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Of Mythos and Men

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Shigaraki Fanart Here!


When he was young, Midoriya always wondered what his mythos would be. The matching half to his quirk, the ancestry of its power. Mythos were strange things, not linked genetically like quirks seemed to be. They were just as amazing, they were even rarer to ever speak of.

People didn’t tell of their mythos, only through rumors and ever so scarce mentions could anyone gossip what mythos another had. They weren’t indicative of quirk or ability, or personality or characteristic. They were secret things, a promise and bond impossible to explain. Some people went their entire life unknowing of what watched their mind. Some people heard whispers or roars, or a blessed voice whispering a name they never heard before.

Kacchan always boasted his mythos would be something amazing. Something flashy and strong- like the screams and roars that flickered on the computer screen.

Mythos in person were rare, scarcely ever seen. A few times were documented; a man with pixies flashing in the dead of night, a scream of Horus alerting the authorities of a lost girl in a forest.

The three synchronous roars, from the gates of hell as Endeavour unleashed hellfire, and Cerberus devoured.

(Nobody talked about Endeavour’s mythos. Cerberus, seemed like a temperamental beast.)


Kacchan’s quirk came in, and he stopped talking about mythos. Sometimes, when your quirk first presented, your dreams changed to the warm touches of whatever divinity had somehow inexplicably laid claim to you.

Whispers like Phoenix, and Will-O-Wisp echoed through the class as Kacchan bared his teeth and sparks danced across his hands.

Mythos didn’t always relate to your quirk, but they seemed to bless those related.


(They also said something of your heart, that such a creature claimed you forever.)


Time passed, and sludge filled Midoriya’s mouth and lungs and he screamed for something to help him.

He imagined he saw something, quick and soft- protrusions upwards-.

All-Might slammed in to the sludge villain, and Midoriya determined he had never seen anything at all.


“You too, can become a  hero!”


“I don’t know if you can hear me,” Midoriya whispered, eyes closed and sprawled in bed. “But I’d really like some help tomorrow.”

No dreams, or smells or names came to his lips. Hadn’t the stories always said something like that would happen? That a divine vision would fall over his senses?

He stayed alert, until sleep lured him quietly into a restful state.

He woke the next day, nervous for the exam with a power he didn’t know how to use, shoveling cereal into a stomach cramping with anxiety.

“Mum?” Midoriya squeaked, already feeling like hurling. “When did you know your mythos?”

Inko jolted, looking at her son in alarm.

“Oh honey,” Inko looked ready to cry, “don’t worry about that. Just try your best!”


The girl was going to be crushed- he had to do something!

(Something moved in the corner of his eye, jumping up over his shoulder into the air-.”

Midoriya felt power burn through his limbs; he jumped.


“Welcome to Class 1-A.” Aizawa deadpanned, looking tiredly over the classroom. “Congrats on passing the physical. Nobody is getting expelled, now open your books. I’m not wasting a day on introductions, go over the syllabus on your own.”

Midoriya hurried to follow the directions, staying low and out of sight in his seat.

Uraraka beamed at him, passing a small thumbs up in joy as finally, the knowledge that they had made it sunk in.


“Hi!” The pink skinned girl beamed, sticking out her hand. “My name is Ashido Mina! I can make acid, and my mythos is Quetzalcoatl!”

Midoriya stared at her hand, a soft pastel. Instead of shaking it, he blurted impulsively, “isn’t that a dragon?”

Mina blinked- her eyes were black. Then, she threw her head back and laughed- the two horns on her head nearly shaking with the movement. “No! No it’s South American I think! Well, I can’t tell, it chirps though! Kinda like a noisy parrot!”

Midoriya accepted her hand, shaking it with such bafflement he felt is straight in his core.

“Whoa sweet!” one of his classmates cheered, “that thing is like, really strong, right? I’ve got a Thunderbird myself!”

“No way!” Mina beamed, grabbing their classmates shoulder, “that's so cool! You’re Kaminari right?”

“Yep!” Kaminari beamed, jerking one thumb over his shoulder, “That’s Sero! He’s got himself bagged a Nekomata, it’s like this weird two tailed cat thing at least when I checked online.”

The class quickly was swallowed in babbling, curious inquiries and vague rumors on what their homeroom teacher, Eraserhead, could possibly have.

