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[Vid] Hurricane

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Song: Hurricane (lyrics here)

Artist: MS MR, remix by CHVRCHES

Fandom: Captain America / MCU

Pairing: Steve/Bucky

Vid by: saezutte (Caitlin) (Rebloggable tumblr post here)

Summary: Steve and Bucky’s lives have gotten way out of hand, there’s no better way to say it. 

Warnings: There’s nothing in here that’s not in the movies, but I use a clip of Bucky after he lost his arm from his flashbacks, so mild gore warning for that.

PASSWORD : lostintheblue


Hurricane (Steve/Bucky, MCU) from saezutte on Vimeo.

Download link (MF) (Can also download through Vimeo)

(I recommend clicking through to vimeo and watching fullscreen)  

Additional notes

Behind this vid were a few impulses: 

  1. I’ve been meaning to try making a fanvid since I started doing short video projects for a class last semester. This is my first fanvid and my …fourth? editing project so far, so go easy on me. ;)  
  2. I had the idea and a rough outline came to me pretty quickly walking on the boardwalk one day. I liked the lyrics for Steve/Bucky and went with the remix because I prefer listening to upbeat songs, I prefer vids to faster songs, and it gave me a lot of musical cues I could match or ignore as I saw fit. 
  3. Most importantly, I’ve been resisting Steve/Bucky as not “my type” of pairing, but it’s been so prominent in my fandom circles that I felt a bit left out. After reading some really excellent fic, I decided to go ahead with the vid to try to work out for myself what the deal was with Steve/Bucky —am I into it, how do I think it works, can I add it to my shipping repertoire? And now I’ve incepted myself into Steve/Bucky fandom, thank you to everyone in advance for not saying “I told you so” even though literally everyone told me so. 

Sorry about the dinginess of the video—maybe I will redo it when CATWS comes out on DVD/Bluray?

I’d love constructive criticism, but I would prefer to receive it privately; if you have something, please send it via private message (on tumblr or wherever) or let me know in a comment and I’ll give you my email.