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Forest Fire

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At age four Midoriya's life would be turned upside down by a doctor's visit. It was a routine checkup to see if he had a quirk that was just hiding itself. He'd had his blood drawn for tests earlier in the month, and now that the results were in, he and his mother went to the doctor's office to learn what his quirk was. The doctor quickly informed them that Midoriya Izuku, despite having a quirk factor in his blood, would not be developing a quirk as it would not react to any stimulus. Midoriya's mind slowly began to process the information while his mother started crying for the loss of her sons dream. Steeling himself as best that a four year old can while crying, he turns and asks his mother, "Mama, do you think I can still be a hero?"

Crying slightly harder now, Midoriya Inko replied, "I don't know Izu-chan, but if anyone can, it's you."

While his mother had resolved to be supportive, his friends and peers at school turned out to be the opposite. They began to tease and ostracize Midoriya, stating that he was less than them because he was quirkless. Of these bullies, not hurt worse or hit harder, than Midoriya's former best friend Bakugou Katsuki, affectionately nicknamed "Kacchan". The young Bakugou had taken to beating Midoriya daily, and using his quirk in as many ways as he could think of to cause the other boy pain and fear. His quirk explosions, also began to take its toll on Midoriya Izuku's hearing, although the constant ringing in his head made it hard to tell. But of all the things that Bakugou would do, the name calling struck Midoriya the hardest, even more so with two nicknames. The first of those names was "Deku", which spawned from Bakugou's belief that the boy was too useless to be able to use his quirk, and that he was useless because he didn't have a quirk. The other insult that Bakugou would throw at Midoriya had a much different effect.

Midoriya had been called this many times by their classmates, but one day he started thinking more about it. Kacchan had called them a girl, and they know they're not a girl. So why, was Midoriya thinking that being called a girl suited them better than being called a boy. Midoriya doesn't even believe that they're allowed to think of themselves as a girl as everyone says they're a boy. These thoughts continue in the child's mind until they spill out into the world in the form of mumbling. Midoriya Inko, does her best to listen to the mumbling to see whats bother her child, but she can barely tell what they're saying. Wanting the best for her child and wanting to do the best to help them, the young mother asks her child what's on their mind. Izuku pauses, and then replies, "Kacchan called me something today, and I really think it applies to me."

"Izu-chan, you know only you get to decide what you are right? No matter how much Bakugou might say something, you are who you say you are."

"Even if I say something I'm not allowed to be?"

Thinking that her child is referring to being able to be a hero, Inko replies, "Of course Izu-chan. Would you like to say what you think you're not allowed to be?"

"I'm a girl like you mom, not a boy like everyone says."

Now it was Inko's turn to pause as that was not what she was expecting. But she remembers what one of her friends wished that their parents had said to them, and decides to do things right for her child. Smiling down towards the crying child in her lap, she says, "Well then, my beautiful daughter, what would you like to be called? There are a lot of people who think Izuku is a boy's name, but you don't have to keep it Izu-chan."

The younger Midoriya thinks for a moment before saying, "I want a girl's name to match me, but I also like it when you call me Izu-chan. Are there any girl names that have "Izu" in them?"

"How does Izumi sound?"

Midoriya Izumi makes a smile so bright it lights up the room before saying, "It's perfect Mommy" and giving her mother the largest hug she could muster.

The newly realized mother and daughter pair spent the rest of the day figuring out how to have Izumi transition, while also keeping her safe. They eventually decided on a three month period for Izumi to get used to her name and being treated like a girl before she would come out to her class in school. Part of those three months was Inko preparing the documents to get her daughter’s change of gender recognized by the school, a process she figured would take that long. As the time drew nearer and nearer, Inko’s nervousness grew, and Izumi’s courage swelled.

When the designated time came, Inko decided to ask her daughter one last time if she wanted to go through with this. Putting a smile on her face like her favorite hero, All Might, Izumi tells her mother that she will be fine. With that out of the way, Inko takes her daughter to school, stopping by the attendance office to remind them of Izumi’s new name. Izumi’s teacher takes care of the announcement, and before the class can erupt into chaos, a certain Bakugou Katsuki says, “Of course she’s a girl. She was too girly to be a boy anyways.” His comments naturally sets off some of the girls, while the rest of the class just nods in agreement. While she’s surprised that Kacchan stood up for her, Izumi is glad that the class accepted her.

Naturally, an announcement like that was something unheard of to most of the kids in that class, and it became the dinnertime conversation for many of their families. While some of the families were upset at Inko for what they believed was her forcing her son to be her daughter, the majority of them were amazed at Izumi’s courage to come out but otherwise indifferent. One family that was not indifferent however had their dinner abruptly interrupted by the father leaving to go to a bar.

This bar was more than just a standard restaurant, however, and as Kurogiri let the newcomer in, the villains inside shifted to provide him his usual spot. Then as Kurogiri took up his role as barkeeper, a job he’d done for years to forge connections in the underworld, he asked the newcomer his usual question, “Tsubasa, what would you like to drink?”
“Kurogiri, I’m going to need something strong enough to let me handle the Dragon’s anger.”

A hush falls over the bar as the villain in questions downs his drink, and glares at the mention of his name. “What did you do Tsubasa, that I need to hurt you for?”

“Oh it’s not what I’ve done, I’ve been keeping tabs on your son just like you asked. I only found out today that he’s been wearing girl’s clothes like some kind of degenerate.”

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?” Midoriya Hisashi asks, fire punctuating every word.

“You heard me. My son said he was also asking to be called a girl and that his name was Izumu or something like that now. Disgraceful.”

“You’re right. It is disgraceful. Kurogiri, I’ll be heading out. Do you remember my address?”

“Of course Dragon. What’s your plan?”

“I’ll be paying my sorry excuse of a family one final visit.”

A voice pipes up from a nearby tv set. Its warped and altered, but still intimidating. “I look forward to the results of your efforts Dragon. And Tsubasa, before you go?”

“Yes sir?” Tsubasa responds stiffly, his body straightening to match.

“How would like to have the power to kill All Might?”