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Monthly Reward Stories - 2019

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The clock was ticking on this special brew that was affecting dear Selena. Her enlarged assets and unhinged sexuality only had so much longer. For Kiran, a man with surprisingly strong vitality, a second run at things was just perfect for him. Not only that, but his sassy companion was offering something extra special: a run at her rear.

“Go on, Kiran! Get an up-close look at my perfect, little hidey-hole!” Selena exclaimed, bending over and smacking her fat rump playfully. “Anything goes for my sweet, summoner stud.~”

She was positioned just perfectly, with her face in a pillow and her ass up on display. He wasted little time in closing the distance, parting her cheeks as a ravenous hunger overtook him. Kiran spied that taut pucker hidden between her supple mounds, letting his lust getting the better of him as he watched it twitch before his very eyes. His fingers began to inch closer, stretching her skin tighter as the closed in on his target. Selena's butthole was easily stretched, still inches away and it was no longer the perfectly round circle it once was.

He heard her stifle a moan as his eager digits finally met her ring, slowly prying it apart like the curious lad he had been before being whisked into this world. Kiran loved the soft, firm feeling it had, the warmth and color as he continued to play. The summoner needed more than this, more than just visuals; he needed a closer, more intimate sense to get involved. Spread as far as it would currently go, Kiran leaned in and got to work, much to Selena's delight.

“Oh, Kiran, you naughty boy! Getting right in there? Well, you're welcome to stick anything in me, so have at it.”

Despite her blessing, he was determined to keep going. To keep shoving his tongue right up her tight ass, that is. He was experiencing the taste of her wet, little hole, adding it to yet another list of his sexual experiences and was loving every second. The actual flavor was complicated, to say the least, and was beyond the point; the act of it, shoving his oral muscle up into her rectum, was a thrill in and of itself. Her muscles seemed to clench rhythmically, and not just the entrance that he was now slowly working his thumbs into, but the inside as well. Pulsating walls and heat, the kind of which he was already familiar with while using his member, felt so different like this. Wonderfully so, he would say, had his mouth not been busy.

He didn't know how much time had passed, but soon he couldn't contain himself anymore. Giggling in delight, Selena found herself flipped over and pushed down into the sheets. Her legs were lifted back and over her head, her nethers as exposed as ever. She could see his throbbing rod hovering just inches above her back door, a wild look in his eyes as he began to press down on her.

“Gods, I need to fuck you hard,” he whispered, honest and true.

“Fuck me like you hate me, big boy.~”

Selena's words were so crass, it made Kiran enthralled with every syllable she spoke. He had never felt so wild, so aroused; he barely waited more than a second before he began to invade her rear with all the gusto he could muster. She groaned through grit teeth, his manhood feeling like it was triple the usual size, given the small space it was cramming itself into. The air was practically forced from her lungs as every throbbing inch was shoved deep into her rectum, a delightful, yet breathtaking, sensation.

Kiran was truly pressing down now, his legs locked around her and her sizable bosom pressing against his body as he bottomed out inside her. He felt his balls slap firmly against her rump, his entire rod deep in her colon. Her words still rang in his ears, her desire for tough loving. The summoner, able and willing, began to thrust away at a hard, fast pace.

She moaned and quivered as her butthole was summarily fucked into submission. Her muscles tried to clench reflexively, tighten around the invading phallus, but to no avail. It was too big, too fast, and buried far too deep to ever get a grip. Instead, they began to relax and embrace the warm friction that came with having one's ass stuffed with meat. The rhythmic slaps of his jewels, his hips connecting with her, as she was forced tight to his body in this elicit yet arousing position, were like music to her ears. Selena's moans, shameless in all ways, echoed through the room as her summoner gave her the rough, anal loving she had asked for.

Time slipped by almost as fast as his cock was slipping into her ass. Kiran was like an animal, body hot and steamy, mind concentrating on just one thing. He never stopped in his anal conquest, Selena taking the vast brunt of his arousal. Her reaming was having an effect, though. Nothing lasts forever, as some say, and even wild sex has its limits. There was a tension in his loins, building with every second. It wouldn't be long until he reached bursting, the climactic finale his body craved.

As it grew closer, he went faster. The loud, meaty slaps echoed through the room as her plush buttocks jiggled and bounced under the weight of his motions. His motions grew sloppy, too, uneven and forced until he could no longer resist his natural urges any longer. With one, heavy, hard thrust, Kiran went down to the base in her sore rear and began to make his first, of possibly many, attempts to breed her ass.

A torrent of hot, sticky seed flooded her colon and intestines, flowing deeper as the volume increased. Selena moaned and shook, her muscles contracting as the thick batter pushed her over the edge into her own climax. It seemed like almost a minute went by, before they both began to drift down from their heavenly highs. Kiran, gasping for breath, slowly slid out from her gaping, sloppy hole. He trailed wads of cum as he left, a deluge following behind him like bubbles out of a popped champagne bottle. Finally, she was free of her locked position and Selena rolled onto her side as happy as could be.

His cum-streaked cock found its way over and up to her mouth, a firm hand grabbing the base of her head. He pushed down, easing his manhood between those luscious lips of hers, like he had not more than half an hour ago. Still in a sexual daze, Selena absentmindedly licked at the seed that clung to his shaft, cleaning him off like the good girl she was.

“Like the taste of your own ass, Selena? Bet you do, dirty girls like you are into that sort of stuff.”

“Y-yeah, you bet!” She exclaimed, almost slurring her words. “Love the taste… like a dirty girl…”

Her words slipped away as she continued to suck and polish his rod. He didn't know how much longer this would last, this wonderful version of her. Days, hours, minutes? It didn't matter; he still had the drive and desire to go longer, to perhaps delve a bit deeper into the depravity of it all. Selena would be a good way to try all sorts of things, new or old.

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“You may be grown up now, Roll,” Tron said with a heavy, angry huff. “But that doesn't mean you can top me. You wait right here, and I'll be back with something that'll put you in your place!”

All Roll had said was that she had made major improvements to her work recently. Now Tron was trotting off, clearly up to something. Part of her wanted to just leave, this woman had caused enough trouble in the past, but she wanted to give Tron the benefit of the doubt. Surely, after all these years, she too had grown a little? Roll had made that thought too soon, as the next thing she knew, Tron was coming into the room, half-naked and with a strap-on around her waist.

“Hah! Not so mighty now, are you?” Miss Bonne taunted, seeing Roll blush in embarrassment. “Now, I'm going to show you I mean business!”

With barely any time to react, the flustered inventor was practically tossed into the nearby bed, clothes flying this way and that as Tron got her good and ready. This was happening all so fast, and Roll's body was betraying her! She was growing hot, achy, and more than a little bothered by the time that dildo was teasing her now-wet pussy. It wasn’t exactly that she was attracted to Tron, the past being the past, Roll had simply had a bit of a recent dry spell, of sorts, and her body’s senses were heightened. Even a bit of rubbing was getting to her, making her nerves practically jump with every touch.

“T-Tron… is this necessary?”

“Of course! I’ll prove to you that you can’t beat me!”

With whatever twisted logic fueling her, Tron was committed. She began to shove that toy deep into Roll, whose face was in turn shoved right into a soft pillow. The mechanic trembled and whimpered in delight as the toy slid in deep. Every little bump and ridge it had was wholly evident in her mind, rubbing her in all the right ways. However, she wasn’t given a moment to adjust before Tron began to pound away. Her slim body bounced with every thrust, perky rump rippling as the older woman’s hips smacked into her own. A firm swat across her backside only further emphasized her position in this exchange.

Tron was absolutely elated. “Are those moans I’m hearing? Where’s that proud inventor at? Maybe she wants more, which I am happy to supply.~”

There was a shuffling sound and Roll looked back in time to see a second dildo being attached to the harness. She didn’t know where it had come from, but it was just as imposing as the first. Without a chance to object to the incoming invasion, the blonde had no choice but to ‘grin and bear it’ as the head of that equally thick, second toy began to push inside a second place. Roll’s tight pucker was the second to fall to Tron’s eager attitude. With a firm push and a little finesse, she was easily cramming herself deep into this other, intimate place.

Once again, Roll was at her ‘rival’s’ mercy as that toy pushed deep into her colon. Her whole body quivered, again fighting her more conscious thoughts as her ass got an unexpected reaming. She had honestly never felt so full in her life! None of her toys could ever compare; this was something altogether new! The occasional moan was escaping her now, both holes officially penetrated by Tron, and yet it still wasn't the end. After a few minutes of rough pounding, and literal pillow biting, she felt them pull out. Roll was about to turn around when she felt it: not one, but two heads pressing against her loosened butthole.

Even with her muscles relaxed, though, she couldn’t possibly see this working out!

Tron seemed adamant on proving her wrong. With all the tiny thrusts in the world, she slowly eased her way in. Roll's ass was stretching further and further, the pillow muffling her cries as pleasure filled her whole body. She could never have dreamed of this, of taking two firm cocks in such a tight hole, but it was happening, as miraculous as it was. Before long, she felt the familiar slap of Tron's hips, marking the base of the twin toys as they hilted inside her.

“Let's see if you're truly all you claim to be,” Tron taunted, squeezing playfully. “Does the genius inventor also have endurance? Let's find out.~”

To say it was a rough time would be putting it lightly; Tron wasn't the least bit gentle with her smaller partner, not that she would mind. Roll had never experienced such intense pleasure before nor did she think anything could ever top it. Her body, and mind, could barely take it. It would only take a few minutes of lung-draining, heavy-thrusting action to drive her over the edge and prove Tron's point… whatever it was. Roll didn't care how the argument started or what was on the line, she just wanted release and was about to get it.

With a few final, hard-hitting motions, Roll was moaning through grit teeth, pillow practically being eaten at this point. Her whole body went rigid, muscles convulsing in ecstasy as they went wild. She blanked out rather quickly, going limp and docile as it proved too much for her. Tron was delighted, to be sure, chuckling as she pulled out of the unconscious girl and left her with a slight gape. Honestly, she was surprised she hadn't completely broken Roll, but so be it.

Perhaps she really was as good as she claimed. She'd be back to test that theory again later. After all, one experiment was hardly proof.

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“My, my, what's this you're hiding in here,” you whisper as you run your hand against her short-cut denim pants. “Could it be you're hiding your burdens from your Master? We're partners, that can't do.”

Mordred grumbled, lacking words as your fingers massaged and stimulated her through her clothing. She quivered as your other hand rubbed gently across her exposed midriff, her heart pounding and cheeks burning as her body reacted in kind. The knight felt the heat flow and gather, unable to stop her shame from appearing to you. You feel the bulge in her pants throb and grow, your own breath growing short as her secret was revealed.

Your fingers cupped and coddled it, helping it fill to full size. The bulge widened and became longer by the second, traveling up to the zipper. Doing the honors, you gently pull the metal tab and expose Mordred’s shameful erection. You could feel the raw heat radiating from it as it slipped from the clothing that could barely contain it. She stood strong at a solid six inches, more than enough to be worthy of any king and worthy of your teasing.

