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They've been best friends since they were kids, just learning how to read and write properly and colour inside the lines of the pictures.

They met in nursery when they sat next to each other on the mats on the floor, playing with the building blocks the teacher was handing them. All the other children were slobbering away on the blocks or their hands, contaminating everything or crying for their toys back when another kid took it off them. Little Oswald however, sat quietly on the mat and lined up all his purple blocks in a perfect line, pretty impressive for a three year old. Little Edward surprised him when he took a bunch of green blocks and lined them up in a perfectly neat green line right next to his.

The teacher who was too busy trying to calm down some screaming toddler looked over at the two calm kids with their coloured blocks lined up so neatly and smiled. "Well done, Oswald! And well done Edward! How did you two know how to do that?" She said in a high pitched voice and cheekily grinned down at them. The boys just smiled the way a toddler could when an adult was happy with them, pleased that they've done something right. And without knowing it, are clearly the cleverest kids in the class.

Later on in the day when they were eating lunch on the mats, a grumpy child threw a spoon and it hit Edward right in his face quite hard, getting food all over him. The teacher was too busy reprimanding the bratty boy for his behaviour to pay attention to poor Edward who was about to burst into tears. Little Oswald crawled his way over to Edward and patted him clumsily on his face as comfort, mumbling the best way a toddler could.

"Y-you're o-o-okay!" He continued patting his face until Edward nodded his little head and calmed down, Oswald sitting beside him and they continued eating their yoghurt together.

After that, they decided to start playing together and drawing together and eating together. They'd much rather spend time with one another than with any other child in the class who would throw plastic cutlery, toys or crayons if they didn't get their way, or would kick or scream or pull hair. No, these two preferred the quiet times and would mumble silly stuff that nobody could hear.

"D-do you wanna colour a-a-a tiger?" Edward stuttered holding up a piece of paper with a drawing of a tiger and an orange crayon in his small chubby hands.

"Uh-huh!" Oswald nodded his little head so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash but he payed it no attention. He was just excited to be doing something creative and fun with his new friend. "W-wanna help?" He held out a black crayon to Edward who nodded and they both started colouring the tiger in, knowing the correct places for stripes and fur.

Once they were done they both wobbled up to a teacher and held out the drawing, excited to see her reaction. She took a look at it for a few seconds and smiled down at them both. "Oh wow, did you both do this together?" They nodded happily and she walked over to the wall and got a pin and put it up there to stay. "Now everyone can see what little artists you two are! Maybe your mommies and daddies can come and have a look, hmm?"

They both smiled happily and wobbled away to go sit on the mat again, waiting for their parents to come pick them up so they can show them the good work.

When school was finally over and it was time to go home, Oswald's mother came running up to him and swept him off his tiny feet and spun him around in the air. "My little Kapelput! How was school?" She asked with her thick accent.

"Good mommy! I-I coloured you a picture!" He said jumping up and down in his mother's arms excitedly.

"Oh, well then you must show me your art, you little Picasso!" She smiled and he pointed the way to go. When she saw the tiger she gasped and clutched him tight, smiling. "Such talent for someone so young!"

"I had help mommy! My friend Eddyward! We-we did it together." He giggled and looked around but not spotting him anywhere and pouting.

"Oh, well tell Edward that he is a fabulous artist, from me." She smiled and they began walking outside back home.

The next day Oswald saw Edward scribbling away on paper on the mat, looking rather upset. He wobbled over and sat down next to him. "My mommy liked the drawing we did! She-she said we're artists!" He smiled at him but didn't get one back. "Why didn't you show y-your mommy or daddy?"

There was a long silence and Edward mumbled "my m-mommy and daddy don't c-care." Oswald didn't question it because he didn't know what to do or say, he just patted Edward on the head with his tiny hand and started playing with the blocks, lining them up like usual in their favourite colours, green and purple.

He wishes all the other kids in the class could be as clever as himself, all they do is slobber and cry, some can't even talk! The only one who matches equally is Edward. He's like his best friend, if toddlers can have that. He hopes so because he wants him to stick around. Who else will he line his blocks up neatly with? After all, they did colour a tiger in together that went on the wall.


