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Taking short hops

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Kosei wished, that this stupid training lesson would be over soon. This morning, he was full of energy, only waiting to hand it to the other class, but this morning seemed far away now. The eagerness had been replaced in the very first round of Class B‘s battle against their, by Monoma proclaimed, rivals.

So what exactly happened? Kosei was still unsure himself so he had replayed everything in his mind several times.

It had all started with the shrill ring, that signaled the beginning of the joint training between the U.A first-years. Kosei had climbed on Jurota Shishidas back and they practically lunged at their opponents. Shishida had taken care of the other Tetsu, while Kosei focused on the weird animal guy, successfully captured him, snapped Jurota out of Shinso Hitoshis brainwashing, and captured the wannabe Eraserhead as well.

So far so good if Shishida hadn‘t been high from using his beast-transformation. The idiot straight up went for the living taser and Koseis first, and probably best, reaction in his entire life was to jump off Shishidas back, only to be ensnared by something wet and warm, that wrapped around his whole body and finally covered his mouth as he tried to solidify air to knock back his capturer.

With his mouth still open, his tongue accidentally slipped over the weird rope, which felt.... felt very much alive. Kosei opened his eyes to see Tsuyu Asui in front of him, smiling and croaking out a little „Caught you.“, between her lips and something that came out of her mouth

He had failed to notice her, and now she had him captured in this warm, soft, rope, what Kosei now realized, was in fact her tongue and he was licking over it. The realization of what he was doing hit him, as she carried him off to prison, hoping she wouldn‘t notice him becoming putty in her grasp.

Once in prison and released from Asuis tongue, Kosei watched her hopping back to the battlefield. Why had he never noticed her like he was doing now? She was... she was stunning! Her skin tight bodysuit complementing her curvy body. Eyes bigger than his own, though that could change quickly, if he kept staring at her shrinking form through the prison bars, as she took large jumps to rejoin the fight.

Her hair. Kosei imagined how it would look, if it wasn‘t tied up in that cute bow. Long, probably silky and soft, flowing down her body and falling over her womanly figure. And best of all, her tongue. He remembered the feeling of it on his own, sealing his lips. The wet and warm feeling on his mouth, he had never felt before. He wondered what would’ve happened , if she had slipped it in just slightly more. Would Asui Tsuyu have a special taste? Did frogs taste like something at all?

Kosei noticed that his pants were growing uncomfortably tight and he looked down on himself. This day was going to be pure torture.

Not long after his own capture he was joined by Shiozaki, carrying a restrained Shishida and Rin. For short, his entire team had been captured and they lost the first round. Kosei could already see Monoma. His insane expression and the foam coming from his mouth, like it always would right before he broke into another fit of rage about class A

After returning to the others, Kan-Sensei had looked at his group with an unreadable mask and said „You all know what you‘ve done wrong, don‘t you?“ He had given Kosei an extra long gaze of disappointment, mixed with a trace of, it must‘ve been amusement. Kosei had realized their teacher counted one and one together and his cheeks had reddened in embarrassment.

„You ok?“ Rin had turned to him, asking with serious concern. „You‘ve been weird since Froppy captured you.“

Kosei had tried to answer his friend, but all he managed to say was a series of „uhhs“ and “uhhhms“

“Do I even want to know?“ Rins face was still obscured by his hero costumes mask. Kosei had just shaken his head and they went back to the other students, waiting for the second round to begin.

Luckily, Kosei had been able to keep his mind off of Tsuyu by focusing on the other rounds. He watched as Kendos team bodied team 2a, with Monomas shrill shrieking and the cheers from Tetsu and Todoroki in the background.

The third round had been an up and down with neither side being able do gain the upper hand, but Kosei had laughed one time as he saw the picture of Kaibara pouting in his prison cell, only to realize that he hadn‘t done any better.

