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Accessible TLC stuck

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[Panel description: The empress stands on a platform on her red ship, holding her double ended trident in one hand. Her hair streams out to one side.]

[Panel description: The empress scowls, revealing sharp teeth.]

H I C: ugh.
the fuck is happenin now.

[Panel description: Jane hovers in the air above Derse's purple cityscape. She is holding her red trident in one hand. She is framed between the empress's two long horns.]

H I C: oh.
oh wow.

[Panel description: Jane and the empress face off against each other. They are drawn as black silhouettes. The background behind Jane is a bright blue, while the background behind the empress is fuchsia. The colors meet in the middle of the panel in a jagged scribble like torn paper.]

H I C: incredibubble.
where the fuck did your tiara top go?
JANE: It's gone.
You will not have that say in my life anymore.
H I C: really now.
and how exactly do you plan to keep me outta it.
you gonna fight me little gill?
JANE: That's the plan.
H I C: you know none uh the other small fries been able to defeat me either.
i gutted them all and ground them into chum.
millennia worth uh heiresses.
what else do you got?
JANE: I will give you that, the odds are quite daunting. But!
Did any of your previous heiresses have quite this much moxie?

[Panel description: The empress stands with a slight frown on her face.]

[Panel description: The empress lifts her empty hand. It now flashes with multicolored light. Her eyes flash between blue and red, as does the symbol on the middle of her tiara.]

[Panel description: An enormous beam of flashing blue and red light shoots past Jane and explodes next to her. She can be seen just at the edge of the blast.]

[Panel description: An explosion rocks one of Derse's ornate towers, which shakes from the impact.]

[Panel description: Jane sits dazed on a gargoyle atop one of the towers. Her expression changes to alarm when the empress's shadow falls over her.]

[Panel description: The empress stands with her hands on her hips, framed by her long hair.]

H I C: you shittin me.
don’t you know I gave you every fin girl?
I raised you, I didn’t shank you or your bucktoothed idiot crush.
those assassination attempts? what a joke, I coulda culled you in your sleep and no one woulda known betta.
but I still never culled you off and you know why?

[Panel description: Another blast of flashing red and blue explodes on the side of the tower.]

H I C: I gave you a SHOT.

[Panel description: Jane is flung limply to the side by the explosion of light.]

YOU COULDA HAD EVERY FIN!!! the empire, your kiddie crush, even your nasty-ass human grubs.

[Panel description: Jane kneels on the ground amidst the rubble of a broken stone wall. She is holding herself up by leaning on her trident.]

JANE: No! Not the way you were offering it!
What I did to Jake and all our teammates, you shouldn't have made me do it!
H I C: bitch.
don’t you get it.
that ain’t all me and it never was.

[Panel description: Jane frowns deeply, looking at something off screen.]

H I C: you always had the potential for that.

[Panel description: The empress floats in the air, holding her trident up above her head. Both the trident and the arm holding it flash with multicolored light. Several large purple towers float around her, broken off from the ground.]

H I C: all I ever had to do was.

[Panel description: Jane raises one arm above her head as purple rubble falls down toward her.]


[Panel description: John looks to one side with raised eyebrows as the room around him shakes.]

JOHN: you must be jane’s dad.
I’ll let her know that you’re here, she’ll want to know that you’re ok.

[Panel description: Two wisps of blue color stream away. Dad Crocker remains standing in a tastefully furnished purple room which continues to shake. 'Stern fatherly confusion concern combo' is written next to him.]

[Panel description: John partially reforms behind Rose, with some blue wisps connected to his hair and outfit still passing through the bars on the cell door. Rose looks down at the ground, eyes wide.]

JOHN: rose, are you ok?
ROSE: Roxy...
She wasn't supposed to be here.
She said she was on LOPAN.
JOHN: she is!
she’s guarding jade so she can't mess things up for us with her evil dog powers, remember?
ROSE: Yes, that's what I was told.
But then why did Jane say she was here?
And why did I just watch her die?

