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Monthly Reward Stories - 2019

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The clock was ticking on this special brew that was affecting dear Selena. Her enlarged assets and unhinged sexuality only had so much longer. For Kiran, a man with surprisingly strong vitality, a second run at things was just perfect for him. Not only that, but his sassy companion was offering something extra special: a run at her rear.

“Go on, Kiran! Get an up-close look at my perfect, little hidey-hole!” Selena exclaimed, bending over and smacking her fat rump playfully. “Anything goes for my sweet, summoner stud.~”

She was positioned just perfectly, with her face in a pillow and her ass up on display. He wasted little time in closing the distance, parting her cheeks as a ravenous hunger overtook him. Kiran spied that taut pucker hidden between her supple mounds, letting his lust getting the better of him as he watched it twitch before his very eyes. His fingers began to inch closer, stretching her skin tighter as the closed in on his target. Selena's butthole was easily stretched, still inches away and it was no longer the perfectly round circle it once was.

He heard her stifle a moan as his eager digits finally met her ring, slowly prying it apart like the curious lad he had been before being whisked into this world. Kiran loved the soft, firm feeling it had, the warmth and color as he continued to play. The summoner needed more than this, more than just visuals; he needed a closer, more intimate sense to get involved. Spread as far as it would currently go, Kiran leaned in and got to work, much to Selena's delight.

“Oh, Kiran, you naughty boy! Getting right in there? Well, you're welcome to stick anything in me, so have at it.”

Despite her blessing, he was determined to keep going. To keep shoving his tongue right up her tight ass, that is. He was experiencing the taste of her wet, little hole, adding it to yet another list of his sexual experiences and was loving every second. The actual flavor was complicated, to say the least, and was beyond the point; the act of it, shoving his oral muscle up into her rectum, was a thrill in and of itself. Her muscles seemed to clench rhythmically, and not just the entrance that he was now slowly working his thumbs into, but the inside as well. Pulsating walls and heat, the kind of which he was already familiar with while using his member, felt so different like this. Wonderfully so, he would say, had his mouth not been busy.

He didn't know how much time had passed, but soon he couldn't contain himself anymore. Giggling in delight, Selena found herself flipped over and pushed down into the sheets. Her legs were lifted back and over her head, her nethers as exposed as ever. She could see his throbbing rod hovering just inches above her back door, a wild look in his eyes as he began to press down on her.

“Gods, I need to fuck you hard,” he whispered, honest and true.

“Fuck me like you hate me, big boy.~”

Selena's words were so crass, it made Kiran enthralled with every syllable she spoke. He had never felt so wild, so aroused; he barely waited more than a second before he began to invade her rear with all the gusto he could muster. She groaned through grit teeth, his manhood feeling like it was triple the usual size, given the small space it was cramming itself into. The air was practically forced from her lungs as every throbbing inch was shoved deep into her rectum, a delightful, yet breathtaking, sensation.

Kiran was truly pressing down now, his legs locked around her and her sizable bosom pressing against his body as he bottomed out inside her. He felt his balls slap firmly against her rump, his entire rod deep in her colon. Her words still rang in his ears, her desire for tough loving. The summoner, able and willing, began to thrust away at a hard, fast pace.

She moaned and quivered as her butthole was summarily fucked into submission. Her muscles tried to clench reflexively, tighten around the invading phallus, but to no avail. It was too big, too fast, and buried far too deep to ever get a grip. Instead, they began to relax and embrace the warm friction that came with having one's ass stuffed with meat. The rhythmic slaps of his jewels, his hips connecting with her, as she was forced tight to his body in this elicit yet arousing position, were like music to her ears. Selena's moans, shameless in all ways, echoed through the room as her summoner gave her the rough, anal loving she had asked for.

Time slipped by almost as fast as his cock was slipping into her ass. Kiran was like an animal, body hot and steamy, mind concentrating on just one thing. He never stopped in his anal conquest, Selena taking the vast brunt of his arousal. Her reaming was having an effect, though. Nothing lasts forever, as some say, and even wild sex has its limits. There was a tension in his loins, building with every second. It wouldn't be long until he reached bursting, the climactic finale his body craved.

As it grew closer, he went faster. The loud, meaty slaps echoed through the room as her plush buttocks jiggled and bounced under the weight of his motions. His motions grew sloppy, too, uneven and forced until he could no longer resist his natural urges any longer. With one, heavy, hard thrust, Kiran went down to the base in her sore rear and began to make his first, of possibly many, attempts to breed her ass.

A torrent of hot, sticky seed flooded her colon and intestines, flowing deeper as the volume increased. Selena moaned and shook, her muscles contracting as the thick batter pushed her over the edge into her own climax. It seemed like almost a minute went by, before they both began to drift down from their heavenly highs. Kiran, gasping for breath, slowly slid out from her gaping, sloppy hole. He trailed wads of cum as he left, a deluge following behind him like bubbles out of a popped champagne bottle. Finally, she was free of her locked position and Selena rolled onto her side as happy as could be.

His cum-streaked cock found its way over and up to her mouth, a firm hand grabbing the base of her head. He pushed down, easing his manhood between those luscious lips of hers, like he had not more than half an hour ago. Still in a sexual daze, Selena absentmindedly licked at the seed that clung to his shaft, cleaning him off like the good girl she was.

“Like the taste of your own ass, Selena? Bet you do, dirty girls like you are into that sort of stuff.”

“Y-yeah, you bet!” She exclaimed, almost slurring her words. “Love the taste… like a dirty girl…”

Her words slipped away as she continued to suck and polish his rod. He didn't know how much longer this would last, this wonderful version of her. Days, hours, minutes? It didn't matter; he still had the drive and desire to go longer, to perhaps delve a bit deeper into the depravity of it all. Selena would be a good way to try all sorts of things, new or old.