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Raising Dragons

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Izuku stood in his mahogany wood cabin. The walls filled with shelves full of jars and plants. Book cases lined other walls filled with books, rolled up papers and maps, journals—it looked a mess, a neatly organized mess.

The desk sat in the far back corner with an open journal, a feathered pen and ink. He couldn’t wait to start the day. Getting dressed, Izuku made sure to wear his white jacket, putting a few plants in his pockets—lavender, chamomile, just a few to give to patients to calm them down.

Down the stairs once he was contempt with his clothes—a blue button up and black slacks. His jacket just resting past his knees, glancing around he took in the room.

Two beds sat across from one another—black leather with a rune etched into the bottom, just in case for sharp claws. More book shelves that was filled with potions, more herbs and flowers, books and papers; everything he needed to help the creatures and sometimes people.

Smiling to himself, Izuku went to his door, a wooden door with a metal handle. Opening it to the morning sun. Yellow arcane light danced on his fingers as he moved the open sign—another symbol etched in to be read in native tongues to all those who are looking for him—from closed to open.

Breathing in the forest scent, turning back to his desk. Waiting.

It was only a few minutes after he kept his door open that someone walked in.

“Good Morning,” Izuku cheerily stated, turning to find his father.

Toshinori Yagi stood there, thin lengthy limbs with an oversized brown jacket and green cargo pants. His long blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and sunken blue eyes stared at him. He was getting treatment with his mom, so Izuku was a bit confused as to why he would come here until his eyes landed at a bundle in his arms.

“Good Morning, my boy.” Toshinori said with a bright smile, “I hope you don’t mind me dropping in out of the blue.”

“You are always welcome too, Father!” Izuku walked over to him, “should you be walking this far into the forest? Mom will be worried if you have another attack.”

He laughed, walking towards him. “Your mom is ever the worrier, but I made sure to take my medicine. Do not worry. I wanted to see you and well,” he set down the bundle and Izuku heard a small little chirp of pain.

Izuku couldn’t help but grab the small leather-bound book off his desk, walking over to where he was. Standing on the other side of the bed.

“I found him on my way here.”

The bundle of blankets started to move as a small red-scaled head poked out. Black horns coming from his forehead, tilting back towards the back of his head. As the dragon craned its neck towards Izuku, all red eyes with black slit pupils. A little trill came from it as it opened its mouth, showing rows of sharp teeth.

Now, when the dragon was wrapped up it didn’t show how big he was. He looked to be about the size of a foal. Izuku was a bit shocked that his father was able to carry him all the way up the rocky road.

Izuku held out a hand to it, the dragon nuzzled its snout against his hand, huff of hot hair his his palm. Letting him know he was okay. Pulling the blankets off him, he began to check for injuries. The dragon needing his head against his stomach. It was a lot more forceful than Izuku was expecting; having to catch himself with a steady laugh. “Strong,” he said.

As he checked, shaking his head. There were fresh cuts all along his body, some redden in irritation and others were swelling. He seemed to have put up a fight. “He’s injured, you said you found him?”

Toshinori nodded. “He was crying out, I found him lodged in a trap.”

Izuku nodded, holding out his hand as a bit of blueish arcane light surrounded his fingers. Hearing a small growl come from the dragon, “its okay,” he muttered, “it just helps me check for internal injuries.”

As if the dragon understood, he forced a smile. Waiting until the dragon huffed and stared. Red eyes watching his as if telling him ‘alright’, letting his hands trail over him. He had no internal injuries, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Could be poachers,” Izuku stated, “all the creatures have been talking about them. Did you see his mother around?”

A dark look passed over Toshinori’s eyes, “there was a lot of blood. He was the only one there.”

“She must have been protecting him,” Izuku took a breath, “he only has external wounds that I can take care of with a few medicinal herbs and magic, he doesn’t seem frig—” his words were cut off as the little dragon nosed his stomach again. Purring. Even if he seemed to be scared with the magic, he took a liking to him. Izuku was always told by the fawnus and satyrs that he had an aura around him that gave everyone a peace of mind. He doubted it, even with the little red scaled dragon nuzzling him. “—htened,” he finished.