“I have a kitsune!” Uraraka blushed slightly, “I know it’s kinda common, but-.”

“No! That’s amazing!” Midoriya gasped in surprise, “that’s a super fascinating Mythos!”

“Thanks!” Uraraka beamed, eyes sparkling, “your quirk is new, right? Have you met yours yet?”

Midoriya tried to keep smiling, although he knew his eyes had lost their shine. “Ah, no. Maybe soon!”

The conversation became strained. Uraraka didn’t bother trying to keep it up.


Midoriya dreamed, of something running. Always so close, but just out of sight. Running through the long grass, if he looked a bit closer-

Midoriya woke up to his alarm, and felt hollow in his chest.


Villains poured into the USJ, and Midoriya found himself helpless to stop it.

‘Please!’ He begged mentally, ‘Please! Help us!’

He knew the others were doing similar, but nothing showed as the portal deposited them all throughout.

Asui thought looked considerately at the water, her brows furrowed as Mineta clung to her desperately.

“I think maybe I can help, Ribbit.” Asui offered, one finger pressed to her chin in thought. “But we should go with your plan, Midoriya.”

So they did, and Midoriya screamed with a broken finger and the whirlpool of water swirling below. Villains screaming in anger, desperately trying to reach them.

One got to close, free from the churning surf. Cruelty in eye, large angular fish teeth and and gaping mouth as the villain reached closer and closer and-.

From the water, something fast and coated with scales sleek and dark. Quick, like a shimmer of a gossamer fin, a resonating whispering tug that made Midoriya’s eyes water in the beauty of it.

It jumped, graceful like a rainbow with a main flaring defying the reality of the world. A Hippocampus struck, hooves as large as a dinner plate smashing the mortal back into the surf. The creature landed in water, not a ripple stirred as if it was never there at all. Asui croaked, shaking pale as they landed in a crumpled heap on the side of the simulated ocean.

“That was amazing!” Mineta screamed, unable to remove his hands from around Asui’s waist.

“Yeah.” Asui croaked out weakly, “you’re going to have to take it from here, Midoriya.”

“Okay,” He whispered, unable to get the afterimage flashes of something celestial in front of his eyes. “Just...just give me a moment.”


The villain laughed, head thrown back as Eraserhead’s flesh crumbled apart.

Above it all, in their skulls behind their eyes, something supernatural screamed in delight.


Midoriya felt like crying, but the heroes had arrived and the horrible horrible monster had vanished in the portal that sucked them all away.

“Are you alright?” Asui asked, looking weak and barely conscious. Her prayers or summoning was...was unheard of.

“Yeah, we’re safe now.” Midoriya’s voice warbled, barely able to stay together, “how did you do that? With…”

Asui understood, but she couldn’t answer.


“Dude,” Kirishima gaped, staring at Bakugou in annoyance, “you just made our class like, at war?”

“So?” Bakugou grunted, eyes sharp and deadly as he sneered, “I can take them.”

“Dude, keep that up, they’re going to think you’re a dragon.” Kaminari snickered, feet up on his desk, “omen of evil, oooooh.”

“Shut your face!” Bakugou roared, slamming exploding fists against the desk surface, “I ain’t a dragon, you hear me you talent-less extra!”

Midoriya shrunk lower in his seat, staring out the window flatly.


Shinsou Hitoshi smiled and wove his words like a siren luring him to shipwreck.

Midoriya didn’t know how he broke free.


“This is your power!” Midoriya screamed, hurting, in agony and furious. “Not his!”

Something shattered through, something broke and finally, finally, a shimmer of gossamer in a world that didn’t exist. A shift of something, something. A flash of light, the barest glimpse of silvery fur, a single horn, and something low, dark with rippling muscle.

Midoriya lost, but he was sure Todoroki had never met the hellhound before.


“He sure looks angry like that.” Uraraka frowned, her eyebrows pinched together. There was a bandage on her cheek from her loss before. “People are going to really start talking about him having a dragon.”

A dragon, the worst taboo of all mythos. Every reported dragon in the history of discovery had been found guilty of some unfathomable crime. Rape, murder, cannibalism.

A villain wasn’t always a dragon, but a dragon was always a villain.

“Kacchan is always like that.” Midoriya responded quietly, because he wasn’t sure what to say.


