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Little Demon

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It had been already nine hundred eighty four years since his last clash with the paladin of light, or how he was previously know, his little brother. They were both born as low tier demons, surviving in hell as they could, looking out ffor each other as time passed by. However, their paths turned drastically different: Hisashi managed to get a hold on an inmense amount of power and quickly became Demon King, whereas his little brother escaped Hell and joined the side of the angels. At first Hisashi thought that his brother had done it so that they could exploit their enemie's weakness, however he couldn't be more wrong. His brother truly believed in justice and peace, valors that the demon kin despised. Angels had given his brother a very special sword, who held the power of Heaven. They soon realised that they were the ones destined to clash that time around. Even if he could have killed his little brother when he won, Hisashi had mercy and held him captive in a special prision in the depths of Hell. His sword was lost in the battle, but there were rumors that some pure souls amongst the humans had taken it and used it against demons, strenghtening its power for when the time came that the clash happened, it would be strong enought to beat Hisashi. 

It didn't worry him now. What worried him was that he had a baby in his arms and that it was so little and fragile it seemed it could break. As soon as his son was born, Hisashi took notice of the little red bumps he had on his head: truly a half demon, this little one. He used his magic to hide his demon features from the eyes of the world: it would be bad enough if they discovered that Izuku was half demon, and he was being followed by the angels and other creatures of the world: witches, dragons, elfs, amazons, humans...They were all trying to get his head. The reason behind was simple: when a demon had children, their power would decline severaly, because part of it would be transferred to the offspring for its survival. And, even if Izuku was just half demon, he still needed to give him a lot of his energy. 

Inko, by his side, was fast asleep. In order to assure her survival during the delivery, he had also given her some of his energy, and it seemed it awakened some sort of magic that was dormant inside her. 'So, she was secretly a witch?' he thought. That could prove useful. Izuku could have inherited that dormant magic as well. But only time will tell.

Hisashi just had to be patient. His son will inherit his empire. And destroy the destiny.




Hino was incredibly bored, as always. The last nine hundred and nighty three years have been simply horrible and his brother never came back to talk. At least he could connect with his sword and talk to the current wielder. Now it was a mighty human warrior, his name was Toshinori Yagi. He was, by far, the best wielder of the power so far, managing it like if he was an angel himself. It wasn't a well know fact amongst mortals, but the angels were actually pretty fierce warriors: only matched in combat by the demons. The eternal enemies. His wish, all those years back, was to end that rivalry and to actually bring peace in the world, but it was hard enought from the demons side. He hadn't counted on how difficult iot would be to convince angels too. He didn't archieve what he firstly had intended on, but instead he had beacome a blessed warrior. Gabriel himself had given him the sacred sword that was infused with Heaven's power, to defean once in for all the evil Demon King. How foolish of him. 

His hands glowed and he closed his eyes, to ope then in the realm inside the sword:

-Eight. what's the matter?

-I've found the Demon King. I'm going to battle him.

-No! You mustn't! There are only seven years left for the great battle between light and darkness to happen, if you battle him now, he'll kill you and the sword will be in his hands!

-First, I can't wait that much. I will loose him and the battle will be postponed another thousand years. This is my chance, so I will take it.

-No! Don't! TOSHINORI!

But he was already out of the realm. Hino peeked out the sword, floating behind Toshinori, and he already was in front of...

-Hello. I am the Demon King. You must be the human champion, right? How do they call you...? Symbol of Peace? What a joke.

Hino wanted to scream the blond to run, that it wasn't meant for it to happen this soon. But outside the sword, he could only observe:

-I am All Might, Symbol of Peace, Eight wielder of the sacred Sword, and your demise. Prepare to die, demon!

The battle was intense. Sword against magic. Bloood spayed everywere. Hino noticed that his brother was rather...weak. Could it be that the rumors were true? Did the Eight actually had chances against the King?

Destiny didn't like that she wasn't being respected, though.

Toshinori got terribly hurt in exchange of hurting terribly the King. 

When Hino came back to his cell, he felt like the air was harder to breathe: the doors were open. 




A fourteen year old greenette human was walking through the forest. His green eyes glowed slightly, thinking about a billion things. Finally it was the day he had finish cleaning a forgotten beach of the mess a storm did on in years ago. His master, a skinny tall blond man, was waiting there.

"Young Izuku, you're finally here!"

"My mom wanted me to stay today, it was a little difficult to convince her to let me go, apologies."

"Don't worry about it, my boy. Come here"

In the stone behind him, half of the sacred Sword rested, waiting for someone to hold it.

"Five years ago I lost to the Demon King in a battle, and because of it, the sacred Sword tore un half. I lost the other half when I was recently injurred back there, but I still have this one, the one wich has the most power inside."