Safe to say, Edward did stick around as his best friend as they left nursery and went into kindergarten. They talked everyday at school and learned a bunch of stuff about each other. Like how Oswald's favourite animal is a penguin and his favourite food is his mother's goulash, and how Edward has a love for puzzles and riddles. Everyday he would come up with a new one and it would leave Oswald guessing for what felt like hours until he finally gave in and Edward told him the answer. On the days he did answer and get them correct though, Edward's face would light up like a Christmas tree and it would make Oswald feel blessed to know his friend is happy. Sometimes he would even try to come up with his own, whether it be spur of the moment or spending hours thinking of the perfect one to write down and give to Edward because he knew he'd love it and get it right away.


Kindergarten went on to 1st grade, then onto 2nd, then 3rd and 4th. After seeing each other practically every day for 7 years they'd grown as close as they could get. Oswald's mother had met Edward plenty of times, before and after school, even during the weekends, and has grown to love him as a second son. She always brings him her own special made packed lunch for school which she also makes for Oswald, saying how he's too skinny and deserves a good meal. He never rejects it as it would be rude and he does love her cooking.

Oswald, however, has noticed Edward's parents lack of presence in his life. He can't remember the last time either showed up to parents night, a school event and he can't even remember the last time he got picked up or dropped off. It's like he takes care of himself. What 10 year old should do that? He remembers when they were little and he said his parents didn't care about their drawing. Do they not care about anything he does? Or is he just being an overprotective best friend? He does get that side from his dear mother after all.

He decided to bring it up when they're alone, not wanting to have anybody else talking. It's lunch time and they're sitting in the school yard under a big tree hiding from the sun.

"Edward, where are your parents?" Oswald asks quietly playing with his fingers. He does that when he gets nervous, but right now he has every right to be. "I mean, you see my mother practically every day but I don't think I've ever properly met yours..." He looks up at Edward and he's silent, just staring at the ground with a blank face. "Like, I've seen glances of them before, when we were little and they'd pick you up or drop you off but that was it. Nothing more. Can I meet them?" He asked with a small smile, trying to break the tension.

"No!" The sudden yell makes Oswald jump and clutch his chest gasping, staring wide eyed at his friend. "I'm sorry, but no. You can't meet them Oswald. You don't want to. They're not very... accepting people." He whispers the last part and looks around to make sure nobody heard, glad that nobody did.

"What do you mean 'accepting', Edward?" He asks with air quotes, reaching out his hand to put on his friend’s arm as comfort. "Tell me."

"I mean..." Deep sigh. "They don't really care about what or who I am. It's like I'm invisible. I come home, it's like I was never gone. I leave, it's like I was never there. I eat, did a ghost take the food?" He laughs at the last part bitterly. "They hate my riddles and fun facts. They think I'm stupid. They don't like the way I act and dress. Especially my father. And that's why I don't want you to meet them. They're nothing like your mother." He shrugs Oswald's hand off his arm and stands up, turning away from him.

"Edward, I'm so sorry. I-I had no idea..." Oswald stands and stares at the back of Edward's head with a sad expression and reaches out his hand only to take it back when he spins around.

"Are you kidding? You've done nothing wrong. Ever. You have nothing to apologise for. You're the best friend I could have ever asked for, the only person who's ever truly been there for me. I can’t thank you enough." He smiles down at Oswald and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Is this the moment where we hug or..." he asks hesitantly.

"We've never really done that before." Oswald looks up at him and smirks. "First time for everything!" He then throws his short arms around Edward's shoulders and clings on, his friend wrapping his arms around Oswald's waist. "We should do this more often, it's nice."

"Yeah, it is." He smirks then pulls back.

"Yknow, you always have a place to stay at mine right? There's plenty of room. I know I'm not super rich but you're skinny enough to fit yourself somewhere." He laughs and they sit down again.

"Thanks Oswald, but I really couldn't. I don't want to bring you into my mess, your mother too! And I know they won't even realise I'm gone but still. I appreciate the offer." Edward smiles sincerely.

"Edward, you're no burden if that's what you're getting at. My mother and I love you! You're like family." He smiles and his eyes light up for a second before going serious. "And you don't turn your back on family."

Everything is silent for a moment before it's broken by Edward's small sniffles. "T-thank you Oswald... I appreciate that. I agree wholly and completely." He leans forward and rests his head on his friend's shoulder as a comfort for himself and sighs.

"So you'll think about it?" Oswald asks looking down at him as much as he can with Edward's head on his shoulder, but he nods up at him which is a good result. "Good."

