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I Hear Peace (in the Rhythms of Your Voice)

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Quinn sat, exhausted, on the couch. Their couch now – she smiled to herself as she ran a hand over the upholstery. Marley had offered to shift it to another room and they could buy a new couch, but she had declined the offer; there were too many fond memories tied up in it now.


"In here," she called back.

Less than a minute later, Marley appeared in the doorway. "I was wondering where you'd disappeared to," she groused. "You could've taken me with you."

She smiled. "You looked like you were having the time of your life sorting through my book collection."

"Time of my life? Really?" Marley slumped onto the couch, dropping her head on Quinn's shoulder. "I was mentally calculating how many IKEA shelves we'll need to get to hold them all."

Quinn gasped in mock outrage. "You're exaggerating. If we'll need to get new shelves at all, it'll be because you have so many books of your own that mine won't fit."

Marley laughed. "Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But seriously, we have way too many books between the two of us." She sat up and kissed Quinn's cheek. "C'mon. I've got a surprise for you."

"For me?"

"I like how that's what you choose to focus on," said Marley dryly, in tones that exactly matched Quinn's acerbic style. It was something Quinn didn't care for, even if it was coming from her girlfriend, and so she retaliated by lightly bopping Marley's arm, producing a soft 'ow'.

"Stop laughing and show me this surprise," retorted Quinn. It was a much less scathing response than what the older members of her faculty normally got, but she was actually fond of Marley.

Beaming, Marley tangled her fingers with Quinn's and led the way. They bypassed Marley's – their – bedroom, the guest room, coming to stop in front of a closed door at the end. "Open it."

"Isn't this your storage room?"

Marley shook her head. The movement caused hair to fall out of her already-messy ponytail. "Not anymore."

Quinn's fingers curl around the brass doorknob and turn it. She was here only once before, when Marley had asked her to retrieve a piece of kitchen equipment her mom had packed in her usual care package. It had arrived in the middle of an album launch, and Marley hadn't the time to unpack the box then.

The room was devoid of boxes now. A large wooden desk, paired with matching chair, dominated the modest space. One wall of the room was lined with modern bookshelves, all empty.

Quinn stared. "What's this?"

Arms slid around her waist; Quinn reflexively leaned into her girlfriend's embrace. "I thought you'd appreciate a home office. You complain about not having any peace in your room at the college with your colleagues constantly bugging you about minor things."

"But, your things…"

"Can go elsewhere. I've sorted them out."

Quinn turned in Marley's arms. Her hands curled around Marley's shoulders, pulling her closer. "How did you manage all this?"

"It wasn't difficult at all. Britt helped with the IKEA shopping and assembling the furniture; she'd come over when you worked late." A sly smile crossed her face. "You work too much, did you know that?"

"I love you." The words fell from Quinn's mouth before she could stop them. She blushed hot. "Um – I should've said thank you first."

Marley just laughed and gave Quinn's waist a squeeze. "That works for me, too," she said, leaning forward to steal a kiss. "Now – you gonna help me move your books in here?"

"Mmm." Quinn deepened the kiss, tightening her grip on Marley's shoulders to stop her retreat. "Now?" She let a contented sigh escape her as fingers find her scalp and scratch lightly.

"Later?" suggested Marley playfully.

"Later suits me fine." Quinn grinned at her. "But what are we doing now?"

Marley sighed. "Like you have to ask, Quinn Fabray," she grumbled. "Playing innocent isn't doing you any favors."

"Well, I just want to make sure…"Quinn dived in and nipped the side of Marley's neck teasingly, drawing a gasp from the younger woman. "... that we're on the same page." She drew her tongue over her upper lip with exaggerated slowness. From the hungry look in blue eyes that follow every movement, Quinn knows Marley was thinking about the night of the awards.

"In broad daylight? How scandalous."

Quinn winked. "I remember that you enjoy it when I'm being scandalous. Like in the car."

Marley's mouth went slack.

"Now, let's go. I don't need to christen my new home office, that honor's reserved for our bedroom."