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The Nature of Coincidences

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Coincidences are a funny thing. One either believes in them or not, there is no in between. However, should one not believe in coincidences, the many reasons for doing so are plentiful, and some quite beautiful. For instance, the belief in a higher Power is something that can bring hope to the hopeless, light to the darkness, and indeed a powerful reasoning for the so-called 'coincidences' in life.

There was one such man of faith who had found himself a secluded area deep in the forests of Fire Country with which to properly display his devotion. He was in the midst of painting an intricate seal in the large clearing he had created, colouring the green floor of nature with clashing streaks of red.

He had finally found it! The seal that would bring him face to face with his deity, the one that had guided him for his whole life thus far, was underway and the complicated space-time ninjutsu would be able to be performed within the hour. The man was quivering with excitement, his unnatural silver hair glinting in the dappled sunlight that streamed gently through the leaves of the tall trees surrounding the clearing. He would finally be able to properly thank and demonstrate his loyalty to his belief of the powers-that-be for the gifts he had bestowed upon the priest.

Hidan gave a cursory glance around the outside of the seal to make sure that everything was perfectly in place for the summoning. He then turned his attention to the rest of the clearing, littered with his 'gifts', and laughed in sheer joy and anticipation at what was to come. Deciding that he could waste no more time, he sat down cross-legged and began the technique.

A good distance, but not too far away, one Uzumaki Naruto was practicing his late father's famed jutsu, his inheritance if you will. Yes, it was not perfect, but the teenager was finally making progress that he was pleased with. The technique that gave the famed 'Yellow Flash' his moniker would soon see battle once more. The blonde boy was preparing for a more challenging jump, and he paused and gritted his teeth. Pleasantly requesting the assistance from the bijuu in his gut, the boy was surrounded by a golden shroud of energy as he steeled himself to make the jump.

The silver-haired holy-man performed the last part of the ritual to call his deity from his world and waited with baited breath.

The son of the fourth hokage held his breath and set his technique into action.

And, deep in the forests surrounding the shinobi Leaf Village of Fire Country, a yellow flash appeared dead in the centre of what was clearly a summoning circle and deposited an exhilarated young man in front of an awestruck, slightly older young man, and the two could only stare and stare at the other.

Finally, Naruto was the first to speak, his eyes still wide and jaw still slack in surprise. He cleared his throat, "Who –."


The priest threw himself at the teen's feet and prostrated himself as low as he possibly could. Naruto's face paled as he took in the seal he was currently centred in, and that he had neglected to notice upon his arrival in the forest clearing.

As the hysterical cackling of a sealed nine-tailed bijuu echoed throughout his mind, the boy could only utter one, intelligent thought.