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  • Eternal life without eternal youth is a horrible idea,  just look at the stories of Tithonus (Tithonus asks Eos for the gift of immortality, which she readily grants him, but forgets to ask for eternal youth along with it. He would live forever, but even Zeus did not have the power to make him a god. And so, as time passed, Tithonus, like all mortals, began to age. First Eos noticed the wrinkles upon his brow, and as the years passed, his muscles began to grow weak, his arms and legs grew slender, his hair grew gray and thin) or Sybil (Although she was a mortal, the Sibyl lived about a thousand years. She attained this longevity when Apollo offered to grant her a wish in exchange for her virginity; she took a handful of sand and asked to live for as many years as the grains of sand she held. Later, after she refused the god's love, he allowed her body to wither away because she failed to ask for eternal youth. Her body grew smaller with age and eventually was kept in a jar). With eternal life, your body is cursed with age (become older), leading to decay... Eventually, the body will atrophy to nothing. Since time is relevant, keeping yourself in healthy condition would become impossible, and if the reality of eternal life hits you, you'll be like what White William (evil) mentioned, sitting in place waiting for time... +Ah, that’s why BO want immortality but they also want the idea to keep young/become younger by means of APTX 4869

Many sought ‘eternity’ with various reason, the evil example is the fan-theory of (Magic Kaito’s evil organization with Snake as one’s member and) Black Organization’s goal: to control lives of other why they’re unstoppable. Vermouth that seems didn’t age probably got ‘eternal youth’ thatfans  theorized by prototype/earlier version of‘Silver Bullet Project’. The good one usually accidental immortality gained by abstract unexplained reason like what happened to Anne and William, but there’s still problems with their evil persona and ‘end of time’ etc

  • If you have eternal youth (prob what happen to Vermouth), you're cursed with mortality. Death from aging is impossible, but you do have the youthful health, strength, and metabolism on your side, but eventually something will hit you, whether it's in a year, a decade, a century, a millennium... Something will bring it all to an end.  Youth can only hold you together for so long, and since time is relative, eventually your health may decline... Keep in mind that you're not immortal, and as your relative time speeds up, staying healthy becomes difficult... Considering death by illness or injury is possible, death by atrophy is still possible...  In one scenario, you eventually fade away and leave your legend behind. In the other, you're a prisoner to time, waiting to leave it behind, instead.

It really does boggle the mind. just thinking about the all the possibility in both choices of eternality is endless. but in the end its up to the person tho to change eternal life or eternal youth. i would choose eternal youth because you can basically do what the hell you want. Though there’s prices: seeing friends and loved ones withers away and die before you. Everyone in the whole world also hating you - to why you live so longer then them. Scientist trying to experimenting you to find answers for new illness, ect. the list goes on.

Eternal life, you live with time itself, and eventually your body would fail and you would probably turn to dust at some point, or end up going insane like white William and white Anne. The other would be you would just look young all of your life, but still have health problems, I guess kinda like Alcabiades, who is 40 in this comic, which is on the older side for ancient times.

Credit to Line Webtoon comments from this best comment thread of E&N episode: ( A boy with ten faces,  edrehasivars  &  IrvineCascade

You know Guildensteinz or could be called Gold? And Rosencratz that could be called Rose?

Rose is red, full of thorns. Gold could be shining with fake value. You know it very well, didn't ya?

What if someone could went to fictional world?  The barrier is the fourth wall after all

  1. You, the reader. The one who search you x favorite characters. As well smut I believe, jelaga
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Death is a certain, although is the day you born you could very well died next second