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This was the night.  Waverly had thought it through, planned it through and she would be going through with it this time. 


Perry had been so patient with her, how could she put him off any longer?  As a friend, he’d supported her through nursing school and her wretched, arduous residency.  He’d been there with a sack lunch, shoulder to cry on, rides to and from the hospital when it rained.  She’d known him more than half her life.  He was safe, he was sweet, he was Perry.


He’d finally broken her down after a long, exceptionally hard 36 hour shift and she’d agreed to be his girlfriend and since then, he’d taken the back burner so much in the last few months, she’d forgotten he was even there sometimes.  But not tonight.  Tonight, he would be right there on the front burner, with the gas turned up high, flames licking the pot.  Okay, Waverly enough with the crude metaphor.


She had music on, candles lit, her best lingerie on.  She’d showered, shaved, had two quick shots of the good stuff she saved when she didn’t want to be hung over.  As she heard his tale-tell ‘shave and a haircut’ knock she knew there was no going back.  She owed him this, right?


“Wow, babe, you look… and the candles?  Is that Sade playing?”  He asks in quick succession as he grins widely at her in that familiar clueless, puppy dog way.


“I know I haven’t been fair to you recently with the new job and how I told you how I wanted to wait…” Until what?  She really hadn’t been able to nail that down, but she was tired of it regardless.  Her mind refused to think of this night more as ripping off the bandaid than finally being ready to give herself to the man who had been and done all a loving boyfriend could do.


She should have had that third shot.


“Is this all for me?”  He asks like he’d walked into his mother’s kitchen and saw a freshly made cake.


“Yes, silly.”  She looks meaningfully into his eyes as her arms go up and around his neck.  “I’m ready now.”  She says with a smile she hopes conveys what she just said.


“Ohhh.”  He says, and rubs his hands together excitedly once it dawns on him what she means before they go around her waist.


“You want something to drink?”  She asks as she reaches up and pecks him on the lips and walks over to her modest liquor cabinet.  Please want something to drink.


“If you are having something.”  He answers as he plops himself down on the couch. 


She brings out her bottle of the good stuff, taking a deep swig before bringing out two tumblers and pouring two fingers in each glass.


“Here’s to us.”  She says with a grin, trying to ignore the overeagerness in his eyes and the feeling she’s going to be definitely and depressingly, very disappointed in tonight.





“We’re almost there, Haught.”  Wynonna says way too loud in panic at the woman clutching her sloppily wrapped gut.


She taps her fingers feverishly on the side of the steering wheel, praying her sister first, still lives at the homestead, and second, has finished enough of her nursing school to save her friend and colleague from bleeding out.


She rips into the entrance and lays on the pedal when she sees lights and two cars parked outside the old house.  She brings the car to as gentle a stop as she could on the dirt road, ignoring the menacing groan from the redhead as she lurches forward.


“Come on, goddamn it.”  Wynonna grunts as she finally throws open her truck’s perpetually sticky passenger door and wraps her arms around the redhead’s chest under her armpits as she apparently has lost the ability to move her limbs. 


She lets out a series of pitiful whimpers and groans as Wynonna huffs and curses her way up the stairs with 140 lbs of nearly dead weight.


“Waverly!!”  She yells as she donkey kicks at the door as her hands are full of the nearly six foot, drunk and bleeding alpha.




Waverly pushes at Perry’s shoulder when she hears a loud engine careening up towards the house.  She slides out from under him and pulls on a robe when she hears one car door slam then another half a minute later.


She’s halfway down the stairs when she hears someone yelling her name and then kicking the door.  She pauses for a moment and then she hears her name again and recognizes her sister Wynonna’s voice yelling it.


She’s got the door open and eyes straining to take in what her sister is doing.


“Wynonna?”  She asks needlessly and steps aside as she drags a body into the living room.  “What are you doing here?  Who the hell is this?”  She asks in alarm as she pulls the tie on her robe tighter as she goes to the prone woman, immediately going into nurse mode before Perry even comes down the stairs, fully dressed sans shoes.



“Hey, baby girl.. good to see you.  This here is my colleague, Nicole.  We.. uh.. got into a bar fight.  Long story… can you.. patch her up?”  The older, raven haired woman asks, bright blue eyes nervous and hopeful.


