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Learn to Live Again

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Tony was working on reading through new revisions and proposals for the amended accords when Friday caught his attention.

“Sir, May Parker is calling.”

Tony looked up and tried to think of a reason May would be calling. He’s already given Peter an updated schedule on when he’d be coming to the compound to start actual lab work and intern things for him. He felt that after turning down the Avengers, it would be smart to give the kid as close to a real internship as he could. He also discovered that the hands-off approach doesn’t work with the teenage spider, so it was better for everyone to keep him close.

“Boss, should I put Miss Parker’s call through?”

Friday pulled Tony back out of his thoughts and he shrugged. “Sure, why not? Let’s see what she has to say.” He turned around and grabbed a towel to wipe the grease and oil from his hands while he waited for the call to connect. When it did, he grinned and answered. “May Parker! What can I -”

“Who do you think you are?”

May’s interruption caught him off guard. “Excuse me?”

“What in the world do you think gives you the right to give a 15 year-old child a suit to use to pretend to be a superhero? And how dare you bring that same child, my child off to who knows where to fight the other Avengers and not tell me!”

Tony took a breath and nodded, holding the bridge of his nose with his finger and thumb. Apparently Peter couldn’t keep his secret any longer. Oh well, he knew this moment would come eventually. Tony had just hoped it wouldn’t have been when the Ross and the Council, especially Ross, were breathing down his neck.

He sighed and nodded once more. “Okay, I understand why you’re angry. Let’s decide on a time we can meet face to face and you can yell at me to your heart’s desire, because that’s much easier to handle than staring at paperwork and listening to the phone. You can even spit in my face like everyone else in my life has. Deal?”

The room was silent as May took in his words. Tony heard a soft sigh before May responded.

“Tomorrow is my day off from work. Come over to our apartment while Peter’s at school. And Tony? I’m not going to spit in your face, or yell at you, or anything else overly disrespectful to you. That wouldn’t be fair to either of us. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Tony listened as she hung up, but just sat there, lost in thought. He knew she had every right to be mad and blame him for any problems involving Peter and Spider-man. Heck, he’s been blaming himself for any Spider-man related problem since he gave the kid the suit in Germany. Tony knew that no matter what May had said, he’s already prepared to accept whatever treatment she gives him for endangering her kid without telling her what was really going on.

He sighed and turned back around to the documents he was previously focusing on. He checked the time and making sure he wasn’t going to be late for Rhodey’s therapy that day, before setting aside the accords stuff and pulling up some SI emails on his computer. Ross can wait a couple days.



May sighed and hung up the phone, rubbing a hand over her eyes. She thought back to Tony’s words and his general acceptance of the idea of ill-treatment and punishment from her before they even talked about anything. She was mad at him for endangering Peter, yes, but she also knew her nephew and understood that whatever blame Tony Stark has placed on himself isn’t all all on him.

When she walked in on Peter earlier and saw him in the Spider-man suit, she admittedly lost it for a moment. She felt like the two of them were finding a groove and new normal after Ben, and moving apartments, and all the other adjustments that have happened to them in the last four years. Now though, she can’t believe she hadn’t realized what Peter had been doing for the last 8 months. A lot of questions and details added up now, and she felt like an idiot for not seeing it sooner.

Peter had begged and pleaded with her, trying to explain himself through all of his nervous and guilty stuttering. He felt horrible for not telling her, but they both knew she would have forbidden him from the start. He told her he still feels guilty for Ben and when he discovered his powers he knew he had a chance to save others from feeling that same grief and guilt and couldn’t not help people. On one hand, she was immensely proud of his heart and good conscience, but on the other hand, May didn’t know if she could handle for 15 year-old out fighting criminals and villains all the time.

May was also trying to figure out how Tony Stark had suddenly become a part of her life. She knew right away that the suit was made by him. She always thought that he personally coming to talk to Peter about interning had seemed far-fetched, but she had tried not to think too much into and just be proud of Peter for his accomplishments. She also had to admit that even if Tony hadn’t physically added himself to the equation, he was still Peter’s hero and would have continued influencing the teenager from afar without knowing it.

Either way, May knew that after meeting and talking with Tony Stark tomorrow, her life will never be “normal” again.