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The Master of Death

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"Death talking"

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Snape's memories. They had changed everything. One hour was left. One hour or Voldemort would kill everyone, he ever cared about.

Numbness and anger fought a battle inside Harry's mind. All these years Dumbledore was a mentor to him, had helped him, almost like a grandfather. The anger, which had built up in the past months only increased. He had known all the time that Harry housed a part of Voldemort’s soul...
Seventeen years. He wouldn’t have any more. A laugh bubbled up in Harry’s throat as he caught the irony of the situation. Dumbledore’s subtle manipulation had even lasted past the headmaster’s death.
By destroying Voldemort’s horcruxes, he didn’t only destroy the strings that kept the Dark Lord alive, no... With every destroyed horcrux he walked further towards his own death. Voldemort at least had the decency to be open about his intentions... Harry wouldn’t let another person die for him and Dumbledore had known that. Of course, because he had the nerve to get to know him before he sent him towards his death. Fred was dead. Tonks and Remus... Little Teddy, an orphan like him.
Harry now laughed hysterically, tears streamed down his face. Dumbledore’s betrayal paled in comparison of what was to come. As he had gathered himself, Harry looked at the golden Watch the Weasley’s had given him on his birthday. About thirty minutes were left. Harry felt the exhaustion taking over. With heavy limbs he stood up and left Dumbledore’s office.

The castle was ghostly silent. Here and there he could see the remains of a spell gone wrong and burned tapestries. He grabbed his invisibility cloak and barely evaded meeting his friends. They knew what they had to do. Harry felt strangely reminded of his first time seeing the school as he walked past the empty portraits and stairs. It had been such a beautiful sight. A part of him wanted to be stopped by someone, something. But the invisibility cloak was too good, too perfect.
Harry didn’t meet a soul, till he reached the entry hall. Neville and Oliver Wood were carrying someone. The corpse of Colin Creepy, pale and cold. Pictures flooded his mind. Of Colin walking through the halls of Hogwarts, following Harry like a puppy always with his camera. He would never take a photo again. Neville stayed back, while Oliver continued his way towards the great Hall, shouldering the cold body.

Neville seemed exhausted. He looked like an old man as he was leaning against the wall. A sudden thought caught Harry’s mind. Looking left and right, he pulled down his cloak. “Neville...”

“Harry! You don’t think about sacrificing yourself? We’ll fight, you know!”

“No...,” Harry lied. “Look Neville, Voldemort got this giant snake, Nagini.”

"Yes, I’ve heard about her.”

“She has to die Neville. Hermione and Ron know, but...,” The thought of them dying tightened his throat, “I’ve got to go now.”

Neville couldn’t even respond, before Harry pulled up the invisibility cloak again.

Outside, the air was thick with tension. Every step towards the forbidden forest felt like a lifetime. He saw Ginny, but he couldn’t bear talking to her. He feared that he wouldn’t be able to leave. Finally, after climbing over the remains of spiders, walking across giant weapons, corpses and pieces of the castle and burnt grass, he reached the edge of the forest.
Between the tall trees the air got colder. Fog and darkness told about the horde of Dementors not far away. Harry turned around to look at the castle. From the distance it stood proudly and tall. This was the last time he would see the building, which had been a home to him for almost seven years. But this was the end. The game was over, the snitch had been caught.

The snitch...

'I open at the close.'

He fumbled with the cord around his neck. Opening the pouch Harry pulled out the golden ball. “I am going to die...,” he whispered, lips brushing the cold metal. And just like this, it revealed the space within. “Lumos
Harry’s breath caught for a moment, as he saw what the snitch revealed. It was the stone. The third Hallow.

When he touched it, something changed. Suddenly, he felt strangely detached from the people in the castle. It was, as if he was walking through fog and at the same time not.
Now, that he was about to face his own demise, he saw the world in great detail. Everything seemed so clear. He didn’t feel a thing as he walked towards the man, who he had hated for a great deal of his life. Harry wasn’t afraid. Not anymore.

He would die. It was something, he had to do. There was something deep inside him, a piece of his soul, that knew that he had to face death.