“I… did she get stabbed?”  She asks as she rolls her over and sees the crude bandage around her mid-section sliding down to reveal a well-bleeding puncture wound about 2 inches wide.


“Yep.  Some giant shithead with a four inch blade.”  She says distractedly as she kneels at her head.


“Perry.  Perry!”  Waverly yells at her slack-jawed boyfriend, finally tearing his attention off the bleeding woman.  “Go up to my bathroom linen closet.  Grab the big black bag.”  She instructs as she begins to carefully undo the rest of the bandaging.


There are a thousand questions running through Waverly’s mind, but they settle to the back of it as she assesses the wound.


“You sure about the blade length?”  Waverly asks, looking up to her sister skeptically.  The look on Wynonna’s face tells Waverly she should be skeptical as well.


“Why the hell didn’t you take her to the hospital.”  Waverly asks as she opens up her bag Perry put in front of her and begins to pull on some gloves and grab some antiseptic and gauze.


“You know, police report… blah, blah.  Besides, I was hoping you could just patch her up, with being a nurse student and all.”  Wynonna says as she sits down on the couch and pulls one of the empty tumblers towards her and helps herself to the last of Waverly’s good stuff.  “You can patch her up right?”  Wynonna asks, eyes wide and voice unsure as she’s slowly becoming more sober.


“Well, this wound is a fucking mess, but I don’t see any organ damage.  She needs a goddamn hospital.”  Waverly mutters as she pulls open the wound as much as she dares with some forceps to get a better look.  It’ll need a lot of stitches.”  She says busily as she pulls out the rest of what she needs.  “And I’m a full-fledged nurse now.”  Waverly says, finally looking up at her sister, her mild irritation turning to anger when she sees her polishing off the rest of her bottle.


“Hey!”  She complains and Wynonna just shrugs. 


“Sorry, baby girl.  How you been the last two years?”  Wynonna asks as if they were having a reunion picnic.


“I’ve been great, now get over here and help me.  First, go wash your hands though.”  Waverly bosses as she lays the sterile towels around the wound and starts swabbing the area with Betadine.


“She have any allergies?”  Waverly asks as she readies the vial of lidocaine.


“I have no idea and save that, she won’t need it.”  Wynonna smirks as she points to Nicole’s flaccid face, drool leaking from her lips.


Waverly shrugs and puts the lidocaine back.  “If she wakes up and moves, it’s on you.”  She says testily.

“Fine.”  Wynonna grouses and comes back, hands up in the air like she’s scrubbed in for surgery.


“Grab some gloves and open that suture towel.  Perry, go over to her face and make sure she doesn’t wake up and move.”  Waverly barks out the instructions as she opens up her suture tray.


“What do I do if she does?”  Perry asks in alarm.


“Cold cock her.”  Wynonna supplies helpfully.


“Good god.”  Waverly mumbles as she sets to work cleansing the area with generous amount of betadine.  “You owe me a new rug too.”  Waverly says as she lays in the first stitch as her sister looks on with rapt interest and Perry turns away, mouth puckering every few moments or so.



Mercifully the redhead doesn’t wake up and when Waverly’s done, she bandages the wound and instructs Wynonna to set up the couch so Nicole can recover on it instead of the now blood soaked rug.


“I’m assuming you two were going to crash her tonight anyway?”  Waverly asks irritation evident in her voice as her sister comes back with some extra sheets and a blanket.


Wynonna looks at her a long moment and then leans into her conspiratorially and asks in what she probably intended to be a whisper but came out more like an announcement.  “Did interrupt some boot-knockin’?”


She looks over at Perry who is busily tossing the sheet over the couch.  “Didn’t get that far.”  She mumbles with a sigh, although she’s not entirely sure she’s all that pressed about it.

“Let’s get your friend out of her bloody clothes.  I think I have some of daddy’s old clothes in the back of the downstairs closet.”  Waverly mentions as she kneels down and begins to take the redhead’s boots off.


“I’ll… just keep making the bed.”  Perry says as he watches Waverly remove her socks and start on her jeans.