The fourth round was finally enough to shut Monoma up, as he watched in horror when Yelltsuki Jerkugou had brought destruction and havoc on Tokage and her team. Kosei had found himself hoping, Jerkugou would lose but that always seemed like a distant dream, from the Sport-Festival ongoing.

As the fifth round came, he had actually taken part in analizing the match, as the dwarvy kid from class a pulled a trick that didn‘t only allow him to keep Kodai, Yanagi, and Shouda at bay, but also to have a smug face full of Mina Ashidos boobs. The only thing Kosei didn‘t quiet get, was the stuff, happening to Deku, stupid name by the way, and Monoma, as he tried to copy the latters power-up Quirk

Now, with the joint training finally over, the boys of class b were standing in the shower rooms to wash off the dirt and any kind of other leftovers from their battles. Only Monoma was sitting in one of the rooms corners, squeezing a bar of soap, probably imagining it was Jerkugou or Midoriya.

Shishida however had apologized to them all, because he was going to shower too. And smelling wet Shishida was truly heinous, especially after the latter had used his quirk. Kosei didn‘t know what it would look like, if someone took a family of dying skunks, threw them into a hole, filled with slurry and have them rot for five weeks in high summer, but he knew it would smell, like Shishida was right now.

Trying to breath through his mouth to avoid throwing up on his classmates, a strategy they had all agreed on, Kosei tried to distract himself from thinking about Tsuyu again and the way she had smiled, after wrapping her tongue around him. But Rin was washing his hair right now, Kaibara was still pouting under the stream of his shower and Awase was with Recovery Girl, hoping to gain back his sense of balance, after the punk girl had damaged it with her mean soundwave attack. And he definitely wouldn‘t close in to Shishida.

Without anything to focus on, Kosei started drifting off again, back to his newly found dreamscape, but before he could leave reality completely, a hand came waving and snatching in front of his face. Awase had returned looking all fresh again.

„You allright?“, he asked, still snatching in Koseis face. Kosei snapped out of his daze. „Yeah what could be wrong?“, he replied hastily, shaking his head as if he could get rid of his colorful imaginations.

“I‘m asking you!“ Awase had taken off his bandana and held his spiky, black hair under the stream of water.

“Now look who can speak again.“ Kosei and Awase turned to Rin, who was done rinsing out the shampoo from his hair.

Awase raised an eyebrow. „What‘cha mean, again?“ Before Rin could answer and present his version of the story, Kosei covered his mouth with his hand.

„Nothing special, it‘s just.... I‘m kinda lost in thoughts aaand thinking about uhm, important stuff, so important, that I couldn‘t talk.

Kosei rubbed the back of his neck, nearly breaking one, while trying to explain his weird behaviour. Fortunately, Awase had turned his attention to Monoma, who was still sitting in his corner, mumbling like Midoriya.

Brushing back a strand of his now wet hair he asked „What‘s Monoma doing there with his soap?“

“Carving a voodoo doll of Bakugou from it?“, Kaibara threw in from under his shower. He was done pouting over the fact, that he hadn‘t been able to finish his fight against Ojiro and was now joining his friends in their conversation.

But Kosei didn‘t want to think about Monoma. He didn‘t want to think about stupid Jerkugou or Midoriya or anything else either. The only clear thoughts he could grasp, were images of the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. She was probably showering right now, alongside her friends and Kosei wondered what she was thinking about. Well most likely nothing close to his own thoughts.

Shower times must be special for her. As far as Kosei knew, frogs needed water more than humans and could even drink and secrete water over their skin. He wasn‘t sure how far the mutation quirk had changed Asuis body from what was once considered normal, but he was sure, that this girl hadn‘t shown her full variety of skills yet.

Raising his hand to cover his mouth, where Asuis tongue had touched him, Kosei recalled the feeling of his own tongue, licking over hers and he imagined her in the shower with him. This time they were kissing and he slipped his tongue in her mouth, exploring unknown land. Until.... he felt himself growing hard again.

