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Yuuri could remember in vivid detail the first time he saw Victor Nikiforov skate on the small screen at Ice Castle Hasetsu. Even with the old television's staticky picture, Victor looked ethereal. The teen's long silver hair cascaded behind him as he floated effortlessly across the ice, his impossibly blue eyes bright with passion and pride. A flick of the hand here, a swish of the hips there, and Yuuri was mesmerized by the smooth movements of the skater's body. Dazzling lights reflected off crystals sewn into Victor's costume, catching Yuuri's eye with every twist, turn, and jump.

Completely engrossed in Victor's skating, Yuuri barely registered his friend Yuuko's excited squealing and enthusiastic commentary. He was too lost in the music and the beauty of Victor's performance to notice anything else around him. Victor had captured his attention, and Yuuri knew he'd never be able to look away again.

Even while receiving his medal, Victor was poised and graceful. He grinned, the brilliance of his smile nearly outdoing the shine of the gold medal around his neck. When the teen lifted the gold to his lips and kissed it, Yuuri practically swooned. Yuuri decided right then that he would learn everything there was to know about the older skater and one day, hopefully, meet him on the ice as equals.

From then on, not only did Yuuri start dedicating his time to the ice, he started dedicating his time to Victor as well. More than once, his parents had to chase him away from the family's work computer after he kept hogging the desktop while looking for information about the Russian skater. His mother finally suggested using the computers at the local library, which Yuuri took full advantage of to sleuth out articles about his idol.

Yuuri tried to share his excitement with his family, but the intricacies of figure skating were lost on them. As much as they would try to encourage him when he gushed about the significance of Victor's newest costume, or the technical prowess of his jumps, Yuuri could tell by their indulgent smiles and glossy eyes that they were just humoring him. Sure, they bought him posters and special ordered foreign magazines, but they really didn't understand why Yuuri admired the elder skater so much. Mari would tease Yuuri about his obsession being nothing more than a celebrity crush, which Yuuri would vehemently deny. No, he definitely just admired the silver haired teen for his skating abilities and nothing else.

Yuuko at least understood Yuuri's admiration, seeing as she was the person who first introduced the younger boy to Victor's skating. She would gush about Victor's skating skills, practice watered down versions of his routines, and squeal over newly revealed merchandise right along side Yuuri. They would watch pre-recorded competitions together, analyzing Victor's skating and rewinding over and over until one of their parents insisted they'd been watching long enough and shooed them away from the television.

As much as Yuuri enjoyed spending time with Yuuko, he did not particularly enjoy spending time with the boy that seemed to shadow her everywhere. Takeshi was loud, pushy, and rude, and Yuuri could not figure out why someone as nice as Yuuko enjoyed spending time with him. Some of Yuuri's first memories of skating were of being teased and shoved by the older boy. Takeshi bullied him less as they both got closer to Yuuko, but he still only seemed lukewarm toward Yuuri, and usually defaulted to teasing comments when Yuuko wasn't around to keep him in line. Much to Yuuri's disappointment, the two older skaters only seemed to grow more inseparable as they aged.

Takeshi eventually seemed to mature, his biting comments transitioning more into friendly teasing than hurtful, until Yuuri felt comfortable counting him as a friend. The harsh words and actions from their childhood could never be undone, but it did help that the older boy seemed genuinely apologetic about his actions, and not just because Yuuko would pinch him when he was rude.

Despite their growing closeness, Takeshi never developed the same admiration for Victor that Yuuri and Yuuko had. Whenever one of them would run into Ice Castle gushing about something Victor-related, Takeshi would just roll his eyes and busy himself elsewhere until the other two were done.

Yuuko also fed Yuuri's growing collection of Victor merchandise. She would get him a new poster for his birthday, or when she "accidentally" ordered two copies. Of course, nothing was more precious to him than the little poodle inspired by Victor's own dog. Vicchan was a ray of sunshine, and quickly became Yuuri's constant companion. Vicchan's puppy eyes were so irresistable, Yuuri couldn't even stay mad when the little dog chewed up his limited edition 2006 Russian Nationals promo poster that he had specially ordered from a sketchy Russian website. It had been a relief when the family's computer didn't end up flooded with viruses. The poodle, however, didn't know the poster's value and had gnawed a hole right over Victor's face. Yuuri tried to salvage the poster with tape, but it was beyond repair so he reluctantly ended up having to throw it away.