In his dreams, he was always running. Always chasing something just out of sight, quick through the underbrush and fast through the grasses. He ran, and he could never catch up.


“If I use my quirk through my whole body,” Midoriya breaked, feeling it stir and travel under his skin like a lightning storm, “then I can-.”

‘See?’ He could almost imagine hearing, ‘now you’re getting it.’


Stain, was something grotesque and wrong.

He was...different. Foul, twisted so intimately his mere presence made Midoriya flinch away.

“Midoriya!” Todoroki shouted, trying to defend with both flame and fire, twin eyes haunting over each shoulder approvingly, “get back!”

He needed to be faster, he needed to move faster.

Stain laughed, wild and feral. Bandana over his skull red and dripping like a redcap and-

Midoriya needed to move faster, he needed to go faster.

(Something, always running just out of sight. Just beyond his reach-.)

Midoriya jumped and kicked, fighting tooth and nail.

‘See?’ nothing asked him, no matter how hard he listened.


“It turns out I have two.” Todoroki confessed, staring distantly at a wall in the hospital room they all shared. Tired and weak, licking their wounds on white bedding.

“Mythos?” Midoriya asked, his heart sinking and nausea twisting his insides.

Todoroki nodded, unwavering in his tone. “A unicorn, the same as my mother. I know inheriting mythos is rare, but given my quirk it makes sense. Only after you helped me awaken and use my full power, have I met my hellhound.”

Iida choked in surprise, his eyebrows raising in surprise. “I am happy you have embraced your true creatures, Todoroki! I offer you my aid if you ever need it!”

Todoroki nodded slightly, closing his eyes in exhaustion. “What about you, Midoria? We already know that Iida has Sleipnir, I haven’t heard anything about your mythos.”

Midoriya pulled his knees to his chest uncomfortably. “I haven’t met mine.”

“Oh.” Todoroki said.


Bakugou hit the ground, vomiting under the agony. Midoriya could imagine the pain, he had been hit by All-Might before.

“You cannot beat me!” his mentor, his friend proclaimed.

Bakugou rolled, a low primitive whine bubbling from his throat in the unconscious instinct of pain. He looked horrible, arms bruised and bloodied. Gauntlet busted- he looked strangely naked without them.

Something about the boy felt wrong, like static under his skin. Enough that All-Might froze for a moment, staring at Bakugou with obvious surprise.

Midoriya couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move under the oppressive heavy weight of something not happy.

A rattle, a low pitched whispering sound of something- some sort of hiss and-

‘Are you going to chase me?’ Deku thought impulsively for reasons he couldn’t understand, and then Midoriya was moving.


‘Are you going to chase me?’ he heard in his dreams, teasing and fast. Always running just out of reach.

Midoriya ran, and ran.


“Dude!” Kirishima laughed in class, looking a bit worse for wear after a difficult trianing session. “That’s crazy what you did there, Bakubro!”

“Don’t call me that!” Bakugou roared, audible across the room.

“It’s weird how they get along,” Jiro noted, looking satisfied with her training for the day, “Kirishima must have emotions like a rock as well.”

“I heard him say that his mythos is a gollum!” Mina winked playfully, “but he also fumble a bit. I hear he’s actually a drake- but it has a bad hype since you know…”

“Oh,” Jiro blinked in surprise, “yeah, I gotchu. Kirishima is like, the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.”


Mineta had an imp.

Nobody was surprised.


‘Chase me!’

“Wait!” Midoriya shouted in his dreams. It didn’t wait.


The camp was amazing.

They trudged through the forest, exhausted and weak. Uraraka overdid it too early on, leaving her puking all over Iida’s poor backside as he hauled her into the camp safely.

The days bled on, Midoriya’s entire body quaking under the strain and effort. Todoroki looked worse for wear in a vat of boiling water, although Kacchan looked furious with having to plunge his hands in over and over again.

The Wild Wild Pussycats found it all hilarious, although they were quite gentle and patient with them.


‘Chase me!’

Midoriya ran.


Muscular broke his bones. He broke Muscular.

“Are you okay?” Kota asked him, nearly sobbing from the stress. “I- I thought you had died.”

“It’s okay,” Midoriya breathed, adrenaline keeping the imminent agony at bay. They were here for Kacchan, he had to save him. “We need to get back!”

