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From the time Loki was old enough to understand his smallness, he was fascinated with Asgardians.

An entire race his own size! He read everything he could of them.

Their coloring was strange, but they had hair, like his own, and lived in a golden realm, and traveled the bifrost, and had knowledge from all the realms!

How could Loki not be fascinated? He did his hair as they did in the pictures, and even created clothes in their style.

He never wore them, of course. Not where anyone might see. Father would have been furious if he knew the strength of Loki's fascination.

At least no one else knew enough of hair to understand Loki's mimicry there.

When he was old enough to attend court, he had let his fascination fall to the side. He was fourteen! Too old for such childish things!

Even a royal visit from Asgard didn't seem too exciting.

Until he saw Thor.

Thor was... the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He had to have him. Why shouldn't he have him? They were the same age! The same social standing!

And, yes, the same size.

He had to have him!

The entire time he was forced to endure standing in court, his eyes could barely leave the golden Asgardian prince.

How did Asgardians court? He scrambled to remember. They... were bold lovers. Direct. They viewed sex as healthy, and did not like to dance around attraction. Yes.

When the kings and officials retreated to a negotiations table, Thor was left unaccompanied. He wandered out to a nearby courtyard.

Loki quickly followed.

Confident. He would be confident and forward!

Or, he would fake it, anyway. He swallowed his nerves.