They sit in silence for a few moments before bursting into laughter at the sight of a group of young boys their age fighting over something stupid, most likely, which results in one boy getting a ham sandwich thrown at his head and another boy getting his trousers pulled down exposing his polka dot underwear, making him run away crying.

"How did we end up being so mature compared to these imbeciles?" Edward asks against his shoulder, trying to stifle his laughs.

"I have no idea. We're just amazing." Oswald snorted.



It was nearing the end of 4th grade when it happened. Edward had came to the school distraught and shaken up and pale. Oswald immediately sat him down and asked him what was wrong but he didn't reply. It was only when he said he was going to get a teacher that he finally reacted and grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"No! Please don't. I don't want them knowing. I'll tell you though." He whispered and sighed. "My mother... She-she died this weekend." He looked away in the distance with a glazed over look in his eye.

Oswald gasped and put his hands on Edward's shoulders to try and comfort him. "Oh my goodness. Edward, I am so sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine what you're going through right now. But you shouldn't be here, you should be at home resting. You don't need to come here and exhaust yourself."

Edward looked up at him and raised an eyebrow in question. "Exhaust myself? Why would I be exhausted? I'm perfectly fine. I don't need to rest. I just need to forget what happened and go about my daily routine like usual." He began to get up but Oswald pushed him back down.

"Edward I think you're in shock. Your mother... passed. It's perfectly normal to have mixed reactions, some people cry and some even laugh, it's a coping mechanism. Clearly yours is wanting to forget. You should talk to someone." He tried to sympathise and see it from a psychological point of view, which to Edward, was not half bad. But it was far from the truth, he genuinely didn't feel that way.

"I appreciate your concern Oswald but you needn't worry yourself over me as there's nothing to worry about. I feel fine, I promise. I was a little shaken up since I heard the news this weekend because it happened so suddenly and out of the blue, you know how I like to be prepared for things in advance. But it's over and done with now, there's no going back. I swear I'm okay. And I never lie to the people I care about." He smiled at Oswald and began to stand up but Oswald stomped his foot in front of him.

"How can you say that? How can you say you're fine? If my mother just died, I would be far from fine Edward! I'd be destroyed for life. I wouldn't be able to cope. What's going on with you?" Oswald didn't mean to snap but he felt frustrated because what he said himself was true. He would be at home mourning his mother's death, crying his heart out. Not practically bragging about how okay he is that his mother is now dead and gone.

Edward gave a deep sigh and shook his head brushing past Oswald. "Well, we're different in certain ways then. I hope you come to realise that. And be okay with that. I need to deal with this my way. And you need to respect that."

"It doesn't sound like you're dealing with it at all!" Oswald fumed as Edward simply walked away. There was more going on here and he was going to figure out what it was. He didn't want to fight, they hardly ever fight, but he'll fight for Edward if it means he's okay.

It was when lunch time came around that he went and sat next to Edward at the cafeteria who was silent and reading a book. "Hey, how are you?" He asked calmly.

"I'm good Oswald, how are you?" He asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Oswald rolled his eyes and pulled the book away from him so they could have a proper conversation.

"I meant how are you feeling, about what happened? Still the same?" He asked with caution.

"You mean fine? Yep! Alrighty-roo!" Edward said, chipper as one could be in this kind of situation.

"Can we at least talk about it? For my sake? Please?" Oswald asked quietly, looking him in the eyes. "I mean- how? Why?" Oswald asked the first questions that popped into his head.

"Oh! Car crash. Like I said, it happened so suddenly, I wasn't prepared for the news. Well technically, she wasn't prepared. But I mean, she was drunk anyway so she wouldn't have even noticed. But it's fine." He shrugged nonchalantly and went to grab his book again when suddenly little pieces started putting themselves together.

"You miss her... Obviously. She was your mother. But because she was a drunk and never really cared that much for you, and your relationship was so tainted and distant, you feel like you have no right to miss her. That there's no point. Because if the situation were reversed, you know she wouldn't mourn you. She doesn't deserve it. That's why you're acting like you're fine." Oswald said with a small reassuring smile, rubbing a hand along Edward's back when he wouldn't say anything. "Edward?"

He looked up at Oswald and nodded once, giving a hint of a smile then he went back to reading his book. Oswald knew there was not much left to say. He got confirmation of the situation, now if Edward wanted to talk he would. But Edward was strong and he was going to be fine.