They ran, back to security and to Eraserhead who gave them all safe passage.

Kacchan, Kacchan was in trouble and he needed to help but he didn’t know where to-

‘Chase me!’ he remembered, so Midoriya looked.

Sitting at the end of the clearing along the forest line, was a small normal rabbit.

Its nose wiggled, its large eyes didn’t blink. The twin antlers, small and branching into a tiny rack, vibrated with its breathing.

“A Jackalope.” Midoriya exhaled in a whisper. The rabbit stared at him, he stared back.

It took off in a sprint through the forest.

Midoriya chased behind.


“Stay back, Deku.”

A roar, of something furious, and the portal slipped closed.


“I met my mythos.” Midoriya confessed, feeling numb to the world at large.

“That’s wonderful!” Uraraka cheered, trying to boost his spirits to some regard.

Midoriya nodded, eyes downcast and dull. “It’s a Jackalope.”

Uraraka twitched. Midoriya knew why. A jackalope was a low level mythos, barely more than a nymph or a sprite. It didn’t talk much, it just ran and ran. Away from danger, to safety or security. It would look terrible for his hero carreer if it ever came out as public knowledge.

“That’s wonderful.” Uraraka said, voice strained although she tried to force a level of joy into it. Uraraka, with her kitsune capable of changing the moon. Common, but a tier of significance so large it dwarfed a little Jackalope like an ant under a tree.

Midoriya didn’t let his heart shatter, he stared at his feet under the blanket dimly.

‘Find me,’ he thought quietly, in his own words in his head with the sound of someone breaking. ‘Find Kacchan.’


Midoriya dreamed, of Momo with a tracker, and a path laid out under the stars.

A little Jackalope ran, and Midoriya ran after.


“We shouldn’t be here.” Kirishima paled, white with disgust.

Black tar bubbled up from the ground, revealing humans and bodies that were nothing compared to the oppressing disgust that suffocated them all.

If Midoriya thought that Shigaraki felt sick, the creature that lived under his skin, he was nothing compared to this- this-

“All for One!” All-Might roared, landing on impact with the power of suns behind him.

Bakugou screeched, trying to evade the dozens of foes attempting to subdue him. Midoriya could only watch in horror, disgust and fear bleeding through his desperate breathing as Kacchan deflected and dodged again, again.

Mr. Compress attacked, and Dabi and Toga over and over. Shigaraki’s deathly hands and again and again.

“That’s all you’ve got, you fuckers!” Kacchan screamed, the tendons in his neck bulging as sweat fueled his blasts. Bigger and bigger, like the villains fighting meant nothing to him. Like Toga’s wide eyed grin and chapucabra movements were nothing- like the long glistening fangs and frozen skin of a Wendigo behind severed hands were nothing-

Bakugou roared, like a thousand words behind a blast like a maw exhaling a wildfire.

Midoriya looked forward, straining to keep them safe and aloft. Iida, Todoroki, Momo-

“Take my hand!” Kirishima roared, a snarl through bones that rattled the ground itself.

Bakugou grinned like a feral king, and grabbed his hand.


“You’re next.”

The world cheered, and All-Might ended.

(All-for-One, had a wriggling amalgamation of things that should never be. It was horrifying, to think that at one point, it was an angel.)


“All-Might?” Midoriya asked quietly, slipping into his mentors room. Tired, exhausted really. Midoriya had just finished moving into the dorms, and already he was feeling homesick. “What’s your mythos?”

The man chuckled, quietly and low. His arm in a sling didn’t stop him from hugging Midoriya with one arm, gentle around his shoulders.

“It’s nothing to be impressed over, my boy.” All-Might smiled, soft and secret. “But if you must know, it was a Bennu.”

Midoriya blinked in surprise, then slight confusion, “I...I don’t know that one?”

All-Might laughed, a deep comforting sound despite his frail body. “It’s a bit of an uncommon one, my boy! Bennu is a gentle mythos, from exotic Egypt. It once guarded the river, in the form of a crane, and helped symbolize rebirth.”

Midoriya blinked, his voice wavering ever so slightly, “it’s...a lesser mythos?”

“Quite.” All-Might chuckled gently, “your mythos doesn’t define you, it just guides you and helps you find yourself.”

Midoriya’s lower lip trembled, and he started to cry.


