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Missing Piece

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He was unnerving.

Anyone that lived on the street thought so.

Even if his grandmother seemed to think that he was her perfect angel.

Your own father had described her as an absolute nut. He had told you to stay away from the house and from them. For a long while you had adhered to that rule. You had been absolutely content to just go about your life with school and friends. Plus you always got a strange vibe whenever you walked by that house as well as the infamous Murder House. You could never forget the stories that you had been told about the Harmon family. After the entire house was practically legend in the Los Angeles area.

You hadn’t been raised in Los Angeles but your father was originally from there. Your grandfather had left him the house which is why the move. You hadn’t minded it even if you never thought you’d be living in California. Everything was so different from what you were used to. You had done your best to welcome the change even if you felt unsure about it all.

Somehow you had made friends and even dated one or two boys.

The first time you talked to Michael Langdon had been strange. You had been hanging out a friend’s house for a while. You had thought about asking for a ride home but decided against it. That was because you knew her car was currently acting up. Plus you figured that a walk wouldn’t be that bad. You had ear buds in and your phone was tucked in your pocket.

You had been in your own world as you reached your street. Absently humming along to whatever song had come on thanks to shuffle. Of course you knew that you were going to need to figure out something for dinner. It was likely that your dad wasn’t going to be around. He tended to work long hours which left you alone more often than not. It was something that you were used to. Your hands were wrapped around the straps of your backpack that rested against your shoulders.

Due to how spaced out you were, you didn’t realize you were passing Murder House. The gates were shut and the, For Sale sign remained in the front yard. No one was willing to go near it after everything. The real estate agency was probably going crazy trying to get it off their books. Your head was bopping from side to side as you moved along. At least until you felt a hand grasping at your backpack.

You were suddenly propelled back which caused a squeal to erupt from you. Your hands reached to tug the ear buds from your ears.

“What the hell?”

You were greeted by the sound of laughter. You were unable to stop yourself from turning to see who it was that had grabbed you. Part of you was prepared to yell at whoever was stupid enough to scare you in such a fashion! After all you had been minding your own business.

To your immense surprise you found yourself face to face with Michael. You only knew who he was due to the few brief glimpses of him you had seen. His grandmother seemed to keep him in the house. Your eyes instantly were searching to see if she was anywhere to be seen. Did she even know that he was outside? How long would it take for her to realize he wasn’t?

“What are you doing out here?” you asked, utterly confused,” Shouldn’t you be inside?”

His laughter instantly stopped at the question you asked.

Had you asked the wrong question?

“I see you all the time,” he explained,” I see you with your father and your friends.”

The way that he spat out the word father made chills shoot up your spine. You had no idea who his parents were and Constance never told anyone. There was so much mystery that encircled the both of them. For the first time ever you found yourself taking a good look at him.

There was no doubting that he was an absolute beauty. He had blonde curls and stunning blue eyes that anyone could get lost in. Something about him seemed to project innocence. He was rather tall and somewhat lanky. It was like he wasn’t fit for his body. He was dressed in a pale blue t-shirt and a pair of khaki pants. To your immense confusion you noticed that his feet were bare.

“I never see you,” you told him, unsure what more to say,” I only ever see your grandmother.”

You found yourself peering around him towards the house that was behind him. Some part of you knew that you should keep moving. The last thing that you needed was his grandma to come out to create a scene. Everyone knew just how dramatic Constance was.

“She’s running errands and my nanny is sleeping.”

His nanny? Wasn’t he too old to have one? You did have to admit that there was something about him that radiated childlike behavior.

“So you decided to sneak out and scare one of your neighbors?”

“I just wanted to get your attention.”

He had certainly done that and probably would have even if he hadn’t literally propelled you back. You didn’t exactly know what it was that was happening right then. Why he had decided that he wanted to get your attention when you had resided on the same street for a few years.

“Well you got it.”

That caused his mouth to curve into a smile that practically spelled sin.

You felt your phone buzzing in your pocket which drew your attention away from him. It was a text from your dad telling you that he needed you to let the dog out since he had forgot. Of course you were used to taking care of things when he wasn’t around. That was because it was just the two of you so you picked up the slack.

“I should be going,” you said after a moment,” I have to take care of some things around the house.”

His smile quickly turned into a frown. You went to take a step forward only for his long fingers to curl around your dainty wrist. Every single limb in your body tensed at the small touch. Some small part of you knew that perhaps you should be scared. After all you knew nothing about him save for the rumors that had spread. Those weren’t exactly comforting.

“Can I come with you?”

It was posed as a question but you had the feeling it wasn’t. You looked towards his face to see the pleading expression that danced across his face. His lower lip jutted out in a pout that most models would kill for. You could feel goose bumps forming in spite of the heat.

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

He merely waved your question off.

