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Tumblr Prompts and AUs

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Now why'd you go and tell me that? All I’m imagining after listening to that song is another soulmate au, but instead of names written on the skin, it’s paper hearts. Someone can write a little heart note and release it in the wind. By fate, the paper always, always, ends up in their soulmate’s path.

Like picture tiny five-year-old Tony writing little heart notes with little sayings like “i’m happy and i hope u r 2!” and lets it fly in the wind out his window. Depending on your ship it can end with small skinny Steve (for stony), baby Bucky (for winteriron), or one at a time for both (Stuckony, making these one hell of confusing conversations) or all the way in Africa with tiny T’Challa (for ironpanther) or whichever ship you prefer. And no matter the person they see this cute little note and just smile, clutching it close. They write back “i am really happy” with a little drawing of them smiling and let the wind pick it up. 

Like the wind is a sentient being who knows which person belongs with which it sends it with little disturbances. 

Then little Tony grows up and stops writing altogether because Howard kicked the idea of soulmates right out of him. “Writing is for children. You’re a grown man, act like it!” 

And yet whoever is his soulmates keep writing to him until eventually, they stop, too, because he won’t respond. 

Tony saves all those little notes up until they stop. Hangs them in a private room where no one will see. 

And the only reason his soulmate(s) even find him is because he ends up writing an address in a little heart-shaped sticky note (a gag gift from Rhodey) and the wind ends up blowing it away right out of his hand. The little note ends up with his soulmate and they see the address and they realize they’re close! Their soulmate has finally written back and wants to meet! So they rush to the address, eager out of their minds, but soon find that even though they’re in the same place as their soulmate, they have no idea who it is?

Desperate, they ask anyone who has a heart-shaped piece of paper so they can write to their soulmate (cute and sometimes convinient form of communication when there’s no signal, out of battery and more). One of the workers offer up a piece and everyone watches as the soulmate writes the note.

Letting the wind pick up the note is always such a wondrous thing so no one misses watching it if they can help it. They all smile as the soulmate(s) lets it go right outside of the door and stare confusingly when they see the piece of paper swoop right inside instead and land directly in front of Tony. 

Tony is left gobsmacked while their soulmate(s) grins in rising hope. 

Cue either fluff, angst, happy ending or rejection. Whatever you want. 

Thanks, nonnie. What have you done?