“How unbecoming and ironic of the Traitorous Knight, your own body betraying you like this. You should really take care of this pent-up arousal, something I can gladly help you with…”

“I-I ought to deck you… but you really should ask first and not ambush me like this…”

She didn't say no, to your delight, and you weaseled out those firm jewels of hers from the grasp of the denim. It felt so good to feel them in your hands, her shaft trembling as you pleasured her prick. Mordred felt like electricity was running up her spine, her back spasming slightly as a firm thumb and index finger ran up and down her length. They made a tight ring, her skin rolling between them as it went along. The knight could barely stand as her knees began to buckle and you eased her onto the edge of a nearby bed, lest she fall.

“M-Master,” Mordred stuttered as you went down on her, her commander unceremoniously stuffing their mouth full of meat.

Not another word would follow as she watched you swallow her cock. The base rushed up to you, your lips kissing deep as you took it all in one motion. You could taste the salt of sweat in her, smell her tantalizing scent, precum dripping onto your tongue as you adjusted to having such a big sausage practically shoved down your throat. Yet, it wouldn't be your only challenge for the night, if you could have your way.

For now, you simply bobbed and sucked as best you could, sating your own lust and helping your dear knight with her troubles, all at once. She seemed to finally be warming up to it, too. Mordred gasped and moaned, every lick and suck on her tender shaft sending chills up her spine. Her hand rose up your back, firmly grasping your head as her own instincts took control. You were no longer the one solely in charge, now the knight was in on the plan as well.

It didn't take long for her to reach her end, admittedly. With how pent up she was, it was little surprise that your eagerness would push her over the edge so quickly. As it came, her plump balls tightening, her shaft twitching, and your face firmly planted tight against those delicious looking abs of hers, you became the happy receiver of a healthy load. Mordred whimpered quietly as her cock spewed a thick, sticky mess down your throat. You loved the taste as it backflowed, covering your tongue and teeth, all while you swallowed all you could. The tasty cum clung to your throat as you swallowed it all down, the taste wafting back up in your breath as it finally stopped and let you rest.

Or so you thought. Only a minute had passed after she blew her lid, and she was stiff once again.

“M-Master… sorry, but… I think I need some more help,” Mordred asked sheepishly, a slight grin on her face.

She was starting to enjoy this, and you knew it was time to go to the next step. You swapped places with her, lying on your side as you slid down the back of your pants. Mordred visibly shuddered in anticipation as you exposed your back door to her. It would be tricky to take someone of her size, but you were willing to try if she was.

“A king should learn to lay claim to what they desire, right?” You say with a smile. “Best to claim me now, before someone else does.”

She chuckled, this wasn't quite a time for lessons. Nonetheless, she seemed enthused with the idea, her hands grabbing your hips as she maneuvered into a proper position. It didn't take long for her to find the right spot and begin to hit home; her cock was pushing hard against your pucker, chipping away at your resistance until it finally caved. You shudder as her cock, feeling like it was twice normal size, invaded your rectum. Mordred is gentle with you, going slow, filling you up inch by inch, until her hips softly bump into you.

You see her lick her lips, her inhibitions gone now that she was balls-deep inside you. She began to thrust, firm and regular in her pace. Moans escape you, your whole body growing warm as she made herself at home within your colon. The knight was enjoying your tight butthole, her breath growing shallow as time, and her speed, compounded. Soft slaps filled the room as her body began to collide with yours, the sounds of your voices echoing alongside them. Her prick was massaging your insides, the girth stretching you perfectly.

It was little surprise that for such a quick first half, the second would be just as fast, though far more passionate. Only minutes had passed until you were both at the end of your wits. You could barely breathe, outside of short, raspy gasps, and Mordred could hardly stop smiling. She seemed to like your rump, how perfect it was for her.

“M-Master, hope you don't mind an ass for of my kingly cum!”

You chuckle, lifting your cheek, as if to offer yourself. “Go right ahead, my future king!”

It only took a few seconds to get there. Before you knew it, your lower intestine was swimming in sperm, a hefty load unpacking deep inside you. You loved the feeling, the hot, wet sensations as it crept deeper inside. A small orgasm of your own would creep through you, like a wave going from head to toe, as you were pumped full of this treacherous knight's seed. Muscles tight and loose all at once, this was a tiny slice of heaven, one that Mordred very much enjoyed.

As fiery as ever, she gave a playful slap across your upper cheek as she pulled out, wads of cum trailing out after her. It was seemingly like you might have bit off more than you could chew, though. The crimson knight was as stiff as ever and still ready for more. Mordred grinned, eager for more, and who would you be to deny her?

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Alm was never one for doing paperwork. Born and raised in the country, he prefered the physical side of labor. Training, chores, pretty much anything besides sitting behind a desk. Sadly, as the commander of the Zofian army, there was paperwork plenty. Thankfully, this was one thing he was willing to distract himself from. Being the commander had its perks: a few girls couldn't get enough of him and he was more than happy to indulge.

Even now, he wasn't alone at the desk. Delthea, the petit spitfire, was keeping his lap warm. As was he keeping her slim, soft thighs heated as well. Alm may be humble any other day, but in bed he packed enough to satisfy any woman. His large manhood was stuck between her two heavenly legs, thrusting to his heart's content, as his companion had plenty of words to say about it.

“Jeez, Alm. A pair of thighs this good to ya? I suppose a country boy like you can get off to anything, huh?” She jeered, giggling as he turned a bright red.

Her words hit deep, though he knew she merely meant to rile him up. As temperamental as Delthea was, Alm certainly enjoyed her company. Never was there a dull moment with her around. It certainly did help that she had an insatiable sexual appetite and could take anything in stride. Not to mention her smaller frame meant a tighter ride, when it came down to it. He could barely contain himself, at this point, thrusting quick and hard between her legs.

“That's it, mule boy, show me how much ya love me!~”

As if on command, a sudden pressure built and reached bursting. Her words always found a way to surprise, and she would share in that surprise as his cock quivered and jumped. Delthea gasped in surprise as his sticky load splattered across her thighs, hot batter leaving sticky trails across her delicate skin. She scowled, huffing like she was on the verge of a tantrum. Not that she didn't like this, Alm just seemed to do what he wanted, when she ought to be the center of attention.

“What an early shooter,” she snickered, wiping her fingers through the lines of spunk. “I expected more with a beast like yours. Though, I suppose that's where you get it from, your mom must have really loved that stallion…”

The mention of his mother gave him a twinge, a deep desire to tame this young woman's attitude. Alm wasn't mean-spirited, though, he did this for the sake of all who would cross paths with her. In a moment of impulse, he pushed her up, legs still messy as he bent her over the desk. Papers slid and fell to the floor, wood scraping on stone as he pushed up against her perky, little rump. If Delthea expected this small piece of vengeance to be standard fare, she would be wrong.

He could practically feel her hair stand on end as he pressed against her tight, pristine pucker.

“O-oh, come on, m-mule boy! You needn't go this far…! W-what would your mother think?”

Alm chuckled, pressing in on her. “She'd be fine… after all, if she supposedly got down with the horses, you can manage this, can't you?”

The young warrior didn't let her get in a single peep. He began to cram his cock right down her shute, forcing his way past whatever meager resistance she could offer. Delthea clutched at the desk, tongue hanging from her mouth as her asshole was stretched to the limit, colon crying out in joy as it was filled to the brim with stiff, firm meat. She felt her nails digging into the desk as he finally ceased his invasion, that entire member buried into her tiny rump. It must've looked insane from behind, she figured, with such a petite body taking so much!

“So, this is what it takes to silence her tongue, huh? Should have guessed you were into something so dirty.”

Delthea didn't like being on the receiving end of the insults, but didn't get a chance at rebuttal as Alm began to thrust into her. Her whole body felt like it was being electrified, hair standing on end, muscles tense as her asshole got the reaming it deserved. She couldn't help but grunt and sputter as her body took something far bigger than it had been designed to take, the sounds and sensations as his hips met hers the icing on the cake. The young mage felt like she would split in two if he had been any bigger, yet a small part of her was beginning to crave taking something even bigger.

“It seems you really do like taking it up the ass, Delthea, or do you just like to moan like an animal in heat? Once a bitch, always a bitch, huh?”

“N-no…! As if something so dirty, from someone so basic, c-could satisfy me-!” She sputtered; she hadn't even realized the sounds that were coming from her mouth until now.

Those really were moans! It was hard to deny how good it felt, and how much she'd love the part coming next. Alm was practically pushing her further onto the desk with every motion, papers continuing to fall as she hovered over a large pile. She could hardly hold herself still; this hunk was about to hurl her over. That was when he did it, when she was least prepared. With one final thrust, he buried himself deep inside her ass and let out yet another large load.

Delthea quivered as the sticky, hot spunk coated her insides. She could feel it reaching deep, everything turning white in its path. Her muscles twitched and spasmed, unable to hold back the pleasure she was feeling. This village-born boy was making her come! Through grit teeth, she let out a low groan, her mind going blank as pleasure overwhelmed her. He was all that held her up as he filled her with her seed, every drop stuck deep inside as it slowly came to an end.

As his senses came back, he eased out of her, an audible pop ringing in their ears as her tight hole struggled, and failed, to keep him in. Delthea quivered, huffing as large globs leaked from her rump. They dripped down and stained the papers that had managed to still remain on the desk. Alm would have to think of an excuse for the stains another time, as he was nearly sated yet. He had one more left in him and he was keen on putting it into this sassy mage.

Delthea had little chance to react as she was lifted off the table. His arms quickly positioned her body, her legs stretched back towards her head and locked in place as his fingers interlocked beyond her head. Leaning back into the chair, Alm had effectively both head and leg-locked her into a perfect full-nelson. It was the perfect position; the little spitfire could struggle all she wanted but her nethers were exposed and in reach for his sizable cock. He was about to shove it right into her cunt when he felt something.

“Here you are, taunting me , but you're sopping wet, Delthea,” Alm whispered sternly into her ear as he began to push inside her tight hole. “How unbecoming of someone like yourself.”

“K-keep wishing, farm b-boy!” She stuttered under the intensely satisfying pressure she was feeling as he crammed his massive member inside her. “Fuck… you're going to break me at this rate…!”

He was planning on it. Breaking her in, that is. With a firm, quick thrust he got that much closer as the last two inches slammed up into the feisty girl's cooch. Delthea gasped through clenched teeth as her aching hole took the absolute maximum it was rated for. She could see a visible bulge even, a small indentation in her belly marking how boned she was. Her mind had been bouncing between too many things, from her sudden anal to her equally surprising full-nelson pounding, that as he began she was practically seeing stars.

Once more, the room would echo with their passionately aggressive love-making. Albeit, with a bit more grunting than moaning this time around, as the mage was taking more than her fair share and didn't quite have as much room to work with. Alm could feel her arousal, the raw heat and pressure that bore down on him from all angles. His balls slapped loudly against her clit, the momentum behind his motions something to be reckoned with. He could hardly keep a good rhythm going, with his thrusting or his breathing.

He hated to admit it, but her little pussy felt heavenly. It was draining him to keep going under such pleasure, to endure all that he felt. The idea of making her come again, however, was reason enough to continuously cram himself into her, the thought of stuffing her with cum a close second. Not that it would be long, even a young man like him had a limit to his endurance, and a trio of money shots was more than most men could muster. Alm was ready and raring to pop but needed to wait for just the right moment.