“I think he likes you.” Toshinori coughed, “I should be getting back to your mother.”

“Wait,” Izuku tried to move as the dragon followed him, nuzzling his back, almost falling over as he caught him and put him back on the bench, “stay.” He told him, going back to the shelves, he pulled out ginger and honey.

Red light appeared on his hands as he filled a cup of water heating it as he put in the ginger and honey. “Take this before you go, it’ll help with the coughing.”

Toshinori drank it down, smiling. “I’ll come check up on him tomorrow.” With that, he left him alone.

Izuku turned back to the little dragon, “let’s get you fixed up, okay?”

The little dragons tail wagged against the bed as he began to administer medicine. He growl when he started to mix a few herbs with a green arcane light, he only told him it was to help with the healing process and the dragon huffed.

With careful hands, he put the ointment on each of the cuts, cleaning them out as best as he could all the while humming to him. He seemed content on nuzzling him. It hurt him knowing that poachers could have gotten to his mom.

He still had visitors coming today, he was sure the poachers would be back looking for him. A word escaped his lips as he signed a symbol into the doorframe—protection—a means to keep the dragon safer. Since, if any poachers were still around he had a feeling they’d be able to track him.

Dragons were rare, baby ones even rarer.

Dusting off his hands, Izuku turned to him. “Be good, okay? People will be coming here.”

The dragon turned his head to the side.

“If you are good, I’ll,” he thought for a moment, “let you sleep in my bed.”

The dragon trilled, chirping loudly as if he was trying to make conversation. Izuku made a mental note to check his wounds later.

Eijirou remembered his mothers cries and her whimpers. Remembers the masked poachers with magic. They had just taken time to rest and get supplies. He remembered watching his mom shift into her human form. Watching her scales turn to tan skin, wings disappearing. Long red hair fell against her back as she stood tall. A grin on her face showing sharp teeth.

Eijirou, be good and stay out of sight, okay? Momma is just gonna go to the town and gather a few things, okay?

He couldn’t shift yet and that bothered him—even though he was twenty years old, all he could do was shift in size and not in human form (not yet anyways)—nodding to his mother. He watched her leave as he nuzzled himself into the bushes; making sure he wasn’t scene. Though half of him wanted to run after her and help her carry things, it wouldn’t do them any good if anyone saw him.

Unsure of how he fell asleep or when, all he woke up to was a loud roar and cries as his vision came into focus. His mother—back to her giant red dragon form—was throwing people with wolf masks against trees and chomping down on them. There was so much blood that splattered on the grass and nearby trees.

Eijirou made it apparent to shrink himself down from the size of a horse to that of a foal, trying to be as small as possible.

Some had magic, black arcane that smelled like rancid flesh burning tore through her scales and blood—god there was so much blood and pain. Eijirou couldn’t sit and hear her cries, wanting to shift back only to feel a net surround him and swords cut into his scales as he tried to fight them.

She cried out to him and he could only watch as his vision went dark. When his vision came to, he was alone and there wasn’t anyone around him. Only dragging of blood and old weapons. He cried for hours or days? He wasn’t sure but his voice was hoarse and filled with pain, struggling against the bindings that tore his flesh more.

“Oh dear,” he heard a males voice.

Eijirou let out a soft growl of warning, only to feel the net get pulled off and he was met with a warm blanket. Though he struggled at first and the warmth of another was strange, he only knew of his mothers and yet, he felt comfort.

“You must be frightened, where is your mother?” He asked with a soft voice.

Eijirou whimpered.

“Oh dear. You poor thing, let’s bring you to my son. He’ll be able to help you.”

The blanket surrounded him, obscuring his view. Eijirou couldn’t help but hope that his mother was alright, the sound of her crying and her voice.

Eijirou, be okay. I’ll find you okay. Be safe my love.

The next time he woke up, there was something soft under him and he could hear people talking. He knew the one voice, the one that saved him. The other was soft and full of worry. Lifting his head as the blanket fell off, meeting with emerald. Eijirou chirped, seeing the green curls and freckled face.

He’s beautiful. Thought Eijirou.