„Oh fuck, no, no, no, no, no not now please.“, Kosei thought. Back on the battlefield it had been kinda uncomfortable, but now he wasn‘t wearing any clothes at all and he could imagine a billion more pleasant things than growing a boner in the communal showers. Faster than Iida had been kicking Honenuki , he reached for the regulator on his shower, setting it to the lowest possible temperature.

The water turned cold immediately. It hit him like a truck. Not that he had experienced such a thing, but it must be a fitting description. Luckily, he was prepared for it and stood still, letting the water pour down on him and settle his problem.

But some of the water splashed off of Kosei and hit a completely unprepared Awase, who shrieked and sucked in a deep breath from the sudden cold. Awase went pale and then immediately green. He had just inhaled a huge load of „eau de shishida“. Tearing up and heaving, desperately trying not to barf all over the place, Awase gathered every bit of strength he could afford and made his way out of the showers.

They could finally hear him throwing up, hopefully in one of the restrooms, and then yelling „Tsuburaba, what the fuck!! And Shishida, would you find a way to not kill us all and do something against your reeking fur!

Shishida was already on his way to Awase, practicing an apology speech, starting with „I‘m deeply sorry for what I‘ve done Sir Awase.“, but Bondo blocked the doorway, not letting the beast boy pass.

Kosei thanked Bondo silently, thinking that Awase would definitely not like to face the source of his illbeing. Aside from that, he was already forming an apology, including an explanation himself, because the last time someone, (Monoma), had pissed off Awase, the latter had waited for the great Phantom Thieve to fall asleep on the couch in the common room, before acting out his revenge.

Monoma had woken up, welded to the couch, only one arm free to use a knife Awase had left him. He had been trapped there the rest of the friday afternoon and the entire saturday, until he decided to cut himself free from his clothes. It was just, that Awase had also welded Monomas boxershorts to the couch and Kosei would never forget the image of a naked Monoma, sprinting through the hallways of class B‘s dorms to reach his own room.

When he was done showering, Kosei went to dress himself, but his mind was still all, but focused and he tried to slip in his pants, only to notice, that it was actually the blazer of his uniform, followed by the realization, that he hadn‘t even put his boxershorts back on.

Kosei let out a resignated sigh and heard Kaibara choke down a laugh behind him. „I should’ve made a snap of this.“

“Don‘t you dare it! Didn‘t I suffer enough today?“ But Kosei realized, that Kaibaras quirk was Gyrate not Divination or Mind-Reading, so he couldn‘t possibly know all the things his friend went through.

„Chill man, I‘m not gonna do it. No one would like a photo of an idiot, failing to dress himself anyway. And seriously, you are acting strange.“

Kaibara looked at him with a face, that might express concern. Kosei wasn‘t sure, since his childhood friend had never been the easiest to read and his almost never changing facade only dropped, when he was excited.

“I... uhm I just need to eat something. Yes I‘m just so hungry, I can‘t focus.“ Kosei looked at Sen, hoping he would be fine with his pitiful excuse. The latter just shrugged.

“Yeah let‘s go grab something from Lunch Rush and I‘ll be better.“, Kosei said, faking a newly found enthusiasm.

“Fine, but do me one favor.“, Sen deadpanned.

„What would that be?“

„Put on some pants....“

After somehow making it back to the main building and into the canteen, Kosei was poking his food with his sticks, not too eager to eat anything at all. He‘d found another thing to busy himself. Just two tables next to the one, Kosei, Kaibara, Rin and Awase were sitting on, Asui was chatting with Midoriya and floaty girl. She listened to something Midoriya said and laughed. Kosei had never felt so thrilled, and so angry, at the same time.

Thrilled, because he had never heard a cuter laugh before and angry, because it wasn‘t him, who made her laugh like that. Midoriya was rapidly dropping on his list of likable people from Class A and Kosei wished, he could just trap this... this nerd in a neat box of air. Even Jerkugou was better to him right now, until the menace himself stormed to Midoriyas table. Kosei hoped, they would kill each other.

