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For the Touch of a Mortal

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Chapter 3 – Darcy’s Home

“I could have carried those, you know, I’m not completely helpless!”

“Your healer instructed you to rest Lady Darcy, now open the door so that we can get these provisions put away”

Darcy shrugged and unlocked her apartment door, letting Sif through laden with brown bags.

“Stick them on the kitchen counter and I’ll pop them away after my shower”

“You don’t seem dirty, my Lady”

“Darcy…. Sif, call me Darcy, and yes I need to get the Hospital reek off me. I hate the smell of those places and my hair badly needs a good condition”

“Do you require assistance my lady…sorry… Darcy?”

Darcy scrutinised Sif’s face, searching for any expression that would hint at a pass being made. However, Sif returned her gaze with a simple smile before turning away to empty the groceries out onto the worktop.

“Do call me if you require help, otherwise I will create something for us to dine on”

“OK, thank you, I’ll leave the door ajar just in case, well you know, just in case” Darcy couldn’t quite contain the disappointment in her voice as she trudged to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She pushed the door until it was almost shut taking a final peek at her babysitter busying herself in the kitchen. For a warrior she seemed to be perfectly comfortable arranging their meal.

“Now, will you risk taking a peek at me in the shower or will you be a good little goddess and refrain?” Darcy spoke under her breath as she turned from the door and undressed. She unceremoniously dumped the clothes Jane had left for her in the laundry bin and climbed into the shower. The hot water felt divine as it ran down her bruised body, massaging her aches and pains away as she drifted into a vision of Sif naked in the shower. She imagined the taller, leaner body of the deity, currently in her Kitchen, devoid of her tunic and leather trousers. The water tumultuously careering over her hair causing Sif to brush it back from her face, lifting her chest so slightly. Torrents rushing past her breasts, over her peaked nipples, down her taut abdomen, past her crotch onto her toned olive coloured thighs.

Darcy couldn’t help herself. As she imagined the water running down Sif’s body her palms ran down her own wet slippery skin.

A soft groan escaped her mouth as she pinched her sensitive nipple making it stand up more, pretending that Sif’s expert hands were doing the teasing. Her other hand reached further down to where she wanted touching most.

Her fingers deftly stroked her sensitive clit and pushed past her soft wet folds. The silky wetness between those lips guided Darcy’s middle finger upwards, her palm pressed against the part of Darcy that was throbbing madly. Her other hand squeezed her left breast, torturing her nipple. As her knees started to wobble she leant against the shower wall, her breath coming in short gasps as the orgasm inside her started to warm and tense her abdomen. Her palm worked faster and harder, bringing more muscles to a tense climax.

The soft groans and whimpers silenced as her body went ridged, her internal muscles contracting onto her fingers.

“Sif……” escaped her lips as she recovered herself.

Smiling into the shower, she reached for the shampoo.


Sif really didn’t enjoy cooking but when tasked with a mission, to take care of Darcy, she would always endure and ensure the mission was successful. She had grilled some chicken, prepared a salad and emptied a pot of potato salad into a bowl. As she took these over to the modest dining table the sound of running water and the scent of bathing oils flooded her senses. The scent of shampoo lingered in her nostrils. Fresh citrus with an underlay of honey.

The thought of the young, supple mortal cleansing herself with such perfumes warmed her abdomen. A flicker of desire piqued when she overheard Darcy gasp as the temperature dropped in the bathroom. She undid the ties holding her steel corset up and stripped her vambraces off. Feeling the plain linen loose about her chest felt liberating. The slight roughness rubbing against her nipples heightening her desire.

“Hot water’s all out” shouted Darcy through the gap as the gushing noise ceased. “I’ll be out in a bit!”

The shout had brought Sif back to her senses and she busied herself back to the kitchen worktop, keen to not be caught too close to the open bathroom door. It would not be seemly to be found touching herself so soon after her last indiscretion.


Freshly clean, dressed in a cute nightdress that she had in the pile of clean clothes in the bathroom, Darcy directed her bright blue gaze to the raven haired warrior as she hungrily ate the food in front of her.

