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“Incoming, male 22, shot in the thorax, GCS 2”
“Trauma 4 Dr. Izzy you’re on it.”
“Incoming, same site, female, 35, shot in the leg, no artery touched, police officer GCS4.”
“Trauma 2 is free”

Night shift in the E.R was on for eight hours straight.

“Evening Dr. Y/L/N.”

“Evening Erin, updates?”

“Well, we’ve got 2 gunshot victims whom just got in, they’re being take care of. The young Alisa with the addiction is, unfortunately, ready to get discharged and Mrs. Huston is …“

“True to herself I presume” ... we both sighed, she nodded

“I’ll check on her, you patted her shoulder, thanks.” You took a tablet checking Mrs. Huston, our backslider, last results.

“This man has to be handcuff right now!!” You turned around at the loud voice echoing in the E.R waiting room. The head nurse bumped into you.

“That’s the officer who brought the two shotguns, victims.” Your attention returned to the tablet.

“Well he must shut it, it’s a hospital, not a sports bar.” She looked at you embarrassed, you saw another nurse looking at him but trying to make herself busy.

Putting the tablet in your pocket you head to the waiting room.

“Sir, I need you to stay quiet please.” you saw the hospital security guy coming your way, but gently dismissed him.

The officer looked at you visibly annoyed, he blinked a few times in a matter of seconds. Your attention got caught when he stumbled on his side.

“Sir? Are you all right?” You caught him by his side and he hissed. Retrieving your hand, finding red stains on it, you lift his jacket.

“I need a treatment room!” You yelled, and ask a nurse for help, rushing the officer in the E.R.

“Treatment 1, Y/N” the head nurse pointed at your left.

He looked down at his stomach, a gash of blood was staining his light blue shirt.

“Shit!” He growled as the nurse helped you lay him down.

“I don’t have time for this.” He hissed trying to stand up.

“And I don’t have time to argue with you!” You pushed him back on the bed. Putting your gloves on. “I won’t let you bleed out on my shift.” He sighed as the nurse cut down his shirt and tank top.

“Knife wounds.” He sighed as you inspect his chest and abdomen. He had two on the abdomen. The adrenaline must have been enough for him to not feel them until now.

“You’ll need stitches.” The nurse prepares the stitches kit and she sanitizes the wounds.

“Won’t be the first.” He groaned you checked his vitals while the nurse prepared him.

“Dr. I need your nurse, is it okay with you?” The head nurse came in a rush.

“Yeah yeah, thanks Gail.” She let you the kit. One of his wounds was pretty low on his abdomen, genuinely you grabbed his belt to undo it.

“What the …!” he caught your wrist.

“Sorry, should have asked, I must lower your pants to reach the wound.” He didn’t answer anything, looking at you pondering if he really had to, he yields undoing his belt on his own. You lowered the pants as much as you needed, his dignity remained intact.

“You’re lucky he didn’t stab you lower, you would have bled to death.”

“So much for reassuring your patient Doctor” he inhaled, a smile creeping on his lips.

“Yeah, well, sorry about that.” He smirked and hissed as the thread pulled the nerves. You finished stitching him up in silence he wasn’t much of a talker, but it didn’t bother you as you were not the best at small talks obviously.

“There you go. Try not to move too much, you need some rest officer.” You threw your gloves in the bin.

“Thanks, doc.” You finally took a good look at him. Sleek black hair, thick eyebrows, dark circles under two bright blue eyes, thin lips and a sharp jaw. He reached out his hand, blinking multiples times again.

“My job. Do you want a hospital gown?” You asked him gesturing at his bare torso.

“No, thanks, I have a shirt in my trunk.” He hoped down the bed.

“Careful with those stitches, please. You’ll have to come back in a few weeks to get them removed. If you need anything for the pain…”
“I’ll be fine.” He grabbed his jacket and put him on with your help, his other hand on his stitches, his body leaning forward. You shook your head and went to the main desk. Typing in your last entry, still filing up his charts you saw him pulled out his phone.

“No phone in the E.R.” you pointed at the sign on the doors. He looked at you then to the sign then back at you and finally head to the waiting room. A nurse approached you, multiple IV bags in her arms.

“Thank god I didn’t get to take care of him.” You turned your head to her wondering. She might have felt she said something wrong, as she stuttered an explanation.

“Well, he ... he is pretty stubborn, not the first time he shows up wounded and don’t want any help.” She grimaced, you suppressed the urge to roll your eyes at her.
“He is indeed.” You past by her, heading to the waiting room. Patting on his shoulder as he was still on the phone you handed him a note and a painkiller prescription. The note reminding him how many times he had to change the gauze etc. You lock your gaze with his, in a way to make sure he’d got it. He was still listening to whoever was on the phone, and nod at you, somehow you stared at him longer than necessary. You mouth a goodbye raising your hand turning back to the E.R. immediately wondering what exactly got into you.

“Yeah, can you repeat that please I didn’t ... get it.” He talked to the phone, looking back at the note you gave him.


A few hours later you were finally on break. Erin had just got hers, she slumped into the seat next to you, she hummed at the smell of the fresh cup of coffee. Night shifts are not always the easiest, keeping up a healthy lifestyle when you’re pretty much a bat is not the best deal. Erin sighed loudly.

“Like you said.” You sipped on your ginger tea.

“I’ve heard you’ve met the infamous Detective Loki?” She asked putting down her mug. You opened your resting eyes, arching a brow at her, she had straightened up suddenly refreshed.

“Oh yeah, the stubborn guy! He's a detective?” you frowned.

“So?” She wriggled her eyebrows at you, finally getting what she meant you sighed.

The thing with Erin is that she knew you well, you’ve been to med school with her back in Cleveland and since you’ve arrived in this little town, she had tried to hook you up with every man in uniform she thinks you’d like. Firefighters, policeman, surgeons, etc…

“Come on, I’ve seen the man 30 minutes top.”

“That’s quite enough to tell if at least physically, he’s interesting you.”

“Are you listening to yourself? He must have someone you know.” You scoffed

“Whatever. Tell me honestly, how you found him?” She leaned on the table.

You sighed leaning back, stretching your legs. Reminiscing the encounter.

He is … good looking, I don’t …, you know the nurses fear him, right?

“Hm hm? So what?” She urged you to continue.

“I don’t know why they do though. His eyes look sad but ... sweet in a way, you scoffed at your own sentence, give me an anesthetic I'm talking nonsense.
Erin giggled as you went on.

“We stared at each other for a few seconds back in the waiting room.” You took a gulp of hot tea.

“I bet it was awkward”, her shoulders rising.

“Don’t tell me, I felt like a deer caught in headlights. It was ridiculous.”

She smiled brightly, you knew what she had in mind.

“Don’t you dare.”

“What, I didn’t say a thing!“

“I can hear your mind plotting, stop that.” You menaced her with your index. She sing-song a not so sincere okay.