And he needn't wait long.

Delthea, cunt full of cock, was no longer the smug girl she was. She was delirious, gasping for breath, groaning the grit teeth as her body attempted to endure this overwhelming bliss. Her mind felt like it was melting, heating to boil as he broke her in both physically and mentally. That bulge, that spot she couldn't look away from, was coming and going, as if to taunt her. It told her just what her position was and how good this ride was getting; it was exhilarating.

“Want my cum, Delthea? Want a hot load deep inside? Better beg like the bitch you are!”

The scathing words stung her ego, but her body's desires won out in the brief battle in her mind.

“Y-you win this time, Alm,” she muttered between her gasps, mustering the strength to beg. “Y-you… p-please come inside me, you... stud! Break this l-little bitch!”

Those were the magical words and, while not totally sincere, they would do the trick. Alm used his remaining strength for a few last, powerful thrusts, that had Delthea quivering, before hilting as deep as he could go. He pressed his hands down on her, readjusted his posture, did everything he could to get as deep as could be as he blew his load inside. Her body quivered in his grasp as the sticky, hot mess flooded her and drove her into a final, climactic orgasm that had her moaning long, low, and loud. Better still, all the seed, that ‘farmer’ quality spunk, was unable to escape no matter how it tried.

Alm was simply too hung and Delthea too tight. The pressure had her panting, tongue hanging free, as she was pushed to the edge of blacking out. Her resistance, and ego, kept her conscious, which also gave her front row seats to the finale. Having emptied out the rest of his reserves, the farmer-made-leader was slowly easing out. She wasn’t making it easy for him, her muscles a vice grip around his shaft, but his stubbornness was winning out. Just as his head was about free, every cum-streaked inch about to be totally free, that internal pressure finally came into play.

That massive load was finally the greater of the forces, pushing his head away as a spray of seed came flying from her cooch. It splattered against his groin, the desk, and everywhere between. If there had been a document lucky enough to escape that leaky butt of her, there wasn't now. To an outside observer, it looked almost as if that had been their goal, to leave no paper untouched under that final blast of cum.

Her hole messy and gaping from that rodeo ride, Delthea was a bit of a mess herself.

“The nerve on you, farm boy… you're lucky I don't tell my brother.”

“And then what?” He asked with a smug smile. “Give up riding my ‘peasant’ cock? You could never do that, no one her can offer what I can.”


“If you'll be my secretary… of sorts, I'm sure we can arrange more of my prime, Grade-A meat. What do you say?”

Delthea grumbled something under her breath, pouring that she had truly lost in the end. “Fine, Alm, but don't you dare tell anyone. But… what about Celica?”

“Won't tell a soul,” Alm said with a smile. “As for her, what she doesn't know wont hurt her.”

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“Come on, now,” the seductive other-worlder whispered. “Don't you want to cut more off your husband's debt? Just a few little things, and you can kiss a fifth of it goodbye, yes?~”

Miss Flayer, she was called, a sexy, domineering woman that got her name not from any sort of cruel actions, but from her appearance. From her hair-like tentacles, to her purple skin, to the third eye barely visible under her ‘hair’, she was as alien as they came. A cordial mind flayer is what people called her, as sweet as could be… behind the fact that she enjoyed a rather intimate lifestyle and ran a prominent strip club in the middle of town. There was always talk about how far her influence went; some even said she had the local lord in her pocket.

However, that didn't matter to Mitha, a run-of-the-mill, happily married elf who was simply here to work off her foolish husband's debts. Debts that now Miss Flayer owned, unfortunately. Mitha was devoted, quiet, and not one for anything that Flayer regularly indulged in. With a visit every other day, simple work was paying off. However, tonight of all nights, Flayer was adamant about going further, slicing off a bigger piece of that debt pie.

What worried Mitha was the price and implications. Such a removal of debt wasn't so simple, after all.

“Miss Flayer, I… I don't know if I can do that. I-I'm a happily married-”

The elf was cut off as the Eldritch woman leaned in, caressing her cheeks with a silky-smooth hand.

“Happily? Look where your foolish husband landed you. His gambling and adultery got you here… why not make the most of a bad situation?” Miss Flayer asked, purple eyes glowing brighter as she used a bit of magic to give potency to her words.

“Miss Flayer I…,” Mitha began, prepared to give rebuttal, but found such words torn away like a forgotten memory.

Deep down, she knew what was happening. Being an elf, such magic was within her realm to perceive, yet she could not counteract it. Those deep, loving eyes of Miss Flayer were simply too hypnotic to look away from. Even as her inhibitions and thoughts were sucked away from her, Mitha resisted until she could resist no more. The next answer she gave would set her path.

“Are you sure, Mitha? A woman as pretty as you, as caring as you, deserves someone who can give you what you need. Someone like me.~”

Now, as she began to respond, the once-dutiful wife found new words and thoughts flooding her mind. Images of carnal pleasure, perverse thoughts and feelings, so much that she could hold it all in. Mitha felt the answer coming, rising from her throat, but yet it didn't feel like it was her own.

“I-I want to accept your offer, for now. Please tell me what you require of me, Miss Flayer.”

“Oh ho ho, but of course,” the club owner chuckled. “Your first task will be tonight, and, please, call me Xala. My true name cannot be spoken by mortal tongue, but this name is close enough.”

Finally, Mitha had a name for this mysterious woman, and knew she was about to learn so much more. A second hand cupped her other cheek, guiding her over to a nearby chair, kneeling her in front as Xala sat. The mind flayer spread her legs, giving view to the soft, tender flesh that hid beneath her dress, and to the lacy underwear that covered her otherworldly nethers. Watching in silent stupor, the elf felt like she was being called forward, crawling closer by the second until she was almost bumping into her part-time employer.

“We'll start your new job now, my dear, devout Mitha. Best get the more startling things out of the way first, I say,” she explained, fingers drifting through Mitha's hair. “Go ahead, lift back my panties, gaze upon my form.”

Without hesitation, she did as asked. She lifted the dress, grasping the underwear by the waist, and wiggled it away until she could find what awaited her. The elf was a tad alarmed when it sprung free, a thick, prehensile tentacle popping out before her. Her eyes could hardly look away as it wriggled to and fro, the bumpy texture and odd contrast to the rest of the flayer's smooth skin. Xala chuckled, making it wiggle about further as her new friend took her panties down to her knees and began to lean in. Mitha couldn't take her eyes from it as it rhythmically drifted from side to side, almost hypnotic in its motion. It certainly did help Xala's case that she still had a hand gently grasping her debtee's head, her magic still leaking into her mind.

Mitha was just about to seal the deal, mouth open and ready, when her debtor sprung her trap. No sooner had she begun to make that final approach when that tantalizing tentacle burst open. It split into four individual segments, each one grabbing hold and latching itself to the elf's face. She found herself pulled in by a powerful force, too surprised to react. As if that weren't enough, as her head met Xala's crotch, she felt the real ‘phallus’ brushing against her covered lips. To her it felt similar in size, but incredibly tender and almost silky.

Part of her wondered how she was going to do the deed, but Xala spoke up as if she were reading her mind. Though, perhaps she really was.

“Don't fret one bit, my Mitha,” she cooed, stroking her companion's hair. “You won't need to move a muscle, I'll take care of everything.~”

Xala was always true to her word, the true member wormed its way between the wife's lips. A strange taste of salt hit her senses as it ran across her tongue, delving deep into the back of her mouth. Her throat was as easily conquered by it, the pliable nature letting slip around that tight, tricky bend without issue. Every worry was dashed, her mind free of all burdens as the magic finally dominated her and a thick, soft flayer cock was making its home in her esophagus.

She could only whimper and moan softly as it began to thrust in and out, all without a single bit of motion on Xala's part. Her hips could stay where they were as strong, inner muscles worked their magic. It pistoned like a well-oiled machine, thoroughly pleasuring both women to the utmost degree. Mitha felt like she was getting a massage, yet in her mind the true reward was serving her new… mistress. Honestly, the word seemed strange, yet it was perfect in every way. Just knowing that part of her now belonged to Xala made her heart beat hard in her chest, a strong percussion to match the rhythm of this wonderful, invading tentacle.

Mitha felt the desire to beg well up within her, her mouth unfortunately too busy to let the words out. However, her mistress had all the bases covered. With a wink, the pace increased, and the adulterous elf found herself on the receiving end of a proper throat-fucking. Even the calm, collected mind flayer seemed perturbed, unable to sit still as pleasure ran all along her spine. She knew this one was going to be special and she couldn't have been more right. To Mitha's credit, Xala could barely hold back, her nethers were already aching for release after but a few minutes of action.

Better now than never, she thought to herself as she ran her fingers along Mitha's chin.

“Want a delicious treat, my pet? Give me a good nod and a shake, and I'll give you all I have.”

The elf's eyes went wide with desire and anticipation. To her now-brainwashed mind, that was the ultimate gift she could receive. Amidst the hurried thrusting that had her throat feeling warm and fuzzy, Mitha nodded and moaned as best she could, begging however was available to her. She could only hope it was enough and a sly smile told her all she needed.

With a firm hand pressing Mitha down as far as she could go, Xala let loose all she had been holding in. She felt the hot, steamy spunk flow along her long, pliable shaft, muscles twitching in delight as her orgasm washed over her. This had turned out far better than she could have hoped, the elven woman as well getting more than she bargained for. For just how much she was having injected down into her belly, it was little surprise that such a thick batter would build up.

Mitha felt it rising up her esophagus, threatening to escape her lips. However, those tight gripping tentacles ensured not a drop escaped, even her nose was no avenue for the attempted escape. All she could do was wait for space to free up; her throat was a tad tired as she painstakingly swallowed every drop she could, until none was left. She gasped for breath, wonderfully delirious with lust, as the long, invasive tentacle pulled out and the others let her free. It was odd to see it slither up inside its base, the outer ‘maw’ close up and pretend to be as innocuous as it could.

Xala's purring stirred her from her thoughts. “Mmm, very good, Mitha. You have plenty of promise… and as I myself promised, a portion of your debt is now gone.”

As the deal was finished, the spell on Mitha broke and she was left dazed and confused. She could barely believe what had happened, it felt as if someone else had been in control of her body! However, the pleasure had been real, her nerves were practically craving more. Mitha was just too confused and embarrassed, quickly excusing herself as she made it for the door.

“Don't be shy now,” Xala called after her. “Come back in two days and I can promise that we can come to another wonderful , debt-cleansing agreement.~”

Mitha knew well what the mind flayer meant and to even think of it made her heart skip a beat. She craved it, she could hardly wait. Her mind, even without magical influence, was falling for that mysterious woman and her equally mysterious cock.

Chapter Text

The strange concoction brought in by the male Ylisian tactician, Robin, had been making its rounds. Among a few select people, the true nature and purpose of the potion was readily known, and shamelessly put to use. It was little surprise that the female counterpart knew of its existence or that she would put it to use. Knowing its effects, durations, and just about everything else there was about the brew, she was finding it quite fun to use in special occasions.

