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At precisely 5 AM on a lovely Saturday morning, Lan Zhan wakes up as usual, only to instantly be bombarded by a pounding headache, a parched throat, and his phone buzzing with messages. None of these things should be present in Lan Zhan’s Saturday morning, yet here he is, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes as he clicks on his WeChat messages to see what the fuss is all about.

Brother: A-Zhan, what did you do? Why are people messaging me on twitter?


Brother: hello? Are you still asleep?

Brother: A-Zhan, please answer as soon as possible – this is a serious situation!

Brother: You remember what you did, right?

Two minutes into his morning and Lan Zhan has already been overtaken by a state of panic as the first five messages from his brother jolt him awake from his sleep-induced stupor. The earliest messages are timestamped from 9:30 PM and the little black bar at the bottom of the screen tells him that 20 more messages are waiting to be read.

What a wonderful way to start the day, he thinks.

He didn’t do anything – or at least, he thinks he didn’t do anything. The fact that he can’t remember anything past his dinner last night is not a good sign. Racking his brain for his missing memories, Lan Zhan finally concludes that he’d poured himself a glass of wine after mistaking it for the non-alcoholic cider, as he’d put them side by side in the cabinet, and blacked out after drinking half a cup. Judging by the fact that he woke up with his clothes in their usual neat state, no bruises or scrapes or any signs of embarrassing himself on the streets, he probably stumbled to bed and tucked himself in before passing out.

But his brother’s messages tell a different story.

Does he really want to scroll down? His brother sounds… very anxious, to put it kindly, and Lan Huan does not deal with anxiety well.

Lan Zhan clicks on his Uncle’s messages instead.

Uncle: A-Zhan, are you aware of what you have done?

Uncle: According to A-Huan, you are ‘trending’ on Twitter and Weibo.

Uncle: The magazines are calling me again.

Uncle: There will most likely be repercussions for this, A-Zhan. What possessed you to tweet that?

Uncle: Call me back as soon as you are available. We need to talk.

Perhaps, Lan Zhan thinks as he massages his head and stumbles out of bed, these are even worse than his brother’s.

Tea. He needs to boil himself a cup of tea and wash up, then everything will be right with the world. Lan Zhan manages to get to the kitchen before slumping into a chair as he wonders, why does anybody drink alcohol if hangovers are this bad?

Unfortunately, his phone buzzes with an incoming video call from his brother before he can make his tea. At that moment, Lan Zhan goes through several stages of deliberation. If he doesn’t pick up, his brother will probably keep calling him incessantly, and even with the ringer muted, the buzzing will still drive him crazy. If he does pick up, he’s probably going to be subjected to five straight minutes of being lectured by his brother. Either way, he’ll be pulled further into the hell that is dealing with social media.

He picks up anyways, curiosity over what Lan Huan is talking about overriding his urge to run away and hide within his blanket fort forever.

Lan Huan’s pixelated face comes into view as the video loads. His brother looks perfect as always, something that’s only natural given his former status of “China’s Most Eligible Bachelor”, and only a tiny frown betrays his inner panic.

“A-Zhan! I saw you read my messages, why didn’t you call me?”

“I only read the first five of them…” He groans, feeling his headache flare up again as Lan Huan’s voice crackles through the speakers.

“So what’s your explanation?”

“Explanation for what?”

“You’re saying that you can’t remember sending that tweet.”

Lan Zhan feels like he’s wading into an ocean of trouble. “What tweet?”

He hears what sounds like a muffled curse on Lan Huan’s end as his brother dodges out of the camera for a second, before Lan Huan’s face reappears. He looks significantly more distressed.

“Okay. What can you remember about last night, A-Zhan?”

“I had dinner while reviewing the script for Spring Blossoms, and I accidentally drank half a glass of wine. I’m unable to recall anything after drinking the wine, though.”

Lan Huan looks 3 seconds away from giving up on life. “How do you accidentally drink half a glass of wine – no, never mind. Please, just look at your twitter feed and then call Uncle, he’s been getting calls from the gossip magazines for the last 5 hours and I don’t think he can take much more.”

