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Interlude – The Sweetest




Izuku can remember the first time he called Katsuki the nickname that soon defined their relationship. The word had formed on his tongue in the sweetest way and the reaction he had gotten from his childhood friend only reaffirmed how much he wanted to continue using the label.

8 years earlier

“Stop it Kacchan that tickles!” Izuku giggled, sprawled out on Katsuki’s bedroom floor. Green curls were wildly spread out covering his flushed face and burst of laughter escaped past pearly white teeth. The older boy had been hovering above him, ruthlessly tickling him. Golden locks were gently outlined by the artificial lights in the small room in an angelic way while his t-shirt loosely fell forward. 

Eyes holding red orbs widened by a fraction and the boy in question stopped his attack on the one below him. “What did you just call me?” he whispered, barely heard.

Izuku looked up at his best friend in fear that he had did something wrong. He hadn’t mean to call the other boy by that name, but it just kind of…slipped out.

“Kacchan? I think I just…called you Kacchan.” There was a beat of silence between them as Katsuki stared down in confusion at the boy below him. The silence had only really lasted a couple of seconds, but it was a couple of seconds too long to pump Izuku full of anxiety and cause him to retract his statement, “B-But if you don’t like that we can pretend it never happened!” he stuttered, starting to sit upward.

The blonde boy pushed him back down, resting his hand against the chest below him. Izuku’s heart started racing quickly. He knew he always felt weird around his friend, and he also knew this was abnormal. All the other boys in the class were talking about girls…and he couldn’t stop thinking about his best friend.

“You…you can call me that. I like it.” Izuku stared in bewilderment as his best friend shyly turned his head away, attempting to hide a blush.

“R-Really? Are you sure?” He pressed.

“Yeah, I’m positive. I like it.” And in that moment when Katsuki turned his head around and gave Izuku the softest smile. The greenette could have sworn his heart flew to cloud nine. This was perfect. This moment was perfect. “and now you’re going to face the wrath of LORD EXPLOSION MURDER!!!!” fingers quickly found their way back to tickling the younger boy with a vengeance and both boys couldn’t have been happier.


Izuku kept his head down as he walked through the crowded high school hallway. The white and blue checkered tiles moved in slow motion underneath his red sneakers as he kept his gaze pointed downward. His backpack felt heavy against his frame. He wanted nothing more than to feel invisible. Those memories kept coming back to him over and over recently. That was years ago, when he and Bakugou were nine years old. It wasn’t like that anymore.

Now it was the start of senior year of high school. His classmates were talking about moving out of town to big name colleges and universities while he was stuck thinking about how much he was so horribly infatuated with a boy who hated his guts…and how he had to start another year and endure Bakugou’s aggression.

Sometimes he wishes he could go back in time and never call him that name, but Izuku shook his head. He shouldn’t dwell on such thoughts. That was then—

“Watch where the fuck your going loser.” His thought was cut short as he collided with a strong muscled back. The thick gruffy voice sliced directly through his thoughts throwing him off guard. He opened his mouth for an automatic reply without much thought.

“O-Oh I’m sorry Kaccha—" 

“And watch your fucking mouth too! What the fuck did I say about calling me that?! Eh!?” Izuku stiffened in his place as the larger boy rounded on him, giving him full view of his snarling face. The shorter boy though couldn’t help but gaze at the beautiful features that were twisted with annoyance. He knew Bakugou would never physically touch him. No, he was too repulsed by Izuku for that. But Bakugou had no issue railing into him verbally.

“Sorry Bakugou…it slipped out.” He whispered softly just enough for Bakugou to hear. He tilted his head down again to look away from the blonde in front of him but out of the corner of his eye he could see select people slowing down to observe the two of them. Great. Just great. He thought bitterly.

A beat of silence passed. When Bakugou didn’t move Izuku was got nervous and looked up at the older guy. Just like all those years ago, his hair was framed by the cream-colored lights in the hallway giving him this strange angelic air. Completely opposite to his actual nature. 

“…whatever just stay away from me, freakin’ nerd.”

And with that he left. 

Izuku shakily released a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding and let the air fill his lungs. His thoughts unwilling traveled back to that time in his bedroom, eight years ago again. But this time there was more of a bitter taste to it. He couldn’t stay stuck on Bakugou any longer. He needed to move on.

Because that was then, and this is now.