Even though Yuuko never completely stopped feeding Yuuri's obsession, or watching major competitions with him, she seemed to have less and less time to discuss their favorite skater as they aged. As Yuuri neared his mid-teens, Yuuko began to spend more time outside the rink with Takeshi, and less time gushing about Victor with Yuuri. Yuuri rushed into Ice Castle on more than one occasion, ready to share a new Victor fact with Yuuko that he had read on the internet, only to find his friends absent. On the first occasion, Yuuri searched around the rink to find them, discovering the older teens engaged in a passionate make out session in a storage room, visible through the crack in the door left ajar. Yuuri blushed furiously and scrambled away, hoping the two were too busy sticking their tongues down each other's throats to notice his accidental intrusion. When Yuuko and Takeshi finally joined him on the ice sometime later, he intentionally avoided bringing up the topic of their disheveled hair and clothing, and found a fascinating spot on the wall to stare at while he practiced figures so he could avoid eye contact. He stopped looking for the absent skaters after that.

Yuuri was happy for his friends, he really was, but as they grew closer as a couple, he felt more and more like a third-wheel. He still combed fan blogs for news and information about Victor, but he found himself sharing less. Yuuko, to her credit, did seem to be trying her best to keep Yuuri included, but when she became pregnant at a young age, their conversations shifted away from Victor Nikiforov and toward Yuuko and Takeshi's future. Surprising no one in Hasetsu, the young couple wed shortly after the news of Yuuko's pregnancy.

Yuuri saw less of Yuuko each day, and eventually Takeshi too, who had to tend to his very pregnant wife. When Yuuko first announced she was pregnant with not one but three babies, Yuuri thought he was going to faint from shock. It was understandable that Yuuko and Takeshi were busy, but Yuuri couldn't help but feel a little lonely. Even though he was training and competing more seriously now with a real coach, he sometimes longed for the quiet days at Ice Castle, skating Victor's programs with Yuuko. Between his training schedule and Yuuko's pregnancy, he rarely had time to see his friend, and when they did visit with each other the discussion ended up geared towards Yuuri's upcoming competition or the newlyweds' growing family. There just wasn't time to talk about Victor anymore.

At least Yuuri still had a growing number of fan blogs he could peruse. As Victor made his mark on the sport, it was not surprising to see a rise in the number of fans dedicated to Russia's up and coming skater. Yuuri was grateful, even though he was too anxious to comment or start his own blog. Instead, he just lurked on existing blogs and muttered disapprovingly when someone posted something he didn't agree with. Still, it was hard to find time to make it to the library to use one of their computers, or even to spend time on his family's computer. He was serious about his figure skating career, and that came first, even before researching the young man that was his inspiration.

It wasn't until Yuuri accepted a coaching offer from Celestino Cialdini in Detroit that his passive scrolling became a more active hobby. A rink mate introduced Yuuri to Tumblr, and after realizing that there didn't seem to be an active figure skating community on the site, he took it upon himself to try and start one. Yuuri's parents had helped him buy a laptop for school, so he had his own computer that he didn't have to share. Plus, he really didn't have anyone he felt comfortable talking about his obsession with in Detroit. Sure, plenty of his rink mates looked up to Victor, but he doubted they were on the same level of admiration. Looking at the dozen or so posters of Victor on his wall, Yuuri thought it best to keep the extent of that admiration to himself.

There were occasional Skype calls with Yuuko where the two would try to stream Victor's competitions together, but Yuuko was often too busy with her three growing terrors to watch live. Yuuri understood, but it was disappointing nonetheless.

Since he didn't have an outlet, Yuuri decided to make his own spot where he could gush about Victor. He didn't expect to become popular, and in fact, he really preferred anonymity. Coming up with a blog name was surprisingly difficult, especially since he wanted something that would be appropriate for a Victor Nikiforov fan blog. Would it be too much to name my blog "VictorNikiforovTrash"? Probably. What about "PropertyOfVictorNikiforov"? No, that's creepy. What about, "RawMeVictor69"? No, I should probably be more subtle. It took some debating, but Yuuri eventually felt satisfied with a more tame nod to the Russian skater.

There seemed to be a few figure skating or winter sport themed blogs, so he followed those right away, but his options were pretty limited. He followed a few dog blogs, particularly ones that were poodle-centric, some dance blogs, and a few food-porn blogs for good measure.

