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Taichi is not jealous

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Taichi watches them with muscles twitching, hands itching to touch.

Arata and Chihaya are kissing in front of him, just inside the hotelroom that nominally is Taichi and Arata's, but tonight will be shared by the three of them. The display is no surprise to Taichi, who'd been watching Chihaya as they walked into the lobby, rode the elevator, hurried down the hallway to their room. Her eyes had been on Arata all the time, her body trembling from want and the need to hold back, wanting so much to touch, to feel, to taste.

He's not jealous. There's no need to be jealous when he's seen the same look on her face weeks ago, when they shared their first kiss. He knows that she wants him in the same way, feels the same for him.

But today it's Arata's turn to be conquered by his queen. Chihaya kisses him passionately, pressing him into wall, her hips pushing against his needily, her hands touching his face, his hair, always moving.

Taichi is honestly surprised that Arata is holding up so well. His face is flushed and his movements are fare less frantic than those of the girl in his arms, but he has a self-assuredness about him that Taichi hadn't expected. Had Arata, the secluded genius, done this before? No, Taichi can't comprehend it. To him, there's only Chihaya, and he's sure that Arata feels the same.

A moan makes the air tremble and Taichi is pulled out of his wandering thoughts, his eyes jumping back to where his friends are liplocked in the dimming light, barely two metres away. Arata's eyes glint as they meet his suddenly and warmth rushes through Taichi's body.

He's not jealous. But he wants.

In front of him, Chihaya moves to accommodate Arata's thigh between her legs as he positions his legs just so, Foot against the wall and bent knee. They're still kissing, but Arata's eyes keep flitting to Taichi and it makes him swallow. He's beautiful like this, Arata is, with Chihaya against him, moving so confidently, and when the other boy's hands drift to her ass, it's not jealousy that makes Taichi move.

It's the look in his eyes, so challenging, so knowing.

Like Arata knows exactly that what Taichi wants in this moment is him.

It takes barely a second for him to close the distance, for Arata to lift his head just barely, until their lips crash together and Taichi feels his friend's tongue slip into his mouth, a hand in his locks, and another person's body hot against him, moaning even louder now.

They're better together, the three of them, and as Taichi feels hands wandering down his back he thinks that this is true for all aspects of their life.