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Daily Life of Gary "Eggsy" Unwin

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【I don't know where exactly to start,  thinking is pretty hard,  since I met HIM  again. Harry Hart. The first time I met him,  I was just  5 Years old and he came to me and my mom, to tell her that my father died. I didn't really understood what  happened  at this time, but he impressed me so  much, that I never forgot him.  Especially his eyes. They where haunting me my whole life.  Then there was this medal he gave me,  I took care of it, as if I would die  when I lose it. I always hide it from my friends  and even my mom, she knew I got it,  she thought I losed it soon after.


Since that day, my mom is different,  she started drinking, taking drugs,  she met Dean and changed completely,  I don't recognize her anymore. Anyway. Harry Hart, the mysterious man  who promised me help in great need.  Well, I used it. Just a few days ago. I got caught and was sitting in  the interrogation room of the police  station and I called the number on  the Medal. It was really weird, but right after  the call, I was out of the room and  could leave. There he was standing,  on the stairs in front of the police  station. And he looked stunning.  It was hard not to show what I  was really thinking.  So I did what I always do, playing the cool and being an asshole. We met Dean and his guys a little bit  later and it was amazing.  He beated them up with technical stuff  I never have seen in my wole life.  I have no idea if it  could even be possible,  but I was more impressed than before.


When I had to leave I felt empty,  being with him was the best time I  had for most of my life. As I were home again, I couldn't sleep,  he was on my mind the whole time,  and his eyes were haunting me again.  But this time it was more intense,  I could smell him, feel him around me. "Fuck...." Slipped through my lips.  I was glad I was alone so I could  take my time. After this stressy day  I took a shower - and again - he was  there. Harry, in my head and all around me. My cock got hard really quick and  I was cussing really bad. I quickly finished the shower  and put on my sleeping clothes.  As soon as possible I layed down  in my bed and tried to sleep,  but it was more tossing and  turning around then sleeping. "Dammit. Harry Hart what is it  that keeps you in my head?"  I saide and stroked through my  still wet hair and looked down  after lifting up the blanket. 


"Great,  still hard..." I groaned out because I  knew it would be impossible for me to  sleep like that. I let my hand slip into my boxers,  and wrapped my fingers around my cock.  A soft moan escaped my lips  already before I started.  Since no one was there,  I used the time I had and started  to move my hand. I felt great,  but at the same time as if  something wasn't right. My thoughts directly slipped to  Harry and I moaned out even louder.  "Oh fuck yes..." I thought 'bout Harry,  imagined he was touching me  instead of myself. I tightened the grip around my cock  and squeezed the tip, precum was  already leaking out and I started  to squirm.  "Ahh...Harry, what are you...doing  with me...fuck this feels so...good!"  Even if I didn't wanted to be so loud,  I couldn't hold myself back. 

The thought of Harry giving me  a handjob was too much. Too good.  "Harry please...ahh don't sop...ahha...."  The words just slipped out of my mouth, my hips were moving up and down,  my head pressed into the pillow  and more and more precum leaked out  but I was holding back. With my small finger I pressed into  the slit and almost screamed in pleasure.  With my free hand I reached down,  grabbed my balls and squeezed them  in the same rhythym like my other hand.


 "Harry!!"  I screamed out literally and came.  My whole body was shaking and I just  tried to calm down from this high.  "This was so...intense...more... than ever before." I just managed to clean myself  before I fell asleep, a smile on  my face and Harry in my thoughts,  he would guide me into my dreams. 】

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【The first time, was really weird
Even the second time my feeling 
didn't really chan ged.
It is actually a totally normal thing, 
for most of the people, even here 
in Britain.
But for me it was so not normal, 
that I felt embarrassing the whole time.
Everytime people stepped into the store, 
I felt watched, even if no one noticed me.
No one but the woman behind the counter.
I cleared my throat, in hope to 
get the lump out of my throat.
I looked through the things they have for men.
SO many different things, I barely believed it.


I knew that I wouldn't buy anything 
at all, again. I hadn't bought 
anything the first time I was in 
this shop and I doubt that I would 
buy things here this time. I would 
rather order something like that online, 
to make sure no one will know what 
I am buying.
Right at the moment the girl from 
behind the counter came over to me, 
with a wide smile.
"May you need some help? 
What are you interested in?"
I stared at her for a few seconds, 
not able to say a word.

As I finally found my vocie again, 
I replied to her.
"No uhm, sorry. I am just looking 
through the things..." 
Usually I don't feel like this, 
I am the cool one with a big mouth. 
But in this shop, with a girl talking 
to me, I felt like a young boy.
"Really? You are here the second time
 and you don't wanna buy anything? 
You feel embarrassed or anything?" 

She leaned close to him, tpo whisper 
something. "I guess, since you are 
in this part of a shop, you are looking 
for something for you and your BF?"
How does she knew I was gay? 
It really embarrassed me but I still 
didn't wanted to be rude and 
decided to reply to her.

"Uhm yes, no, not really for me and...
a BF. I actually am...looking something 
for make it...."
Before I could finish the sentence, 
she nodded and winked at me.
"Got it." She turned away and looked 
at the shelves.
"Something like this could be the 
right thing...You don't have to buy 
it here, you can order it online. 
With different names of other stores 
from our group. If you don't want 
anyone to know it is from a sex shop."