“Thank you so much for cooking”

“It’s no problem caring for someone such as yourself, Lady Darcy”

“Such as myself, how do you mean?”

“Please, I mean no offence, you are just more fragile than I”

Darcy looked hurt and pushed her bottom lip out. “What if it had been you that had been hurt and I volunteered to care for you whilst you recovered?”

“Then by all means I would expect to be a dutiful patient to my beautiful healer” Sif gave a quick wink and Darcy blushed quickly before a smile grew and her eyelids became heavy.

“Well I am a rather gorgeous human being and you would be a very well looked after patient. Never needing anything, from medicine, to tucking in, to sponge baths.”

“Indeed, well I shall bear that in mind in my next skirmish”


Darcy was desperately trying to stifle a yawn as they put away the plates. The tiredness pulling her frame downwards. The smash of a plate broke the comfortable silence they had whilst drying up.

“Sorry” Darcy mumbled.

“Do not fret my little one, tis only a plate. I believe you need to sleep, I shall take you to bed.”

“You say all the right things” Darcy tilted her head in a suggestive fashion but unfortunately pushed herself off balance and had to be caught in Sif’s strong arms.

Sif held the already fast asleep girl close to her chest, the damp from her hair seeping into her linen tunic. She carefully picked up the young girl and walked towards the bedroom.

As she laid Darcy’s head upon the pillow, the fresh scent of the linen mixed with the citrus scented shampoo of the sleeping girls’ damp hair filled her senses. Sif pulled up a soft peach blanket over the frail form and stroked her hair away from her face and behind her shoulders. Leaning down Sif kissed her forehead, slowly breathing in her scent, lingering her lips down the porcelain colour cheek. Carefully she kissed Darcy’s torn lip and then reverently rolled her onto her side facing the centre of the bed. The Doctor had told her that she should lie on her side and Sif was always one to follow her instructions.

Unbuttoning her trousers, letting them fall to the floor she carefully lay down beside Darcy, pulling the blanket over herself and turning towards Darcy. The young mortal was gently snoring and Sif couldn’t help smile at her. Instinctively she touched her face again, running her fingertips over the cuts and bruises on the bare skin. She pulled her hand back and covered Darcy’s small hand with hers. Closing her eyes Sif slipped into a dreamless sleep.


Darcy awoke slowly, the light enough to seep through into her dreams. A peaceful face greeted her framed with untidy black hair.

“I never expected you to look dishevelled” Darcy whispered.

As she goes to move her hand she realises that Sif’s callused hand is weighing down on hers. Gently she pulls it away and leans towards the sleeping goddess.

Her body aches at the act of moving so slowly and almost fails her as she ever so carefully leans towards Sif’s lips, hoping to steal a kiss before the deity wakes. Her lips find the others and she increases the pressure slightly. The softness of Sif’s lips increase the butterflies in Darcy’s stomach and she pulls away expecting Sif to wake immediately and spurn her advances.

“Oh God, I do like you!” Darcy quietly states as she closes her eyes in pain as she settles back down into the comfy bed.

“And I like you too, little one”

Darcy’s eyes flash open at those words and look over to where Sif was laying. She was greeted with Sif up on her elbow with a large smile on her beautiful face. Her hair falling down towards the white sheets.

“I like your hair down, you should wear it like that more often, it’s messy and it really suits you, I mean its ermm.…

Sif silenced the embarrassed rambling with a quick kiss pulling back leaving just an inch between their faces. Both their breath was rapid and shallow. Their eyes darting between the others eyes and the lips. Darcy licked her lips and closed the gap.

At first the kiss was slow and the soft lips moved together leisurely.

“Do you want this, my sweet wonderful Darcy?” Sif pulled back and anxiously asked.

She received no answer as Darcy reached her hand behind the immortal’s neck and pulled her in to a much firmer kiss. She dropped back onto the mattress and pulled Sif with her.