Awase nudged his arm, nodding with his head to the scene, Kosei had already noticed. On their way from the training grounds to the main building, Kosei had apologized to Awase, for nearly killing him, and Awase had taken it lightly, saying, he must‘ve had his reasons, to which Kosei just nodded.

“Do you think his balls shrunk again?“, Awase asked, shoveling food in his mouth, while holding his nose shut, so he woulnd‘t taste the remnants of Shishidas terrible smell.

Kosei eyed Jerkugou. „Dunno, but he seems extra pissed today. Wonder why, he had his stupid, flawless victory.“

„Probably because of the shit, Midoriya did in the last round. How can he steal the spotlight from the highborn, perfect number one.“ Awase rolled his eyes and Kosei remembered, that his team suffered the most crushing defeat by the King of Explodo Kills.

They kept looking at Jerkugou, yelling something incoherent at Midoriya, who held his hands up in defeat. Before the bomb could explode, however, Asui said something to the angry bastard. Jerkugou answered with a grimace and Uraraka added something that made him calm down entirely.

„Did you see that?“ Awases eyes were wide. „They just handled Bakugou.“

Koseis eyes were wide as well, making them look even googlier than usual. He was staring directly at Asui now. This girl had just shut up the walking, talking disaster and stayed absolutely cool while doing so. She was just great.

Kaibara, who‘d been busy with his food, looked up and at Koseis face. Then, he suddenly smiled a knowing smile.

Kosei, not paying attention to anything but Asui, was once again caught up in his own thoughts. She had changed into her school attire. He could see her legs peeking out from under her skirt, her stockings not covering everything. While his eyes followed her bare pale skin, where it was disappearing under her clothes, he wondered how her thighs would feel like. Soft? Yet muscular and strong to do big hops?

He was once again torn out of his pleasant thoughts. Kosei saw Sen leaning in, until his mouth was near his ear.

“Stop staring.“, Sen said. „She‘ll notice and think you‘re a creep.“ He drew back, actually grinning.

Kosei blushed from embarrassment, angered at how easy Sen had found out. „So, is this a crush, or are you just a perv and into some kinky shit?

“I...“, Kosei began. He made up his mind and decided to tell Sen the truth. „Honestly, I don‘t know.... I keep thinking about her, after she, she uhm...“, this time he closed in to whisper in Sens ear, „she had her tongue on my mouth.“

Sen held back a laugh, clearly troubled to keep his facade. He was surprisingly active today. „So, first base already.“ Kosei reddened even more. „Now you just need to figure out what you feel and then go for it.“

Kosei nodded absentmindedly. „If you tell anyone, I‘ll put you in Air-Alcatraz.“, but it was an empty threat.

“No need to tell, if you keep being this obvious.“

Before Kosei could answer, Momo Yaoyorozu made her way over to their table. She had been knocked out by Kendo, but thanks to Recovery Girl, she was all fine. In contrast to poor Awase, who was still looking close to death.

„Awase-kun, are you ok, you look terrible.“ She sat down next to him. „Was it Kyou-.. Jirous attack?“

“Wish it was...,“ Awase mumbled, then he smiled at her. „But I‘m fine, don‘t worry. Thanks for your concern though.“

Yaoyorozu smiled back. „Thats nice to hear. To be honest, I felt guilty, because my best friend attacked you, but if it wasn‘t her, what was it?“

“You don‘t want to know, believe me.“ Awases face turned into a grimace and Kosei, afraid that his friend would throw up again, brought some space between them.

“We could meet on Saturday if you want, I can tell you the whole story. Usual place, usual time?“ Kosei just stared. Awase that bastard was smooth as hell.

Yaoyorozo nodded, waved, made her way over to... over to Midoriya, Uraraka and.... Asui and sat down next to her. Before Kosei could drift of to the other table again, Awase let out a contempt huff. He‘d been like this with Yaoyorozu ever since they came back from summer camp and Kosei couldn‘t say why, because he kinda slept through the important parts.