Gossip magazines? What could be so controversial about my tweet that it would get reported on by the gossip magazines?

He’d rather not think about what he could have said, even though there’s only a couple of things that could cause a commotion like this. For all he knows, the drunk version of him has zero self-control, and nothing good can come out of a Lan Zhan with no self-control posting tweets. Drunk me would still have the awareness not to make a love confession on twitter, right? Perhaps I just posted some spoilers about my latest movie?

“Where’s your boyfriend?” he asks instead.

“Oh, A-Cheng’s filming in Tianjin until Monday – wait, please don’t change the subject, A-Zhan. You need to look at the tweet and figure out how to handle this situation.”

The more Lan Huan talks, the worse this is sounding. It’s almost like he professed his love to Wei Wuxian in a tweet… but Lan Huan hasn’t brought up Wei Wuxian once in this conversation, so he’s probably in the clear.

“Alright. It can’t be that bad.” He says. There’s no way he would lose all his self-control and confess over twitter, of all platforms. Drunk him would still have too much dignity to do that, right?

“Oh, A-Zhan, you have no idea.” His brother responds, poorly concealed mirth behind his concerned voice.

It can’t be that bad, he thinks. There’s no way he would have done that. The doubt still lingers, turning into full-blown anxiety as he scrolls down his twitter feed, finally arriving on his latest tweet.

Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

Some of you have never fallen in love with a boy only for him to go missing after his parents die and pine away for three years waiting for him to come back, then continue to pine when he’s back after you realize you’re too scared to confess, and it shows.

34,328 likes | 15,043 retweets

Lan Zhan’s face pales and he buries his head in his hands, letting his phone drop on the table.

This is bad.

This is very, very bad.

“A-Zhan? Hello, A-Zhan? Did you see the tweet?”

He is going to murder his brother. Lan Huan could have at least warned him about the contents of the tweet, right? Did he not anticipate Lan Zhan’s reaction?

“A-Zhan, I will personally drive Uncle over to your house if you don’t pick up the phone right now – ah.

Lan Zhan swipes the phone off the table and hits Lan Huan with his frostiest glare.

“Alright, maybe I should have warned you before reading it, but I really needed you to realize the severity of this situation. I apologize.” Lan Huan actually sounds sincere – and worried about this situation, or whatever he and Uncle Qiren are calling it.

“What is the situation?”

Lan Huan simply flips the camera to show Lan Qiren pacing around the room angrily, jabbing at his phone every few seconds and looking close to blowing a fuse.

“Is there anything else I should be notified of?”

“Obviously the media is picking up on this, due to your current status as China’s most eligible bachelor, and you should probably avoid going outside today without a disguise or bodyguards, because the paparazzi and your fans are going to maul you. I’m only exaggerating the tiniest bit.” Lan Huan’s tone turns stone-cold and scientific. This isn’t the first time that Lan Zhan has been grateful to have such an analytical brother. When it comes to dealing with the media, publicity, and balancing his private life with his public appearance, Lan Huan knows exactly how to handle everything perfectly. “You should release a statement on the tweet, or at least another tweet addressing the issue. Also, respond to everyone who sent you messages so they don’t send me worried texts about you.”

“Alright. Thank you, brother. I will call you in the afternoon. Wait, current?”

“I’m sure you’ll get Wei Wuxian soon, thanks to your tweet, so you won’t be a bachelor anymore!”

Lan Zhan feels his ears flush red at his brother’s flippant words. Is it too much to hope that Wei Ying – master of social media presence, loved by fans across the world for the constant selfies and tweets he uploads to his platforms – has somehow not seen the tweet?

“Brother, please.”

“A-Zhan, I want to see you happy. You’ve been keeping these feelings secret for almost 6 years. Please just think about it.”