It took a few weeks of reblogging and scrolling for Yuuri to feel comfortable enough to make his first post. He decided to start simple, with a few of his favorite Victor facts and opinions.

golden-poodles posted:

An analysis of Victor Nikiforov's latest GPF programs

Victor never ceases to surprise me! I love how he is able to draw the audience into every performance, especially while maintaining such a high technical difficulty. Even though he stumbled a little bit on the quad sal in his short program, he still managed to...

His first post got a few likes and reblogs, which honestly surprised him. Yuuri didn't think anyone would read what he wrote. It really didn't matter, though, as he just wanted a place to lay out his thoughts about Victor.

golden-poodles posted:

Thoughts about Victor Nikiforov's new costumes

Both of this year's costumes remind me of Victor's 2008 program. Not in a bad way, I'm just getting a similar vibe with the color scheme! I have to admit though, the ruffles aren't my favorite, but he does look very good in that shade of purple. Honestly though, Victor looks good in everything. He could skate in khakis and still look amazing...

A few more likes and reblogs, but nothing too exciting.

golden-poodles posted:

Victor Nikiforov's hair looks good at any length--fight me!

I remember seeing a lot of fans complain about Victor cutting his hair a few years back and I have to disagree with all of the people saying he doesn't look good with short hair. Sure, Victor's long hair was iconic, and yes I'm sad to see it gone, but I disagree that his short hair takes away from his performance. He looks more mature and masculine with his short hair, which is what I suspect he was going for. It makes sense that he cut it after he turned 18, and I won't stand for anyone saying he "ruined his look"...

To Yuuri's surprise, his post about Victor's hair resulted in his first written response.

krystara reblogged your post and added:

omg this! I've been arguing with people since the day Vic cut his hair about how well it suits him! So glad to find someone else that agrees!

He had to admit, it did feel good to have someone agree and comment on his post, since he had spent so long typing and backspacing to find the right words. Yuuri left for practice that day feeling good, and after dinner and a shower later that night, he opened Tumblr again to write another post. Before he clicked the "new post" button, he noticed someone else had commented on his existing post about Victor's hair. Yuuri was about to learn his first lesson about Tumblr: no matter what you post, someone will tell you you're wrong.

icesk8er-boi reblogged your post and added:

Are you for real? The only thing Nikiforov had going for him was his looks, and he ruined that the second he chopped his hair off. He was way hotter before. Now he's just an overhyped, overscored has-been.

Yuuri had to take a second to stop fuming before forming a response to the rude stranger.

golden-poodles reblogged your post and added:

First of all, you saying Victor was "hotter" when his hair was long is creepy--he was a teenager for almost the whole time he had long hair! Second, Victor is an incredibly talented skater. Even if you disregard the number of gold, silver, and bronze medals he has (which is A LOT), his programs are nothing like anything else in men's singles right now. Who else has that many quads? Or really, that many quads that can be landed consistently? No one. Not to mention he makes his audience feel every emotion he is trying to convey in each performance. Even when he was injured last year, he still had every person in the audience in tears because his performance was so beautiful. Victor has earned every point, every medal he's gotten, and I'll prove it! Here is a detailed breakdown of all of Victor's scores from his gold winning performances since he joined the senior division...

It was nearly midnight by the time Yuuri finished typing out his response to icesk8er-boi and his eyes were burning from staring at a screen for so long. With a yawn, Yuuri proofread his post one more time, then hit the reblog button. As tempting as it was to wait around and see if icesk8er-boi tried to argue again, he had class tomorrow morning and he already struggled to get out of bed on a good day.

Exhausted in the morning, Yuuri didn't think about his Tumblr post until he was bored in class that afternoon. He opened a tab to scroll through his feed, and immediately noticed a plethora of notifications. His follower count had nearly tripled overnight (which really wasn't saying much since he barely had any to begin with), his post had significantly more notes than the night before, and he had a message in his ask box.

It was surprising, to say the least. Yuuri hadn't expected to get any attention on his blog, but there were multiple comments of "yes!" and "drag them!" along with a fair number of likes and reblogs without commentary.

Then there was the ask. Yuuri was a little nervous, as he knew how savage people could be on the internet. With some mental encouragement, he decided to open it.