It was now 5th grade and Edward has been acting weird these past few weeks. He wouldn't tell Oswald what it was no matter how hard he bugged him about it, which was a lot. He cared about his best friend so much and he hates to see him as if he's in pain. And that's how it looks. Like he's hiding something awful. So Oswald will make it his mission to find out what, just like he always does.

"I was wondering, do you want to go out this weekend? We could go to the circus that's coming around?" Oswald asked excitedly. He'd never been to one before and the thought of going with his best friend to get candy floss and sit on giant circus rides sounded amazing.

"Sorry, can't..." Edward mumbled around his pencil, mindlessly chewing on it whilst reading from a puzzle book as they sit under their regular tree.

"Why not? C’mon! It'll be fun. I can’t imagine myself going with anyone else but you." Oswald whined like the child he is and playful kicked Edward.

"I wish I could. I really do." Edward said with what seemed like genuine intent, "but I can't." He sighed and scribbled words in the puzzle, filling in the blanks. "I just can't."

"Why not? You never have any free time anymore. We used to hang out during the weekends before. And during the summer. Whenever you had time. Why is it suddenly changing?" He asked with confusion.

"There's just stuff going on in my personal life that doesn't concern you, that's all." He muttered.

"We're best friends. We tell each other everything! I tell you everything about myself. All the dirty little secrets that I don't even tell my mother." He huffed and crossed his arms. "What could possibly be going on that you can't tell me? Me, Edward?"

"You wouldn't understand!" Edward finally snaps and stands up towering over his friend.

"Edward?" Oswald asks quietly from where he's still sitting on the ground, hands now in his lap.

"Sorry. Sorry, I just... Wish I could tell you but it isn't right. To do so. I can’t." He mumbled and goes to grab his stuff and walk away but Oswald jumps up and stops him, taking his hand in his and looking him in the eyes.

"Please Edward. Let me in." He squeezes his hand firmly to get his point across and Edward looks like he's going to reject him yet again but he must see the sincerity in his friend's eyes because he finally relents and nods.

"Alright. Because it's you." He swallows hard and looks around. "But you better not tell anyone. I mean it Oswald."

"I promise, now what is it? What's gotten you so riled up recently?" He asks nervously.

"It's just... Ever since my mother, yknow. Well my father, he's been... He's been in a very bad place." He mumbles.

"How do you mean?"

"I mean!" He groans and rubs his hands over his eyes, digging his fingers in. "He drinks a lot more alcohol now and he gets quite aggressive when he's like that. Or even not like that. It's worse at night. Just the yelling. He likes to blame me for everything that's wrong and even though I know it's not true, it still hurts." He starts to get teary eyed but keeps himself together, not willing to have a breakdown over some pointless man.

"And you're scared of leaving the house on the weekends because... You think he'll figure out you're having a good time? When he believes you should be suffering?" Oswald took a guess which got him a smirk in return.

"Correct. As per usual. He gets mad if I come home from school five minutes late, can you image how he's going to react if I'm out at the circus? He'll start calling me a circus freak!" He shakes his head and sighs. "I can't leave home, I'm too young. So I have to deal with it."

"Well how about I sneak into your house? Bring the party to you?" Oswald grins mischievously but Edward gasps in horror, frantically shaking his head.

"No, don't you dare Oswald! Ever! He'd kill you. I won't ever allow that. Do you understand?" He fixed him with a hard stare which made Oswald gulp and nod. Edward smiled back pleased and suddenly hugged him tight against his chest, something they've gotten used to doing by now. "Thank you."

"Anything for you." Oswald whispers into his shoulder and pulls back, smiling.

Over the next few months though, Oswald can't help but notice how Edward always slouches over more than usual and walks with his head down rather than greet people with his riddles like he's accustomed to doing over the years. Oswald even asked him a riddle to try and cheer him up one day and he got it wrong! He's definitely changing and not for the better. He sure hopes he can get away from his father quickly enough when he's older. It's not until they're in gym class together that Oswald notices the sharp jagged cuts and the bruises through Edward's now see-through grey shirt soaked with sweat. He's glad he's the only one around to notice.

"Ed-Edward? Um, we have to talk..." Oswald begins seriously, sitting down on the bench. He knows everyone left the locker rooms so they're free to talk to themselves without anyone hearing.

"Sure, what's up?"

