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Your Return

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A gentle ray of morning sunlight creeps itself across the red carpeted floor, items of clothing strewn about the room. The light eventually manages to crawl atop the bed, splaying itself on top of the black and white checkered sheets. A small lump of a person resides within the fortress of comfort, letting out a short and rather annoyed groan at the sun that had now hit his face. Pulling the blanket over his head and just about to doze off again, the mans alarm blares to life. It's quickly shut up by a very aggravated Tom, the grouchy drunkard who was really not looking forward to today.

Today, Tord was coming home. The loud, arrogant and straight up murderous alpha Tord Larsin. Of course, he wasn't a completely terrible guy, just 99.9% terrible.

With a soft yawn Tom pulled off the covers and sat himself up, his hand immediately moving to his aching forehead and started rubbing circles into it. Ah yes, the familiar sting of a hang over headache was pushing it's way into his morning as well. At least the soft smell of bacon and his housemates wafted into his room, a reminder of the comforts just outside his door. He would certainly feel a lot less grouchy once his stomach was full, something Edd really was good at helping him with.

Shuffling over to his door, he opened it lazily, peeking out into the hallway before bumbling past the lounge and into the kitchen. A large bear hug was soon covering the eyeless man, a strong scent of cola and what could only be described as pure happiness engulfed him. A gentle purr rumbled in the short mans throat, as if to let the other know he was grateful for the contact.

"Good morning hun.. There's breakfast all ready for you on the table" a gruff yet friendly voice cooed in his ear before a soothing kiss was placed to Toms cheek. Tom and Edd had been mates for a few years now, the weird gap that Tord left being covered up by a new and loving romance. It was when they were at their lowest that they both searched for each other, and found comfort in one anothers presence. A needed bond.

Edd soon let Tom out of his strong grip, allowing the groggy adult to take a seat at the table next to their household beta Matt. Edd was head alpha, no one had tried to take that away from him. The role suited him well, since he was a genuinely caring and very strong individual. Both the beta and omega felt safe around him, well, knew they would be actually.

Tom caught Edds sleeve between calloused fingers (from playing Susan on a near constant basis) and pulled him close, returning the good morning kiss before starting to dig into his meal. Matt smiled at the two from his seat, relishing in the positive pheromones that swirled around the room. Who knew that cola and pineapple smelt so good together?

"So, Matt, why exactly did you decide it was a good idea to let Tord back in? I know we agreed on this already but really... Two alphas in one house was bad enough back then." Toms scratchy morning voice muttered from next to the ginger, a nervous laugh coming from him as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well I mean.. He was always going to come back at some point so uhh.."

"If you just straight up say that you want to bone him, it would be a lot easier for the both of us." Toms retort was sharp and quick, though his expression didn't change in the slightest. The neutral look of displeasure.

A snort came from Edd, who was currently busying himself with the dishes as Matt tried desperately to form a coherent sentence. The poor betas face was a deep red by now, and he soon just gave up on an answer.

Tom sighed, a quiet and exhausted sigh. Dealing with Tord when he showed up would be hard. The guy is usually pretty desperate to lead, so he's gonna have to try and calm two alphas that love to be in control more than they love keeping the house not destroyed. Toms annoyance was quickly picked up by Edd, his hand resting on the others shoulder to comfort him.

"It doesn't matter what Matt wants Tord to come back for, let's just be happy we get to see him again! It'll be just like old times, right?" Edd spoke in an enthusiastic manner, despite his own worries.

Tom perked up a bit, and Matt finally looked somewhere other than his twiddling thumbs. That safe feeling washed over the whole pack, a comforting rumble of purrs filling the room. After breakfast was cleaned up, all three men moved over to the couch to watch a movie and strengthen their pack bond.