Wynonna comes back with some old Purgatory Police Academy sweats and plops them down on the coffee table.  “I could have done that, baby girl.”  Wynonna says in what sounds like genuine concern.  It makes Waverly look up as Wynonna kneels next to her friend’s head and starts on her shirt.


“Not a big deal.  I deal with this kind of stuff on the regular.”  Waverly states as she unzips the fly of the woman’s… alpha woman’s jeans.


“Whoa.”  She says in surprise when she sees the rather large bulge in the woman’s bloody briefs.


“Yeah, Nicole’s an alpha.”  Wynonna rejoins in an awkward sing-songy tone as she struggles to pull the sweatshirt over Nicole’s unconscious form.


“Great.”  Waverly huffs as she continues with removing the jeans but leaving the underwear, blood stains be damned.  “If they aren’t fucking, they’re fighting.”  She murmurs the words her mama used to say of their kind.  She should know, her real daddy was a piece of work, causing her mama all kinds of sorrow she suffered in secret until she drove her truck into a steep ravine.


Wynonna hears her sister’s words but chooses to ignore them.  She’d like to say Nicole is different, but she’d be lying.  Her old friend had indeed been relying heavily on her alpha nature these past few months but Wynonna couldn’t really blame her after what the redhead had endured.


“She just needs to sleep it off.  We’ll be out of your hair by morning.”  Wynonna says quietly.


“It’s technically your house too, Wynonna.”  Waverly reasons, her tone and eyes softening at her sister’s words.


“I know, but you’ve been living here and I should have let you know we were coming to town…” She continues in that puppy dog contrite way Waverly was used to when her sister would blow into town unannounced.


“Yes, you should have.”  Waverly admonishes dutifully, tempting Wynonna to roll her eyes, but she refrains.


“Hi Perry.”  Wynonna says cheerily, changing course completely and holding her hand out to the man who had been in her sister’s life in some capacity since they were kids.


“Hi Wynonna.”  He grins politely.  There’s a beat of silence and then he sucks in a dramatic breath and slaps his hands on his thighs.  “Well, let me help you guys get her up on the couch and then I’ll see myself out.  I’m sure you two have some catching up to do.”


“Thanks, Per.”  Waverly says with a grateful, tired smile as Wynonna finishes pulling up the alpha’s borrowed sweatpants.  The three manage to get her on the couch, careful not to tear her stitches and Wynonna places a blanket over her as Waverly walks Perry to the door.


“Raincheck?”  Waverly says with a contrite smile and Perry just chuckles. 


“Sure thing, Waves.”  He leans down and gives her a chaste kiss, gathers his shoes and waves goodbye to Wynonna.


“So, he finally wear you down or what?”  Wynonna smirks as she walks over to the liquor cabinet.


“Perry’s been there for me.”  Waverly responds with only mild defensiveness.  It makes Wynonna stop in her tracks and looks at her sister with a pained expression but Waverly’s too tired to soothe her sister’s guilt at her words.


“Tonight was going to be our first time.”  She redirects, trying to make herself sound disappointed but her sister sees right through her.


“You know you don’t owe him right?  Just like you didn’t owe that asshat Champ your virginity just because he pursued you fresh out of puberty.”  Wynonna states.


Waverly pins her sister with a withering stare.  “I damn well know that, Wynonna.  Unlike Omegas or Alphas, I’m not ruled by my goddamn genitals.  I choose who I give myself too.”  She nearly growls, anger bubbling over at the overt defensiveness she hears in her own voice.


Wynonna stares dumbly at her for a second and then slides down on her haunches and continues scouring the liquor cabinet.  “I assume you meant to offend me.”  She says lowly over her shoulder and Waverly thinks to apologize, but it’s late and she’s tired and she has this ominous feeling her life is about to be ceremoniously upended by her sister’s return.


“Goodnight, Wynonna.”  Waverly sighs heavily.  “Wake me if your friend develops a fever or starts bleeding again.”


“Hey.”  She hears as her foot hits the first step.  “Thank you.  And I have missed you, baby girl.”  The raven haired Omega smiles with a sad earnestness that tugs at Waverly’s perpetually abused heart.


“Missed you too, Wy.”