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Stay Awhile

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Snow was romantic at first. It was white and glittery, beautiful blankets of it covering the once green grasses around campus. It had been the first time Yuri had actually seen snow, considering he grew up in southern California where they never got the pleasure.

Then it became grey and mushy, hideous footprints paved through the once beautiful pillows of it. It got tiresome after a while, Yuri having to stomp the snow from his boots every time he entered a building. Having to hold onto railings and take careful steps just in case he slid on the ice just beneath the thin layer of white.

Fuck, Yuri was beginning to hate snow.

It wasn’t romantic anymore, it was just a pain in the ass. He wished for summer again, forgetting the excitement that had billowed from him when it had first begun to snow. When he caught snowflakes on his tongue and grinned at the sky as fat flakes landed on his cheeks and in his hair.

He was over it.

Yuri stomped his boots on the black mat, already soaked through from the thousands of students and teachers that came through these same doors every morning. It was early in the day, too early for him to be awake, but the only time he was able to take his literature class was at that time.

He’d only recently swapped into this class, a couple weeks into the new semester. Only because a spot had opened up, and only at this time. He already hated the teacher and he hadn’t even met him yet.

Anyone who woke up this early in the morning was not someone Yuri would like, he knew that for certain.

Yuri stepped into the room, a big, dramatic thing. With rows of tables and chairs lining up the way. It was like a theater, the stage being a giant chalkboard and a pulldown screen for a projector.

He chose to sit in the back because if he sat in the back, he could be the first one to leave. He could also pretend he was listening even though he likely wouldn’t. Yuri was smart, he could figure out the class on his own without the teacher’s help.

He was one of the last ones to arrive, all of the seats towards the front already filled with students. Students that had likely been in the class since the semester had started. Already familiar with the curriculum and the way the class worked.

He slid into a chair a few down from a classmate who he eyed curiously. Redheaded and wild-eyed, she shot him a smile when he sat down, but then turned back towards the front.

He slid his backpack to the floor and tugged out his laptop, opening it up just in time for the professor to pop in.

“Good morning, everyone,” He said. His voice was low and thick, confidence weaved into every word. He was good at projecting his voice, the sound of it loud and clear even where Yuri sat, all the way at the top of the room and in the back. He felt like he was miles away, but that voice made him feel like he was closer.

He squinted and tried to make out a face, but it was hard. Thick rimmed glasses made it even harder to make out any features.

Whatever, it wasn’t like he gave a shit what his teacher looked like.

The excited good morning Professor Altin that he received in return had Yuri raising his eyebrows. He was used to monotony from the class, false excitement whenever a teacher introduced themselves. This was new. Not that he cared, as he slipped his earbuds in and turned on a Netflix show.

Halfway through, he must have fallen asleep. Drifted off on his keyboard. He hadn’t slept much the night before, having stayed up late with his dorm mate. They’d made a game out of watching TV shows together that generally went along the lines of everytime XX says XX take a shot . That had gotten him absolutely plastered before midnight, but that didn't stop him.

He’d stayed up till nearly three in the morning laughing and drinking beer. Because this was college and he could do that.

“Hello,” Came a voice, too goddamned close to his ear. He reached his hand out to shut up whoever it was, half asleep and expecting it to be Leo.


“I see that, Mr. Plisetsky. Care to explain why you’re asleep in my class?” The smooth voice replied. Well, that was definitely not Leo. Not unless his voice had dropped an octave.

His eyes snapped open, head lifting from his keyboard. He swiped at the absent trail of drool coming from the side of his mouth, eyes focusing on whomever it was that was waking him from a very fantastic sleep. “Uhh, I was tired?”

“I can see that. I think you should try getting more rest before coming to my class and sleeping. Or let me know what it is that is so boring for you,” He looked extremely unamused. His brows were furrowed, glasses sliding down the length of his nose. He was kneeling beside Yuri, and Yuri would be lying if he said his eyes didn’t drop to see his pants riding up around his ankles.

God damn, he had nice thighs.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” Yuri mumbled, snapping his laptop shut as Professor Altin stood.

“Good. If it does, I will make sure to deduct a full letter grade for every snore I hear,” Professor Altin replied, pushing his glasses back up his nose. Yuri just stared at him for a moment, seemingly entranced by the hair falling into his face and the muscles in his jaw as he clenched his teeth.

Good thing he had already pissed off a very popular Professor. Because that was what he needed to be doing on his very first day in his class. After sitting on a waitlist for over four weeks, praying every day that someone would drop their seat before classes were locked in.