The human—was he human? He seemed to be of fae or something ethereal with how comforting he was and held out a hand to him, Eijirou couldn’t help but nuzzle his snout against his hand. Was this okay? He didn’t seem to want to do him harm. Huffing against his hand, he smelled like the forest. Blankets were pulled off him, the feeling of hands along his scales. Warm, soft.

Eijirou found himself needing his head against his stomach, feeling him lose breath; he didn’t know he still had any strength left until he heard the human laugh! He really laughed! It was cute and he wagged his tail against the bed.

“Strong,” he said.

The rest of the time went fine, only a little hiccup with the magic but even that didn’t seem to hold any malice in it. Plus, it smelt like vanilla. Not rancid. A nice witch. Trilling as he watched the human work, he wished he could ask what his name was and in tell, give him his.

One day, Eiji. You’ll be able to shift like me.

Will I be beautiful like you?

Even more so, my son.

Eijirou could hear him moving about and rummaging through books and the clinking of glass. Lifting his head from where he rested on his paws, the human seemed to be muttering something incoherent to him. Was it to him or to himself?

It didn’t matter, whatever he was doing intrigued him. Sliding off the bed, grimacing at the drop and soreness (though there wasn’t the stench of metallic in the air, he wasn’t bleeding anymore and Eijirou thanked the human for that). Landing with a soft whoomph, looking up in time to see the human take notice of him. Bright eyes watching him in worry, fascination, and he quickly went over to check his wounds. Sighing in relief when he didn’t reopen them.

“Did I wake you?”

Eijirou found himself chirping, trying to say no.

“I wish I knew your name, I don’t want to give you one if your mother already gave you one.” The human hummed, lifting him—or trying to.

Eijirou found his torso being lifted but his feet planted firmly on the ground. A chuckled escaped the human. Now standing at his full height, coming to the top of his thighs. Red watching green and he smiled, opening his mouth.

“I’m Izuku Midoriya, though I don’t know if you can understand me.”

Izuku. Eijirou chirped out.

“I guess you do understand. Come on, I closed up shop. Let’s eat, okay?”

He trilled at that, chirping loudly. Lots of meat!


Izuku had to admit he liked the company—even if it was in the form of a baby dragon. What did dragons eat? What could he feed him? Trailing up the stairs, muttering to himself as the scrapping of nails sounded throughout the place.

He knew that with magic being introduced into the medicine, he’d be healed within a day or so; he hoped. Knew that dragons had fast healing, something about those cuts made him falter in his magic. He’d have to check in the morning on them, if his hunch was correct. He’d seen wounds from poachers before, these ones were filtered with magic he couldn’t place.

At first he was a bit skeptical of having the little dragon around. Afraid it would scare away patients, no one seemed to pay mind to him. Only a few had asked and when he told them about the circumstances, they only had sadness in their eyes.

Glancing at the little dragon, who watched him. It was a bit frightening knowing something was behind him with very sharp teeth and claws that could kill him any second—then he thought differently, how could the little dragon be harmful? He hadn’t tried to do anything to him yet and he could have been no older than, he blinked, how old was the little dragon? How does one tell?

Muttering to himself, he began making food. Preparing a few steaks—dragons like those right? Hearing the thumping of the tail told him that he got it right. He smiled, letting a few steaks warm up—one he gave to him raw and the dragon ate it up fast. Licking his teeth.

He had to try not to throw up his own food in the process after having cooked it.

Izuku was gonna have to stock up more on food until the dragon can hunt for himself. Speaking of the dragon. Izuku turned towards the bookshelf and trailed the spines. He looked and skimmed until he found the one.

The title had been worn off from overuse, he knew it from his father reading it constantly. Dragons tend to age differently. Izuku put a finger to his chin,  if he was in his twenties then the dragon was most likely in his teens.

Glancing at him, he was big but he was still growing, right? Humming a bit, he turned back to the book. Red dragons were the most royal like of all the dragons. Alpha of the species if he was to explain it better.

They mated for life.