Sif didn’t hesitate and responded with unbridled passion. Her tongue probed the mortal’s soft lips, seeking entrance which was granted swiftly. She moved her tongue gently around Darcy’s, tasting and pushing deeper. As she kissed Darcy with a fervour that she had been holding onto since she met the mortal, she moved her body over Darcy’s positioning her thigh between Darcy’s.

Darcy’s grip on Sif’s hair increased as she felt her butterflies spill away and be replaced by a deep tingling arousal. Her hands moved over Sif’s back, needing to touch every inch she could reach. She moved her thighs further apart allowing Sif to increase the pressure and her weight onto an area that was beginning to throb and demand more attention. Sif’s hand moved up the younger girl’s nightdress. Her touch was firm and her hands calloused. As Sif rose towards Darcy’s left breast she bucked towards the touch desperate for the experienced hand to stroke her sensitive nipple.

Sif broke the kiss and smiled down at Darcy wickedly.

“I want to taste all of you my lady”

All Darcy could muster was a long low moan as Sif’s lips moved to her hardened nipples as her hands pulled the nightdress up towards her neck. A tongue circled the nipple and gently air blown before Sif took her nipple into her mouth and sucked gently. At first.

“Mmmn… harder please” Darcy whimpered and Sif being ever dutiful set upon the nipple with vigour, sucking and licking and nipping. She was massaging the other breast, squeezing the areola with her thumb and forefinger. The God’s lips pulled back bringing the nipple as far as she could before releasing it with a pop and a moan from Darcy, moving smoothly over to the other breast and lavishing the same attention on to it.

Darcy felt like she was going insane with the level of desire and frustration pooling inside her. The hot pressure between her legs rubbing involuntarily against Sif’s well-toned thigh. Both had established a slow rocking pace allowing Sif to worship the mortal’s body with her mouth.

Darcy’s manic hands pulled desperately at the tunic Sif was wearing. She wanted to touch Sif breasts, have them touch her breasts, she wanted skin and she was going to get it.

Sif realised that Darcy was getting close to losing herself and mustered the strength to pull away, wanting the moment before she came undone to last longer. In her time losing herself in the pleasures of female form, she had learned that an orgasm pushed to the edge then abandoned, only to be brought back again can result in the most divine orgasm that leaves you completely broken. She wanted Darcy to feel that divinity.

As she pulled back up on to her knees she viewed the quivering girl below, clearly hurt at the loss of her lover.

Sif put her finger to quieten the protesting swollen lips pouting at her, then pulled her tunic over her head and discarding it to the floor. Darcy quickly got the hint and pulled herself up and threw her nightshirt over her head against the mirror opposite. Pulling up her legs she dragged down her wet panties, as she started to throw them off towards the mirror as well, Sif caught them and held them close to her face, inhaling it's sweet scent.

“Hmm Darcy, I believe you are enjoying my ministrations?”

“Oh my God yes”

Darcy pulled herself up level with the incredible body of the warrior. So much strength and lithe muscles. She couldn’t help herself stroking her fingertips across her abdominal muscles.

Clearly tickling her, Sif giggled and Darcy felt the muscles contract at her touch. Excited by the effect she had on the God it was clear to her that it was her turn for touching.

Reaching her head up to the taller woman’s face she closed the gap between their bodies achieving the longed for skin on skin contact. As their nose tips touched Darcy moved her palms up the sides of Sif’s back and around to the front between them taking a small breast in each hand and rubbing firmly taking her cues from the older woman who had started moaning softly into Darcy’s neck. As she started squeezing the sensitive nubs Sif’s hands grabbed Darcy’s ass slightly shocking her into squeezing harder on the breasts. Both gasped and sought out each other’s mouth.

The kiss was hard and desperate. Tongues fighting each other, breath coming raggedly.

Sif raised Darcy’s body up by her ass, pulling her cheeks apart, the cold air then exposed to the soft wet flesh making Darcy shiver.

In one fluid motion Sif threw Darcy back down, high up on the bed and dropped her mouth between Darcy’s thighs. Instantly she started kissing her way up towards Darcy’s dripping wet core.