A beach vacation was just one of those special times.

While everyone else was distracted with all that was going on, Robin made her preparations. Donning a one-piece swimsuit, one size larger for good reason, and ten minutes out from Chrom coming back from his own distractions, she hurriedly chugged down the pinkish concoction and waited eagerly. As the minutes passed, waiting on the edge of the bed, she felt the changes taking hold. Warmth filled her body, her breathing growing long and heavy.

Her relatively modest bust grew, nearly doubling as it filled out the swimsuit. Even a single size larger was almost not enough, her new size barely fit and threatened to spill out. Robin’s thighs and rump changed next, her slim form fattening to plush perfection. Yet, it didn’t stop there, her twin-tails grew a few extra inches, pink highlights forming on the new tips. Last, but not least, was her lips: normally thin and cute, they grew plump and red and as erogenous as could be. She was finally ready, bursting at the seams, so to speak, in her tight swimsuit and already aching for some fun.

Thankfully for the now-horny tactician, it wouldn’t be long. Within a few minutes, her lover was coming through the door of the sea-side cabin they were using. Chrom, friend and intimate companion, was surprised, but quickly recovered.

“I’d heard rumors of a certain potion going around, but I didn’t know if it was real,” he said with a chuckle, stepping up to inspect her new, albeit temporary, body. “If those rumors are true, I suppose you’ve got some new, aching needs. Wouldn’t be fitting of me to leave you hanging…”

He pulled his trunks down, still a bit wet from fishing off the coast, and let his member fall into view for his horny friend. Without a word, needs needing to be sated, Robin grabbed Chrom by the hips and wrapped her full, red lips around his wet cock. Her tongue wasted little time, sloppily coating his prick with saliva, tasting the sea salt that clung to his skin. With such fervent hunger, it didn’t take long for him to grow stiff in her mouth. She expertly took him deep, his head sliding down the back of her throat, her mouth planting a firm kiss on his base as Chrom hilted inside her.

“Jeez… I dunno if I can help myself anymore,” Chrom mumbled, holding the back of her head tight. “Been a bit pent up, sorry if it gets a bit rough.”

Chrom stepped up and took charge. With a firm grip on his lover and a hand on his hip, he began to thrust. His crotch loudly slapped against her face, spit dripping from her lips as her partner hammered away. She loved this feeling, not bowing to her own inhibitions and getting used so thoroughly. Robin counted the minutes, counted the numbers of times he bottomed out in her esophagus, waiting for just when her young lord would pop. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be long.

With a combination of her chest bouncing, threatening to fall out of her swimsuit, her needy eyes, gazing up at him, and, of course, her tight, wet mouth wrapping around his throbbing cock, Chrom was on the edge. He decided to give in, giving a few final thrusts before bottoming out and unpacking in her throat. The steamy, hot cum shot down into her stomach, coating her white all the way down. Even as it began to back up inside her, she didn’t let a single drop escape. Robin swallowed it all, like a real pro.

Yet, even as she pulled off of him, cleaning him off as she went, he was still rock hard. Robin needed an answer and quick. Her lord was suffering and only she could help him. She leaned back, hitting the sheets, and her legs kept going. With newfound flexibility, she lifted her legs over her head and exposed her crotch to him with a simple brush of her finger. Her butt was sticking out, in perfect view for Chrom to pick his hole, and her bosom finally couldn't be contained as it spilled out from her outfit. The pose she was in made them look even larger, much to his delight.

Without spending much more than a few seconds deciding, Chrom made his pick and crammed his cock deep into her butthole. He took advantage of her little presentation, putting her into quite the press and hurriedly getting to work. It was almost as if he was suffering from the effects of the potion, pounding her tight, little hole into submission. Robin was left gritting her teeth as her colon was given the reaming she had hoped for, body and twin-tails bouncing under the force of his thrusts. She could barely keep herself from coming every few seconds; she was so sensitive down deep inside there!

Upon realizing that even she was holding back, Robin wondered why. Perhaps a part of her remained after the potion and she shrugged it off, giving in fully to the pleasure. She moaned loudly, tongue hanging out as she experienced orgasm after orgasm, her asshole feeling better than it had ever been!. Her muscles were in a constant state of overwhelming stimulation, her whole body quivering with every thrust up until the very end. Even her lover couldn’t hold back for long, Robin was too hot and too tight.

He gave a few final thrusts, dumping the less of his royal load deep inside her ass. Robin had one last climax, toes curling and legs pulling tight. As he unpacked all he had, growing soft, he slowly pulled out. Chrom’s bimbo, beach beauty was a gaping, sticky mess. Her butt was leaking seed, positively dripping.  She was speechless, panting and gasping for air. He gave her a playful slap, chuckling as he walked to the bathroom.

“Going to wash all this salt and sand off me, hope you’re ready for round two once I’m done!”

She nodded. Of course, she’d want more, Robin would be craving it every second he was away.

Chapter Text

You could hear the distant howling of the wind as it buffeted the thicket of trees, their cover protecting you from the bitter cold. These mountains were treacherous when alone and unprepared, but you were neither. Ashei, proud, intelligent, and beautiful was your companion. She knew these places better than anyone, making you happy you were so close with her.

In your shared tent and under the covers, she was all you needed to fend off the cold. Her slim, toned body pressed into your chest, the muscles running up her back tensing whenever a small draft made its way inside. You wrapped an arm around her, pulling her tight, content in every way when you had her so close. Ashei chuckled, hand rubbing yours, leaning back to sneak a small peck on your cheek.

“Feeling like touching a bit?” She whispered. “Well, I think we both know a good way of keeping warm under the covers… how about you?”

It was obvious what she was hinting at, and you couldn't help but agree with her. Your hands ran down her side, toned muscle greeting you every inch of the way. Once you got to her butt, though, you halted your advance. Ashei's rump was a heavenly object, firm yet soft to the touch. You could touch it all day, squeeze it, knead it, all while she goaded you on. She knew you loved it and had a penchant for it herself, so it didn't take long for things to develop further.

Your fingers parted her cheeks, searching for the pucker that laid between them. That tight ring was a holy vessel all its own, a portal to pure bliss. Her muscles certainly were all trained, even the ones hidden away behind her butthole. You ran your digits around it, probing and pushing it, trying to get past their tight hold. The simple touch on your fingertips aroused you, your manhood growing until it was pressing into her small, smooth back.

“You just can't stop yourself, huh? I suppose I'm partly to blame; I know how you get after being cooped up like this,” she whispered, lifting a cheek and relaxing her tense muscles. A moan escaped her as your middle finger slid in to the base. “Now I'm getting all flustered… perhaps I'm catching a cold? Why don't you stick that big thermometer of yours in there and check my temperature?~”

It sent a spark up your spine to hear those words. For someone so calm and collected like Ashei to show such need… you truly couldn't help yourself at this point. Covers still covering your lower halves, you guided your cock to her awaiting hole. You used your fingers to stretch her a bit, her hushed gasps making you throb with need. Nonetheless, you went slow, pushing firmly, gently, inside of her tight rear entrance and relished the sounds she made. A small push would make her gasp, a pull had her exhaling quite loudly, and a slap on those firm cheeks of hers made her quiver and tighten up around you.

With a wonderful combination of all of these, within minutes you were joined at the hips with Ashei. Her colon was as warm as could be and it seemed she wasn't suffering from any illness, but you decided to be thorough. You began to work your hips, slowly diving in and out. The young woman's pucker clutched as best it could, extending slightly, dipping inwards, hugging you as perfect as could be. The tent soon echoed with your sounds as you got more excited and your inhibitions left you.

Her body bounced as you began to use a bit of force, loud peeps escaping her lips as you rammed your meat deep into her ass. It truly was amazing that she loved the same things you did, Ashei was already as perfect as could be before all this became commonplace. Your mind wandered as you thrusted away, between random thoughts and perverted ideas, brought back only by her voice as she not-so-silently called out to you.

“I bet you're really packing! I can feel how tense you are. Better let it all out, deep inside, or I'm going to be disappointed.”

And you could never bear to do that to her! You gave it your all, privacy negligible up here in the frozen hills. Your thrusts continued to grow in speed and until she was crying out in pleasure, the tent itself shaking as she clutched at the walls in blissful desperation. The pressure in your loins was uncontrollable, seconds away from release, and, with a few hard, deliberate pistons of the hips, you were there.

Hilting deep into her colon, you groaned as your member spasmed and twitched. You could feel your muscles clenching, jetting your thick, sticky seed from your tip. Ashei seemed to like it too, judging by the stifled moan and the quivering of her own muscles. Climaxing in tandem never got old, just as you never tired of stuffing her butt full of cum. Your load must have been quite large, as it took almost twenty seconds before you felt yourself slowly coming down from your sexual high. It honestly felt longer than that but Ashei wasn't one to allow braggarts.

As you eventually went soft and pulled out, there was a soft pop and gurgle to accompany your exit. You couldn't see it, yet the familiar warm, wet sensation of spunk was running along your leg as she leaked out under the blanket.

“You better grab a towel,” Ashei said weakly, still trying to catch her breath. “I don't think it'll be stopping anytime soon, and we can't be having these sheets get too dirty…”

Chapter Text

“Goshujin-sama, your humble Tamamo is here to serve you,” the foxy woman said in her usual, sing-songy voice. “Allow me to ease you of your burdens on our very, very special night.”

She was both right and wrong. Wrong about being humble, Tamamo was hardly ever that, but it was a special night. Her flowing, white, wedding gown was ample evidence of that. Despite the momentous occasion, your wedding and all that, it seemed like time was flying by. You had gone from the ceremony, to the party, to here in what felt like but a few minutes, but these next few minutes would no doubt feel much longer than all those put together.

Tamamo undid the zipper on your pants, yanking them and your underwear down to expose your member. Her ears twitched excitedly as she began to lick and kiss at your flaccid cock, those cute little fangs of hers showing whenever she smiled. You rather enjoyed this little display, it didn't take long for you to grow rigid and hard. She mewled in delight, happy that her ministrations could satisfy, and eagerly took your whole length deep into her throat. Your foxy wife hummed happily as she sucked on you like a lollipop, her trio of tails swishing from side to side.

She really seemed to like it. There was little doubt in your mind she was holding back; after all the time it took to get here, Tamamo would normally be a bit more ravenous. You decide to help her, to lend a hand. Gripping her head, you begin to guide her, picking up the pace as your hips join in the fun, too. A throaty groan escapes her as your crotch presses against her lips, your member reaching deep down inside. It feels too good to be real; you find it hard to hold your composure as the pleasure echoes through your body. For a kitsune that hadn't had any action for so many years, she was giving you a run for your money.

Your loins were aching, her tongue and lips working hard to send the best of feelings into them. You couldn't hold on anymore, especially knowing that she was most likely a bit hungry for what you had waiting for her. Pulling her off, you quickly got to pumping your shaft, getting just the right shot as your climax rippled through your body. Tamamo opened wide, tongue out, eager for the spray of seed that started to come from your tip. Her lips were coated white, cheeks receiving their fair share of strands, too, and her mouth was absolutely filled by it all. She hummed in delight as your cum pooled in her mouth, happily swallowing it all and licking up the rest as you ran out of steam. The orgasm felt amazing, leaving you breathless, but more importantly, ready for more.