Izuku read on as he sat down on the chair. Dragons were shifters—a type of hybrid that can shift between human and their counterpart. They were magical, unlike most of the hybrids in the world. They typically don’t shift to human until there twenty-first birthday. They could shift in size from the age of five. Dragons were always fascinating to him, since they only ever come out when they are teaching the little ones to hunt or shift.

Then Izuku could only think that maybe he was learning to shift, which change his first hypothesis. Maybe he lost a bit of magic when he was injured and that was why he was the size of a foal. Time would tell.  

Feeling a head hit his thigh, he smiled. “What’s wrong, little red?”

The dragon trilled at him, nuzzling against him again.

“You should be careful,” Izuku put the book down, checking the wounds more. Some were seeping a black-ink like substance and he turned his head to the side, “come with me.”

Moving into another room he used to prepare potions, he began to search through the herbs and other assortments used in potions. A blue arcane light danced on his fingers again as he tried to remember the type of magic that leaks from wounds like that.

A type of magic-dampening poison. No, that’s not right. If it was a poison, the little dragon should have been able to heal from it. Was it some type of magic that seeped into the wound after it was carved? Something on the net? I’ll have to check in the morning, but for now…

Izuku pulled out three things. A pixie wing, a flower petal dipped in honey, and a piece of bark from the lands of Dustelo (a land known for their rich forests seeped with magic from the ancient dragons). He began to put them in a pot, pouring a bit of water into it as he muttered an incantation under his breath. Watching the water turn from a pale blue to a light purple to white. Telling him it was finished.

Pouring it into a bowl, he turned to the dragon. “Drink it slow, it’ll make you sleepy but should help with,” Izuku paused, he couldn’t tell him that he was poisoned, lying was good right? It didn’t say that dragons could tell if people were lying. “Soreness and help heal you a bit faster.”

The dragon, in fact, did know he was lying.

A small chirp of confusion before he started to sip on the drink. It wasn’t bitter but it didn’t taste good. Soon he drank it all down and stuck out of his tongue after scrunching his nose in distaste.

“I know I know, it doesn’t taste good.” Rubbing his head, he turned to leave, “come on, let’s go to bed.”

A yawn and a tired chirp was all he got in return as he followed into the small room. Izuku changed and soon found himself curling up next to the dragon—scratch that, it was more like the dragon curled next to him and plopped his head on his stomach with a disgruntled whine from the pain. Smiling, he patted his head, a low purr resounded from the little dragon.

What a strange day.

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Eijirou knew of two things. One: his body didn’t hurt as much as the day before, was it that terrible drink Izuku gave? He didn’t know, magic was something he didn’t really have that much knowledge in but seeing what the witch can do, he’s eager to learn. And two: he was laying on Izuku’s chest. The greenette looked peaceful sleeping. Even with his entire weight on him. (Though Eijirou tried to make sure he had most of his weight on hind legs, just so he doesn’t cause panic.) Huffing in his face, watching the curls bounce a bit as he tried to wake him.

After a few heavy breaths, Eijirou wanted to just watch Izuku sleep. Though in his defiance, he’s never seen a human sleep before. Does walking up before his mom in her human form count? Eijirou didn’t think so. Watching him all day was something he wanted, unfortunately Izuku began to stir. Licking his face in excitement, a small chirp escaped his lips seeing the flutter of lids showing emeralds.

Izuku grunted at the sudden wetness on his face and gasped—seeing rows of sharp teeth and sharp eyes that slowly dilated when he was finally waking up, then he relaxed remembering the day before. The dragon looked a bit better than yesterday, it seemed whatever was in his system seemed to have faded a bit, there was still some black like ink on the bandages which concerned him.

The remedy should have gotten rid of any magic within the poison—that made him think that it wasn’t really poison. Though it was magic, that much he can tell from just being in close proximity. While most magic never had a smell around him, this one—it smelt like rancid flesh burning. It churned his stomach.

He’ll have to figure out what it is before he does any further concoctions of remedies. He wouldn’t want to hurt him any further than he already was. Sitting up, he brushed a hand through his hair before patting the little dragon. Waiting for his eyes to come into focus, he stared at him.

The little dragon, wasn’t so little anymore.