“That’s not fair,” Yuri started, but Professor Altin was rolling his sleeves up and walking back down the stairs. Away from Yuri and his protests as if he couldn’t hear him.

“Neither is you sleeping in my class, Mr. Plisetsky. I would expect more from someone in your position.”

Someone in his position meant someone who was his father’s son . His father had fought tooth and nail for him to get into this University, as it was prestigious and extremely difficult to get into. He had done well in high school and community college. He had passed every class and ended both with a fantastic GPA.

He likely could have gotten in on his own merits, but his father was alumni and he had called up the school and offered a sizeable donation as long as his son got in. Yuri was going to have to carry that for the rest of his four years here, and it was quite embarrassing.

“Yes sir,” Yuri mumbled. He slid from the chair and snatched up his bag after slipping his laptop back into it. Professor Altin didn’t spare him another glance, but Yuri watched him for a minute as he cleaned the chalkboard.

He definitely snuck a peek at his ass, deeming it quite delicious.

Jesus Christ, Yuri, this isn’t a fucking romance novel.

He slipped from the room with a sigh. Hopefully, he could avoid pissing him off any further. A full letter grade was definitely a way to keep him from sleeping the next time he had class.


“You pissed off Professor Altin ?” Leo asked, mouth agape as he turned from the television to where Yuri stood near his bed.

Good, good. Of course Leo was going to rub it in. Of course. He should have expected that. The two of them had become roommates at the beginning of the year, and they had clicked nearly instantly. Yuri adored the shit out of him, albeit a little bit too much. Except when he was being a downright twat like he was at the moment. 

“Yeah,” Yuri replied, shrugging his coat off. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to rid himself of the wet and the cold. It didn’t happen though. Again, Yuri was tired of winter.

“I didn’t know it was even possible to do that. Congratulations, Yuri, you have entered a new level.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Yuri snarled, launching a can of beer at Leo’s head. Leo caught it though, always quick on his toes. His reflexes were disturbingly fast.

“Tell me when and where,” Leo retorted, cracking open the can before tilting it back.

Yuri stared at him incredulously. He was never sure what exactly Leo was thinking. Or if he was ever serious in his flirting. Yuri was tempted to take him up on the offer just to see if he would actually go through with it. That would make their entire friendship weird though, and Yuri didn’t like weird.

Yuri flopped down beside him, opening his own can before nudging Leo’s arm. “What are we watching?”

“True Blood,” Leo grinned, shaking his beer around. “I got special vodka just for the occasion.”

“What the fuck is special vodka ?”

“Oh, you know, not like that cheap ass Svedka bullshit you buy that tastes kind of like rubbing alcohol.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Yuri laughed. “Not like this shit tastes any different. Vodka usually all tastes the same.”

“It does if you soak gummy bears in it,” Leo said, holding up a large pitcher of vodka. With gummy bears in it.

Yuri’s lip curled in disgust, but he wasn’t one to turn down vodka. Honestly, vodka was the only alcohol he ever really drank because it was honest and pure. That and it didn’t give him headaches like Tequila or make him mean like Bourbon.

“We’ve seen True Blood like twice now,” Yuri sighed, taking another swig of his beer before he had to stop drinking it. Beer and vodka never mixed very well, he had learned that the hard way when it all came back up the way it went down.

“Okay, but this time. This time we drink every time Bill says Sookie all smoky-like.”

“Are you trying to give us both alcohol poisoning?”

“Yes, isn’t that what University is all about? Getting your stomach pumped at least once a month because otherwise, you’re boring.”

Yuri rolled his eyes and settled in, ready to take an obscene amount of shots. Because Bill said Sookie more often than he said anything else in the entirety of the fucking show. And he said it in that low, smoky drawl that peaked Yuri’s interests. Not that he had a thing for low, smoky voices or anything. Ha-ha.

It wasn’t even eleven before Yuri was tapping out, shoving the vodka away as if it were going to catch fire and kill them both. He felt woozy and tired, wave after wave of it slamming into him and threatening sleep.

Leo was still unnaturally sober, watching Yuri carefully. Most likely to make sure he didn’t vomit all over his shoes or something.

“I should sleep before I start talking about shit no one cares about,” Yuri mused, toeing off his shoes before he half-assedly crawled onto his bed fully clothed. He made no effort to take his shirt off, even though he usually slept in his briefs.

Leo helped tuck him in, laughing about Yuri being a lightweight and a discount Russian because he believed Russians should be able to hold their liquor.

