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Night time is a very dangerous place. The earth changes, both in good ways and bad.


Of course the moon is a beautiful sight, providing a sense of security and familiarity. Night time is a special time to allow eyes of all kinds, human and animal, to gaze out at their home, to really and truly see the universe beyond their tiny bubble of a planet.


But of course it also means that beings of shadow and darkness thrive. Where they would turn away from the sharpness of the sunshine and it’s warmth they embrace the dark like an old friend.


These beings control the most looked over yet most important parts of the world. Behind the scenes where no one would think to look or dare to walk in. And it was from here that they could evade suspicion and ensure their success.


This is their story.

Everyone who was everyone knew of Suga aka the Leader of all of BNGTN, the highest of the high. He was terrifying to be in the same room with, let alone breathe the same air. Those not close to him did their best not to make him mad or upset his family members. Otherwise hellfire would have an entirely new meaning. And he was not a man to be trifled with.


Every day he got his coffee express delivered. Every day he accompanied his brothers Taehyung and Hoseok to their designated role for the day and every day he welcomed them back home.


Home. A funny word if you thought about it. A place meant to shelter and protect, to nurture and keep you warm. But to them home held a different meaning. It meant never giving up, it meant never letting what you want escape your grasp. Even if you had to get blood on your hands more than once.


To Suga. Family meant doing whatever it took to keep them safe. Meaning anyone who got in the way of that was immediately the enemy. And enemies were very bad for business.


Which brought him to now. Early morning. Sunny but freezing even for January. The turn of the new year has come and gone, giving rise to snow and gloomy weather. It covers their building in white and gray, matching the already dark white scheme.


This place was important. It housed his employees and members, but from an outside perspective it served as another high class hotel in the heart of Gangnam Seoul. In other words, a money farm that never failed to take in extra dough. Which of course never hurt at all.


Of course guests not tied to his family only went as far as the first ten floors. All other seven floors were for his use and his use only. Anyone uncomplaining with these rules would result not only in being banned but also questioned.


Early weekend mornings always bring a slew of people looking to take dates to fancy hotels in hopes of getting lucky. Not what he intended his building for, but it wasn’t his business. Outsiders only knew him as Mr. Min, the handsome yet elusive hotel owner. And he would keep it that way.


A yawn forced itself out of his throat on the chrome plated private elevator leading down the lower levels, forcing his face to scrunch up. Yoongi barely slept all night, busy working on his newest prospect.


New recruits for BNGTN had come through the HQ in Busan yesterday, so he had made absolutely sure they weren’t moles for rival groups like SVT or BGB. Out of over forty recruits and new hopeful runners, only about twenty two of them showed any kind of potential. Now he needed to send Tae out to bring them here. What a pain really.


As it was anywhere else in the building, falling into step with other people in the elevator was a common occurrence. One group of about four people get on three floors below the top. Three of them were all unfamiliar but wearing assistant uniforms. The other one however was a welcome sight. He nods his head at the man in front of him, showing a rare small smile.


“Kihyun ah.”


Fair skinned yet fiercely tempered, Yoo Kihyun was a man of many talents and secrets that not even Suga himself would know. Nor would he need to ask. As long as it didn’t negatively affect his business then there was no issue. But Suga doesn’t worry, Kihyun could almost rival his stubbornness .


“Suga ssi. Good morning. You on your way to the bottom right? For the recruitment meeting?” Suga nodded. “Thought so. Turns out Shownu hyung is heading the trip. It’s kind of fascinating seeing him so busy.”


Kihyun’s boss was known for his stoic behavior and seemingly incaring attitude but once something important enough to affect him came along, he was not at all the image people saw him to be. Like night and day, that one.


“Sure. I can only hope his underlings are as hardworking as he is.”


Kihyun spluttered our a laugh, nervous but trying to hide it. But Suga is not one easily fooled.


“Of course I am! How else would I be the second in command to him? Shownu hyung is a big bear, he’s only gonna accept the best of the best. Weaklings are meant to be at the bottom. That’s always what you taught me, hyung. You remember. Right?”


“Sure. I was the one who came up with that particular turn of phrase in the first place if you recall.”


Kihyun only beamed back at him, not answering verbally. That was a large part of why he was such a trusted team mate. He always knew when and when not to talk.


“How is everything on your end though, boss? Everything going good with Taehyung and Jin hyung?”


“Fine. Tae is pulling in good revenue from his runs, and Jin… well he does what he does best and makes sure to keep my messes cleaned up.”