"I'm worried for you. You've changed so much, and no offence, but not in a good way. You look pale, and that's compared to me! You look skinnier than usual. You don't have that charismatic attitude you usually have going on which suits you so well. You're completely withdrawn. It's not you. I mean..." he laughs bitterly, "I even asked you a riddle and you guessed incorrectly."

Edward's eyes go wide at that part in particular and he bites his lip, nodding thoughtfully. "I will... try to work on this, I promise." He goes to stand up but Oswald gets there first, standing in front of him.

"Oh really? Will you work on that?" He raises his voice pointing towards Edward's back where the scars are still visible and Edward gasps, standing up and backing away to try and hide it but knowing it's no use. He's been busted. "It's gone too far Edward. Too far now. This needs to stop. You have to tell someone." Oswald says sternly.

"Or what? You will?" Edward takes a slight step forward. "You won't tell anyone Oswald. You promised, remember?" Oswald looks away and huffs so Edward continues. "I'm handling this my way. I've got it under control." He says strictly and pulls his thick jacket on over his damp shirt making Oswald cringe.

"Sure you do..." Oswald mumbled under his breath and sighs. Edward glares at him and he raises his hands in defeat. "Fine! Handle it your way. I won't get involved. But just know, I'm always here if and when you need me. I promise." He looks into Edward's eyes seriously getting a small smile in return before they leave.


6th and 7th grade went by just like any other year. Homework, the odd school fight, falling outs, making ups, but never getting to know some other people from their classes who they've never really payed any attention to. They've been the best of friends for so long, wrapped up in each other's lives so much that they honestly never thought about anyone else in their classes. So 8th grade was here and puberty was hitting everyone and that meant everyone had a crush. Boys on girls and girls on boys. It was humiliating. Realising their bodies could do things they've only studied in books.

They'd recently started talking to the girls in their class, the lovely Lee Thompkins and Barbara Kean. They saw all the other boys and girls do it so they thought, why not give it a go? And it'll be a good chance to socialise amongst their peers whilst they're at it. Barbara was thrilled to talk to Oswald, stating that she was glad the little bird is finally out of his cage. Silly amateur joke. But also due to the fact that she thought he had relatively nice features that would look nice with a little makeup. To be fair, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. He was already a little campy, adopting a new sense of fashion for himself which involved black skinny jeans and hoodies. And Lee was excited to talk to Edward because they both had a fascination with biology and science.

So at the end of the day, their experiment to talk to girls in order to get dates or kisses went much better according to plan for the both of them, they mutually agreed. They didn't have to go out of their comfort zone and participate in any seductive acts, but instead they gained friendship with two lovely young ladies who have been next to them in class for years, they just didn't notice. Well, better late than never. And to be honest, they were both a little relieved it turned out this way. For some odd reason, the thought of kissing another girl made Oswald’s skin crawl and Edward really uncomfortable. Huh, maybe they just weren’t ready? That’s probably it.

They all agreed to sit during lunch every now and then which they did, and they'd talk about how the heart has literal heartstrings, chemistry and how much the brain weighs, Edward and Lee's side of the discussion. And makeup, hair products and fashion brands, obviously Oswald and Barbara's side of the discussion.

Lee was apparently a 'thing' with Jim Gordon and his best friend was Harvey Bullock so sometimes they'd be there to have a chit-chat with too. They weren't too bad, just a little loud and sometimes obnoxious. But hey, everyone's different. Considering Oswald is tiny and looks like a bird and Edward is freakishly tall and speaks in riddles, they have no right to judge. Well, Oswald has the right to judge one person. She's Barbara's best friend, but everyone swears they're going to end up a 'thing' too. Can girls be ‘things’? That doesn’t sound too bad. Love is love after all. Does that mean boys can be ‘things’ too? When they both thought about it, not only did it bring curiosity, but intense blushing. Best just to forget about it.

The point is she is absolutely evil. The glares she throws at Oswald as if she's the tigress about to pounce on the penguin and eat it for dinner. As if she owns the room. He'll show her, one day. He isn't someone to be trifled with. She can keep her judgemental glares to herself.

Apart from all of that, they keep to themselves. Just the way they like it. It's familiar and comfortable. And at the end of the day, they're all each other can trust.


