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For the Touch of a Mortal

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Chapter 1 - The Blast

Sif strode purposefully towards Darcy. Her gaze directed at Darcy’s blue eyes. Sif’s hips swayed with the long strides taken, pony tail bouncing side to side across her back. The scarlet and gold tunic hugged the warrior’s form and widened out at the hips. Tight leather trousers making a faint swooshing sound with each step and silver armour shining in the sunlight.

Darcy was mesmerised by the shield maiden. Her eyes took in every detail of this magnificent god.

“Darcy! Answer me, are you alright?” Sif spoke with anguish.

Darcy was shocked to find that Sif was suddenly shaking her by the arms and looking at her face intently. She hadn’t heard her, she couldn’t hear much at all.

“The blast…..I…I…I think I’m ok” Darcy stammered realising that her knees were weak and her vision was going dark at the edges. She pulled Sif closer allowing her to support her weakening body and looked up into the taller woman’s searching hazel eyes and leaned in further, her body feeling heavy.

“Sif, please…..”

Darcy lost consciousness, her weight sliding into Sif who was expecting the fall. The god picked up her legs and carried her carefully to a nearby bench.




The blast from the Destroyer’s fiery beam detonated a car opposite Darcy as she ran to the Diner for cover. The shockwave had knocked her flying and she had been forced onto her back, her head catching the kerb. Sif had seen Darcy recover quickly, standing back up and brushing down her clothes. As she looked back to the origin of the blast she caught sight of the reason behind the explosion. Darcy found herself gaping up at the mechanical giant and she froze, her fear paralysing her body.

Sif marched towards her taking in her blank features. Volstagg and Hogun had seen that Sif was aiming for Darcy and distracted the Destroyer over towards them so that Sif could get her to safety.

Sif was a few paces away when she realised that Darcy was watching her.

“Well at least you are focusing on something again Lady Darcy” she shouted out towards the frozen girl. Sif smiled towards Darcy expecting her humour to be reflected. But nothing, no change to her expression at all.

“Darcy?” Another step forward. Sif’s eyes narrowed with apprehension.

As she reached Darcy she grabbed both her upper arms with a strong grip and shook Darcy. “Darcy? Can you hear me?” Sif was concerned now. Her watching Sif just a few seconds ago must have been an illusion.

“Darcy! Answer me, are you alright?” She searched the Midgardian’s blue eyes for any sign of acknowledgement. Sif noticed how wide her eyes were and the beauty and depth of the shade.

Darcy’s long chocolate hair was tangled and Sif brushed a strand from her face. The lock of hair was stuck to her lip and Sif realised she was bleeding. Her full lips were red with blood from the nasty split on the top lip and many deep scratches adorned Darcy smooth porcelain features.

“The blast…..I…I…I think I'm ok” Darcy stuttered and leaned into Sif. Her weight was gradually increasing and Sif knew Darcy was ailing and would probably pass out very soon. She helped Darcy lean into her and their upper bodies were pressed together.

Sif desperately ignored the unexpected yearning in the pit of her stomach. Now is not the time, she scolded herself. Darcy felt so helpless in her arms, so beautiful and soft. The warrior knew that Darcy needed her, she must keep a level head.

“Sif, please…” Darcy whispered and Sif looked deeply into her eyes, mesmerised by the closeness of their faces, the heat of their skin so close together, the breath against her cheek, as she saw Darcy’s engaged eyes fade.

Panic threatened Sif’s resolve but as a seasoned champion she let her instincts take over. She pushed her arm around Darcy’s back and reached down to pick up her legs and carried her to the nearest safe bench away from the destruction.

She placed the young girl carefully down onto the hard wooden bench. She leant close to Darcy’s face to ensure that her breathing was regular and caught the sleeping girls scent. She smelt of blood, fire, explosives and sweat, but underneath, lingered a beautiful floral fragrance. Sif smoothed the hair away from her face and on impulse, kissed Darcy’s forehead tenderly. Sif couldn’t believe how stunning the brunette was, regardless of the cuts and bruises.

Sif straightened up and took stock of the situation. She spotted a fretting Jane in the Diner where Darcy had been heading, and waved for her attention.

Seated at the window, Jane had seen Sif place Darcy reverently onto the bench. As soon as Sif waved for her, Jane ran to Darcy’s side and immediately started to fuss over her friend, stroking her hair. It was then Jane’s hand came up to Sif’s view and it was covered in blood.

‘It is clear Lady Darcy requires immediate medical assistance. The head wound may be problematic’

‘Thank you’ Jane whispered briefly looking up to Sif before covering Darcy with her jacket and beckoning Erik to come over too.

Sif acknowledge Jane’s thanks and was grateful that Darcy would be looked after. She inwardly calmed herself and drawing her sword she evaluated where the other Warriors were, and where the next tactical spot for the ongoing defence strategy should be.

In a split second she charged towards a car, jumped onto its bonnet and up to its roof and finally up into a low balcony leading to a flat roof. She spotted the Destroyer below her walking towards Volstagg. The shield maiden jumped and pressed a lever on her sword that unlocked the second blade. Aiming her weapon into the neck of the beast, she let out a warriors cry.