Lan Zhan doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that his brother is making a good point. He’s been pining away for 6 years, content to stay by Wei Ying’s side even if he never wants to be more than friends. And he’d rather not have his unrequited feelings create an unbridgeable chasm between them, so he’s ended up in this situation. Venting his feelings on Twitter, of all places, and still overcome with a paralyzing fear of being rejected. It would be quicker to confess and accept the pain instead of simply keeping these feelings under wraps forever.

“A-Zhan. Honestly, I’ve told you this before, but Wei Wuxian would be an idiot not to love you back.” And Lan Huan, for all his logic and intelligence, must also be an idiot, because Wei Ying does not like him back. Wei Ying is charming and bright and effervescent and just so happens to be the biggest flirt Lan Zhan has ever met. If Wei Ying really wanted Lan Zhan, he could have made his move long ago, instead of simply teasing him and flirting with him as a joke.

Which is all Lan Zhan has ever been to Wei Ying, apparently. Another friend to smile at, another normal person. He’ll never be the one that makes Wei Ying smile so happily.

“Why do you think he smiles at you, A-Zhan? You do make him happy.”

“I said that out loud? Anyways, he doesn’t… how do you know that?”

“Have some more faith in yourself.” Lan Huan says, before winking at him and ending the call abruptly.

The black screen of his phone stares back at him as Lan Zhan gives himself a minute to gather his emotions and hide his impending sense of dread as well as he can before calling Uncle Qiren.

As expected of the fearsome Lan Qiren, his uncle spends a solid five minutes ranting about the lack of restraint he showed and the bad decisions he made and how he can possibly hope to rectify this. Lan Zhan only responds with an occasional “Mn” and two “I am sorry, Uncle”s as he scrolls through his WeChat messages, noting that a fair number of people had sent him messages that were variations on, “what the hell, Lan Zhan? Call me!” and copy-pasting the same response – “Everything is fine, thank you for the message.”

He notes three outliers: Nie Huaisang, Jiang Yanli, and Wei Ying.

Nie Huaisang’s sent him one message saying, “I knew it!”, another saying, “Treat Wei Ying with kindness!!” and a third which simply says good luck.

Lan Zhan doesn’t bother responding to Nie Huaisang. He has enough of a headache as it is, trying to decipher Nie Huaisang’s cryptic messages will only make it worse.

Jiang Yanli’s message is the nicest shovel talk he’s ever seen in his life. There might be a few passive-aggressive threats, if you read in between the lines of the messages like “My brother is one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, so make sure to treat him well ^-^!”

And Wei Ying’s is just, “Lan Zhan? Are you okay?”

He’s only sent one message, with a suspicious lack of kaomojis and flirting, and that doesn’t bode well for Lan Zhan. If his luck today is any indication, Wei Ying has probably already figured out that Lan Zhan’s tweet was about him, and now he’s trying to distance himself from Lan Zhan.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he registers his uncle rattling on about publicity and deleting tweets and trying to contain the worst of the rumors.

“I will not be deleting the tweet, Uncle. Yes, I will be in contact shortly to address a way to deal with whatever rumors I have caused. Goodbye.”

“Wait, A-Zhan – ” Lan Zhan hangs up the call before he can say something stupid like, “I don’t care about the rumors other people are making.” Even if it’s true, he probably shouldn’t say it to his uncle, not when Lan Qiren already seems to be on the verge of a heart attack.

He finds himself scrolling through his twitter messages before he can blink. There’s so many tweets directed at him that he can’t possibly read them all, most of them are speculating about who he’s talking about or saying something like, “lucky guy!!”. He’s gained maybe ten thousand followers overnight – the only other time that had ever happened was when his debut movie, South of Shanghai, earned him the Hundred Flowers Best Actor Award.

Media scrutiny is a bitch.

Apparently, there’s a feature that lets you see only what your friends have tweeted at you, and Lan Zhan turns it on with a vague sense of reprieve. Surely those messages won’t be as bad –?

No. He spoke too soon. His feed now looks even more terrifying, because Lan Zhan’s friends on twitter are very prominent people like Nie Huaisang, renowned singer and model, and Jin Guangyao, the host of one of the most successful variety shows in Asia, and they’ve only stirred up the controversy more by posting terribly obvious tweets that scream, “I know who Lan Zhan is talking about and I’m giving you more hints!”

