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Between My Brother and Me: Mors Omnibus

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 So, raise your hands to any of the following:


1) Would you have wanted it if all of the Yu boys became dark, demonic entities?

2) Would it have been interesting to see if the Yu boys were the sons of Zarc?

3) Would it have been interesting if the Bracelet Girls had bigger roles than just be stuck in capsules at the end of the story?

4) Would you be interested in a story that contains the above three along with Pokémon characters AND lots of blood and darkness in it?


If you raised you hand to any of that, you have come to the right place.


This story will be an AU based on Donjusticia's "Signs of Renewal", a fanfic that I highly recommend for those who want a darker spin on ARC-V/a tale where the girls actually do something. You don't need to read that fic to understand this, but it helps.


Aside from that, there is gonna be a LOT in this fic: blood, murder, lots of insanity and mind control and a very unstable cast of characters. Look away if you want, but at least have the decency to try it out.


But...don't take my word for it.



They say that death is the only truth.


They say that those with a strong will to live can conquer even death itself.


They also say that death is the absence of presence, nothing more.


I say that they are being very melodramatic.


Oh, hello there. Nice to find someone wishing to hear this tragic theatrical tale alongside me.


“Who am I?” you ask. I can’t give you my full name out in the open. Where I come from, we all have our personas, our hidden faces, so that we can preserve our true selves against this cold world.


But because it would be rude of me not to do so, call me “Moon Knight”; you’ll learn of my real identity later.


And I’m about to shine a light upon a scenario me and my friends got involved in. One that involves a man and his single desire to bring back what he once lost….


And the sacrifices he made in order to do so.


Oh? You say you heard this story before? Well, yes, the story is the same...but the people who play these roles aren’t.


Have I piqued your interest? A narrator is supposed to do so.


So if you wish, sit back, relax and let the curtains open. The lights have dimmed, the orchestra is warming up, I have plenty of popcorn for us to share. Don’t be afraid; I don’t bite.


And now? The show is about to start.




Between My Brother and Me:


Mors Omnibus








Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness




Everything that happened in front of Yuya Sakaki happened too quickly.


First, there was Yuto’s backstory about the destruction of his hometown of Heartland. On what was supposed to be a normal day where he, Shun and Shun’s sister were supposed to have fun, Academia attacked. Numerous soldiers and their destructive, apathetic, uncaring Ancient Gear monsters rained destruction on the city and soldiers in blue outfits carded every single citizen that they could find like it was a sick and twisted game.


Then, there was the fact that Yuto and Shun were from another dimension -- one that excelled in everything involving Xyz Summoning -- and that there were two other dimensions aside from his and Yuya’s own. Sora was from the Fusion Dimension, the same one that Academia came from, and Sora was never Yuya’s friend to begin with, using a cute and innocent facade so he can see what made Yuya tick.


After that, there was the duel.


The person in a bright white outfit and motorcycle challenged Yuto to a duel, unleashing the power of Synchro Summoning against Yuto’s Xyz monsters. But that wasn’t what frightened Yuya.


It was when both of these duelists unleashed their dragons that everything quickly went south.


And after that...after that, Yuya can’t remember.


All he knows is that he was trying to calm Yuto down just as the Synchro Dragon was about to attack him. Then, he woke up in this dark and empty abyss.


He tries to sit up and finds himself in the empty void that seems to stretch on to infinity. He looks at his hands then looks down to see his father’s pendulum still adorning his neck. Good, so he knows that he’s in one piece.


Knowing that he isn’t going to get any answers just by sitting, Yuya slowly rises to his feet. He winces with each and every step; it feels like his muscles are on fire. He takes a deep breath, but finds it hard for him to breathe.


That’s when he raises his hands to his neck and notices something off.


There is a large slash on his throat.


Panic starts to bubble inside him as he tries to remember just what happened. There was the dragons, Yuto’s eyes glowing, and then…


Yuya feels as if someone has drilled a hole in his head and he drops to his knees in agony. Whatever this memory is, he is not supposed to remember it.


As the pain subsides, he looks down on his right arm and notices something forming there. It is dark violet with a long tail that quickly reveals itself to be a mark that resembles a large spiral.


“ did this get in here?” Yuya whispers. “And...where am I? W...what’s going on?” have made it.


Yuya looks up to see a black cloaked figure carrying a lantern approach him. Yuya steps back, but when he stares into the figure’s golden eyes…


For some odd reason, he feels so relaxed.


He feels his shoulders slump as if he has been dunked into a warm tub of water, a calm smile on his face despite the eerie situation he has found himself in. The black cloaked figure and his lantern stops in front of Yuya as Yuya feels his mind fade away into the darkness where he wishes to stay in for all eternity.


“W...where am I?” Yuya repeats, resisting the urge to sleep. His red eyes begin to dull as he struggles to stand up. But now it feels as if he is being stepped on by an elephant, the invisible force pressed upon him making him resemble a puppet whose strings were cut.


The figure smiles as he takes Yuya into his arms and embraces the green and red haired boy. At this, Yuya’s eyes finally close, the wound on his neck begins to heal and the purple spiral on his arm also fades.


“Yuya,” the figure says as their eyes darken to the color of oil. “You’re finally here. You’re finally home with me at long last.”




But in another dimension, this is the least of anyone’s problems.


Walking across a magnificent courtyard, where a large garden of flowers blooms and butterflies fly about without a care, a figure in a blue tailcoat with gold piping and red ribbons smiles. The stage is set and they are in position to go.


Guignol. Guignol, can you hear me?


Guignol smiles as they tap the silver cross earring on their right ear. “Vision, you know you’re supposed to call me by my full name.”