Anonymous asked:

Wow, how do you know so much about figure skating? I just can't seem to understand the scoring, do you think you could try and explain it?

It wasn't the response he expected, but he was glad to see it wasn't an angry message. Plus, he could explain the rules and regulations of figure skating in his sleep. It was the first part of the ask that had him concerned. Yuuri didn't think it would be a good idea to reveal his identity online. Even if he was just some nobody from Japan, Victor might still find out what a crazy fan Yuuri was and get a restraining order or something. There was no way the Russian skater could ever find out how much Yuuri idolized him.

golden-poodles responded:

I'm a huge fan of the sport, and especially of Victor, so I made a point to learn as much as I could about the technical aspects a long time ago. I'd be happy to explain to you how scoring works...

To Yuuri's surprise, his follower count continued to grow after he posted his explanation. From then on, he posted about a few general figure skating topics, but mostly his blog was dedicated to Victor. More and more people commented on his posts and sent him asks, and he quickly found himself becoming one of the most popular figure skating blogs on Tumblr. Granted, there probably weren't very many figure skating blogs on Tumblr, but it was nice to have a community of people that shared his love of Victor. Sure, there were occasional assholes, but most people were pretty friendly. The inevitable low-key drama was worth it to have a place to gush about Victor's programs.

Yuuri kept up with his blog in between training and class, and within a year he had hit four digits for his follower count.

golden-poodles posted:

I'll be live blogging Victor's performance at the Cup of China tonight!

Ok, I know I've made posts about Victor's short program costume already, but I just have to reiterate how good he looks. He just looks so elegant, and it fits perfectly with the music he chose. Speaking of which, does anyone know anything about the song he's skating to?? I know he commissioned it himself but I haven't heard anything about it. I'd love to know what inspired him to choose this song.

LocallyGrownAvocado reblogged your post and added:

@golden-poodles It's such a cool story! Here's a link to an interview where he talks about it!

golden-poodles reblogged your post and added:

@LocallyGrownAvocado thank you!!! Can't believe I missed that.

Anyway, Victor's getting on the ice now. This is the first time I've been able to watch live all season. I've been so busy with school and work so I kept having to pre-record or find performances online. Stupid time zones! Plus, none of the national or European competitions are aired here.

Victor looks so serious in this starting pose. It's such a contrast to his free skate where he's all smiles and flowing movements. I love how he is able to do both and still capture the emotions he needs so perfectly.

omg a quad right at the start??? And he landed it perfectly, of course!

Just. Look at him. He's so perfect.

That step sequence looked good! I know Victor is known more for his jumps but I don't think his step sequences get enough credit.

I read that he choreographed pretty much this entire routine! I'm sure his coach had some input but he definitely did most of the work.

Oh no, he wobbled a bit on that one! But look how he doesn't let it impact his performance. If I didn't know what to look for I wouldn't have noticed. It takes so much practice to learn how to let mistakes go like that.

alsgkhsaldkghasd that quad flip. I'm wheezing. That was so good!

And the rest of his performance is flawless, as always!

iceicebby reblogged your post and added:

ugh not another nikifirov fanatic! your all the same. hes not even that grate of a skater. his triple axel was underotated and the quad flip is not that impressive. its just his gimick to distract from how much of a mediocer skater he actually is. give it a rest already!

golden-poodles reblogged your post and added:

I think you need to get your eyes checked because I re-watched Victor land that jump four times and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was NOT under rotated. If the quad flip is so unimpressive, why aren't any other skaters landing it? Victor won both the GPF AND Worlds last year, plus of course Russian Nationals, Europeans, and NUMEROUS other national and continental competitions. He swept ALL of the major competitions! Plus, he's been consistently on the podium at every major international competition since he was 16! How is he mediocre in any way??? Or do you just live under a rock and not know about his VERY LARGE NUMBER of gold medals? I've written about Victor's MANY accomplishments here, here, here, and here. Plus, here's links to a few major international sports magazines with articles about how incredible Victor is as a skater (link, link, link).

Yuuri tried to avoid the drama, he really did, but he wouldn't stand for people saying anything rude about Victor or downplaying his abilities.


When Celestino approached Yuuri and asked him to take on a roommate, Yuuri was less than thrilled. He had been enjoying his single dorm and not having to share space with a stranger, so adding another person to the already cramped room was not particularly appealing. However, Celestino insisted that it would be good for Yuuri, and helpful for the new student.