So, when he spotted Dolohow and Yaxley, he followed them. As they walked through the dark forest, Harry could hear them talk in hushed voices. They didn't believe that he would show up.
They stopped where the trees got lesser and the opening revealed a dark night sky, dotted with stars. Harry recognized the place. It was where he and Ron had faced Aragog. There were no spiders, their den abandoned, but the place was unmistakable the same.

Giant spiderwebs were hanging in the trees above the Death Eaters on the ground. They moved ghostly in the wind.
A fire was burning in the middle of the clearing, lightening up the faces of Voldemort’s followers.
Curiously Harry took another step forward to analyse the scene.
Some of them still wore their masks, while others didn’t care to hide their faces anymore. Two giants sat not far away, throwing giant shadows over the scenery. Fenrir Greyback restlessly bit his nails, eager to fight again. Tall, blond Rowle had a split lip. Lucius Malfoy was surrounded by an aura of fear, so different than the man Harry remembered. Narzissa stood silently next to him her eyes carefully watching.
Almost otherworldly, over there was Voldemort. Pale and tall, his hands folded over his wand like he was praying. Every face was expectantly pointed at him. He oozed dark power and Harry found himself fascinated by the man, more so than he was afraid. The snake, Nagini was still floating inside her magical cage.
When Dolohow and Yaxley joined the crowd, Voldemort opened his eyes and he lifted his head to look at them. “No trace of him, Milord”, said Dolohow. Voldemort’s expression didn’t change. His eyes almost glowed in the dark. Slowly he pulled the wand out of his long fingers. Harry’s gaze was caught by the movement. His eyes were drawn to the wand as if it was calling out to him. The stone in his hand burned cold.

“My Lord...,” Bellatrix started but Voldemort stopped her with a gesture of his hand. He started to talk. It was almost a whisper.

“I thought he would come...” Voldemort looked into the flames. “I expected him to come”

Nobody said a word. Harry wanted to laugh at how they all seemed so afraid, whereas he had lost any fear from this man the moment he had accepted his death. Harry pulled the invisibility cloak from his shoulders and stuffed it beneath his shirt. His wand followed shortly after. “It seems, that I was... mistaken,” Voldemort added.

“You weren’t,” Harry said loudly, and he walked towards Voldemort. Nothing mattered, apart from them. Hagrid bound to a tree somewhere to his right started to shout. He hadn't noticed him before.

“NO... HARRY!” But Harry didn’t answer. He ignored the laughter and screams coming from the Death Eaters and stopped not far from Voldemort. The dark Lord tilted his head. Curiosity sparked in his eyes, but Harry knew it wouldn't save him. 

“Harry Potter,” the dark Lord said, and his lips curled into a cold smile, “The boy who lived” Almost gentle, Voldemort lifted his hand and pointed the Elder wand at him. Harry saw his lips moving. Then nothing.







Harry opened his eyes. He found himself in a white room. It was very long, and the ceiling seemed to be made out of glass. The longer he looked around, the more things he found. Strangely enough it reminded him of Kings Cross.
Just as Harry wanted to turn around, he heard a strange sound.


Like a gust of wind, but wind didn't talk. It was a voice. It sounded hoarse and his name was stretched oddly by it. “Who is there?” Harry turned his head to find the source of the sound, but he didn’t see anybody.

Suddenly he felt, as if there were hands touching his back, roaming up to stroke his shoulders, through his hair, his face, only to come down to his ribs again, hugging him from behind.


It sounded like someone was whispering directly into his ear now. Harry almost felt hair tickling his cheek. Strangely he wasn’t afraid.

"My Harryy..... I’ve waited for a long time..."

“Who are you? Show yourself!” Harry demanded. Almost as if reluctant to let go he felt the presence leaving, but in front of him the air grew thick and foggy. The dark cloud grew, and he could make out a shape. Like the piece of Tom Riddle from the Dairy in Harry’s second year the fog started to resemble a human. When it was done forming itself, the being showed its too sharp teeth in a predatory grin. Harry gaped. Because in front of Harry stood... well, Harry. But not quite.