From the size of a foal to the size of a pony, it took him a second to register that. Practically encasing him on the bed. It creaked under his added weight. Izuku  laughed, so I was right. It was magic dampening. He can change size, then that means he either shrunk in size to hide or the magic was that powerful to shift him. Then, does that mean he can also shift into human form? I’ll have to research more on dragon-hybrids as well as the poachers that are within the forest and their magic.

A small chirp told him he was talking out loud.

Heat rose in his cheeks as he chuckled, stretching a bit. “Sorry sorry, let me shower and I’ll look at your wounds okay, little red?”

Eijirou trilled, moving just a bit for Izuku to get up. The warm bed soon became cold as he watched the little witch grab clothes and huddle into the bathroom. The door creaked open a bit that he could hear the sound of water hitting bare floor. 

It intrigued him. Considering he was used to rain water or rivers to wash himself, sometimes his mom would do it. Padding over to the door, nuzzling it open. Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have looked because Izuku was entirely naked.

If dragons could blush, he would be.

Izuku was toned in muscle, a few scars that littered his arms and legs. It surprised Eijirou just how much someone could hide under clothes. Well, he did just met the witch. So, maybe it wasn’t such a surprise.

To which he should probably not be peeking at Izuku in the shower, considering he might get mad at him for watching. Turning from the door, he stretched as best as he could. Trying to get rid of the soreness in his muscles, maybe he should shrink a bit. That way he wasn’t knocking things over.

Turning around, hearing the sounds of glass shattering on the floor, sounds of books and shelves falling over one another; squeezing his eyes shut as he waited it to stop.

“Little red?” Izuku called as he came out of the bathroom, curls stuck to his head as he had a towel wrapped around his waist. Taking note of the dragon and the mess of glass right by his tail, “are you okay?”

Eijirou shrunk, for Izuku it was a shock seeing different types of magic. The large body shrunk to the size of the foal again as he inevitably shrunk in on himself as if waiting to be scolded for breaking things. He wasn’t even sure what he broke but it was warm to his tail and of course, he also tried not to damage the books with his claws, not that it did much when he tried to move and only knock more stuff (even with his smaller stature).

“Little red,” Izuku walked over to him, placing a hand under his chin, glancing around his body to see if he had gotten anymore wounds or reopened ones. “Shake your head yes or chirp at me if you are okay, if you aren’t shake your head no.”

Eijirou chirped.

Izuku let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good, don’t worry about the mess. I’ll clean it up.”

With a flick of his wrist, yellow arcane light danced on his fingertips. Picking up books and scattered glass, reshelving books and notebooks. Eijirou watched in awe, mouth agape as he tried to bite at one of the books that flew over his head. Izuku chuckled as he began to get dressed.

Taking clothes and underwear, he made his way back into the bathroom. Something about knowing that he might be a shifter made him insecure about getting dressed in front of him. Once dressed, he motioned him to follow.

“Careful coming down the stairs,” he called to him, “I’ll be right in front of you to catch you if you fall.”

Taking tentative steps down, digging claws into the wood as he made it semi-successfully down the stairs only after missing one step and being caught by Izuku who just smiled. Moving down into the shop, tapping the black leather for him to get up on.

Izuku had about an hour before he needed to open the shop, it would give him time to dress the wounds and find the spot in which his father found little red. He needed to see if there was latent magic still lingering around. Plus, he needed to gather a few herbs and pay a visit to Ochako for a few things.

As he jumped up, watching as the blue arcane appeared again and moved over his body. The only Eijirou wished was that he was already healed, he should have been healed from measly cuts. What was it that Izuku said? Something about magic.

Did it have something to do with the magic that smelled terrible? Eijirou hoped it wasn’t that, he couldn’t stand the smell let alone have it in his system. As fingers moved along his scales, he relaxed in them with a slight purr. It was warm, something he didn’t think was possible. When he pulled away, Eijirou lifted his head and followed him around the room.

Seeing him pull a white feather, a red leaf, a lilac, and something that smelled oddly of cinnamon and cedar (it was a strange mix and it made him crinkle his nose and try not to sneeze). Putting them in a small bowl, watching him smash it with a tool and ground them into dust before dumping it in clear liquid. Mixing it together, he moved back over to him.