Then he reaches Wei Ying’s tweet, and his heart leaps into his mouth from seeing Wei Ying’s twitter handle alone.

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji ??? you have a crush?? Lan zhan who is it?? Why didn’t you tell me??

And below that,

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji cmon lan zhan! I thought we were friends!

His fingers twitch, and he’s typing out a response to Wei Ying and sending it before he can think that maybe that’s a bad idea, considering that he and his circle of friends are until intense media scrutiny now.

Lan Wangji ✔ @lan_wangji

@wei_ying We are. Figure it out yourself.

Almost instantly, a new tweet pops up in his feed, and Lan Zhan swears he has a mini heart attack when he sees Wei Ying’s name.

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying


There’s more tweets below this, but Lan Zhan can’t take this deluge of strangely supportive subtweets from his so-called friends, and he closes Twitter.

He should probably feel a lot more panicked than he is right now, but Lan Zhan supposes that he’s still in a state of shock. He’s never touching alcohol ever again.

Have they figured it out yet?  is the matter at hand, and so Lan Zhan reluctantly logs back into Twitter to see a portion of what his followers are tweeting at him.

As it turns out, their guesses are all over the place. Half of them think that he’s talking about some childhood friend that isn’t famous, and the other half say that he must be talking about another actor, but both sides have been putting out wild guesses so far. There’s some arguing over privacy and leaving him alone, and perhaps those tweets are the shining light of hope in the scary abyss of stan twitter.

They’re getting closer, though. Narrowing down the list of candidates through their family history and, well, the list of people who ran away for three years after their parents died isn’t very big to start with, so yes. It’s only a matter of time.

Deep breaths. In and out.

First, he needs to check what the news outlets are saying. If they start to spread libel, then his brother and Uncle will definitely take action against them, so Lan Zhan doesn’t have to be worried about that.

Second, he should deal with all the people who have started messaging again, because seriously, what the hell Lan Zhan, you can’t just say everything is fine when it’s obviously not! And thank you for the message my ass!

Third, he should take the day off to fully freak out about confessing his love for Wei Ying on Twitter. Sure, he didn’t actually name anybody, and his tweet is vaguely worded enough so that people can think that the person in question isn’t somebody famous, but it’s still a confession.

Good thing Wei Ying doesn’t seem to have figured anything out yet. He knows that it’s a ticking bomb, and he can only keep this love of his secret for so long before somebody puts the pieces together. He knows that this precious friendship he has with Wei Ying will be ripped to shreds as soon as the first person outside his friend group figures out that he’s in love with Wei Ying.

It’s inevitable.

A thought comes to him then – he has a choice here: he can either be forced onto the sidelines and watch as the constant media attention tears their friendship apart, or he can confess before any headlines do it for him, in private. Both choices will hurt, of course. But here’s the thing.

Lan Zhan is listed as one of China’s most eligible bachelors. He’s won numerous prestigious acting awards and has been lauded for both his pretty face and his skill in playing most any role. Given his prominence in China’s entertainment industry and the influence he holds, he should maybe (probably, most definitely) care more about his public appearance and reputation, but the only opinions that matter to him are his family’s and Wei Ying’s. His fans can make what they will of his tweet, they can condemn him for loving a man or they can threaten him, Lan Zhan does not care.

He could care less for the rumors people spread about him. But when it comes to the people he loves, he does care very much.

And he won’t let the rumors ruin Wei Ying. He’ll take the brunt of his tweet and the repercussions that will happen when people figure it out, while simultaneously confessing to Wei Ying in private and apologizing for the tweet and all the trouble he’s about to cause Wei Ying. He won’t let anymore drag Wei Ying down with him.

His brother was right all along, anyways. He should have confessed long ago instead of being irresponsible and letting it build up like this. And now he’ll only end up hurting Wei Ying in his selfishness. But at least this way, he can prepare Wei Ying for what’s to come.