Kacchan pulled him out in the middle of the night, glaring with teeth bared in a snarl.

“I saw you there, Deku.” Kacchan spat angrily, “I know you saw!”

“Kacchan-.” Midoriya attempted to pacify.

“I’m not something to be chained up!” Bakugou screamed, blasts rattling from his fists, “I’m not something to be muzzled!”

“I’m not going to!” Midoriya scrambled to defend, hands lifted upwards.

“And you!” Bakugou spat, “what have you been lying about, eh? What kind of- of creature have you been lying to me about!”

“I haven’t!” Midoriya tried to shout back. “I haven’t lied to you about anything!”

Bakugou screamed wordlessly.

Midoriya felt it settle over him, heavy and warm. Hot, like a sun trapped over him, like one of Kacchan’s’ blasts he couldn’t escape from.

A low rumbling noise, bass that shook his body. Wide eyes as red as blood and horns and the vicious reptilian hiss-.

“Why me!” Bakugou sobbed, body shaking as his explosions twisted into mighty paws and- “why am I the one to end All-Might!”

The viper thrashed with all of Kacchan’s aggression, the goat tossed its head with all of Kacchan’s stubbornness-

And the lion’s maw exploded like a sun.

‘Of course,’ Midoriya thought fondly, ‘Kacchan could never be anything else.’

A chimera towered, with the strength to change the world.

Bakugou’s nostrils flared, eyes wide and wet as he snarled with wordless rage and-

A Jackalope tilted its head simply, nose twitching faster than a heartbeat.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Bakugou screamed, no- he roared.

Midoriya couldn’t help it, he laughed.


“Why were you always running?” Midoriya asked underwater.

The world swam, a blur of colours and sounds and shapes.

Jackalope stared at him, from the edge of the meadow and forest of trees.

‘Why were you always chasing?’ Midoriya felt in his heart.


The world moved faster and faster, and Midoriya could barely breathe under it all.


Mirio was everything Midoriya wasn’t despite everything he said to try and reassure him.

Mirio was what they wanted in a hero. A large spiritual guardian, a gentle wolf the size of a building. A guardian, a kind beast that leapt over mountains to aid lost children.

Midoriya beamed and cried, because he felt so small in the eyes of someone so much greater.

“I’ll do my best!” Midoriya smiled, and he tried.


Overhaul, coated in rock and hate as Midoriya ran and Eri- poor sweet little Eri, clung to his arms desperately.

“You can’t run!” Overhaul roared, earthen beak opening as his shelled flesh wrapped around him like the cloak of something tattered. One claw punctured through concrete, uprooting water piping and gas lines. Arms and claws made from stone- dozens of teeth like the maw of a hungry animal-.

“Deku,” Eri whispered, trembling in his arms. She was safe in his arms, he would never let anything happen to her.

“It’s okay!” He assured her, racing down the streets.

‘Chase me!’ Jackalope laughed, springing between cars with powerful hind-legs, and Deku ran.

Eri’s horn glowed, the heavens parted and the gentle flap of Pegasus blessed her brow.

“I don’t need to hold back!” Deku roared, glowing with energy that cracked his body again and again. Eri clung to him desperately, tighter and tighter as he faced the Lindwyrm with a smile.


‘Chase me,’ Jackalope said, ‘I’ll guide you.’


Class was normal, except it had a strange sense of finality to it.

The windows were sealed shut, the door closed tightly to plunge the room in to secrecy. The atmosphere was odd, quiet, and hushed.

“I’m sure you’ve all seen the news.” Aizawa started in a low mumble. Aoyama shifted in his seat, unsettled by the tension.

“I didn’t want to do this,” Aizawa started, scratching the side of his ear with a small huff, “the principal urged that with...Overhaul’s blatant display of his mythos, that we should...add mythos education to the ciriculum.”

Momo gasped and instantly flung her hand in the air, Aizawa uncharacteristically ignored her.

“Unfortunately, I’m about to ask a huge breach in personal privacy.” Aizawa deadpanned casually, “we’re going to discuss our mythos, and how the public can backfire on you. If you have a mythos that the public does not like, you need to understand your position.”

Kirishima sunk in his chair, drawing attention although he tried not to.