You glanced towards his bare feet before looking back up towards his face. He seemed to notice because he was looking down at them as well.

“I’ll be right back!”

You watched him turn and he was heading back towards his house. The irrational part of you was telling you to stay put. Though you could knew instantly that you should run. Even if you felt unsure you found yourself high tailing it down the street. It was a mere relief when your house came into view and rushed inside. You slammed the door behind you and pressed your back against it.

What had just happened?

The second time you saw him was late at night.

You had gone to a party with a few friends and had possibly one too many drinks. None of that mattered since you weren’t driving. You had been dropped off by a friend of yours but had yet to go inside. Instead you had made yourself comfortable on the street curb. The idea of going inside was not one that you found you liked. It was rather muggy outside but you didn’t care.

Your shoes had been kicked off shortly after you sat down. Your purse was right beside you and your phone inside of it. You had made yourself content just staring up at the sky. You were humming a song that your mother used to sing to you when you were a child. Part of you was starting to think that maybe you shouldn’t have had so many drinks or at least not mixed any of them.

Some part of you knew that you must have made an interesting picture. Your hair had been done up in a twist with strands falling out of it. The eye liner and mascara you had applied carefully was now smeared. Your skin was coated with sweat thanks to all the dancing you had done. Plus you probably reeked of booze and possibly pot. Someone had been passing around a joint.

“You ran away from me.”

The voice caused you to jump nearly a mile high. Your head whipped to the left to see Michael standing a few feet away from you. His arms were crossed and a hurt look plastered on his face. It took you a few moments to think about what he was talking about. You had tried to forget your first encounter with the strange boy that lived down the street. Again you were confused by how he was out of the house.

“I was-I wasn’t sure what I was doing.”

He was studying you as if you were the most interesting thing on the planet. It seemed to take him a minute to realize that you were in an intoxicated state. His head cocked to the side after he realized it. Then he was grinning from ear to ear.

“You shouldn’t be out here,” he told you in a sing song voice,” It’s late.”

You merely shrugged since you were used to being out at such hours. Instead of saying anything you were struggling to clamber up to your feet. His hands shot out in order to steady you given how unsteady you were. You merely made a face as you looked down at your purse. Why had you not grabbed it before standing up? You knew if you swooped down to pick it up that you would likely get dizzy.

“Come on,” he told you before he was reaching to pick up your purse,” Let’s get you inside.”

You might have protested if you weren’t feeling tipsy. Your rational mind would have told you to not allow him into your home. You already knew that your father was likely sleeping. Michael was pulling your house keys out from your purse. Thanks to the hold that he had on you, the two of you were walking up the front path. If anyone saw you they would wonder why you were allowing Michael Langdon into your home.

He was going to unlock the front door as if he owned the place. You merely allowed it as the two of you walked in. Rather he walked whereas you stumbled. He was taking his shoes from you and setting them down. You were taking a breath as you glanced around.

There was a rather loud bark that made the both of you jump. You turned to see your German shepherd standing in the entryway to the living room. Her head was cocked to the side as he looked at the two of you. You were merely relieved that he hadn’t decided to jump on either of you. That was a habit that you had yet to break her out of.

“Go back to sleep,” you told her, waving towards the dog bed that was underneath the window in the living room,” Go on girl!”

Michael looked amused at the sight of you trying to shoo her away. He was looking around at everything in the house that actually seemed like a home. There was a table in the front hall that held some family photos. There was one of you from when you were younger with both your parents. Another of you standing on top of a hill covered in snow with a sled in your hands.

“Which way to your room?” he asked after he stared at them for a moment,” I’ll get you to bed.”

You almost felt like you should tell him that he could leave. After all he had seen you safely inside of your home. Instead you were motioning down the hall to where your room was. Upstairs was your father’s room and the guest room as well a bathroom. Down the hall were your room was and your own bathroom. To the right was the dining room which was also connected to the kitchen.

Together you were walking down the hall to your room. He was stepping in first and taking a look around your private space. Your room was painted a somewhat darker shade of purple. You had a desk that was old, the white paint chipping. It held your lap top as well as some school books. It also housed some candles on the shelves. Your bed was a twin and covered by a grey comforter that had a purple flower pattern on it. There was only one window that was right by your bed.

It was covered by grey curtains that you had closed before leaving the house. You went to flip on the light once you stepped in behind him. Quickly you were shutting the door behind you. Even if you felt a tiny bit uncomfortable you didn’t need the dog or your dad to come barging in.

He was going to lift you from your feet which took you by surprise. You let out a squeak as he set you down on your bed. To your surprise he was going towards your dresser. In a few moments he had produced an oversized t-shirt of yours as well as your favorite pair of sweats.

“You don’t need to do this,” you mumbled as he neared the bed,” You don’t even know me.”

“I want to know you.”