The figure had the same slim face and slender built. The hair was as wild as Harry’s, but it’s seemed even darker. Pitch black, like a dark hole the hair floated as if they were underwater. The skin of the figure was waxen, too perfect to belong to a real human. The lightning shaped scar on its forehead was also missing. But the biggest difference were its eyes. They were white, like the eyes of a Thestral. No pupil or iris disturbed the glossy surface.

“My Masssterrr...,” it said.

“Your Master?” Harry asked bewildered.

“My Master” The being eyed him hungrily “You collected the Hallows”

“The Hallow- You are Death?!” Harry said shocked and almost took a step back.

“Thatsss what some people might call me,” it said still grinning.

“Am I dead?” Harry asked.

“Yes and no. You have left the world of the living, but you haven’t reached the world of the dead yet. You are in a place with no name, one could best describe it as ‘in-between’,” the figure said after a moment.

“What about the horcrux?”

The other Harry tilted its head, watching Harry intensely. "No longer with you... It’s waiting.”


“For the other pieces to join. It suffers. The soul is damaged. It can’t go on without the others.”  The being wasn’t smiling anymore. It frowned. Harry was still struggling to accept that this creature was Death.

“But Voldemort is still alive?" he asked instead.


“I have to go back, don’t I?” Harry asked it.

“You could go on.” It didn’t seem very happy.

“What if I did go on. Where would I go?”

“On,” it simply said.

“But I could go back.”

“Yessss.” The being grinned again and leaned towards Harry.

“I could defeat Voldemort.”

“You could,” it said grinning.

The being claimed, that he could go back and defeat Voldemort. But how? And after all, Nagini was still alive. Then a thought invaded his mind. “You said I am your Master.”

“You are,” the being let out a strange vibrating noise. It sounded like a deep rumble and Harry suddenly realized that it was purring, which was very strange to hear, coming from a human. Or human looking being. The meaning of the words it had said hit him only now.

“Could you bring back Fred, Remus and Tonks?” Harry asked a spark of hope flaming up in his heart, “and Sirius?” His chest clenched painfully.

“No, I can’t.”

“Oh,” Harry said. He stayed silent, while Death seemed to be content just to be in his company, judging by the deep purring. “But what is the meaning of all of this?”

“You are my Master,” it purred.

“You said that already. And why would Death even need a Master?” Harry asked.

“Death doesn’t need a master. I created the Hallows because I wanted to. Not many would be able to collect all of them. Even if somebody united them before, I could simply choose to not follow them. But you...” It came close, its nose almost touching Harry’s. “You are mine. Mine to obey, mine to protect.”

Harry was confused. Apart from the strange fixation the being seemed to have on him, it really sounded like the being wanted to obey him. “What do you get out of this?”

“I was alone. I was bored. But now I am not....”

“If I go back, could you help me defeat Voldemort?”

“Yesss,” The being seemed eager. “But I should warn you. If you accept to be my Master, I will be you and you will be me. A part of me will merge with you, just as a part of you will merge with me.”

“I won’t be killing people, will I? I won’t become Death?” Harry asked suddenly afraid. He remembered how Quirrel had died. What if he would kill Ron or Hermione just like this?

“You are still you, but if you choose to be my Master you command death. There will be a change. It already started when you picked up the stone.” Harry remembered the feeling of detachment and how Voldemort hadn’t frightened him anymore. “I am Death. If you are my Master, you are able to see the world like I do. At least to an extent.

“But I am still me?”

“You are still you, you’ll have your memories, your feelings, but there will be a part inside of you that knows Death. That is Death. And Death doesn’t know good and bad.” Death smirked like a distorted reflection of Harry.

“Do I have to choose right now?” Harry asked. This was much to take in. What if he came back like Voldemort? Not able to love, not remembering what it was like to be friends or how it was to be in love? The being in front of him hesitated. Eventually it answered.

“I have waited for a long time. If you need time to think about it, I will give you time.”

“Will I be able to defeat Voldemort without you?” Harry asked uncertainly.

“You have always been strong Harry...”

“Are you able to bring me back, then?” Harry asked.

“Yesss,” it said, its white eyes staring into Harry’s. Harry swore that he felt a hand touching his face, but his surroundings were already fading.