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The Guardian

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Reality - Universe Prime

When Honerva and Allura recreated all realities, they changed what they could in their own universe, the last one remaining of all universes. They rebuilt Altea, and Allura made sure that her friends... her family... Lance... She made sure they would all be taken care of. That they would be done right in their own time. But they still had their own choices to make, whether or not they would take what they had been given. 

When they were assured of the solidity of the last remaining reality, all the power, all of the destruction, they turned it on it's side. They rebuilt everything, and everything progressed just as it had from the beginning to the end... there was however one trait that they made sure of. One thing they made absolutely certain could never happen in another reality. The ability to destroy the multiverse was erased from the fabric of all existence.

Reality - Universe Theta

As a rule, Allura and Honerva did not intervene beyond sealing the realities to Honerva's Multiverse destroying machinations. There was one reality however, one reality they saw and agreed on that may not have ended in the possibility of the destruction of the multiverse, but something much worse. Honerva could not destroy realities, but she could merge them. This ability was still written within the confines of existence. It is not something either of them had considered. As the universe formed and the reality progressed and things changed... the more they stayed the same. They could not change the future without changing the past. So they did.

Keiths mother made a decision in the Quantum abyss that split one reality into just over forty probable realities. Sixteen realities resulted. Universe Prime and Universe Theta were among those realities. This is the only place that Allura and Honerva could intervene successfully. They made the decision, one that would ultimately only be used in Universe Theta... but this was the only way to protect them all. The only way to save those sixteen realities from becoming one reality, broken and fractured.

They summoned The Guardian. They explained. The Guardian smiled in agreement. This had already happened, for Allura, but it had not yet occurred for him. He took his new form, delighted in the irony. He would know sorrow, he would know kindness, he would know grief, he would know euphoria. But in Universe Theta... he would also know revenge.