Lan Zhan scrolls down to Wei Ying’s tweets at him again, reading them over and over. He entertains the thought that Wei Ying is jealous for exactly 10 seconds, before he realizes that it’s rather unrealistic.

He’ll send a text to Wei Ying later today, after he’s smoothed things over with Uncle and talked to his brother. First, though, he needs a warm cup of tea to calm his nerves.


wei ying: Lan Zhan? Are you okay?

lan zhan: Yes. Thank you for asking.

wei ying: finally you text me back!! I was so worried!!

wei ying: Because, ya know, you seem to have this whole ‘pining fruitlessly’ thing going on? you sure?

lan zhan: I am alright. Do not worry about me.

wei ying: how can I not worry about you tho??

wei ying: youve been hiding this secret love of yours for years apparently, which seems pretty unhealthy. Just sayin.

wei ying: btw… who is it lan zhan?? Tell meeeee~

lan zhan: Think about it.

wei ying: oh look jin guangyao tweeted something

wei ying: he says “I’ll give you guys a hint, the guy’s last name is three letters and you probably know his name.”

wei ying: lan zhan…

lan zhan: Do not listen to Jin GuangYao. He knows nothing.

wei ying: is it nie huaisang?? Or jin zixun??

wei ying: i mean, both of those guys’ parents died, huaisang did go on a trip for about three years, i don’t know about jin zixun but hes a shitty person so it doesnt matter –

wei ying: wait if youre in love with him I probably shouldnt bad-mouth him then, haha…

lan zhan: No. That idea is ridiculous and completely unfounded.

lan zhan: Please do not imagine a world in which I am in love with Jin Zixun. It will never happen.

wei ying: lan zhan!! im your friend right?? Just tell meeeee

lan zhan: Wei Ying.

lan zhan: Why are you interested in my supposed love life now?

wei ying: oh. I dont,,, know?

wei ying: well i mean

wei ying: just curious. I think. I need to know who to give a shovel talk to, so anyone who tries to hurt Lan Zhan knows whats coming for them! This guy seems pretty mean in the first place, making you wait like this and be all sad ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

wei ying: after all, you are the handsome and amazing HanGuang-Jun! and I dont want you to be sad, just tell me so I can tell him to date you already :p I like seeing you happy!

lan zhan: …Do not say things that you do not mean.

wei ying: what? You are! And I do!

wei ying: lan zhan?

wei ying: it’s not like I didn’t mean it…

lan zhan: Forget about it.

lan zhan: I need to talk with you. Would you care to meet me whenever you are available?

wei ying: oWo this sounds an awful lot like youre asking me on a date!

wei ying: in which case, i would be flattered to accept, Lan Zhan ~

lan zhan: Do not joke around.

wei ying: ahh, you always take things so seriously lan zhan! alright, lets go out then!

wei ying: ive been wanting to try that restaurant in Lingzhi District down south for a while, what was it called again?

lan zhan: I believe it was called Dafan.

lan zhan: You were talking about it last week, on our video call.

wei ying: lan zhan!! You remember that? You really are amazing!ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

wei ying: we can have dinner and Taomian Park is nearby so we can talk there?

lan zhan: I will make reservations.

wei ying: always the gentleman, lan zhan! this really seems like its turning into a date…

lan zhan: I am sorry.

wei ying: wait what why are you apologizing?? Lets confirm the time for our date already, lan zhan!

lan zhan: Do not tease me.

wei ying: im not!!

wei ying: i can do Wednesday after 5 PM, Thursday after 6:00, Friday and Saturday are free the whole day bc we’ll be taking a break from filming to move the sets to a new location

lan zhan: Wednesday at 5:30 PM

lan zhan: Should you be revealing your filming schedule to a ‘rival’ actor?

wei ying: lan zhan you know whatever rivalry the tabloids say we have isn’t real!

wei ying: HEY arent you the one teasing me here??

wei ying: anyways that works for me, see you on Wednesday!!

lan zhan: Thank you. Please have a good afternoon.

wei ying: haha so formal lan zhan (・ω<)☆


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@lan_wangji Little Brother is growing up right before my eyes :( I’m proud of you, A-Zhan!