"He's from Thailand. I know how hard the transition was for you here, so I was hoping you'd be able to make it easier for him. Plus, I never see you hanging around with anyone at the rink! Wouldn't you like to have a friend here?"

Yuuri didn't appreciate that his coach thought he was lonely, and he really didn't think he'd become friends with a skater a few years his junior. Why would a teenager want to hang out with him? Still, Yuuri could empathize with culture shock, and the massive adjustment of leaving one's home to live in a new country. Maybe it would be nice to live with someone else who didn't speak English as their first language. In the end, Yuuri agreed to room with the Thai skater.

Being a fairly tidy person, it didn't take too long to shuffle his belongings over to his side of the room. He ended up buying additional dorm friendly storage, since he would be losing a good chunk of his former storage space. As he eyed the empty bed that would soon be filled by a stranger, Yuuri started to feel the cold claws of anxiety tightening around his chest. What if he thinks I'm weird? What if he wants to throw parties all the time? What was I thinking?! I should have just told Celestino no! Sleep didn't come to Yuuri that night, instead he lie awake and thought over all the ways he could try and make himself appear a little more "normal" for his new roommate. As much as he didn't want to, Yuuri made the decision to remove a few of his Victor posters. Maybe then his obsession wouldn't be so obvious.

After such a poor night's sleep, Yuuri barely rolled out of bed in time to make it to his morning classes. He could deal with the posters later, since the Thai skater wasn't due to arrive for a few more days.

After nearly dozing off in his first lecture, Yuuri decided to busy himself on Tumblr to stay awake. Sure, he should probably be paying attention, but the lecture was so dry that he knew he'd pass out without something else to keep him occupied.

golden-poodles posted:

50 reasons Victor Nikiforov is the best men's singles skater in the world

1. He always manages to surprise his audience
2. His signature move is the quad flip, a jump that few skaters have attempted, let alone landed cleanly
3. He choreographs his own routines--is there anything this man can't do?!?
4. He's kind to his fans and doesn't let success go to his head
5. He doesn't sacrifice presentation for jumps

[Keep reading]

lisettola reblogged your post and added:

Great list! It's good to see Vitya getting the recognition he deserves!

Writing about Victor was always a good distraction. Yuuri may not have paid attention in any of his classes, but at least he felt a little less anxious about the roommate situation.

Or at least, he did until he unlocked the door to his room later than evening and nearly crashed into a young, slender, dark haired boy. Yuuri's mouth hung open in surprise, but the teen just grinned at him.

"Oh, sorry about that! You must be my new roommate! I'm Phichit Chulanont. It's Yuuri, right?" He reached out and enthusiastically shook Yuuri's hand, which was dangling like a limp noodle.

"Uh." Yuuri wasn't sure what else to say. He hadn't been expecting his new roommate for another few days. All of his plans to impress the new skater were suddenly thrown out the window. Instead of dressing in his best jeans and top to look put together, Yuuri was wearing baggy sweat pants and a tattered Pokemon shirt. There were dark shadows under his eyes, and his hair was sticking in every direction. Even worse, his Victor shrine was still on display. Maybe Phichit hadn't noticed yet? Yuuri carefully extracted his hand from the cheerful boy's grip, and tried to casually scan his wall to see how noticeable they were.

Phichit, unfortunately, noticed the movement and followed his gaze. "Wow, you must really like Victor Nikiforov!"

Yuuri grimaced. "Yeah..."

"He is pretty cool! I have a few posters of him too, though not as many as you. Mostly I have King and the Skater posters. Have you seen it?" Phichit was looking at him expectantly.

"Um. Seen what?"

"The King and the Skater!"

"I've never heard of it."

Phichit gasped. "What?! And you call yourself a figure skater? Ok, forget unpacking, we need to watch it right now!"

The younger skater opened a suitcase and began tossing clothing on his bed, rumaging around until he pulled out a DVD case. A flying sock caught Yuuri's attention as it flew across the room, smacking right into a plastic cage containing three fuzzy rodents.

"Um, Phichit? Are those hamsters?"

Phichit's grin grew. "Yup! Don't worry though, that's not their real cage, it's just for travel. Their real cage is way bigger and has more stuff for them to climb over and chew on."

Of all the things Yuuri expected his new roommate to bring, hamsters were not one of them. "Are pets allowed in the dorms?"