Of course the implication behind those words was easily picked up. Where a mob boss goes, a cleaner is sure to follow. Picking up any messes and sweeping away loose ends. Surely both Shownu and LLBY’s leader Jackson understood that perfectly.


“Great. Oh by the way, are you coming to the get together tonight? Jackson and Mark finally cut the red ribbon at the new place early this morning. It’s gonna be great.”

“This morning? What kind of shitty club opens in the morning?”


Neon lights and alcohol earlier than nine am? The fuck are they thinking?


“Ah but hyung, it’s not just a club. It’s a special one. Instead of needing an id you need proof of affiliation with BNGTN in any way. It’s not about cigarettes, pcp, and shitty beer out of a tap, it’s about brandy and Cuban cigars, high class at its best. We booked a few entertainers for the night. I hope you will be there. Jin hyung told me what you liked.”


Ah so it was one of those types of places. He thought it was just another trashy place. Maybe it won’t be a bad idea. And he needed to let off some steam anyways probably.


“Well I suppose it sounds okay. As long as there is a reserved place for me.”


Kihyun giggles as the elevator stopped on the last floor seven floors down. A plain white hallway is all that’s outside, off limits to normal people. It was such a genius idea to hide this place in an employees only area. The assistants scurry out first and leave the two alone to talk.


“Sure. I didn’t forget about you, boss. And I have someone reserved just for you. Someone special who I think you will like.”


Yoongi’s eyebrows raise in question. But Kihyun, the little sneak, just winks at him and slips outside, not waiting. Yoongi grumbles to himself and begrudgingly follows. It was gonna be one of those days wasn’t it.


And apparently, that was the case as people gave him secretive smiles and little laughs here and there when he asked what was going on. Was this whole place in cahoots about something? Was tonight really such a big deal?


Kihyun gets into another elevator with one of the assistants before waving at him and closing the doors. A smug little smirk never leaving his face.


At that Yoongi just growls and just decides to go find Taehyung down in the office. They need to eat this stupid run out of the way so they can come back tonight in time for this so-called party.


It better be as good as Kihyun says it will be or he is gonna be so pissed.


As expected he finds Tae in the lobby with little more than a backpack over his shoulder, a stark contrast to his usual over the top model outfit of just Gucci. Black slacks and a tight button with matching combat boots. It seemed mismatched but somehow he made it work? Sunglasses are nestled in his pale silver hair, making him look even more out of place.


Yoongi knew he was more than unhappy to know that they would be acting like normal people today. Something they never ever did.


“Hyung,” Taehyung whined petulantly. “Why do we have to take the train? Why can’t we take the helicopter? It’s so much faster!”


Aside from being his biggest earning and best runner, Taehyung was also notorious for acting like a child at the worst of times. Yoongi glared at him sharply and yanked on his arm to drag him outside into the early morning light. It was still grey and gloomy with morning fog, meaning little to no people were about. A black mercedes waited in the drop off to take them to the train station..


“You know why it’s a bad idea. We would end up attracting attention to ourselves and that would all be on you. Now you know how important runs and recruitments are to me. We need this to go well.”


Taehyung still whined but didn't try to argue, only grumbled to himself as they got in the car to get to the station.


“So what's going on when we get there? Take a train all the way back? That will only take longer.”


Suga pushed the hair from his face to properly speak.


“No. Only getting there will take time. Once we take care of business, there will be a helicopter waiting at the usual place for us just in case. The new recruits will come out this way on the train in the morning but we need to make it back before midnight.”


“Midnight? Why? Something happening?”


Hearing that Taehyung hadn't even heard was surprising. Considering his status be would have expected him to know at least before him.


“Some kind of party. I dunno. But it's at the new place LLBY put together last week. Y’know the old pharma clinic that burned down?”


Taehyung nods, trying to get cozy in his seat.


“The one we uh… ahem. Took care of because the owner didn't pay his protection fees? Yes I remember.”


That was another job that LLBY did pretty well. Mr Lee, the old owner of the clinic, refused to pay his protection fees and thought he could escape with the money. But his plans were found out and needless to say, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Not with all his illnesses.


“Regardless, he's still in his little apartment with his wife, but if I see him try anything on my turf again. It'll be the last time.”


Taehyung scoffed and watched the buildings go by albeit sourly.


“I still can't believe you didn't kill him. After all the embezzling he did it would be more than plausible.”


