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The prince and the baby bird

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”How do I look?” Jimin asked and made a twirl as he entered the living room. 

”Perfect” Jin complimented and looked at his best friend with a wide smile.

”Thank you” Jimin said and blushed on his cute cheeks, ”So it isn’t too big?”

Jin eyed the younger’s pink, oversized hoodie and shook head, ”It’s big but that’s the point, right? And you look so cute and soft that all the guys will fight for your attention.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and stepped inside his pink sneakers, ”My mother said frogs will jump out of your mouth if you tell lies.”

”See any frogs? No? That’s because you will get kissed tonight, I’m sure of it.”

Jimin snorted and closed their door behind them before he hooked his arm with Jin’s, ”I highly doubt that. Maybe you should lie so I can kiss one of the frogs and see it turn into a prince.”

Jin giggled and shook his head, ”Let’s find you a real human being instead, someone who already looks like a prince.”

Jimin’s eyes shimmered as he began to dream about his first kiss and feeling a pair of warm arms around his waist. A dashing prince, kind and sweet. That would have been something. 

Dreams were meant to be dreamed, and even though he knew that a prince wouldn’t approach him and kiss his lonely lips, the thought alone filled him with anticipation and giddiness.

Jimin smiled up at Jin as they walked to the party in the late, chilly night. 




”Jimin, Jin! Over here” Namjoon called and waved his arm from the crowded living room.

”Namjoon!” Jin called back happily and tugged Jimin with him.

”Have you been here long?” Jin asked and hugged Namjoon.

”No I just came here” Namjoon answered and gave Jimin a hug, ”Come, I brought drinks.”

Jin and Jimin followed Namjoon to the kitchen where the latter handed them a drink each from the fridge.

”Where’s the owner of this place?” Jin asked and tasted his drink.

”I saw him talking to a dude with strawberry pink hair, but that was five minutes ago so I guess he’s upstairs in his bedroom now” Namjoon snickered but received  a sigh from Jin.

”Can’t he make friends like normal people?” Jin asked and shook his head.

”You mean like us losers who doesn’t make friends nor get fucked?” Namjoon asked and leaned against the counter beside Jin.

”Well, when you put it like that… God, I’m so desperate I might ask my microwave out for a date.”

”Same” Namjoon agreed and eyed his drink sadly.

”At least you two have had boyfriends before” Jimin said and jumped up on the kitchen island where he could look at his best friends as well as the crowded living room where drunk people were dancing to the latest hit, ”Think about how I feel. I’m forever lonely, doomed to a life of dreams and cold pizza.”

”Hey, what’s wrong with cold pizza?” Namjoon asked and furrowed his eyebrows.

”That’s beyond the point” Jimin said and dangled his feet in the air, ”What I’m trying to say is that you two are not a lost cause. You have what it takes to find someone to date, while I’m just… short and inhumanly shy.”

”We have what it takes?” Jin laughed in surprise by the younger’s words, ”I have to sleep with my glasses on or else I can’t tell what is up or down when I wake up. And I have to sleep with a damn plushy in my arms or else I can’t fall asleep.”

Jimin couldn’t help not to giggle at his friend.

”My ex broke up with me because I snored so much that he fell asleep during an exam. A very very important exam.”

Jimin and Jin threw their heads back with laughter.

”Was it the medical student?” Jin asked and wiped his eyes from tears.

”Yep. The one and only boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

”I’m so sorry” Jin said and put his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder before he and Jimin fell into a fit of loud laughter again.

Jimin tried to calm down when he felt a pair of eyes staring at him. He looked to his left, out to the partying people in the living room, and was immediately met with a stare.

The stare came from a man dressed in tight black jeans and a black t-shirt. His raven hair was pushed back to reveal his forehead and from his ears hung silver earrings that shone from the spotlights in the ceiling.

Jimin’s laughter disappeared as he gulped and averted his eyes. He looked down at his lap and he could feel how his cheeks heated up and he knew he was blushing an obvious shade of red.

He waited a couple of seconds before he looked out to the other room again and much to his surprise, the man was still staring at him.

”Earth to Jimin? Hello?”

”Hm? W-What?”

Jin and Namjoon snickered at Jimin’s blush and the way the younger was carding his fingers through his hair nervously.

”He’s flirting” Namjoon stated.

”Yes he is” Jin agreed with a smile as he went over to Jimin to lean over his shoulder so he could get the same view of the living room as Jimin had.

”Oh my god” Jin whispered and waved his hand behind him to get Namjoon’s attention.

”What? Who was it? Let me see” Namjoon said and leaned over both Jin and Jimin to get a glimpse of the person who had caught the blonde’s eyes.

”Oh my god” Namjoon whispered.

Jimin dared to look again and their gazes locked for a third time but only for a millisecond before the man with a poker face looked away and disappeared among the dancing people. 

Jimin rolled his eyes and pushed at his best friends that were leaning against him with their mouths gaping and eyes open wide.

”Don’t even think about it” Jin said and stepped back to lean against the counter.

”I was just about to say that” Namjoon stated and placed himself beside Jin again.

”What?” Jimin asked and furrowed his eyebrows while he looked between his friends.

”His name is Kookie. Sweet name. Dangerous guy.”