Tamamo was thrilled to see you were still stiff. She had more more plans for the night, standing and spinning about to show you.

“Your perfect wife knows too well what you like,” she purred, shaking her rump playfully. “These panties are high on your list, are they not?”

They were, you knew she was aware of that. Around her tight-looking butt was a pair of backless panties, your heart skipping a beat as you saw them. Her butthole was completely exposed, even while the rest of her unmentionables were not. You were more than ready as she straddled you, sitting in your lap and aiming your fearsome tool at her tight, little hole. She lowered down into you, moaning through grit teeth as you invaded her private place. Tamamo was already in love with this anal escapade as her butt slapped down onto your thighs; you felt so much bigger when in such a small space!

Her tails continued to swish about as you grabbed hold of her rump and began to pump. She was like a dog in heat, though you decided to leave any such jokes for another time. Tonight was about the romance and she knew that, too. Tamamo held you by the chin, tilting your head up for a passionate kiss. Even while her butthole was getting a good stuffing, she craved a good kiss. Your tongues intertwined, playing together as you moaned into one another's mouth. It all felt too good to be true. Your wife's ass was gripping you hard, soft and wet and pulsating around you, never wanting to let go as you sluggishly thrust into it.

There was no possible way for you to hold back, nor for her. Tamano had her hands on her chest, as if to exert a little control over her body, but it seemed to be failing. Only seconds remained before you popped and you figured the deeper, the better. You buried yourself in her heavenly, foxy butt, lungs freezing in place as a massive wave of pleasure washed over you. Your muscles twitched and spasmed, your batter flooding her colon and sending her over the edge as well. She brought you in for one more kiss, holding it as you both rode out your climaxes to their totality. Only then did she break your embrace and your softening manhood slipped from her happy, well-pleasured butt.

“I hope you have some more energy later, my husband,” Tamamo whispered as her backdoor leaked a few wads of batter onto your thigh. “I have so much more planned for you and I.~”

Chapter Text

She let out a giggle as the thick rod came slapping down onto her backside with a meaty thwack. Mallow could feel it twitching and pulsing with the man's heartbeat, her own body growing hot with anticipation. Recently, she had begun to help out at her family's restaurant, and, under her supervision, the cleaning supply closet was seeing much more use. Not that the usage was exactly the kind the small room was meant for.

The foodie had taken a few too many dicks in here to really care anymore.

Mallow let out a soft sigh as her new companion began to grind his member between her butt cheeks. Her perky rump was perfect for a bit of humping, and with her holding onto the shelves for support, he could go at whatever pace suited him. She loved this part of the job; customer service just came to her so easily! He had to be enjoying it, too, because she could barely hold on as his thrusts grew in speed. The items on the shelf rattled and shook, threatening to alert people outside. Not that it mattered, the door was locked and Mallow had the only key.

“I love you feisty guys a lot! Swing for the fences, don't hold back!”

He certainly didn't. She could practically feel his lust as he grinded away, his balls smacking against her rump, fingers digging into her hips as he got closer and closer. Mallow was looking forward to it, the man had easily an extra half of her height over her, and a cock to match said height. Bigger guys always made her ache with need, especially when they had aches of their own she could help with.

And this guy was almost done with one of them.

She didn't even know his name. Some unknown hunk was seconds away from busting across her back and she couldn't be more thrilled. With a couple, shelf-rattling thrusts, he did just that. A massive webwork of cum was made across her body, one strand at a time. He grunted, muscles throbbing as the milky-white batter was sprayed across her tanned skin. It was hot and sticky, she could practically feel the shapes it was making. Best of all, Mallow could still feel him as rigid as before.

“You gave me so much already and you're still eager for more? Well, big boy, better push that porker in. I think you've earned it.”

Her companion was more than eager, leaning back to take in the view. Mallow's tidbits were a pretty pink, a wonderful contrast that got the heart racing. He began to press in, thick head pressing on her tight backdoor, but the young cook wasn't having it.

“Sorry, not enough time to delve in back there. My break ends in five minutes and it's going to take that long to get started. Shove that thing in the front, just as good a time, I promise.~”

Any place was as good as any; with a little redirection, he was ready as ever. With his hands gripping her sides tight, he began to push his massive member inside the girl. Mallow's body visibly shook with delight as her tight hole was slowly stuffed. Her toes were curling inside her shoes, nails digging into the wooden shelves. She wanted to cry out in pleasure, but had to stick with some heavy huffs from her nose. Even back here, she couldn't make that much noise without someone finding out.

Not that she hoped it would last that long. As promised, the man had no sooner hilted inside her before beginning to thrust away. Mallow groaned through grit teeth as she was given the rough, fast pounding she wanted. The man felt so much bigger inside her; she could feel her belly bulging whenever he was balls-deep. Not to mention that fact that her feet weren't exactly touching the floor anymore. With that strong grip, and his much larger stature, her friend was lifting her off the ground. Her small body was being used almost like a toy and she loved it!

“Oh, yes! Keep going, big boy, stuff me full of your batter!”

He was happy to oblige. Even as the pressure in his loins grew, he didn't give a single thought to trying to hold back. This was just a quickie, a mostly anonymous hookup in the back of a restaurant, and he was ready to ‘dine-and-dash’. Mallow could almost feel him twitching inside her as he gave a final, few thrusts, burying himself deep inside her. She moaned as hot, sticky fluid filled her, stuffing her just like she'd asked. Not a single inch was left unscathed, all would be white by the time he was finished. It dripped from around her stretched pussy, loudly splattering against the floor.

She almost tipped the shelf over as he set her down, feet uneasy after such a rough loving. Her rump was a bit sore, too, but she was more than thankful for the good time. Mallow spun about to see about any final cleanup that may be needed and was alarmed to see his member still stiff. Never had anyone last more than once or twice! The young woman felt flattered but also responsible; she hadn't fully satisfied him yet!

“Jeez, you really don't know when to quit. Tell you what, if you can be extra quick, I'll let you get a second serving, alright?” He nodded, as if his trembling cock wasn't answer enough. “Well, better get to it, big boy! This tight pussy isn't going to stuff itself.~”

She would find her position reversed this time. Lifting her up, legs around his hips, he pushed her back against the shelves as he crammed inside her messy canal. It was a bit looser this time, but the process was far smoother. He wasted little time in starting, the sound of fluids and skin slapping together echoing in the tiny room within a few seconds. The prospect of a second round hadn't tired him out one bit, the shelves were rattling and shaking with force of his thrusts. Mallow was beginning to moan, too.

There was no longer any way to suppress the pleasure. Breathing heavy and deep wasn't enough anymore, her gasps were slowly turning to loud moans with every second that passed. Of course, he wasn't going to slow down, so the only option that came to mind was the one he took. Before her sounds grew too high to contain, he made his move. Mallow soon found a new, quieter way to voice herself: right into his mouth. He pressed his lips against hers, a passionate kiss between relative strangers. His tongue invaded her mouth, dominating her much like he was down below.

All this was getting to be too much! There was too much stimulation from every direction, Mallow couldn't hold on! Thankfully, he wasn't bothering to hood back. Almost as if they were synchronized, they climaxed within seconds of each other, the impromptu passion doing wonders. She locked up, muscles tight as he dumped his third load for the afternoon, the second to fill her cunt. With there already being a decent helping still inside from before, most of this injection simply oozed out from around the seal between their nethers. It was a massive mess, milky-white cum covering the floor and part of the shelves below her.

He pulled out about as fast as he had dove in, a few, final strands of spunk spraying across her pubic mound as a final show of thanks. Mallow stumbled into the only chair in the room, exhausted and unable to stand. She continued to leak his seed all about, even as he pulled his pants back up and gave a final kiss. Not even knowing his name, and, worse yet, not knowing his number, she watched him leave.

Mallow sighed in relief and disappointment. It wouldn't be easy finding a hunk even half as good as that man, but that certainly wouldn't stop her from trying. For all she knew, another stud was just outside and eager for some cleaning closet fun.

Chapter Text

Mitha’s legs trembled as the tentacle-like cock pulled out of her rump, trailing cum behind it. This had become a regular fixture of her day, lending her body to Xala for money off of her debt. Often, she was bent over the desk, her mouth or ass free game for the mind flayer. Xala was respectful of Mitha's faithfulness to her husband, even if he never did the same. That certainly didn't stop her from trying to tempt the elf, though.

“As wonderful as ever, Mitha,” the otherworlder said with a smile. “I would love to truly treat you to the time of your life, if you'd have me?”

Mitha was always tempted, her husband hadn't touched her in years. “I… I'm sorry, I still can't.”

“A shame… I've never had a mate as wonderful as you,” she said casually as she sat on the nearby couch. “I would offer you freedom from your husband’s debt, if you were to be mine forever…”

“I'm sorry,” Mitha apologized reflexively. “You've treated me far better than he has but… I can't…”

“Can't what?” Xala interrupted. “Can't leave a depressing and unfulfilling marriage? Think about it, it'll only drive you deeper down the hole to stay with that lout. As much as you wish it, and as much as it would be nice to honestly see, he will never give you the respect you deserve.”

Mitha began to tear up a bit, thinking back on all the unhappy years she'd given that man. “T-true…”

Xala sighed, patting the seat next to her. The blurry-eyed elf sat down quietly. “Look, I don't just go around offering this all the time, Mitha. I like you, you like me, and, with our lifespans, it'll be many years of fun ahead. And, if it's a question of exclusivity, even I can do more than he ever could in that regard.”

Gears were slowly clicking into place in Mitha's mind. Why did she stay with that man? Self-pity, cultural norms, a need for love? No matter the reason or worry, all her problems were Xala's to solve if Mitha just made one, little choice. She couldn't form the words she needed, even as it began to all make sense. Xala was more than happy to help her articulate it.

“Come, all you need to do is sign this paper,” the Flayer murmured, walking back to the desk to pull out the document in question. “Just come here, bend over, and put that nice name of yours right on the dotted line.~”

Mitha hesitantly walked over, peering over the document spread out on the desk's surface. She picked up the pen and hesitantly placed it at the start. It was still such a big step and she was never good at taking those. However, a pair of hands on her hips and a smooth, slithering tentacle running along her buttocks were there to reassure her.

“Sign away and we can finally take this the whole way…”

The elf began to take the big step. She began to slowly write her name and, for every letter she wrote, Xala moved. It was hard to concentrate as Mitha felt that tenta-cock open and latch onto her backside, gradually pushing deep into her pussy. Nothing had been in there in ages, yet something was off. Xala was feeling larger than ever, practically bulging out under her lover's abdomen. No sooner had Mitha painstakingly finished her signature when Xala spun her about on her cock and lifted her onto the desk.

Mitha squealed in surprise, a bottle suddenly pressing against her lips. She instinctively swallowed the contents, the brew tasting like some vague fruit, Xala smiling like mad as she watched.