“This might hurt,” Izuku warned, “it’s to help with the pain and should help with the infection, once I know more about what hurt you I can come up with a better mix and possibly add in magic without causing more damage. Plus, it should also bring you back your strength, I’m rambling, aren’t it?” He asked after a moment of Eijirou watching him

It’s cute, he chirped, I like hearing you talk.

“I really wish I could understand you,” Izuku smiled small, putting the bowl down as he went about putting on the paste.

Eijirou didn’t believe him when he said it was going to hurt because well, he’s not used to anything penetrating his skin. It didn’t just hurt, it burned. With a whimper and a growl, tail hitting the table in aggravation.

Red eyes bored into the witch, pain clear as day in his features. Izuku cooed, “almost done.” He whispered.

Once he was done, Eijirou felt tired. Bumping his head against his stomach, the low rumble of contempt escaped him. Patting his head, reaching to grab the underside of his chin to make him look into those emerald eyes.

“I have to run a few errands, please get some rest.”

Eijirou followed him as he moved the empty bowl to the sink and cleaned it. Grabbing a satchel and a notebook, heading towards the back. His hand on the door frame, glancing back. “I’ll back.”

I’ll be back, Eiji.

Panic rose in his chest, moving off the bed—not very dexterous when his body felt tired. Nipping at his coat as he tried to leave, pulling him back into the house. Chirps of panic, no don’t leave. Stay.

“Little red,” Izuku turned to him, kneeling down a bit and cupped his face. “I’m just going into the forest to meet a friend, you need to stay here and rest.”

No, came his chirping, pushing his nose against his, that’s what momma said and she hasn’t come back.

Cocking his head to the side, he sighed. “You aren’t going to let me leave, are you?” Puppy-dog like eyes stared up at him as his tail thumped against the ground. “Fine, just stay close and if I tell you to hide, you do it, okay?”

Eijirou trilled, pushing him onto his butt with a lick to the face.


What was supposed to be a simple errand turned into a bit of a playdate with the little dragon. Having him nip at his ankles as he tried walking down the path that lead into the middle of the forest. Little red kept trying to stop him, he never bit him that much he noticed. Just enough to pull on his pant leg or his sock. So many times he had to stop and fix the falling of his sock. Izuku felt like he was going to have to ask his mom to make him some clothes that were resistant to teeth of a little dragon.

“Little red,” he sighed playfully, “you’re going to ruin my clothes.”

Is that necessarily a bad thing? The series of trills and chirps came out at a rapid pace.

Shaking his head, the one time he wished he could understand him and know what he was saying. He talked a lot for a hybrid that couldn’t even communicate with him very well.

Moving into the forest, feeling his coat get snagged again. The dragon had it between his teeth again, ripping it a bit. Eyes darting around. Izuku could guess that this was the place—no he didn’t have to guess because when he looked around, he saw the blood and craters, and old weapons and the stench of foreign magic littering the air.

With a twist on his heel, motioning him to hide in the bushes, “stay here, I just need to get a few samples, okay?”

No. came his chirping.


A shake of his head, a paw moving out and Izuku pushed him back in, “please, little red? I’ll give you lots of meat.”

Bribing probably wasn’t the best idea but he couldn’t be sure if the poachers were still around. Better safe than sorry. The bright eyes showed through, giving him wide puppy dog eyes. That’s not fair. Izuku thought with sigh, “I’ll be back in ten minutes, okay?”

Okay, a whine escaped him as he huddled into the bushes, ten minutes.

Izuku smiled, writing a symbol of protection above him. It should hold until he comes back, he just hoped it didn’t take more than ten minutes. Already afraid of poachers, he didn’t want to have to worry about the little dragon being caught again.

Watching from the bushes, trying to hide himself more. Paws going over his head, pushing his snout down into the ground. Ten minutes, he’ll be back in ten minutes.


Okay, maybe walking into the forest where poachers were last scene, probably wasn’t the best idea he’s had in a while. It’s not like he knew what kind of magic they had; it just made his hair rise.