It had been 3 years since Edward confessed his father was hurting him, he still refused to turn him into the authorities or do anything about it but on the plus side, over time, his father's drinking problem had taken a huge toll on his health. No longer was he fit and healthy and able to chase his son all the way through the house with his belt in his hand ready to whack him. He'd put on weight and lost muscle mass. Plus he was always tired and sleeping. Over time this became easier for Edward to move around the house in the middle of the night if he needed to use the bathroom or get a drink, his father no longer hearing the creaking, and screaming at him for being out of bed. Eventually once he was absolutely sure his father was knocked right out, he would occasionally jump out his window and climb down the vines attached to the wood, then he'd go and spend the night with Oswald at the park, go to his house and watch movies or just go get something to eat. It was good to feel rebellious for once in his life.

Tonight was one of those nights. They were both sitting in a 50s diner drinking milkshakes at 1am and talking about silly stuff, it was the weekend so they didn't need to worry about school.

"Do you ever think about just running away?" Oswald asked before taking a drink.

There was a moment of silence before a whispered, "yes". Edward then looked him in the eyes and smiled, "but I won't. Because then I'd be leaving you and I could never do that."

Something in Oswald's chest fluttered and he inhaled quickly through his nose, eyes wide. "Sorry, brain freeze." He laughed and smiled at Edward, taking his hand. "I'm glad."

A few weeks later Oswald was just simply minding his own business, sitting in his bedroom and watching movie on his laptop when there came loud banging on the front door. His mother was out so it was just him alone, what the hell was he supposed to do? Was it a murderer, a thief? He grabbed an umbrella from the stand and held it in his hand as a weapon before opening the door, only to be greeted by a beaten and bloodied Edward.

"Oswald, help me." He choked out, holding his bloodied nose with a kitchen towel and tears streaming down his face. There was blood all over his shirt too. And to think he's probably walked here in this mess.

Oswald immediately threw away the umbrella and swung open the door, dragging poor Edward inside and to the bathroom to get cleaning supplies and a fresh towel. All the while cleaning him up, he's frantically asking him what the hell happened.

"No lying, this time! I won't have it in my house Edward. Stop saying you're fine for once. Tell me what happened."

"My father happened. I got a good grade on a test, an A, and he was convinced I cheated but I didn't! I'm clever that's all. I study this stuff! You believe me, don't you Oswald?" He asked desperately.

Oswald finished wiping the blood off his nose and checked it for breakages but found it'll just be bruised.

"I'm with you all the time in school Edward. I watch you read all the time, I see you study. Of course I believe you. The man is a delusional idiot." He smiled and rubbed his back to calm him down but saw him wince and stopped. "Edward?"

He sighed and looked up at him. "When we got into that fight... He was already mad enough as it was. I wasn't quick enough to run and he quickly grabbed me and pinned me down and whacked me a couple times." He sniffed then pointed to his nose. "Then when I finally managed to get free he punched me in the face. Then he went right back to drinking so I just ran, right here!" He's shaking and swallowing hard and all Oswald wants to do it wrap him in a big hug but even that would hurt.

That bastard. He'll get what's coming to him one day.

"Okay, you're staying here tonight." Oswald says with finality and stands up, offering his hand to Edward. "Come on, lets get you into some cleaner clothes."

"Oswald, I can't. This is your home. I shouldn't have even come here. I don't know why I did, it's not right." He mumbled.

"Edward Nygma! You are the best friend I've ever had and I'm not going to lose you. Now let me take care of you like a real friend. Wouldn't you do the same?" Seeing his small nod he smiled. "Exactly. Now come on."

He let him borrow one of his bigger sized shirts to sleep in and a pair of pyjama trousers that were a little loose for himself, but just so happen to fit Edward perfectly. He told him to take his bed and he'll sleep on the couch, since it's the nice thing to do, he's smaller and Edward's wounded but Edward was having none of it.

"I can't let you sleep on your own couch! It's not right." Edward sighed.

"Well I won't let you sleep on it either, you're sore! And my bed may not look like much but trust me, it's surprisingly comfy. It'll be good for you." Oswald huffed. Edward was about to say something else when Oswald suddenly threw his hands up in the air silencing them both. "How about this? We both share it then?"

Edward looked at him with a small smile on his face and nodded. "I suppose that would be best. I know it would make me feel a whole lot better. Knowing you're okay too."

Oswald let out a big breath of air and nodded. "Okay then, let's go." They both got into his smallish bed, Oswald on the right of him and he took off Edward's glasses and put them on the nightstand for him.