"Nope!" He sounded quite chipper about his rule breaking. "I found the movie, by the way! Can I use your DVD player?" Phichit didn't wait for an answer before inserting the movie and picking up the remote. He hurried over to Yuuri's bed, which was strategically placed in front of the television, and sat down. Yuuri hesitated, and Phichit patted the bed beside him encouragingly.

Yuuri wasn't sure what else to do, so he reluctantly joined Phichit on his bed. Phichit started the movie, humming along to the menu theme. Yuuri knew he was sitting stiffly, but the whole situation was so bizarre he didn't know how to respond. Why hadn't Celestino told him that Phichit was here? He was not prepared for this!

The expression on Yuuri's face must have matched the panic building in his mind, because Phichit paused the movie and gave him a concerned look.

"Are you ok?" Phichit seemed genuinely concerned, the smile completely gone from his face. He looked nervous. "Did I overdo it? I'm so sorry, Yuuri! Celestino said I shouldn't push you, but I didn't listen! I'm so so sorry, I just wanted you to like me!" He jumped up from Yuuri's bed and rushed back to his suitcase, fishing out a coat. "I'll just give you space. I can tell Celestino that I should move out, don't worry about it!"

Well, the first meeting with his new roommate hadn't gone how he'd expected it at all. Phichit looked frantic, and Yuuri was just sitting on his bed, gaping at the Thai teen. As Phichit threw his coat on and sped toward the door, Yuuri finally called out, "wait, Phichit! It's ok, I'm not mad, I was just overwhelmed, that's all. I didn't think you would be here for another few days. You don't have to move out. Unless you want to."

Phichit looked relieved. "Honestly, I'd rather stay here. I was excited when Celestino said there was another foreign student here. I was so scared to move here alone. This is so different from home."

Nodding in agreement, Yuuri replied, "I know what you mean. It can be a hard transition...but I'll help you the best I can."

Phichit's smile returned. "Alright, thanks Yuuri!"

Yuuri returned the smile genuinely. "Of course. We non-native English speakers have to stick together!" Phichit chuckled at his comment. "And for the record, I was scared that you wouldn't like me too. I...I was going to take some of my posters down before you got here so I seemed less weird."

"What? Don't take them down! They're cool! Victor's an awesome skater, and you look like you have a good collection. I don't think I've ever seem some of these before." Phichit pointed to a few.

"I ordered them special off of some creepy Russian websites. I was afraid the Russian mafia was going to show up at my house one day."

Phichit laughed at Yuuri's joke, then opened up a second suitcase, pushing clothes out of the way until he pulled out a few posters of his own. "Like I said, I mostly have King and the Skater posters, but I have a few Victor posters too!" He held up two small prints that Yuuri recognized from Victor's last two years of GPF promo pictures. "Do you have these?"

Yuuri nodded. "Yes. Back in my room in Hasetsu, I have more."

"Wow, Yuuri, I think you might be Victor's biggest fan!"

Blushing, Yuuri shrugged. "I don't know about that."

Phichit's smile turned mischievous. "Oh, is it about more than his skating? He is very attractive." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Yuuri waved his hands frantically. "No, no! It's not like that! I mean yes, he's obviously really good looking and I've noticed that he's attractive but I don't...I wouldn't..." He buried his face in his hands, thoroughly embarrassed.

"Yuuri, it's ok! I promise I won't tease you...much." Phichit winked, then sat down next to the older skater again. "Now, I believe I was introducing you to the greatest movie masterpiece of all time?" He picked up the remote, looking to Yuuri for confirmation.

Yuuri found that it was easy to smile around Phichit. "Yes, I believe you were."


For once in his life, Yuuri was glad to be wrong. His original assumption that he would not be able to make friends with his younger roommate proved to be completely incorrect. Phichit was incredibly likeable, and it turned out that he and Yuuri and a lot in common. The two enjoyed each other's company, and found themselves becoming fast friends. Yuuri did have to admit that he was glad to have someone to hang out with outside of practice. Phichit introduced Yuuri to his collection of movies (which were mostly various collectors editions of The King and the Skater and its sequels), and Yuuri took Phichit to his favorite restaurants and hang out spots in Detroit. The two took turns cooking meals from home, and taught each other inappropriate phrases in their native languages. One time, the two of them even put together a tiny obstacle course for Phichit's hamsters.