Namjoon nodded in agreement and crossed his arms, ”Notorious womanizer and playboy. Sleeps with every woman willing to spread their legs.”

”Dropped out of High School a while back. Smokes, drinks and treats everyone like shit. I even heard that he sells drugs.”

”I heard that too. So stay away from him.”

Jimin nodded slowly and looked back to where he had seen the man, Kookie, but he was no longer anywhere to be seen. 

”We’ll find you someone else, I promise” Jin said and smiled reassuringly at the blonde.

”Who wants to dance?” Namjoon asked cheerily to brighten the mood.

Jin gave Namjoon a glare and sighed, ”We can’t dance and you know it. We would make a fool of ourselves. We should be happy that Yoongi is kind enough to invite nerds like us.”

”Who are you calling a nerd?” Namjoon asked baffled.

”You Namjoon. You’re the biggest nerd I know. You spent two years trying to figure out—”

Jimin’s mind trailed off from his friends' bickering to the thought of a dashing prince in black tight jeans and raven hair with— wait! What was he thinking?! 

Jimin shook his head and tried to snap out of his crazy thoughts. He smiled at his best friends' silliness and joined them in their talk about the universe and how they where sure they held the answers to the great mysteries of the pyramids.


Two hours had flown by since they came to the party and Jimin began to get a little tired.

”Guys I’m tired” Jimin said and yawned, ”I’m gonna go and see if I can find Yoongi and say hi before I leave.”

”I’m also tired, let’s get home together” Jin said and looked at Jimin before he turned his eyes to Namjoon.

”I’m going too so I might as well follow you and make sure you get home safe” Namjoon said and gulped down what was left of his drink.

Jimin nodded and smiled, wondering if Jin also could see the blush on Namjoon’s cheeks.

He left the kitchen and went out to the living room to search for Yoongi. The music wasn’t quite as loud as it had been when they first came there but there was still a lot of people dancing and drinking in the spacious room.

Jimin stood on his tiptoes as he tried to make himself taller, but it didn’t help, Yoongi were nowhere to be seen. He pushed past a couple of people to get to the sofa but Yoongi wasn’t here either. He was probably busy with the guy Namjoon had seen him with so he gave up and made his way back to his friends.

He had just escaped the most crowded space in the room when a hand gripped tightly around his wrist and before he knew it he was pushed back against a wall. It didn’t hurt but the action had surprised him so much that he had closed his eyes in fear and when he blinked them open he got even more surprised.

Caging him against the wall was none other than the man that had stared at him so intently before.


Jimin gulped and looked at the man with his mouth open like a fish on land.

Kookie was leaning so close that Jimin could feel his warm breath and count his eyelashes. He smelled of sweet and sour drinks and a hint of smoke.

”W-Wha—” Jimin began but was cut off by the other leaning in close to his ear.

”Did you know that the girls love when boys kiss? Did you know that it makes them all wet and horny?” Kookie whispered and Jimin could literally hear a grin form on the man’s lips.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and tried to wriggle away from Kookie’s grip where he was pinning his wrists against the wall.

”Don’t squirm away from me baby bird” Kookie whispered and leaned back from Jimin’s ear, ”Is she watching? The girl with the tattoo on her neck.”

Jimin glanced behind Kookie and could see not just the girl he was talking about, but at least two other girls looking at him.

But why would he tell him? Why would he be nice when the other was being mean and obviously just using him to catch a girl’s attention?

Jimin could feel Kookie’s burning eyes on him but he refused to meet his gaze. Instead he looked down between them and took a deep breath before he gathered all of his strength to break free from Kookie’s hold.

”Stubborn, are we?” Jungkook said irritated when he could feel the blonde trying to get loose from his grip. 

”Let me go” Jimin wheezed and looked up to meet Kookie’s fierce eyes.

”No” Kookie growled before he crashed his lips against Jimin’s plush, unkissed lips. 

Jimin tried to turn his head but it was no use, Kookie’s kiss was too hard and kept his head firmly in place against the wall. 

Jimin held his breath and stared at the other, silently begging to every god that Kookie would let go of him. 

And after a couple of seconds he did break the kiss.

Jimin watched as Kookie flickered his eyes and cleared his throat.

”Let me go” Jimin begged and he hated himself for sounding so sad when he was supposed to sound strong and unaffected.

Kookie opened his mouth to say something but the girls behind him called his name with high pitched drunk voices and he let go off Jimin like he had burned himself on his tiny wrists.

Jimin hurried to wipe his eyes from the tears that was on the brink to escape his glossy eyes. He sniffled and watched as Kookie looked at him a last time before being tugged away to the bathroom by the girl with the neck tattoo.

”Jimin we’ve been waiting for you, where— Jimin are you crying?”


Namjoon and Jin held Jimin in on hand each as they walked home in silence. Jimin didn’t want to say a word about what had happened and the other two did their best to respect their friend’s wish without pushing him or try to drag it out of him.

But when they got home and sat down on the sofa with Jimin between them and blankets around them, the blonde started talking as tears silently made their way down his cheeks that where cold from the night air.

Never would he again dream of a prince kissing his lips softly and hugging him with warm arms.

No more fantasies about a dashing prince swooping him up in his arms to carry him. 

Because princes only belonged in fairy tales, and life was far from a beautiful story with a happily ever after.