“Sure. But the man was old and sick, already a foot in the grave. Best to let him suffer and die on his own then give him an easy out. “


Taehyung can't help but to snort loudly.


“Even after all the shit we have done in all these years,, you're still a huge softie deep down aren't you hyung.”


Yoongi offers him a smile, weak but still there. If anyone were to hear this, he would be seen as a liable target for conniving underlings. With the amount of nameless and faceless people under him, there was most likely a handful that wanted to see nothing more than his humiliating fall from grace.


“Only because I don't want the blood of an old soul on my hands. Let the fear eat him alive.”


“All right, whatever you say. Hey by the way, what is the name of the new recruiter anyway? Do I know them?”


“I doubt it. He's rather new, an extension of LLBY. I think his name was um… Felix? Or something or other, I don't know. But he will be waiting for us at the train station. Our main HQ will have the recruits there already. Kihyun and Shownu are right behind us.”


Taehyung sighed and stared out the window. A similar Mercedes followed right behind them, holding the leader of his sub faction MONX Son Hyunwoo as well as Kihyun. The two were really close lately. Not like it was strange.


“I already miss my bed,” Taehyung complains. “Curse whoever came up with early rising.”


Yoongi could relate. A nice soft bed sounded wonderful, but as the boss he had duties to attend to.


2 hours later


The train pulled into the station in Busan, the sun shining through the windows of Busan station. Thanks to the earlier of their departure, the sun was by now in the sky a good distance above the horizon. But a chill still hung in the air even with the sunlight. Walking in the throwing of people also eager to escape the train felt like hiding in plain sight, so Yoongi and Taehyung use that to their advantage to wait for the MONX members to join them.


“Where are we headed first?”


Yoongi glances around himself and spots what he was looking for, a civilian vehicle easily blending into the others in the pull up area for new arrivals. It’s a beat up old pickup truck but still sturdy. A white tiger sticker is planted on the front, a clear message that this person was not just a civilian. Not just anyone had that sticker. That had to be A driver sent by Felix.


“First we wait for Kihyun and Shownu. Then we go to the pickup area which is not too far from here. The new recruits and the recruiter will be waiting for us at Haeundae Beach before we head to HQ.”


“The beach? Why there?” Taehyung asks.


“Because no one will be there this time of year, it’s far too cold. It’ll give us the time to size up the fresh meat. Don’t want to take any moles into the main building do we?”


No, Taehyung supposes not. Still, a beach seemed a little too out in the open. But maybe that was where Yoongi’s genius shone through. Hide in the open. Footsteps come up behind than and normally they would go into defensive mode, but a nagging hissing tone made them stay right where they stood.


“... And you should keep it hidden under your jacket! People will be able to tell we aren’t normal!”


Yup that’s Kihyun. Another voice answers and Yoongi can tell from the emotionless tone that it was Shownu. Those two, no matter how well in tune with each other they were, still butted heads about most things. Not negatively of course. Just in a way that it was obvious they have worked together a long time.


“Yeah yeah, don’t worry about it. This is just another job.”


“Yeah! Another job that we can't slack off at!”


Taehyung sighed in a fed up manner, walking ahead first. The nagging and bland answering continued well along the way to the parking lot to the truck. A man With blonde wavy hair in unassuming clothes, jeans and a plain white sweater, stood leaning against the hood to greet them, a can of soda in his hands. He sizes them up obviously, his eyes narrowed. Cautious. That was always a good sign. Yoongi didn't appreciate slackers in his group.


“You Felix?” Suga asks. A scoff follows the question, followed by a long drink of soda..


“Depends. Who's asking? BGNTN or BTS?”


The latter was the fakeout name spread around by information moles to people wanting to sneak into the group or steal Intel from unassuming members. If he knew what it meant, then he was legit.


“Hm. He knows it. Come on, let's get a move on,” Taehyung complains again and makes for the passenger side. Felix visibly relaxes and throws Suga the truck keys from his pocket and throws the can on the ground. .


“Been waiting long?”


“A while, boss, but the boys will be glad to see ya. Having being stationed out here in Busan has been kinda troubling, especially to the younger ones with boundless energy. We can talk more later but let's get out of here first.”


Suga joins Taehyung in the front seat as Felix jumps in the bed. Kihyun and Shownu get in the back as well, probably used to riding in trucks like this. They will be fine.


“Well. Let's get this show on the road.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes so hard.


“Finally, fuck.”