She winked again and then left.
She was nice, in a very different way. 
I don't think, that I've ever met a 
girl like her before.
After this really confusing conversation,
 I decided to go back home, 
I knew my mom and dean wouldn't be 
home yet, so I could order whatever 
I want without any disturbance.
As I arrived home, I grabbed my Laptop 
and wanted to go on the webside of 
the store, but I knew that sometimes 
Dean "borrowed" my laptop to use it 
for whatever, so I just took my phone 
that I always had with me.
I ordered the toy that weird girl 
showed me and payed it directly.
Even if no one would know what it is, 
I felt really nervous.
Now it was time to wait for the order.】



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【I did my best to be awake and get my 
package alone, I knew that even if my 
name would be on it, Dean would open it. 
Dean was still asleep and my mother was 
at the store, getting his food or 
drugs or whatever. I don't know anymore.
However I managed to get up early this 
morning, to look out of the window for 
the post man.
As I saw him coming I quickly made my 
way out to catch him before he can ring 
the bell.
"Good morning, do you have a package for 
Gary Unwin?" I quickly asked and he told 
me to wait, so he can look for it.
I was rubbing my hands because I was 
only wearing my white shirt and some 
short pants.

"There it is. A small package for 
Gary Unwin. May you can show me your ID 
or something that shows..."
Before he could finish, I pulled out my 
ID card and showed it to him. "Thanks. 
Have a nice day." The post man turned 
away and started to pick out a few more 
As I got what I wanted, I ran back 
inside and got directly into my bedroom.
I opened the package and threw it aside 
after taking out the toy.
"Wow, you never expected to buy something 
like this. Never." I said muttering and 
opened the pakcaging of the toy to get 
it out.
"It looks really interesting." 
I barely could wait to try it, 
but first I had to take care that I 
made it to school in time.

After school I got home and found Dean 
and my mom on the couch, and one of his 
so called friends were there too. 
"Oh great..." I said mumbling and ignored 
them and got into my room. 
I could hear Dean how he was yelling 
after me because I dared to talk.
Even if I hated it I did my homework. 
It is boring and won't help me in my 
future, at least that's what I think.

The day goes on and I could hear how my 
mom and Dean were going out and I was 
alone again.
"Well, same things every day." 
I sighed and rubbed my neck.
As I was sure I was areally alone, 
I got into the kitchen and made myself 
a sandwich. Together with a bottle beer 
and my small dinner I said down in a 
chair in the living room and turned on 
the TV. 
Usually I don't have the chance to use 
the living room as I want, because Dean 
and his stupid apeheads always were 
hanging out there.
As I finished my sandwich I took a long 
hot shower and layed down into bed. 
I knew I could sleep in because it was 
finally weekend.

And again I couldn't sleep, 
I wanted to finally test this little 
toy I bought.
Quietly I got out of my bed and took 
the toy I hit behind my closet. 
"I need a new place..." I said muttering 
and crawl back into my bed.
As soon as I was laying again I closed 
my eyes and inhaled deeply and thought 
about Harry.
WIth my free hand, I grabbed my cock 
and started to move my hand up and down. 
Soft moans escaped my lips as I thought 
about Harys nice eyes again. 
"Harry..." I don't understand why this 
man stucks in my head since the first 
time I saw him, but I like it." 
At least I do since I am grown up and 
know what these feelings mean.

My hand moved faster and had a tight 
grip, until my cock was standing up 
straight. I let go of it and it fell 
onto my stomach. "Okay, lets 
try...this little thing." I took the toy 
sucked at it a little to make it wet 
and then wrap the wholes around my cock 
and my balls and slowly push the 
vibrator into my hole. 
"F-Fuck!" A loud gasp escaped my mouth 
and I was breathing harder and faster. 
As it was completely inside, 
I relaxed a little and grabbed the remote.
"Sh-Shit, this feels so weird." 
Inside, I tried to prepare for what was 
coming next. I pushed the button and 
turned on the vibrator. "Ah!" I moan out 
loudly and moved around my bed. It was 
vibrating everywhere, I could feel it 
in my whole cock and in my ass and it 
was running through my spine.
I wouldn't have needed my hand but I 
couldn't hold back and started to 
squeeze my cock. WIth my thumb and index 
finger I played on my tip. Squeezed it, 
rubbed it and pushed the small finger 
into the small slit. The vibrator really 
did the rest of the work and I came hard.
"Yes Harry!"
I was really panting and tried to calm 
down of my high. "Toys, are fun..." 
I said muttering to myself and barely 
moved because I coulod feel the vibrator 
still in me. I turned it off and sighed 
deeply. "Now, just taking it out." 
I know, it might be stupid to talk to 
myself,  but I am alone and just staying 
silent after those feelings, 
is impossible.
I took out the vibrator, cleaned it and 
hid it in my nightstand under a few 
As I did it, I cleaned myself and curled 
up in my bed, closing my eyes and said: 
"Sleep well, Harry. I hope I will meet you again." 