It’s just you out here, Izuku let out a shaky breath as he glanced around. Green arcane surrounded him, expanding around him. The smell hit him first, the smell of decay and rot. Then the stench of metal and iron. Soon followed the forest scent of pine, expanding his senses more. Could feel little red in the bushes.

Ten minutes.

Shaking off the magic, he moved to where the decay and rot was. It was a forest, could be a deer or a bear, some animal that had the misfortune of being attacked by a predator or a hunter. Coming around a tree, seeing a body.

Okay, maybe his hopes of it being an animal was a higher possibility; still, at least he had an open mind of it being a body of a human because, well, because there was a dragon currently hiding in the bushes while he figures out a cure for the magic dampening his magic that’s running through his system.

Leaning down next to the body, it couldn’t have been no more than a day. The rot and decay stated its been here for over a month. Only magic could do that. Examining it more, blue arcane danced on his fingers, moving over the body.

Large gashes—at least 3 feet in length and 2 feet in width went across his chest, broken ribs and splintered organs that just turned into minced meat inside him. With all that, he could sense the black magic through his system. Not to mention the wolf mask that covered his face.

“Sorry you had to die like this,” Izuku whispered as he let the arcane light power down.

Moving away from him, searching for nets or weapons. Hoping the magic would at least ping so that he could get some of the poison (?) should he even call it that? It’s definitely something that he wouldn’t ignore.

Searching bushes, he found a net. A bit of the potent magic was on it, at little should be enough. Cutting away part of the net, he put it in a rag and wrapping it securely. Smiling, he should be able to conduct a medicine with just this little bit, if not; he could always come back for more.

“You’re a little far from home, aren’t you, little omega?” A voice called behind Izuku making him jump to find the source.

Four men in wolf masks stood there, the stench surrounded them of foreign magic. Ah, were these the ones that attacked little red?


Eijirou rubbed his snout, the smell of rancid flesh filled his nose, it made him want to gag but he didn’t want to move. What if Izuku comes back and finds him gone? He’d be scared. Even if that smell was all around him, he wouldn’t move.

No, he couldn’t move.

Ten minutes. How long has it been? Lifting his head as the sound of tree branches snapping, alerting him more. His back arched, readying for an attack. Claws digging into the ground as black boots walked passed.





Eijirou swallowed, the curved swords on their hips. Chills ran down his spine. Even if he wanted to leave, they stopped in front of his bush. He didn’t move, just waited until they moved on.

“There’s a witch near.” Said one of them.

Eyes widened, Izuku.

“What is a witch doing out here?” one barked, “this isn’t a place for them.”

“Put off on finding the baby dragon, find the witch.”

Watching them leave, Eijirou waited for a few minutes until the coast was clear. He couldn’t be sure if he left now that he wouldn’t be caught. If he got caught, Eijirou didn’t want to think about it.

Taking a tentative step out, he searched around. Trying to listen for any indication, only the sound of birds and the rustling of leaves. Heart pounding in his chest, he sniffed the air. There were lots of scents he didn’t know.

The scent of a wolf nearby.

Those four people.

Izuku’s magic.

Slowly he began to make his way towards the scent of comfort. Nerves on end, he didn’t want those people to know he was tailing them, it’s not like he had much knowledge in magic but he was a predator. So, he should know how to stalk, right?

Tentative steps, sniffing the air occasionally to make sure he was going in the right way. He came to the opening; the scent of his mom was still there. It pained his heart, hoping she was okay somewhere and not with those assholes that ambushed them.

Sniffing more, seeing Izuku kneeling down. A sigh escaped him, he was okay. Hiding in the shadows, maybe he’ll want to play? Eijirou smiled, showing off his sharp teeth. Wiggling his butt to jump out at the unsuspecting witch.

“Don’t.” Said a low voice, putting a hand on his spine. “Poachers.”

Eijirou turned his head back with a snap, readying to bite off whoever was touching him that wasn’t Izuku. Staring at a wolf with wild ash-blonde hair and crimson eyes, claws out stretched, tan muscled body with a face set in a scowl, ears pushed back in anger and his tail unmoving.