Vision sighs in annoyance. Fine, fine. Grand Lorde Guignol...CAN YOU HEAR ME?!


“Loud and very loud, my dear,” Guignol replies with a wince.


Listen very carefully. You and Willow only have one shot in saving Windwitch and Lyrica. Failure is not an option! Are the puppets in position?


Guignol clicks their teeth as they look at something in their hand. “Please do not call them ‘puppets’; they’re very sensitive about that word.”


“Right. So, Grand Lorde Guignol...are the ‘stars’ in alignment?”


“They are indeed.”


“Then what you waiting for, an audience?! Go! GO!!!!”


Guignol shuts off the connection, smiling at four little keychain figures in their hand. They place a kiss on each of the figures before slipping them into a pocket of their tailcoat. With a blue and gold Duel Disk strapped to their right arm, they proceed to make a run for it just as three soldiers in blue coats approach them.


“Hey, you!” One of them with a yellow gem on their helmet shouts.


Guignol chuckles as they tip their hat. “What’s this? It looks like I have an audience. But…” They pout as they look at their attire. “It seems like I’m ill prepared for an impromptu show. I mean, just look at me!”


The soldiers pause at the strange person. Along with the coat and Duel Disk, the person looks like a puppeteer from a carnival. Perched on top of their short auburn hair in a jaunty angle is a top hat with a red ribbon and two black feathers. They also wear short black pants and boots with golden buttons along with white and black striped socks that rise to their knees. Adorning their neck is a cross on a silver chain with four gems inset in it (a ruby, amethyst, blue topaz and a pink sapphire). Tied to their shoulders is a magnificent black velvet cape decorated with silver strings. Covering their eyes is a white domino mask covered in thin black lines like a spider’s web although a brush of blue and purple eyeshadow can be seen underneath. Their lips are covered blue lipstick like a sloppy kid who has eaten a blue raspberry snow cone.


“I don’t have any posters to advertise the show, I don’t have music to lure innocent children in, I don’t have any of the costumes, props, lights, a concession stand, I don’t even have the stage and I’m missing my key actors!” Guignol proclaims, stomping back and forth in fury, throwing their white-gloved hands into the air. “Oh, woe is me!” they wail. “Woe is me, Master Méténier! I cannot continue your legacy like this!” They drop to their knees and raise their clasped hands into the sky. “FORGIVE ME, MASTER!!!!”


A soldier with a red gem in his helmet clicks his teeth at this stranger’s histrionics. “Listen, circus freak! You are trespassing sacred grounds.”


Guignol turns to the soldier and snarls. “Circus Freak? CIRCUS FREAK ? I am not part of some freakshow; I am the Great Lorde Guignol, the most magnificent marionette master that has traversed through darkness and mirrors. You will show me some respect or else!”


“Or else...what?” asks a soldier with a green gem in his helmet.


Guignol chuckles as they stand up and activate their Duel Disk. The soldiers also activate their Duel Disks, waiting for the stranger to start the duel, unaware of three shadows approaching them from behind..


Meanwhile, Guignol draws five cards, stares at them...and then their blue lips curl into a mocking grin as they reveal three cards in their hand.


“Or, you might not make it out with your very lives!”


That is when the soldiers notice a trio of shadows looming behind them. They turn around, but that is the last thing that they do.


For in that instance, a scythe, a spear and a sword strikes them down, cutting one’s head off, stabbing another straight through the heart, and slicing the last one’s neck. Blood sprays everywhere as the soldiers collapse onto the ground, dead. All of this while Guignol looks up at the three killers in their white hooded cloaks with gold lining that are stained red like cherry syrup on frozen ice. The killers smile as they smear the blood across their faces as if they are scooping spoonfuls of strawberry jam into their mouths.


At this, Guignol claps their hands. “That was absolutely exceptional ! All that work being kuroko has truly paid off. Although…” They look at the white cloaks covered in red and shudders. “Vision will kill me when she sees your cloaks like this.”


The trio of pint-sized white reapers smile, carrying their overly large weapons in their hands. If one didn’t know better, they would have assumed that these three are just kids in costumes...


Which, in a way, they actually are.


Guignol!!! Vision screeches in Guignol’s ear. The mission, remember?!


“Got it, got it, don’t get your crystal lenses cracked,” Guignol replies, tugging on their cross earring. They then turn to the curious wide-eyed kids in their blood-stained cloaks. “Are you ready for a bloodbath today?”


The one in the middle with red eyes points his sword into the air. “The fun is just getting started!”


“It is indeed,” says the one with turquoise eyes and wielding a spear.


“Let’s hurry!” the third one with amethyst eyes who holds the scythe adds,  “Our brother will be in position too!”


“Indeed he will be,” says Guignol, smiling at the three. They raise their hands into the air and proclaims, “The Grand Lorde Guignol and her trusty puppets are off! It’s time to break some legs !”


And she finishes it with a loud, booming laugh before she wraps herself and the three little killers in her cape, leaving three dead soldiers to bleed out in the courtyard.


0 -0-0-0-0-0-0


Grand Lorde Guignol: Greetings, readers! Did you love my entrance into this tale? I hope you did! And I bet you all are wondering who my stars are’re just gonna have to wait and see!


Next time: Grand Lorde Guignol introduces you to an astounding Action Duel to start off this epic tale to save the Windwitch from losing her mind while her lovely stars paint a room fifty shades of red! I also bet you’re wondering who Vision and Willow are, but...I’m not one to reveal secrets out in the open so easily~!


If you wanna know more, come see me perform in “Puppet Ritual”! Don’t miss out, folks!