She hadn’t realised that she had thrown Darcy too far up the bed and she had hit her head on the raised bed frame.

“Owch! Watch it Super Woman!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry my Lady, are you ok, would you like me to stop?” Sif had already started to back off watching Darcy rub the back of her head. Worry displayed openly on her concerned face.

“God no! Just remember I’m a bit fragile.”

Darcy laughed off the incident. “Only to be expected when having an actual God pleasuring you". Jane had told her of plenty of incidents when Thor was a bit rough with her when he got carried away.

“Now where were we…. Or rather where were you?”

“Right here my sweet mortal, about to taste how much you desire me.” Sif skilfully licked the very tip of her tongue up the entirety of Darcy’s engorged lower lips, gently applying pressure when she got to her throbbing clit. Darcy moaned and pushed her body towards Sif’s mouth wanting more pressure.

Sif understood and complied with a series of licks and teasing. Her tongue pushed its way through the folds towards the core of Darcy and moved around the entrance and flattening the wet muscle Sif moved up towards the most sensitive part and down again. Maintaining this movement left Darcy straining to hold herself together. Each time Sif reached her clit she bucked pushing herself closer and closer to her lover. She wasn’t going to last long under this treatment.

Sif wasn’t happy with just using her tongue though and she moved a hand between Darcy’s trembling thighs and smoothly inserted two fingers into the hot tight hole turning them and moving them in a come-hither fashion.

"Oh thats so good" Darcy keened as she moved her hips around, trying to get away from the fingers as well as push harder against them. She was going to come and she couldn't control it.

Sif moved back, a wicked grin on her face as she licked her lips and caught the brunettes mouth, driving her tongue in, making Darcy taste the sweet nectar coating her mouth. She stilled her fingers and waited for Darcy to complain. She was going to deny her attention until she begged, that way she would come harder.

Darcy shifted desperately, kissing the warrior hungrily, encouraging more movements. When none came she nipped her lower lip and then pushed Sif down by her shoulders.

"Please, Sif, please....."

Smirking, Sif increased the pressure in her hand, thrusting her fingers in and out at a bruising pace. Leaning back into Darcy's core she pressed her tongue to the swollen clit and licked so slowly.

“Come for me Darcy, it’s time” Sif spoke into Darcy’s core, the reverberation of the words against her was the final straw and she came hard onto Sif’s face. Her insides contracted brutally around Sif’s fingers as she let the orgasm wash over her.

“Oh Fuck, Sif!” Darcy grunted as she collapsed back onto the bed, her body completely broken and boneless. The after-shocks causing her stomach to twitch rhythmically, eventually slowing down as she came down from her amazing high.

“Did I please you, my Lady?” Sif smirked at the young girl, feeling enormously satisfied at the orgasm she had given her. She perched back up onto her legs kneeling in front of her charge.

“Oh my God, yes, yes, yes! But, don’t we need to get you off as well my incredible Warrior Princess?”

“Well if you are up to it my little one, but I am here to look after you in any way I can, you need to do nothing for me.”

“Well, I want to do something to you.” Darcy said seductively and moved towards Sif. “After all, I shouldn’t be ungrateful to my saviour, should I?”

“You are most kind my pet, but please do not tire yourself out so. There is always another time, we will be together all day today, plenty of time for you to repay me if you so desire”

“Well if you insisht…”

“Judging by that I think you might need another nap. Your eyelids are looking quite heavy.” Sif moved to wrap Darcy up in her arms and felt just how tired Darcy was. Her orgasm must have taken away her remaining energy for now.

“Come on my tired one, sleep a while and I will make you something to break your fast when you awaken.”

“You’re so lovely to me you know, so lovely, such a lovely, lovely….”

Darcy was asleep before she could finish what she was saying and Sif smiled gently at her. She tucked her back into bed and retrieved her clothes from the floor.

She strode towards the bathroom with ideas on satisfying herself in the shower before planning a breakfast feast for later.