Phichit didn't mind when Yuuri would gush about Victor. Of course the younger skater was a fan too, because virtually all young skaters were fans of Victor, but he wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Yuuri. It also helped that Phichit was probably as obsessed with The King and the Skater as Yuuri was with Victor. Regardless, Phichit never made Yuuri feel bad for being excited, although he did enjoy teasing his friend.

"Yuuri, did you hear what your future husband did today?"

"Yuuri, the subject of all your wet dreams is about to skate!"

"Yuuri, the love of your life just got a Twitter!"

One thing about Phichit that took some adjustment on Yuuri's part was the teen's complete lack of personal boundaries. Phichit had a "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" philosophy, but the younger skater was at least conscientious about taking care of Yuuri's belongings when he did borrow them. It was very different than Yuuri was used to. Phichit would peek over Yuuri's shoulder to see what he was reading, or reach over and grab a piece of food off Yuuri's plate without asking.

Yuuri was generally a very private, reserved person, but he found he really didn't mind sharing his belongings or his life with Phichit. The teen's enthusiastic grin was infectious, and it was hard not to have fun around him. Phichit did learn the hard way that Yuuri's sleep was not to be disturbed after the Japanese skater nearly knocked him out with a pillow when roused from his nap too early, but for the most part conflicts were rare between the two.

Phichit's nosiness made it inevitable that he found out about Yuuri's fan blog. Yuuri had been working on a post without realizing that his roommate was lurking behind him.

golden-poodles posted:

Why I don't think Victor is as much of a playboy as the tabloids say he is

Hear me out! I know Victor gives off this suave playboy vibe, but I think a lot of it is blown out of proportion by the tabloids. Think about it--he's so nice to his fans and his competitors, can you really picture him going around breaking hearts like the trashy gossip magazines say he does? It just seems out of character for him. Plus, he hasn't actually had that many confirmed relationships. Sure, he probably has hook-ups and one night stands outside of relationships (I mean, LOOK at him--there's no way someone that looks that good in dark spandex isn't getting it on a regular basis), but that doesn't mean he's a heartbreaker. I just think that...

"Whoa, is that a Victor fan blog?"

Yuuri stiffened at his roommate's question. "Uh, maybe?"

Phichit leaned over Yuuri's shoulder, his eyes roaming over the most recent blog entry. "Wow, you really gave this a lot of thought!"


Springing away from Yuuri, Phichit grabbed his laptop and plopped down on his bed, immediately starting to excitedly tap on the keys. "I'll follow you! I could use more figuring skating on my dash. It was golden poodles right?"

"Um, yeah. With a dash in the middle."

Phichit nodded. "Ok, I found you!"

Yuuri checked his notifications. "Are you HamStar?"

Phichit grinned. "Yup!"

The two sat in silence for a few minutes as Phichit scrolled through Yuuri's blog. At first, Yuuri felt incredibly self-conscious. He had written extensively about his admiration for the Russian skater on that blog, and having someone he knew read it was kind of terrifying. Eventually, Yuuri realized that he had already told Phichit most of what he posted anyway, plus he knew the teen wasn't the type to judge him for something like this.

"Oh wow, some of your posts got a lot of notes." Phichit sounded impressed. "I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, though. There are a lot of people out there besides you that are thirsty for Victor."

Yuuri chuckled. "Yeah, I definitely know I'm not the only one."

"You're the only one that matters though!" Phichit's expression was devious, and it made Yuuri nervous.

"What do you mean?" Yuuri wasn't sure where the teen was going with this.

"Well, when you meet Victor and he falls desperately in love with you, he won't even think about any of those other fans."

Yuuri blushed profusely, his whole face heating up. "What are you talking about?! I'm just hoping he doesn't find me weird or creepy! And that's assuming he ever talks to me in the first place!"

Phichit crossed his arms. "Why would he think you're weird or creepy?"

Gesturing to his merchandise collection, then his computer screen, Yuuri responded, "because I'm an obsessive fan! He'll think I'm a stalker or something!"

"Come on Yuuri, you think Victor doesn't have posters of his favorite skaters?"

"Maybe one or two, but not as many as I have. And not magazine cut outs. Or a body pillow. It's weird, and I don't want him to know about this. Any of this."

Phichit sighed. "Fine, I promise not to tell him until your wedding."



