thanks, Coran. Sorry I'm leaving, this just feels like something I have to do. Without the team." Lance said. "I wrote letters for everyone, they're on my desk."

Coran smiled sadly. "I'll tell them in the morning, my boy. Good luck. Maybe we'll meet again."

Lance hummed. "Maybe."

He opened the escape pod. The coordinates were set for a planet called Rolillon, it wasn't far from where the castle currently was. Maybe a varga or two for a flight. 

Coran waved as he tried to not cry.


The flight to Rolillon had taken two and a half vargas. And from the looks of it, there wasn't much there. It looked like some sort of base, but he couldn't tell what kind or who.

Suddenly he was pinned to the ground. A blade to his throat. Looking up, he saw someone cloaked in some kind of black and purple uniform.

"Who are you? What business do you have here?" They rumbled.

"I'm Lance, former Blue Paladin of Voltron and I'm here on my own mission sent to me by what I believe is the White Lion." Lance said.

The alien, who Lance figured was definitely male, got off of Lance and helped him up. The mask disappeared revealing the face of a Galra. He had red markings on otherwise purple fur. Lighter purple markings could be seen all over him. His hair was in a braid draped around his neck until he moved it.

"I am Kolivan, leader of the Blade of Marmora. While you are not Galra or any enemy species of my rebellion, you are indeed the White Paladin. We have been waiting for you to show up. We had no idea you were with Voltron." The Galra, now known as Kolivan, said.

"I didn't really know until a while ago myself." Lance laughed.

"Come. Let us head back to the base." 


The base itself was well protected. Galran soldiers who opposed Zarkon were everywhere, and when Kolivan and his crew came in, they stopped what they were doing to great their leader. A member with what looked like a mohawk to Lance stepped forward. Kolivan greeted him.

"Hello, Ulaz. Is everything well here?"

"Yes, we managed to get the message to Thace before we had to leave. There were druids there, hunting us." Ulaz said, his gaze drifted to Lance. "Forgive me, sir, but who is he?"

"His name is Lance. He is the White Paladin. From what I've heard it sounds like the White Lion contacted him phoebs ago, we just never found him. If you will, please contact Krolia and tell her to leave her post for this meeting."

"Right away, sir." Ulaz left.

"You guys really believe I'll be able to help you?" Lance asked.

"Why not? You along with Voltron have saved countless planets. Bur Voltron alone cannot defend the entire universe." Kolivan said. "Krolia is the only one who knows where the White Lion is. She had tracked it in one of Zarkon's ships and found it on a planet far away from the base. I told her to keep it a secret for as long as possible but now with Voltron I'm not so sure she'll be able to. That's why I'm pulling her out of her station, for now."

Lance nodded. "So do you guys do like, mind melding training exercises or anything like that?"


"Good. I always hated having other people in my head. It was uncomfortable."

"Let's go. The others are waiting."


That day Lance learned more about the Lions than what he already knew. The White Lion was an impenetrable force, he almost compared it to Fort Knox hoping to get a few laughs, but then realized that no one would know what Fort Knox was. Kolivan reminded him of Shiro, other than the fact that Kolivan trained his team to leave members who were too slow to catch up behind, they would find their own way out or die in Galra captivity. He, however, was exempt from this. He was going to go on missions with another team that the Blade was with. The Rebels.

"Tomorrow, you will meet two of the rebels we are sided with, Hawk and Olia. You might get along well with Hawk, I hear he's human." Like you goes unsaid, but Lance doesn't care. He'd be paired up with another human! And if they were who Lance thought they were, Voltron was in for some trouble over popularity control. 

Ulaz had run in a few vargas later. "Sir, Krolia is back."

Kolivan turned to face the other Galra. "Send her here."

Ulaz nodded and left again. A new Galra, who Lance guessed was Krolia, walked in.

"Kolivan." She greeted. "Are we heading out now?"

"No. We were planning on going tomorrow. There are Galra ships in the planet's galaxy."

"I looked at their logs, they were scheduled to leave right after Ulaz came to get me. We should leave now, they will be gone by the time we get there."

"Get a squad ready and contact the Rebellion. Tell them we need Hawk and Olia." Kolivan paused before adding. "And show Lance to his room."

Krolia nodded and beckoned for the former blue paladin to follow. "Right away. Come with me, Lance."


They traveled down the halls, occasionally greeting other members while others greeted them. Krolia paused at a room at the end of the hall.

"This room has been open for a while, but no one goes in here since we haven't had any recruits recently. I guess this makes it yours." 

"Thanks, Krolia."

After Krolia left, Lance headed over to the large bed and flopped down on it. Sleeping peacefully for the first time in a year.