“The deed is done, my little elf! Now, I'll make you mine… no need to hold back, either, especially with that potion in your body. I can go all the way without worry.~”

She didn't need to ask what Xala meant as a seemingly unending length of her member began to push inside. Mitha could see it through her taut skin, twisting and turning, constantly stuffing her further. This was impossible! It must have been that concoction she had drank, her muscles were feeling lax and loose, perhaps allowing her body to go further than ever before? Whatever it did exactly, the results were mind-numbingly good.

Mitha had never taken this much of that tentacle. In fact, she never knew there was this much. Her aching cunt was now home to what had to have been almost three, tapering feet of it. She knew it was all in as the sheath clamped down around her nethers and began to properly thrust. The elf's nails dug into the wood, the pleasure far greater than she could ever imagine. Eyes watching intently, Mitha could see it all curling about inside her, pistoning in and out hypnotically.

There was no need for mind control or holding back any longer now that Mitha was hers.

“Do you want to know the real secret of my special potion?” Xala purred. “It's not just so you can take my whole length, but to take my whole load. Conception with other species is… difficult. This will make sure it takes.~”

Normally, Mitha would be alarmed at the idea of being suddenly given a child, but, by signing that paper, it was as if all the worries in the world were gone from her mind. If anything, she welcomed it now! She wanted to be bonded to Xala, to spend her life with this mischievous mind flayer, and a baby seemed as good a way as any to her. The real kicker came next: Mitha could feel the tip of that tentacle pressing against her cervix, nestling in tight as the rest of the length took up thrusting duty. It was really happening; this was some strange dream!

“Tell me you want it, Mitha, that you wanna be stuffed and corked up by my long, smooth member. That you want your belly bloated with all the spunk I can muster…”

Mitha knew this was no longer a time for shame, not as the divorce papers fell from the desk like a discarded memory of her unhappy past.

“Impregnate me with our child!” Mitha shouted. “Fill me to the brim, don't hold back for an instant!”

“My, my, I suppose I can't now, can I? When a lady asks like that, i just can't say no…”

She shoved in every inch of her dick as she could, the odd, curling pattern in Mitha's abdomen growing more pronounced as Xala finally reached the base. The Flayer didn't need to thrust anymore; the warmth and tightness was plenty enough to get her to the edge. All she needed was a little kiss, and she bent over to get just that. Their lips met, tongues dancing together as Xala finally came. An immeasurable amount of cum was pumped up that twisting, buried length and deposited directly in Mitha's womb.

The ex-wife moaned into her new partner's mouth as she felt the strange, new sensation made possible by that brew. She really was getting pumped full; she could feel that hot seed stuff every inch of her, and it didn't stop there! With nowhere left to go, it simply continued to pile up inside her, her belly slowly growing in size with every spray. Her body felt weak, pleasure blinding out her nervous system as her stomach approached the size of a 3-month pregnancy. Mitha was right and properly filled as far as possible, yet, as Xala slowly slithered her way out, nothing dared leak out!

“Our partnership is sealed, my sweet, Elven wife. The church isn't going to be happy someone like me is with someone like you, but they can go shove off somewhere else. If anything, I'm more curious about what our child would look like, can't say I've ever seen it happen before.~”

“Why do you have to go and make me worry more, Xala?” Mitha said with a pouty look. “Can't you just let me be ignorant of the world for a little while?”

Xala laughed, helping her partner back to the couch. “My mind wanders a bit too much, I'll do my best to rein it in. But, in the meantime, while the brew is still going, curious about how much that tight, sexy butt of yours can take?”

“Perhaps my mind wandered onto that idea,” she replied, smiling.

This was a new chapter in her life, and she felt more adventurous than she had ever before. It was time to make some changes and try new things. After all, in nine months, she was going to have to settle down for a little while. She had to make as much use of that time as she could.

Chapter Text

“Ya know, people say I love money too much, and perhaps I do, but one thing I love more is a hot thing like this.”

Her statement felt a bit odd, given the fact you had paid the saleswoman for this secret act. Anna was known amongst pretty much everyone in the army as the go-to merchant for any goods one may need. You had even visited her tent a few times for a bit of shopping before, but today’s browsing had started a bit different than normal. She had been oddly… flirtatious, showing off her body with different poses until giving a proposition too good to refuse.

Thirty gold for thirty minutes with her in the tent, anything goes.

You had thought it a ruse until she pulled on the waist of her pants, showing she wasn't wearing anything underneath. The throb you felt in that moment was too strong too ignore, and thirty gold was a steal for someone as cute as her. Though, now that you were here, sitting in her tent, your twitching member exposed to her, Anna did seem a bit different. Her curves seemed far more pronounced than normal, bust larger than before, her ponytail a tad longer and with highlights streaking through it, and those lips were as plump as could be. Had she always been like this, so voluptuous?

Whatever the answer, it wouldn't matter as she began to wrap those soft lips around your cock. The wet warmth of her mouth instantly made your body quiver; the sensation only growing in intensity as she slid down inch by inch. Every little breath and hum could be felt as Anna took every inch you had down her gullet. You were amazed at her skill, she hadn't paused a single time, and now was looking up to you to decide what came next. It was your time, you had paid for it, so you swallowed any inhibitions you had and decided to embrace the odd situation.

She didn’t seem to mind one little bit as you grabbed hold of the base of the cute ponytail, taking control and making the most of your limited time. Her tight suction did wonders as you gave her a somewhat rough facefucking. Spit dripped from her lips, dripping onto your thighs, coating every inch of your shaft. Anna gave throaty moans as you thrust into her mouth, the vibrations running up your length. It was addicting!

You begin to ride her harder, wet smacking filling the tent as saliva smeared and smattered your base. Anna was just so tight, and wet, and hot… and cute, too. The redhead always had that sly, irresistible smile when you talked with her. It felt almost like fate that you were here now, balls deep in her mouth and ready to blow. With a few grunts, you thrusted as deep and hard as you could, pressing yourself past the edge. Electricity shot through your body, nerves alight with pleasure as your groin began to twitch and fire deep into the shopkeeper.

Anna went quiet as your cum covered the inside of her throat. Her muscles pulsed around you, swallowing every drop you had to give. It was almost like she was milking you, drawing out all she could into her belly. The hungry girl didn't let go until you were done and drained. You slowly pulled her off, a low gurgling echoing out as she finally felt her esophagus returning to its normal, tight self. A wave of spit spilled out as you cleared those red lips, dripping from her chin as she giggled happily.

“Man, you really were holding it in! Seems I really did pick the right man to offer my services to… but it looks like you're not nearly done yet,” Anna cooed, nudging your still hard member with a finger.

“You've still got some time left in your session…,” she continued, pulling her front open, letting her massive bust to fall free. It definitely wasn't that big normally, making you wonder what was going on. “Perhaps you'd like a turn with these puppies, or maybe a go down below?~”

Anna spun around, pulling down her tight pants. Her ass was wonderfully fat, thighs plush as any you'd ever seen. Your fingers squeezed her cheeks, spreading to see the pretty pink nethers heading between. However, something caught your eye: the shiny end of a toy sticking out of her ass. That made your mind up for you, she was practically begging for the real deal. Your knees met the floor as you slipped from the chair, pushed her down to her hands, and you pressed up against her plump rump.

“Hungry for a bit of cooch? Feel free to try it out, samples are allow- eep …!” Her sales pitch was cut off as you began to pry the dildo from her butthole. “I-I always had a bit of trouble fitting things in there, been doing a bit of training to fit in a big guy like yourself…”

You were intent on being the first. No matter the reason, you were going to claim this tight ass for yourself. Anna trembled and whimpered as you pulled the toy out, the ridges slipping free one by one. There was an audible pop as the bulbous tip came out, leaving her gaping and ready.

“I suppose I can offer a free trial,” she said softly, spreading her cheeks for you. “For fifty a month, I can offer you daily u-use…”

Her attempt to sell her ass was tempting, you’d give it thought later. For now, you needed to be sure it was worth the money before signing the contract. You pushed her down into a free pillow, pressing your prick against her pucker. She was right about one thing, Anna wasn't well trained back here. It took a fair bit of thrusting and pushing, every inch of your member slowly swallowed up by that tight ring. If her mouth had been wondrous, her anus was absolutely heavenly! Anna was biting the pillow as you began to ream her, your hips slapping together loudly.

You watched that pale moon ripple, a few, playful smacks making it bounce further. It was enchanting to experience, her muscles gripped you so tight that her butthole was pushed and pulled along with your motions. Only a few minutes had passed since you’d invaded her hole, yet you were barely holding on. If she really had never taken a man like this, you were truly getting the premium experience. What a way to market your new products!

The minutes flew by, with the next thing you know being Anna practically begging for a messy finish.

“Times close to done, big boy! Better give me that happy ending, this is my first time doing this, after all!”

With an ass like hers, it would be hard to disappoint. Once more, you grabbed the base of her fluttering ponytail, using it as leverage to ram her harder than ever before. She groaned in ecstasy, biting her lip and huffing between each thrust. This was it, the big finish. With a few simultaneous thrusts of your hips and yanks on her hair, you buried yourself as deep as you could go.

Her slutty, little butthole clenched down like a vice as you shot your second load for the day. You gave her just what she'd asked for, firing your spunk deep into her colon. Anna clutched at the floor, moaning as she was stuffed full of hot, sticky cum. She trembled, muscles tightening as she came, too. Through clenched teeth, you both groaned as your climaxes worked through your bodies and eventually collapsed together in a heap.

“How was the sampler?” She eventually asked as your member grew soft and slipped from the warm hole it had gotten accustomed to. “I'll give you a ten percent discount on that monthly plan if you can deliver that every time.”

You agreed to it without a second thought. This was too good a deal. Though, as you left, you heard her murmur something about a potion and its ‘surprisingly good effects’. While a curious thing to hear, you pay it no mind. You've got some new days to look forward to now.

Chapter Text

“Heya Micaiah,” the cheerful swordswoman blurted out as she walked into the room. “Had something to ask me, I hear? How can Mia help ya today?”

She spied the young mage off on a bed in the corner, back turned to the door. The girl was mumbling, fidgeting about as if to hide something. Her head spun, eyes going wide as she realized Mia was here. Micaiah hadn't known who else to ask, there were too many people in camp and too many factors to worry about. Mia was the safe choice to solve her troubles, but, even then, nothing was guaranteed.

“A-ah, yes, thank you for coming, Mia. I've got a bit of a problem I need solving and need it done discreetly, too. Think you can help?”

“Well… depends on what it is. What are you even doing over there in the corner? Need me to come closer?”

Micaiah jittered a bit. “Yes and no. I, uh, need to make sure you won't tell anyone and don't leave until you help, got it...?”

“Fine, fine,” Mia sighed. “On my honor, as the best swordsman there is, I'll do all I can to help. Now, turn around, what's the big… deal…?”

As Micaiah spun, Mia fell silent. It really was a problem, a big one, at that. The mage had her pants and panties pulled down, the usual tidbits that would normally be exposed replaced with a whole other set entirely. To top that, it wasn't even human! Micaiah had a, emphasis on, long member sprouting from her crotch. She was thick, flared, and incredibly equine in shape. Mia was certainly surprised and speechless.