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【Around 3 weeks after meeting Harry Hart,
I randomly met him again.
It was really embarrassing and 
I just prayed to god and to satan that 
the ground should just swallow me up.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and 
thought the whole time about the things 
I did while thinking of him.
The circumstances how I met him, 
were partly randomly and my own fault, 
as always I wasn’t really aware of my 
surroundings and totally forgot to watch 
out for cars as I walked across a street.
And so it came that I just ran right in 
front of a car. I didn’t knew the driver, 
but I do knew the guy in the back.

How the hell did I managed to ran right 
in front of the car this man was sitting 
Why did that happened?
Was it fate? Destiny? 
Or was it really just randomly?
I was lucky because the driver had 
really good reactions, he stopped just a 
few millimeter before me.
Just because I was so shocked, 
I fell on the ground right on my ass. 
My whole body was shaking and I could 
just stare in shock on the cab and the 
man who jumped out of the car.
It was Harry.

His voice was so special to me, 
that I could have recognized it under 
thousand other voices.
I really thought I pissed into my own 
pants from this shock, but gladly I didn’t.
As Harry knelt down to me, I looked up 
into his eyes.
“H-Harry I….”
He didn’t let me finish.
“Are you alright Eggsy? Dammit, 
why didn’t you looked before you crossed 
the streets? You could’ve been dead now!”
If I wouldn’t know it better, I would 
have said that Harry was more worried 
than he should have been.
But I think it was just me, wishing 
there would be more than just whatever 
we have.
“Harry, I am fine really. Don’t worry. 
The car didn’t even touched me. 
I just fell because I was so surprised 
and shocked. You...You can go on.”
Without taking his hand, I got up on my 
Harry just looked at me with this look 
on his face, this look that said: 
‘I am so sorry Eggsy, I wish I could help.’
I started to clean up my clothes and 
then looked back at Harry with a wide 
smile. “Don’t look like that old man, 
I am not going to die right now. 
Not anytime soon I think. 
Just don't think about it anymore and go 
to wherever you wanted to go.” 
I placed a hand on his shoulder and 
winked at him.

Harry made a weird face as I called him 
old, but then he looked at my hand.
!I actually wanted to go to you Eggsy. 
I want to suggest something to you. 
I have a job. Or lets say...something 
similar. I wanted to pick you up and 
talk to you about it. If you don’t have 
anything to do, I would still do it.”
He wanted to spend time with me!
It felt like Christmas eve and my 
birthday at the same time.
Well, okay. He wanted to talk to me 
about a job offer, but it was better 
than nothing. So I said:
“Sure, I don’t have anything to do yet 
and my mom wouldn’t notice that I am not 
coming home.”
She would. At least I hope that she 
still would.
A smile flashed over Harrys face and he 
opened the door of the cab for me. 
“Go ahead Eggsy, the driver will do the 
As I got in, Harry closed the door and 
walked around the car to get in himself.
“Kingsman Tailor Shop.”
Harry seemed happy, I was just confused.
“A Tailor shop? Do I really look like 
someone who has anything to do with this?” I raised a brow.Harry was amused and 
laughed out.
"This is nothing you are expecting Eggsy, 
just wait and let me explain everything 
to you." Together with Harry, 
I entered the shop. 
He directly spoke to the man behind the 
counter and asked for a dressing room. 
The man nodded. I followed him and he 
closed the door. "Wow....a room..." 
I say, not really surprised or anything.
Harry looked at me through the mirror. 
"Look into the mirror, what do you see?"
Really? He wanted to play this game? 
I sighed and shrugged. 
"A boy who really has no idea what to do 
with his life and maybe isn't even worth 
to care about." Sure it didn't sound good,
but that's what I was thinking. 
Harry seemed really shocked as I said 
that and shook his head. "I see a young 
man, who still has his whole life before 
him. With big chances." The old man placed his hand on the mirror, it started 
glowing and I could hear a click sound. 
At the same moment the ground of the 
room were shaking and slowly started to 
sink into the ground.

"Woah what the fuck?!" 
Harry grinned at me and started to 
explain what was going on.
I couldn't believe it. Harry was a 
secret service agent. It seemed so 
unreal. I felt like I was in a movie, 
and it got even worse when we arrived at 
the ground.
Together we stepped into a tube that 
quickly raced through an underground line.
It didn't took long before we arrived at 
the HQ, how Harry had explained to me.
I stepped out of the tube and walked up 
to the nearest window I could see. 
"Oh woah!"
Harry laughed slightly. 
"You have the same look on your face as 
your father, as he first saw this. 
And as me."
Harry surprised me the whole time, 
and it only made me fall in love even 
more with him.
Before anything else could happen, 
someone came in and talked to Harry.
"You're late Galahad." 
He said and Harry nodded.
"We need to go Eggsy, everything else 
will be explained to you by Merlin."
I nodded and decided to wait before I 
start asking questions.
With quick steps I followed this guy 
without hair, that Harry called Merlin.
He let me step into a room with other 
people. All were standing straight and 
I justg stepped next to them and turned 
to Merlin.
"Welcome candidates, to become a Kingsman."】