Brow lifting up, the wolf thought it was a lizard—a very big lizard that was going to attack the little omega. How was he supposed to know it was a fucking dragon? Eyeing him before going back to the greenette that was being surrounded by those four poachers.

The wolf growled low, Eijirou turned his head to the side. Smelling burnt sugar and gunpowder coming from him. A small chirp escaped him. Who are you?

“Ah?” The wolf turned to him, “can’t understand a fucking word.”

Eijirou rolled his eyes and huffed, chirping more. I need to go. Digging his claws into the ground to move him towards the poachers and Izuku but the wolf held him down.

“Just fucking wait a moment.” He growled, “just let me figure out a fucking plan before you get us both fucking spotted.”

Eijirou whined, turning to Izuku watching one of the men roughly grab his arm and pull him close. The others surrounding him.

Low rumble resounded from the dragon. The wolf lifted his hand off and right as he did, Eijirou bolted out.


“H-Hello,” Izuku held up his hands, how had he not noticed them? Was it all the smells around him that he couldn’t figure out the group of alphas? Swallowing down his fear, he forced a smile. “W-What can I help you with?”

One of the wolf masked came towards him, a hand rested on his curved sword. Izuku could feel the magic coming off it, if I can get a hold of that sword, maybe I can make more than just a little of the medicine.

Izuku didn’t move, the rustling of leaves told him something else was in the woods just waiting for an opportune moment. I hope little red is okay. A rough hand grabbed his arm, pulling him closer.

“A male witch and omega, now that’s rare.” Said the male.

“How much you think he’d sell for?”

“A lot.” Chuckled one of them.

This was bad for him, Izuku should have known they wouldn’t leave the area without little red. A female shifter was rare, even rarer a baby dragon that hasn’t shifted yet. Swallowing meekly, he needed to figure out how to get out before something happens. What can he do against four men with magic that he knows next to nothing about.

Glancing up, checked the sun. It’s been over ten minutes; little red must be getting nervous. “Look, I don’t want any trouble,” he started, trying to pull his arm away. “I just came to gather some herbs and—

“You come to a site filled with magic,” one of them caught his lie, “where did you come from? Most witches don’t come this deep into the forest.”

Izuku didn’t answer.

A familiar scent filled his nose, ah. Today’s my lucky or unlucky day. Why did he have to come down today of all days. There was another scent, a series of chirps that sounded like birds if he hadn’t heard them an entire day and a half.

“We should go, one of the patrols stated they saw a hybrid not to far—

A blur of red came fast, latching onto one of the men. A gurgling cry of pain as he thumped to the ground, Izuku blinked as he saw the red scales and piercing eyes. Blood dripping from his maw. A low rumble of anger.

“Where the fuck—

Stench of metal filled the air and the wolf masked nearest him sprayed blood onto his clothes. A flash of blonde and bloodied claws. A snarl erupted from him, “get the fuck out of my forest or I’ll fucking kill you assholes.”

A blade was drawn and pressed against Izuku’s neck, his back pressing against someone’s front. The wolf-masked man and the other, took note of the hybrid with ears pointed back and face in a snarl.

Izuku glanced to little red as he had his heckles on rise, growling as he stepped towards him. Shaking his head, trying to get him to not get himself killed just because some poachers wanted to make an extra buck.

Red arcane danced in front of him, turning to a light pink that surrounded them. The wolf scoffed, hating the smell of rose that filled the area. A closed-tight smile, as he snapped his finger.

Little red’s eyes went wide as fire erupted in the face the two poachers. Screams and burnt flesh made him sneeze. Jumping at one while the wolf took the others. Izuku groaned, little red and the wolf were both covered in blood.

He was going to have to give them both a bath. Today was just not going according to plan. Placing his hands on his hips, staring both of them down with brows pushed together. He couldn’t really scold them, they saved his life, but still, now he had to up the protection on his house and around the area, now that more of the poachers were killed and two of them were from a dragon, he was certain they would up their own patrols in search of both hybrids.

“Little red and Kacchan,” looking between them, “did you two really have to kill them?”