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Starker Ficlet Collection (Part 1)

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Peter is confused when Tony suddenly turns off the lights in the bedroom. He never does that, what’s wrong? Immediately the boy’s mind runs wild, proving him with answers he doesn’t like. ‘He’s tired of seeing your face.’ 'You don’t look as attractive as you thought.’ 'When it’s dark he can imagine you’re someone else.’ They are bad thoughts, cruel ones. Vile. Peter hates them.

“Come here, sweetheart,” Tony suddenly says from the bed and Peter follows his voice. He nearly hits the bed post with his leg, but his spider senses warn him the last second. When he crawls onto the bed, it’s almost completely dark.

“Tony, I can’t see,” he says, almost whining, and Tony lets out an amused laugh.

“Let me fix that for you, baby.” There’s a second of silence and then something rustles and the next thing he knows is that he can see again. Tony’s face is there, a soft blue light revealing it.

Tony’s arc reactor.

Peter gulps. Does Tony know how pretty he thinks this light is? That he sometimes even dreams of it and that it has an alluring and at the same time soothing effect on him?

It feels surreal when Tony reaches out and takes one of Peter’s hands, pulling him closer. Not on top of him though, no. He pulls him into his arms so the blue light illuminates them both, smiling the most gentle smile.

“You look so pretty like this,” Tony purrs and then he kisses Peter and the boy feels like he’s flying. It’s one thing to kiss Tony, but it’s an entirely different thing to be kissed after such sweet words and with this beautiful light between them. Peter knows he isn’t supposed to touch the reactor, so he rests a shaky hand on Tony’s shoulder and sighs weakly into their kiss.

What follows is a blur of touches, whispered words and needy little sounds and Peter loves every second of it. It feels like he’s underwater, as if he’s surrounded by blue and nothing else. To say it’s exhilarating would be an understatement.

And then Tony pulls him up, onto his lap and it’s like Peter is dying slowly. His hands are shaking when Tony lets him down on his cock, searching for something to hold onto and failing immediately. But Tony’s hands hold him in place, Tony’s strong hands on his trembling body.

“Fuck, if only you could see yourself right now,” Tony whispers softly, thumbs brushing over Peter’s skin. He moves a little, rolls his hips, and Peter let’s out a desperate cry.

“P-Please, Tony!” Even the words are shaking, or at least it feels like it, and Peter finally opens his eyes again to look down.

From this angle, the arc reactor’s light is like a small moon to illuminate them and with all the darkness around them, it almost feels like there’s nothing else besides what this light touches. Like they are alone in this darkness, just Peter and Tony, and it sends shivers down the boy’s spine.

“Move.” A gentle command, not forceful or demanding, but exactly what Peter needs to hear. He starts moving slowly, as if he’s scared to lose his balance, but Tony holds him and guides him and soon, Peter has fallen victim to the pleasure that succumbs his body and mind.

It’s blue, everything is blue and it all feels blue. Whenever he will see this color in the future he will think of this moment. Of riding Tony in the most sinful way, the older one’s hands all over him and moaning - and with no witness other than this blue light coming from Tony’s chest. It’s the most beautiful thing Peter can think of.