“Yes, I know you all hate this.” Aizawa finished, eyes locked on Bakugou who was literally smoking. “I hate this too. Unfortunately, it seems you brats managed to get a target on this class, which means we’ll have to be a bit more...interconnected,” Aizawa grimaced sourly, “than I’d like.”

Momo’s hand wavered before she slowly let it down.

The mood remained tense, because Mythos were a thing of personal secrecy.

Mina chewed her lower lip, raising her hand timid. Aizawa’s eyes flicked to her, the barest of nods.

“I know it isn’t a” Mina cringed, “but uh, my mythos is Quetzacoatl.”

Aizawa didn’t blink, instead he grabbed chalk and wrote down her mythos, pointedly at the top as if they would be making a list.

“Aw man.” Kaminari’s shoulders lifted to his ears anxiously. “Aizawa Sensei! I’m a Thunderbird!”

“Great.” Aizawa deadpanned, adding that.”

Slowly, slowly, mythos were added to the board. Some proudly, some timid.

Sero’s Nekomata, Uraraka’s Kitsune. Iida’s Sleipnir, Asui’s Hippocampus.

The more unknown ones joined the board. Jiro’s Hanau-epe, the long eared ones. Hagakure’s Turehu, a pale spirit who lived in the mountains with haunting melodies. Aoyama confessed a Mayura, a beautiful peacock spirit that traveled all of India with gemstones in its wake.

Momo proudly added her Mujina, a shapeshifting creature that fit with her quirk surprisingly well. Names were added, Cyclops, Kali, Minotaur, Bastet. Creatures of power that left Midoriya feeling both ashamed, and nervous.

“Kirishima.” Aizawa asked, flat and expectant. Kirishima bit his lower lip harder, blood trailing down his chin.

“...Drake.” Kirishima winced, reluctent to talk. “A...Rock Drake.”

Aizawa paused for only a moment before he added it to the wall.

Kirishima was the nicest classmate they had, the glue that bound them together. He tamed Bakugou, regardless of any similarity of a Drake to a dragon species, it was still entirely different and impossible.

“You’ll have difficulty.” Aizawa advised flatly, his eyes shifting back to Todoroki who didn’t look distressed.

“Unicorn.” Todoroki provided, “and Hellhound.”

The class started muttering, Aizawa didn’t look surprised.

“Two quirks, two mythos.” Aizawa grunted, writing the contrasting mythos without pausing, “Bakugou.”

More whispers, rumors that had never been answered.

“Oh man, it’s gotta be a phoenix.” Kaminari whispered to Jiro, who kicked his leg with one shoe.

Bakugou bristled, lip curling back in a snarl. “Fine, shitty ass assignment, you all fucking extras- I’ve got fucking Chimera.”

Oh wow, if the class had chilled at Kirishima’s Drake, it was nothing compared to the many eyes watching him now.

“Bro.” Kirishima spoke lowly, wincing slightly.

Chimera wasn’t...a dragon, but it wasn’t exactly a friendly one. Anything reptilian with wings that breathed fire tended to bring up negative popularity. Despite the fact Chimera technically was also a lion and a goat, it didn’t... help.

“I bet Midoriya has something wicked!” Kaminari tried to break the tension, “ Griffin! Or...uh…”

Midoriya sunk in his seat, Todoroki looking at him in vague sympathy.

“Uh…” Midoriya quietly and uncomfortably raised his hand. Aizawa stared, waiting.

“...I have…” Midoriya braced himself, “...Jackalope.”

“What.” Aizawa asked.

“Jackalope.” Midoriya repeated in a squeak.

Aizawa exhaled through his nose very quickly, then looked back at the board, scribbling it down. “Wonderful. I’m Basilisk. Now, on this board, the most problematic in terms of public appeal is Drake and Chimera, that's a given consider the historical significance of-...”


“Wait!” Midoriya spoke in his dreams, reaching out with a shaking hand. “I...Why you? Why did you choose me?”

Jackalope’s nose twitched. Its dark eyes didn’t blink.

‘You move before thinking.’ Jackalope whispered without words.


“I don’t understand why you have Jackalope.” Todoroki told him casually, eating soba in the kitchen. “It doesn’t fit you.”

Midoriya stiffened and looked down at his hands, unwilling to say anything further.

“I think it fits!” Uraraka defended, “Deku’s always running to help people!”