It was a few days after a particularly rough competition that Yuuri opened his Tumblr and noticed a new notification.

Anonymous asked:

I know you're mostly a Victor fan, but I was curious about your thoughts on another skater. I was really hoping this Japanese skater I like would do well this season, but he totally blew it at his last competition. Do you know the one I'm talking about? Yuuri Katsuki?

Occasionally, Yuuri would get asks about other skaters on his blog. He had made a few posts about some of his favorite up and coming skaters (Phichit was of course top of the list), and he had written about Christope Giacometti a number of times, as he was arguably Victor's biggest rival. And on-and-off lover, if the rumors were to be believed. However, this was the first time anyone had asked about his own skating. Of course, no one knew that Yuuri ran this blog, so it wasn't like they knew who they were asking.

Still feeling down about his most recent crash and burn, Yuuri decided to be honest. It wasn't like anyone would know it was him.

golden-poodles responded:

I have to admit, I was incredibly disappointed by Katsuki's performance. I've never really expected too much from him, but I thought he would at least do better than this. Sometimes I think he should just stop wasting everyone's time and go back to Japan. His jumps are inconsistent, and I'm pretty sure he spent more time on his ass than on his skates. He's never going to get far in this sport.

It felt weird referring to himself in the third person, but it was actually kind of cathartic to trash his own skating, especially after such a terrible performance. He wasn't sure how to feel when people started agreeing with him, because even though they were complimenting his post, they were also starting to make some pretty nasty comments. Not that he didn't deserve it, with what a mess of a skater he was.

Overall, Yuuri decided it felt good to have a place to vent about his own inadequacies.

golden-poodles posted:

An analysis of Katsuki Yuuri's most recent failure

So, we all saw Katsuki fail last week. He's definitely no stranger to poor performances, but I think last week was one of his worst ever.

Ok, starting from the beginning: look how stiff he looks in that starting pose! What was he trying to do there? What kind of face is that?

Ugh, couldn't even land that triple axel cleanly. He's supposed to be good at those.

What is he doing with his hands??? What is that???

Aaaaaaand down he goes.

I feel like he's just making the same face the whole time. Is he making the same face the whole time??

He's down again...

golden-poodles posted:

50 reasons why Katsuki Yuuri is a terrible skater

1. His jumps are absolutely awful
2. Seriously, what kind of senior skater can't land a quad sal?
3. He looks awkward in every single costume he wears
4. Did you know he cries after almost every performance?
5. He always makes this weird constipated face when he's thinking too hard

[Keep reading]

"Yuuri, what the hell? Are you bashing your own skating on your blog?"

Yuuri shrugged nonchalantly. "Yeah, so what?"

Phichit huffed. "So what? That's seriously messed up!"

"Why? No one knows it's me."

"I know that it's you!"

Rolling his eyes, Yuuri responded, "ok fine. No one else knows it's me."

"That doesn't make it ok!" Phichit was yelling now. "You shouldn't be so mean to yourself!"

"I'm not saying anything that isn't true."

"Are you serious? You really think you're a terrible skater?"

Yuuri just shrugged again.

Phichit glared at him. "I happen to think you're an amazing skater, and I hate seeing you talk about yourself like this."

"Then don't read it."

It was that moment when Yuuri realized he had never actually seen Phichit mad before. The younger skater looked livid, and the heavy frown on his face seemed completely out of place on someone who was normally so cheerful. "I can't believe you think that's the issue here!"

"I don't see why it's any of your business," Yuuri snapped.

Phichit threw his arms up in frustration. "Because you're my best friend, and I care about you!"

Yuuri suddenly felt incredibly guilty for being short with the younger skater. "I'm your best friend?"

Phichit huffed again. "Of course you are!"



An awkward silence hung in the air, before both skaters sighed heavily. "Look," Yuuri started, "I know this sounds weird, but it actually helps me to vent about my mistakes. It's like...if I can get it out, it doesn't take up so much space in my head." Phichit didn't say anything, but his eyes were on Yuuri, so the older skater continued. "You know how bad my anxiety gets. If I can just...process everything, it helps."

Finally, Phichit's expression softened. "Ok. I don't like it, but if it helps you, then I guess I can't say anything."

Yuuri smiled in a way that he hoped was reassuring. "It does, I promise." He threw his arm around the younger skater. "And for the record, you're my best friend too."