[Panel description: Rose continues to let dust stream between her fingers. A larger pile of dust can be seen in the upper left corner of the panel. John looks at it.]

JOHN: oh... oh man.
I’m sorry you had to see that.
ROSE: What is that supposed to mean?
JOHN: ok, try to calm down.
that wasn't the real Roxy.
I mean, I guess it depends... but it wasn't the roxy you've been talking to.
that one came with me from the reality where almost everyone died.
she made a deal with her denizen to come along, which meant that the other version of her had to die.
ROSE: Why didn't you tell me this?
JOHN: she made me promise!!!!
she didn't want you to get upset.

[Panel description: John crouches down next to Rose, who is kneeling. She looks over at him, her expression changing to anger. Her hands are still covered in dust.]

ROSE: Well, John, I am VERY upset.
JOHN: yeah... I can see that.
ROSE: Take me to her.
JOHN: are you sure?
ROSE: Now!

[Panel description: The empress stands holding her trident on a pile of purple rubble. The spires of Derse jut out behind her.]

[Panel description: Jane braces herself with her trident as she stands up from a pile of broken stone. Blue light curls around her.]

[Panel description: Jane and the empress face off against each other once more.]

[Panel description: The empress shouts, her flashing eyes glowing with a red and blue aura.]

[Panel description: Jane throws her trident.]

[Panel description: The empress catches the trident’s shaft in one hand.]

[Panel description: The empress grins, holding the trident where she stopped it a few inches from her face.]

[Panel description: Jane raises one hand, which glows with long streamers of blue light. The green Life symbol shines behind her, and the background flashes with white and blue splashes of color.]

[Panel description: The empress frowns as blue-white light glows around Jane's trident and the arm holding it.]

[Panel description: The trident falls to the ground as the empress's arm begins to dissolve into particles. Her golden bangles fall as well.]

[Panel description: Jane’s trident lies on the ground at the empress's feet. The empress's own golden trident tumbles to join it.]

[Panel description: Jane reaches down and takes the empress's trident in her hand.]

[Panel description: Jane holds the empress's trident. In front of her, the empress scowls, pressing her remaining hand over the stump of her missing arm.]

H I C: so.
water you waitin for.
if you wanna be the empress YOUR way so bad.
not like there’s any fin left to be empress of but really.
just cull me and get it over with.
I’m sick uh bein old englishs errand girl.
kinda finny huh.
you wanted that kid so bad but if you take my place
you’ll be slave to the very guy he’s named after.

[Panel description: Jane holds the empress's trident with both hands, her eyes closed.]

[Panel description: Jane holds the trident above her head.]

[Panel description: Jane snaps the trident in two over her knee. The word ‘Dethrone’ flashes next to her.]

[Panel description: Jane drops the two halves of the trident to the ground.]

This ends here. All of it.
H I C: oh what the SHELL.

[Panel description: Jane rests her hands on her hips and smiles. She is once again framed by the empress's two horns.]

H I C: why the fuck is you doin this nobler than thou BULLSHIT.
JANE: Aside from that fact that I am a Noble? (bucktoothed smile).
H I C: don’t get cute with me bitch.
JANE: You're in no position to be making demands right now! As of this moment forward you're our prisoner!
JANE: Behave yourself.
If my powers can kill a vampire by bringing them back to life, surely they can hamper an immortal with all the years you haven't felt.
Wouldn't you rather be our prisoner and retain your youth?
I wouldn't like to think how you'd show your real age.
H I C: that’s just low.
you clam the high ground then turn round and gimme that?
JANE: It's just good risk management!
Besides, you're the only one I plan on making submit.
CrockerCorp and all it stands for is over. From here on out, any iron oven mitt I take up shall be strictly metaphorical!
H I C: ...
I sea.
so whatcha gonna do with me as your prisoner.
JANE: We shall sea. ;)