Todoroki stared uncomprehendingly. “Jackalope is a rabbit. His hero outfit resembles it, I suppose.”

Uraraka tried not to snort, and Midoriya instantly argued that his hero costume was not a rabbit.


“Why didn’t you choose someone else?” Midoriya asked voiceless.

Jackalope didn’t look away. ‘There was never anyone else.’

Deku walked wordlessly into a scene he wasn’t supposed to see.

Kirishima comforting Kacchan, falling apart over something not his fault.

Kacchan flinched away from a touch on his neck, trembling with haunted eyes that wouldn’t leave him.

“You’re okay, man.” Kirishima comforted him in a low rumble, “It wasn’t your fault. You’re not a villain, you’re fine.”


The news came out, horrible news.

Endeavor was the number one hero, the only confirmed mythos of Cerberus.

Dabi was a famous villain, infamous with his burn scars and casual grins. He murdered so many people.

The news repeated over and over, the clips on repeat.

Endeavour screaming wordlessly with Cerberus roaring over his shoulder.

Dabi opposed him, a hellhound as large and as matching as its sire- the beast across from him.

Both bathed in hellfire, glowing blue and orange with the heat of the inferno.

Todoroki locked himself in his room. He didn’t come out for two days.


“Does it bother you? That your brother has Sleipnir?” Uraraka asked Iida curiously.

Iida winced, flinching back. “He ah, he hasn’t heard Sleipnir since his accident.”

(Mirio had been in silence as well.)

Midoriya stared into the forest.

Jackalope didn’t run away.


“All Might?” Midoriya asked worriedly, “can you still hear your mythos?”


‘You’ve run so much.’ Jackalope seemed approving, watching him almost proudly.


“You’ll be facing off against class 1-B.” Aizawa advised them, pairing them into groups. Eyes sharp and careful, splitting them apart against foe. “Don’t hold back.”


“Hello.” Shinsou drawled uncaring, his voice like honey as it lured in drunken sailor.

‘Hello,’ Midoriya made sure not to say back.


Todoroki screamed, raging against the iron fangs of Tetsutetsu. Hellhound howled, burning bright and burning brighter, until his skin burned blue and bright.

Deranged and wild, the kin of mighty Cerberus.

With a blink, it burned out.


Jiro was almost struck, until a foot kicked her away and out of injuries path.

Bakugou, wide and snarling. Lips curled into a grin with eyes red for bloodlust.

A roar, a scream, a flap of wings of something beastly.

“- and you save me!”

A blast of fire, and Chimera won.


‘Are you ready?’ Jackalope asked him, tilting its head with shining antlers.


Midoriya lunged, facing a siren with purple hair.

Midoriya would be a hero, he would win.

He smiled, because mythos didn’t matter, he would be the greatest hero that ever lived.

He would save everyone.


‘You’re ready.’ Jackalope told him.


Midoriya’s punch changed, electricity burning and warping as suddenly, thick black tendrils like tar twisted, distorting in shape.

Shinsou’s eyes widened, Uraraka launched herself.

“Deku!” She screamed, leaping off stars as she slammed into him, freeing him from a mess of his own creation.

“No!” Deku shouted back, shuddering and gagging before his jaw locked in a snarl, “I can do this!”

Jackalope watched him from the corner, and then it’s face grew.


“Oh my god.” All-Might whispered, eyes wide in horror. Aizawa couldn’t breathe, barely able to move at all.


The Jackalope shifted, larger and bigger and bigger, horns arching and curling as its body split and-.

A bird, a jaguar, a half dozen more all contorting in distorted movements and a ripple of glittering scales. A thick body, wings like arms reaching to the sky. Spines and claws and-

‘You don’t have to chase me anymore,’ Jackalope whispered, its antlers turned into graceful horns on its long skull.

The many headed beast turned its maws to the sky, and roared.

“Deku.” Uraraka whispered, pale and barely moving.

“It’s a hydra.” Deku croaked out shakily, counting not one, two,- but the heads of every previous user of One-for-all, passed along into a single creature. The snout of a Wyvern, a Leviathan, dragons of all kind shifted into one creature.

Jackalope had changed, but still was the same. The wide unblinking eyes, the furred pointed snout- a Fuku Riu, a golden dragon of good luck.

‘It’s time that we chase you.’ Jackalope- no, Fuku Riu said.