When the bell rang again, Kosei mentally prepared himself for english class, well knowing, that he won‘t be able to follow Present Mics explanations of grammar and english history, no matter how loud the teacher spoke. He hadn‘t even done his homework for today.

In class he tried to focus on the things Mic was saying, but none of the words made any sense to him, not even the parts spoken in japanese. After watching Kuroiro nearly breaking into tears, because Komori had asked him for a pen, Kosei began gazing out of the window, trying to see shapes in the clouds. For some reason, they all looked like frogs. Big frogs, small frogs and be wasn‘t sure, if that one big cloud might even be a toad.

“Yoooooo young maaaaan!“ Mics voice nearly knocked him out of his chair. The teacher was standing right in front of his desk. „I know dreaming is nice, but you shouldn‘t do it in claaaaaass“

Mics words rang in Koseis head. „I didn‘t dream,“ he said hastily, so Mic would stop straining everyones ears.

“Then you will certainly know, when the Declaration of Independance was signed and by whom.“

Kosei didn‘t know. As he told Mic, he heard Tokage snickering behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see the lizard-like girl grinning a toothy grin at him.

After the last minutes of class were finally over, everyone was packing and leaving. Kosei, still not focused enough to properly pack his bag, was the last in class. He still struggled to squeeze his exercise book between his other school stuff, until he lost patience and started hammering on everything, that didn‘t look like it would fit.

“Damn, what did your bag do, to derseve such a thrashing?“ Tokage was back, most likely to draw more malicious joy out of Koseis current stupidity.

He swore under his breath. „What was that?“ She leaned against the doorframe, baring her pointed teeth with an amused smile.

“Out of all people, why did you come back?“ Kosei pressed his lips together. „If you wanna make fun of me, just get over with it.“

“Y‘know, Bakugous stupid flashgrenade hit me point blank and turned me into a blindworm. And the poor, innocent Girl I am, can‘t find home alone.“ Tokages voice had turned melodramatic.

“And now, you want me to bring you back to the dorms?“

“Idiot, I want to talk about you and the frog princess.“ Kosei froze. Out of all people, except for Monoma, Tokage was the worst to know. Now, she would constantly pick on him.

“How-,“He began, but was interrupted immediately.

“How did I know?“ Tokage imitated the slightly whiny tone in his voice.

Well, people say, the eyes are windows to the soul and yours are so large, I can just look through them.“ She broke in cackling laughter.

Kosei raised his eyebrows and said, „You found out by looking in my eyes?“ He was getting more and more pissed right now and Tokages annoying laughter wasn‘t making anything better.

„No dumbass, I just eavesdropped on you and Kaibara. My ears are literally everywhere,“Tokage snickered and tore an ear from her head, waving it around.

“And what now?“ He heard his voice becoming harsh. „I‘m giving myself enough bullshit about this, I don‘t need yours too.“

“Dude, chill your balls. I‘m here to help you.“

Koseis jaw dropped. „You want ME, to confide in YOU? You‘re probably the last person I would ever tell anything, because you’d just spill it to embarass me.“

Before he could continue however, Tokage stopped laughing and fixated his face with a serious expression. Confused by her sudden change, Kosei didn‘t know what to do next.

“Listen,“ she begun. „I know, I can be exhausting at times, but I have a soft spot for Tsu. Reptiles and amphibians aren‘t that different and she‘s hella cool.“

„So why don‘t you help her, instead of me?“ Kosei wished, he could just leave for his dormroom.

Tokages smile was back. „Because, this is a one-sided thing right now and you‘re the one, thinking about it all day.“

She grabbed Koseis shin with one hand and studied his face. „Now we need to find out, if this is a real crush or just your dirty thoughts.“

Hey, I still didn‘t agree...“ But Kosei was interrupted again.

“C‘mon just spill it. Do you keep thinking about what happened, or specifically about Tsu.

