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Beach Walk

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Luigi and Waluigi walked along the beach hand in hand, enjoying the salt air and the crashing of the ocean waves. The moon was bright and full, illuminating the couple as they enjoyed each other’s company.

“See? I told you we’d get our vacation on Delfino Island eventually,” Luigi said to his companion.

Waluigi said nothing, instead losing himself in his thoughts. He had been oddly quiet during the walk, and Luigi was beginning to wonder why. “Something on your mind, Waluigi?”

Waluigi stopped and turned to face Luigi. “No, it’s nothing. Well, it’s just...what are you doing with me, Luigi? I’m not a hero like you, quite the opposite in fact. Up until recently all I did was steal treasure with Wario.”

Luigi reached up and cupped Waluigi’s cheek with his hand. “You are so much more than a thief. I hope you know that. You’re sweet and kind, and one hell of a kisser.”

Waluigi laughed and pulled Luigi into his arms. Somehow Luigi always knew what to say.