“D-don't judge me prematurely! This wasn't even what the spell was supposed to do! Now, I've got this… thing that won't go away until, presumably, I use it…”

You… you want me to touch it?” Micaiah nodded sheepishly to the question. “Oh jeez, well, I did promise, huh? Let's just keep this between only us, alright?”

Mia joined Micaiah on the bed, taking a close look at the beast. It was horse-like, for sure, albeit not nearly as big. She almost chuckled at the idea of men being put to shame by this thing but held back to save her friend the embarrassment.

“So, what do we do? Do I just touch it?”

“I've tried plenty of that myself, but it seems to need something covering lots of length at once… any ideas?”

Mia scratched her head. “There’s one idea, and you're lucky you asked me.”

She spun about and knelt on all fours, pulling her garments down just far enough to expose her butthole. Her pink pucker was on display, clenching as Mia nervously beckoned Micaiah closer. The now-endowed girl felt a throb in her loins, the first sign that she was on the right track! It had been hours of toiling only to get nowhere. Now, it seemed she would be minutes away from the release she craved. Only her modesty kept her from making the plunge.

“Are you sure about this, Mia?”

“You want it fixed or not? Just… shove it in there, will you? Do it before I change my mind.”

Not wanting to decline such an enticing offer, Micaiah accepted with earnest. She pressed forward, the flared tip of her member already pressing hard against her friend's pucker. Mia groaned as the pressure gradually increased, until her tight ring could no longer hold it back. A gasp escaped her as the thick cock popped in, sliding halfway in with relative ease. Though, simply saying ‘halfway’ was putting it lightly; Micaiah was easily nine, if not ten, inches in length!

Taking that second half wasn't easy. Micaiah was slowly craning it in, forcing it around very twist and bend. The swordswoman was meeting her greatest challenge yet, fingers gripping the sheets tight and moaning in delight as her magus friend hilted inside her. She could feel her belly bulging already and the main course hadn't even begun.

Being untrained in these ways, Micaiah quickly gave in to instinct. She thrusted away, the pleasure of Mia's tight hole clenching down around her too great to resist. Her orbs smacked loudly against her companion's backside, their hips connecting just moments before in the hypnotic rhythm of theirs. Time flew by, neither counting the seconds or minutes as Micaiah sated her rabid lust. Before long, however, a knot began to form in the endowed girl's loins, indicating the oncoming release she craved.

“M-Mia, I'm going to come! W-where should I do it?”

“Just… do it inside, it'll be fine.” She could barely get the words out between her grunts.

With permission granted, the silver-haired gal began to clumsily rush for the finish. She was like a hyperactive squirrel, clinging to Mia's backside as she plowed away. The girthy, flared head was churning her insides, pleasure knocking the air from her lungs. Little did she know, that was merely a preamble to what was to come. With her tongue hanging from her mouth, lungs struggling to provide the strength her muscles needed, Micaiah hilted one last time and gave them both a pleasant surprise.

To say the mage's ‘output’ matched the shape of the tool she was using would be putting it lightly. Mia groaned through clenched teeth as a tidal wave of cum flooded her intestines. Her colon didn't just get whitewashed, everything was fair game. The sheer pressure had her legs trembling, arms quivering to support her body as her knees threatened to give out. It defied everything she could have expected and more; she could feel her stomach swelling, gurgling as jets of seed bloated her poor belly.

She was somewhat thankful when it ended, as the fact that she could feel the mattress with her cum-filled gut had her wondering how to fix this situation. It was only when Micaiah, struggling with all her might, finally, and literally, popped out that she got her answer. A deep sound echoed from her gaping anus, a deluge of spunk slowly leaking out of her ass. Mia was finally going soft and, hopefully, going to be rid of that fearsome tool.

Mia was slowly slipping out of consciousness, however. She was too tired and too full after such an intense romp. So, she'd hopefully find out when she woke up. If it turned out it wasn't enough, she'd just have to go again.

Chapter Text

The blonde maid came walking up to you as you sat in your soft, comfortable chair. She carried with her a tray, holding all she needed to pour your daily tea. You were excited; you loved this little, daily ritual. That was because this beautiful woman was no ordinary woman: she was Vert, CPU and ruler of Leanbox. No one knew she treated you to such a special treat each and every day she could, nor would they believe exactly what it entailed.

“Master, how would you like your tea today?” Vert asked, gently setting down the tray on a nearby table. “Milk, as per usual?”

You nod eagerly. She used the best kind of milk, after all, the fresh kind. The sound of water pattering against the cup filled your ear, Vert stepping up to your side with a hot serving of tea at the ready. There wasn't any milk in yet, but that was part of the plan. Leanbox's ruler grabbed the top of her frilly, low-cut top and pulled it down without a second thought.

Vert was shameless in her abrupt motions. Her large, soft bosom spilled out, finally freed of their entrapment. She cupped one of her breasts, the other hand holding the tea cup an inch away from her puffy nipple. You knew what was coming and it excited you to no end. A soft moan escaped her lips as she began to knead and squeeze. Within seconds, streams of delicious, fresh milk sprayed from her teats, softly splattering into the cup.

You watched in awe, heart beating fast in your chest. She was milking out just the right amount, and, after catching her breath, made sure to stir it in. Smiling, she handed it to you and you begin the savory moment you've been waiting for all day. The hot tea has a delicious bitter taste, a hint of mint in the background. Vert's special milk gave it a smooth, rich texture, making you crave every drop. It's a sorry thing to see the bottom of the cup appear within the minute; you only wanted more.

“Still thirsty? My, you're insatiable today. Feel free to use the other for a little bit.~”

She stood, giving you ample access to the breast she hadn't used herself. You latched on without a second thought, suckling and squeezing with both lips and hands. Her tasty ‘tea additive’ covered your tongue in full, forcing you to gulp it down as fast you could. Feeling it rush down your throat in such large quantities quenched any thirst you may have had and excited you further. Your pants felt a size too small as blood rushed down below, but that's not what you want. Not yet, at least.

“Still want more? I'm afraid I'm fresh out, now,” Vert murmurs as you let go of her bosom. “Though, for my master, I can offer something else…”

The CPU placed a leg up on the arm of the chair, pushing her hips forward. You began to hear a faint buzzing, which only grew louder as she lifted the short skirt around her hips. As the edges drew up, you could already tell what the sound was just by seeing the wires and little machines tucked into her black stockings. Little, wired vibrators, easily a half dozen, were leading up into her naked nethers. There were at least three in the front, perhaps more in her backside. Vert must have had these in the whole time.

“Here you go, master,” she said happily. “Please, help yourself, it won't take much longer until it comes.”

All you had to do was lean forward. Her pretty, pink flower looked puffy, eager for your attention. You buried your face into her mound, placing your mouth over top her folds. Your tongue explored, playing with her clit and accompanying bits as best you could. Vert's moans were low and deep, her body reverberating in kind. It pushed you further, making you push deeper. The vibrations from her toys grew stronger the further you went, and her voice grew higher as well.

“T-That's the spot, master,” Vert exclaimed between her ragged gasps. “Just a few more seconds and I'll have your treat!”

Her words were all the fuel you needed. You lapped, sucked, licked, and did everything else you could. By the time Vert was reaching her high, your hands were gripping her thighs tight. She was ready, you were ready, and that was all you both needed. Her voice reached new heights as her body began to quiver and shake, a great climax rushing through her before your very eyes. Your maid gripped you head lightly, tilting it back just in time as a rush of fluids came spraying from her nethers.

They practically went straight down your throat; they splattered your mouth, lips, and cheeks so thoroughly that it felt like drinking from a faucet. It was rare for Vert to get excited like this, she was normally a tad bit more restrained, but you didn't mind one bit. You simply took your fill and let her ride her orgasm out. She was weak in the knees by the time she finished, stumbling as she pulled her leg down.

“I hope it was pleasing for you, master. Shall we adjourn to the bedroom? You'll need to be washed up and properly cared for after that spill.”

You knew that it had been a bit of a messy tea time and spills weren't exactly uncommon. It would be best to get cleaned up. If anything… extracurricular were to happen, you certainly wouldn't shy away.

Chapter Text

Rin groaned happily as her teacher thrusted into her tight cunt. He was a prude, but he packed bigger than anyone she'd ever seen. Sometimes he had a short trigger, that was perhaps the only negative. However, her professor had staying power. Even as he bent her over his desk, seconds away from busting, the young Tohsaka mage knew she could get at least another three or four goes out of him. Within the next few moments, he did just as expected.

Lord El-Melloi II, once simply called Waver, grunted as he hilted, spraying his mana-enriched seed deep into his student. He had done this all without exerting much effort, giving the bare minimum to get this sassy girl out of his room. In his experience, a single load would usually suffice, and, as he pulled out, was briefly satisfied to see a few drops follow him out. It would mean some cleanup, but it was worth the moments of relative pleasure.

“There, Ms. Tohsaka, you may leave now. I must grade papers, so be quick about it.”

“Oh, but Sir El-Melloi, you wouldn't leave a young woman unsatisfied, would you? You can spare one more time for a well-performing student like me.~”

Waver mumbled something rude under his breath. “You Tohsakas… always thinking you can just get anything you want…”

He grabbed her by the hips, lifting her and spinning her about. Rin found herself pressed against the blackboard, chalk smearing across her skin. She felt his throbbing member slide between her legs, brushing deep into her folds. It was exciting to see the jaded man so active! His cock slide back and forth, massaging itself with her wetted nethers.

“Once a Tohsaka, always a Tohsaka. You all cause more trouble than you're worth, thinking you can do anything you please. Rin wants more, so she gets more, huh?”

His pace increased, his hips smacking her rump hard. His body pressed in harder, her uniform now dirty with the white powder as she was shoved against the cold surface. Waver grunted, gripping her hips tight as he rubbed himself off. That fast-firing trigger of his was about to flip and he wanted to send a message to this young Tohsaka. On the cusp of climax, he pulled back and bent Rin further down. With her hips thrusted out, her privates were exposed and ripe for plastering.

Waver grunted, firing another load across her tight, pink tidbits. She wasn't enthused of him taunting her so much, but it was still something. It felt nice to have his hot seed smattering her folds, sticky and wet. He plastered her thoroughly, coating her as best he could in the heat of the moment. Yet, even with this, Rin wasn't sated.

“Come ooooon, professor! This isn't what I needed at all!~”

Waver, still good to go, figured that being light handed wasn't enough. Keeping her bent over, he finally gave her what she was asking for… but in the wrong hole.

Rin sputtered and gasped as her backdoor was stretched and forced open. She felt him cramping deep down inside, hilting with surprising ease inside her tight hole. Her teacher felt twice as big in such a small place, colon stretching to accommodate such a large package. Even as his hips smacked up against hers, he didn't plan on giving her any spare seconds to adjust. Waver thrusted hard into his student's ass, giving her a proper reaming like she deserved.

Groaning through grit teeth, Rin took the shame of getting the reverse of what she wanted. Her teacher's balls slapped hard against her cooch, reminding her of what she had originally hoped to get out of the situation. A few slaps against her tight, perky ass only reinforced the message, or at least he had hoped it would. She was actually enjoying it, it was rare that anyone got so intimate with her. Though, intimacy was exactly the thought on Lord El-Melloi's mind.