“I“, he started and Tokage looked at him expectantly. „Yooooouuuu.....?“

“ keep thinkn bout her.“ Kosei mumbled an swallowed like half of the sentence, but apparently Tokage had picked it up.

„Congrats Tsuburaba, you‘ve got a crush. Now act on it!“

She had already turned around and made her way to the door, as Kosei said, „Hey, Tokage!“

She looked back at him. „What?“

“Fuck you.“

She grinned slyly. „Got it, anything else?“

But before Kosei could answer, she turned around again and left Class B‘s homeroom. He heard her typical laughter echoing in the hallway and shook his head.

It was impossible to have the last word when talking to Setsuna Tokage and Kosei didn‘t quiet know, what to make of the girl. On the one hand, she was annoying, constantly playing pranks with her quirk and embarrassing her peers for fun, on the other hand though, she had just helped him realize, that he had indeed developed a crush on Tsuyu Asui.

On his way over to the dorms he came across Kendo, Kodai, Yanagi and Shiozaki. „Hey Tsuburaba, do you know where Setsuna is?“

The only thing Kosei wanted, was to go back to his room and into his bed, so he just turned to Kendo and said, „Fucking herself.“

He ignored their shocked faces and the daggers, Shiozaki shot at him for using an „impure word“ and continued his way back to the dorms.

In front of the dorm building, he saw his classmates gather around Kan-Sensei, who was waiting for every student to arrive. It didn‘t take long for Kendo and her group to end the waiting. They had found Tokage and were now looking expectantly at their homeroom teacher.

“I‘m gonna make this quick,“ the blood hero said. „As a reward for todays efforts, we‘re going to a hot spring tomorrow.“

The class went wild at his words and even Kosei joined in, until a realization hit him. He raised his hand. Kan-Sensei pointed at him and said, „Yes, Tsuburaba?“

What are we doing with Shishida? He‘ll kill the entire bathing guests.“

At this, Shishida himself turned to Kosei. „Don‘t worry Sir Tsuburaba, I decided not to come with my class and Sir Shinso will take my place instead.“

The entire class sighed in relief.

After finally reaching his room, Kosei immediately switched into his pajamas and let himself fall on his bed. Now he could doze off and no one would annoy him anymore.

Kosei recalled Tokages words. „Act on your feelings.“ She was still Tokage, but she was also right about this, so he decided to make some rules for himself.

Rule number one: Act on your feelings

Rule number two: Tell Tsuyu

Rule number three: Don‘t tell Monoma

Staring at his poster of Mt. Lady, Kosei noticed, that the big hero seemed less appealing than usual. Only Asui, no Tsuyu seemd like the real thing now. He remembered her her face again as she had captured him. Soft smile, and croaking out a little „caught you.“

Then, everything was crashing down on him again. Her warm, wet tongue on his mouth and his own, licking over hers. Kosei could feel his teenage hormones kicking in once more.

Rule number one: Act on your feelings. And this feelings were giving him only one command now, something he would‘ve had liked to do much earlier today.

Kosei palmed himself through his pajamas. He was probably harder, than he had ever been before. With Tsuyus face still on his mind, he slipped his right hand into his pants and began stroking.

He moaned low from the direly needed friction. Tomorrow, they would be in a hot spring with Class A. She would be there. Kosei imagined her, bathing in the steaming spring, the water beading down her soft skin. He fastened the pace of his hand, already feeling the sweet tingle in his belly.

In his imagination, Tsuyu was alone. Well, almost. He was there with her. She crossed her arms behind his neck, pulled him down and kissed him passionately. Kosei recalled the feeling of her tongue over and over again. He pulled his dreamgirl closer to him, to feel her breasts on his chest and her thigh brushed over his hard cock.

It was too much. Before he could react, Kosei came in his pajamas and all over his hand. He breathed heavily as he did three final, deep strokes, to ride out his orgasm.

He fell asleep immediately after, his hand still in the warm, sticky mess he had created and one of the worst, but also best days of his life found an end.