“I’m American, asshole,” Yuri grumbled, face buried in his pillow.

“Yeah, but you’re of Russian descent. Doesn’t that mean you should be able to drink with the big boys?”

“I weigh like 145 pounds, fuck off.”

He heard Leo laughing before his eyes slid shut, sleep washing over him.


Yuri woke up to his alarm, loud and blaring in his ears. He reached towards his bedside table and slapped around until he found the offensive phone screeching offensive noises in his ears.

It was too fucking early to get out of bed, and Yuri was hungover. He had drunk too much and his head felt as if it were going to explode. Or implode, whichever was more likely to happen.

Fingers grasped at the phone, knocking it to the floor instead of pulling it in to shut off the alarm. Yuri was cranky in the morning, always resorting to knocking shit over and refusing to turn off his alarm. It eventually shut up, Yuri drifting back to sleep, but only for a moment.

It started up again, louder, Yuri growling before he finally leaned over the bed to snatch it from the floor.

“Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit,” He grumbled as he squinted at the sudden intrusion of light to flick off the alarm.


Shit. He was late.

Yuri scrambled out of bed, head pounding, stomach seizing as he tried his hardest not to puke on the carpet. He had to pee really badly, but as he slid his shirt on and tried to rid his hair of any tangles, he wasn’t sure if he had the time.

He weighed his grade against his likeliness of obtaining some sort of urinary infection and decided to pee before leaving.

As he sprinted across campus, he nearly slipped on multiple occasions. He cut corners through grass he shouldn’t be treading on and nearly flew into another student when he swung open the door. He stomped the snow from his boots before booking it to his class, hoping and praying that Professor Altin didn’t notice his absence.

It was eerie how observant he was though, eyes landing on Yuri when he sheepishly appeared in the classroom over 20 minutes too fucking late.

“Mr. Plisetsky, how nice of you to join us,” He said, every person in the class turning to look at him.

Yuri froze, hand on the strap of his backpack. He looked down at the redhead a few seats over, annoyed to find that she was trying to hide her smile.

“Uh, I am running a little bit late.”

“Yes, and the sky is blue, Mr. Plisetsky. Care to explain why you are late?”

“Ah. I was studying really hard last night and I-”

“Sit please, and don’t be late again.” His warning struck Yuri like lightning, but he just nodded as he sat down.

“You should probably work a little harder to not make the most well-liked teacher on campus dislike you,” The redhead whispered, eyes wide as she peered at him.

“I’m not doing it on purpose.”

“Plisetsky? Like-”

“Yes. Like Ivan Plisetsky. The Ivan Plisetsky. Can we not?”

“Okay,” The girl replied, smile still on her face as she watched Yuri pull his laptop out. “What’s your first name?”

“Yuri,” He said curtly, not returning her gaze.

“I’m Mila.”

Yuri glanced at her for a moment, mostly just to acknowledge that he heard her because he was a lot of things, but rude for no reason wasn’t usually one of them.

He found himself fighting sleep again, but not because Professor Altin was boring, but because he had made the mistake of getting wasted and getting wasted meant having a very restless sleep. University was grating on him already. He missed community college because the workload was smaller. It was easier. He didn’t have to worry about as much and he was definitely sober a lot more often.

Class ended, Yuri staring at his laptop intently as everyone filed from the room. Professor Altin had asked him to stay, pointing at him from across the room before he allowed everyone else to leave. He was ready to get chewed out, to listen to him say he lost a letter grade because Yuri was disrespectful.

“Is there anything that I can do to have you attend my classes in a timely manner, Mr. Plisetsky?” Professor Altin asked, drumming his fingers on his desk from the front of the room. It made him feel smaller, somehow, the way he stood at his desk so far away instead of coming closer.

Yuri shrugged and closed his laptop. “I guess I just need to drink less.”

“Ah, yes. The joys of youth and University. I can assure you that getting wasted on a consistent basis is going to do anything but help your grades, Mr. Plisetsky.”

Yuri really hated the way he said Mr. Plisetsky. It made him think of his father.

“Yuri,” He replied, standing from his chair. He slipped his backpack over his shoulder before he headed towards the door. “I’ll work on it.”

“I sure hope you do, Yuri. I would hate to have to deduct from your grade as I know you are a bright student.”

His voice sent shivers down Yuri’s spine, the way he said Yuri's name almost reminding him of the way Bill would say Sookie so lovingly. It was like a caress, tickling him down to the bone.

“Yes, sir.”