Tom sighed into the comfort of Edds chest as the large man rubbed his wrists against Toms neck, mixing their scents and building up the usual pack scent that wafted around the house. Matt did the same to Tom, as well as Edd, until all three shoved themselves onto the same couch to binge movies all day. It was a Sunday, so only Matt had work later, a brilliant excuse for a lazy day.

After finishing insane zombie pirates from hell 4, the credits rolling along the screen, there was a knock at the door. Tom immediately shot up from his comfortable spot between Matt and Edd, the loud noise and only slightly familiar scent putting him off. Matt smiled a little, excitement clear on his face as he got up to answer the door.

Edd and Tom trailed behind a bit slower to watch, the smaller man leaning against his mate, anticipation gripping him. Edd was very stiff, his eyes slightly narrowed and his scent strengthening. He was already pretty sure Tord wouldn't be very happy with Tom being so close to him.

The door was swung open by a happy Matt, smiling up at the tall alpha that would be returning to their household. A powerful pheromone immediately washed through the house, the scent was like if roses smoked cigars. Tord was certainly broader than the last time the three had seen him, strong muscles rippling beneath his familiar red hoodie. A toothy smile that proudly showed off his claiming fangs spread over the mans features, his silver eyes catching Matt in their gaze.

"Hello old friends! It's been too long~"

Matt was soon dragged into a tight hug, not that he was complaining though. The laughter of the two made Tom visibly flinch, the redness dusted on his cheeks making Edd not a happy guy. Tord soon latched his silver eyes onto Tom and Edd, an eyebrow quirking up at the small snarl he recieved from the shorter man.

"I see you two have been getting close hmm? A shame really..." Tords words were muttered, anger crossing his face for a moment before he raised his hands, a light laugh escaping him.

"The past is the past! Let's catch up, yes?"

Edd could smell the rage from where he stood. It wasn't exactly hard to smell it, Matt and Tom shifting a bit, visibly uncomfortable.


After some catching up between the four men, the air seemed to have settled into only slight discomfort. Tom was still sticking close to Edd and hadn't said anything to Tord yet, but Matt made up for his silence with a blabbering mouth.

"Ah, Edd, where will Tom be sleeping now that Im back? Matt had assured me I could have my old room." Tord rested his chin against his hand, smiling at Edd oh so happily. Tom was finally going to speak up. The blue clad man stood, teeth bared, and slammed his hands onto the table.

"That's my fucking room! You left, dickhead!" Tom snarled out, sharp claws digging into the table. Edd rested his hand against one of Toms, calmly looking over at Tord.

"Matt hadn't told me this. It hasn't been discussed between us all, so no, you can't have that room."

"I see... It's weird, such close mates like you both.. Sleeping in different beds hmm? I would have thought you'd be together every night, or is just when Tom has his heat?" Tords tone was light, and slightly mocking, making Edds lips draw back in a snarl.

"C-come on Tord, don't be rude... You can h-have my room!" Matt was clearly trying to soften the blow of the angry scents clogging the air, his own soft beta scent not doing much at all to calm the three.

"Fine, take it." Tom dropped back into his seat, but the frustration clung to his scent. He didn't want Tord to win this petty mental battle. Edd glanced at him and slowly sat back down too, shuffling his chair a bit closer to Toms.

"Thank you Tommy~"

That struck a nerve, evident by Toms loud growl and him storming off to clear out his room.


A loud sigh escaped Tom as he flopped onto Edds bed, cuddling up to the large man instantly. The two were silent for a long time before Edd finally decided to break the silence.

"He's going to challenge me tomorrow you know."

"Yeah, I know."

"If he wins, he's gonna try and claim you again."

"Even if he does win, I'm not letting that happen."

"I know you still have feelings for him Tom."


"It's... It's okay. You know that he's better with Matt anyway, so it'll all be fine. I don't.. I don't doubt that you love me any less just because he's back.."

"Thanks Edd.. I'm Uhh.. I'm gonna sleep now..."

"Yeah... 'Night..I love you Tom.."

"'Night Edd... I love you too.. "