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An omega worth fighting for

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His alarm went off just as Izuku had finished up writing down his notes on the roles and responsibilities of an omega. He quickly pulled his long curly green hair into a messy bun and grabbed his notebook before he made his way down to the kitchen to help his mother with breakfast.

When Izuku made it downstairs his mother was nowhere to be found, instead his stepfather could be seen trying to put together his own breakfast in the Midoriya’s kitchen.

“Papa, let me.” he said, when he stepped into the kitchen.

His stepfather jumped at the sound of his voice. “Ah Izuku, my boy, don’t sneak up on an old man like that.” He chuckled and then added, “what are you still doing here, weren’t you supposed to be in town with your mother by now?”

Izuku stopped what he was doing to proudly hold up his notebook for his stepfather. “I had to finish writing my notes.”

Izuku’s stepfather sighed and nodded his head. “I know you feel like there is a lot of pressure on you to find a mate, but there is always next year or the year after.” He smiled and reached out to tuck a loose curl behind Izuku’s ear. “Your mother and I don’t mind having you here with us you know.”

“I know, I know,” Izuku started, “You and mother shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of a male omega forever though.”

Toshinori frowned.

”Besides,” Izuku continued, “If I manage to woo an important alpha, you and mother will finally get to have an easy life.” 

Toshinori sighed again and turned to his son. “Just remember to be yourself.” He placed a kiss on the top of his son’s pulled back curls before ushering him out of the house.

Toshinori was again alone in the kitchen, his breakfast long forgotten.

”Look after him Nana.”


Izuku raced into town calmed by his stepfather’s words. However, his mood quickly changed when he saw the anxious face of his mother standing outside of the grooming shop.

“Where have you been?” His mother asked. She started to pull down her son’s hair and looked down to his clothes. “And what are you wearing?”

Izuku looked down at himself and saw that he had managed to run into town in only a shirt and shorts. Not exactly something an omega should be wearing. An omega was expected to look pretty at all times, Izuku saw himself as anything but pretty.

His mother sighed. “Let’s not dwell on this now, Ms. Midnight is waiting for you inside.”

Izuku let himself be lead into the grooming shop behind his mother. When they arrived in the main room he saw that it was filled with makeup, gowns, and other grooming tools. Izuku couldn’t help but groan.

”Hush now,” his mother said quietly “it’s only for the matchmaker.”

Izuku nodded and made his way over the Ms. Midnight so that she could bathe him and fix his frizzing hair.

After he was clean he was fitted for a silky full length gown. His mother and Ms. Midnight made sure the dress was as tight as it possibly could be to show off his small waist. Izuku’s face was covered in makeup and before he knew it he was being lead to a full length mirror.

Izuku’s mother was crying and Ms. Midnight was looking incredibly smug over the work she had just completed. Despite this Izuku didn’t dare glance at his own face and the body that had been contorted to match that of a desired female omega. He caught his mother’s eyes in the mirror and gave her his best smile.

Izuku made his way to the courtyard after the final touches were added to his omegan look. He could feel every stare as he and the other omegas finally made it to the entrance of the matchmaker’s shop.

A big Alpha appeared as the doors opened and Izuku couldn’t help but squeak as he lowered his head for the alpha.

”Midoriya Izuku.” The alpha called.

”Present.” Izuku replied, lifting his head.

”Head down omega and follow me.” The alpha ordered in return.

Izuku has no choice but to follow, sneaking one last glance at his mother and Ms. Midnight in the back of the crowd before the doors to the shop close.

”I said come omega.” The alpha says from somewhere further in the room.

Izuku quickly realizes his mistake and hurried to catch up with the matchmaker.

”Lacks obedience and brains.” The alpha notes harshly.

Izuku cringes at this and tries to clear his head, attempting to fall back into his omegan role.

”My apologies alpha, what can I do for you?” Izuku tries.

The alpha narrows his eyes and takes a few steps towards the omega. Izuku cowered in fear as the alpha walked closer.

”I shouldn’t have to waste my time telling you what you should know.” The alpha spits. “Are you all useless?”

Izuku can’t help but stutter in response. “I- no alpha.” He squeaked. “Sit, I will make us some tea.”

Izuku is able to breathe a sigh a relief as the hostile alpha takes his place on the sofa and he is able to busy himself in the kitchen making tea.

Izuku returns minutes later with a tray of tea which he carefully places on the table. ‘Omegas should be seen and not heard’ he remembers reading ‘and not even seen if their alpha does not wish it.’

The expression on the alpha in front of him is different as he reaches for the tea to pour himself and the alpha a cup. He then sits down slowly on the couch opposite of the alpha, trying to find a position in which he can breathe comfortably. Izuku can almost feel the alpha’s eyes travel down his body and then back up to his face.

”Strip omega” The alpha commands.

Izuku almost chokes on his tea at the alpha’s instructions. “E-excuse me?”

“I didn’t stutter omega,” The alpha growled. “Be a good omega for me.”

Izuku was stunned, none of his books and notes had prepared him for this. He knew that to some of society, omegas were just pretty objects that anyone should be able to anything to, but he didn’t think he would be expected to strip for his village’s matchmaker. His father had told him to be himself and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he exposed himself to the alpha in front of him. He didn’t want to be an omega, he didn’t want to be an object. He wanted to live.

”N-no.” Izuku stuttered.

The alpha stands, glaring down at the small male omega. “No?”

”No.” Izuku says, more confidently now. Izuku goes to stand, but before he can the alpha’s hand has struck him across the face and sent him falling back down to the couch.

”Get out.” The alpha snarled.

Izuku, too stunned to reply, gathers himself and walks to the door holding back tears. He manages to open the door and stagger into his mother’s outstretched arms.

The alpha, who had followed him out the door, goes to address the crowd. “Let this useless omega be an example to you all.” 

Izuku peaks out from his mother’s embrace to meet the eyes of the aggressive alpha.

”You will never be worthy of a mate.” The alpha spits. 

Izuku hides his face back into his mother’s chest and finally lets tear fall down his face. Izuku hears the matchmaker call the next omega as him and his mother make their way back to their home.