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Katsudon Ambrosia

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Food Souls…

Personified spirits of cuisine that have taken human form.

Each one with their own unique personality and appearance, as well as powers.

When making a pledge with them, they can take on a role of a protector, a sibling, a teacher, a child to call their own…even a lover.

“My, my, what do we have here?”

A smile grew upon his lips as he gazed down the Chef Attendant before him, crossing his slim legs.

“I never thought to be graced by someone as handsome as you. Even if you are a human.” He purred, slightly amused on how the Chef Attendant stared up at him in awe. And he wasn’t lying when he said that he was handsome, for a human.

A fine body, otherworldly platinum hair, piercing blue eyes…

Oh yes, he can see himself being with this one. He reached down and lifted the other man’s chin up with his finger to gaze back of him.

“I’m Katsudon…and I do hope that we get along.”

That was the day that Victor Nikiforov, the Chef Attendant, made a contract with the Food of the Gods…

Present day…

“Here you go! Sorry for the wait!”

Victor watched from the cashier as Katsudon gave one of the customers a bashful smile while placing down their order. The patron in question just returned the smile back at him in what he thought was a charming manner. Victor scoffed inwardly to himself at this, he could smile better than that…

“It’s ok,” The Customer reassured him. “I’m sure that you guys were busy.”

Katsudon smiled as he bowed a bit.

“Thank you so much for understanding! Please enjoy, Sir!” He spoke before turning to check on other tables.

This gave the said customer the opportunity to oogle at the food soul’s backside, which was went unnoticed to Katsudon who asked the patrons on how they are liking their meals. However, Victor was the one who noticed it.

And he didn’t like how they were eyeing Katsudon like he was something to be devoured…

Victor fought back the urge to grab a pitcher of water and “accidentally” spill the contents over the customer’s head. It would be bad for business if he had done that, Yakov would surely have his head if he hears that Victor, the Master Chef Legend, had gone and done something as juvenile as pouring water over a customer’s head.

That and Katsudon would be upset on his behalf if he would unintentionally give the restaurant a terrible review…

Ah, what had he done to deserve a Food Soul like him?

Even though he was disgusted by how the customer was practically undressing Katsudon with his eyes, Victor admittedly couldn’t blame him.

Katsudon may not know this (or probably does and playing coy about it, Victor wasn’t sure), but he was considered the most beautiful Food Soul, human or otherwise. Beneath the humble appearance of messy hair, glasses, and plain clothing of a sweater and jeans, was a body that begged to be worshipped. And the legs that not only can go on for days, but also his thick thighs. It also helped with the fact that he was a rather talented dancer…

Gods bless Fondue and his suggestion on having “adult night” performance on special occasions.

Whoever thought that Katsudon knew his way around the pole?

Ah~ he should remember to thank Fondue for the suggestion as a way to bring in more money.

And maybe blame him since there is an army of Katsudon admirers…

“Victor!” Katsudon’s voice broke his train of thought, making the silver-haired man look up to him and saw his beloved Food Soul’s smile. “Try not to slack off in a middle of shift! You know how much Mr. Feltsman hates it when you do that.”

Victor couldn’t help but smile at the considering nature of his favorite Food Soul. Honestly, how was it that he managed to summon just as beautiful as him?

“The gods were kind to me on that night…” he spoke to himself before standing up.

“Alright…let’s get to work!”

This is just another day at Stammi Vicino Bristro.