"Ha, thanks!" He grinned and got comfy on his stomach so he won't hurt his back.

"No problem." He turned the lights off and laid on his side facing Edward, watching the steady rise and fall of his body as he breathed. It brought a smile to his face and he nuzzled closer unintentionally and fell asleep.


For the next couple of years that's how it went. Ed would frequently come by if something happened and Oswald would immediately patch him up and he'd stay the night, which his mother was always okay with considering she loved Edward and was always happy to cook for more people in the morning. Or Edward would sneak out if his father was already passed out and he'd come into Oswald's room and they'd watch movies and relax, just the two of them. As he got older he got more and more distant from his father which was a good sign, his father was still a drunk and abusive and Edward was trying to cut off all ties, not wanting anything to do with that man or to stay in that house any longer than he had to. It repulsed him. It wasn't home, it was just a house. He knew he was still too young, only being 15 but the sooner he could move out the better. His father didn't even care at all anymore where he went. Whereas before, he would scream at him for being 5 minutes late, now he wouldn't care if he got hit by a bus.

Which was what sparked the genuineness within Oswald to come up with this idea. Well, Edward practically started to live with him by now anyway so he may as well, right? When he first suggested it, it sounded crazy. A 15 year old moving in with their best friend and their mother? Do people do that? Edward began to reject the idea but he was persistent and anyway, Gertrud and Oswald already talked about it beforehand and decided they would love to have him. So that was it. Edward packed all the things he needed from his house, his clothes and books, put them in the space where Oswald left for him in his cupboards and settled in. They still had to share the bed because there was no other space and neither wanted the other to ever take the couch, but Oswald was small and Edward was skinny so they made it work.


It was now one year down the line, after Edward had moved in and he was happy and comfortable for the first time in his life. Even though he still officially wanted to cut off everything from that evil man and tainted house, he was still underage and his name was still addressed there, through the school and mail. That meant whenever he ordered a package, or a letter got sent home from school regarding exam results or school events, they would always go to his old home address. Therefore, every time he'd need to go get his letters or packages, he'd have to do the most tasking job in the world and sneak in and out quickly before he was noticed. Nothing he couldn't handle though. Oswald was always there for him, waiting in case something happened.

Oswald wasn't the only one who cared for his friend's wellbeing over everything. The feeling was mutual. Edward would do anything for Oswald. He'd lay his life on the line for him. Oswald was alone outside in the school yard and just minding his own business, waiting for Edward to come back from the bathroom when these bullies decided to attack him. They said he was too short and looked like a bird, he was poor and stupid. They pinned him down and broke his leg by stomping on it repeatedly. Edward found him when he came back and screamed for help. He took him to the hospital and they gave him a cast but it was too messed up and he'd need surgery which he couldn't afford, therefore the damage is permanent. Ever since, Edward has blamed himself and Oswald has made it his mission to try and show him it wasn't. Now those bullies will get what's coming to them.


Which officially brings us to where they are now. A year later. Their senior year. Which they're about to start together. From babies to adults. They've shared their lives together, as true friends. Through thick and thin. And they know nothing will change that.

They're both just chilling on Oswald's bed, now technically Edward's bed, the laptop playing some funny movie with a bunch of snacks in between them. They both move to grab some food at the same time and their hands touch, making them both smile and have a tug of war with a gummy worm. Edward gets the upper hand though, considering he's much stronger and manages to yank it from his tiny hand making Oswald pout.

"Aw, don't make that face Os." The use of the nickname still makes Oswald blush for some odd reason. They've only started to properly use nicknames for each other these past couple years of officially being so close to one another like this. I guess sharing a bed and living together changes things a little. But definitely for the better. And he’s definitely not complaining. And it doesn't seem like Edward is either.

"Well you stole my gummy worm Ed! I have every right to pout." He grins and Edward tips his head back giving a fake sigh.

"I guess I could be kind enough to share." He looks over at him and smiles, biting the worm in half and, being the sweet gentleman he is, offers him the bigger half. "There ya go. Happy?"


The look Edward gives him is strange, it's almost like awe, the way he's got the big eyes and small smile. But when he catches him looking it quickly disappears with a clearing of his throat. Yep, the guy is weird. In his own special way.

They continue to eat their snacks and watch the funny movie together just enjoying their weekend, waiting for school to start again and make fun of the morons who surround them. Together. As it should be.