"It's beautiful..."

"It is. It was infused by archangel Gabriel himself of Heaven's power. The First wielder, being a demon himself, infused it of demon's magic. Those facts make this sword all the most powerful weapon in the world. Be a worthy wielder, Midoriya Izuku."

The boy grabbed the sword and pulled it with ease. The sword glew with green sparks and Izuku noted a sharp pain in his forehead. When he grabbed it, he felt two bumps.


" interesting. Your seem to have demon horns now. Perhaps it's the sword's doing. After all, it is infused with demon powers too"

Izuku touched them again, curious about the fenomenom.




Hino was awakened from his sleep with a sharp notice of the sword: a new wielder had arrived. He decided to chek up on who Toshinori had chosen. When he saw who it was his hearts nearly stopped.

It was his brother's half demon son.

What could this mean to the destiny? How was his nephew, a half demon creature, holding the sacred Sword?

It could only be explained one way: he had a pure soul, and his double nature could make him the most powerful wielder ever. The one to put the evil to an end.

He got on his feet, smiling widely. 

It was time to meet his dear nephew.




Izuku was camping in the mountains, waiting for All Might to come back with something to eat, when suddenly, he heard something approaching. He had to be extremely cautious since drawing the sword from the stone, as it seemed to attract mosnters and demons equally and it put him in grave danger. He stood up, on guard and he saw one figure in the darkness:

"Show youself!"

The figure stood nearer the campfire and its features became clear: his skin was blueish, his eyes were sylver coloures and he had two blue demon horns. Even if it was a demon, Izuku felt like he didn't need to protect himself: he was safe and sound.

"Who are you and how did your find me?"

"Are you the ninth holder of the Sacred sword?"

This demon sure knows the situation.

"Yes. Now, answer to my..."

He was suddenly warped in a warm hug:

"Glad to finally meet my nephew"


Izuku was very confused.

At that moment, a certain blond came back to the camp, and when he saw a demon hugging his succesor, he drew a sword and stood his ground:

"Step back, you monster!"

The demon looked back and Toshinori recognised him: 

"First...I'm sorry, I didn't recognise you..."

"Doesn't matter, Eight"

"How are your here?"

"I escaped my brother's prision when you weakened him, many years ago"

"And why are yu hugging my succesor?"

Hino giggled.

"He is my nephew"

"What!?" Both Izuku and Toshinori asked very shocked

"Yeas, Izuku is the hald demon son of my brother, the Demon King. Honestly, what did your think these horns were?"

"Erm...As the sword is also infused with demon essence, I thought..."

"Well, you aren't far away from the truth, actually. That essence was the one to undo the glamour my brother had laid in Izuku to hide his demon features."

"My father...He is...Oh my god...What?"

The poor boy was in a very big shock.

"Don't worry, you are not to blame. My brother...Even if he is the Demon King, he is truly in love with your mother. Why do you think he revived her when she was on the verge of death at your birth?"

"Wh...what?" Izuku's voice sounded more and more distressed "Mom...died me?"

"Yes. Demons take a lot of energy from the arents when they are born, even the half demons."

"So the heir everyone was speaking of...Was Izuku all along?"

"Yes. But fear not. My brother doen't know izuku is a wielder of the sword"

"Oh, no"

"What is it, All Might?"

 "I am not the one supposed to face darkness in the destined battle, am I?"


"Oh...I'm so sorry, my boy. Had I known it I would've waited for giving you the sword..."

"I don't understand..."

"Izuku. My dear nephew."

The greenette looked at his uncle:

"You are the one destined to face my brother in a few months. In the destined battle between light and darkness..."






The battlefield was a disaster. And the Demon King was dying. His foe in the other side of the battlefield stood, badly hurt. The blond man had managed not only to reunite the two halfs of the sacred sword he had broken, but to draw the true power of heaven from within it. That had defeated the Demon King. A greenette half demon was on the side of the scene, eyeing carefully the King:


When he saw hwho was accompaining the boy, he smiled:

"Hino...You escaped..."

"Long ago, brother."

"Will you take care of Izuku and Inko?"

"You know I will"


He saw his son, trying desesperatedly not to cry.

"Sh, my boy. I'm glad your didn't turn to be the one destined to face me. I wuldn't have been able to live with myself if I did anything to you"

"So you love us?"


He felt life running away from him:

"I have to name a succesor for the throne."

Hino and Izuku watched him:

"Izuku, please, take good care of Hell. You'll bring the peace my brother has always wanted between demons and angels"


"Goodbye, my precious little demon"

And the Demon King, Hisashi, closed his eyes and turned to dust.