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The Best Kind of Trouble

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"ACK!" Dabi springs up in a very cozy looking bed, full of various pillows and blankets of soft, fuzzy textures. Unfortunately, Hawks's nesting habit did not help him tonight, due to the night terror he just had. He had nightmares about various points in his life every so often, mostly about his father's abuse. He glanced over to his left to find his beau, softly snoring with crimson wings relaxed into his dreams. That blonde, unruly hair threw even more of a fit in his sleep, strewn every which way as his face remained buried in one very fluffy looking throw pillow. How did I even get this fucking lucky? Dabi pondered as he remembered his first encounter with Hawks, so young, so green, but had already become a hero by the time he reached their meeting at UA High School....


Touya shuffled to the classroom, sleep still crusting within the corners of his eyelids. His father always kept him up late for "training", so he always snuck a nap in when he could. He turned the corner to find Rumi and Ryuko waiting outside of one door.

"What took you so long, Todoroni?" Rumi was always one to make jokes, like about how thin Touya was. She kept mentioning that he looked like a noodle. It fooled plenty of people, though, because he was a portrait of lean muscle. Many petty criminals found out the hard way not to mug him.

"He was napping, leave him alone," Ryuko interjected. Sometimes, that girl is a saving grace, Touya thought as he rubbed his electric blue eyes. "He clearly doesn't get enough rest at home."

"Yeah, Playboy," Touya smirked as his hand revealed the cyan orbs, "Not all of us are energy balls like you. I appreciate my sleep. Now, why are we even here again?"

"You're in the Big Three now, Todoroni, have some respect," Rumi guffawed at his forgetfulness. When you average two hours of sleep in a night, it's easy to forget things. "We're going to play with some first years and then intern who disappoints us the least. It'll be fun."

"That's what you call fun?" Touya scowled. Rumi had one hell of a temper, and one day that's going to get her in trouble, especially if she tries to make it as a pro hero. "I think we should just answer their questions."

"And here I thought you were on my side, Dragon Lady," Rumi rolled her eyes, "Anyways, we're waiting until the bell rings, then we give our little speech and go on with our merry day."

"I wonder what kind of kids these ones will be?" Ryuko wrinkled her nose at the question. She always was very timid, but you could tell that she was excited beneath the demure demeanor. She loved children. Touya thought that, if she didn't end up becoming a hero, she should be a teacher.

"Heard there's one who has already saved someone," Rumi's left ear twitched with excitement, "Wakahisa Haru, my next door neighbor. He saved some asshole when we were kids and his tuition is completely covered by that family. Must be nice." She seemed a bit moody about this, Touya noticed as the bell rang, which was their cue to stride inside of the classroom full of fresh faces. The students seemed nervous as the Big Three stood in front of them. "Damn, is one of their Quirks turning people to stone, because it is a ghost town in here!" Rumi laughed, which instantaneously lightened the mood.

"Hello, Class 1-B," Touya greeted them, "Ignore Usagiyama-chan, she's very vocal."

"Hey now, I can be as loud as I want, this is my show!" Rumi snapped, then threw on a quick grin at the students, "My name is Usagiyama Rumi, the loser that keeps telling me to calm down is Todoroki Touya, and our quiet compatriot is Tatsuma Ryuko. We are the Big Three, UA's top third years, and we are here to answer any questions you might have about what is to come during your time at UA High School."

Whispers were heard throughout the classroom. This batch of first years seemed like a lively bunch, Touya thought as his eyes drifted between the nervous faces. They settled upon the only student who didn't appear starstruck in the slightest, a blonde with messy hair and feathery red wings protruding from his back. He was very petite in stature, and seemed, in all honesty, bored. What's with this kid? Touya questioned as he flashed a glance to Rumi, who began to speak once more.

"We're also looking for three very skilled students to take on as understudies." Rumi was met with dead silence. No one had warned them about this? "However, we were told that we were not allowed to challenge you today, which is bullshit, because I wanna-"

"Language," Ryuko interjected softly, "You know we can't swear in school."

"Whatever, dragon lady," Rumi scowled. Her temper was the stuff of legends.

"So, what's the first question?" Touya changed the subject. This wasn't about to become a roasting session, not on his watch. He already got roasted enough at home. A few hands spiked into the air, and he pointed to the closest one, belonging to a girl that had scales instead of skin.

"Hello!" she cheerfully greeted him, "Mizushima Kasumi here. What are you Quirks?" Somehow, Touya knew that this would be asked. There never was a time when it wasn't asked by new people, even though the small blisters on the side of his neck should show it.

"Well, mine is fire," Touya stated matter-of-factly, "Tatsuma-chan's is being the calmest dragon I've ever met, and Usagiyama-chan's is being the angriest bunny rabbit I've ever seen. Pretty sure someone didn't give her enough carrots when she was a baby."

"I got enough fucking carrots, thank you," Ryuko chuckled, whacking Touya on the back, "Besides, you're one to talk, Todoroni." The underclassmen got a chuckle at that, resulting in Touya getting slightly pinker in the face.

"Next," Touya grumbled as he stole a quick glance at the winged boy once again. Those golden eyes were focused on him now, the bushy brows above them beginning to pinch. What was his issue?

Before he could think anything else, a very orderly boy with towering height and slicked back, white hair shot out from his seat. "T-Todoroki-senpai! Nakamura Gorou, uh what's it like being the son of the #2 hero?"

Fuck, Touya thought as murmurs erupted throughout the classroom, he was already figured out for his bastard father's fame. Shit. He should have known this was coming, he walked right into a trap upon agreeing to this bullshit. "My father's fame does not define who I will be as a hero," he droned in a sorry attempt to keep his emotions at bay. No one here needed to know the truth.

The presentation continued, and most of the questions were serious, thankfully. The class seemed to take the hint, leaving Enji Todoroki out of the questions, and asking about internships and further testing. Rumi was also taking this time to make fun of Touya about anything she could in front of the kids, be it his thin frame, solemn nature or his quirk hurting him. What an ass. Time was almost up, Touya was grateful, but one last question was allotted.

"Any takers?" Rumi grinned cheekily, hoping she could get one last burn on the eldest Todoroki sibling. Touya glanced around the crowd, seeing girls whispering excitedly to one another, guys looking like they were about to sleep...

The angel stood up, looking like he was about to have a stroke with how much pure rage was built in his face. "Todoroki-senpai," he steeled, "how the hell have you not lost your temper with Usagiyama-senpai yet? I would have fried her by now, if I was in your shoes."

The classroom silenced to the point of being able to hear a piece of pencil lead being dropped. Touya balked at the kid. No one was bold enough to stand up to Rumi, much less call her out on her bullshit in front of everyone. What a turn of events, Touya thought as he gaged the situation. It made him think of every time he managed to get a good burn on Natsuo, which made him break out into a fit of hysterics.

"That's freaking rich," he guffawed, "What's your freaking name, because you just made history, my dude."

Angel-face froze, realizing that everyone was watching him. "Uh, it's Wakahisa, senpai, Wakahisa Haru."

"Oh, yeah, you're that one I've been hearing all the buzz about," Touya smiled, to the point where no one could tell if his wide set grin was menacing or genuine. "Well, Wakahisa, you got balls of steel. The hero industry really needs folks like you. Fuck it." He advanced over to the window seat that the underclassman was standing from, and brought his ocean eyes to his level, still grinning.

"You're the one I want as my apprentice," Touya stated, eyes unwavering, "You in?"