“How's this for you, you stuck-up woman?” He grumbled, shoving himself inside her with every other word. “Ironically, I wouldn't be surprised if you begged for more after this.”

His grip tightened as he reached his end for the third time. Waver lifted her a few inches off the floor, dumping yet another load into the small woman. The Tohsaka heir groaned something incoherently as her bowels were flushed white with sticky seed. Pumped firm and full, she barely felt a thing as he pulled out. Yet, those words of his would come back to haunt him. Still leaking his mana from her rear door, Rin turned about to grab hold of his stiff member.

“You are right, I need more, my Lord . Please, grace me with that second infusion, I beg of you!”

While she was having quite the time, he was at a boiling point. Waver had had the last of this girl. He pushed her back across the desk, spreading her legs to finally give her what she wanted, but on his terms. Rin was excited, the grumpy man was finally excited enough to give in to whatever desires he had deep inside. Clutching her rump, his motions practically lifted her into the air. The young Tohsaka was forced to arch her back for support, lest she be shoved clean off. His hips collided with hers, the slapping of flesh echoing in the empty lecture hall.

The desk occasionally skidded back, creaking under the weight of two bodies pressing onto it. Their pace grew, heat growing as their bodies grew closer to the true, grand finale. On the edge of being forced right off the furniture that was barely holding both their weight, they finally reached it. Both of them felt the end-all of orgasms that had been building all night, and with one last, desk scratching thrust, they both got there.

El-Melloi's load stuffed her to the brim in seconds, the most effective mana transfer she had ever gotten. His member plugged her tight, not allowing a single drop to escape until he was finished. He felt like a burden had been released, that burden being Rin's incessant pestering as her cravings were finally put to an end. Delirious with pleasure and as full as could be, she was dropped to the surface of his desk with a resounding thud, his member sliding loose as she fell.

“And now you know why I hold my title, Tohsaka. Clean up and get out, don't let anyone find you here, your ego wouldn't allow it, anyway.”

He walked off, taking his papers with him. Rin, scuffed up with chalk and smattered with cum, groggily did as told, for once. A thorough pat down and her pair of panties would cover up enough to hide what had happened. However, her disheveled hair and sweaty skin would be hard to explain. Late for class would be the excuse she'd use if anyone asked, and while she walked off, she began to think of one to use to get Lord El-Melloi back between her legs one more time.

Chapter Text

"Ladies, I'm so glad you could join me for my little seminar ," Helen muttered as the two young women clamored over her body. "And that you're so excited! I'll teach you girls how to live a healthy marriage, in my own special way."

She began to peel off her super suit, letting her skin breathe after a long day of hero work. The small hotel room would soon be filled with the scent of sweat and arousal as her mature, soft body was put on display. Truthfully, Helen couldn't remember the names of the two she was with; she had done this too many times to remember. Whenever her relationship with Bob got tense, she liked to unwind and unpack to stave off the ensuing dry spell. All while under the guise of helping them with their own marital troubles.

Whether it worked for them or not, she wasn't sure. In either case, it didn't make the nights any less passionate or change the fact these ladies wanted a piece of her sweet, fat ass. Not that that was all they were getting. Her supple breasts were already exposed, her hips the next thing to show and, as they did, the women got a pleasant surprise as to why Helen Parr was also known as Mrs. Incredible.

They watched as her long, thick cock came springing free from the tight outfit that had kept it bound for so long. It was already stiff as a stone, a full eight inches even without the use of her powers. Her balls were big enough that one could fit in the palm of either of her companion's hands; they looked swollen, no doubt packing away weeks’ worth of cum. The women were surprised but by no means put off. If anything, they seemed to almost be drooling with hunger, trying to grab at her package in an attempt to feel it with their own hands.

"Girls, girls," Helen said with a laugh. "Hold your horses, don't forget that I've got this all planned out, just for you two. You, up on the bed and lay down, head towards the edge."

She pointed at one of them, a petite redhead who had the air of an upper-class woman. Whatever her name was, perhaps it had been Jennifer, she did as told. With her head on the edge, Helen got up, kneeling above her with her member poised and ready. All those inches were hovering right above Jen, a tongue's length away, and it took all her restraint to not taste it now. There was no point in potentially disobeying Elastigirl, after all. Not when she was the one with the plan.

"Good girl, now say 'ahhh' and take it all. Let's call it… patience training, as we all sometimes need to show a little patience with our spouses.~"

With the door wide open, Helen lowered her hips and made herself at home in her new sleeve. Her prick slid into Jennifer's open maw, inch by inch stuffing the young woman's throat, stretching it, until her aching balls came slapping down against her soft, firm face. Oh, the heat and moisture were just perfect! Helen found herself arching her back, Jenny's tongue rolling across her sensitive shaft, humming in delight as she finally got her dick wet after weeks of nothing. Best if all, this was only half the party. She reached back, spreading her hefty, momma's ass wide for the eyes of the other, lucky lady.

"Well, sweetie, looks like you get to be the wheelman of our little rodeo." She said to the motherly looking blonde… Madison? "See my tasty, tight donut? My special starfish? Better get to work, try your own form of patience training."

Her backdoor was indeed a wonderful sight. Helen's ring was still tight as could be, but a tad puffy from years of thorough use. Maddie knelt down, licking deep and long with her tongue. She traced along the raised ring, pressing into the hole in the center. A thick scent rolled over it, sweat and musk drawing her desires out ever further. It wasn't long until she too was gripping that big, beautiful rump and pushing her tongue in as deep as it could go. The superhero moaned loudly, her nerves burning in delight as her asshole was spread open by her eager, fellow mother.

"Oh, ladies, you're doing wonders! Put some extra oomph into it, and I'll be sure to give a climax you wouldn't believe… and switch your roles."

Both ladies loved their current parts, but the thought of getting a chance to do both was too much to ignore. The redhead began to suck harder, smacking her lips as saliva leaked from her lips. She took in the taste of the hot meat, huffing through her nostrils and getting fresh whiffs off those hot, juicy balls. Helen's heartbeat pulsed in her throat, making hope that that big finish was as good as promised.

Meanwhile, the blonde was kissing and pulling on that meaty butthole. The slight discoloration was eye catching, the warmth of her flesh filling her lips. She could hear Elastigirl's moans grow louder, sweat beading up on those supple cheeks. Her mind wondered what a climax of heroic portions would look like and she knew that she had to see it.

"God, you two are b-better than I could have hoped! Gives me a few second and I'll be… be… coming!"

Like timing that would make even Edna Mode jealous, Mrs. Parr began to come. Her jewels were visibly pulsing, moans echoing throughout the hotel room, pumping untold amounts of cum into the unsuspecting redhead's belly. It only took a few seconds for Jennifer to notice something was off. The sheer volume was impossible! She could feel it in a level of details that far out sung anything her husband had done. Thick, hot, and sticky, it flooded her belly, overstuffing it to the point that her stomach began to swell.

There were deep gurgles and low pops echoing from her gut, as she took a few gallons of sperm via direct injection. Jennifer felt it, all of it, growing delirious as it continued for another half minute. Helen was panting, excited as ever, relieved of a terrible burden that Bob had refused to help with. When it was all said and done, Jennifer, or whoever she was, looked positively knocked up.

"Would you believe that? Mazel Tov, you look due in three weeks," she exclaimed as she slowly pulled her cum-stained cock from the redhead's piehole, a small surge of seed oozing out behind it. "Never thought I'd get to figuratively knock up another gal again… but don't worry, darling, I've got plenty left for you."

As she turned, she slapped Jennifer's distended stomach, earning another spurt of sperm from her wonderfully sore mouth. Helen sat back down on, this time planting her family jewels right over her swollen companion. Her rod stood out stiff as before, never faltering in stride as she beckoned her blonde partner to take her turn. Madison needed no instructions, bending the knee before Elastigirl's queenly rod and giving it the biggest frenching she could muster. She strained to take it all, eight inches was a tough task without some assistance, but nothing could have ever been as satisfying as feeling Helen's crotch smack her in the face.

"I picked some real winners tonight! Say, gingerbread, don't forget to pitch in, now. Everyone has their chores to do here."

The twice-smothered, now-(figuratively)expecting mother did what she could. Slowly, groggily, she suckled and smeared her spit across the taut, sagging sack that was resting on her lips. She tasted salt and oils, leftover from a sweaty night of crime fighting. It was delicious, pairing well with the bitter taste of cum that still stuck to her palette. As her arousal returned, the redhead upped the ante and took the balls into her mouth one-by-one, giving them a spit shine and a proper polish.

Once more, it was heaven for Helen. She couldn't help herself anymore, grabbing the blonde and began to give herself some good, old fashioned head. Madison was left to stick along for the ride, throat now merely a toy for her personal idol. Not that she minded, she was ecstatic about the whole thing. Elastigirl, herself, was fucking her face! No one else, beyond her other lucky friend, could ever dream of this! It was unreal in every way.

"That's it, good girls. Keep it up... mommy's got a sack full of presents for you," Helen muttered, giving in to her hunger.

It wasn't much a lover's counseling seminar anymore, though admittedly no one ever bought that. A night in bed with a pretty, mature hero was all the advertising these gals had needed, and they were giving it their all. Jennifer was sucking on both balls now, going full steam despite her overstuffed boiler, with Madison tightening down her throat muscles like a professional. They both wanted to see their teacher climax… to help the heroine they adorned so much! Luckily for them, they wouldn't need to do much more.

"Cripes, I'm almost there. I don't think even Viol… m-my daughter's shields could hold back this next one. Hope you had s light dinner, because here it comes…!"

Helen slammed the blonde's head to the base quickly and firmly, groaning as her body began to twitch and pull tight. Another belly-busting orgasm was rippling through her, a torrent of spunk filling yet another young mother full. Jennifer could feel those tasty orbs pulsing with ever spurt, imagining just how full her friend was getting. It wasn't too far off, as Maddy was bursting at the seams, stomach rolling over the lacy panties that clung to her waist. Thag, however, would be her limit. Eight months, and not a day over, was how she'd look, the rest of Helen's massive load flowing back from whence it came.

There was a small pop in Madison's ears as she felt the cum rush up her esophagus, erupting from her nostrils and from the tight seal around her lips. Helen saw a lot was about to hit the floor and decided to save some for herself, as she was nearly done yet. She clumsily pulled herself out, and, with just the tiniest use of her powers, gave herself the same treatment. While not getting nearly as much as the ladies had, Elastigirl still lived up to her name as she sucked herself off to the end. Her stomach swelled, cock aching as the third and last meal was served for the night.

She panted, exhausted, front covered in spilled seed as she cleaned off her tip and let her powers turn off. The taste of semen was fresh on her breath as she struggled to stand, her stuffed sidekicks too full to move an inch. Helen couldn't go back home like this, she realized as she looked at her messy state in the bathroom mirror. It seemed her only choice was to wait it out here, among company.

"Alright… I know we just had a big meal… I mean, break through, but who's ready for round two?"

There were a few eager mutterings from them both. She couldn't hope for more loyal fans, whatever their names were… she hoped she'd figure them out by morning.