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Oh My (Useless) Goddess

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Everything around them was soot, scorched by the massive explosion from Megumin’s spell. The air was still hot, causing the world to appear hazy and shimmery; Kazuma’s senses ebbed in and out, slowly returning to him. The ringing in his ears died to a dull roar underlined by the thud of his heart. He spotted one of the undead shuffling toward where he Aqua, her face and knees against the ground with her butt in the air. His hands slid against the loose, blackened dirt fighting for traction as he fought to move.

A glass vial of green fluid was half submerged in the dirt, Kazuma scuttled his legs and arms to move forward a little and grab for it. He brought the vial to his face and bit down on the cork to extract it and rolled over onto his back to pull his short sword. He emptied the vial onto the blade.

Pushing off of the ground he charged the last one of the demons, his weapon gleaming in the smoke-diluted light with holy power entrusted to the next attack by the vial of oil.

Kazuma bowled the creature over, tackling it as the short sword slid into its chest with a wet thunk. He and his target bumped Aqua from the side and toppled into the dirt with him pinning the thing to the ground as they landed. He drank in a mouth full of ash and hot air before coughing and rolling off of the demonic creature onto his back.

“That’s the last of them,” he managed, sputtering to get clear his mouth. His energy spent, he could feel himself sinking into fatigued slumber. They’d bit off more than they could chew this time—this had nearly been it.

Something below his leg tugged at him, trying to move from under his angle. He tried to lift his shoulders to sit up or push off of his hands, but his muscles didn’t respond. His body wouldn’t respond, but there was something nearby moving.

“Get your foot off of my hair, you fucking NEET!” Aqua yelled, her arms and legs audibly flailing against the ground.

He sank away, his head falling limp off to the side. As the final threat faded away so did he, drifting into a well-deserved sleep.