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@lan_wangji god you two are idiots


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

This is a very interesting development! I wonder how A – oops, slip of the tongue – the mystery man will handle it?


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@chefyanli a-jie I love you but this is twitter you can’t do slip of the tongues. a-jie please.


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@lan_wangji holy shit HanGuang-Jun’s in love,,,, sound the alarms #lwjsomeofyou


I’m a detective now @southofshanghai1

I would think that my twitter name is self-explanatory. We all have one question… who the fuck stole hanguang-jun’s heart?? Im gonna beat them up if they don’t make hanguang-jun happy #lwjsomeofyou


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

im quaking in my boots omg, @lan_wangji that tweet is the epitome of BDE #lwjsomeofyou #mood


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

ah well the verdicts out, us mortals have no chance anymore  uh well not that we had a chance to begin with tho @lan_wangji #lwjsomeofyou


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@southofshanghai1 well, it could be either an actor or one of HanGuang-Jun’s non-famous friends. Considering that HanGuang-Jun has said that he doesn’t have very many acquaintances (and boy I wanna give him a big hug just for that) it’s very likely that it’s an actor. 1/2


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@southofshanghai1 So the problem is, the list of HanGuang-Jun’s acquaintances is very big. No doubt you have a lot of actors whose parents died. This is where the “ran away for three years” part really matters, because it lets you narrow down that list by a large margin. 2/2


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@wheresmyhonor did some research, there’s like four possible people who fit that requirement… Nie Huaisang, Jin Zixun, Wen Qiongling, and Wei Wuxian. #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj


light army @hanguangjuun

@keeancee as if hanguang-jun would be in love with Jin Zixun. He hates that guy, for a good reason. Wen Qiongling – not likely. So we have Nie Huaisang and Wei Wuxian. Btw, gonna hop on that hashtag #matchmakelwj


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@hanguangjuun sources??


light army @hanguangjuun

@keeancee He’s publicly denounced Jin Zixun after the incident at Phoenix Awards, regards Wen Qiongling as a talented fellow entertainer but that’s about it (source: this). But he has tons of interaction with Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang – here, here, and also here. #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@hanguangjuun hmmm interesting.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

@lan_wangji I wonder who it could be? Should I @ him? What do you think, Mingjue?


Nie Mingjue ✔ @mingnie

@jinyaoyao leave the kid alone, he can figure out his own love life without your interference.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

@mingnie It’s still fun to give some hints… So, the guy’s last name is three letters, and you guys probably know his name! #matchmakelwj


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jinyaoyao A-Yao, please don’t be mean to A-Zhan… although, they do probably need some prodding to get together. @chefyanli @jiang-chengg would you be so kind as to help me?


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

HOLY FUCK, @xichen @chefyanli, I have so many questions?? Is mystery man someone they know?? Am I jumping to conclusions too quick??


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

look I really hate to say this but, maybe you guys should chill on investigating Lan Wangji’s love life a little bit? He doesn’t deserve this intrusion into his private life and if he wants the identity of the guy to remain a secret, maybe you should respect his wishes…


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@dontdoit normally id agree with you but HanGuang-Jun’s friends are actually actively trying to set them up so…


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@rabbitlife “LWJ is a hot mess and his friends are trying to help him score a date” is not the hot take I expected to hear today but it sure is the one we deserve


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@stanlwj the one thing we can all agree on is that HanGuang-Jun is, in fact, hot.


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@xichen im tired of seeing them fucking pining all the time, im in.


 Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jiang-chengg that’s the spirit, A-Cheng!


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

@xichen we were already on it yesterday (⌒‿⌒)


I’m a detective now @southofshanghai1

@chefyanli is too pure for this world, we don’t deserve her


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@southofshanghai1 that’s a big fat mood.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

Can’t wait to see how this plays out! #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj