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Blood Union

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Ch.1 - this time we begin peacefully


The afternoon had been relatively noisy, despite the bakery not having any rushes or big orders that would raise your stress levels to the roof. Instead, it was the calm and comfortable laughter that erupted, or the groans when the oven went off, that kept things lively. The display cases were empty, seeing as today was your preparation day for the week ahead.

You didn’t know what exactly to expect today, but with the spring rain coming in harshly, it made sense for the day's activities to end up here. Spring had come in like a lamb this year, unlike the storm that had come two years ago. The morning was ending and now the afternoon was taking hold of this lazy rainy day.

The two females, who were having a sort of baking competition, were paying you no mind. The pink-haired female putting in too much flour for the chocolate cake, and the brown-haired female adding a bit too much sugar to her own red velvet cake.


You groaned, looking down at the recipes you had attempted to give both at the start of this madness… but as it turned out, both assumed they knew the recipe by heart. And now, you were sure you’d be the unfortunate soul to have to taste test the disasters that would come from the oven. Like… the last three rounds...

Sighing once more, you tried to focus on how exactly to get your kitchen back. After all… unlike your two close friends, you did have a business to run and rent to pay. But… seeing as both were attempting to make something for another close friend and her arrival back home… you couldn’t kick them out.

The opening of the backdoor to the apartment complex alerted you that someone had come wandering into the baking hurricane that was currently happening. You turned to meet a familiar pair of eyes, seeing as he rose an eyebrow at the scene. You shrugged towards him, letting the male know it was, and had been, out of your control from the start. He scoffed, but even so, his attitude didn’t stop you from smiling softly at the male who was walking towards the mess.


“The hell happened in here…?” He breathed out, flicking a burnt macaron with his finger.


It skidded across the flour-dusted table and hit an empty measuring cup. The cookie seemed more akin to being hard and bitter than sweet and airy like it was supposed to be. And the smell of burnt flour wasn’t pleasant either.


“We’re baking Jirou a cake!” Uraraka beamed, sticking her finger in the batter. “She comes back today, so we wanted to make her a welcome home gift!”


“The cakes got burnt… and well, things escalated rather quickly after that.” You spoke, motioning to the burned or deformed pastries that had been deemed inedible, and now rested inside of the trash. “And now, Ochaco and Mina are trying to see which of them is the better baker…”


Bakugou stared at you, his expression in disbelief. How the hell could they mess up so badly that your usually neat and sparkly bakery was now reduced to what looked like the scene of a breaking and entering? These two were definitely destructive idiots...


“You wanna give a taste to my excellent lemon meringue pie, Bakugou?” Mina lightly poked her elbow into his side.


“If you made it, then I sure as hell don’t.” He breathed, lip rising in slight disgust.


He almost seemed afraid of it from how he practically jumped away from Mina and the spoon she held out. Part of the liquidy pie on it as she stuffed it into her mouth. You watched on in a sigh, not wanting to tell her that her pie wasn’t made right.


Uraraka’s was no better though… as she tried to add extra sugar and sprinkles to everything. And her distraction with it all led to a good majority of her creations to be over baked or burnt. No wonder Midoriya was the one who often cooked in their apartment… as Uraraka was too quick to move on before finishing her original task.


As Bakugou started to argue with Mina about her pie, you finally looked at what he was wearing. A clean and pressed cream sweater, with a gray jacket over it. His usual ripped jeans or dirty bleached ones were now a pair of new looking black jeans.


“And where are you going all dressed up?” You asked him, catching his attention as he threw Mina’s pie into the trash.


“Huh?” He rose a brow. “Nowhere you have to worry about.”


Uraraka and Mina peeked into the conversation, exchanging glances with each other. You blinked towards your boyfriend, not believing he had said it with such a lack of care to not see how that might worry you.


“What do you think, Ochaco?” Mina’s lips pulled up into a smug expression. “Does he have a secret family, or did he do something and doesn’t want to get caught?”


Uraraka pondered the thought, touching her chin a few times with one of her fingers as she thought. “Hmmm… well (Name)’s the only one for Bakugou-kun… so I think he messed up and is trying to fix it before she finds out.”


“Oh! Maybe he racked up a huge credit card debt!”


“Or bought something when he was drunk!”


“What about-”


“Would you two shut it! You’re freaking me the hell out!” Bakugou shouted, growing angrier as the females laughed at how easy it was to tease him.


You came forward, placing a hand on his shoulder. He glanced at you, seeing that despite you not believing what the girls had been making up, your familiar hues of (eye color) were still filled with concern for him.


He scoffed, still not understanding how exactly you could and felt the need to worry about him. After all… he managed to outlive a lot of people, and even now, he’d saved you more than you saved him. But then again… if he so much as tried to use that debate with you, you’d no doubt have a long list of reasons why it was you who had saved him more.


And he currently didn’t have time to waste… seeing as his appointment was in another thirty minutes and he still needed to get across town to the location.


“Relax, dough girl.” He stroked your locks as gently as he could. “Got a job interview since you keep pushing for me to pull in my own weight for rent and shit. I’ll be home for dinner and whatever else…”


You nodded towards him, finally letting him go to wherever he needed to be. He moved towards the exit without another word, though the eye contact he held with you until he opened the door was a silent conversation between the two of you.


Once he was gone, an umbrella pulled over this untamable locks and his figure starting to mesh together with everyone else who was out on the sidewalk. You watched silently for a few more moments, having not realized you had done so. And by the time you had turned around to gaze back towards your friends who had been watching you, watching him leave… it was obvious that both the fairy and shapeshifter knew you a bit too well from their smiling faces.


“Sooooo~” Mina cooed, starting to run the sink to clean off her bowls and utensils covered in flour and sugar.


“So~” Uraraka copied, but much shorter and a bit more high pitched.


“So…?” You eyed them, taking out your own materials and bowls.


Seeing how both seemed to be done with this ridiculous competition, meant you could finally make Jirou’s favorite. She was simple, and thus a strawberry shortcake was enough to always bring a smile to her face and make her mouth begin to salivate.


“All seems well in vampire soulmate land… huh?” Mina giggled, watching as the flour you had been delicately pouring into a bowl puffed up into the air.


“H-huh?” You spoke, the words unable to form.


You had learned in these past two years that Mina’s way of dealing with a situation was never to beat around it… rather, she’d say things as bluntly as she thought she should. Therefore, seeing how in sync you and the grumpy vampire were… she wanted some details.


“Deku-kun used to talk about Bakugou-kun a lot before he came back into his life… or before we even met you.” Uraraka muttered, looking towards nothing in particular. “He always seemed to make it seem like Bakugou-kun wasn’t the type of person to rely on anyone or let someone into his life…”


She paused, a small smile gracing her face as her pink cheeks looked towards you with a joyful expression. Her big brown orbs twinkling in elation for you and your love, or just from the sugar she had absorbed today.


“But… I’m happy to see that he loves you so much!” She beamed. “After all, he’s going out looking for a job just so he can help support you and your life more!”


“That and he’s been living here for two years… rent free.” You grumbled, a look an annoyance crossing your features. “It makes sense though… he’s been a leech since the day he came throwing hands into my life…”


“Still…” Mina spoke, a tone change from teasing to serious heard by the other two parties from the single word she said. “I’ve known Bakugou for one hundred and fifty years… and this is the first I’ve heard of him actually attempting to earn a wage. He’s usually just found a way to get it.”


“Well he wasn’t exactly himself for the last four hundred plus years…” You spoke, knowing all you could know about how exactly your Blood Bond worked. “And while I can’t speak for the last four hundred years, I can speak for the last two… and he’s been happier, I think. I hope.”


You mixed in the wet ingredients, looking at how the batter formed something new, something different than what the two had been separate. You whipped it a bit faster, thoughts of Bakugou coming to mind and making you smile.


“Well… you’ve been a lot happier these last two years too, (Name)-chan.” Uraraka smiled, sliding her fingers towards the batter.


“No.” You slapped her hand gently and she pulled away. “And… have I?”


You chuckled, reaching towards a pan and started to scrape the batter inside of it. The thick batter running inside and filling up the cool dark silver with ease.


“It’s strange…” You spoke as the last parts started to come out. “I feel like I haven’t changed at all… and yet, when I look back on certain things I do, I can see how my thinking has changed. I guess… it's just something you don’t notice until you really think about it.”


Mina and Uraraka exchanged glances, a smile crossing both of their features at your words. In a way… you were the immortal baby of the group, and seeing you start to come to these conclusions on your own, some they hadn’t even noticed yet, was always nice to watch and hear.


The sincerity of your words and the emotion hiding behind them could only come from someone in your position. The hunter’s daughter who had found her home among the outcasts of both the human and supernatural worlds… and had even fallen in love and escaped death.


Neither dwelled on it for long though, knowing that while time was endless for them all… it didn’t mean it needed to be run at a slow pace. And seeing how you seemed to end the conversation perfectly, it was time to bring up the other thing that had been on their minds as of late.


“Has Kaminari been behaving?” Uraraka gave Mina a cheeky grin.


The pink haired female let out a loud groan as you placed the cake into the oven and set the timer. Your form coming to lean against the counter Uraraka was cleaning off. Once she had cleared it, Mina’s head slammed into the marble as she groaned further.


“Kiri and I can’t have a normal movie showing with him… like he’s been freaking out about Jirou coming home this week… it's driving me crazy.”


“Well, it's not like you live with him… so Kirishima is the one who’s really been driven up the wall.” You spoke, knowing that despite how patient the redhead was… even he had his breaking points.


“Well, she gets back today… though the real question is if he’s actually going to ask her out finally…” Uraraka shook her head. “Ever since Jirou left for that music opportunity overseas… he’s been glued to his phone and texting her at any chance he gets.”


“He’s in love guys, chill.” You spoke, knowing each had a tendency to attempt to pry into others’ business when it involved love. “And Jirou is getting back tonight, so he’ll at least be able to focus his energy on her now.”


“Still…” Mina muttered, her voice dropping again. It was different than last time though, this time much more worried and even a bit melancholy. “... I’m afraid that he’s getting himself too involved and it might end badly.”


“How so?” Uraraka looked at her with a concerned face.


“Kaminari’s an incubus… sure he’s out of the norm, but I still worry how Jirou might take it. She’s a human and humans usually don’t like to suddenly find out they were dating or interested in someone who survives off well… you know.” Mina made a lewd gesture, one that neither you or Uraraka truly needed to understand what she was getting at.


“Oh… well, it worked out for Bakugou-kun and (Name)-chan…?” Uraraka tried to find a reason to give Mina any sort of hope.


“But (Name) knew Bakugou was a vampire from the beginning…” She responded, pouting slightly.


“Well he also tried to kill me, I didn’t trust him, and my father shot me thanks to what we are to one another…” You deadpanned, seeing the two females tense up. “So… I think when compared to myself and Katsuki… Kaminari and Jirou have a much better shot. Especially since both actually talk to one another. Katsuki and I didn’t at first.”


“That’s true.” Uraraka nodded, her smile returning to her features once more. “I think it’ll be fine! And if Kaminari somehow messes up… then… he’ll have all of us here to help him. And Jirou too!”


“Yeah! It's going to be fine.” Mina told herself, looking at the both of you as she spoke. “Kaminari may not be the brightest of us all, but I’m sure he’ll do his best. And Jirou’s not the type to let him do whatever he wants… it’ll work out.”


“That’s if they decide to try out how they are together in the first place.” You reminded your eager friends. “After all… you don’t see me poking into your love lives.”


You smirked as both went pink, or rather pinker than each already was. Uraraka’s more fairy-like features accidentally coming through, and Mina’s skin starting to turn pink as well. Each trying to make up excuses as to how they were taking it slow or how they didn’t like anyone.


“Hmmm.” You nodded towards them, playful smirk still on your features as the smell of shortcake started to fill the bakery. “Whatever you two say… but if you really want me to keep my mouth shut, then help me wrap up this cake and let Kaminari give it to Jirou when he sees her at the airport tonight.”






You laughed as they called you out for your own meddling. Though, you’d admit to yourself that the incubus and musician did indeed make a rather cute couple. But you wouldn’t meddle more than that, knowing it would be better for both to grow their relationship at their own pace.


Much like yours had.




The green haired male wasn’t sure why he was standing by this specific park bench in this specific park on the other side of the city he called home… but here he was. He looked around cautiously, not knowing who had sent him this message, or why it was only this location… but here he was.


“Midoriya?” Someone spoke from his left, the green-eyed male glancing to his side and seeing a familiar figure standing a few feet away.


“Oh… Todoroki-kun.” Midoriya blinked. “Was it you who sent me this location?”


Todoroki shook his head, holding up his phone with an identical message on it. “I assumed it was you… since you’ve sent me to random locations before.”


Midoriya shook his head, slight embarrassment filling his cheeks. “N-no it wasn’t me this time! Sorry to have made you assume it was…”


Todoroki shook his head. “It’s fine, Midoriya. I wonder who did send us here though…”


The answer came rather quickly, as someone shouted from the right of where Midoriya stood. A pair of two more familiar figures approaching, one waving with a large grin while the other was staring down at his phone like he was expecting something to suddenly appear on its screen.


“Awe man, he told you guys to come here too?” Kirishima chuckled. “Guess he’s serious about what he’s planning then…”


“Kirishima-kun… and Kaminari-kun too.” Midoriya spoke, slowly starting to piece the puzzle together. “And he… you mean it wasn’t either one of you who sent us here?”


Kirishima shook his head. “Naw, I would have actually sent some words along.”


Kirishima nudged Kaminari, pulling the male away from his phone daze. The straw blonde blinked a few times, his orbs of golden widening when he saw the two males in front of him.


“Woah… when did Midoriya and Todoroki get here?” He asked Kirishima, the redhead trying hold back his mild frustration.


“They’ve been here… we just got here.” Kirishima told him. “And come on… you promised to put it away for the next hour or so.”


Kaminari looked between Kirishima and his phone. “But… what if she texts me?”


“Dude… she’s on a ten-hour flight right now. She won’t be texting you for a while…”


Kaminari eventually caved, stuffing his phone into his pocket and focusing on why he was here. It appeared only Kirishima had a slight clue, but not the full picture.


“I’m guessing Bakugou hasn’t given you his number.” Kirishima chuckled, finally putting a face to the unknown and blocked number.


“And they still ain’t gonna get it…” Said male spoke, coming down the same way Todoroki had. “Anyway, glad to know you shits made it.”


“Wait… why are we here?” Midoriya spoke, slight concern in his voice.


“Cause you and half-and-half know her tastes better than me.” The scarlet eyed vampire turned towards Kirishima and Kaminari. “And you two are here to make sure I don’t get pissed off at them… and to make sure I actually find one.”


“Find one?” Todoroki spoke, feeling a bit lost himself.


Before anyone can ask any more questions though, Bakugou turned on his heel and started walking back towards where the street was. Everyone watched him as he did so, and then slowly started to follow him as he raised his hand for them to follow.


It was a short walk to wherever he was going, but once he paused in front of the store he had intended to go into but never could find the nerves for the last three months… he could feel that terrible ache in his stomach again.


The four males behind him were stunned in silence, not knowing that this was where he wanted to go… but knew exactly the purpose of this store, what he would be buying and what it meant.


Bakugou shook his ash blonde locks, his heart steadying as he grabbed the door handle and shoved it open like he meant trouble. He marched in with a sneer on his face before anyone could react further, no doubt scaring the man behind the counter as he did so.


Kirishima was the first to follow after him, and then Kaminari. Midoriya and Todoroki only looked at each other with an expression that only seemed curious as to why they were here… but if Bakugou had deemed them worthy to have a say in this decision… they might as well put their all into helping him.


After all… it wasn’t every day that someone like Bakugou decided to come into a shop such as this… let alone what his larger intentions would be once he came out with his purchase.

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Ch.2 - Something Lost That Won’t Be Found


Maybe he had overestimated the helpfulness of those he had chosen to have him pick out what he desired. But with Kaminari getting impressed by every ring, Kirishima’s repeated words of him having to pick one that represents you, Deku’s muttering about something, and Todoroki only telling him of the rings you would not like at all… he was starting to lose his cool.


“D-do you know her ring size?” The poor man behind the counter at the engagement section tried to ask, looking for his manager to help him.


“Not now…” Bakugou told him, scanning the display case.


The twinkling objects under the glass were not even close to what he was looking for. They were all too new… too sparkly… too… too not what he came into this specific shop for.


“Oh! That one’s really pretty! Get her that one!” Kirishima pointed out, bumping into Bakugou. “Oops. Sorry, Bakugou.”


“Oh man… Ashido wants to leave for the airport an hour before Jirou lands… how long is this supposed to take?” Kaminari asked, Bakugou’s irritation growing.


“I thought you were supposed to be off of your phone?” Todoroki asked, looking at a ring Bakugou was looking at. “She wouldn’t like that… the diamond is much too big.”


“Kacchan…” Midoriya tapped his shoulder. “The man behind the counter is trying to talk to you.”


Bakugou looked up, seeing a new employee had come forward. He introduced himself as the shop manager and that he’d be very glad to help him if he needed anything.


“No, screw off.” Bakugou told him, looking back at the rings.


The silence was short lived though… as once more his companions seemed unable to hide their excitement for him and thus continued to speak and push him one direction or another.


“Oh! What about this one?”


“Bro! This one is nice!”


“Kacchan… I think you should have been a bit nicer to the manager…”


“She’d want something you picked out for her… not to impress her.”


The number of voices had finally reached their peak. Bakugou’s temper was ready to burst… and he knew the next person who spoke to him was going to get the worst he had to offer.


“Sir, is there anything specific I should keep my eyes out for?” The manager asked, wanting nothing more than to help this strangely angry man find the ring to ask that special question.


Too bad for him… he asked at the absolutely worst time...


“How many fucking times do I have to tell you it has to be perfect!” Bakugou hollered, slamming his fist down onto the glass container as he did so.


He watched in horror as the glass shattered upon impact, the noise that came with it making all of his tagalongs, employees, and other customers turn and look at him. His eyes widening at his accidental show of power and strength… in the worst of ways.


“Well isn’t this perfect.” Todoroki spoke as he observed the manager press a button under the display.




Despite their best efforts and apologies… the group had been escorted out by the security team of the jewelry shop within five minutes of the display case having been shattered. And now, the ash blonde was sitting on a park bench… listening as the others attempted to cheer him up.


“There’s like… a million places you can buy an engagement ring at in this city, dude!” Kirishima spoke, nudging Kaminari.


He put his phone away and smiled towards his friend. “Yeah man! Just cause you broke one display doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world! You can still marry (Name), and with a better ring than that store could have had!”


He shook his head, glaring up towards the set of males who were trying their best… but they had no chance against a Bakugou who had already set his sights on that shop.


“No… it had to have been from there.” He spoke, gritting his teeth together.


Kaminari sighed, looking to Kirishima who seemed to be a bit intrigued. The redhead came forward, as Kaminari hovered over the back of the bench. Bakugou shoved their hands off as they tried to comfort him.


“And why’s that?” Kaminari asked. “Was it the cheapest place? Or the only one you could afford?”


Bakugou glared at the incubus. “No moron… I’ve been working odd jobs for the last six months… so I got plenty to buy a stupid ring.”


“So why then?” Kirishima asked him, voice calm.


“She told me a year ago…” He breathed out. “That when she first came here… she needed some cash, so she sold her mother’s engagement and wedding ring there. I thought maybe I could find both… and give them back to her….”


Bakugou winced as he heard the two morons react with coos at him. His frown now showing his teeth as well, as his crimson hues looked at them.


“That’s so thoughtful, Bakugou!” Kirishima smiled.


“Man… and I thought you never paid attention to anyone.” Kaminari snickered.


Bakugou rolled his eyes, having nothing to say to either male. His irritation only grew as someone else decided to voice their opinion on the matter at hand.


“It’s a good thing it didn’t work out then.” Todoroki’s voice created silence.


“Huh? And why is that?” Bakugou growled as the half-angel sighed.


“Giving (Name) a ring that her abused mother had worn unhappily for years… and then asking her to marry you and with that same ring… doesn’t seem very romantic to me.” He spoke coldly.


Bakugou’s chest tightened, and he turned his head away. Damn that half-and-half… always seeming to have some counter to what he wants to tell you… or give you. But, despite him not going to say it, Todoroki had a point. Even if it was a small one.


“She’d much prefer for you to find her a ring that speaks to you… and not one that you assumed she’d want.” Todoroki gave him another piece of advice. “But in the end… I’m only her friend who’s known her since we were infants… so what do I know?”


Bakugou huffed, rolling his eyes at the bastard. His fingers scratching at his neck as his eyes looked for the last member of his regretful invites. It took him a moment, but when he saw the green haired male… he was walking past them all, carrying a brown paper sack.


“What the fuck is that nerd doing now?” Bakugou’s eye twitched, seeing as this day was getting more and more off the rails as it went along.


The male paused by a tree, putting the sack down and then fishing out a piece of chalk from his pocket. Slowly, he started to draw some symbol against the tree. Midoriya’s work and his expertise in magic symbols making Bakugou stare with annoyance. What the hell was he doing?


“Hm?” Kirishima followed Bakugou’s line of sight. “What is… Midoriya doing?”


Soon enough, Kaminari and Todoroki had turned to stare as well. Midoriya worked quickly, erasing and adding more the the weird symbol he was drawing on the tree. After a few minutes, he looked at it with a satisfied glance and then turned around to his friends.


“I think I have your solution, Kacchan!” He called, a smile engulfing his face as the symbol behind him illuminated a dark black color.


The wind picked up slowly as it did, and with a flash of light, one that any normal person would have assumed to be lightning, the symbol on the tree was gone. Instead, it appeared the trunk had been hollowed out but upon closer inspection… a staircase going upwards was seen inside.


“You want me to go in there?” Bakugou took a deep breath. “I’m looking for a ring… and your solution is to cast some magical bullshit and make me walk into a tree?”


Midoriya could feel the sweat on his forehead begin to grow, seeing as he might have agitated the vampire a bit more. And with how Bakugou was uncharacteristically calm… it only meant Midoriya had a few seconds before he blew up.


“I know someone who can help… and he lives in a magic space between our reality and his… so we just have to go this way to see him.” He tried to explain, walking towards the steps himself.


Kirishima pushed Bakugou up and towards the alchemist. Kaminari was quick to follow. Todoroki was the tail end of the group, curious as to who Midoriya had summoned. Bakugou’s voice carried the loudest on the short walk up to a large room.


The room was filled with all sorts of books, objects, and plants. The only light coming from a few hovering candles, the wax dripping and creating new lit candles as they fell. The place seemed old, and from the artifacts littering the space… it was obvious the owner of this place was some sort of deity or another.


“Where the hell did you bring me?” Bakugou cursed, elbowing Midoriya in his side. “This ain’t a fucking jewelry shop!”


“C-calm down, Kacchan!” Midoriya hushed him. “And don’t worry… I’m sure he can find you a ring.”


As if on cue, a shadow cast over the room. The lights fading slowly and then coming back to reveal the figure of a new creature inside the room. His dark feathered head being the only visible features of the individual as the rest of him was seen in a dark black cloak.


“Revelry in the darkness.” He spoke, as his avian-like appearance finally allowed everyone to know who they were standing before. “And how may I help you, great Negotiator.”


“Wow! A harpy!” Kaminari beamed. “Nice to meet you, controller of the winds!”


“It’s a pleasure, demon of intercourse.” He spoke back, his speech showing more and more of an older time period.


“Please… don’t ever call me that again.” Kaminari’s eyes went wide. “Kaminari Denki works just fine…”


“Tokoyami Fumikage.” The harpy spoke back. “I see you’ve brought a good number of others with you, but the fair Uraraka isn’t here…”


“I’m not actually here for myself this time.” Midoriya informed the birdman. “I’m actually trying to help my friend Kacchan find an engagement ring. I thought you might have something?”


Tokoyami came towards Bakugou, pausing before him and observing the male. Bakugou looked at him with a glare, not liking how this emo bird was judging him without even opening that damn beak of his.


“You’re of the blood I see…” Tokoyami muttered, waving Bakugou after him. “Come… I might have what you are looking for, Sanguinarian.”


Bakugou slowly followed him, cautious of Tokoyami. After all… he just met the guy and he was already saying he had a ring for him. So when the harpy paused before a garden of budding flowers, Bakugou knew that Deku had led him to another dead end.


“Well?” Tokoyami turned to him.


“Well, what?” Bakugou snarled.


Tokoyami sighed. “Honestly… have your dayside activities made you forget what happens in the nightside?”


Bakugou didn’t answer, only giving him a further quizzical look. Tokoyami finally gave in, pointing towards the flowers.


“Pick one that represents your Blood Bond.” Tokoyami instructed him. “And be warned… your choice depends on if you choose what you seek.”


Tokoyami closed his eyes, knowing this decision would take a while. After all… if he picked the wrong flower that represented him and his soulmate… it would mean something less than pleasant. This task was not an easy one.


“Here.” Bakugou spoke, holding up a flower.


Tokoyami nearly dropped his jaw. Never before had someone picked out a flower so fast. Did this vampire truly not care? And yet here he was… holding out his flower of choice.


“A globe amaranth?” Tokoyami spoke, taking the flower from the male’s hand. “The symbol of immortality and undying love… you are clever, but is this truly your choice?”


Bakugou looked at him. “Wait… is that what those weird flowers are called? All I know is that my moron grows them every spring… She likes the round shaped ones for some stupid reason...”


Tokoyami nodded slowly, not sure if it was just dumb luck or something else that allowed this vampire to have picked the possibly right flower and so quickly at that. He must truly know his fated well… and what it meant for him to be with her.


“Well… if that’s so I’ll see if the spell works.” He spoke, moving to start to change the flower’s form. “Based on the meaning of the flower and the personal symbolism behind it for you and your fated… I shall see if it's meant to be.”


Bakugou scratched his neck bored as the harpy did his thing. Tokoyami turned back to him as he finished, a look of shock on his face.


“It… worked. My… I’ve never seen someone choose so quickly before.”


Tokoyami held out a small ring towards the male. A rose gold color littered with small diamonds, lacing and twisting together towards the large diamond in the center. The main gem was also the center of a flower as if opening up its petals for the first time to reveal the treasure it had inside of it.


“Why the hell would I take forever? If I’m meant to be with her and know her, then I should know at first glance.” Bakugou clicked his tongue, though inwardly he couldn’t believe the beautiful ring he had picked out. “Which I did!”


“Your bond as each other’s kitras is strong…” Tokoyami spoke as he enclosed the ring in a crimson velvet box. “Now… as for payment.”


Bakugou grimaced, realizing that despite this weirdo making the best ring he had possibly ever seen and one he knew was made literally for you… it might not be worth whatever this guy’s price was.


“And what exactly is the price for this ring…?” Bakugou breathed out, ready to possibly fight for his ring.


“Thirty.” Tokoyami nodded.


Bakugou looked at him, unsure of his words. Thirty years? Thirty requests? What exactly could this bird want thirty of?


“I’ve got it covered, Kacchan.” Midoriya piped up, moving forward.


He handed Tokoyami the sack he had been holding. The Birdman took it, putting a hand inside and taking out of the object inside. The red fruit was in good condition, and with a bite, Tokoyami nodded.


“I bought forty… so take the extra ten as a tip.” Midoriya nodded towards the harpy.


“You’re too kind, Negotiator.” Tokoyami spoke, finishing off the first apple. “Now… I shall return you all home.”


The blackbird motioned towards the staircase once more, and then bowed politely as his guests left. As they did, Todoroki was quick to speak up.


“I didn’t know you knew the harpy of the night’s wind.”


Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck as the five of them all reached the hollowed out tree once more.


“Yeah… he’s always been the one I go to when I need ingredients for my spells. He’ll give you anything if you have enough apples…”


The night air was cold and brisk, not like the warm afternoon sun that had been up before they had all disappeared into the tree.


“It’s night already?!” Kirishima nearly yelled. “We were in there for no more than ten minutes!”


“Time flows differently in Tokoyami’s cross dimension,” Midoriya spoke. “What time is it?”


“N-nine thirty…” Kaminari whimpered, looking at his phone. “J-Jirou landed twenty minutes ago…”


“Well, at least you won’t have to wait to see her.” Todoroki attempted to make the male feel better.


“She texted me! She said she’s excited to see me at the airport!” Kaminari cried. “Oh man… she’s gonna hate me…”


“Kaminari it's fine.” Kirishima assured him. “Customs is gonna take a while and she still needs to find her bags. If you leave now… and maybe use a non-human method… you can get there on time.”


That seemed to be all the incubus needed to hear, as he was gone in the next moment. Only leaving a dissipating cloud of dark yellow and black as he vanished.


“He didn’t need to be told twice…” Midoriya muttered. “Anyway… I should head home.”


“I should as well.” Kirishima yawned. “I’m beat…”


“It was nice to see everyone… do you want to split a cab home, Bakugou?” Todoroki asked.


But, as it appeared… the vampire had already left.




The sliding glass door was unlocked like it always was. He came in silently, seeing as the brighter lights were off, leaving only a few lamps on to light the room. Bakugou’s crimson eyes looked around the room, spotting your form laying on the couch. The tv illuminated your face every few seconds, the sounds from the device being nothing more than background noise to him at this point.


As he came closer, he could make out that your breathing was soft and your eyes were hidden away from his view. He paused a moment, the weight in his back pocket reminding him of why he got the damn thing in the first place.


He’d be the first to admit that he realized it during the first few months of your reawakening. How you’d still try to do things as humanly as possible… the cycle of your life hard to break. For him it came easy, as becoming what he became was his way of breaking free from the torture of his old self.


You hadn’t broken free of anything though. You were still you, and he could see that even two years after the fact… you still liked things that used to be mandatory for you: sleeping, eating, and… how you thought a relationship progressed.


He wanted to tell you right away what it meant for you to be turned by him. That it was the equivalent of exchanging rings, but he also knew two years ago that he had to take you into account now.


And so, he was doing his best to regain more of his human outlooks. So… when he decided that he wanted to make it official in your eyes… he damn well made sure to do all the right steps. Now all that remained was for him to ask the question.


But… he wasn’t in a big rush for it. His inner self wanting to make the moment perfect, despite how much his outer self said he didn’t care. And as Bakugou had found out… his inner self was the one calling the shots a lot of the time. So… looks like he was waiting for that special moment.


The ash blonde leaned downward, his hand outstretched as he slowly caressed the top locks of your head. You stirred a bit as he did so, groggily opening your eyes as he moved his hand away from you. So much for giving you a tender and gentle touch as you slept… but then again, maybe you had woken up because he could never be the type of gentle he wanted to be…


“Welcome home.” You sleepily rubbed at your eyes.


“Yeah…” He shrugged, looking towards you. “Why were you sleeping again?”


You laughed softly, knowing he had gotten on your case a few times about sleeping when you no longer needed to. How could you not though? It was always such a peaceful and relaxing thing… one you still enjoyed to partake in.


“Well, I was waiting for you to get home from your ‘job interview.” Your words showed that he wasn’t going to get out of that lie and it would be brought up later. “And I decided to turn on the TV. It got cold, so I put on a blanket and well… everything after that was just so calm and cozy… that I ended up dozing off.”


You smiled shyly at him, motioning towards the kitchen. Bakugou’s eyes followed and he could see the wrapped up plate you had left out for him. His tray of spices and pepper flakes resting by it.


“I left it out… thought you might be hungry when you got back.”


You watched as he made his way towards the kitchen, opening the freezer before going towards his food. A bag of blood marked with your name and the warm food from earlier was calling his name, making his lips curve slightly as he thought about spending the rest of the evening in peace with you.


“It’s cold in here?” He asked as he tossed away the cling wrap into a recycling bin.


“Yeah, a little bit…” You admitted, feeling goosebumps on your skin. “Can’t you feel it?”


“I can’t feel any type of temperature unless it's in the extremes…” He admitted, pausing from his meal and stalking towards the fireplace. “Guess you’re just sensitive.”


You rolled your eyes at his little insult. “Maybe you’re just numb to everything?”


He didn’t say anything, simply giving you a glare as he passed by you standing in front of the couch. You looked at him smugly, reminding the ash blonde that you wouldn’t take his teasing or insults without him getting one back.


“Shut your mouth… I’m trying to be nice here.” He spoke, bending downwards as he started to pile in some wood. “Now watch as I make you a damn good fire to warm up to.”


You blinked, stalking closer as he started to set up the frame for the fire. And once he deemed it good, the male stuck his hand into the center, touching some of the kindling with his fingers.


“Umm… Katsuki?” You spoke as he ignited his hand.


“Wha- Ack!” He coughed as a puff of black ash and sparks hit his face.


He pulled away, glaring down at the fireplace and his fist. The heat that had just come from his hand was decreasing, but he could still make out the smoke coming from it. Along with it though was enough ash and soot to make his hand, clothes and the hardwood by the fireplace look like a campfire rather than a nice apartment.


“Your ability lets you create bursts of explosive fire… not a small flame.” You sighed, grabbing a nearby broom and handing it to him. “I’ll help you clean up.”


He grumbled under his breath, a dusting of pink on his cheeks hidden thanks to the soot on it. Even so, he was embarrassed. The pink of embarrassment would grow darker though as you were quick to give his barely ash covered cheek a small peck before holding the broom handle.


“Moron…” He spoke with no bite, instead of sweeping away the remains of previous fires.


You laughed again, though you realized that with the growing silence between the both of you now… your mind started to wonder about other things. Something that had been bothering you for nearly two years now… and how it had still yet to show.


Bakugou had started to use his powers more often since he wasn’t worried about having to save it for emergencies as much since your father passed away. And while he was improving with his ability every day… you still had yet to find yours.


Your heart sinking as you tried to reason with why it had yet to show. Bakugou admitted to finding his within the first month of having turned. You wanted to ask him about it, but also worried what it could mean. And seeing as Bakugou was the one to turn you… the idea of putting the notion in his head that he messed up and thus you were not a fully fledged vampire like him… was something you didn’t want to do.


So… you kept quiet. Focusing on other things and never once showing to him that you were worried. After all… if he wasn’t bringing it up with you, then it meant it wasn’t important. Or at least, that’s what you told yourself to get away from the dark cloud that wanted to hang over you.


Chapter Text

Ch.3 - Couldn’t Mutter A Goodbye


Your leg shook impatiently as you sat on the nearby bench and waited for your companion to show up. He was never usually the type to run late, but it seemed there was a first for everything. Luckily for you both, the weather at least seemed to be much nicer today then it had in previous days. The cloudy skies were actually allowing a few drops of sunshine to hit your face, the warmth of the sun making you relax just slightly enough to not make any passerbys assume you were slowly losing your mind.


A hand reached outwards toward you, a cup of some steaming beverage held in its grasp. Looking upwards towards the red and white-haired male who seemed to show up just by you blinking your eyes. His face was as neutral as ever, but you knew his actions too well at this point to assume he was feeling the same way internally.


“You look cold.” Todoroki told you, pushing the hot drink a little closer to you.


You rubbed the back of your neck a little bit, laughing timidly. “Thanks, Shou… but I don’t like coffee-”


“It’s hot chocolate.” His lips twitched into a small smile. “Mine’s coffee.”


You sighed, taking the hot chocolate he had purchased for you. Your lips meeting the rim of the cup and taking a nice sip until your insides felt as warm as your hands did holding the paper cup.


The two of you started your walk in silence, as you always did. These Sundays mornings were always reserved for the both of you to have a nice stroll through the park near the bakery and your apartment complex and simply catch up on the week.


And while you and your childhood friend lived literally next door to each other, it was a bit of an unsaid rule to leave each of your apartment’s whenever you felt like and meet up at 10 am like always.


This morning you had left early… as you didn’t have anything else to really do at home. Bakugou had been acting strange for the last week… stranger than he usually was. And while to someone who didn’t know him too well, or at least didn’t live with him as you did… he might seem to be acting normal.


But, you had noticed right away… how he’d been hovering more lately, but also not trying to directly interact with you unless he needed to. Now he wasn’t completely ignoring you… but it was definitely something you noticed.


It was kind of like when it was raining out. When it rains hard, only to go down slightly… you’d easily take notice, even if the rain was still coming down like no tomorrow. The slight change was enough for you to take notice. And currently… Bakugou had gone from a calming drizzle that was perfect background noise… to put a little bit in volume, but not enough to cause much annoyance. Or at least, not yet.


And so, you had left early. Around 9 am if you remembered correctly. The idea that a little fresh air and a walk through the urban forest would make things a bit calmer for you. And now with Todoroki by your side, you were sure things would be much calmer now, or at least a bit more distracting.


“Thank you.” You spoke, getting up and starting your walk with him. “How’s life been?”


He shrugged, looking forward and drinking some of his own beverage. “Can’t complain…”


“As conversational as ever…” You laughed, a smirk etched onto your features.


“I assume you have more to talk about.” He spoke to you. “Especially living with Bakugou.”


You gave off a little laugh, knowing he had been trying to phrase it in a polite way. Even after two years… he was still trying to discreetly make sure that the vampire in question was treating you right and making you happy. He was a dedicated friend, one you were very grateful for.


“He’s been weird lately…” You muttered, casting a glance to the side. “I think he’s embarrassed he can’t find a job…”


Todoroki stiffened slightly next to you, clearing his throat as he did so. Your eyes returned to him, looking at him with the confused curiosity that would often appear when you knew you were being left out of something.


And much like when you both were seven… he couldn’t fight against the way your wide and innocent eyes made him cave in on anything he knew and was trying his best to keep from you. And even now… this situation was no different.


“Well…” Todoroki began, looking at you with a gleam in his eyes. “We’re going to Finland.”


You stopped walking, taken aback by this sudden declaration of his. Finland? Bakugou and Todoroki were going to Finland? Together?


Todoroki had continued walking when you had stopped and as a result… you had been forced to dash forward in order to catch up with him once more. You grabbed his shoulder, making the male stop himself now.


“H-hold on, Shou!” You told him in a mix of anger and bewilderment. “Finland? You and Katsuki? Together? Finland?!”


He nodded towards you and then moved you both off from the walking path to allow people to pass you. Todoroki’s cool right hand pulling you along as he rested near another park bench and took a seat. You followed suit and looked at him, anticipation for what he was going to tell you making your legs shake impatiently once more.


“Midoriya asked me to tag along last week.” The mismatched half-angel told you. “Something is apparently happening up in the most Northern part… and a member of the native tribe has asked him to come and check it out.”


“The people up there know about him… about the supernatural?” You asked him.


“The Sami people are some of the only humans on this planet to live peacefully among the supernatural community up there. They’ve also kept in good terms with the Negotiator for centuries.


They usually keep to themselves and manage on their own just fine… but if they are asking for Midoriya and whoever else he thinks might be helpful… it means someone is brewing up north that should not be.”


You nodded slowly, a frown on your features. Your lungs inhaling a sharp breath and you looked towards Todoroki once more. He appeared calm around bout this entire thing… but you couldn’t help but worry. You were just the type to do so, even before he left or even before anyone really knew what they were facing.


But… there was something else that seemed to be bothering you more…


“Why is Katsuki going?” You mumbled, hands intertwining and squeezing each other tightly.


Todoroki sighed, running a hand through his own locks, red and white moving back and forth as he did so. He didn’t seem to be worried about what he’d be saying… but he knew how  you felt about someone not telling you the truth… and so he was trying to make sure he didn’t put Bakugou in that place.


“I’m not really sure how to say this without you jumping to conclusions… so-”


“I promise I won’t.” You interrupted him, looking at Todoroki with impatient eyes. “Just hurry and tell me already, Shou!”


He nodded slowly, almost unsure of your words. “He’s been working to take on hunting assignments… and when Midoriya offered to bring him along… despite how much he seemed to not want to come with us because it was us… he decided to come. Saying something about having to make money to support you both.”


It was silent for a moment, and Todoroki looked up to see you. Your face was scrunching together, eyes narrowing. Before he could ask what was going through your mind though, you seemed to vocalize it.


“That damn leech! He’s been sneaking around this entire time trying to become some sort of hunter! And he couldn’t just tell me that?!”


A few people walking by looked at you strangely, but continued on their way. Your eyes twitched slightly, but you collected yourself once more. A deep breath or two calming you down.


“Got it out of your system?” Todoroki asked, and you nodded. “Are you upset with him?”


You shook your head. “No… I had a feeling he’d end up doing something like this. He just isn’t the type of person to sit behind a desk and work. Katsuki needs to be active and fighting people… and well, I guess he found one that will pay him.”


“Well technically it's myself and Midoriya paying him…” Todoroki admitted. “Seeing as he’s a vampire and all… I don’t think people, human or not, would trust him to do an assignment himself.”


“So you and Midoriya are basically contracting him for assignments and splitting the money three ways?” You were slowly putting the pieces together.


“Yes. Even with the three of us, each share would be enough to pay for our rents for two months.” He gave you an estimate of how much this meant.


“Jesus… that’s gonna help a lot then.” You blinked. “How often is the work?”


“Whenever we find someone with an issue…” Todoroki stood up. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut this meeting short though…”


You rose to your feet as well, looking at him with wide eyes. Todoroki waited for you, and then started to move along. You kept up with his pace, a new question forming in your head as you followed behind him.


“Shou… when exactly are you guys all leaving?”


“Our flight is this afternoon.”


You froze, blinking. Only then for a slightly angry expression to form on your lips as your eyes twitched again. You inhaled a deep breath, looking at Todoroki who had actually stopped this time.


“You look like you have something to go do… and I hope I’ll see Bakugou at the airport tonight.”




“I told you five days ago.” He spoke, holding the duffel bag over his shoulder. “Were you not paying attention, dough girl?”


You had expected him to try and shove aside the confrontation you had presented him with when you got back. Instead, he seemed to be shocked that you were acting like he hadn’t told you.


“W-when did you tell me?” You stuttered, trying to recall if he actually did mention it.


You were certain he hadn’t… after all… how could you forget him telling you he was going to Finland with Todoroki, Midoriya, and Uraraka?


“I can remember the exact situation we were in.” He flashed a smug look at you. “You just got back from your day of making that sugary crap. It was my night to cook, so I made steak and some baked potatoes.


We had settled down to eat and you asked me how my day was. And I said, and I quote- “it was annoying… Deku wants me to help him out for a week straight.” And then you said- “Well, it's nice to know he at least trusts your opinion and wants your help.” And then we ate dinner and afterwards we-”


“I get it, I get it!” You waved your hands back and forth.


You could see why he was so smug about it now. That damn leech and knowing exactly what it took to fluster you. But even so… he seemed to have left out quite a few details as to what Midoriya needed him for.


“Even so… you left out a lot.” You told him, crossing your arms. “Like… ‘I’m going to Finland’ and ‘I’m trying to be a hunter’...”


Bakugou rose a brow at you. “Hunter? Who said I was going to be a hunter?”


“Shou said-”


“That half-and-half doesn’t know shit.” He breathed out. “I’m going to be the guy who tells Deku and that damn half-angel off when they want to murder some innocent supernatural.”


You looked at him with a new understanding. “So you’re not going to be a hunter… you’re going to be a representative of the supernatural community for Midoriya and Shou when they go on their missions?”


“Whatever makes you less stupid in understanding this all.” He shrugged, coming a bit closer to you and placing his hand on the top of your head. “And besides… I know better then to be a shitty hunter… especially after the last bastard who tried to kill us both.”


You looked at him with watery eyes, embracing him suddenly. Bakugou let out a gasp of air, having not expected you to hug him so suddenly. He seemed to have unknowingly hit a nerve though.


“You promise to tell me the whole story next time?” You sniffled, voice muffled by his shirt. “I really don’t like not knowing what’s going on with you, Katsuki.”


He sighed, arms starting to hold you back, but more shyly than yourself. He seemed to understand it though. He knew how hard it had been for you with his secrets as of late… and with the engagement ring now hidden away in his personal nightstand… he knew two stretched truths was the maximum you’d be able to take before really getting mad at him.


“Yeah yeah… I promise.” He told you, pulling you away from him. “I gotta go, babe.”


You nodded to him, wiping away the tears that had yet to spill. You wouldn’t let them either. Not when there was nothing to worry about, nothing to fear.


“Okay. I’ll miss you.” You told him.


He could only nod at you, unable to say it back… but his stiffness told you that he would miss you too.


“Oh.” He paused as he started walking to the door. “Start thinking of where you want to go.”


You looked at him. “What?”


Bakugou sighed. “I’m getting money for this shit… and I still haven’t fulfilled my promise to take you to see this dumb world of ours… so start thinking of where you want to go, moron.”


Your heart fluttered at his words, a smile coming onto your face as he finally reached the door out. Your voice called out to him once more, and as he paused shutting knew he had taken it to heart. And despite not saying it back… the way he turned and waved at you let you know… he meant it as well.


“Goodbye, be safe.”




“Thanks for letting us come over.” Mina grinned sheepishly. “And for helping me take care of him tonight when he’s… well… like this.”


You laughed, bending down and petting the soft fur of the black wolf that Mina had leashed still. He seemed to not be too happy about it, seeing as his tail wasn’t even wagging despite seeing you.


“Poor Kirishima can’t help it. Werewolves always have one day a month where they are literally a wolf. And today happens to be Kirishima’s!” You cooed, seeing as he looked towards you with a face that wasn’t buying into being babied.


You laughed and let the pair in. Mina let the werewolf free a moment late and he stalked towards the back of the couch. You were always surprised when this happened to Kiri… seeing as the redhead transformed into a large black wolf, that looked like a crossbreed between a German Shepard and a Huskie. So… at least he didn’t raise any eyebrows when Mina brought him here.


But… that was nothing compared to when you had been told a few years back that Kirishima’s hair was naturally black, and only reverted back to this when he was in his wolf form. Every other time, he had some enchantment that kept his hair cherry red.


“No Kaminari tonight?” You asked her, knowing it was now tradition for the three of you to bring Kirishima over during his transformed day and watch movies until he turned back.


“Nope… guess who he’s with.”


You laughed. “Hmm… could it be the same person he’s been with since she got back a week ago?”


“We have a winner!” Mina cheered, then glanced around your apartment, seeing no trace of Bakugou. “So he’s really gone for a week, huh?”


“Yeah…” You rubbed your arms.


“Hey.” Mina looked to you. “We both know he loves you like no tomorrow.”


You looked up at her, smiling softly and wiping away an invisible tear. You lightly slapped your face and nodded to her.


“You’re right. He’s doing this to better himself and be able to pay for our trip to see the world.” You laughed, remembering his promise from earlier. “But enough of that… let’s watch some movies and eat ice cream!”


Mina didn’t need to be told twice, and soon enough the pair of you were snuggled on the couch and watching something hilarious. The hours went by fast as you watched one film after another and had practically finished off the ice cream.


All was silent, until suddenly Kirishima perked up. Making you both look at him and then pause the film.


Kirishima growled lowly, making both you and Mina turn to look at the terrace. As you both did so, a figure came full force into it. The glass was much thicker than his own force though, and thus the figure merely smacked himself against it.


Mina screamed, grabbing onto you tightly. You had jumped yourself, but after looking at the figure a bit more and seeing how Kirishima was no longer alerting either one of you to the possible intruder… you realized who had literally come crashing into your night.


“It’s Kaminari…” You sighed, wiggling yourself out of Mina’s hold and coming towards the door.


You unlocked it as the incubus was rubbing his head. His voice hitting your ears as he let out a curse word or two, black horns and black wings showing themselves to you as he sat on your balcony.


“What the hell was that?!” Mina screamed, looking towards her straw haired friend. “You scared the crap outta me!”


Kaminari sighed, stretching his back as his wings dissolved into the black and yellow cloud-like puffs as his horns seemed to be staying. He looked tired… and nervous. Almost like he had been terrified himself and had come here… seeing as it was a haven of sorts.


The incubus immediately jumped up, walking into the apartment. You and Mina exchanged glances with each other, seeing as Kaminari wasn’t acting like himself. He paused a moment, turning back to the two of you.


“Where’s Kirishima… I need to talk to him about some bro stuff.”


Upon hearing his name, Kirishima came out from behind the couch he had been resting near. His black tail swishing back and forth, recognizing his friend. Kaminari was not as thrilled though, his face dropping when he saw his friend was reduced to a wolf.


“Awe no! Why do you have to be in your dog phase right now?!” He hollered, then turned back to yourself and Mina. “I-I’ll settle for Bakugou then! Is he here?!”


You shook your head. “Nope. He’s in Finland.”


Kaminari gave you a look that in any other circumstance would have made you chuckle hard. His eyes wide, and face scrunched together in annoyed confusion. Mina giggled, finding humor in most situations it appeared.


“F-Finland? Wha-why? Oh nevermind!” The demon hollered, falling to the floor. “Crap... why do they both have to be gone?!”


Kirishima came near him, doing his best to comfort his friend… but in his current state, nothing much could be done. Even so, Kaminari took to petting him, calming down slightly thanks to the fluffy werewolf.


“You could always talk to us…” Mina sighed. “Especially since I’ve known you for decades…”


Kaminari shook his head. “I normally would… but… it involves Jirou and I don’t want to make you guys get in between anything… since you’re both friends with her and me.”


You smiled gently towards Kaminari. He was always surprising you with how sweet and considerate he was. Yes, he could be a bit of a pervert sometimes… but even so, he never pushed the boundary like others of his kind would.


“I’m sure whatever it is… we can at least give you some advice.” You spoke, kneeling down next to him. “After all… since we are friends with Jirou… I think Mina and I would know more than Katsuki or Kiri.”


The black wolf bumped against your side playfully, but you only reacted by petting him. Mina laughed, sitting down on the carpet as well. Kaminari took in a long breath, cheeks a light pink as he decided to trust the both of you with his current issue.


“The last week’s been really great.” He admitted. “I knew I liked Jirou… but I’m starting to think she likes me more. And I think… I might like her more too.”


“Well that’s great!” Mina smiled.


Kaminari shook his head, looking down at his hands. “Is it though? I mean… how am I supposed to-? What am I supposed to-? I don’t want to…?”


He sighed, shaking his head. “I don’t want her to…”


“ hate you.” You finished for him, seeing as the golden eyed male nodded.


“Yeah… humans just… they already have ideas of what incubus’ do, and that they put up an act to get…”


“But you’re not like that!” Mina told him. “And you’ve never been like that!”


“That’s easy for you to say… you know me.” Kaminari pouted, crossing his arms.


“Jirou knows you too.” You told him. “She’s known you for two years now. And if it was me, seeing how a guy was willing to keep in contact with me during a year and a half away… that would say a lot to me about his character.”


Kaminari looked as you, a flash of warmth coming through his orbs. His lips pushed together into a thin line, and he turned his head away. He seemed to have taken the words to heart… but something was still holding him back.


“Don’t tell me you’re still worried about that?” Mina seemed to know more than you did.


Kaminari blushed darkly. “I-I can’t help it! I don’t know what might happen once I actually… actually do it!”


“How about how you came to be!” Mina’s voice was getting louder. “I think that and how you act is a good indicator that it’ll all be fine!”


“Y-you don’t know that! You’re not even a real shapeshifter! So what do you know!?”


An argument was starting to brew, and even before Kirishima was bumping you, as if asking you to put a stop to it… you knew you should. With a sigh, and reaching both hands out you grabbed your two friends.


Each calmed down with your touch, feeling a bit embarrassed at what they were just doing. And as they turned to look at you, they could see that a magical gleam in your eyes were warning them to calm down before they really saw some things that would be unpleasant.


“Sorry…” Mina told Kaminari. “I just… don’t like hearing when you doubt yourself. You’re better than all those other guys… still pisses me off that they pretend you are not one of them.”


Kaminari shrugged. “I don’t care anymore… I have you guys…”


Mina smiled gently to him, embracing Kaminari. He returned her gesture, closing his eyes softly.


“Sorry as well… I shouldn’t have said what I said.” He apologized, blinking as Mina hit his shoulder playfully.


“I’m not that sensitive about it.” She smiled brightly.


You sighed, happy to have the mood return to a pleasant one once more. Despite your confusion as to what they were talking about, you could tell that they must be referring to something or another in the past… long before you were even in this world.


Someone took notice of your exclusion from the know, and pushed into Mina. She looked at Kirishima, who then looked towards you. Your face seemed calm, but it was clear to them both that you were doing your best not to pry.


Mina nudged Kaminari, their eyes seeming to understand and agree on something. And with a wide smile of his own, Kaminari brought your attention back to him.


“Hey (Name)!” He waved at you. “Wanna hear my origin story?”


You blinked, surprise on your face. “I-Um… I mean… don’t feel like you have to tell me. Especially if it's really personal.”


“Nonsense!” Mina chuckled. “I’ll tell you mine and Kiri’s too! So you better settle in get ready for some of the best and most tragic backstories you have ever heard!”


You chuckled at them, a light feeling coming over your chest. And while Bakugou was gone and doing what he wanted to in order to help you both and the world… you at least had these wonderful dorks to keep you company. And for you… that was more than enough.


Chapter Text

Ch.4 - Nostalgia is always the roadblock towards tomorrow


As it turns out, the plan for how to go about telling you about their pasts was not as planned out as you had hoped for. But when both Kaminari and Mina had started talking at once, you could only watch on while fighting the urge to laugh.


They both seemed strangely excited to tell you and had forgotten that you’d only be able to listen to one of them at a time. It was a short-lived moment though, and soon Mina was laughing herself.


“Y-you go, Kaminari.” She laughed, a smile crossing over her features. “I can’t tell mine and Kiri’s stories now that I’m laughing so hard.”


“Hell yeah!” Kaminari declared. “I get to go first!”


You nestled into the couch as Mina sat down next to Kirishima on the floor. The poor werewolf already exhausted from his more excitable friends. Kaminari pondered a moment, tapping his chin.


“Well I guess to start, I’ll go over how an incubus or a succubus is created.” He nodded towards himself as if trying to act like he was a well spoken and mature person.


“From the loss of virginity and combination of the lust of the two who lost it.” You answered, watching as Kaminari blinked his eyes.


“How-” He paused and looked at you with a long face. “Oh yeah… you were raised to be a hunter…”


You giggled, your tongue sticking out playfully towards the straw-haired male. Kaminari shook his head, a smile of his own on his features. He snapped his fingers and looked back towards you.


“Well I guess I can skip that part then and just jump into my own personal accounts!” He beamed. “So, I came to be around the mid-20th century. Of the seven classes of hell, I was born to the lust class.”


He paused a moment, seeming to mull over what to say next. In the end, he seemed to decide on the more blunt way of sharing this information. And with a smirk on his features, one you felt as if were placed there by force… Kaminari spoke his next few words.


“The couple who created me had a different view of sex than most people do… and so I was deemed to be an outlier. So they kicked me outta hell in the 1950’s!”


He seemed quite fond of this statement, maybe even a bit proud. For you though, it seemed to be one you needed much more information of. And so, you held up your hand shyly, and with a wink Kaminari gave you the okay to talk.


“Ummm… could you elaborate a bit more… on you personally, Kaminari?”


He laughed, understanding your slight confusion.


“Yeah, no problem. Well… the people who gave me my existence saw sex like a way to connect to someone… to be with them in a way that you can’t with anyone else. To allow you to actually see someone and put your walls down for them and only them.


What they didn’t know… is that for incubi, those thoughts is how I view it myself. And well… I was outside of the norm because of it. Most others I spent time with saw sex as something that well… you do to feel good and all that usual stuff.


I don’t though… and because I never wanted to just do it for the sake of my class, the other incubi and succubi basically banished me from our dimension. And I’ve been here in this world ever since.”


“Buncha assholes…” Mina spoke, her hand balling up.


“Relax, Ashido.” Kaminari told her, putting his thumb up. “I like this place much better anyway. People are actually more lively and have more than three emotions here!”


Mina turned her head, a pout on her lips. Kaminari sighed, knowing how protective she was of her close friends. And even after nearly a hundred years… she still didn’t like how the incubus ended up on this world.


Her own tale was heavily influenced by family… and so seeing how Kaminari was thrown out by his own kind was upsetting to her. And so, Kaminari knew it was time to change the subject away from him.


“Well… that’s all you kinda need to know about me. An outcast from Hell, a pretty cool title, huh? Bet Bakugou’s backstory isn’t even that cruel!”


“Well… his is messed up in its own way.” You spoke, seeing as suddenly your three guests took interest in this.


“He told you how he turned!” Kaminari yelled, hands in his hair bumping into his black horns. “No fair!”


“Yeah… has he still not told you all?” You spoke, surprised that Bakugou was still keeping this fact silent.


Kirishima growled lowly, letting you know that you were right in your thinking.


“H-he probably told her after he accepted the bond between them…” Mina chuckled dryly.


“He told me literally not even a month after we met…” You sighed. “Now that I think about it… it was after Midoriya and he were reunited.”


Another loud chorus of angry voices came again, making you watch on while still fighting back the giggles. Sure it was a bit awkward, but you knew that the three only wanted to know because they cared about the ash blonde in question and wanted to support and comfort him as they did for each other.


“It’s not fair…” Mina pouted further, only to then lightly slap her face. “But I’m not gonna let it bother me! I did promise to tell you mine and Kiri’s stories after all!”


The pink female smiled brightly, looking towards the black wolf that was sitting next to her. His red eyes and her gold ones having a silent convo. She nodded and then looked back to you as Kaminari took a seat next to you.


“I’ll start with my own story and then go to Kiri’s! We’re kinda connected in a way… so it makes more sense to tell our stories together.”


“Okay, go ahead.” You nodded, feeling a tad bit excited.


Knowing more about your friends and seeing that they trusted you so much with their own past traumas… made you feel content. The feeling taking over your heart and making you feel grateful for their presence in your lives.


“For starters… Kiri and I, unlike Kaminari… were not created through the typical means as others from our kind.” Mina rubbed her cotton candy pink locks. “I was cursed and Kirishima was given a blessing… by two nature deities.”


“Deities!!” You practically cried. “Are you serious! They control the environment! And usually, never appear to anyone outside of their own kind!”


The others in the room looked at you with muffled laughter. It was always rather cute how you’d get so excited about things like this, the curiosity of humans wasn’t lost on you despite the pointed fangs in your mouth. In fact, you were always in awe of mythicals, even the ones who stood before you.


“Yup!” Mina nodded. “I’ll tell you about my experience with Daphne! The deity in charge of forests!”


Your eyes seemed to sparkle more and Mina took it as a sign to continue on with her own tale.


“It all started with my father around 250 years ago. He lived in a small village near one of Daphne’s homes and would often take strolls through the forest to clear his mind. It was there that he met the spirit of the forests


Daphne had watched him for a while and had developed a sort of interest towards him. And well… the two ended up falling in love. But… my father had been young at the time. And eventually, he broke it off with the spirit.


He had told her it was because he couldn’t be with her for as long as she would live. Daphne understood his reasons… but it was a few weeks later that she found out the real reason. My father had actually fallen in love with a woman from the village and chose her over Daphne. That woman was my mother.


Daphne was jealous of this… and acting on her emotions, put a curse on my parents. A curse that would not come to be until the day I was born. You see… both my parents were human, so when I was born with pink skin, gold eyes, and a set of horns… they had assumed I was a demon of sorts.


So, I was left in the woods by them.”


Mina paused a moment, sucking in a sharp breath. She did a good job of making it seem like she wasn’t trying to collect herself. You waited patiently, knowing fully well not to rush her.


“Ironically though… the deity who had done this to me also was the one who took pity on me. Daphne took me in, taking up the role of my caretaker to some extent. She taught me all sorts of things both human and supernatural… seeing as I was still aging like a human, but looked like a supernatural.


She taught me how to use my powers, as she could shapeshift into plants, while I could animals and people. I even still stayed by her side after she told me she was the cause for why I look the way I do… after all… she was the one to love me when my own parents didn’t.”


Mina hummed, her eyes starting to get that far off glaze in them. “And then… a hunter came one day. Apparently, despite Daphne’s best efforts… my father had seen me and her in the woods. And he knew it was me and knew that Daphne was the one who had done it in the first place. He assumed it was because she wanted his firstborn… but I think it was because she wanted someone to be with her…


I never got the chance to ask her though… as the hunter my father hired killed her. I was hidden and managed to come out and see her once more after the hunter left. In her last moments… she passed her ability to not age onto me… and here I am now… still the age of twenty-two and looking pretty great!”


Mina chuckled softly, trying to lift the mood slightly. She still had one more story to get through after all. And despite how her voice wanted to shake from the bad memories… she knew she needed to share Kiri’s as well.


“Daphne had a sister she told me to seek out… one not too far away that would protect me as well. She apparently had before, and if I could make it to her and tell her what happened… she would watch over me too.


And so, I made my way to where the mountain deity known as Dali lived. The journey was rough but I managed to make it to the place Daphne had told me about. And there I met this red-haired guy… who happened to know exactly who I was looking for.”


Mina cooed at poor Kirishima, the male definitely not liking how he was further being treated like an actual dog. He was like this for a day… so why did everyone keep treating him like he was gonna be stuck like this forever?


“As it turns out… Kirishima was in a similar relationship to Dali as I was to Daphne. He was born fifty years before me… but we both had been made immortal at some point. For Kirishima, it was twenty-five.


Prior to that though… he was the only man in his household. His mother passed away a few years back, leaving him to take care of his younger sisters. And so... Kirishima would often go to the forest near the mountains and cut down trees to earn a living.


Time passed on though… and eventually his sisters married and he was left alone. He really didn’t have much self-confidence back in the day, so he never tried asking a girl out.”


Mina giggled as a bark came from below her. You couldn’t help but laugh as well, making a mental note to ask Kirishima for his own version when he was back to normal. Even so, Mina continued on, a look on her face saying that she was going to take it seriously now.


“Kiri had decided to go out one day in the winter to get firewood. And that was the day he ended up encountering one of the beasts of the forest. And even the axe Kirishima had wasn’t enough… and so, the wolf in question attacked him with barely any issues.


The snow was red… and he couldn’t move much. But, when he was sure he was going to die… the wolf was forced away and held down by a barefoot.


“You attacked the one human who hadn’t harmed any of yours… how disappointing.” She had said and then suddenly there was a bright light that seemed to suddenly take everything over.


When Kirishima came to, the person who showed up turned out to be Dali. She apologized for one of her wolves having attacked him and explained that, in its simplest form… Kirishima’s life force and the wolves had been combined.


And the sign of it was that his hair had gone from jet black to blood red… as well as the new wolf-like instincts and a few features that crossed over. Dali let him stay with her though, seeing as she also needed to take responsibility for her actions.


So… Kirishima and I met and we both stayed with Dali for a few more years… until-”




“Where are we going, Kiri?” Mina whined behind the werewolf as they ventured further into the woods. “Dali said not to wander too far.”


“I know… but I’m starving!” He spoke, looking back to the female behind him. “And its boar season! Dali said I could have one!”


“What’s with you and meat anyway…?” Mina sighed, shaking her head.


Kirishima snickered as he continued on. The pink shapeshifter behind him followed, growing silent and stealthier as he did. Hunting was a matter of patience after all, and so the two managed to hide behind some shrubs and wait.


Eventually, the sounds of something making loud and thundering footsteps came towards the pair and with a quick peek through the shrubs… a medium sized boar came running towards them.


Kirishima wasted no time jumping out and ready to strike. Mina behind him with a rope and net just in case. Mina wasn’t sure what happened next, but the sounds of Kiri groaning and someone else laying on the ground next to him was definitely surprising.


“The hell are you doing! That was my damn dinner!” The stranger called, a pair of sharp fangs in his mouth catching both of their attention.


“Huh! No that was my dinner, man!” Kirishima stood up, his hunger making him a bit stubborn.


Mina could only sigh, seeing as this was going to be a long day… especially now that they had found what she could only assume to be a vampire.




“And that was how we met the grumpiest vampire in the world…” Mina announced. “And everything from that point on isn’t too important. Mostly just running and fighting off hunters after we left Dali and followed Bakugou… much to his dismay.”


You were taken aback, but not too surprised… seeing as it would be much more shocking for Bakugou to have been introduced to someone calmly. After all… being loud and angry was just him and you loved that part of him.


Hours had passed, and eventually half of the people in your apartment had fallen asleep. Their bodies still needing it, and thus lulling them into its soft arms around two in the morning. Currently, you had placed a blanket over the pair, who were sleeping soundly on the ground next to each other.


Mina mumbled something in her sleep, as Kirishima rested near her legs. You watched with a soft smile on your lips, seeing how close they really were to one another. A soft feeling coming onto your chest as you moved towards the terrace.


Poking your head out, you could see the other male peering out at the city lights and the occasional tipsy person walking home. Kaminari was calm, and with a few steps, you joined him outside in the cool night air.


“Have they always been like that?” You asked him, the incubus already knowing who you were referring to.


He nodded slowly. “Yeah… Ashido and Kirishima are close… though they never do anything about the obvious feelings they have for one another.”


“I think they’re both afraid to break what they already have… plus with what they both said tonight, I can see why they’d be afraid to let someone in that much again…”


You paused a moment, your mouth opening but closing slowly. You were not sure how to ask him exactly… but seeing as it had been on your mind, you wanted to ask him. But you also were unsure to ask, seeing as he might have left this part out on purpose.


“You okay?” He asked you, seeming to have observed your careful steps.


“What happened to them?” You spoke, looking at the golden eyed male next to you. “The couple that… allowed you to be. What happened to them?”


Kaminari sucked in a breath, lowering his head. “I said it was around the 1940’s when I came to be...right?”


You nodded slowly, seeing as Kaminari looked up towards the sky now. His eyes were off away and remembering something from long ago.


“The man ended up joining the fight… and didn’t come back. Killed in action somewhere in the Pacific. When the woman got word… she ended up committing suicide.”


“K-Kaminari… I’m sorry.” You spoke, looking down yourself now. “I shouldn’t have asked.”


He chuckled lightly. “Honestly… how did Bakugou manage to find someone as considerate and as calm as you, (Name)? And don’t be sorry… it's not like I knew them. All they did for me was allow me to exist.”


It was quiet for a while. Kaminari was calm, and you were lost in thought. The pair of you each thinking about the person who had captivated your own hearts… and what would ever happen if you were left in the place of that woman.


The feelings in each of your hearts making the object of your affections seem much more precious at that moment. As well as your desire to see them again, and hopefully soon. But until then, you and the incubus stood looking out at the city at night, feeling a strange emotion cling to your hearts.




The snow crunched underneath his feet as he moved along towards the destination that the green haired male in front of him was walking towards. He scratched his neck boredly as he went along, eyes somewhere else.


“You’re quiet.” Someone told him, a lightweight being placed on his right shoulder.


Bakugou looked towards the small being resting on him, her own pair of brown eyes looking out towards the snow-covered trees as even more of the white flakes came down. As to why she was in her fairy form at this moment and sitting on him… he didn’t care. But he was sure annoyed by it.


He clicked his tongue as Uraraka sighed. Her brown orbs looking at him as she fluttered in front of his face. She knew a way or two to get him to talk to her… and find out why he was acting so strange since they left.


“Aren’t you cold with just that windbreaker on?” She spoke, pink wings and her small body in front of his face, blocking his line of sight. “Todoroki-kun seems fine… but temperatures don’t affect him. Are you the same way, or just stubborn enough to say you’re not cold?”


Bakugou rose a hand attempting to swat her away, only to hit the air. Uraraka had been expecting this and instead moved out of his reach. The vampire let out a low, almost like a warning, growl.


“Can’t you bother someone else, Round Face?” He spat, seeing as now the fairy had taken to rest on the top of his head.


“Deku-kun is reading the directions and Todoroki-kun isn’t a good conversationalist.” She sighed, almost happily. “So that left me with you.”


Bakugou’s lips twitched as he sped ahead a little bit. His child-like fight with Uraraka had allowed the half-and-half and Deku to get further ahead. And he’d be damned to get lost in the northern forests of Finland with this fairy.


His movements picked up, happy that the fairy had seemed to quiet down a bit. It was short lived though, as she seemed to not take his attitude as a sign for her to shut up. And with another gentle fluttering of her wings, she was on his other shoulder.


“What are you doing?” She asked him, her voice sounding a bit more concerned now.


“Huh?” Bakugou breathed out, feeling her pull his hand away from his neck. It took Uraraka’s entire body to pull away his larger hand, but she managed to.


“Bakugou… it's bleeding.” She told him, making the vampire seem to finally notice what she had been talking about.


His other hand rose to touch his neck. The pads of his fingers rubbing against the bite mark on his skin, feeling sticky wetness attach to his fingers as he did so. He drew his fingers back and looked at the vivid scarlet on his digits.


“Is your skin irritated?” Uraraka asked him, her eyes finally breaking from the bleeding bite marks. “I know the cold does that to some people…”


He shook his head, pulling the scarf he brought up higher to hide away the marks that had been scratched to the point of spilling blood. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it…


“No.” He told her, voice low and hushed. “Just tired of walking forever in this cold shit… guess my annoyance was taken out on my turning mark.”


Uraraka nodded slowly, believing that Bakugou had no reason to not tell her otherwise. After all, he did indeed look bored when she had come over. And now she was glad she had, otherwise the smell of blood might attract something that no one in her party would want to deal with.


Bakugou seemed to go back to his silent and brooding self, and Uraraka dropped the topic at that. She knew he must be worried for a number of reasons, one of which being a certain question Midoriya had told her he wanted to ask (Name). So a little stress on him was natural in this case.


Her attention was pulled away from the ash blonde vampire when he came to a stop. Uraraka’s eyes wandering back in front of her to see that both Midoriya and Todoroki had stopped as well. A few scattered huts were seen a little further ahead. But it was the sight of someone making their way towards them that had caught the fairy’s attention the most.


He was dressed just as warmly as Midoriya was, his face buried in a thick white scarf as he paused before the group of four. Tired purple hues with matching locks of the same color belonged to this man. The male looked towards everyone that had arrived, then pulled down the scarf that had been covering his mouth. A sly smirk coming onto his features as he nodded towards the group.


“Glad to see you all made it.” He muttered, motioning for everyone to follow him. “Now, follow me so the elder here can tell you what’s been happening.”


Midoriya moved forward, his voice coming forward as he rushed up to the purple haired hunter. The others following close behind and listening in for anything else that might be said that would be helpful.


“It’s good to see you again, Shinsou-kun.”

Chapter Text

Ch.5 - Let’s Deal With This Bullshit So I Can Deal With My Own


The small wooden hut was lit by a large fire in the middle. Antlers, skins, and other artifacts decorated the walls of the room. In front of them all, their hosts had been kind enough to offer tea or coffee and a few cookies. The woman who had given them out having said that they were to bring back the strength and fires in their chests.


Bakugou boredly watched the fairy next to him. Seeing as she had already eaten three of the shortbread cookies and was currently putting four sugar cubes into her tea. He held back a gag, not understanding how she could eat so much of that sugary crap. What a weirdo…


Next to him sat the half-angel, having chosen coffee over the tea. Muttering something about no tea being as good as the kind you made. Deku was next to the half-and-half and then next to him was the new hunter. The one with the eye bags and bored face that could rival his at this moment.


“We apologize for having to call you out here and on such short notice as well.” One of the older women spoke. “But… we’ve reached a point where we are beginning to fear for the safety of all those who live here.”


Midoriya shook his head. “No no… I’m more than happy to help. But some elaboration on the information you’ve already shared would be helpful.”


The older woman looked at the older man next to her. His old and wrinkled face sighing as he nodded slowly. The pair took a seat as the younger woman made her rounds to refill and replenish the drinks and biscuits she had given out.


“It started about three weeks ago.” The man started. “A few children had gone missing, and so we asked around the forest. No one had any idea what had happened… from the trolls to the elves, to the fairies… none of them had seen what happened to the children or what to do.


It was a few days later that we found out from all the groups mentioned above… that the younger ones from their own kind had vanished as well. Soon enough, most of the children from all who live here had disappeared. Its as if they’ve vanished.


And now… some of the young adults are starting to disappear as well. We fear that someone or something is snatching them up. And with the short daylight hours still present… it’s proven difficult to fend off things that lurk in the darkness.”


“We called a hunter about a week ago.” The older woman spoke up, motioning towards Shinsou. “Shinsou managed to find a few leads… and we know that it is multiple someone’s who are taking people away from their homes… but he suggested a bigger party come and join in.”


“I’ll explain from here.” Shinsou nodded towards the Sami elders. “While I’m certain I’ve found where the people have been taken… my own abilities are not strong enough to take out an entire group of people. And from what I assume they are doing… I thought it would be best to bring you in, Midoriya.”


“And what exactly are they doing?” Uraraka muttered, a sinking feeling in her gut from her question.


“It’s much easier to say what they are and what they believe…” Shinsou sighed, eyes flashing frustration in them. “I’m sure you’ve all heard rumors of the Imperial Cult before… correct?”


The tension in the room seemed to grow at the mention of the organization. So much so that even the vampire’s attention had been caught.


“Rumor has it that the leader Chisaki Kai and his followers are attempting to make him some sort of God… and seeing as they can get away with a lot of crimes this far up north due to the terrain… it’s been difficult to stop what they are planning on doing.”


“You don’t think they’d be attempting to find sacrifices…. Do you?” Uraraka asked the purple-eyed hunter. “I mean… that ideology of creating a God is centuries old.”


“I can’t know for sure… but seeing as in another few days is the snow moon, I assume the worst is going to happen unless we put a stop to it.”


Discussion on plans started up suddenly. Midoriya speaking to Shinsou and Uraraka and Todoroki talked further to the elders. Bakugou absentmindedly sat and stirred the cold tea in front of him.


The Imperial Cult… the mere mention of the group brought on all sorts of tales he had heard about them through the years. Some say they were just a group of crazy humans who assumed they had powers. Others claimed the former leader had a gem he used to sway the minds of his followers and show them to distorted light of his will. But now with the new guy, Chisaki, in charge… apparently, the group had become more active. Searching to create a new God in this world… and as a result, the rumors had only grown much more outlandish.




His thoughts were cut short with that damn nickname. His red hues looking towards the green-eyed male who was looking towards him. Deku’s face going from calm to suddenly nervous the longer Bakugou looked at him.


“The fuck now, Deku?” He spat out, venom on his tongue towards the male.


A few soft gasps came from the humans nearby, the younger woman having raised up her hands and covered her mouth. The elders looked between one another, and Shinsou slowly stiffened.


Bakugou’s confusion was short lived though as he realized what had happened. The way one of his fangs had caught on his lip and also how he had yet to speak… it was obvious that these people didn’t know what he really was until this moment.


“A vampire…?” Shinsou breathed out, looked towards Midoriya. “Is he a vampire?”


“Negotiator… could we have a moment of your time.” The elder man spoke, glancing towards the ash blonde. “Privately.”


Midoriya blinked and nodded. But everyone could see how one of his fists tightened as he walked towards the other side of the room with the elders. Uraraka went with him, and Todoroki had gone towards Shinsou and the younger woman.


Bakugou was left alone once more… but this time his mind was filled with new thoughts and emotions attached to them. His own eagerness to get out into the field and stop a dangerous organization had accidentally made his fangs come out. And now… it appears that challenges he knew would arise had… despite him wishing it would not.


The hushed tones of the elders of the tribe, as well as Shinsou’s eyes wandering over to him every few seconds,  was enough for the ash blonde to feel himself getting annoyed. The whispers that came from them all and then Deku trying to say something else to counter whatever point was being made.


Bakugou stood up, going towards the door that would lead out to the cool air. The daylight hours here were messed up, making the sun start to fade from vision despite it being only a few hours into the afternoon. The door closed with a creaky rattle, but no one noticed thanks to the discussion being had.


He shook his head, fighting the noise in him telling him that this wasn’t worth it. He had known that it would not be easy to take up this line of work. People already had ideas of what vampires did… and despite him being here with the ‘Great Negotiator’ those old tales of blood lust and murder still clung deeply into prejudice. But he knew he was going to stay, see things through to the end and make them all change their minds about him.


A change had come to him not long ago. And while that change was hard to adjust to and accept, he had and was happier now than he had ever been. And he’d be damned to let some snobby group of humans tell him he wasn’t going to do what he wanted to do. He was going to save the day and make them all eat their words.


He was going to make her proud of-


His thoughts were put on hold as his eyes locked onto a figure standing out in the distant cold. The snow covered all the way up to her ankles, giving him at least enough of a view to see that she was barefoot among the whiteness. Her hair moved with the wind chill, and her arms were crossed behind her back. She smiled softly, eyes looking out to him directly as he stared right back at her.


The familiarity of your frame was not lost on him, but he also knew that you were not in fucking Finland standing in a pale yellow sundress in no shoes. The soft yellow dress moved slowly in the wind as well, the color catching his eyes. His teeth gritted together and he forced himself to turn his gaze away.


His eyes found the bag he had brought with him and opening one of the pockets. An insulated one with ice packs on the inside to keep the items cool and to make sure they didn’t spoil. He tore the cap off of the plastic bag and was quick to taste the metallic liquid moments later.


He sighed as the taste of your blood calmed him down to some extent. And with carmine eyes wandering back up to where he had seen the illusion of you when his desire for blood grew… he was thankful to see she had disappeared once more. No one was standing out away from him now… he was alone outside this hut again.


Bakugou slowed down his sips, pushing his back against the wood. He sunk down slowly until he hit the snow. His initial shock at seeing the version of you he had made up in his subconscious had seemed to also raise the heat inside of himself. And so, he opened the already thin jacket he had and allowed the cool air to cling to his skin.


‘So she can change the color of her dress annoying.’ He thought to himself, clicking his tongue.


Of course, the craving manifestation could do this now… it was just his luck. He felt more secure knowing he brought more than enough blood with him. She’d be gone for the rest of the journey… he wouldn’t have to worry about her manipulative voice and how she pushed all his desires onto his consciousness.


“Don’t you think you should have done that before we left?” A monotone voice asked him, the wooden door closing as he stepped out.


Bakugou clicked his tongue, glaring towards the half-angel who had decided to ruin his peace and quiet. The male in question stepping towards Bakugou, seeing as the blood bag was nearly empty now.


“You’re not a fucking doctor, so don’t fucking lecture me on my own blood intake…” Bakugou glared, getting back up onto his feet.


“Midoriya managed to convince them to let you come along.” Todoroki spoke.


“Like I needed any permission in the first place…” The vampire scoffed.


“Shinsou will be coming along as well.” Todoroki continued on. “We’re planning to leave as soon as you’re ready.”


“I was ready the minute I stepped outside… been waiting for you shits.”


Todoroki sighed, turning and walking back in to grab the rest of his company. In the meantime, Bakugou waited outside... trying to forget what he had just seen, Unaware that once more… he was scratching the pair of bite marks on his neck.




It was becoming more and more clear the further they walked. Seeing how their angry companion was starting to miss his footing and sway a little… it was unlike him. His eyes looked a bit cloudy as well, but with the scowl on his face, no one at first questioned him.


They had assumed it was the tiredness from the journey as well as his irritation from events that had happened in the hut earlier, but now after two more hours of walking through the ice cold snow… Bakugou seemed to be deteriorating.


“Are you okay, Kacchan?” Midoriya eventually couldn’t take it any longer. “We can stop if you need-”


“Shut up! I’m fine, you damn nerd!” Bakugou didn’t even allow him the chance to finish his sentence.


“It’s getting more and more clear the further we get… that you are not.” Todoroki entered the conversation. “Did you drink enough blood?”


Bakugou’s eyes twitched. Of course, this bastard would be bringing up this, as if the ash blonde didn’t already know the amount he needed.


“Yes! I fucking did!”


“Did you make sure it was (Name)’s and not your own?” Todoroki questioned further.


“What the fuck?! I didn’t throw it up like all other types of blood… so, of course, it was hers, you bastard!”


The echo of his loud voice caused a flock of birds to take to the skies. The sounds of flapping wings and chirps seemed to make things more clear. Soon enough though, Uraraka flew off Midoriya’s shoulder and came towards Bakugou.


“You all go ahead. Bakugou and I will catch up in a few minutes.” She told the other males.


Midoriya nodded hesitantly, almost unsure if he should. But knowing Uraraka, the green haired male knew he could trust her. And so, the three carried on. Uraraka sighed as they left, looking towards the red-eyed male who was now angrily dragging a line in the snow.


“Can I help in any way?” She offered but had a feeling what the answer would be.


“There’s nothing to fucking heal… drop it, Round Face.” He told her back.


Uraraka sighed, looking at him. He met her gaze back, eyes intense, but also holding back what seemed to be some unique sort of pain. And the light glistenings of sweat on his forehead didn’t help.


“Bakugou… be honest with me.” Uraraka spoke. “I won’t do or say anything, but if something for some reason does happen to you… I want to know so I can help.”


Bakugou’s teeth gritted together. “Who the hell said I need help! I sure as hell don’t need it from Deku’s fairy…”


Uraraka’s eyes narrowed, the part of her that she often didn’t show was coming out. Her protectiveness for those she loved and cared for was not something to mess with. And Bakugou had so happened to poke the sleeping bear within her.


“Listen Bakugou!” She fluttered closer to him, getting as close to his face as she could. “I’m not just looking out for you… I’m looking out for everyone here. Cause if you are sick then I’m the only one who can heal you. And having to have Deku-kun or Todoroki-kun have to carry you back is gonna put a strain on us.


Not to mention… I know (Name)-chan won’t be happy to hear about how stubborn you are being right now! What would she do if she saw you right now?”


He blinked at her words. Part of him still not liking being seen as a weak individual who’d need either of those bastards to carry him back… but he also knew that strain he’d put on (Name) if she heard he wasn’t doing well.


Her teary eyes and her telling him to be safe came back to him at that moment. The thought and emotions tied to her worrying about him made him suck in a breath. She was the only one who didn’t piss him off when she worried for him.


Maybe it was because she worried for him as her other half… her equal. That she knew he could take care of himself, but would always be there to welcome him when he wanted to let her in and help. But… Uraraka’s words had struck a nerve.


“It burns…” He mumbled, pointing towards his turn mark. “Son of a bitch has been irritated for a while now… but its started to fucking feel like its burning in the past couple days.”


“Your turn mark… is burning?” Uraraka spoke, the words light and airy, almost as if she never thought those words went together.


“Don’t make a big deal outta it… I can handle-”


Before he could finish his sentence, several bands flew out of the direction the trio had just been heading. The white fabric wrapped around Uraraka in the blink of an eye and sent her flying backward to where the owner was tugging the binds back.


Bakugou flew into action, grabbing the thin binds not too far away. His other hand as gently as he could held onto the small fairy who couldn’t move and probably couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were wide and teary as they became glazed over.


Slowly, Bakugou began to feel the effects of the strange fabric as well. The voice of someone in his head telling him to let go was powerful. But he’d be damned to let some bastard control him, and with a powerful tug, he pulled the puppetmaster out.


To his surprise, the purple haired hunter was the one to come out from the shrubbery. The binds were from his scarf, an object that had been made with various orbs. Thus allowing the hunter to control those wrapped in its cloth to some extent.


“The hell are you doing! Let Uraraka go!” Bakugou screamed, trying to unravel the fairy from the binds.


Shinsou didn’t respond, instead dashing forward with a stake. Bakugou jumped back, his knee buckling as he did so. His mind panicking as this feeling often was associated with him not having enough blood in his system.


“Fuck…” He breathed as Shinsou got closer and he was unable to jump again.


The red eyed male looked up as Shinsou lunged forward. His eyes were wide and full of the lust of the kill most hunters often had. But… the purple eyes that the hunter had greeted the vampire with were no longer. Rather, his iris was now white and the sclera was blood red.


The stabbing of the stake never reached Bakugou though, but a flurry of snow in his face did. The sounds of someone wrestling with Shinsou alerted Bakugou to look up. Todoroki had come back at the right moment and was trying to hold the hunter down.


“Cut Uraraka free!” The half-angel cried and used a free hand to toss a knife towards the vampire. “Midoriya needs help as well! We found the bastards who did this and they did something to Shinsou!”


“Shut up and focus on holding that lunatic down!” Bakugou called, breaking the fabric off the pink fairy.


Immediately she returned to normal and flew off in the direction where Midoriya had gone. Bakugou followed her, leaving Todoroki to handle Shinsou. His angelic side already lighting up softly and ready to knock the hunter out.


As Bakugou made it to the clearing ahead, his breath hitched. The cult seemed to have indeed been kidnapping children… as there were dozens of all the species named earlier who were littered around. Unmoving and each wearing blank faces, as if in some sort of trance. Their eyes were similar to Shinsou’s as well.


The missing young adults were found quickly as well, seeing as they were the ones currently trying to stab Midoriya with all sorts of sharp objects, eyes the same as the others. And finally, seeming to pleasantly watch it all from the wood made throne… was the guy he assumed to be the leader of this messed up cult.


A stone slab table was in front of him, no doubt used for some sort of sacrifice. Looks like the idiots were right… this Chisaki guy was trying to become a God. By sacrificing children at that as well… despicable.


Bakugou moved forward, ignoring the ache in his body every second he breathed or moved. He was a fast healer, so he wasn’t too concerned with petty knives and despite the small cuts on him, threw the cult members away from him.


He wasn’t sure what his plan was, but by the time he reached Midoriya… there was only one thought on his mind. The vampire picked up the shorter male and looked at him with heaving breaths.


“I’m throwing you…” Bakugou breathed, not waiting for a response from the male as he tossed him towards the black haired male with the stupid mask over his face.


Just as he did so, the white bands reconnected on his arm. Shinsou seemed to have come back, but Todoroki was not far behind. Bakugou was freed from the bonds again a moment later and decided to try and tie down anyone who was causing him annoyances.


As he worked on taking down those who were being controlled, Midoriya had come crashing into Chisaki. The staff he held in his hands glowed with white light, and the cult leader pointed it towards Midoriya.


“Having the Negotiator on my side seems like an excellent opportunity.” He chuckled, swinging the staff as a beam of white light came towards Midoriya.


The staff in question didn’t seem very special, but the jewel stuck at the top of it did. It was a simple white jewel… but whenever the white of it hit someone, it appeared you became a loyal follower of Chisaki.


Shinsou had made the sacrifice of pushing both him and Todoroki out of the way when they got surrounded. So Midoriya would not let his small sacrifice go in vain… not when he still needed to free Shinsou and everyone else here.


He yelped as suddenly he was pulled up in the air. His green eyes growing wide as he saw the small fairy trying with all her might to lift him up.


“Uraraka-san! I’m too heavy stop it!” He called out to her.


“Then hurry and finish this so we can all go home!” She called to him, a smile crossing her features. “We just gotta break that staff, right?”


Midoriya smiled back. “I think so… mind distracting him while I grab it?”


The bubbly fairy nodded and dropped Midoriya as she shot towards Chisaki. Her wings beating so fast that she turned into a streak of pink light. The male shielding his eyes and she hit him at full magical force.


The distraction only lasted a second before Uraraka was back to normal and grabbed by the male. But it was also in that second that Midoriya managed to get in close.


Midoriya managed to grab the staff, snapping it in half with his knee. The light coming from it ceasing the moment the white gem in the center was freed from the chamber it had been stuck in. The green-haired male was so focused on grabbed the jewel first that he didn’t notice that Chisaki had reached towards him.


A knife held in his grasp couldn’t touch Midoriya though as Uraraka had his back. The small fairy using her human form to get the jump on the male. Her body holding down the cult leader and then restricting his movements as she held his hands down. It seemed like the male was pinned.


Todoroki’s own light faded softly as well, seeing now that Shinsou’s own attacks had stopped. A blank look on his face as he looked around and spotted the half-angel being caught up in some of his bonds.


“What happened?” Shinsou asked.


“You managed to push me and Midoriya out of the way… but that staff got into your own head it appears.” Todoroki informed him. “All’s fine now… look.”


Shinsou looked towards where Todoroki gestured, seeing as the people who had just been attempting to fight and take down the group were coming to as well. The young adults blinking and putting down any weapons they had, while the children seemed to be returned back to this reality. The trance broken and instead being replaced with a few tears and muffled cries for parents.


The supernaturals who were left were acting similar, and soon the groups had disappeared to hide within the confines of the woods and reunited with the rest of their kind. The humans were slow to collect themselves, but slowly, the children were being picked up and comforted by the older ones.


“I think we did it…” Uraraka muttered, seeing as any major player had been taken out and tied up. “Good job Deku-kun.”


The brown-haired girl’s smile was short lived as she saw Midoriya looking at the crystal he still had in his hand. The gem slowly starting to crack and break more light releasing as it did so. It appeared that this little crystal was not that at all.


Before anyone could focus any further on what was happening with the jewel recovered… a loud thud came from behind the group. Four pairs of eyes all turning to try and find out exactly what had happened, only to fall onto the figure collapsed into the snow.


The ash blonde was motionless, his hand outstretched in front of him. An opened bag of blood leaking out and dyeing the snow a vivid scarlet. The silence of the snowy landscape seemed to have taken a stomach-dropping turn as the party members still on their feet realized that the vampire had indeed not been well.


But it looked as if they had underestimated the severity of what was wrong with him… by a tremendous amount.


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Ch.6 - Sinking Into Memories I Don’t Want To Revisit


The sun gleamed above his head, striking his face at the perfect angle. No matter what direction he turned, he seemed unable to move the sunshine out of his vision. It appeared that despite his best efforts, the male would no longer be able to keep sleeping away the day.


His bare feet touched the floor, the long linen fabric covering all the way down to his knees. The bamboo flooring creaked under his feet as he walked towards the window and glared out towards the noises of the village outside.


People seemed to be moving quickly, carrying products and having their animals push a cart full of the items. The morning was always so noisy, and he wasn’t very fond of them. Even so, his eyes fell onto the image of someone sitting outside the door to his home. The same book in his hands and his own green kimono getting dirty as he sat on the dirt road.


“Katsuki!” His mother called to him as he ruffled his locks. “Hurry and get dressed! The Midoriya’s son has been waiting for you to get your lazy ass up since dawn! He wants to go exploring or something… so don’t keep your friend waiting!”


His lips fell downward, as he glared at the thin flooring. Of course, Deku was here… when was he not? Always a thorn stuck to his side, even when he made it clear he wanted to be left alone. But that samurai wannabe never gave up it seemed…


Bakugou didn’t want to deal with the demon that was his mother though, and so, he did as told. Putting on his own beige kimono and moving towards where his mother was. She was in the tea room, making a brew for his father who was no doubt making their living selling the kimonos to the people of their village.


Mitsuki lifted a gaze to her young son when he came into view, a few parts of his attire messed up or already sagging. She clicked her tongue, coming forward to him and fixing it. Bakugou remained still, a glare on his features.


“Your face is going to be stuck like that if you continue to frown.” She warned him, wetting her thumb and scrubbing away a dirt mark on his face. “And don’t go playing in the mud! I’m sick of cleaning up after you!”


“It’s your damn job, old hag…” He muttered, shoving her away and grabbing the wooden sword near the door where his shoes also rested.


Mitsuki shook her head. “Don’t be late for dinner!”

Bakugou ignored her, slamming the sliding paper door shut as he jumped toward the dirt road. A puff of dust rising as his feet hit the road, sending Midoriya into a coughing fit. Bakugou looked on with a gleam, already showing his displeasure towards the green male being here.


“K-Kacchan. That’s not funny!” Midoriya cried as he rubbed the dirt off his face.


“Shut up Deku… what do you want?” He spoke, dragging the sword behind him as Deku was quick to follow after him. “And where are the others?”


“They all started helping out at home… since their parents thought they were old enough.” Deku muttered. “I wonder when our parents will let us help out at the shop?”


Bakugou grumbled, remembering how his parents just had to hire Deku’s mother as an extra set of hands to help with the sewing and fabric making. And thus… seeing as neither family thought either son was ready to start learning the art of making clothes… Bakugou and Midoriya were the only two left of their friend group who were not working.


“Kacchan?” Deku spoke, looking up as the older boy started to head to the forest on the outskirts of the village. “Where are you going?”


Bakugou’s lips pulled into a smirk. “We’re going to play samurai and ninjas! I’ll be the heroic samurai and you can be the evil ninja.”


He paused a moment. “Well… seeing as you only have that crummy book, I guess you can be the lame European magician! Yeah! That fits you perfectly, Deku!”


Midoriya looked at him with a long frown, then down at the book he had in his hands. He couldn’t make much sense of it… but he knew it was real! It had to be! Why else would those strange Europeans put together such a thick and detailed book?


“Okay, Kacchan… but why the woods?” Midoriya gulped, having heard the stories of yokai coming to steal children who wandered too far into the woods.


“Are you scared, Deku?” Bakugou turned and looked at the shorter boy. “Scared of a few urban legends? If you’re scared you can go back home… like a Deku would.”


Midoriya’s eyes widened, and he looked between Bakugou, his book, and the woods. He slowly shook his head and marched into the brush with his blonde friend.


“N-no! If you’re going Kacchan… then I’m sure I’ll be fine!”


Bakugou paused a moment, the hairs on his arms standing up. He shook his head, looking down at the ground. That was strange… he could have sworn-


“Cause you seem to know how to get around without getting caught or found out!”


He blinked, looking back up. The woods around him were different, much more dense and the vegetation was different as well. The soft greens were now turning into oranges and yellows and the flat ground had now become an uphill slope.


“Huh?” He blinked, unsure of how he got here.


“Come on, dude! It's obvious you know how to get around hunters! Just let us come with you until we can learn for ourselves!” The red-haired male energetically demanded. “We won’t cause you any more trouble we swear!”


Bakugou blinked, seeing two of his oldest companions in front of him. Dressed in the attire the vampire had known they wore back in the day centuries ago. What was happening…?


“Kirishima? Ashido? Where are we and how the heck did we get here?” He asked, moving towards them.


“Hey come on! Don’t just start walking away!” Ashido responded, running up towards Bakugou and then past him.


She and Kirishima followed something only they could see up further onto the mountain. Bakugou watched with a wide-eyed look, seeing the two further interact with an empty space… That was where he was supposed to be, right? If so, why couldn’t he see himself? And why the hell was he back here? Wasn’t he just with Deku?


“We’ll be fine man… as long as we got you, I’m sure we’ll be able to learn fast and be of help to you too!” Kirishima’s voice was fading away as he and Ashido walked off with the ghost of himself.


Bakugou inhaled a sharp breath, looking towards the woods. He was able to move around at least. So maybe if he were to find the way outta this place he could go back to whatever reality he came to.


But no matter how far he walked, in a straight line at that as to not walk in a circle… the end never seemed to come. The male paused a moment, looking at the endless greenery that had come back. The silence making his ears ring, and his eyes having a hard time telling one thing from another at this point.


Even so, his senses were quick. His nerves keeping him on high alert, and moving him away from where he had been resting as someone came rushing out of the bushes. A sharp pain came from his arm, and the male grimaced as a few drops of blood leaked from his arm and onto the ground.


“I told you… didn’t I?” The man spoke, flicking the blood off his blade with a snap of his wrist. “As long as you were here… I’d always be fine. Because I have a reason for being thanks to menace’s like you!”


His sky blue hues were piercing and the thin, muscular build showed the man was more than fit to give chase. He was young and daring, something that had always irked him. But while even seeing the hunter in question would get on his nerves, it was more unnerving than usual.


“I have to be having a damn nightmare…” Bakugou shook his head, a smirk on his features. “Cause you’re fucking dead… and better stay that way for (Name)’s sake…”


Alcide raised a brow, studying the male closely. “I don’t know who this (Name) is… but any friend of yours has to be killed for the sake of humanity.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes, seeing as his annoyances were growing with every moment. When was this damn dream going to end? He was getting really tired of it and wanted to wake up.


His thoughts were too distracting however it appeared, as Alcide had taken the moment to rush forward and strike. His stake driving harshly into the male’s chest as piercing his heart. The feeling of what it was like to get impaled was a first for the vampire, or at least in this context. He closed his eyes, hoping for the pain to wash away.


His eyes shot open quickly and he propelled himself upwards. His hand moving to rest against his forehead as he breathed in a few times. His heart beating erratically against his ribs, and body full of adrenaline.


A warm hand wrapped around his unmoving arm, a few strands of hair tickling his skin as someone moved against him. He glanced over, seeing you sleepily resting against him. The dull light of the room casting only enough illumination to make out the frame of your body. The blankets the two of you had been keeping warm and protected under falling slightly from your sleepy frame.


“Nightmare?” You yawned, rubbing your head a little bit more on his arm to get comfy.


“Something like it…” He muttered, looking at you further. “Why I don’t sleep often… they always find a way to come back.”


“Hmmm… well maybe think about the good things next time?” Your words were soft and the tone showed you were close to falling asleep again soon.


“Like what?” He clicked his tongue.


“Like the reason you got so tired in the first place.” A sly smile etched its way onto your face, hand ghosting across his bare chest. “And why we both- Ah!”


You let out a small shriek as he turned the tables on you, pressing you further into the mattress as he towered over you. You laughed softly as his cheeks emitted heat, his eyes looking above you at the pillow. Always so embarrassed… always so daring.


“Hey now… come on.” You tried to stop the chuckles. “You were just a depressed leech a few seconds ago, and now you suddenly do this? You’re putting all sorts of conflicting ideas into my head.”


“Shut up… I just…” He sighed, moving to embrace you gently from where he hovered and buried his face into your neck.


You hummed, wrapping your arms around him yourself. He was rarely this emotional with you, always rather hiding it behind some sort of impenetrable wall. So moments like these were always precious to you… when he so clearly was waiting for you to reach out to him.


“Are you really happy?” He asked, biting his lip.


“Hmm? Yeah. As long as I’m with you… I’ll be more than fine, Katsuki.”


He nodded slowly, closing his eyes. His heart was slowing in its racing, and he let out one last broken breath as he allowed the nerves to diminish. His carmine orbs opening again, wanting to talk to you about more nonsense until he was ready to drift off again and have this night be a memory by the morning.


But when he opened his eyes again… his stomach dropped. Instead of your warm and friendly features meeting his eyes again, it was something much worse. Two women were looking at him with wide gleaming eyes, pairs of chains held in their grip.


“It’s been a while, little human.” The woman with the long black hair spoke, her dress swaying as she tugged the chains she held. “Though it seems you’re no longer our mere human.”


His neck was forced downward, falling onto the ground below. A splatter of red liquid hitting his face. The cold chill of the surface below him making Bakugou squint through the pain in order to see where he was.


The ground was frozen over, a deep red underneath. The feet of his captors were sinking below the red liquid, and from the last impact, he made… the solid surface that had been there was now turning into cracks that would send him in as well.


“He’s become one of us now thanks to you, Carmilla.” The female with the white locks spoke with amusement, her fingers tracing over the marks on Bakugou’s neck. “Even now… he’ll never be able to break free of our influence on him.”


Bakugou rose to his knees, pushing the other woman off of him. Carmilla sighed, looking towards the male with an unimpressed expression. She turned towards her companion and rose a knowing look to her as she sunk into the thick red liquid further.


“You best teach him to behave, Eli.” Carmilla laughed. “After all… he’s only what he is now thanks to us… so let’s remind him of who is in charge of him for now and always.”


The vampire women were at their knees now, sinking lower and lower as the seconds ticked by. And with a powerful shoved, Eli tugged the chain she had with all her might. Bakugou’s body cracking the surface all the way, sending him into the red that was below.


It held onto his body like glue, tugging his feet under, and making his hands unable to escape to the surface either. He struggled against the goo, but to no use. His body weighing down that much more as the woman in question hooked themselves onto his arms, pulling him down much faster then moments before.


“It’s no use… accept it.” Carmilla cooed him, her grip unbreakable on his arm.


“You’re going to sink with the two of us… and forever be stuck in your sins.” Eli whispered in his ear.


“Let go… let go, you charlatans!” He cried, pulling as hard as he could, thrashing about.


The vampiress’ were silent now, their forms already sunk belong the weight of their own bloodshed, and Bakugou was soon to follow. His upper chest, head, and shoulders were all that remained, but not for long. This stuff was worse than quicksand.


He bit his lip harshly as he tried to find some way out of this, some solution that was hidden away and only just out of his view. There was always a way… there had to be. Slowly though, panic set in more and more… and not much was left between him and the eternal drowning in his sins.


Light footsteps echoed towards him, making the male look upward. A figure had come out of nowhere it appeared. Her light steps turning the red depths into pools of crystal clear blue as she came forward. Her yellow dress resting gently on her attire as she looked down at him.


Her soft and familiar smile reaching him as he saw the one person who he needed more than anyone else at this moment. She looked at him with those familiar sky blue orbs, and slowly reached out her hand towards him.


He watched as she did so, the sinking continuing as she waited for him to grab on. He shook his head, lips twitching angrily.


“Hurry up and grab me! I’m going to fucking drown!”


The version of you in yellow froze, her orbs closing and hiding away her shimmering orbs. And when she opened them once more… the kind eyes were no longer. Her smile fell and she looked rather upset at him, her eyes burning hatred in them.


“Oh… that’s too bad…” She sighed, pulling her hand back. “I thought you were smart enough to have learned the lesson…”


“What the hell are you talking about?!” He screamed the liquid up to his chin, the first bits of it threatening to enter his mouth.


“Bakugou Katsuki… you should know by now that unlike the version of me in red… I’m not here to taunt you. I came here to make you understand something… the reason why this has been happening… but instead, it looks like you’re still holding onto your stubbornness.


So… I suppose that you’ll get it back when you’ve come to realize it yourself…”


The you in yellow stepped once more forward. She was careful not to get too close though, seeming to be wary of him for some reason. She crouched down and placed her hand on his neck, gently wiping at his mark. A snapping of sort was felt, and then suddenly… the sinking stopped.


She stepped back, putting whatever she took into her pocket and started to walk away. Her body moving further and further away from him as he watched with shock. He was still stuck here. No longer sinking below, but also unable to move forward.


“Come back here!” He called out towards the retreating woman. “Get back here right now! Hey! What the fuck did you take from me!”


The yellow you stopped, looking back at him. Her eyes were sad, and her face was long. She looked disappointed in him as if she had expected much more of him and he had let her down.


“Once you figure it out… I’ll return it. But until then… you have much to figure out.” She turned once more. “Now… hurry and wake up. You’ve been out long enough.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened as his entire sight was consumed by a fading, like the ending screen of a movie. But he couldn’t let it end here… this wasn’t the last scene of his movie… there was still much to his tale he had to share.


He needed to get back home… he needed to ask you to marry him… he needed to take you to see the world. He needed to see you….


“Don’t you fucking leave me with that kind of bullshit departing message!” He struggled, his hand moving up an inch in the thick red liquid holding him. “If you’re just like the red one… then you’re something I made up! So fucking don’t dance around the issue and tell me what I need to do! Cause if I die… you do too! And the person you look like does as well!”


She sucked in a breath, hoping he’d have realized it suddenly… after all, he managed to break a bit free. Whatever he had just done, he needed to hold onto and use it more. If he could only say the words… the ones he had been repressing for centuries… then maybe he’d wake up without the consequences.


But alas, she had given him too much credit. And despite his body being a bit more free, now only his legs and half his torso buried, as well as up to his upper arms… he was still suck.


The illusion sighed, knowing she should have known better. She was the part of him that he repressed for a while, especially after finding who she looked like. And so… she knew it was time to end it. He’d figure it out… he had to. For his sake, and for the one, he was meant to be with.


And so, with a final glance, she looked at him, hoping her words would reach him… before it was too late.


“It’ll be fine… because things always turn out fine when you’re here.”


She dimmed out as the rest of the scene did, plunging Bakugou into darkness. The sensation of falling overcoming him as he did so. The illusion and the world he had been trapped in, otherwise known as his subconscious, vanishing as did something else… but this time, when he awoke it would be the only sign of what had happened.


And when he did awaken… it would be clear that this nightmare would not be fading from his mind. Despite something else that had… and would be gone until he managed to find out what he was missing.

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Ch.7 - Three Days, Three Problems, Three Headaches


His eyes opened abruptly, meeting the wooden ceiling above him. His breathing was ragged and fast, feeling as if he had just run a marathon at a full sprint. Yet, he was still, body seeming to still be in resting despite his mind having clicked back on.


Bakugou’s eyes wandered from the ceiling towards his side, a small figure caught in the corner of his eye. And as he moved to look at the figure that was resting beside him, his sense of danger raised further.


A small girl, no older than five or six was resting beside him. Her tiny hands holding onto a tray filled with a bowl of water and a cloth. Her long white hair and rose eyes met his carmine hues and scowling face. A look of fear coming over her own face as Bakugou reacted to seeing someone he didn’t know in a place he didn’t remember coming to.


“Who the hell are you?!” He yelled, the small girl looking even more frightened.


Before he could ask her again who she was and what was happening, she vanished before his eyes. Though, it was more like she went from a very visible person to suddenly bursting light from her center. Bakugou blinked, attempting to move and find where she had gone and what exactly she was.


“Kacchan!” The thorn in his side came out of nowhere, reminding the vampire that his allies had seemed to stay close, but not close enough to notice he was up and about again.


“Deku!” The anger seemed to be present already, as he glared at the other male entering the room. “What the hell is going on? Who the hell was that?!”


“C-calm down, Kacchan!” Midoriya tried to get him to relax, but doing so only resulted in Bakugou getting more riled up.


“Calm down… like hell…” He grumbled, forcing himself to stand up.


His legs felt as if he had not walked for a while, the jelly feeling in them letting the male know his muscles had been taking a long and deep rest. And now that he was forcing them to work again, his legs were not all the way awake yet.


“Don’t push yourself so much right away.” Midoriya warned him. “You’ve been out for three days and-”


Bakugou blinked, the words striking him as odd. Three days? He’s been knocked out for three days. Midoriya was still talking in the background, but the ash blonde had tuned him out by this point. His mind jogging and trying to locate his last memory before he came back from the hallucinations that had held onto him for three days.


“- not to mention what was happening to you. And how it stumped even Uraraka-san and Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya’s voice came back, making Bakugou focus back on the male.


“The hell are you talking about?” Bakugou clicked his tongue, only to feel the dryness in his throat a moment later. “Shit… it really has been three days, huh?”


Midoriya watches as the vampire looked around the room, seeming to be looking for something. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he turned his heated gaze back to Midoriya who straightened up.


“Deku… where the hell is my duffel?” Bakugou snarled. “I need my fucking duffel… now.”


“R-right.” Midoriya nodded a few times, turning to the direction he had come from. “U-Uraraka-san… C-could you bring Kacchan’s duffel bag out here?”


The brown haired girl appeared a few moments later, carrying the duffel bag that had all of Bakugou’s belongings. The male wasted no time in opening up the small insulated pocket and sighing thankfully.


Never before was he glad for the stupid system of using the blood bags to store the liquid. Especially since he had been precautious and taken extras with him. He reached in, taking out the very last one he had and cracked open the plastic top.


Midoriya and Uraraka were quiet as he started to suck down the red liquid. Bakugou’s hunger only worsening when he realized something, and his stomach tightened. His mouth separated from the blood bag and before he could really realize what was happening… he was vomiting up the blood into a garbage can near where he had been standing and resting moments before.


“F-fuck…” He muttered, looking down at the bag that was empty. His hand tightening around it as he looked back at Uraraka and Midoriya with venom in his eyes. “What the hell! Think its funny to give me blood that’s not hers?”


Uraraka looked relieved to some extent but then handed him another bag. “Sorry… but I have to make sure. This one is (Name)-chan’s blood… please drink it and then I’ll tell you why I did it.”


Bakugou’s hunger was too great and thus he decided to do as told. Once he was feeling better and stronger he’d make sure to get the information out of the two morons who had tricked him into tricking someone else’s blood.


He finished the other bag with no issues, looking back to the pair as he wiped the excess droplets of blood off his lips. Relief coming over him as it did with Midoriya and Uraraka. He was still exhausted though and the recent movement had made his body tired again. And thus, Bakugou sat back down onto the blankets and the makeshift bed that had been set up for him.


“That’s a relief…” Uraraka sighed.


“And why would that be?” Bakugou looked at the female, eyebrows knitted together but still raised in suspicion.


“Well…” Midoriya muttered, only to cease speaking when something else caught his attention. “W-wait! Where’s Eri-chan?”


“Who?” Bakugou looked dumbfounded.


“The small girl who was in here! I asked her to bring in some water in case your fever was still going strong… b-but where is she now?” Midoriya was frantic.


“Long white hair, red eyes?” Bakugou asked, seeing Midoriya shaking his head firmly. “She was here… then vanished when I asked who she was.”


Midoriya’s face fell, a look of terror coming onto it in the next moment. “W-wha…?”


“D-Deku-kun.” Uraraka’s own voice was shaky. “We need to get her back, now!”


Bakugou watched as the green haired male was quick to draw something out onto the floor. And Uraraka’s muttering making the circle light up. After a few seconds, the image of the little girl from before came back, in a fetal-like position on the circle.


“Eri-chan!” Midoriya cried out loud, bringing the small girl in close to him. “Are you okay? What happened?”


Eri looked up at the green haired male, then slowly towards Bakugou. His eyes narrowed at her without him realizing it and the girl jumped again. She buried her face into Midoriya’s shirt and held him tightly.


“The sleepy one is really scary when he’s awake.” She muttered, making Uraraka let out a small chuckle.


“Oh… did Kacchan scare you?” Midoriya smiled down at the child gently. “It’s okay, he’s just always been a little grumpy.”


“The fuck did you call me?!”


“He’s more loud and vulgar than anything, Eri-chan.” Uraraka smiled widely. “Say! How about a cookie? We still have shortbread cookies left from the elder! Want one?”


Eri looked at the brown-haired woman and nodded shyly. Uraraka got up and dashed towards where the other rooms where. She returned a moment last with a decorated tin and opened it to the small girl. Inside were at least three dozen shortbread cookies, of which Uraraka was already drooling over.


“Let’s eat, Eri-chan!” Uraraka laughed happily as she and Eri both reached into the tin and took out three or four cookies each.


Bakugou growled, turning the attention of the three others in the room back to him. His eyebrow on his right side was twitching and he was grinding his teeth. His anger levels starting to get way over the top by this point.


“Explain now… before I go into a full-blown craze.”


Midoriya nodded slowly, knowing he should inform his childhood friend now. He had waited enough and now that Eri was back safely he could focus on the much more important matters at hand.


“I’ll tell you everything from what happened after you passed out.” Midoriya said, motioning that he was settling in for a long story as he took a seat on the ground. “You passed out after we managed to defeat Chisaki. So, Todoroki and I managed to carry you back to the Sami village. They gave us an empty hut to stay in and we’ve been here taking care of three issues… seeing as we really couldn’t leave until we figured them out.”


Midoriya sighed, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. His emerald hues seeming to be lost in his thoughts before he came back to reality and continued on. A much more serious expression on his face than before, letting all listening know his words were not humorous or to be taken lightly.


“The first problem was Chisaki himself. We took him down… and as we started to try and interrogate his subordinates that were not under his control… we found out something rather disturbing. All of them were familiars… and after Chisaki had been defeated, within the 24 hours after, they all destroyed themselves. We still have the talisman left… but they are not any good. So, currently, Todoroki-kun and Shinsou-kun are trying to get information out of Chisaki himself… seeing if we can figure out where he found information on the practice he was attempting to achieve.”


“And what does that have to do with anything else? The wacko thought he could become a God and failed… what else could there be?” Bakugou clicked his tongue not understanding the connection here


Midoriya knit his brows together, trying to form his next set of words carefully. “Because the ritual Chisaki was trying to perform… is one that only exists in the books of alchemy from centuries ago. Ones that I had originally thought I had the only copies of… but now, I’m not sure.”


A silence grew over the room, the slight  noise coming from when Uraraka had closed the tin of shortbread cookies. Eri came forward, grabbing onto Midoriya’s arm with her tiny hand, shaking a few times as she stared at his shirt sleeve with fear in her eyes.


“Don’t worry.” Midoriya told the albino girl. “We’re not going to let him get you again… okay?”


“Okay, Deku-kun.” Eri nodded, seeming to be calm with just the promise of the green haired male.


“Eri-chan… do you want to introduce yourself to Bakugou-kun?” Uraraka asked her, smiling gently at the small girl again.


She looked back towards Bakugou, still a bit frightened of him. But now that he seemed calmer himself and wasn’t yelling or making a scary face… she seemed more confident in saying hello to him.


“H-hi… my name is Eri.” She spoke, still hiding a bit behind Midoriya’s arm as she spoke.


Bakugou sighed. “Hey kid, nice to meet you as well… or whatever.”


Uraraka chuckled, leaning in close to Eri. “That’s his way of saying hello and that you can trust him. Remember he’s got a potty mouth but is still a great guy… when he wants to be.”


Eri’s eyes lit up and she nodded happily towards Uraraka, making the brunette smile widely, despite Bakugou cursing her out a little ways away. When the yelling and laughter died down, Midoriya decided to continue on with his explanation.


“Eri-chan… was the only one of Chisaki’s inner circle who wasn’t a familiar.” Midoriya spoke as Uraraka took out a few colored pens and sheets of computer paper.  “And while Uraraka and I both can sense a great deal of magic coming from within her… we have no idea what she is.”


“Overhaul said I’m a changeling.” Eri responded as she drew a flower. “But Deku-kun said that wasn’t a nice thing to call me…”


Bakugou nodded, knowing well what it meant for a child to be known as a ‘changeling’ as it was seen as a kind of derogatory term for some in the supernatural community. If she was called a changeling… it meant that she was left behind purposefully by her own kind and that asshole called Overhaul had used the little girl as a way to get himself more power.


It hit him at that moment, remembering the way Shinsou and the other brainwashed children and young adults all looked. Red and white… matching with this little girl’s own color scheme.


“That stone Chisaki was using… it was Snow White here, wasn’t it?”


“Snow White?” Eri blinked, looking at Uraraka. “I told him my name though…”


Uraraka sighed. “It’s ‘cause he thinks it’s easier to remember a feature about you… like your snow white hair. He calls me ‘Round Face’.”


“Your face is pretty round… like the moon.” Eri responded, going back to her coloring, unaware of the horrified face Uraraka was making.


“Yeah… he used another spell to turn Eri into an orb… and had been using her powers in order to control others and also cause all sorts of other havoc.” Midoriya continued on. “But… once I broke that staff, she managed to regain her form… but its effects have messed up her own magic a lot more than before.”


Midoriya sighed, looking down a bit. “She can’t materialize on our plane of existence very well… so when you scared her earlier she went back to wherever she was from. But according to Eri-chan… the place she’s from isn’t a ‘ good ’ place. It's a ‘ bad ’ one and she wants to stay here on this one…


So, Uraraka-san and I have been trying to stabilize her as much as we can the last few days you’ve been asleep. And so far, we’ve managed to get her to be able to stay here as long as she doesn’t use her powers. But I guess you scared her so much… she ended up accidentally using them in order to try and protect herself from you… and ended up back there.”


“What is she then?” Bakugou asked, watching the child with a glance.


“We… don’t know.” Midoriya sighed. “Uraraka-san, Todoroki-kun, Shinsou-Kun and I went through each supernatural we knew of last night after Eri-chan fell asleep. The best guess we have is something close to a fairy like Uraraka-san.”


“Her own magic is really close to mine… but it's different at its core. And the magic all seems to be coming from the little horn on the top of her head too. So we’re stumped… but then again, it's not like we need to know. And Eri doesn’t seem to care either… so we dropped it and have just been calling her a fairy for the sake of it.” Uraraka continued on, coloring a small pair of fairies on her own color sheet.


“Seems kinda fucking lazy to me…” Bakugou grumbled.


“Well, we kinda had our hands full with a bigger issue…” Uraraka grumbled.


“And what would that be?” Bakugou looked at her, not liking the snarkiness in the fairy’s tone.


“You…” Uraraka huffed.


“Me?” Bakugou spat. “I’ve been knocked out for three days, how the hell have I been a bigger issue then Chisaki or Eri?”


“Cause something was happening… something none of us had seen before.” Midoriya spoke up, sounding worried out of his mind again. “It’s rare for vampires to get fevers… but yours was much more than a simple fever!”


“Huh?” Bakugou blinked, biting his lips slightly.


“Just… look here and tell us if you have any idea why it's like this…” Uraraka stood up, coming towards Bakugou as she took out her phone.


She opened the camera app and moved it so Bakugou could see his own neck. The skin looked untouched and slightly pale as it usually did… but something was missing. Something that had been there and should be there… but now suddenly wasn’t.


“Tell me you’re shitting with me, Uraraka.” Bakugou’s eyes widened, as he moved the camera to the other side of his neck, wanting to double check. “Tell me you’re fucking with me!”


Uraraka pulled her phone away from the vampire who was starting to squeeze the fragile device with a growing force, her brown locks moving as she shook her head. Bakugou’s hands rising and desperately searching his neck for the familiar set of scars that should be there. But his fingers only hit smooth skin.


“Then… where the hell are my turn marks?” He growled, looking at Midoriya.


“We don’t know, Kacchan.” Midoriya spoke softly. “I never… none of us have ever seen the turn marks of a vampire close up before. But they did when you had your fever… as if they were like regular cuts getting healed.”


“Then what about… am I still a…?” He questioned himself more than the others but would get his answer luckily this time.


“I looked you over with my healing magic and from what I could tell… you still are a vampire. But… I wanted to make sure. So I took the bag of blood you had spilled when you passed out and filled it with the blood of a reindeer that was set to be slaughtered by one of the Sami this morning. And well… seeing how your body rejected it and you were able to calm down after having the last of (Name)’s blood… I think it's safe to say you still are a vampire.”


“Then what the hell does it mean for my marks to be gone? What the fuck am I supposed to do?” He was starting to get upset again, and his fist was balling up.


Eri had forgotten the coloring upon hearing his voice getting louder and was cowering behind Midoriya for safety once more. Her rose red eyes peeking out towards the male who had a shade similar to her.


“He’s being punished…” She spoke up quietly, making everyone in the room stop talking or thinking.


“E-Eri-chan… what do you mean?” Midoriya looked at her.


“He’s been bad… and so he has to learn a lesson.” She mumbled again, looking up at Midoriya. “That’s what I kept hearing.”


“Eri… what do you mean?” Midoriya tried to ask her further, but the small child buried her face in his shirt again.


“I don’t know, Deku-kun… I just know that’s what I was told.”


It was silent again, this time Uraraka taking Eri to go and get dressed so they could play outside in the snow for a bit. After that strange and ominous warning… everyone needed a bit of a break from this discussion.


As the two females left, Midoriya turned back to Bakugou. The two childhood friends once more locked in an awkward silence together, neither knowing or wanting to speak to the other.


“Do you think what just happened has something to do with what she is, Kacchan?”


Bakugou chuckled dryly. “I just get a fucking death warning from a little kid and your question to me is that? Jesus Christ Deku… ain’t you supposed to be the supernatural expert?”


Midoriya sighed. “You were always the quicker-witted one though…”


“She’s not a fairy… I know that much for sure.” The ash blonde commented back. “She's not like Uraraka… she’s not like any of us. Chisaki might know though… so ask that bastard the next time you talk to him.”


Midoriya nodded slowly. “Thanks, Kacchan… I’ll make sure to do that. But what about you?”


“Don’t.” He warned the forest haired male. “I don’t know what the fuck happened to me… but I can figure it out myself. So don’t get involved further in my bullshit, got me?”


Midoriya nodded slowly, eyes lowering. “Yes, Kacchan… I got it.”


The silence was interrupted when the door to the cabin opened up. Todoroki’s figure standing out of breath to the two males who were still sitting on the floor. Uraraka and Eri peering out from another room at the half-angel.


“T-Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya blinked. “Are you okay? Where’s Shinsou-kun?”


Todoroki shook his head, eyes sterning. “I don’t have time to explain… but you need to come with me right now. Uraraka as well, and seeing as Bakugou is finally up… just bring everyone.”


“What happened, Todoroki-kun?” Uraraka spoke, putting a hat on Eri to make the little girl assume everyone and everything was okay.


Todoroki took notice of Eri in the room and changed his way of phrasing. “The guest Shinsou and I have been entertaining is gone. He seemed to have decided to leave without telling any of us and we don’t want him to leave so soon.”


“Chi-” Midoriya cleared his throat. “He’s gone… well then let’s go look for him. And fast!”


“I’ll come with! I’m a better tracker than you two!” Uraraka called, coming towards Bakugou. “Bakugou, watch Eri. And make sure you guard her with your life… or you’ll have something else to worry about!”


The three took off into the snow again, leaving Bakugou and Eri standing in the cabin with a door still open wide. Eri looked towards Bakugou with a shy expression, dragging her feet across the wood nervously.


“Can we go outside and play?” She asked.


Bakugou’s lip twitched. Things just seemed to be getting worse and worse today…   Especially now that he was stuck on babysitting duty. Though… even he knew the importance of getting their so-called guest back… and making sure he stayed as far away from Eri as well. And so, he nodded, leading the girl out to play in the snow.


Chapter Text

Ch.8 - A Smell of Dread in the Air Ruins The Day


At the end of the day… Midoriya, Uraraka, Todoroki, and Shinsou returned  empty-handed. Chisaki had somehow managed to create an illusion right in front of Todoroki and Shinsou’s eyes… and just like that disappeared.


They had searched the woods until the moon was high in the sky. But no luck… no prints thanks to the rapidly falling snow and no witnesses of his escape either. The group had stuck around for another two days afterward… but it soon became clear that it was time to leave.


Chisaki had yet to return, Eri was stabilized for the most part… and Bakugou had run out of blood. And within another day or two, his body would start to have a mild craving for blood again. And thus, Midoriya had said it would be time to start to head home.


Nothing more could be done, and Uraraka had made sure to leave an enchantment for Eri to protect herself from Chisaki should he return. If activated she and Midoriya would come to her rescue… and with that, the small female seemed fine.


As Todoroki did one final sweep of the area surrounding the village and Deku and company said their thanks and goodbyes to the Sami people… Bakugou was left to finish his packing. He was feeling much better, that was for sure… but he also had the problem of his barren neck.


In the end, he decided it would be best to just wait until he knew exactly if there were any side effects before he dealt with it. He wanted it fixed, but couldn’t do anything until he knew exactly what the cause was and how to reverse it. Until then… he could only think of one temporary fix to his problem.


The piece of medical wrapping was tight around his neck, hiding away what was no longer there. Bakugou sighed, still wondering exactly how this was going to go. On one hand… he knew he should tell you… let you know that something was happening. But on the other hand, he didn’t want to pester you with worries and fear for the future.


He knew well enough from the last two years that you couldn’t handle too much stress, and was pretty sure him coming home and announcing that ‘oh, by the way, the mark that shows I’m a vampire is gone, and I got some ominous warning from a five-year-old… but I’m sure it’ll all be fine. ’ wasn’t exactly going to make his dumbass feel any better.


She’d stress over him, worry over him, and would spend countless days straight trying to help him. And while he was slowly getting used to her doing this… he was used to it being done for smaller things. Not for something this big… this unknown. And thus, he decided that at least until he knew what was going on with him… he was going to keep it to himself.


He planned to tell you… he really did. But he wanted to tell you when he knew it was a good time and he could assure you things would be fine. But as things stood currently… that wouldn’t be the outcome.


Bakugou sighed, raking his fingers through his hair as he gathered the last of his belongings and made his way to the door of the hut. Outside everyone aside from Todoroki was waiting. Bakugou closed the door, locking it behind him and tossing the keys to Uraraka.


She caught them with a quickness he wasn’t expecting and then turned to one of the Sami people who took the keys back from the fairy. Uraraka’s words thanking them for their hospitality. Near her, Midoriya seemed to be talking to the elder, nodding every now and then. And as the conversation ended, he turned to look at Eri who had been holding his hand through the entire conversation.


“Eri-chan.” Midoriya knelt down to her. “The nice people here said they’ll take care of you. So I want you to treat them very nicely and make sure to be safe.”


Eri nodded slowly, seeming a bit upset that Midoriya was leaving her. But she also wasn’t the type to try and argue. Too afraid that her own wants and desires would upset the people around her. And since Midoriya and company had shown her so many kindnesses in the last few days… she decided she would listen to him and follow through with what he had set up for her.


“Okay, Deku…” She mumbled, her small hands leaving his larger one and walking towards the Sami elder who welcomed her with a soft smile.


“We’ll take good care of her.” He spoke. “And should something happen… I’ll contact you.”


“Thank you.” Midoriya nodded, looking back towards his allies.


“Returning home until needed again?” Shinsou came forward, his own bags packed and ready to move on to his next mission as well.


“Yes… the world doesn’t need my help as often as it used to.” Midoriya admitted. “So until I am called upon again, it's back to my day job at the museum and Uraraka-san’s always busy with her photography… so it's not like we’re sitting around waiting either.”


“Glad to hear that you’re keeping up with something at least.” Shinsou chuckled. “But if you ever decided to get involved more often… you have my number, so let me know when I can be of help. I feel like I owe you after this last time…”


Midoriya waved his hands back and forth, embarrassed even by the thought that Shinsou would assume such a thing.


“O-owe me?!” Midoriya shook his head. “Nonsense! We both want the world to be a happy and peaceful place. Plus… it's rare to find hunters like you and Todoroki-kun who see the supernatural world as something other than dangerous. So, I’m glad to have you as an ally, Shinsou-kun.”


Shinsou shook his head. “Every time I try and show my gratitude to you, you manage to compliment me even more. You’re truly one of a kind, Midoriya.”


The pair of males exchanged a handshake and then like that, Shinsou was off towards the airport. The hunter, unlike Midoriya and his group, having to still take regular transport. And thus, the purple haired male had a plane to catch… and a hopefully must warmer climate to arrive in.


It was about twenty minutes after Shinsou had left that Todoroki emerged from the woods, frown still deep on his lips. It seemed his final search had been successful… but he wasn’t too terribly happy with it.


“Here.” Uraraka handed Todoroki his small backpack of belongings. “Everything okay?”


“I’ll tell you all once we get moving.” He spoke, an urgency in his voice.


And like that… everyone started walking. Wanting to get a bit further into the woods so no passerby would see the spell used to transport them all back home. And once he seemed to deem the distance acceptable, Todoroki finally began to speak.


“I checked not only the area surrounding the village… but also back at the scene, we had put to a stop.” Todoroki trudged through the snow. “And… everything seemed fine.”


“Ah… that’s good. Eri-chan should be safe then.” Midoriya sighed, relief flooding his being.


The group paused, Uraraka starting to etch out runes in the snow. Bakugou leaned against a tree a few feet away from the others. Todoroki shook his head at Midoriya, the green haired male stiffening as Todoroki spoke up again.


“I fear… Chisaki wasn’t working alone.” He spoke, the silence of the snowy forest being that much more present.


“What do you mean?” Uraraka laughed awkwardly. “A-all of his allies were talisman… and we got all of them.”


Todoroki seemed to have another idea, instead rolling up his sleeve for a moment. A mild burn was on his wrist, the process of healing having not yet occurred… despite the male having the ability to instantly heal himself.


“T-Todoroki-kun… are you not healing?” Midoriya stammered, worry filling his gut.


“No… I just wanted to discuss this with the three of you… because I have a dreadful feeling in my gut. And you’ve all dealt with him before as well.”


“What do you mean by that, half-and-half?” Bakugou’s interest piqued.


“At one point, I was trying to handle Shinsou by myself when he was controlled by Chisaki. During which, Shinsou managed to get a few of his orb-infused bandages on me. I was struggling to break free when suddenly, the fabric had caught on fire. A blue flame…”


“You don’t think…” Midoriya’s eyes widened.


“It’s been two years though…” Uraraka gulped. “I had thought that after two years of silence he was finally leaving us all alone.”


Bakugou growled, images of the man in question coming into his mind. The last time he had seen that bastard… he had almost killed his fated. Like hell would he be happy to hear that the half-angel’s psychotic brother might be back.


“I don’t know why if it was really him… or why he might have saved me from Shinsou’s attack… but in the end, whoever had set me free helped us take down Chisaki. But… at the same time, Chisaki is gone… so I can’t be sure of anything. Especially if Touya is involved or not.”


Todoroki sighed, allowing his healing light to finally do its job and heal him of his impurities. The burn becoming scarce and his arm once more looking untouched as the light dulled away.


The bi-colored male still couldn’t let the feeling go through… one that said if Touya had been planning something for two years only to save him… it meant his plan had not yet come to fruition and couldn’t let his younger brother perish yet. And that… wasn’t a good feeling to have.


“If that’s the damn case, then hurry and get us home. Your asshole of a brother doesn’t play fair, and we did leave home.” Bakugou stomped forward as Uraraka had finished the transportation spell.


“Hehe… worried that (Name)-chan’s in trouble again?” Uraraka chuckled.


“Idiot has a habit of attracting all sorts of weirdos… and potential murderers into her life…”


“You were once the latter, you know.” Todoroki corrected him.


Bakugou gritted his teeth, looking about ready to either harass Todoroki with words or actually commit an assault at this moment. But, Uraraka was too quick, snapping her fingers and sending them all back home before anyone could do anything.


The woods near the city were back once more. The snow clothing no longer needed for Midoriya or Uraraka and the pair soon started to strip them off in favor of the regular clothing they had for the spring.


“Well, once the money comes in, I’ll send it your way Kacchan. You as well Todoroki-kun-” Midoriya paused as suddenly his phone started going off.


“Awe cell service!” Uraraka cried, hearing her own device start to ring out her missed alerts as well.


“I have a lot of missed calls… and texts.” Todoroki muttered, unlocking his device to view the messages.


Bakugou blinked as he noticed his own phone was the same way. He hardly ever had anyone contacting him, so this was strange. But here he was… with five missed calls and a slew of missed texts. Your contact meeting his eyes for them all, and something in his gut fell.


‘Katsuki… I know you’re in Finland right now and probs busy. But please call me as soon as you can… we have a problem.’


‘Hey… I’m sorry for blowing up your phone… but I don’t know what to do. And you’d know more then me about this.’


‘Please… call me.’


The voicemails were no different: your panicked voice, begging him to call you or text you back. You sounded scared and stressed out. The only difference in the voicemails being he could hear Kirishima, Ashido, or Kaminari as well… meaning that all four of you might be in some sort of danger.


He didn’t want to believe it… but he couldn’t ignore the feeling. And with all the events as of late… something could have happened. He just hoped he wasn’t too late. And thus… he checked when these messages had come in.


The messages were all dated within the last five hours. Meaning something had happened recently. Something that was obviously freaking you out, and in turn was making him start to freak out.


“Something’s happened…” Todoroki spoke, an urgency in his voice. “All my messages are from (Name).”


“Mine too.” Uraraka looked terrified. “I’m worried…”


“Mine are as well.” Midoriya bit his lip nervously.


“I’ve gotta get home.” Bakugou tightened his fist and looked towards the direction the city was in. “Now!”


He took off at a breakneck speed before anyone could really stop him or talk any sort of sense into him. His luck was getting worse and worse it seemed and if you were hurt in any way because of his lack of cell reception up in Finland, he was going to make whatever asshole hurt you regret it.


But for now… he was going back to where he had last seen you. The three others following him as fast as they could.




The snow had erased most of it by this point, barely legible from where the four had departed a little while ago. He sighed, shaking his head free of the white powder that had been stuck in the dark locks.


“Looks like its a bust…” He sighed, turning to his companion. “Guess we’ll be flying coach.”


The male behind him didn’t say anything, instead looking at the magic circle that had transported the Negotiator and his allies away. A deep frown on his features, even so, the days had still gone in their favor. And the male who was currently bound and tied was proof of it.


“Dabi… since they’ve all left, I think it’s time we move into phase two.” The male with light grey hair spoke, motioning the male with the salamander in his body over to their prisoner.


Dabi smirked. “It was awfully nice of Overhaul to set up the shrine for us… and even nicer of Todoroki Shouto to leave it standing, huh?”


The male with the staples inside of him grabbed Chisaki and began to move him towards where the ritual shrine was. The other male who had recruited Dabi into his mission smirked as they went along, gleeful that the Gods had decided to give him so much luck these last few days.


“It’s a pity really…” He spoke to Chisaki as Dabi slammed him on top of the stone and began to tie him onto him. “All this work… and you failed to realize the true purpose of the ritual you were attempting to do.”


Chisaki glared, looking at the male with the blood red eyes. “You talk like you know… Shigaraki Tomura…”


Shigaraki smirked, taking out an old and tattered book. “I do actually… and unlike you, know that this ritual, while very close… isn’t the one to create a God.”


“Then what is it…” Chisaki asked, a feeling in his gut telling him it wasn’t going to end well.


“Well… it just so happens that this ritual you set up falls in line with a goal of mine… plus, since you’ve been nice enough to volunteer, I’ll show you how exactly a resurrection ritual is performed.”


Chisaki’s eyes widened as Shigaraki laughed at the expression on his face. So much despair and fear, a perfect combination to get him enough motivation to get on with his plans. Dabi had already lit the flames and was waiting.


“Your life was meant to end this way… so thank you for your sacrifice in order to bring back someone more useful than yourself…”


The cries of death didn’t reach anyone, seeing as the duo were out far enough in the woods. And with the dark and forbidden aura that came from the ritual hub as well, no one with a consciousness dared to come near.


And after an hour… the ritual had performed successfully. And with the exchange of flesh, blood, and spirit… the person in question who had died prematurely was back. She stretched her arms up wide, looking at the pair of males in front of her.


“Ohhh…. My body is so stiff.” She whined, feeling her hair on her shoulders. “Awe! Not even my cute buns are here…. This sucks.”


“You have better things to worry about now…” Shigaraki growled, watching as the female took her golden hair and tied it back up into the set of messy buns she always wore.


“Boys are so dumb… a girl can’t even have five minutes to look her best again despite having been dead for two years.”


The female finally finished and looked at the males who had brought her back. She seemed to have come back with everything aside from the worldly objects. But she could easily get them again. Right now, she more so wanted to know who they were and why she was here.


“Toga Himiko…” The one with the crusty lips and ugly face looked at her. “We have a proposition to offer you.”


“Ohhh~” She bubbled. “Seeing as I was good enough to bring back in favor of some other fool… I’m curious what it is.”


“We want you to help us in creating the drink of the Gods.” Shigaraki told her, seeing as this had gained the girl’s attention.


Within an instant, her blood red attachments were pointed at both males. A warning to not be messing with her as she could indeed kill them at any second. Her eyes were still gold, but the blood lust in them was what was most visible.


“Ambrosia?” She chuckled. “Are you a fool? That’s the stuff of legends…”


“I thought so too… but, Crusty here seems to have some very damning evidence and motivation to join him.” The other one spoke. “Dabi, by the way…. The older brother of the half-angel who killed you. And before you ask… we’re not on good terms and I’ve already been told he’s mine to do whatever I wish with.”


Toga pouted a moment, then turned back to Shigaraki. “Well… are you going to tell me, or am I going to get my first kill this soon?”


“I’m a lot harder to kill then you think…” He spoke, a simple touch of his fingers against Toga making her see what he was talking about.


The images of her death playing out again in her head time and time again was enough for her to not only know of his power… but also what he was. With a smirk, she nodded and the memories stopped.


“A dream eater and a salamander…” She chuckled. “I supposed you can count me in then… you both seem to need a cute ghoul on your side. And besides…”


Her gaze darkened, the set of bloody tendrils moving away from the males and instead striking the ground with a force that shook the Earth beneath them.


“Todoroki Shouto isn’t the only one I’d like to see all cut up…” She licked her lips and giggled like a maniac. “Alcide’s daughter is still out there and last I saw… she has a vampire bodyguard now… and they both would be adorable with blood leaking from their bodies...”


Dabi smirked, a soft chuckle escaping his lips making Toga look at him with a questioning gaze.


“You’ve missed a lot, Toga.” He gave her a smug expression. “I can’t wait to catch you up on the last two years…”


“So… do we have a deal?” Shigaraki extended his hand. “Help me track down the rest of the ingredients for the ambrosia, and you can hurt as many people as you like. Just as long as you get me what I need in the end.”


“I guess this means you have the list of ingredients then… huh?” Toga sneered. “If so… then I also want a taste. Becoming a God sounds like fun…”


“I agree… if we’re doing all the trouble, we at least get to taste it as well.” Dabi agreed. “Take it or leave it, Dream Eater.”


Shigaraki sighed, looking annoyed at the allies he had deemed worthy to help him in his cause. But at the end… he really couldn’t say no. Try as he might, the two of them were powerhouses and had beef with the only people keeping him from his goal. And so… there was really only one answer left…


“It sounds like we all have an agreement then.”

Chapter Text

Ch.9- The Tendencies of an Idiot Incubus


He couldn’t remember the last time he moved this fast… but he managed to make it back to the balcony in record time. His feet nearly collapsing as he stood there shaking gently. In any other case, he’d be paying more attention to how much more exhausted he was in this instance… as this shouldn’t have tired him out as much as it did.


But he was filled with too much worry, and without a care, he slammed open the sliding glass door and rushed into the apartment. Bakugou heaved as he gazed out at the crowd of people in the apartment he called home. Three of them standing and one sitting as still as he possibly could.


“Katsuki!” Your voice brought him back to the current.


He blinked right as you collided with him and hugged the male close. Bakugou’s eyes blinking a few times as he felt your arms squeeze him tightly. The warmth of your hug and the feeling of your body close to his own calming the inner panic that had set in. But now… seeing as all four of you were uninjured and together… he was more angry than worried any longer.


“What the fuck were those messages?” Bakugou pulled away from you enough so the pair of you could look at each other. “I thought something fucking happened?!”


You blinked, arms tightening around him still. Your eyes that had moments ago looked so delighted to see him were now dulling in color and looked conflicted with something. Slowly and without a word, you pushed your face back into his chest. He wasn’t sure what to make of this, and thus the vampire merely just allowed you to continue to remain in his arms as he turned to look towards the shapeshifter and werewolf.


“Well… she’s obviously not gonna tell me-”


Bakugou paused as another few people rushed into the apartment. The half-angel, fairy, and fucking Deku seemed to have finally caught up and were looking just as panicked as he had been thirty seconds before.


“W-what happened?” Midoriya sucked in a breath.


“E-everyone relax.” Mina told her friends, looking towards Kaminari who had still yet to move or say anything.


His face was serious and devoid of emotion. A scary change from the usually happy go lucky face he’d often make around his friends… he just seemed as if his entire world had been broken. Like that one piece that had never fit into the puzzle was actually part of another and much more complex one he was unaware of until recently. And the mere notion that he had yet another puzzle to complete had drained his spirit completely.


Kirishima’s lips twitched and with a sigh, he looked towards everyone. “I-I think it's best if you all took a seat or something first. You just got back from your mission up in the arctic… so take a moment to relax.”


He bit his lip. “Cause… our news isn’t going to be very good… and the four of us don’t have a damn clue what to do.”


“Like I or any of these assholes are gonna take a damn moment to relax after hearing that!” Bakugou yelled, gritting his teeth together viciously. “Say it already, Kirishima. The longer its put off… the tenser we’re all gonna fucking get.”


Kirishima’s eyes widened slowly and then he nodded. Bakugou had a point… he always did after all. And so, with a long but needed sigh, Kirishima finally informed those who were currently in the dark as to what had happened. Only hoping the light he would be shining wasn’t too glaring and hard to see through as he feared.


“Jirou… found out what Kaminari is.” He breathed, the corner of his eye picking up on Kaminari seeming to get more stiff if at all possible.


“She… what?” Bakugou clicked his tongue, a fire in his chest igniting.


“Jirou knows he’s an incubus… he accidentally-”


Kirishima’s sentence was left open as Bakugou marched forward and grabbed Kaminari by his shoulders and forced the male up to his feet. You watched in horror, after having Bakugou break away from you in what seemed like a fit of anger and his current actions proved your idea right.


“You. Did. What?” Bakugou seethed his hands tightening around Kaminari’s sweatshirt.


Kaminari didn’t say anything, seeming too lost in whatever stupor he was in to even really respond to Bakugou. Kaminari was here… but at the same time he wasn’t here.


“Answer me, you motherfucking moron!” Bakugou growled, as his own arms began to shake from the force he was expelling onto Kaminari. “Answer me and fucking tell me why the hell you decided to put all our damn lives at risk for a single fucking nightstand!”


“Katsu-” You started but silenced yourself as someone started speaking a moment before you had.


Kaminari’s hand trembled as he looked up, liquid buried in his golden hues and he looked at Bakugou with a stare that he knew all too well. One he still didn’t want to admit he ever had… but one he could recognize in an instant.


“I don’t wanna hear it from you… from none of you.” He breathed out, choking down a painful gasp. “I-I don’t want to lose anyone… I didn’t want to lose her either.”


“Kaminari…” You muttered but ceased your words after it. What else could you say?


Kaminari wasn’t done yet either and with another pained sigh, he pushed Bakugou off of him. The vampire letting him go, starting to see there was more than his initial idea as to how the incubus could have revealed himself.


Buried deep in those golden hues was Kaminari kicking himself and sinking amongst the guilt he had over this situation. And it didn’t help with his conflicting feelings either, making it hard to tread water.


“I-I didn’t think… I thought I had better control over my own abilities…” He whispered out. “But… when the kissing had gotten a bit more passionate and she looked at me in that way… I-I don’t know what happened. I just… I just fucked up.”


Mina came forward, bending down next to Kaminari and hugging him close to her. She hushed him, and Kirishima hovered nearby. The red head’s hand resting gently on his shoulder, letting him know he was here and not going anywhere any time soon.


“How did it happen… you damn moron.” Bakugou huffed, collapsing onto the couch and running his fingers through his hair.


“It was all in a split second…” Kaminari continued on. “One second she’s looking at me with a gaze that I knew in an instant what she wanted… and once the thought sunk in… it seemed like my horns also decided to sprout up. And well… you can probably guess what happened after that... “


He chuckled pitifully, the chuckles transitioning into growing sobs as he realized how big this fuck up was. And soon enough… the liquid in his eyes was free to run down his face and drip into [A] his pants.


“H-hell… I really am the worst at this. I-I know we joke about it all the time… but its cause it's true huh? Holy hell… what kind of incubus messed up this badly, huh? M-maybe I was a fucking mistake… maybe I really am defective.”


He breathed out once more, shaking his head. But the tears didn’t stop no matter how many times Mina tried to shush him or how gentle yet firm Kirishima’s grip on him was. Not even Bakugou’s silence could seem to mend this.


The silence was only accompanied by the sounds of slightly shuffling and forced silent sobs. Your hand was gripped tightly and your heart pounded against your chest, but aching for Kaminari but also oh so worried for what this meant for the future.


The floorboards creaked and your gaze turned to look at your childhood friend who had come forward. Midoriya and Uraraka were still silent, but from the gaze they gave Todoroki, it was clear to you that two of them had some idea as to what the half-angel was thinking.


“I…” Todoroki paused as he realized how drastically his voice changed the noise level and the mood in the room. “I… may have a solution.”


Everyone seemed to be in silent shock by his words, but also unsure of what and how Todoroki could fix the situation.


As Todoroki took out his phone and started to dial a number he had saved for emergencies like this… he already knew… none of them would like what his solution was. But it was the only one they had… and the only one that might fix this as well.




This wouldn’t be the first time he had dropped by the apartment he had been called to. In fact, he had performed a lot of excursions to this exact location in order to fulfill the job and business his family had been performing for centuries now. The only difference was that this would be the first time he’d be visiting during an active situation.


Previously he had come to clean up the mess that was Alcide’s defeat and even before that he had stopped by and discussed with the half-angel hunter of Dabi’s arrival and the orb placed into the female’s neck. That same night having gone to a concert and making sure she was acting fine, to which he decided she was.


And now, it was time to handle yet another job and make sure that the world and the Negotiator could focus on much more important matters and not on silly accidental reveals. And thus, with a final adjustment of his tie, he knocked on the door.


A few seconds passed by but soon enough someone opened the door. The brown haired female looking towards the taller companion with a soft sad smile. He nodded towards her sympathetically, knowing she knew how these types of things were conducted.


“It’s going to be okay, Uraraka-kun.” He told her and watched as the fairy nodded to him slowly.


“I know Iida-kun… I just… wish there was another way.”


Iida sighed and came in further, seeing as the group Todoroki had long told him about were all together once more. And despite him wanting to keep his business practices separate from his friendships, Iida knew they all needed him more now than ever before.


“Good evening everyone.” Iida spoke, though glancing at the watch on his wrist he corrected himself. “Though… seeing its past one in the morning, I suppose it's more of a ‘Good Morning’ type greeting needed here.”


“I-Iida?” You blinked. “D-don’t tell me you're the contractor that Shou and Midoriya use to handle situations when humans find out about supernaturals…!?”


Iida nodded, looking as professional as he could, but alway showing off his more square-like tendencies. He threw his hand into the air, ready to explain and give his job description.


“Four eyes...for fuck’s sake how many people have some kind of secret life that you know?” Bakugou looked towards you, seeing you coming to that same conclusion.


You awkwardly shrugged, not sure what to say to him. He could only watch you with a slight fascination, seeing how the woman from two years ago would have not taken this information with an awkwardly smiling face. But the one here today was learning to accept that lying sometimes had to come… and how you were striving to also being more understanding to people.


And it appeared Iida would be the first subject to your new outlook… and if you really could put your own feelings aside and see if you could look at things from the other person’s perspective. An itch in his neck as he thought of this, reminding him of his own situation and when and if you’d understand his new secret for your sake.


Only time would tell… and the time was definitely not right now.


“Allow me to give those who are unaware a full explanation of what I and my family do for the supernatural world.” Iida instructed, waving his arms about.


“First off, while I appear very human… I’m actually only half. The other half is Giant. But that is all besides the point. I merely wished to state this so you’d all know I am on your side and want nothing more than for our world to continue existing and living in peaceful secrecy among the humans.”


Iida cleared his throat, looking towards Kaminari. “That being said… I’m here to deal with the situation you have accidentally caused. My family has been helping with this sort of thing for centuries.


From Thunderbirds revealing the truth behind storms to that blasted vampire who went on a murdering spree in London during the 1880s… we’ve always been there to put a stop to things and make sure that the Negotiator can worry about truly horrific acts.


After all… Midoriya-kun should be worrying about the end of the world and those who wish to bring on the end times more than an incubus accidentally letting a single human seeing that his kind is more than myth.”


“Iida-kun’s the best at his job… he’s helped Uraraka and I relocate and come up with logical excuses for it for a while now.” Midoriya admitted. “He was actually the one to clean up our mess after Alcide and make it so everyone else in this apartment complex forgot about it… and still managed to let Todoroki-kun keep his apartment next door.”


Midoriya had been trying to ease tensions that seemed to come with a new addition and one that was apparently waving around an easy answer to the problem… but his words actually seemed to do the opposite of it. One single word having stuck to the minds of five other people more than any other.


“F-forget…” Mina covered her mouth with her hands.


“Midoriya…” You muttered and got up. “Please don’t tell me… that this entire time, your solution to keeping things quiet is… erasing memories?”


Midoriya looked downward, that feeling in his gut returning. He didn’t like it either… but… but what else could be done? Humans had known millennia ago about the existence of the supernatural world… and it nearly destroyed the world.


Thus… he had to be the only gate between worlds…


“I’m afraid it is… I’m not very proud of it either. But-”


“There’s no but!” You shouted, throwing your arm and slicing the air. “Humans can’t handle that! A gap in their memory bothers them like no tomorrow!”


“L-let’s hear them out.” Kirishima muttered, placing a hand on your shoulder.


“Kiri… don’t tell me you’re actually considering this!” You spoke with shock.


“I don’t know what I’m considering yet… because Iida hasn’t told us what he’s planning to do yet.” Kirishima told you and you bit your lip.


You silenced yourself soon afterward. You had a feeling what the solution already was, but you’d give Iida the benefit of the doubt. He wasn’t trying to be a bad guy… no one here was. It was for the protection of all your lives… and you could see why it was this way.


“The plan I have laid out is simple.” Iida continued on. “But… I’m afraid that most of you won’t like it.”

Everyone stiffened slightly, but Iida continued, pulling out a few forms. The word ‘CONSENT’ written in large letters at the top. It seemed this was at least a very organized practice… whatever it was.


“The plan… in order to promise safety for you all is to move you all out of the city and away from one another. While also erasing all memory of the incubus in question from Jirou’s mind.


We do this so that the memories don’t come back of him… and that you all won’t cause memory to return. Since… memories can respawn from familiarity.


While it's recommended that you all go separately, I’ve taken into account Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-kun, as well as Bakugou-kun and (Last Name)-kun’s situations and can arrange for groups of two to three.”


Iida sighed, looking a bit upset himself. “All I need to make it happen and to make sure you all can continue living a happy and safe life… is for you to sign these forms agreeing to our plan.”


Silence came over again, and you dared to look around the room. Your heart dropping as you saw that instead of looks of determination to keep this life you all had together, everyone instead looked to be starting to come around to it.


Just the way everyone looked at each other in melancholy that was almost like a pre-goodbye. Like… they had all accepted that it would end badly every other way.


“I’m not signing it.” You were stubborn.


“(Name)-chan.” Uraraka mumbled, looking at you with a worried expression.


“Listen…” Bakugou stepped up behind you. “I know you’re thinking about us and these other shits and the music girl… but that’s not the only issue here. Humans talk… a lot.


If she said anything to anyone… hunters are going to jump on this place like no tomorrow. And they won’t stop until they track us all down…


You’re still new to this entire thing… but listen to me when I fucking tell you that things are not going to be good. And if we don’t leave now when we have the chance… we might not ever be able to.”


“You’re assuming Jirou is going to talk!” You retorted.


“She is! It's just the way humans are!” Bakugou glared at you, grabbing you by your shoulders.


Why could you not make things easier? Why did you always have to be stubborn and not take his word or experience over what you thought was right? Damn girl… he really did get paired with one who could rival him. But unlike most times… he wasn’t liking her defiance right now when safety was on the line.


“Then explain me…” You looked at him dead in the eye. “Why didn’t I tell anyone about you?”


Bakugou gaped at you, realizing you had a point. Never once did you tell another person about him until they had known about him first. But still… he had a counter.


“You were born knowing about this world… Jirou wasn’t! Stop being so frustrating! This is life and death and I’m not going to fucking lose you again!”


That stunned you into silence. You knew nothing would counter it… not when you had practically died in his arms once before. Even if it was killing you, some part of you knew it was useless to fight what had kept them all alive for centuries… compared to you, who died for foolish actions in your human life. And so… it was time to admit defeat.


“I’m not signing it either.”


The words mumbled by Kaminari brought you and Bakugou back from your world that was just the pair of you. The incubus ripping apart the form in front of him, then looking towards you and Bakugou, something new hidden in his eyes.


“I’m not giving up on her… cause of those two.” He enclosed his hand into a fist. “Cause… if they can fall in love with each other and be happy despite everything that had been in their way… then I can at least talk to Jirou!”


It was silent a moment, then suddenly Kaminari found his shoulders being shaken violently once more.


“Your plan is to talk to her?!” Bakugou roared. “How fucking dumb is that?! Take this seriously!”


“I am! If I’ve learned anything from you and (Name) its that talking things through can help! Plus… neither of you hates each other any more… and Jirou and I never hated each other… so it's already better than what you started out with-”


The pounding on your door made everyone freeze in place and look toward the front door. It continued on after a few moments of silence, appearing that whoever was on the other side really was trying to get in and see one of the owners.


Silently you went to the door and peered out the peephole. The knocking started again a moment later and you moved backward and looked at everyone with wide eyes with many emotions swirling around inside of them. And before anyone could ask what was wrong… you spoke.


“Jirou’s here.”


Chapter Text

Ch.10 -  nice to meet you


The males in the room were not really sure what happened but soon found themselves shoved into the bedroom with the three females hushing them. Blinking their eyes at them, the door was shut closed and then the females gone from sight but the males heard shuffling to the door.


“What now?” Kirishima asked, noticing how six guys in one small bedroom wasn’t the most comfortable place to be in.


“We wait.” Todoroki spoke, settling himself down onto the only chair in the room and looking ready to sit and wait in silence for as long as he needed.


His obvious trust in (Name) and what she was doing and planning never once questioned by him. Unlike another male who held further affections for you, but also didn’t want to be locked in his bedroom with all the other noisy idiots as something went on.


“Well unlike you asswipes…” Bakugou marched toward the door. “I actually live here and can walk around without worry.”


Before anyone could grab him, as calling out for him to stop might actually get them caught, Bakugou had walked out of the bedroom and made his way down the hallways where the girls had situated themselves on the couch.


Bakugou’s eyes met the figure of yourself, Mina, and Uraraka and now the punk rocker as well. She was dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and some jeans, obviously having just thrown them on and by some miracle wandered here.


Jirou turned to look at Bakugou, remembering how he lived here as well. Bakugou tilted his head upwards to her, going to the kitchen and trying to make it seem like he was only passing through to get something to casually eat or drink at nearly two am. But in fact… he wanted to eavesdrop and see whether or not this musical girl would say exactly what she saw and thus risk all their lives.


“He won’t bother us.” Your voice was soft and comforting. “He’s not the type to be vocally comforting or caring or anything…”


A small irk was on his head at that remark. He had come a long way these past two years and thought he was a much more emotionally reliant guy. But then again… maybe he was just assuming that a major change in him was seen in the same way to everyone.


His eyes wandered to yours as Uraraka was saying something. Your familiar hues telling him to not worry and that you were just trying to make Jirou feel safe enough to talk. You trusted him. You knew he was trying. His heart fluttering at how just a slight tilting of your head, and smile could convene so much. It was as if he could hear your thoughts and emotions himself and know what you were trying to tell him without so much as opening your mouth.


He walked back out, passing by you and whispering down to your ear as he did so.


“I’m on the balcony… so either prove me wrong or learn the harsh truth of what an unending life means…”


You bit your lip, knowing his abrasiveness was still his cover to hide his fear that something might happen that would cost him you or you him. And his phrasing, while rude and mistrusting, was only that way because he struggled to show his fear and worry genuinely, and thus needed this prickly cover.


“Go away already, Katsu…” You sighed, smacking him on his arm a little. “I’ll come and get you if we need anything. But right now, its girls only.”


He rolled his eyes and then opened the balcony door. Stepping out onto the cool night air and trying to clear his mind of this situation. After all… he had one that would directly affect him and you more than this. And… he needed to start to figure out either how to fix it, or how to tell you.


As you saw Bakugou slide the door all the way closed and take a seat on one of the chairs on your patio, you sighed. Asshole thought he could eavesdrop without you noticing… but now that he was at least out of earshot and distracted with his own thoughts, you could focus on Jirou.


She had said she needed advice when you opened the door. And after giving a quick explanation that Ashido and Uraraka were over for bad movie night, Jirou agreed she was okay to speak to you all.


You calmed yourself internally. The lie you used was needed at this moment. Jirou already had a scare tonight and didn’t need to be told she was sitting among a vampire, shapeshifter, and fairy… and you hoped not yet.


Progress was learning to let bygones be bygones and understand why certain things happened and why other things were left unsaid in favor of something else. Maybe it was now having to carry the secret that you were an immortal bloodsucker that made your eyes open a bit wider to the reasons behind lying.


Maybe it was because you were changing in ideology. But no matter… you knew that lies didn’t always mean to spread malice now. And while you still wanted to know and help people, you were allowing yourself to think of why they might have lied before jumping into a rage.


Your father had been dead for two long years… and now, you were ready to bury the part of him that made you so angry at liars. You were ready to see the reasoning behind the lie and judge your reaction based on that. No more surface level understanding for you… as you had promised yourself two years ago. Only underlying causes and reasons… and that’s exactly what you were hoping to hear and understand from Jirou tonight.


“I hope I didn’t wake you all up… or ruin your night…” Jirou admitted, turning her head slowly.


You didn’t bat an eye when you could see and love bite on her neck. It looked like Kaminari hadn’t been stretching the truth when he said the relationship between him and Jirou had been heating up. In fact… there seemed to maybe be half a dozen love bites scattered around her neck and collarbone thanks to the low collared sweatshirt not hiding anything.


“No no.” Uraraka shook her head. “We were all up and talking anyway. Are you okay though… you look, unsettled?”


The word didn’t seem right to Jirou, as she blinked and looked at Uraraka with a confused expression. Her dark purple eyes widening before slowly closing as she shook her head and her dyed purple streaks tussled with her black ones.


“What? No. No!” She spoke, seeming to argue with herself a bit. “That’s not it… I just. I need some advice I guess, and it couldn’t wait. So… here I am at two am in your living room.”


You gave off a small chuckle and nodded, seeing how despite Jirou’s small crisis, she still wanted advice from you and your other two companions on something or another. That something already in the minds of you three, though Jirou was unaware of it.


“I-it’s umm… about Kaminari.” She breathed out almost embarrassingly so. “I-I know you’re pretty close to him, especially you, Mina! But I swear I’m not going to be talking shit about him or anything… I just need to know if I’m crazy about this or not.”


The words spoken made the pit in your stomach grow a bit more, feeling that Jirou might actually mention what you knew she was alluding to. You didn’t want to give up on her though… you had always known Jirou to be trustworthy… so she had to be for Kaminari as well. Right… she wouldn’t tell any of your about his horns… no, she wouldn’t… right?

“I’m fine.” Mina brought the conversation back. “I’m aware he’s an idiot at times… so just let me know what he did now.”


Mina seemed to be quite the talented actor… her voice having no rough patches or questionable ups or downs. She sounds awfully genuine. And with Mina’s blessing for her to continue, Jirou finally spoke what was on her mind.


“I think I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see…” Jirou shook her head again, eyes wide as she seemed to be reliving the moment in her head. “Something… he obviously didn’t want me to see, or know about.”


“What was it?” Uraraka asked, your eyes looking at her.


She glanced back at you, seeming to ask for your forgiveness. You knew she was just trying to make sure everything would be okay… but you also wished she would have more faith in your friend. She knew Jirou for longer than you after all… and here she was, almost testing the girl.


“I-I…” Jirou repeated to herself, then slowly pressed her lips into a thin line. “I’m not gonna say. I get the feeling it's something he wouldn’t want to be spread around. Especially seeing as he left as soon as I found out… I don’t think he wants a lot of people knowing. So… I won’t share it, as it's not my choice to share.”


You nodded but clenched your fist in excitement. She wasn’t going to tell! She wasn’t going to mention to even her close friends that she saw an incubus and that it was her kinda boyfriend of all people!


She was trustworthy… Kaminari had fallen for a girl who would keep his secret safe. Now all he had to do was actually talk to her like he wanted to. And since he was here… that would be so easy!


“I… I’m not sure how I feel about it though.” Jirou swallowed a thick lump in her throat.


“Huh?” You batted your eyes, feeling that pit in your stomach turn into a chasm. “What do you mean?”


Jirou chuckled dryly, seeming to still not know how to exactly cope. “Like I said I won’t say what I saw… but what it was makes me question a lot of things. And I… I’m not sure what this means for Kaminari and me… and for our future.”


“Jirou… are you saying that whatever Kaminari’s secret was… it changes how you see him?” Mina was biting back her protective tone.


Jirou nearly jumped once more, waving her hands quickly towards the girl with pink hair. Jirou’s dark purple eyes wide and her mouth slightly open as she sucked in a deep breath. The three of you who were not human watched her with slowly turning shocked faces, something about her reaction making you all start to slowly feel at ease for some reason. And with her next words, it seemed as if any fear or worries were for naught.


“I’m not trying to say that I don’t like him anymore… I still do a lot! In fact… I’d still really like to make things official with him. But… that being said, if we do that, then I want him to explain to me everything. I feel like after tonight I barely know him… and I want to change that if I do decide…”


Jirou’s face turned a flushed red and she bit her lip once more. It was a hard word to say… seeing as she had previously only referred to Kaminari by less loving terms like ‘idiot’ or ‘surprised Pikachu’.


“Your boyfriend?!” Uraraka and Mina had no issue finishing the sentence for her and then engulfing the female into happy and bone-crushing hugs.


At the sounds of screaming, though they were joyous ones, the sliding glass door and the door to your bedroom were thrown open. More calls coming from the males who had assumed the worse and were jumping into action.


“Is everyone okay?!” Midoriya rushed into the living room. “Is anyone injured or hurt? What happened?”


“Deku-kun…” Uraraka sighed. “You all just ruined a good moment.”


“Why are you three hugging?” Todoroki asked, moving his right side slightly to hide the glow from Jirou’s eyes.


“Wait… how many people did you have over?!” Jirou called to you, seeing how it was indeed way more than you, Uraraka, and Mina here tonight.


You shrugged sheepishly as the sliding glass door was slammed shut again, seeing as there was no emergency. Ah… he was worried too it seems. And maybe still trying to eavesdrop. You’d have to bring up how he turned into someone who hovered later… just to see him react with that embarrassingly angry face of his.


But back to Jirou’s question, you laughed apologetically.


“Shou lives next door and the boys aside from my own grumpy one were hanging out. They came over for some cookies and you happened to come over when they were here. We didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or think we were hanging out without you… so we may have jumped the gun a little bit and shoved the boys into mine and Katsuki’s bedroom.”


Wow… your own lies were a little scary.


“Oh…. so then. Did Kaminari come here… looking for-”


Jirou silenced herself as Kirishima chuckled. The female looked at him, seeing as he motioned with his hand towards the hallway. Jirou had been sitting with her back to the hallway and had thus missed Kaminari awkwardly standing there after he had run out at the first scream in worry for his musician.


“Kaminari.” Jirou blinked her eyes.


“Ah… hey, Jirou.” He bashfully rubbed his arm.


The two looked at each other in awkward silence for a few moments, not seeming to be able to say anything more than what they had just said. And then before things could get any tenser between the pair you acted out of your own desire to see them having worked this out and together for the long run.


“Come.” You stood up, grabbing Jirou’s hand and tugging her up with you.


You made the female walk with you as you walked toward Kaminari and grabbed him with your free hand and then dragged the pair to the sliding glass door. You let go of Kaminari’s hand and then placed it on the door handle. As you opened it, you saw Bakugou still sitting in one of the seats. He rose a brow at you and you pointed for him to come inside as you shoved Jirou and Kaminari onto the balcony.


Bakugou shuffled in and then without a word from Kaminari or Jirou you started to shut the sliding glass door with a sweet smile.


“Kaminari, Jirou wants you to be her boyfriend on the condition that you explain to her that you’re an incubus. Jirou, make sure to ask him about the rest of us so you are further cued in as to what is happening behind the scenes… and don’t worry about other people listening in, as I’m sure Uraraka can make a shield that will trap the sound in and not let it out. Good luck!”


“H-huh wait! Kaminari’s not the only one with horns?!” Jirou screamed.


“(N-Name) what am I supposed to do! Don’t leave me!” Kaminari was just as nervous.


You only shut the sliding glass door and motioned that it would stay locked until they had talked it all out and were holding hands as a signal for it. With a wide smile, you shut the curtains and left them to their own private talk.


“Uraraka, could you-”


“Already on it!” She smiled at you, setting up the exact spell needed before you could even finish the request.


“What happened?” Midoriya blinked.


“It’s called scheming, you damn nerd.” Bakugou sighed, about ready for this hellish day to end.


“I think I’m going to head to bed.” Todoroki was already at the front door. “Good night everyone.”


“Well… I suppose you didn’t need me after all.” Iida chuckled softly as he recollected the items from Midoriya that the green haired male had grabbed before he and the others were thrown into the room together.


“Thanks for coming though, Iida-kun.” Midoriya waved him goodbye as the half-giant left. “Uraraka-san, are you ready to head home?”


The fairy yawned softly, illuminating pink and shifting suddenly into her fairy form as she fluttered over to Midoriya. She opened his jacket pocket and crawled in as if it was a sleeping bag.


“Carry me home, Deku-kun.” Uraraka snuggled into his fabric pocket.


Midoriya could only sigh as he looked down fondly at his guide and decided to let her do as she wished. She had used a great deal of magic today after all and needed some rest and sweets to be back to tip-top shape tomorrow.


“There are some leftover sweets in the fridge, Midoriya.” You winked towards the alchemist. “Take as many as you’d like.”


Midoriya blinked at you in surprise before nodding to you with a smile.


“Thank you… we both appreciate it.” He spoke before heading to the kitchen to see if there were any fairy cookies and then would be heading home himself.


Soon enough, the only people left in your apartment were you, Bakugou, the pair on the balcony, and of course Kirishima and Mina who were sitting and waiting in what looked like anticipation.


Bakugou had wandered off somewhere, and seeing as the bathroom door was closed but light was coming out from under it, you could only assume he was in there. He was oddly silent since he came back, only having his outbursts when his emotions were on high.


So you assumed tonight wouldn’t be the night to tell him. You’d wait until tomorrow then, and see if you should be as worried about the latest strange thing you’d be experiencing later. He was your partner, your soulmate… but more often your go-to person when something weird was happening with your own vampiric qualities. And thus… you wanted to ask him about this. But he needed space tonight and so you’d give him it.


“You two going home… or?” You asked Kirishima and Mina.


“Not yet! Not until we know!” Kirishima cried out, pumped up to the max and staring intently at the curtains blocking the sliding glass door.


“Until you know what?” You humored the excited werewolf.


“Until we know if he has his first girlfriend or not?!” Mina was right alongside Kirishima.


“Good grief… you guys are acting like his parents…” You shook your head and laughed.


You had busied yourself in the next ten minutes doing some dishes and sooner than you knew it an hour had passed since the pair had been forced outside with one another. And now… they were knocking on the glass asking to be let back in.


Kirishima and Mina were practically hovering behind you as you shoved the curtains away and unlocked the door. Kaminari stepped back inside, his black horns visible once more on his head, but what caught everyone’s eyes more was the dark purple kiss mark on his cheek and the hand he held in Jirou’s.


The pair came in, and Jirou looked at the three of you with a nod.


“Werewolf, shapeshifter… and vampire.” Jirou told you three. “Bakugou is a vampire as well… and he’s bonded with (Name).”


“Wow!” Kirishima was impressed. “You sure got that down!”


Jirou chuckled shyly. “Well… it helps when Denki’s already dimwitted… he makes things easy to understand.”


“Hey!” The incubus called out, cheeks on fire. “Cut it out, Kyouka!”


“Awe! First name basis too!” Mina swooned. “Ah I’m so happy for you two!”


Mina wasted no time in showing her support in a hug, Kirishima joining in as soon as he could as well. You smiled softly, nodding to Jirou and Kaminari as they looked to you. Your eyes looked towards the clock though and you sighed.


“Well, guys… as happy as I am for this and for Jirou to finally be in the loop…it’s three-thirty in the morning.” You deadpanned. “So get out of my house.”


They seemed to get the message enough and separated from their hug. Kaminari was asking excitedly if Jirou wanted to be taken home using his magic and she looked rather moved that he wanted to bring her into his life and allow her to experience this other world so much already.


The pair were gone in a puff of yellow and black smoke right as Kirishima and Mina headed out the front door. You sighed, resting down on the couch and looking up at the ceiling. Your mind wandering to tonight and how good everything worked out to be.


As you thought though, you couldn’t help but shake the feeling of being watched. You slowly tilted your head away from the ceiling and looked at your hallway upside down. Bakugou seemed to have been in his own thoughts as well when you did so because he flushed pink before turning on his heels and walking into the bedroom before slamming the door shut.


You thought it through some more, realizing the feeling you just had… was one that had been on you all night. You had assumed that he was eavesdropping on Jirou… but after catching him doing it once more now with everyone gone and it is just the pair of you… you realized that it might have been you he was watching all night.


You didn’t know why he was… nor why he wasn’t speaking to you. It appeared his strange hovering from before he left for Finland had gotten worse. But tonight wasn’t the night to ask.


Tomorrow’s dawn brought a new chance to ask him though… as well as ask him a myriad of other things on your mind. And thus, you waited for the dawn by yourself, the feeling of his burning crimson hues always on you, but him never joining you.

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Ch.11 - A new Addition


Slow afternoons were the worst… especially when your items didn’t sell too well. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was because of some new fad diet. Either way… you were not too terribly happy with sales today.


Your bakery always had off weeks every couple of months, and it seemed like this week was one of those weeks. With a huff, you decided to close up two hours before closing and head out to where you had been planning to stop by.


Bakugou apparently had a paycheck and it was waiting at Midoriya and Uraraka’s place! But being him… he refused to go all the way over to Midoriya’s, make small talk, and then have to take the money from the male who he had sucked down enough pride already to work with.


And thus… you were the middleman it appeared. Not that you minded in this case. One because it had been too long since you had been over to Midoriya and Uraraka’s for maybe some light conversation and even Midoriya’s infamous katsudon… but also because home had been awkward lately.


You and Bakugou both seemed to have something on your minds and every little interaction you’d had the last week had been… less than pleasurable. Your dreams had been something unsettling, and you wanted to ask Bakugou if this was normal. You could recall how bad your body and mind were during the first few months of your change… and seeing how you didn’t have an explanation to the current, you worried about your own state.


But if you thought Bakugou was distant before… then he was literally keeping you as far away as possible from you now. Staying away from where you were, staying in the apartment when you worked, and out while you were at home. An excuse every time you asked him what was going on… his eyes refusing to meets yours every time.


You were not stupid… you knew something was going on with him. But you wanted to keep with your new stance on life. Give him space. Don’t over think. If he’s lying think of it from his point of view before you reacted. And… most importantly, have faith in your soulmate. Have faith in your Katsuki.


A stack of cookies, looking to be a baker's dozen, was quickly filled. The chiming of a few stray customers at least giving you some extra cash for the rest of the week… but once they had left with some goodies… you closed up. Going out the back door and deciding a long walk to the fairy and alchemist’s home would be a good way to clear your mind before possibly ranting to Uraraka as Midoriya stood or sat somewhere near awkwardly.


Eventually, you arrived at the familiar outside entrance to their apartment and walked up the small number of steps. Your hand rising and knocking on the door as you patiently waited for the door to be answered. As you idly looked at the small flowers Uraraka had bought and planted on the entrance way, the door opened and you looked towards it.


To your surprise though the door was barely open a crack and you didn’t even see the familiar face of Midoriya or Uraraka. Instead, no one at your height looked back at you, but something out of the corner of your eye caught your attention.


A small child with white hair, shyly hiding behind the door and looking a bit nervous looked back at you with ruby red hues. You blinked back at her, but then smiled softly at her as you knelt down to her level.


“Hello. Is Midoriya or Uraraka home?” You asked the small child sweetly, seeing how she opened the door slightly more to look at you.


She only shook her head, and then looked at the box you were holding, tied together by a pink ribbon. Your eyes followed hers and with another smile, this one much brighter than the other one, you took the ribbon off and opened the box.


“Would you like a fairy cookie?” You offered the albino girl, holding out a cookie with pink frosting and sprinkles to the child. “I have a lot, so you are more than welcome to it.”


She reached out hesitantly, grabbing the treat and then quickly retreating behind the door completely. A moment later, she swung the entire door open and looked at you with brightly shining eyes.


“This is really good…” She mumbled, biting down again on the cookie.


“Thank you. I made it myself.” You told the small girl and walked in as you saw someone’s feet coming down the stairs.


“Eri-chan who was at the door-” Midoriya paused as he saw you slipping your shoes off as Eri happily ate the cookie. “-Oh! (Last Name)-san! I forgot you were coming over today!”


You giggled and then motioned toward the little girl. “Babysitting? If so I understand why you might have forgotten.”


Midoriya seemed a bit awkward at the mention of babysitting, and you slowly came to some other realization. A thought that was shocking, but then again… if he was clearly reacting to your babysitting comment like it wasn’t the case… then it must be something else.


“Midoriya… did you… adopt a child?” You muttered as the girl, who had been called Eri, ran past you and attached herself to Midoriya’s leg.


“Ah…” Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly an Eri hid behind his leg once more. “It’s a bit complicated… how about you come upstairs and Uraraka-san and I can explain our new situation.”


You nodded to him and walked up the stairs, peering into the guest bedroom that was now filled with little girl’s clothes, toys, and bedding that was obviously for a child. A few crayons and papers scattered on the ground, meaning Eri must have been coloring before she answered the door.


As Midoriya and Eri reached to top of the stairs, you saw the little girl let go of his pants and look at you as you came onto the top as well. Eri blinked as you, frosting on her mouth and scarlet eyes twinkling.


“You’re the one who’s supposed to fix things!” She called out suddenly, the sugar obviously making her act more excited and maybe also that you had given her sugar and Midoriya was friendly to you. “And you make cookies too!”

You blinked in confusion. “Huh? What exactly am I supposed to fix, Eri-chan?”


Before Eri could speak, you were grabbed from behind and had nearly sent the box of cookies flying. Laughter erupted from behind you and you knew exactly who was tackling you into a hug.


“Uraraka-kun! Don’t attack your guests right as they come in!” Iida shouted and you turned your head to see that Uraraka was indeed hugging the life outta you and Iida was in the kitchen with more papers it appeared.


“U-Uraraka… please, I may be undead but I still need air!” You pleaded and Uraraka seemed to understand and let you go a moment later.


“Sorry sorry!” Uraraka was extra bubbly today. “B-but today’s a special day! Isn’t it Eri-chan!”


You smiled softly, seeing the little girl happily nod along. As the fairy and child interacted, Midoriya finally filled you in on what exactly was happening and why Iida was here.


“Eri was abandoned by her family…” Midoriya spoke softly as Uraraka and Eri took the cookies from you and were each eating three of them and blushing red form how good the taste was. “And well… she managed to track Uraraka and I down and said she wanted to stay with us.”


You held back giggles, now fully understanding the story and what had happened. Eri must have asked Midoriya to adopt her and being Midoriya… he couldn’t say no to a child asking him to watch over her. And Uraraka, who had always loved small and cute things, and also been fairly motherly in her own way in your eyes… was more than happy to go along. And thus, supernatural businessman Iida was here to make the adoption official… or at least allow those in your new world to know Eri had a family she needed to go to if lost again.


“I’m glad you’re here, (Name)-kun.” Iida approached you, holding out a form. “You’ve been named as the possible caretaker should anything happen to Midoriya-kun and/or Uraraka-kun.”


Your knees felt weak, looking to Midoriya with wide shocked eyes. He laughed bashfully, with red cheeks of his own.


“You want Katsuki and I to watch over Eri should anything happen to you two…” Your throat was dry. “Oh my goodness… I don’t know what to say. I’m honored really… but this has come on so fast… holy crap you and Uraraka are adopting a kid! Oh God… Oh God…”


“C-calm down, (Last Name)-san!” Midoriya was hovering over you, arms moving in vague attempts to comfort you. “W-we know its sudden! It was sudden for us too… but..”


Midoriya waved to you to come closer and you did. As Uraraka was distracting Eri with something or another Midoriya confessed something to you.


“Truthfully… Uraraka and I never thought we’d become parents. But Eri needs us… not just because she has a power that seems quite… interesting, but also because she’s been through a lot. And while I know Uraraka and I can provide her with some happiness and safety… if something happens and she might be in danger again… then I know you and Kacchan can do a better job at keeping her safe than me.


I know this is sudden, but Iida said you can think about it. I just… want Eri to be happy and safe more than anything. At least until she can protect herself. And by ‘adopting’ her in the human way, we can watch her and make sure she’s okay.”


“Midoriya… you really do have a heart of gold. I can see why Toshinori picked you to be the next Negotiator more and more every day.” You mumbled with a smile on your lips. “I’ll think about it… and I’ll ask Katsuki. He deserves to be told about this too… until then, let me get to know Eri a bit more. Let things settle in, and this goes for you and Uraraka as well, okay? You both have a habit of jumping the gun… and while I don’t think this is it, I do think doing everything at once is overwhelming you all.”


Midoriya nodded to you, understanding your worry. He was thankful to have made a good friend in you. He was thankful that Kacchan had you as well. Especially with what has happened as of late. Maybe… he should ask? He was nervous after all… and the answer might soothe one of his nerves.


“Speaking of Kacchan how is he doing?” Midoriya started as Uraraka, Eri, and Iida came to join you all on the couches where you had sat often before. “I know he’s been stressed lately, though knowing Kacchan he’s managing it really well. But between what happened in Finland and he also trying to find the best time to pro-”


Midoriya sucked in a breath as Uraraka suddenly spilled a glass of water on the green haired male’s pants. The water that she had been drinking looked to have been the perfect way to shut Midoriya up. She had been pretty attentive since Midoriya had excitedly told her Bakugou’s plans to propose.


And every time she saw you… the first place she looked when you were not looking at her was your ring fingers. After all… she first wanted to freak out with you about this supposed ‘amazing and crafted by fate ring’ and also make sure no one ruined Bakugou’s surprise for you.


Such as Midoriya was about to do.


“Ah, Deku-kun!” Uraraka immediately was helping him up on his feet. “I’m so sorry! Lemme get a towel from the kitchen to dry your pants off. We’ll be right back!”


You nodded as you watched the pair walked off, Uraraka seeming to be muttering something to Midoriya that made him even more flustered. Your curiosity was cut short however as you felt someone tug on your shirt and you looked down to the small child.


“Do you know what I am?” She asked you sweetly, and you blinked at her.


“Huh?” You looked at her with a confused gaze, only to turn sad in the next one.


“Deku and Urara said not to call myself a changeling anymore. They said you know a lot about creatures too… so do you know what I am?”


In truth… while you could sense a great magical power coming from the girl, you didn’t know exactly what she was. She seemed close to Uraraka… maybe along the same evolutionary track but no longer the same.


So rather than upset her and tell her you were unable to catch anything too specific right away, you instead booped the small girl’s nose and clapped your hands together afterward.


“I know you’re absolutely adorable, Eri-chan!” You beamed, the little girl getting slightly embarrassed from your praise of her.


That answer seemed good enough to Eri for now and she settled back into coloring a few sheets of paper. The red and yellow crayons near her as she continued to scribble away and make some people drawn.


As she did so, you turned your attention to Iida who had been finishing off the paperwork near you. He lifted his gaze to you as you stared at him and cracked a hearty chuckle.


“I always knew there was something off about you… always too tall…” You joked with him, seeing Iida adjust his glasses and send a reflection of light your way.


“Well seeing how you are the daughter of the former hunter Alcide… and now a supernatural yourself I should have said something sooner. But Midoriya and Uraraka were admit at the time of leaving you out of things… though they never specified why.”


You chuckled dryly. “Shou’s always tried to be like a protective older brother… and so he really pushed the idea of Uraraka and Midoriya not saying anything to me. But… we’ve moved past that… yes, we have.”


You seemed to be trying to keep your cool and Iida sensed your urge to not talk about the actions Todoroki may have been doing and pulling behind the scenes while you were unaware of his actions. Now was much better though… as Todoroki couldn’t do much with first of all you wanting to be back in this world, and secondly, you and him having reconnected and him seeing how capable you were.


Why would he feel the need to protect you if you were capable of doing it yourself?


As you and Iida continued chatting along, Midoriya and Uraraka returned, this time with Midoriya’s pants much dryer and an understanding look on his face. He couldn’t image what Kacchan would have done if he spoiled the proposal…


… though he’d guess that there would be a need for a new Negotiator if he actually did spill the secret.


“Oh, you’re both back.” You chuckled as the pair shuffled near. “How're the pants, Midoriya.”


“Ah-ah just fine! All dry! No need to talk about them or anything mentioned previously!” Midoriya was on his spazz mode it appeared to you.


“Well…” Iida muttered and tapped the papers together. “I should head out… I have a meeting in Seoul tomorrow helping a group of Sirens with their new K-Pop auditions. We want them to be famous of their own merits and not powers after all!”


You all wished Iida goodbye and then as Midoriya walked him out, you fell onto Uraraka and let out a long and deep breath. She chuckled and patted your head lovingly and you whined unknown words into her shoulder.


“What is it?” Uraraka held back a giggle at your child like attitude.


“Katsuki’s been weird lately!” You whined, rolling out onto their sofa and burying your face into a pillow. “Like… more weird than usual for him.”


“Okay, explain!” Uraraka stated as Eri was still happily distracted and not too interested in your girl talk. “I’m all ears and ready to settle your nerves!”


And so you told her about all his weird behavior as of late, Uraraka having a slight idea of why he was acting weird before Finland… but now after the trip, she couldn’t figure out if his missing mark was much worse then assumed… or if he was still nervous to propose. And then… you mentioned something that unsettled her.


“My dreams have been weird too…” You muttered simply. “I’m standing in an empty space, hovering above some dark black water. As I walk along… a hand reaches out and grabs my ankle. It freaks me out of course, but the more I struggle, the more the person starts to break free. And then… by the time I see their face, they lose their grip and sink below the surface before I can grab them and pull them out.


Each and every time… the person trapped below is Katsuki.”


Uraraka’s mouth was open slightly as you glanced at her, feeling your heartbeat pick up in a panic that she must think this wasn’t a normal thing. In fact, she seemed much more terrified about this strange reccurring dream then you had.


“I-is it really that bad?” You tensed up and Uraraka seemed to finally come down to Earth.


“N-no no!” Uraraka shook her head. “I just watched a horror movie last night on a killer who murders people in their dreams and this sounds like one of the setups…”


Uraraka shivered but your attention was captured by her words and you were now interested in this movie and its outcomes.


“How did the movie end?” You begged her.


“The main couple were killed in the real world… and the killer turned out to be a metaphor for prescription drugs being abused… despite the gory nature… it had a pretty nice meaning at the end.”


You both thought it over and agreed, seeing as the main topic had gotten distracted and now seeing as you both agreed on the movie ending being good and symbolic, you focused back on your problem.


“Onto my dream though…” You brought the convo back.


“I’m not sure what it could mean… maybe all this stress on you and Bakugou-kun’s distance has been affecting you as well? Like maybe your dream is trying to tell you he’s trying to tell you something but struggling?”


You hummed to this, seeing it as a possible answer to your problematic dream. Maybe a little more focus on it would help. Before you and Uraraka could continue speaking though, a piece of paper was slipped onto your legs and you looked toward Eri who had come near.


“I drew you some pictures… I hope that was okay…” She whispered to you, holding up a few sheets. “Can… can I show you?”


Your eyes twinkled. Each time this cutie opened her mouth made you want to sign that sheet of paper more and more. But you’d talk to Katsuki first… that was the rule. The two of you made every decision together and worked through all your problem together!


But… you couldn’t help but nod eagerly to the little girl as she started to show off her drawings to you.


“Here is you and the angry vampire.” Eri told you, showing off a cute drawing of you and Bakugou holding hands.


“Oh Eri… this is so sweet.” You spoke, looking fondly at the child’s drawing. “Thank you so much.”


“I have two more!” She called out suddenly and then quieted down nervously. “I-if you want to see them…”


“Of course I do!” You proclaimed and Eri eagerly showed the next two drawings.


You could only wish the drawings were as cute as the first one.


“He’s being punished here by the bad you’s…” Eri spoke, gesturing to a pair of you’s in red and yellow, as the Bakugou in this image was sinking into a dark red and black liquid.


“Wha…” You muttered as Eri showed off the last one.


“They keep saying this is what’s going to happen unless you step in and help him.” Eri spoke, allowing you to gaze upon an image of Bakugou with ‘x’s over his eyes and red all over him, like he was scribbled out. “You’re the one who’s supposed to fix him.”


“E-Eri-chan…” You gulped, more than unsettled by all this. “W-what are you talking about… who is telling you all this?”


Eri could only look at you with as much confusion, looking to be upset that she couldn’t figure it out herself. And as Uraraka went to stop her from crying you couldn’t move or react any further.


Your mind only processing what her little drawings meant… and what exactly Eri truly was and how and why she was seeing such a dark future between you and the love of your life. A future you thought… was already set in stone on a sunny path.


But as it appeared… a few darkening clouds had started to move in and would soon test the weathering on the stones.

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Ch.12 - Familiar Faces In the Crowd


(AN- An early update? Well of course! It's Bakugou’s birthday today! (April 20th!) Therefore I am updating early in honor of his special day! Enjoy the read every one!)


“I hate this…”


You ignored his complaining and continued on, holding his hand to make sure he couldn’t escape. Your fingers interlaced with his as you gave him a squeeze. Bakugou’s carmine eyes turning to look at you with a slight sneer on his lips as the reusable bags on your shoulders swung lazily as you walked.


“Relax!” You told him. “We won’t be long. Just some lunch with the usual suspects and then some light shopping. Then you can go home and be a recluse again!”


Bakugou rolled his eyes, seeing as the past week had been full of you dragging him out and buying all sorts of things. Your mind forgetting the strange messages Eri had told you, thinking it to be nothing more then the imagination of a child. What else could you rationalize it as? And with money to burn, it wasn’t hard to get distracted and forget about the messages.


Apparently, the paycheck he got was worth more than you were expecting and thus you and he had decided to spend some of it on fixing things around the apartment, replacing the broken stuff. And now after it was all done… you had asked if he wanted to do a little splurging today at the local Farmer’s Market.


There was still way too much money left over, but after today’s little adventure it would be going into the savings account in case something happened and one or both of you needed it. But seeing how even he preferred the fresh market peppers over the ones at the shitty grocery store… he was sold on the idea of splurging a little today for him and you.


Only for the thought of having some time alone with you ruined when you mentioned how the background characters in his life wanted to meet up for lunch as a group. But… then again, seeing as his distance had made you sad as of late… he knew he owed you something today.


Especially since you hadn’t bothered him about the bandage on his neck as much as he expected you to do. His initial response of getting hurt in Finland and how it was a longer injury to heal even for him settling things for the first few days… but the last three he felt your eyes on him and his wrapped neck more than usual.


His search for answers wasn’t going terribly well though… and so he could only hope you’d give him a little more time before he told you. He was going to tell you, he swore to himself… after all despite all the efforts you made to not get as angered by lies, he still knew it would take one bad one to undo all that progress. And he didn’t want to be the one to do it. Not when the pair of you had also moved on from so much and were finally happy with one another… and the life you shared.


He needed just a little more time… and he’d make it up to you. He was sure of it. As sure as the rectangle box that was now always on his pocket… seeming to be waiting for the right moment.


The images of food stands and a few trucks were soon in your vision, as well as the people you recognized standing under a nearby tree getting some shade on this hot day. A strange day seeing as the weather has been mild and cool, but welcomed for this day out.


“Look who finally made it!” Kirishima smiled widely, puffing his chest out and laughing at his own little teasing tone.


“Shut up…” Bakugou growled and you squeezed his hand to calm him.


“Sorry sorry!” You apologized. “We got caught up making a list for what we wanted to get… but we are here now!”


“Making grocery lists now?” Mina cracked a smug smile. “My my… how domestic of you Bakugou…”


The vampire simply lifted his head up and looked towards the sky. To make matters worse… there were now more people than the usual number of extras who were present in the usual group.


Iida was back from his trip and had this week off before he apparently was taking a week off to himself and vacationing in the tropics. So he was here today to say hello to friends and also indulge in some local goods. The pre-school teacher known as Asui Tsuyu was here as well, making a conversation with the weird girl that was found in Finland. The one Deku apparently wanted him and his soulmate to look after if that shitty nerd was going to die or some shit. Eri… that was her name, right?”


The half-angel seemed to be having a one-sided conversation with the wedding planner known as Yaoyorozu Momo, as the female was gushing over how many more flower choices Spring and Summer brought to weddings and Todoroki could only nod along with a soft interest.


Next to Todoroki, the nerd in question was speaking to Shinsou. Apparently, the hunter was crossing through the city today and the broccoli haired moron invited him along. Round Face had come up to you, talking about some amazing fresh berries and how you needed to check them out. Kirishima and Mina stood nearby, talking about what they wanted to get for their own shared living space.


Finally, Kaminari was standing next to Jirou. Their hands interlaced as well as Jirou was pointing out something or another a few booths away. Kaminari nodding along, speaking about something he wanted to get later as well.


Bakugou rose a brow to the incubus… something was different about him today. He seemed a bit more awake and energetic than usual. Even the yellow in his hair and the golden gleam in his eyes were more vivid than Bakugou had ever seen in the six or so decades the vampire had known the incubus.


“We went from six annoying assholes to twelve…” Bakugou cursed under his breath.


“Since we’re all here… do we want to get food and then meet by this little area again?” Midoriya asked, feeling Eri grab his hand tightly, sensing he would be moving soon and didn’t want to lose her guardian.


“I'll stay behind and watch the picnic table if you all want.” You offered, placing your reusable bags on the table.


“Are you sure?” Momo asked you, remembering how you had a knack for trouble when left alone.


“I’ll stay behind with her!” Uraraka smiled, claiming the other picnic bench next to yours. “We’ll need two anyway for such a big group!”


Everyone seemed fine with this and they set off. Bakugou, Midoriya, and Eri hovered close by afterward though. Midoriya wanting to ask Uraraka what she wanted to eat and he’d fetch it for her.


As for you, your vampire lover was less than willing to give you a choice. Instead, he pointed to a Japanese barbeque place and mumbled something about getting two dishes. You sighed but did think some meat sounded good. And so… you wouldn’t argue too much.


Soon enough, Uraraka and you were lightly chatting. You asking how the realm of ‘parenting’ was going with Midoriya and watching her go red in the face. She tried to tell you neither one of them saw themselves as Eri’s mother or father… but rather as older siblings who were to look after her.


You laughed at her, commenting on how cute Eri was with her attachment to Midoriya and how he did indeed act like a good older brother. As you finished your thought, someone sat across from you, placing her food down.


“Oh that looks good, Jirou.” You told her, looking at her yakisoba bread.


“Yeah, it looked good to me as well… so I bought it.” She spoke, picking up the food and taking a bite. Next to hers was another sandwich, the owner of it seeming to be waiting in line at a smoothie stand.


“Kaminari-kun getting the drinks?” Uraraka spoke and Jirou nodded.


“Yeah, we both wanted the same thing… so we thought it was easier to split up and then meet back here.” The dark haired female spoke, tapping her fingers against the table.


“You seem to be doing well though.” You commented. “Kaminari especially… he seems in a much better mood today.”


“Yeah! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so lively and happy before.” Uraraka added on, neither of you noticing the growing blush on Jirou’s cheeks.


You both did glance back at her though when the silence went on and saw how rosy her cheeks were. Both of you looking at each other curiously and wondering what said had made her react like this.


“Really… it's that noticeable?” She breathed out slowly.


“What is?” Uraraka blinked, having no idea what was being talked about.


You, however… had a slight idea. One because you were familiar with incubi and how they acted… and the other because you were not a stranger to the act in question itself. And with a sly smirk, finally understanding Jirou’s flusterment, you decided to try and confirm it.


“Awe… he must have confirmed his incubus status to you recently… huh?” You laughed as Jirou nearly choked on her food. “No wonder he’s so lively… he’s basically at his prime right now.”


Uraraka’s face was now just as red as Jirou’s as she realized what was being talked about. And as Jirou finally managed to free the food from her throat, Kaminari had wandered back and placed down her smoothie.


“Two strawberry banana smoothies!” He called out happily as Jirou jumped and nearly fell off the bench.


Kaminari looked at the female with worried eyes as she held a hand to her heart and caught her breath. Uraraka was still stunned into silence, feeling as if she knew a bit too much about Kaminari and Jirou’s recent activities as of late, but let the moment pass as Eri came running over with her mac and cheese. Midoriya in tow with his and Uraraka’s food.


“Strawberry banana huh…?” You spoke as Bakugou sat down next to you. “How perfect…”


Kaminari could only give you a look that clearly showed he knew he missed something. All the while Jirou knowingly sipped on her smoothie and tried to not think about your little teasing about what had happened and where this relationship was heading. After all… she clearly liked the sweet demon in question and knew she wasn’t going anywhere from him anytime soon.


After a while, everyone returned back to the picnic tables and started eating and chatting. The conversations staying away from the supernatural as Yao-Momo and Tsuyu were unaware of such things. The conversation still flowed easily though, with lots of questions about Eri, who Shinsou was and how he knew Midoriya, and of course all the details of how Kaminari and Jirou finally started dating.


Some little false leads were planted… but for the most part, the truth was still in there somehow.


Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable meal and soon enough it was time for the group to split up a bit more and go and get the other items from the market they wanted to fetch before leaving.


“Could we get cupcakes, Deku-kun?” Uraraka asked the green haired male as she pointed to a cupcake stand.


Eri’s eyes grew wide at the mentions of sweets once more. “Oh please please Deku!”


Midoriya could only softly nod and give in. It had been hard enough to say no to Uraraka and her sweet tooth… but now with Eri here and having just as big of a sweet tooth… it would make things even harder it appeared… Especially when saying no.


“Okay… but only four all together.”


“How about six?” Uraraka smiled. “You deserve some cupcakes as well!”


Soon enough the small group of three were walking off to buy cupcakes and laughing softly at Midoriya saying he really didn’t need anything with an embarrassed look on his face.


As they walked away, Eri quickly looked back, catching sight of someone from the crowd and then turning her head fast, as if trying to hide that she was trying to catch a secret peek at her.


“She did it again…” Ashido whined, looking ready to cry. “Eri-chan’s so cute… but she’ll only look at me.”


“Huh?” You blinked, looking at the female who was hiding her usual look with some light shapeshifting.


“Eri-chan’s been looking at Ashido and then trying to hide whenever Ashido gets close to say hi.” Kirishima gave the usually pink skinned girl a light pat on her shoulder. “Midoriya said she’s shy… just give her some time to warm up to you.”


Ashido nodded, hoping that the cute little girl known as Eri would indeed be willing to talk to her as admittedly as she did with Midoriya and Uraraka soon. After all… Mina adored cute little kids and if given the chance would spoil Eri like no tomorrow. Kirishima surely in tow and agreement with her plan… as the werewolf also loved little kids.


“Every single one of you fucker’s has got baby fever…” Bakugou looked to nearly be gagging. “It’s making me sick.”


“Awe come on Bakugou!” Ashido waved. “Just cause you can’t have kids doesn’t mean you have to be abrasive to them!”


He seemed to have enough of the conversation by this point and snatched the shopping list from your hands. As he tore it in half and then grabbed two reusable bags he muttered something about you getting what was on your list and he’d get what was on his.


You watched him wander off, sighing to yourself. He was always a grump… but as of late… he just seemed more full of spite and hate the usual. You worried for him, but you were also starting to get sick of it as well.


Kirishima and Mina seemed to finally get the picture that Bakugou wanted to be left alone… and went to get their own products as you started to carry on by yourself. Your mind wandering to what was just said and how he did indeed seem to not take to kids well.


You supposed it was good for him to be unable to have children then. But you… you were not so sure that it was the same for you. The transformation over into a vampire didn’t give you amazing abilities without taking as well… one of the major things it took was your ability to reproduce.


So while Bakugou never had to worry about having kids and was probably happy about it… you were not so sure. Truthfully you had never been asked if you wanted kids, or even really thought about it yourself. But now, seeing as the choice was no longer existent… you couldn’t help but wonder if you might have ever actually wanted them in another life… and another circumstance.


And that brought you to the biggest issue you were having with your relationship at the current. This feeling of being stuck… like your body. The idea that you and Katsuki were now forever etched to stay as you were in both body and relationship.


After all… what could come after this? You couldn’t have kids and he clearly was happy with how things stood right now. So why would he want to move things forward? What point was there in moving forward when the two of you were technically already bonded and mated through your souls for life?


He was used to this life… but as much as you tried to adjust yourself to it and tell yourself you were doing well… you knew deep down you longed for the simplicity in human life.


Maybe that was why Katsuki was so adamant to not turn you before a bullet was shot through your heart. Because he knew that while the physical process was daunting but quick… the adjustment to this life was long and made one feel like they would not get it until centuries later.


You were struggling under the surface, gasping for air that was way above you and unable to push yourself back up to the surface.


Your lack of ability, the struggles of being a former human, and also how distant Bakugou had been… it all weighed down heavily on you and you had no idea how much longer you’d be able to intake water calmly before you began to panic.


Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes in the middle of the crowd to see people passing by you one after another. Some talking happily among themselves other out on their own and making the most of this warm and sunny day.


You smiled softly as you watched them all, people watching always having been something to calm you down when the stress was piled up. Despite your progress and desire to be better for everyone in your life… you couldn’t help but fall short when it came to your anxiety.


But at least in this case… the lull of the day and picking up on light conversations was enough to ease the thumping in your chest that looked almost able to knock your ribs out of place. You breathed out a sigh, looking back down at your list as your eyes scanned your own handwriting.


You didn’t want to keep Bakugou or anyone else waiting. You had a feeling that dinner would be here as well with everyone still wanting to hang out for a bit longer… and so you wanted to find all your stuff and get back to where you had eaten lunch.


This was a rough patch. Like your bakery was in right now! It had to be! And if you could manage to put on a tough face and bear through it then you’d be rewarded with much happier times ahead.


Everyone had ups and downs, and you were in one. Bakugou might be in one as well. This would all pass… and you two would talk things out like you always had. Kaminari had said it himself… the two of you had gotten as close as you did because of your dedication to working your issues out through talking about them.


This would be no different. And as a cool summer breeze whipped through your hair lightly you closed your eyes and held the fabric of your shirt over your heart tightly as you felt resolve and faith consume you.


Everything would be fine.


As you opened your eyes with a gentle thump of your heart, you felt all your worries gone. Trust and faith in your loved ones was quite the powerful thing… wasn’t it? Your (eye color) hues fluttered a few times as you adjusted back to the lighting of the day and looked forward.


Though you could only wish that this feeling of comfort and bliss would have lasted even a minute.


But as your eyes looked out into the crowd once more, you felt your heart stop. The familiar figure stood not too far away, looking directly at you. The anxiety that had just been erased from your stomach coming back like it had been planning to fake you out.


Spreading through your entire body as the bags on your arms and list in your hand was let go. A fear creeping along your spine and making you shake your head in disbelief at the sight in front of you.


His face the same: same scars, same eyes, same disappointed frown. People passed by him with as much ease as they did you, unaware of the staring contest around them or of the danger that would soon take over the area.


“You can’t be…” You whimpered shaking your head as tears started to pour from your eyes like a broken faucet that had been waiting to be fixed. “You… you’re dead.”


You father narrowed his eyes at you, seeming to grow frustrated and dissatisfied with your words. He took a step forward as one of his hands reached behind his back. Your heart, had it not already, was ready to jump ship. Your legs were grounded tightly to the street and your brain was processing too many emotions and attempting to keep wounds closed to really tell your legs to move. So instead… you stood still, crying all the while no one took notice of you or the man approaching you with a stake.


“You know well enough that I don’t just give up on a task.” Alcide breathed out slowly. “That task being to ruin everything Azazel holds dear…”


You felt a jolt of adrenaline shaking you to your core as your brain stopped everything and finally sent an order to your legs to run as fast as they could carry you and get away from the madman who was your father.


He was nearing close to you, but your mind had made its decision. You had to get out of here and fast, get everyone you knew who was in danger and make sure they were safe. But most of all… find Katsuki and make sure he was safe.


Your father had already ruined your first life… and you had a feeling that there would not be another one waiting for you this time if the events of two years ago were to repeat. You had crawled and struggled for two years to adjust to this new life to just give it up now. And thus… as your father spoke to you once more… you bolted down the block, forgetting all your things.


Alcide watched with those dead eyes of his, the polished stake in his hand ready to find its new home in your chest. And with a thundering step, he spoke once more before following after you.


“And now… it appears you have become that which he holds most dear, my daughter.”


Chapter Text

Ch.13 - All i Wanted Was One Nice Day…


Your legs felt like they were ready to give out at any moment. Trying to avoid people was becoming hard and your chest was on fire. So worried about getting away from the man who was pursuing you with a stake you failed to notice the uneven pavement.


Your foot caught against it and your ankle popped as you fell forward, skidding across the ground and cracking open your skin of precious blood and allowing it to spill carelessly on the ground like a child would spill milk on the floor.


Heaving and trying to find the strength to move once more, your gaze couldn’t help but fall onto a pair of old and torn combat boots that stood right in front of you. The stains of red, brown, and black meeting your eyes, the same stains you had memorized as a child and would be able to tell easily if there was a new stain.


And the new one this time was a splotched of red sinking into a section of the green. Your blood becoming part of the stains of the murdered and killed. And with a pained whine, you huddled in on yourself and trembled harshly.


Not again… you were not ready. You wanted to still live and be with your friends. You wanted to get over this hurdle with Katsuki… you wanted to see him once more at the least. Tell him how much you loved him… and how you’d always love him.


“Pathetic…” Your father spat. “Now… allow me to do what needs to be done.”


His words were a paralyzing venom of their own… and you froze. Unable to move, you closed your eyes and hoped by some miracle… this wasn’t real.




Apparently, this stand had the best blueberries around. The plump berries sat in a large crate, one he didn’t know if he was supposed to eat just himself. There were a lot of berries after all, and he was just one person. What was he supposed to do with so many blueberries?


“Um sir?” A small girl dressed in a t-shirt and overalls asked him as he stared at the fruit. “Can I help you?”


Todoroki paused a moment, looking between the girl and the crate of blueberries, looking quite confused to see them in the green and yellow cardboard. He pointed to the berries and her eyes looked at what he was pointing at.


“Do I have to purchase this many?” He asked, not sure how farmer’s markets worked in the slightest


“Oh no.” The worker shook her head, pulling out a small square of berries that made up about a sixth of the crate. “You can buy a quart if the six-pack is too much for you.”


“Oh.” Todoroki blinked, seeing as two of those would be perfect for him. “I didn’t know there were smaller ones in between them.


The female nodded, letting out a small laugh as she noticed another customer join the queue and knew she had to move Todoroki along so she could help him next. Todoroki seemed to have decided on what he wanted, so she asked him what he would like to buy.


“Just two of the small ones.” He spoke and the female nodded, turning her back and grabbing a two-pack holder for him to carry.


“You’re buying these just in time, it's a good time to buy blueberries right now-” She blinked as she turned around and froze her speech.


“Is everything okay, miss?” Todoroki asked, seeing as she was looking around with a confused expression.


She didn’t answer him back, instead looking around and then sighing. Putting the berries down and then pulling out her phone.


“Guess he changed his mind…” She muttered, waiting for the next customer to come.


Todoroki rose a brow. He left? He was still standing right here… and still had the cash in his hand for the berries. As he was about to open his mouth and ask if the worker was feeling alright, he was interrupted  by someone speaking behind him.


“She won’t be able to hear you.” The tone was full of something, and the voice familiar.


Todoroki turned around, seeing a male with dark black hair and the same shade of cerulean blue as his single hue looking at him. He cracked a smug smile at his younger brother and then held a hand up and pointed to an empty bench.


“Let’s talk, Shouto.”


Todoroki narrowed his eyes at Touya, seeing as after two years of nothing from him… he was back like he expected. And from how he was acting, the half-angel could already tell that this wasn’t a simple reunion between brothers.


“What did you do?” Todoroki asked, not moving.


“Me?” Dabi chuckled. “Come on Shouto… we both know I can’t do anything beyond what my orb is capable of. Though… if you do come and talk with me, I promise I’ll give you your answer and more.”


Todoroki narrowed his gaze but followed his elder brother. His body on alert, but seeing how Touya was calm and appearing sane, Todoroki had a feeling that something was up. The pair sat down on a bench, watching as people passed by and paid them no mind.


“You’ve become rather homey here… haven’t you?” Dabi spoke.


“My friends are in this city, so I am in this city.” He spoke back, a warning on his tongue.


Dabi let out a single chuckle. “Oh don’t worry dear little brother, I’m not going to be harming any one of your friends this time around.”


“Then why are you here?” Todoroki wanted to get whatever this meeting was out in the open.


Dabi’s smirk fell as he finally gazed over to his brother. “A simple warning among siblings… and the last time I will act as your ‘Big Bro Touya.’”


Natsuo’s childhood nickname seemed to have a certain taste of disdain on Dabi’s tongue. And as his eyes hardened into a cold and callous state, Todoroki knew that something was indeed brewing under the surface.


“After seeing… her… again two years ago, I tried to see you as my brother. And while I intend to keep my word of not attacking you because of our father… that’s the only promise I intend to keep. But… if my goals and yours are on opposite sides of the spectrum, then don’t expect me to not do whatever I please. Nor should you assume any mercy simply because we share blood.”


Todoroki’s eyes narrowed, getting the gist of what was going on here. Dabi’s frown morphed into a smirk once more and he stood up. TOdoroki watching him as he began to pace away.


“Well… now that my warning is out of the way, things can go back to normal.” He stopped, looking back at his brother. “Oh… though I should inform you to be careful of this barrier placed on you and your friends right now.”


“Barrier?” Todoroki breathed, seeming to suddenly have the idea click that the worker couldn’t see him because of some barrier.


“Yeah… the guy I’m working with apparently is just as skilled in alchemy as that Negotiator. But, when his master was the one to create all the spells in that old book of his… makes sense why his disciple would be as gifted, if not more then the Negotiator himself.”


“What are you planning, Touya?!” Todoroki shouted, on his feet suddenly and approaching the male.


Dabi didn’t respond, only lifting his gaze once more and muttering one more thing before Todoroki could reach him.


“Careful… the dead don’t always rest easy…”


Todoroki’s gaze was moved from Dabi to an older man who should have long been dead. His red hair and beard standing to the side and catching the attention of the half angel. His mouth opening and calling his name, but Todoroki could see through it.


Though by the time he looked away from one phantom to the one who had just been standing right in front of him… he realized that he was once more alone. Touya was gone, this time literally it appeared.


From now on… it would be Dabi he’d see and deciding how he took his warning… it would determine how the pair interacted from here on out. This was no longer a family feud, this was a feud between two people standing on opposite sides.




Patience was not one of his strong suits, especially when it came to annoying undecided assholes who were holding up the line. Bakugou growled lowly, rubbing at his eyes again. A feeling of exhaustion and sleepiness having been his issues as of late. But despite the feeling of wanting to sleep, he remained in line.


The stand was selling some sort of pepper make sauce… and the list said ‘ Spicy Shit ’ so he was going to find the spiciest thing this stand had to offer and buy it. But only if he actually got to the stand in the first place!


“You know people haven’t come to stand in line behind you cause you’re making a terrifying face…” Someone spoke and the vampire turned to see a familiar face.


“What do you want…” He clicked his tongue. “...human.”


Jirou shook her head. “And how long have you been wanting to say that?”


Bakugou clicked his tongue again, instead, turning back to see the asshole had finally picked something. Now there were only three people until it was his turn. But until then… it looked like this punk girl was going to try and make chatter with him.


“Why the hell are you here?” Bakugou demanded.


“I’m buying something?” Jirou gave him a look in disbelief. “Like you and everyone in line?”


“Oh…” Was his answer, having assumed like the other assholes you called friends that she wanted to bother him. Maybe she honestly just was here to buy something and wanted to at least say something so it wasn’t weird.


Whatever… he didn’t care. Anyone who found Dunce Face attractive must have been dropped on their head when they were a baby or some shit.


Jirou stood behind him, but not too far to where she couldn’t see his face and where he couldn’t see her. She seemed to be mulling over something and Bakugou was getting annoyed by her dumb thinking face.


“What?!” He harshly spoke.


Jirou rose a brow. “I didn’t say anything.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Your face looks like it has a stupid question though…”


Jirou sighed, shaking her head. “(Name) said you were grouchy… but I never knew you’d be this grouchy. How she ended up falling for you really is a mystery…”


Bakugou smirked. “Heh… we’re beyond simple human attraction. We were fucking meant to be together through a bond. That’s how fucking awesome it is to not be a small shitty human.”


Jirou let out a small chuckle. “Well according to Kaminari… you didn’t think that at first. You forced yourself into denying it so badly you put yourself into an uncontrollable state right? And don’t forget that (Name) was human until two years ago… so you fell in love with a ‘small shitty human.’”


Bakugou blinked, having not expected this girl to actually snark him back. But despite how he felt a little respect towards her for it, he also was not in a good mood. So as Jirou looked down at her phone, answering a text from someone labeled ‘ Cute Dummy ’ the ash blonde exploded.


“Well look at that, you fuck the incubus once and suddenly you’re all high and mighty huh? Think you know damn everything about the fucking world you a month ago was unaware even existed. Jesus Christ humans are as annoying as hell… how Dunce Face fell for you is a miracle… but I don’t know if you or he are the bigger idiot here.”


He let out a deep breath, waiting to hear the embarrassed cries of the music lover. Only to be greeted with nothing, like she was ignoring him. Turning his eyes back to her, he saw her putting her phone back into her pocket and then looking upwards. Had she been so distracted texting that she didn’t hear him?! Oh… he was going to make sure to add an extra few insults now if he had to say it again.


Jirou blinked, looking around. Her dark purple hues looking on with a look of exhausted frustration. “Oh well, glad to know he disappears when he’s pissed off.”


“The hell are you talking about?” Bakugou grit his teeth. “I’m right fucking here!”


He reached out to grab her shoulder, only for his hand to go through Jirou. Bakugou pulled back, scarlet hues widened as he saw Jirou get called by the stand owner and she walked through him.


“The fuck-” He started only to suddenly feel someone hit his legs. “THE FUCK?!”


He turned around in a rage and spotted another familiar face in the crowd. Tears falling down her cheeks as she crawled onto her knees and hugged his legs while trembling. The snow-white hair having made the ribbon in her hair come undone from her frantic running.


“Snow White?” Bakugou blinked, seeing as someone else came running through the crowds a moment later.


“Eri-chan!” Deku called, relief flooding his face when he saw her holding on to Bakugou’s pants for dear life. “Oh thank goodness… Kacchan, you found her!”


“More like she found me…” He breathed, looking around as a pair of people passed through Midoriya. “What the hell is going on Deku?”


Midoriya didn’t answer him right away, instead kneeling down and rubbing Eri’s back comfortingly. Eri lifted her face and looked at her caretaker. Seeing Midoriya there and smiling gently at her made her detach from Bakugou and collapse into his arms.


“Don’t let him take me back… please Deku… please.” She cried into his arms, tears, snot, and muffled words coming onto his shirt.


Midoriya shook his head. “I won’t… you’re with Uraraka-san and me now. We won’t let anyone harm you, I promise, Eri-chan.”


The child seemed to calm down enough at that point with Midoriya’s words and his gentle hand rubbing circles on her back. Finally, the forest green hues turned back to a pair of carmine ones that had been waiting impatiently.


“I can’t tell for sure yet… but somehow, someone cast a barrier that made anyone who’s immortal invisible and intangible to those outside the barrier. Plus…” Midoriya sucked in a breath. “It looks like there are illusions of the dead as well… Eri thought she saw Chisaki and took off running. But neither Uraraka-san or I saw him.”


“The dead…?” Bakugou breathed, a sinking feeling in his gut as he thought more about it.


A feeling was creeping up on him, having now become more aware of it in the last few seconds. Something was off… and it had to do with you. He knew this for sure. He didn’t know how he knew it, nor did he know why he knew it… but he did. And know he knew he had to find you right now.


“Fuck… (Name)!” He spoke, running away from Deku and the small girl in his arms.


“Kacchan! Be careful!” Midoriya called watching as he was soon out of sight and then looking to Eri. “Come on Eri-chan… let’s go and help Uraraka-san find the others.”


Eri’s grip on him was tight, and Midoriya knew that this situation was quickly getting out of control. But even so… he had to help find the others, as he had a feeling that they too were experiencing visions that should be long forgotten.




As you prepared for the stake to be plunged into your form over and over again until you would be no longer of this world, the sounds of rapid footsteps were heard in the back of your head. But the fear coming over you was too powerful for you to realize it until you finally felt something collide with you.


But, rather then pain and suffering, it was a tight squeeze and the movement of your body upwards so you were resting against someone. Your eyes blinked open in shock, seeing spikes of ash blonde in front of you.


“” You spoke, tears   from your eyes as you felt his arms tighten more around you.


“Calm down, dough girl…” He breathed. “He’s not real… some asshole is doing this.”


You shivered in his embrace, still seeing the boots in front of the pair of you. Before you could speak and rebut his claims, his hand came and rubbed tender strokes on your locks. The feeling of him actually doing his best to actually comfort you and even jumping between your father and you making you break down more.


He loved you… he really truly did. Why were you worried about the relationship in the first place?


You closed your eyes and embraced him back, letting out another cry and he didn’t say anything. Only holding you close and making note of how the wounds on your body were already closing up.


He had found you and managed to get you back to him. Everything was fine, now he had to get you out of here and see what he could do to that this shitty barrier down. After all… seeing your terrified face and also know he might see ghosts himself wasn’t a good or comforting thought to him.


“Come on…” He urged you. “Let’s go find the other extras and try to get out of this shitty situation.”


You nodded against his shirt and with his help, managed to stand up on your own once more. He coaxed you to go back the direction he came, holding your hand the entire time. He was acting awfully patient right now, making you assume he was as scared to see you bundled up in fear as had been.


He couldn’t see your father, but he knew you still could. Something about the way you kept looking back and having your breath hitch. He finally couldn’t take it and grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him.


“Look at me.” He ordered, seeming to be desperate to calm you down. “Look at me and breath. I’m here and he’s not. Okay, dough girl?”


You nodded and did as he told you. Your thoughts of your father calming and your adrenaline falling as well.


“There you go. Not so bad now, huh dough girl?” He smirked, seeing how you were listening to him. “He’s fucking dead… and there’s no way the dead can come back to life.”


“Is that so?” Someone giggled. “I guess I’m a super special case then!”


Bakugou and you froze as someone stood in front of you now. Blonde hair tied into messy buns and long blood like tail sprouting off her body as she twirled a knife.


“Toga...Himiko?” You breathed, startling Bakugou.


“Wait you see her too?” He breathed, knowing Deku had said the vision only appear to one person… meaning that she-


He was even given the chance to finish his thought as suddenly a red tendril was shot toward the both of you. Both of you jumping upwards, hands still clasped together. Toga’s eyes widening as she saw that the information had indeed been correct.


“Oh wow wow! Cute little (Name) really is a vampire now! Look at that height she was able to get all by herself!” She spoke with salivating lips. “I bet you’ll taste even better now…”


“Back off!” Bakugou hollered. “I told you before she’s mine… so what makes you think I’d let you have her now?!”


Toga giggled, dodging his own attacks. She landed with ease as Bakugou stayed between you and her. You were speaking something to him silently and he nodded, a smirk on his face.


Toga blinked, unsure what exactly was happening until she felt a strike against her kakahou. Then came a burning from her back as shemoved away quickly, jumping on top of a food truck and healing her minor injuries before they could get any worse.


“‘Bout time you assholes showed up!” Bakugou yelled.


“We were busy trying to find everyone…” Todoroki breathed as his arm started to dim in light.


Midoriya was beside him, eyes widening. “Todoroki-kun… isn’t that the ghoul you killed two years ago?”


Toga smiled brightly, eyes catching onto the rather cute alchemist. “Ah if you let me had a little bite of you… I’ll tell you all about how I’m alive again!”


“Not if we fucking send you back to your grave again…” Bakugou growled, looking at you with a request.


You blinked and then nodded to him slowly. “Be careful. I’ll go see if I can find the others.”


He smirked and went toward Deku and the half-and-half who looked ready to give chase to the ghoul before them. “Don’t worry, babe… I’ll throw a punch or two in for you.”


“I know you will.” You let out a chuckle, calm and collected enough to find the others. “Midoriya… where is Uraraka and everyone else?”


“Through there… Dabi is apparently in here as well… as well as a mystery third person.” Midoriya warned you.


“I’ll go and try to help Uraraka break the spell then… you three be safe!” You told them, getting away as Toga looked ready to strike once more.


“Awe no! I was looking forward to catching up more!” She cried, sending her tendril toward you.


Todoroki was quick though, and graced his hand against it and sent another wave of pain through her body.


“Oh…” Toga chuckled as she looked down at her bloody self. “This is fun… but it will only be better if you three are as bloody.”


She looked towards the males with a wicked smile and laughter erupting from her lips at an uncontrollable volume. “Yes… let’s have fun making each other bleed!”


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Ch.14- Don’t Look At Me Like That… Not With That Look


If ghouls were anything, they were agile and fast. And Toga Himiko knew it. Her boisterous laughter making all three males who stood and watched her with stern and untrusting gazes made her even more elated. The mere idea of them looking at her with blood covered over their features and her lips covered in their blood as well… was making her start to go into hysterics.


“Awe! Izu-kun first!” She screamed, leaping from the alchemist and using her blood red extra appendage to aim for his chest and her hands going for his face. Her tongue slipping out of her face as she started to imagine what the first bits of scattered blood would feel like against her skin.


“Midoriya!” Todoroki’s right side was already glowing white and was about to reach out and help his ally himself, but instead was met with Midoriya’s low chanting.


A hand only being raised by him in time to stop the strike, a light green light surrounding Toga as she let out a gasp. Midoriya’s eyes twitching as this levitation spell took a lot of concentration, of which he didn’t have at the moment since things were already going out of control.


“Todoroki-kun… Kacchan. Hurry, this is hard to do!” Midoriya breathed out, seeing Toga already struggling and pushing him further and further into letting her go.


“Fucking weakling…” Bakugou growled, dashing forward, ready to kick the ghoul a few good times for attempting to kick him and his love when she was already so down and out of it.


Toga blinked in surprise as her stomach was being struck in a painful and powerful manner, sending her flying back and breaking her of Izuku’s levitation trap. Her body colliding with the ground and rolling into a few good stands.


“What was that?” Some passerby unaware of the barrier spoke, seeing as a stand had suddenly collapsed onto itself.


But those inside of the barrier knew better… and knew that while the outside world could no longer see them due to their non-human genetics… the materials of their world were still at risk of being tampered with and used to harm not only them but the humans as well.


“Be careful!” Todoroki scolded Bakugou. “We don’t want to cause casualties!”


Bakugou clicked his tongue, feeling fatigued suddenly and out of breath. Midoriya took notice, and walked in front of Bakugou and stood in line with the half-angel. Bakugou looked at him in an appalling rage, lips twitching and eyebrows knitting together.


“The hell are you doing, Deku?!” Bakugou cursed, legs heavy and body sore from one kick. “Lemme through… this bitch attacked (Name) and I!”


“Kacchan… whatever is going on with you is taking some kind of toll… you can barely stand without swaying from side to side!” Midoriya pointed out as Todoroki kept an eye out from the ghoul who had yet to emerge from the dust and fallen wood of the stand.


“I’m fine! Now outta my way!” Bakugou shouted again, this time pushing through Midoriya, but with a weak shove.


Midoriya sucked in a deep breath, looking to Todoroki who seemed just as hesitant to let the vampire continue helping out. He had fought Bakugou a few times… and knew that despite him being in his right mind… he was acting as if his body had not had blood in almost a week.


Something was up, but Bakugou was also a stubborn creature and both Midoriya and Todoroki knew that if he was dead set of fighting Toga as some sort of avenging way of protecting (Name)... he wasn’t going to give in and just sit back.


Thus, the green and dual haired males exchanged a knowing look and then Todoroki spoke once more to Bakugou.


“Fine… but don’t go overboard.” His lips pulled into a soft smirk. “Then we’ll have (Name) to deal with as well if the three of us get injured.”


No one got another chance to speak as within the next second, the ghoul had emerged again, this time seeming to have found what appeared to be a set of knives… no doubt from some nearby food stall that had been using them, but was now in the possession of the psychotic killer herself.


“No more time for arguing!” Midoriya spoke, seeing as Toga was set on attacking him first. “Now hurry and help me subdue her!”


Toga chuckled, tongue coming close to a small cut she had made on Midoriya’s upper arm, her long and glutinous muscle smearing his own blood as she giggled. Todoroki shoving her away and trying to use his own holy light on her but she was quick and moved back.


“Seeing as no one is freaking out about floating knives… I think it's safe to assume that if we touch something, it pretty much disappears as well.” Todoroki told Midoriya who was trying to wipe away the feeling of saliva from his arm.


It was clear he was unsettled by this ghoul and her sudden obsession with him when she clearly had two more targets. The alchemist shook his head however as Bakugou rushed past them once more, fist pulled together and screaming profanities.


“Go back to the grave, you bitch!” He called, pushing himself too hard to pull back when Toga swung her chopping knife towards him.


Bakugou choked back a cry when he felt the blade attack his neck, and the bandage he had wrapped around being the only thing protecting him from having his throat slit. He pulled back, using a stronger burst of energy to jump away from Toga and landed near the other two males and nursed his injury a bit.


Toga smirked, running her tongue along the blade, tasting the ash blonde’s own unique taste as she hummed. Then scrunched up her nose and shook her head, golden eyes turning toward Bakugou with an upset gaze.


“You don’t taste sweet at all… way too much emotional spice in your blood. I don’t like it… why can’t you taste more like Izu-kun…” She spoke as if this was his fault for ruining her meal and not that she had just licked down his red liquid like it was nothing.


“That’s it… I’m officially done with her crap.” Bakugou’s eyes twitched and saw Todoroki and Midoriya nod.


“So let’s stop messing around and actually put a stop to her…” Todoroki breathed. “Midoriya, do you have a plan?”


The green haired male nodded. “I do… but I don’t know if it’ll work.”


“Might as well try it.” Todoroki turned back to the vampire. “Are you going to cooperate with us, or go off on your own again?”


Bakugou’s snarled, sucking down his pride, as taking Toga down was worth more than anything else at this moment. And thus he didn’t speak, only nodding and giving both males an irritated look, but acknowledged that he would work with them to defeat the common threat that was starting to prepare herself for another strike.


“Hurry and share then fucking Deku… I want this shit done soon as fucking possible.”




“Come on, Eri-chan” Uraraka smiled forcefully. “Let’s go this way, okay?”


Eri nodded slowly, sensing that things were not how they were supposed to be right now. But seeing how Uraraka was with her, she did feel some sort of ease at the very least knowing one of her protecting guardians were here by her side and would not let anything happen to her.


The fairy and small child walked briskly through the crowds, passing by Jirou, Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, and Shinsou who were unaware of things, their human heritage making it so they were left out of this crisis.


All Uraraka needed to do was find someone not human though… if she could find someone to watch her and Eri’s back… then she could try to take this barrier down without having to worry about Eri getting hurt or taken. Deku-kun had gone off to help Todoroki-kun and Kacchan who apparently had found someone who might be responsible for this barrier. And thus, he couldn’t have her back this one time. Therefore, Uraraka needed to do this herself, but was caught with her worry for Eri… something that could be resolved if the fairy managed to find one of her allies. Only one. She just needed to find someone… one other person.


Kaminari, Mina, Ashido, Iida or (Name)... one of them.


Uraraka’s movements were put to a stop as suddenly Eri stopped moving and she looked down in distress to the small girl. Eri was holding her hand tightly and looking tearfully toward where Uraraka was walking.


“Eri-chan… what is it?” Uraraka spoke, bending down to talk to the small white haired girl.


“Don’t go that way… they say it's bad to go that way for you…” Eri whimpered to the fairy and Uraraka looked at her in further perplexity.


“Eri-chan… what are you-”


Uraraka was forced to cut off her sentence as suddenly a great burst of flame was struck right on her open and unguarded backside. The fairy crying out in pain from the sudden fire that was ravaging her back, but even so she made sure to stay in front of Eri and protect her.


She could always heal herself… this was nothing. A little fire was nothing… as long as Eri was safe then who cared what pain she experienced.


Despite this though, Uraraka’s eyes widened when she noticed something about the fire. Blue embers drifted off her back as she sucked in a breath of now not only pain but terror as well. No way… not here.


“Well well, little fairy…” The male with the scars chuckled as he approached the fairy and little albino girl. “You’re lucky to be in human form right now… as my flames would have burned those delicate little wings of your’s off if you were not hiding what you actually look like.”


Uraraka’s big brown orbs met the familiar but so different cerulean ones that Dabi had. The male smirking as he saw the fairy realize how outmatched she was in this instance and that Dabi was here to do more than just set her nice shirt on fire and scare her.


“Hand over the girl… and I’ll give you a less painful experience.” He spoke, though already knew the answer.


Uraraka turned around, standing in front of Eri and holding her arms out and shook her head as a fire of her own ignited in her eyes. Despite her trembling and the pain that had already been brought upon her, she was not going to give in… nor would she ever.


“Leave Eri-chan alone.” Uraraka’s resolve was unshakable and her look of unwavering dedication to safeguard the small girl behind her was not going to break, even if her body did.


“As expected…” Dabi chuckled, arm igniting into a flurry of blue flames. “...good thing I have experience plucking the wings of fairies already.”


He moved forward and Uraraka could only brace herself from the impact. No matter what he did… she would not let him have Eri.


As Dabi neared, however, it turned out that Uraraka had been much closer to an ally than she even thought. Or rather… someone had been looking for her this entire time. And right as Dabi was starting to get full of himself and put her guard down, he was met with a surprise attack from beside him.


His flames extinguished as someone shoved him at full force. The male being caught off guard and only snapping back as he saw a rather large knife coming towards him. His immediate instinct being to jump back and land a few feet away as he caught sight of who had come to the fairy’s rescue.


“Oh… if it isn’t Shouto’s little friend from next door.” He chuckled, seeing you standing in front of Uraraka now, twirling a knife of your own. A basic cutting knife, and your eyes looking at him with a disappointing glance and deepening frown.


“Touya…” You spoke, having no sense of familial ties with him any longer… not after he kidnapped you and nearly killed you.


“What? No hug or smile for me?” He shook his head. “I should have expected no less… you were always much more fond of Shouto than anyone else in my family.”


“Maybe because you always gave me the creeps… especially now.” You clicked your tongue. “Halloween was months ago, Touya… yet you’re still dressed up… also, aren’t you wayyy too old to dress up? Yeah… you still are a fucking creep…”


“You and that vampire are really starting to rub off on each other…” He spat.


As he looked between you, the fairy, and the albino girl he was told to retrieve from the male who had put the barrier up and brought all this together… Dabi could see you muttering to Uraraka and her nodding.


“You two scheming?” Dabi laughed, looking at you. “Cause nothing is going to-”


“Touya.” Someone suddenly spoke, an ice cold shiver running down his spine.


“Touya… what have you done to yourself?” Another spoke, and with wide eyes and a snarl, the salamander male turned to see two figures standing next to him.


“Father… mother…” He breathed shaking his head. “I know you’re not real.”


Enji frowned, coming forward and grabbing his son by the collar. Dabi’s heart sinking. How? Shigaraki said that the illusion would not be able to touch him… or do anything… Yet here Enji was touching him and looking ready to kill him.


“Your search for power has corrupted your mind as much as your body!” The older man shouted. “Do you like making your mother cry… all she’s been doing since we passed on is see how our sins have ruined you… the oldest, but worst one…”


Dabi ignited, burning away his father and then striking his mother as well. These phantoms were not going to control him any longer. He’d burn them all down… erase his past completely and become someone new.


His burning thoughts were extinguished as suddenly he was being doused by actual water and snapped from the fear induced illusion that had come upon him. His eyes breaking with yours and realizing that it hadn’t been the hand fucker who did this… but rather the vampire who had at one point had an orb inside of her.


Now armed with a hose from somewhere and spraying him enough to make it so no flames could ignite no matter how much his inner rage burned at her from freezing him with fear, and thus, giving her the upper hand.


Dabi was beyond angry, and with the last bit of dryness being his right hand, he shot a ball of blue flame towards her. You being struck directly in the chest and having small burns litter your body, but vampire abilities already started to heal them.


Even so, with Uraraka and Eri having escaped while you distracted Dabi, it meant it was only you who would be facing the rage from the sopping wet ex-Todoroki son. You smirked though, seeing as it would not be that easy for him… as now, it seemed another ally had found you and was coming to your rescue.


“Got ya!” Kaminari shouted, picking you up with ease and then zooming off quicker then Dabi could do anything.


You blinked as you saw exactly how Kaminari was doing this,  and you looked at him in shock, black leather-like wings flapping as he was struggling to fly and not hit into too many things.


“Kaminari! Since when can you fly?!” You shouted, him landing near where it appeared Uraraka and Eri had found Kirishima and thus sent Kaminari to you assistance against Dabi.


“Uhhhh?” Kaminari pondered. “Since now?”


“You’re really lucky to have Jirou, dude…” Kirishima sighed, looking towards you and seeing the scorched marks on your skin. “Crap! Are you okay, (Name)?”


You nodded, seeing as the pain was nearly gone now. “Yes, I’m fine… it helps that I’m not terribly rusty anymore and know that water makes a salamander weak.”


“Uraraka-kun!” Iida came storming through to your growing group. “Kaminari-kun, Kirishima-kun, (Name)-kun, and Eri-kun too. Oh, thank goodness…”


The half-giant let out a breath of relief and then noticed the state that both you and Uraraka were in. His navy blue eyes widening and he came forward, looking over both you and Uraraka with an endearing but slightly too close way.


“Iida-kun… we’re fine.” Uraraka reassured him. “We managed to get away and now that there are so many of us… I can try and take down this barrier and not have to worry about Eri-chan getting hurt.”


Iida nodded, looking to you. You nodded to him, and he seemed to understand it was your way of telling him you were fine as well. And then motioned for you, himself, Kaminari, and Kirishima to form a circle around Uraraka and Eri in order to better protect them and make sure nothing bad happened to them.


“Keep watch everyone! We are still missing Bakugou-kun, Todoroki-kun, and Midoriya-kun!” Iida spoke, you gently touching his shoulder.


“The three of them are off fighting Toga… so hopefully they are together.”


“Doesn’t mean they are getting along…” Kaminari sighed, suddenly sensing a break of magic, the barrier fading and turned to Uraraka. “Holy hell, Uraraka! That was super fast!”


Uraraka blinked, looking toward Kaminari. “I-I didn’t even start yet…”


As the world started to come back, everyone made sure to hide their non-human features once more. And then… everything seemed to be back to normal. Only for the arrival of another unexpected guest.


“The fun’s over already, huh?”


You all looked up to see Toga standing on top of a nearby stand. A pout on her lips and covered in blood, but smirking and giving you all a happy smile.


“Guess it just means he saw enough… see you soon my cuties.”


She leaped off a moment later, disappearing into the crowd. No one following her as the arrival of the last three non-humans finally showed up. Bloody, beaten, and exhausted… but healing slowly and still alive.


“Deku-kun!” Eri called and ran to him.


“Hey Eri-chan.” Midoriya breathed, looking out and immediately seeing an injured Uraraka and rushing toward her with Eri by his side.


As Midoriya and Uraraka spoke, Jirou re-emerged as well. Kaminari embracing her and speaking close to her about his relief she was okay, though the musician replied her worry for having not been able to find him for an hour.


Soon enough, Yao-Momo, Tsuyu, and Shinsou were back too. Apologies were given for disappearing and lies exchanged as to why everyone looked hurt. Apparently, the rumor was an explosion had gone off from what Yao-Momo had said and then advised everyone to return home since the market was being closed early to investigate for anything suspicious.


And thus, as everyone started to depart, you finally made your way over to Bakugou. Eyes looking at him in worry as you scanned his features, freezing in step when you noticed something about him that you had not seen before.


It took him all of one second to realize what you were looking at, as the air was cold around his exposed neck.


The bandage around his neck was now draped around his shoulders, fluttering lightly as the wind moved it with the lightest touches. Your fingers, skimming along the smooth and untouched skin of his neck, eyes widening in realization and body stiffening as you couldn’t find the one thing you had always known him to have.


Bakugou caught your wrist with his hand, pulling away your delicate fingers from his neck with his large and gruff one. Your hand feeling heavier than it should in his grasp as you remained frozen, unable to look away from his pristine pale neck. No set of matching circular marks.


Your words were failing you, but even still you needed to say something. A deep worry and fear finally starting to take over your being. All your worries as of late were now blossoming with this new little information. And you couldn’t help but speak to him.


As people passed by the pair of you, unlike before where they couldn’t see you, but now merely avoiding you in blissful ignorance of not only what just happened… but also of the pair of vampires who were looking at each other with two differing gazes.


One held in shock at being found out. The other held in shock of having been left in the dark until this moment. Even so… four words put it all into perspective and soon… things would actually have to be settled. But until then, the words would ring in both of your heads until the time to talk and settle things, came to be.


“Katsuki… are you okay?”

Chapter Text

Ch.15 - So… That's how this feels…?


The jewelry twinkled underneath the lamp on his nightstand. The rose gold and twisting metals wrapping under the large gem was enough for him to feel a pit in his stomach grow. Maybe all this had happened because of his hesitance and worry that he had been repressing. Thoughts of you saying no and him continually putting it off had created the same lying and the dishonest way he spoke with two years ago when he refused to just accept how he felt and what he felt for her.


And it was starting to affect him in other ways now as well… seeing as you saw his latest problem. The barren neck of his and he was too into his own mindset of tracing down the idiots who attacked you all to even notice until you had graced your fingers upon his skin and said those words that just seemed to make everything that much more enhanced about yourself but make everything else fade.


The way your usually calm and pretty (eye color) hues went wide, how your lips quivered and the way you asked him as he felt the wrapped bandage fall onto his shoulder and drape down his body like it was nothing more than a scarf that had fallen off in the blistering chills of winter and not because he had been nearly scraped by a ghoul.


“Katsuki…. Are you okay?”


He grits his teeth, gripping the velvet box that much tighter and feeling his handshake from the anger inside of himself. Once again she had gone out of her way to worry about him when she should have been worrying about herself.


She had gone toe to toe with that salamander asshole and had the burns to show it… and yet, she was worried about him and his almost too flawless skin and body. Did she not care enough about herself? No… that wasn’t it at all… he knew she did. He just knew the real reason.


She was trying to think of why he might have not said anything to her… and it had come out like a worried question. But it was much much more than that… as he knew she had been stirring since they returned home.


Her footsteps often coming to the door of the bedroom he had trapped himself in and hovering as if deciding whether or not to knock. And then walking away to go and do something else. Her way of calming herself down so she could approach this rationally and not with the judgment of a phantom she already had the misfortune of seeing earlier.


She had already been through more trauma and forced wounds reopening than she needed today… and now, she was forced to deal with him as well. Only… he locked himself away to deal with how he’d handle it when it came to it. But all he had done was play the game of self-pity that had yet to be released properly.


His arm finally released a bit of its tensed energy, his arm shaking rather violently. Bakugou’s eyes widening as he witnesses a certain small object fly off from the velvet box and land on the carpet near the dresser where he kept his clothes. Nestled underneath and now in darkness. His heart thumping wildly as the symbol of his love for her having gone from his careful hands and now off in the abysses of the room where he might not reach.


He was on his hands and knees and on the carpet before he could even process his thoughts or actions. His one track and infatuated mind telling him that if anything had to go his way… it was finding the ring and putting it back into his safe hands. He couldn’t lose this… not when everything else was going so quickly to shit.


This ring was his relationship to you… his feelings for you… his unquestionable, immeasurable, and undeniable affections for you. His one and only, his other half, his chosen… his lifeline. He needed this ring in his possession… if he didn’t have it… did he even really have you?


If he didn’t have the ring, did he really know if his feelings were true?


He didn’t want to think about, he only wanted to find the ring. He only wanted to at least have something to put his faith into that you and him… would make it out of this. That like everything before… together you were stronger and that nothing could stop or scare either of you so long as the other was right there.


But that meant… he had to talk to you. Be honest about how he was nearly terrified about this. He had no clue what was wrong with him and if this would only affect him. He didn’t want you to worry… but as a result, he was worrying you more and himself when he was just now beginning to realize the massive amount of shit that was piling up for him to deal with.


Marriage, missing mark, a villainous trio… three home runs back to back… and he only wanted to find a small piece of metal with a gem. As if that was the most important thing at this moment.


His fingers felt a cool metal substance as he traced over the frills of the carpet and he closed in on the ring. Eyes looking relieved once he saw that it was back in his grasp and then soon… back in the drawer between his phone, books, and photos from you.


He sighed, hearing the sounds of the footsteps once more stop at the door. And with his ring for you once more in a safe and shielded area where nothing could get it or hurt it… he knew it was time to finally confront you on these issues.


Or at least… two of them.


Now was not the time to bring up the ring. Not when he could feel the looming uncertainty on the horizon. He’d save it again… instead trying to get through this. And it would start with him opening the door and saying it to you.


With a deep breath, he did so, seeing your eyes widen at him and then sink below to not look at him. You were unsure… he could have guessed that much.


“Katsuki… can we talk?” You asked him, fidgeting a bit.


“Yeah…” He breathed out. “Let’s talk…”


The steps to the living room felt so much further away then they had before. The usual walk that took less than thirty seconds seemed endless and by the time Bakugou had taken a seat on the couch, you were already pacing back and forth.


His eyes looking down at his knees, not noticing how you were scratching the marks on your neck, irritation in your eyes as you tried to remain calm. You couldn’t deny it though… the anger that was pulsing through you and how you felt so… so betrayed.


The marks on his neck were gone. How could he leave you out on that? You were sure they were there when he left for Finland… and so that meant whatever ‘freak accident’ had occurred… he had made it so you wouldn’t find out what it really was.


“Stop pacing.” Bakugou spoke, the sound of your constant shuffling digging into his already strained nerves more than he thought they should.


You didn’t stop, rather, you didn’t hear him at all. Still too absorbed into your own little world to truly see or hear him beyond that he was near you. Your head was spinning too fast and your throat was dry.


With this new thing having come onto the surface… the weight was finally causing the thin ice you walked upon to begin to crack. And with one more single added item… it would all collapse into the icy depths below and you’d be reduced back to the mindstate from two years ago where you didn’t care… a lie was a lie.


And Bakugou had committed a numerous count in the past weeks.


Suddenly your pacing was stopped, a harsh grip on your shoulder making you stop. It didn’t hurt at all, but it was clear the owner of the hand was slowly losing himself to his own emotions as well.


“I said stop pacing dammit!” Bakugou snapped, having never been one fond of being ignored and with the tension… had snapped before either you or him realized.


And with the first words spoken above a whisper and with his usual tone seeming that much more harsh in this moment… the weight of all your problems had snapped as well. And you shoved his hand off of you, throwing your hand out and looking at him with a fire of your own in your eyes.


“Oh! So now you tell me what’s bothering you, huh?!” You snapped, pointing a finger at him. “Glad to know that there are at least some things I’m worthy of being told!”


“For fuck’s sake… shut up!” Bakugou’s rage was only growing worse and worse by the minute, but you were giving him a run for his money.


The love felt between the two of you was strong, and only fueled your worry for one another, thus making this situation that much worse. The worry, despair, and rage that had been so tightly coiled and eating away at the both of you for weeks now… had finally snapped and was going to be released and pointed to whatever was happening right now… and to whoever was there.


In this case… Bakugou’s confusion and worry about how you’d take his state and his proposal of marriage was being masked by him screaming at you and saying how you were nosy and needed to give him space.


For you, your worry for him and his recent distance from you, as well as your lack of ability, was now being hidden away under the guise of you crying out at him about how he didn’t actually care about you or your relationship and instead had been doing this on purpose and only giving you what he knew would allow him to get by with you.


Both statements and the more callous and cruel ones to come, made things escalate much quicker, and soon… nothing was being held back by a filter and even little pet peeves were being used as gasoline to fuel the growing inferno between the pair of you and your misplaced anger.


“I fucking hate this shit too!” Bakugou screamed at you from the kitchen, holding up a blood bag. “Fucking making me drink this shit like a juice box! I shut my trap for two fucking years… but I prefer it from the source! Stop trying to make me more human cause you can’t get over the fact that you are not one anymore!”


You stiffened at this, tears still bubbling in your eyes but refusing to break. You instead turned around from him and looked towards the fireplace. Your teeth gritting and your chest feeling like it was burning, your anger only escalating and Bakugou’s was too.


“Oh shut up! All you fucking do is complain!” You shouted, seeing as his eyes widened and he bit his lip, fangs out and drawing blood.


“Well look who I fucking am stuck with!”


“Oh like its so fucking easy being with you!”


You and he were now neck and neck again, neither feeling a desire to do anything beyond screaming at one another. Despite the nasty things said to one another, you both still cared for the other… but it didn’t mean this was okay.


You were angry, hurt and scared, and lashing out.


He was angry, scared, and hurt…. And lashing out.


A lack of communication, something the both of you had been praised for… was what was ripping you both apart and wanting to take the other down with you. This wasn’t you or him… this was you both at your worst and it showed with the next words out of each of your mouths.


Words that would come to be regretted right as they were said… and would make things that much worse because of emotions on high and a lack of thought coming from you and him.


In this moment… all that matter was getting this out of your system, even if it tore everything down that had been built up. And once it was in ruins… only then would you two realize it. But first… the final blow had to be struck.


“I was just fine on my own before you!” He stomped past you, grabbing the sliding glass door to the terrace and slamming it open.


A shattering of glass from his strength making it fall onto your carpet and outside patio like it was nothing more then specks of dust. Bakugou not caring about you screaming at him about once again destroying your ‘ shit ’ and instead kicking his feet up and was ready to leave.


He hadn’t felt this desire in a long time… but the overwhelming urge to get away from here and clear his mind until he could come back and actually talk to her reminding him of another time… and now, he was giving into all sorts of behaviors from two years ago.


“Are you seriously doing this again?!” You cried out, him stopping enough to at least let you finish. “Of course you are! You are nothing but a selfish creature, Bakugou Katsuki!”


“Well look who fucking ended up with me for eternity… sucks to be you!”


The ball inside of you took a hit beyond repair. And like the daughter raised by a man who controlled her through fear… you selfishly wanted to hurt Bakugou back. Knowing it was bad of you… but this pain was too much to handle… and thus, you told him something you knew wasn’t correct and knew would get under his skin.


“Well… it's not like you did a good job at turning me immortal anyway…” You breathed out. “I have no fucking ability… I have no one to help me adjust… and even more so… I’m stuck with someone who’s always insisted that he’s better off alone. Fate is fucking cruel…”


Bakugou’s lips were chapped and bitten enough for the evening, and after hearing you admit things he had picked up on or knew you were struggling with… and placed the blame onto him… he couldn’t be in this fight anymore.


“You know that’s not fucking true… but I know there’s no use arguing with you… so yeah… you’re right. I’m better off on my own…”


He didn’t allow you to put another word in, instead jumping off the balcony and disappearing among the dark city and its dim and blinding neon lights. The anger not passing until half an hour after he had left.


Only then… did the both of you finally feel the crushing weight this truly was. Anger now gone, all that remained was an overwhelming sense of sadness and both of you being without the person who made you feel the best and most comforted.


You sunk down onto the carpet near the shards of broken glass, gripping the curtains and sucking in breath after breath. You needed to calm down, but nothing was working. God, you said some terrible things… things you knew would leave wounds on him when he trusted you to not do so.


You were terrible…


But even so, Bakugou couldn't help but kick himself over the same things as he paced around the city. He knew what he said was cruel and that he had no business… but fuck… this was hard. Everything was hard.


It was no excuse though… his attitude or yours during the fight. You both let your emotions take control and it resulted in you both hurting the other in a poor attempt to make the other feel as terrible as he and you already did… without knowing the other was already upset.


Kaminari’s words from before coming into Bakugou’s mind… the notion that he and you were such a good couple because you talked things through… because you gave each other chances and heard one another out.


This wasn’t him. And he knew this wasn’t you.


He took his time cooling off, not wanting to have a resurgence of emotions tonight and make you any angrier or make you actually cry. That was his only saving grace tonight… that he didn’t make you cry. He didn’t know if he could forgive himself if he did…


...only the worst people made someone cry… and he knew that out of all the people he could do… he didn’t want to be that.


It was a few hours later when he came back, coming back through the now shattered sliding glass door. Carmine eyes looking at it with a sense of sadness in them, seeing how poorly his anger could take off, and how destructive it could be on the worst of times and occasions.


He messed up enough tonight, and with a lack of glass… it appeared you were not even giving him the chance to redeem himself in the smallest chance with the opportunity to sweep up the broken glass.


Bakugou wasted no time in going to the bedroom to talk to you. You’d often try to sleep off bad days… and he wanted to talk this out with you now. Wanted to apologize, tell you how sorry he was, that he loved you… and that he wanted and would do anything to make you know how truly sorry he was and how he’d strive to be better… how he knew he needed to.


Your chances don’t come often… and he’s used up big ones already.


But as he opened up the bedroom door and peeked inside… he saw nothing. No (hair color) on the bed hiding beneath the sheets. No sounds of running water from the bathroom to tell him you were taking a hot shower to clear your mind and calm down yourself.


Bakugou shut the door, pacing back down the hallway. Did he miss you on the couch? In the kitchen? He was sure he hadn’t… but seeing how dazed he was… anything was possible.


But… it came to a dead-end as well. No sign of you: not in the bedroom, not in the kitchen, not in the living room, not in the bathroom, not in the hallway, not on the patio, not in the hallway outside.


You were nowhere.


His heart beat rapidly, and he started a manic search again for you, this time tearing open drawers and closets to see if what he was slowly starting to pick together was true. Phone and charger gone, purse missing, clothes emptied, and his blood bags for you no longer where he knew them to be.


“(Name)?” He called out, forcing himself to not believe it. “C-come on, dough girl…”


His chest thumped, a new pain found inside of it as he looked through the bedroom again. As if he had missed you lying in bed this entire time. Like you had been hiding under the bed and waiting for him to nearly break down before showing yourself again.


But you were not hiding, and there was nothing stopping him from having that breakdown.


You were gone.


His words of before, telling you he was better off on his own were empty words, only used to empower him and break you… but now, now it appeared it had really come back to bite him in the ass.


You had taken them to heart, or he could only assume. Whether it be because of his words, or rather your own feelings of hurting him and thus not wanting to break him any more… you decided to leave and go who knows where.


The only item now that remained in the apartment that reminded him of you… being a small velvet box in his dresser drawer. But it was worthless if the person he wanted to wear it was no longer wanting to…


Bakugou sat down on the couch, looking out the new window he had made from shattering glass… a wind chilling him as he tried to keep his emotions down. He had one sensational lack of control already today… he didn’t need another.


Rather… all he could think about was how… this was how you had felt all those other times he had done this exact same thing to you. Left you on such a bad note, making you wonder if and when you would be back.


And as he sat there, thinking of all his mistakes made, knowing you were thinking of your own as well… he couldn’t shake how shitty this felt. Nor could he shake the idea that he had done this with so little idea of it….


No wonder you had packed up and left at the first sign that he really truly only relied on himself… despite a bond created by fate that was supposed to make him have someone to open up to.


...he really had been terrible.

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Ch.16 - Out of My arms Again, but Not like Last time


The buzzing of the electronic device on the countertop was nothing new, and like it had been treated for the last five days, the only attention it would receive would be from the delicate set of fingers gently pressing the button and silencing it. Sending the caller directly to voicemail.


The act both allowing the male on the other side of the line to know you were still alive and well, but also still unbelievably mad at him and not willing to even allow him to hear your voice through the electronic device.


You let out a slightly deep sigh, not wanting anyone to pick up on how you had made a habit of doing this as of late. And knowing how the slightly nosy and worrisome fairy and alchemist had already been struggling to give you space since you had shown up at their home in tears and asking to stay for a while… you knew to not worry them any more than you already were.


And thus, you had filled your time and shoved your thoughts of him aside by spending time with the small little albino girl who was delighted that your sleepover at her home was crossing over into the fifth day now.


Currently, Eri was dipping the newly made caramel apple into some sprinkles and rolling it about as you watched her. Eyes off your phone once more and back onto her. She had a happy expression on her face, finger in her mouth as she had just ‘sneakily’ stolen some of the caramel from the bowl when you had momentarily taken the chance to silence your pesky device again.


“Can we do the chocolate chips next?” Eri asked. “Chocolate and caramel and apple might taste good together!”


You nodded, sticking the stick on the next apple and then putting the fruit into the warm caramel on the stove. The fruit coated in the burnt sugar and smelling almost a bit too familiar to you. Your mind wandering back to him and how he always had this scent on him for an odd reason. It had always made you chuckle before, but now, with your heart in painful places… it only made you sad.


Eri, whether because of what she was or she was just observant, seemed to take notice of your state as the days went on, especially today at her request to make the treats. Her little hands gripping together as she was handed the apple and started to roll the chocolate chips onto it.


“Do you not like these treats?” She whimpered. “I’m sorry…”


You blinked, coming back to the kitchen and the small little girl in front of you. She had stopped rolling the apple, resulting in the chocolate chips sticking more than you liked and the caramel that had yet to be touched starting to drip down and get onto her fingers.


“No, no, Eri-chan.” You told her, placing your hands onto hers and helping finish off the apple. “I’m just lost in some thought today is all.”


Eri nodded slowly, some part of her assuming it to be that blonde vampire, but from what Uraraka had told her… to not bring him up. Apparently, you and he were hurting and she didn’t want to make either of you hurt more.


She knew what it was like to feel hurt… and the last thing the girl wanted to do was hurt you. Especially when you had taught her to make so many goodies in the last few days. She had assumed that her favorite treat would make you feel better, but it looked like it wasn’t and thus, Eri was starting to feel bad for it.


“Are you sure?” Eri spoke softly, helping you place the misshapen apple next to the three others. “You didn’t have to make these with me if-”


“Nonsense.” You told her, squeezing her hands reassuringly. “I haven’t made caramel apples in a long time, it was fun to make them again. Especially with a cutie like you.”


Eri smiled and then picked up the now empty chocolate chip pan and put it into the sink. “I can help clean up!”


You chuckled lightly and shook your head. “Nope. I’ll clean up myself. You were such a good helper that I think you deserve some TV time. What do you want to watch?”


Eri dragged her foot across the ground, seeming a bit sheepish for a moment. You watched her as she started to form the words of her request to you. Her little form squirming and her hands tracing the little kitties on her overalls.


“C-could I play Pokemon instead?” She asked.


“Of course. Do you know where your DS is?” You agreed to her request and she nodded.


“It’s a 3DS and I left it in my room!” She called. “I’ll go get it!”


Eri sprinted down the stairs and was soon out of sight, but the sounds of her feet moving fast down the stairs let you know she was rather excited to play. Though who wouldn’t be… yesterday you and Uraraka helped her catch a Skitty. And since then, she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved it and how she was going to make sure to be nice to it.


You meanwhile couldn’t believe how the Hoenn region got such a wonderful upgrade since when you had played as a kid. It was amazing! And… maybe made you a bit jealous you didn’t have your own gaming device. Something to buy the next time you had some money to spare. After all, you were sure Eri would love to have a buddy to battle the villainous teams with and battle alongside.


As Eri came back upstairs and settled in on the couch to play away the rest of the afternoon, saying how she was going after her second gym badge now, you cleaned up the mess and put the caramel apples into the fridge to settle. They would be ready after dinner… which you needed to make still.


Your stay here was not simply freeloading, as you had made sure to take on some of the more ‘housewife’ or ‘maid’ like activities of the house. Thus you cooked, cleaned, and watched Eri while Midoriya and Uraraka both had duties in the supernatural world and out of it.


Today it appeared Urakara was taking photos for a photoshoot and Midoriya was out running personal errands. Thus you offered to watch Eri and also do your usual duties since having started staying here.


You eventually decided on some lasagna to make. It was simple and everyone liked it. Plus… it appeared that the duo had all the ingredients already. Thus, you started to boil the water and started to lay out the pan that would eventually contain the pasta dish.


Time went by fast between putting dinner together and helping Eri defeat both Brawly and Wattson and catch a Roselia. She had four Pokemon now and seemed to love them all, and would not stop talking about how she was doing to do her best to win for you all.


It warmed your heart and as Eri was getting near the fourth gym, the sounds of the front door opening and the voices of two entered. Eri gasped excitedly and ran down the stairs to meet her guardian, 3DS in tow as she wanted to show them her progress.


“Deku! Urara!” Her happy voice called as she ran down the stairs again. “Mudkip evolved! It's Marshtomp now!”


“Woah! Really!?” Midoriya was a big Pokemon fan as well. “Good job, Eri-chan! You’re an amazing trainer!”


“How’s Skitty doing?” Uraraka asked as they all started to head up the stairs.


“Super good! She learned three new moves! And helped me defeat two gym leaders!” Eri was definitely hooked onto Pokemon, that was for sure.


“It sounds like you had a good day.” Midoriya smiled to her as he came into view and glanced up at you taking out dinner. “How are you tonight, (Last Name)-san?”


You nodded at him. “Just fine, Midoriya. Eri and I made dessert and dinner needs about ten minutes to cool.”


“Oh perfect! I’m so hungry!” Uraraka was already drooling at the mentions of dessert and the smells of dinner. “Eri-chan, how about you save your game and we wash up?”


Eri nodded, asking to finish her battle with the Ace Trainer first. Uraraka agreed, knowing that one couldn’t just save during a battle and thus allowed Eri to finish. After rooting Eri on and the girl winning the game was saved and the two females went off to wash up.


Midoriya hung back, watching you finish up. Your form moving the pan of now warm lasagna to the table along with a salad, bread, and a bottle of sparkling juice for you all to share. He took some of the dishes to help you. And soon enough, you all were together once more, eating happily and chatting among one another.


“What did you end up doing today, Midoriya?” You asked as you shifted from dinner to dessert and brought out Eri’s caramel apples.


Midoriya immediately lit up and looked to Uraraka who was nodding excitedly to him. He rose from his seat, motioning for everyone to wait for him to go back. Uraraka looked rather excited and you watched with a happy expression.


Midoriya and Uraraka had told you of their plan, which was part of the reason why you had offered to make her favorite dish for her. Midoriya soon came back out, carrying a small little pink bag with tissue paper coming out of it.


“Happy Late Birthday, Eri-chan.” Midoriya spoke, putting the bag down in front of the child and watching her eyes widen.


Eri looked at the bag and then back to Midoriya who took his seat next to her once more. You had started to place the candy apples by everyone, making sure to light a candle in Eri’s for her to blow out. The small girl’s eyes tearing up ever so slowly.


“B-but… my birthday’s in December…” She muttered.


“That’s why we’re celebrating late.” Uraraka told her. “It’s not fair to not celebrate it if we only missed it by a few months!”


Eri looked at the three of you, then slowly back towards her gift.


“Go on, open it.” You encouraged her.


She did a moment later and nearly gasped when she started to see what was inside. A pink little kitty plush and a small blue axolotl plush sitting next to one another. The small girl reaching in and pulling out the toys with sparkling eyes and a few joyful tears.


“Mudkip and Skitty!” She cried, hugging them close and pressing her face against the soft plush fabric and staining them with some tears.


“You also have certificates to get the other four members of your team when you catch them.” Midoriya told her, putting down the certificates from the Pokemon Center he had been at nearly all afternoon trying to buy the best Mudkip and Skitty for Eri.


“I’m going to have a Roselia and Kirlia too?” Eri beamed, tears still coming from her face. “Thank you… thank you.”


“We’re just happy to have you here with us Eri-chan.” Uraraka smiled, running her fingers through Eri hair.


There were plenty of tears from all three as you all ate dessert and you simply observed this small little family. It was cute… they all were so cute together. You couldn't help but feel a little happy yourself watching them, but then again… a little happiness could never fill the hole that was currently growing in your heart.


Eventually, Eri had fallen asleep, holding on tightly to her new toys. And as Midoriya and Uraraka put her to bed, you finished cleaning up the dishes and then reached into the freezer. It had been three days since the last one, and thus it was time to take another to keep you sane. Eight more remained, and you were happy to see not much was in the freezer of your friends, to begin with.


Your gaze lingered on the name on the front, then turned it over, trying to not look at it for too long. Your lips quivering and then stabilized by the plastic bag and the taste of sanity. Or at least… the taste of knowing you would not go into a craving.


You were nearly finished when Uraraka and Midoriya had come back up, settling into the couches to watch a movie with you. It was a lazy weekday, after all, so you all might as well relax. You tossed the empty bag away and came to the recliner chair as Midoriya and Uraraka sat on the couch near one another but not super close. Always hovering toward the truth of their feelings for one another… but never getting close to it.


“You doing okay?” Uraraka asked you, seeing how your eyes were starting to have light purple discoloration around them.


“Hm.” You nodded, idly scratching at your neck. “I’m doing okay.”


Midoriya shuffled awkwardly. “W-well… you know that if you need or want to talk about what happened… we’d be willing to-”


He was cut off as your phone started to vibrate once more. Your eyes falling onto it and seeing the familiar number once more ruining the atmosphere you were in. And like all the other times before, you simply picked up the device and sent him straight to voicemail.


It was silent after you did this, the mood in the room having dropped considerably and no one wanting to speak or say anything for several minutes. Only when you started to feel less hostile and desiring of silence did you speak up and bring the mood once more to a sense of frustration: yourself, him, your relationship, and how you hated your ringtone now but was too lazy to change it.


“He calls three times a day… once in the morning. Once in the afternoon. And once at night. Knows I have a habit of getting into trouble… so he at least knows I’m still alive when he gets sent to voicemail…”


Midoriya furrowed his brows. He had known Kacchan longer than anyone, and Midoriya could only assume that if the male had been calling this many times so frequently, it wasn’t because he wanted to make sure you were alive, but rather because he was in the same mood as you and wanted to patch things up and bring you home.


But since he knew Kacchan as well as he did… Midoriya also knew that the ash blonde more than likely had no idea how to do it. And thus, would do anything else in fear of making the situation worse. But how much worse could this get?


To the green-haired male… the two of you fighting, separated, and not talking to one another wasn’t a good sign. If anything… the longer you two put off making up, the harder it would be to get back together with open arms and kind words.


“(Name)-chan…” Uraraka breathed out slowly, feeling your tired and tear dried eyes looking at her. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


You nodded slowly, a laugh escaping your lips. Trails of liquid suddenly coming down your cheeks and you wiped them away before anything could be said about them or before they stained the chair or your clothing with their droplets.


“Of course I’m not… but I also can’t bring myself to see him.” You breathed out. “He said some really terrible things to me, and I said some equally terrible things right back.”


Midoriya and Uraraka didn’t say anything, instead looking at your scratching your neck, going over your bite marks rather harshly. It was like before… only, Bakugou had been doing it like he wanted to peel the marks away. You were doing it as if to ease the tensions… like it was an itch and not a burning sensation.


“(Name)-chan?” Uraraka spoke up again. “A-are you still having that dream?”


You blinked, looking up to Uraraka. Some of the tears starting to calm down now as your mind was thinking of something else. Your eyes widening as you started to think about your dreams now.


“Yes… and others like it.” You admitted, watching Midoriya and Uraraka exchange glances. “What?”


“What are they about?” Midoriya asked while treading lightly.


“The same as usual… I’m alone, made some kind of mistake only to find it it has something to do with Katsuki… and then by the end of it… I can’t reach him or save him.” You sniffled. “Sometimes he’s drowning, sometimes he can’t hear or see me… nowadays… there’s a wall between us and we can hear one another… but no matter what we can never find each other.”


You rubbed away the last of your tears and looked toward your friends once more. Uraraka looked slightly disturbed, seeing as your creepy dreams only got worse since the last she asked. But Midoriya… Midoriya seemed to have been struck by your words and was now muttering to himself as he often did when he was deep in thought.


You and Uraraka exchanged glances and the brown haired female laughed awkwardly as she shook Midoriya back to this plane of existence and he blinked as a blush came to his lips. Holding his hands up and waving them around he apologized for spacing out.


“S-sorry!” He shook his curly locks. “I-I was just thinking about how… this all might be related to your blood bond.”


“Our blood bond?” You mirrored his words. “What do you mean, Midoriya?”


“I-I don’t know for sure, nor do I know a lot about them… but from what I understand, blood bonds are strong things. It's hard, maybe even impossible to break them… but maybe… and once again, I don’t know for sure… your blood bond is trying to tell you something is wrong through your dreams since… Kacchan can’t do it himself?”


You nodded slowly but didn’t exactly believe the male. “So… you think this is all being caused by our blood bond and neither of us being able to talk. Thus, the bond is doing it itself?”


Midoriya sighed in frustrations. “I don’t know for sure… I’m not an expert on vampires or their traditions.”


Uraraka suddenly jumped up from her seat after Midoriya words, eyes wide and an idea no doubt forming in her head. Her smile bursting across her face as she turned to look at you and Midoriya several times from where she stood.


“Deku-kun and I may not know a lot about blood bonds of vampire biology or traditions… but we all know someone who does! After all, he said it himself that he’s done research on all sorts of supernaturals and how they live!”


You and Midoriya blinked in confusion a few times until the person came into mind for the both of you. The male in question while being slightly aloof and socially inept did, in fact, know a lot about the supernatural world… and thus Uraraka was right.


“Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya looked towards you. “Todoroki-kun would for sure know more than me or Uraraka on blood bonds! Especially since he didn’t let Kacchan off the hook when he figured out he was bonded with you two years ago! He’d for sure know what’s going on if you talk to him!”


You bit your lip. “I’m not sure I should talk to Shou of all people about my relationship troubles…”


Uraraka shook her head. “Nonsense! He’s been supportive since he saw how much Bakugou-kun truly cares for you! And besides… its clear Bakugou-kun won’t tell him anything, so it's up to you!”


It was true, while Todoroki had no idea why Bakugou lost his mark… your dreams were not part of that. Thus, there was a chance Todoroki would indeed know what was going on and could shed some light on things for you and help bring you both back together.


Or even have you and Bakugou run into one another if you were back at your apartment complex in the first place. The pair of chosen ones could only hope… and throw their support toward the pair of vampire soulmates.


You sighed. “Okay… I guess I’m going to talk to Shou then.”


Midoriya and Uraraka nodded to you as you got up from your spot and started to collect your things. You had stayed over here long enough, and now with the pair of them raising Eri, you didn’t want to intrude any longer.


So with all your things once more on you and the blood from Katsuki still enough to last you another three weeks, you knew that if it came down to it… Shou would have a secret roommate for a few days.


Though… some part of you was hoping for an answer or clarification from him… because you were indeed starting to miss that male that smelled like caramel, despite how you still couldn’t find it in you to forgive him or yourself.

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Ch.17 - Let’s Talk About Personal Things… even if no one wants to.


The bakery sign  still read “closed” and the shop was dark… no one having been inside since you had closed the night before the farmer’s market. You wondered if anyone had noticed… or if anyone cared.


Putting that thought aside though you really should have thought this through more, seeing as you had managed to forget one small… but very important detail until you had seen your apartment building.


You were going to see Todoroki, and possibly sleep on his couch, and Todoroki… was your neighbor.


This could end badly if you didn’t do this right. If anything you’d see Bakugou before you were ready to see him. And if you were not ready to see him… it could lead to another fight and both of you could get into an even worse fight. You couldn’t handle it if anything got worse.


You just… wanted to go home.


But with no idea what to do or how to even talk to your love, you decided to focus on something more ‘reachable’ in a sense. That being figuring out what the heck blood bonds were and how they worked. You missed being able to sleep comfortably and didn’t wish to any longer see Bakugou’s face haunting your dreams.


If anything, when this was all said and done… you’d much prefer having him be the sweet prince of your dreams once more. But you could focus on your fairy tale dreams with him later. Right now you needed to get to Todoroki and not let Bakugou know you were here.


He was smart and would be able to tell if you tried to jump to Todoroki’s balcony. You could always text Todoroki and get him to let you in… but what if Bakugou ran into Todoroki as he was leaving to let you in.


As much as you loved Todoroki… the half-angel had no sense of social cues and would no doubt tell the ash blonde the truth if Bakugou so easily as asked Todoroki where he was headed.


You could picture it now as you sat on the bench in the park across from your apartment complex. Todoroki would be leaving to help let you in as Bakugou was coming back from somewhere. Bakugou would look at Todoroki with that annoyed but slightly curious gaze he often held towards the half-angel.


“The fuck you going.” He’d speak in a tone that was not asking.


“Oh. (Name)’s outside waiting for me to let her in. Now if you will excuse me.” Todoroki would say without batting an eye.


“She’s what?!” Bakugou’s scream would even be heard to you seven stories below and outside the building. “Why the fuck is she going to you? Where the hell is that moron!”


And that’s how the reunion would go. And you were terrified to even get off the bench to throw away your hot chocolate. And thus you just sat there… looking and waiting. Maybe you should just go back to Uraraka and Midoriya’s.


It was getting late and dark now after all. And with a gang of murderers no doubt on the lookout for you all to enact some messed up form of vengeance… you really didn’t want to be caught alone.


You sighed, turning to your too large bag and slung it back over your shoulder. Might as well go back to the fairy and alchemist… with enough cookies, they’d forgive you and encourage you to try again tomorrow.


“(N-Name)?” A familiar voice called out to you and you jumped a little, having not expected anyone.


You turned a little, seeing a familiar male standing beside you. He looked out of breath and was holding something in his hands. A plastic bag, filled with something or another. Most likely dinner.


“Shou.” You sighed. “You scared me.”


“Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting to see you… out here.” He gestured to the park, sunlight almost being gone completely.


“You’re one to talk… getting dinner at past 8 pm.” You commented lowly.


“Are you going back?” Todoroki asked suddenly. “To… your apartment.”


He seemed to at least know to not mention Bakugou by name. Maybe he was more social adept then you assumed him to be. That or he knew you well. Either could for sure to the answer here.


“No…” You shook your head. “I’m actually here… to ask you about something.”


Todoroki nodded slowly, gesturing to the apartment complex. “Do you want to come inside then?”


You nodded and followed him in.  Todoroki didn’t say anything else on the way up to his apartment. The quiet was welcomed by you, as you truly would be at a loss if Bakugou saw you… before you knew what to say to him.


So as you got off the elevator to your floor, the silence only got more unbearable. Lucky for you though… it appeared the silence would not be in place for long. As, right when you passed by your door, it seemed the fire alarm inside of your apartment decided to go off.


A smell of burning wafted into your nose and you paused a moment, looking at your door with worry. What was he doing? And was he okay?


“Fuck! Again?!” You could hear that angry voice called out, muffled from the door but still making your heart clench.


It had been what felt like forever since you heard him. It was almost too fitting for the first words you heard him say again… were a swear word at full volume. It nearly made you laugh… nearly.


But once more, it appeared the overwhelming sense of sadness and betrayal for both you and for him were still in control of you.


Before you could allow it to sink any further deep into you though, someone was gently pulling you away and into their own apartment next door. And with the gentle shutting of his door, Todoroki had made sure that you could still seek what you came here for.


But with the screams and fire alarm distractions going off, it appeared it would all have to wait a moment. So, as Todoroki threw his food into the fridge to speak to you before he ate, you sat down on his couch. Todoroki joining you soon after and listening as well, nothing being sad between you two. Both of you knowing to wait until this was over and thankful for the time to mentally prepare for whatever this conversation might be.


Or maybe… that was just you.


Once the beeping and angry calls seemed to have come to an end next door you calmed down a little bit. On one hand, you were kinda happy to hear his voice again. But on the other hand… so help Bakugou Katsuki if you came home and your apartment was destroyed.


Now thinking about it though… you had no idea what to expect the state of the apartment to be like. Bakugou was always a rather neat and tidy person, but then again… when he was mad… he was pissed.


And all that anger would have for sure needed a way to be let out. And one of those ways might be in him yelling or fighting. But if anything, the only wish you had… was for your boyfriend to know better than to take his anger out on wrecking your shared apartment. Especially since you both just splurged on new furniture and such as well!


“He’s been doing and making all sorts of strange noises and causing them ever since you left.” Todoroki commented, sighing in no doubt long-held annoyance.


“And what exactly has he been doing?” You spoke, convincing yourself that talking about Bakugou would help in the long run of talking to Bakugou.


“Well, the first night after you left… I knew you had before I even checked my messages to find the text you sent me… because Bakugou nearly took my door down and pretty much searched my entire apartment for you.


When he couldn’t find you here, he went back and seemed to be doing something dangerous, as he kept commenting on getting cut and bleeding… rather loudly.”


“He must have been trying to clean up what was left of the shattered patio door. I pretty much cleaned up all the glass… but knowing him he took it off and replaced it himself these last few days.”


You sighed, trying to imagine your boyfriend doing handyman work. But no matter what, it always seemed to have him pictured with a snarling face and commenting all sorts of obscenities under his breath. He was quite the… interesting vampire. And always the interesting roommate.


“Anything else?” You asked Todoroki who only deadpanned more. “Oh no… what else has happened?”


“Pretty much… it sounds like a wild animal has been set loose inside of your apartment.” Todoroki was blunt, not holding back anything. “There is constant swearing, yelling, and what sounds to be banging and alarms going off.”


You looked terrified, but that certainly didn’t stop Todoroki from continuing his rant. Nor did you even try to stop him, if he had been holding this in… you’d rather have him rant to you then go off and hold it in until it broke him down.


After all, the last time he had been keeping everything inside… he nearly killed Bakugou and used his power on you. Then again, you did provoke him. And that never ended well with Todoroki’s lack of emotional control and your temper.


“What is he even doing to set the alarms off so much?” You spoke, disbelief settling in.


“Well… seeing as the fire department won’t show up anymore… I’m guessing his explosive ability might be what is being used. Then again, the building doesn’t shake… so maybe its something else?”


Todoroki pondered the thought, seeming to try and think over what it might be, meanwhile you were looking rather grim trying to picture what was left standing in your home. Bakugou had improved with his temper since you had left, but with you gone and the fight still brimming on both of your minds… he might have accidentally done some damage.


But instead of focusing on the ‘ifs’ you decided that if anything… Bakugou at least deserved your faith in him that he could manage his own emotions. It was a long run, but after every terrible thing you spoke to him… maybe putting your faith that he was better off emotionally than you would help you learn to apologize and speak of the things you loved about him and cherished about him.


The silence grew for a moment, you lost in your thoughts and not seeming to be in any sort of reality. All the while, your childhood friend had been watching you closely. He had noticed your sad eyes and how this conversation was making it that much more emotional to you.


It was clear you missed your noisy ash blonde dearly… but were having trouble finding a way to work through the cave in that was your fight. And with him only speaking or possible worries or other fights… it would no doubt not help you move back towards the male you had found adoration in.


So for now, Todoroki would put his own irritations on the side for you. After all… you had come here to seek his help and support and he would make sure you would get it from him. Starting with what you had sought him out for in the first place.

“But… enough about the strange noises I hear from him in the middle of the night.” Todoroki said, a bit of salt on his tongue. “You came here to talk to me about something?”


You nodded slowly, knowing the half-angel always had a way of knowing when you needed to talk to him. This was no different it appeared, as now that the gossip was out of the way, Todoroki was ready to speak to you without anyone else ruining the moment or interrupting.


“Yes… Midoriya and Uraraka-” You inhaled slowly. “Said you might know some information on blood bonds. How they work. What they are. And… if they are something more than a mere blood connection.”


Todoroki nodded slowly, his mismatched eyes turning to look away from your own matching ones to now his legs. His hands reaching out to connect and rest on his knees. He sighed again, this time seeming to clear his mind rather than of any frustrations.


“At their most basic form… a blood bond is nothing more than a simple dependence on your partner’s blood to be able to continue to live and sustain yourself and your sanity.”


“Oh.” You let it slip, feeling as if something inside of yourself broke at the mention of nothing special and emotional existed. It was just a biological dependency… nothing more. Just you putting some soulmate ideas onto a thing that was only based on the taste of hemoglobin.


“But… that’s not to say a blood bond can’t evolve to be something greater.” Todoroki continued on, seeming to have not noticed your face or the momentary crisis you had gone through. “It really all depends on how strong the feelings are between those who are bonded.”


You quickly recollected yourself, not wanting to worry your dear friend more than you must have by coming here to him and not home. “Could you… talk a little more about that?”


“Yes, I can and will.” Todoroki nodded slowly. “A blood bond can grow and become something much stronger as people can. It’s the initial blood connection that forms it, but those who end up taking up feelings towards their bonded often will have their bond grow and turn into something else as well.”


“Like what?” You urged him, your ears wanting to hear more and more.


Todoroki gave you a soft smile. Whether it was the always curious girl he knew from childhood or your desire to make things right… it always made him smile when he saw you take such a deep interest in this world. His world. Your world.


“I can’t share anything that’s more than a rumor, but… from what I’ve heard and read about vampires involving blood bonds, those who end up forming strong bonds have been able to describe moments or times when they had some sort of ‘sense’ when their partner was in danger.


Some say it was a tingle up their back. Others say that they momentarily see things from their partner’s eyes. Some even say that get visions of the future. But no matter what, it’s always described as the bond speaking to make sure both partners stay by each other's side.”


Todoroki paused a moment, thinking over his question. But seeing as it was you, he could care less about asking personal questions. Childhood friends shared everything… or at least he certainly did with you. So he could only hope it was the same on your end as well.


“Is your bond… speaking to you?” He asked, and you nodded slowly, as if unsure yourself.


“Yes… I think it has been.” You told him. “In my dreams…”


“What have they been about?” He asked you.


“Him vanishing below a murky surface.” You thought hard on it. “It started right after his mark was erased I think. And now with the fight, my dreams have been even worse. It's clear we’ve both been strained, and the bond isn’t happy to be stretched so thin.”


“So what are you going to do now?” Todoroki pushed a little further. “You do live right next door after all.”


You sighed, leaning back on the couch and putting your hands on your face. “I don’t know. There’s so much going on right now… that I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit and have a calm conversation with him.”


Hearing your words, Todoroki knew there was one final question on his mind. After all, if you couldn’t handle talking through what had happened right now, it must mean the much more important event was put on hold. Plus, you were not even wearing it, so… that must have meant things were worse then he assumed initially.


“So… should I assume this means the marriage has been put on hold?” Todoroki asked, knowing it had been well over the usual time one would usually take to ask that question since buying a ring.


You blinked, looking up at Todoroki through watery eyes. A confused expression crossing over your hues. Todoroki rose a brow at this, confused as to why you were looking at him like he had spoken of something with three heads. He has assumed that with all things considered… you and Bakugou would have been putting more thought into the idea of marriage. Had the fight been so bad you had forgotten that ‘little’ part?


“Shou… what are you-?”


You couldn’t even finish the sentence, instead cutting yourself off and wiping your eyes of tears. The idea of a marriage slowly sinking into your mind more and more. The times before he left for Finland… Bakugou had been weird and distant and always seemed to look as if he was waiting to ask you something. But never could find the time, or now… the right time, to ask you.


And that dreadful afternoon after the farmer’s market, he had hidden in his and your shared room. At first, you had assumed he was brewing, but looking back… seeing him crouching down near the floor when you had opened the door… you remembered something you originally glossed over.


In his hands, was something shiny. Something that glistened as he tightened his hand to shield whatever was in it from your view. You inhaled deeply, looking toward Todoroki once more. His brows raising and then narrowing as something seemed to cross over his mind, and a feeling as well bubbled in his stomach when he realized you had realized something yourself.


“Katsuki… is going to propose?” You whispered it out loud, almost as if you feared that merely saying it would make it no longer a viable option in his mind. “Katsuki… wants to get married… to me!”


Any tears that had once been spilling for sadness were now spilling with a burst of laughter and smile on your face. You wiped away at them furiously, trying to not show that you were upset, but with each teardrop that escaped from your eyes, it took with it the angst, sadness, loneliness, worry and so much more that had been weighing down on you.


“He wants to get married and have a wedding… oh gosh, this means we’re going to have to plan one. Crap it's going to cost so much… but it’ll all be worth it.” You began to ramble, then suddenly looked towards your childhood friend, feeling the last of your tears going dry on your cheeks. “Shouto… he wants to marry me.”


You barely had time to let out another relieved and excited chuckle before your childhood friend had spoken his reply to you. And by the time he did, it seemed that your own happiness and excitement… had bled over onto the other person in the room more than you knew.


“I’ve known for a while! I’m so happy that you are happy about it!” Todoroki spoke with a lightness and a joyful tone, one so very different and noticeably so from his usual aloof and at times monotone voice.


You recoiled slightly, looking at Todoroki with a rather disgusted look and eyes wide. What was that? Todoroki… was never this outwardly emotional unless during times of great stress. And this certainly was not something he had been stressed over.


“Oh!” He beamed, almost akin to Midoriya when the green-eyed male speaks of something he’s passionate about. “This is strange… I can’t control my own emotions.”


It had started out happy, but by the end of it, Todoroki sounded a bit unsure of things and he was looking to be attempting to eye himself suspiciously. Part of his mouth twisted in a way that looked like he smelled something foul.


“Are you okay?” You hovered. “Should I do something?”


Todoroki looked at you, worry in his eyes but also sudden recognition of what he must have been trying to figure out.


“(Name)... it's you.” He was hovering back now. “Your emotions are swaying my own…”


You brightened up suddenly, seeing how Todoroki was mirroring you. His own cheeks flared up, nearly matching your own. You were doing this! You were… you were using what you could only assume to be the thing you were so sure to be lacking.


“This must be your ability!” Todoroki was nearly freaking out. “You have emotion manipulation!”


“I do?!” You inhaled sharply, suddenly standing up from where you stood. “I… I have to- I have to tell Katsuki! Right now!”


Todoroki, feeling suddenly filled with a great desire to run and also cry, managed to watch you leave all your things behind and make a narrow-minded dash toward the door and then slam it open.


And by the time you were out in the hallway and away from him, it seemed to finally stop. His own emotions returning to be of his own control. The half-angel sighing, seeing as experiencing so much in so little time was absolutely exhausting.


He wondered how you could do it and still make a break to go talk to your fated.


His question could wait for now at least… seeing as for now, you were finally going back. With what appeared to be many ideas in mind and emotions to share in ways you nor he could ever imagine.

Chapter Text

Ch.18 - Let Me Hold Your Hand Again, i need a reminder you are here once more


Maybe you should have put a little more thought into it, but seeing as your hand was on the doorknob and already swinging it open, you knew it was too late now. Despite the little part of you that was annoyed that the door wasn’t locked or how there was a thick smell of burning from inside the apartment, you couldn’t deny how your happiness and desire for reconciliation was what was moving you past all the small nagging thoughts.


As you ventured further inside the small little apartment you had missed so dearly and were surprised to see that the entire place was spotless. No scorch marks or ripped furniture. It was all in place and looked to have been neatly cleaned and polished meticulously every day.


Where there was a mess though was in the kitchen it appeared, with the oven being on, and the burning smell coming from a baking sheet of what looked to be charcoal. You barely had time to look further as suddenly a mop of ash blonde hair came up from below where the kitchen was. The island in the center having blocked him until this moment.


Bakugou’s eyes were fierce and narrowed, fists gripped together and looking ready to strike whoever had just marched into his home without a care and stomping feet. However, as his eyes landed upon you, his carmine hues widened and he let go of his fist in favor of gripping the island as if to steady himself to some form of reality.


You shuffled in front of him awkwardly, a few nerves building up, but your mind still bouncing with happiness now aware of a certain question he had been meaning to ask you. The knowledge that he wanted to further your relationship along… was truly making your love for him grow.


“Hey.” You spoke gently, letting out a sigh.


“Hey…” Bakugou responded, taking an arm and putting it behind his head.


It was silent again, neither one of you really knew what to say or do next. It was awkward no doubt, but still now within each other's sights once more… it was clear that neither of you wanted or would let the other walk out without so much as speaking a bit more and trying to fill in this crevice that had formed between you both.


Seeing as the smell of burning was still overwhelming to you, and your eyes couldn't help but lean downwards toward the black rocks on your once pristine baking sheets. Bakugou followed where your eyes went and then seemed to stiffen when he caught onto what you were looking at. The oven behind him also making a shiver run up his spine, seeing as he had been cleaning it before you thundered in.


“What… are these?” You asked, taking one of the pieces of coal and holding it between your fingers.


Bakugou’s cheeks were starting to become more and more rosy by the minute as he opened and closed his mouth but no sounds came from it. Slowly though, and with him awkwardly rubbing his arm and refusing to meet your gaze, he admitted what exactly these little rocks were supposed to be.


“I… tried to make macarons as an apology…” He admitted, pouting his lips ever so slightly. “They… were a lot harder to make then I thought…”


You chuckled softly, placing the terrible, burnt beyond recognition, macaron back onto the tray and then picking the entire thing up. You moved quickly, popping open the trash can and dumping all the hard treats inside and then putting the tray in the sink with the other soaking baking materials.


The entire time feeling his eyes on you as if he was afraid you would disappear right before his eyes if he didn’t watch you with care. Bakugou’s throat dry and unsure of what to say or do as you came back to the island and stood across from him once more.


The divide between the pair of you back, this time both emotional and physical. You were now so unsure of what to do, having lost that desire to run into his arms and tell him all was okay now. And despite how your anger and hurt was still melting away slowly, lingering thoughts and feelings still present no matter how much you wanted them to go away.


“Are you… back?” Bakugou asked, touching the flour covered island and tracing a line with his finger.


“If you want me to be…” You told him, not wanting to come back into his life if he wasn't ready for you to yet.


Bakugou’s head turned upwards, looking toward you with wide eyes. Did you think he didn’t want you here? Seriously? He’d missed you like crazy since you were gone… and even resorted to trying to make these complicated sweets you did with such ease! How could he-? Why would he-?


He just… wanted you to stay.


And the thing that bothered him the most at this moment wasn’t how he sucked at making pastries, or that you seemed to suck on the thought that he still needed space from you… but rather this stupid island keeping you from him.


Thus with gritted teeth and his chest-thumping suddenly, he moved forward and came towards you. His strong and familiar arms wrapping you up nicely once more and making it so you could bury your face in his chest. He smelled of caramel like always, a strange scent to always have lingered on the male. But one that truly told you that you were home.


There was still much talking to be done and things to fix and apologize for. But right now… you just wanted to feel him and smell him, and hear him, and see him. You just… wanted him back in your life.


Slowly you felt damp wetness start to seep from your eyes, and the feeling of the liquid making you inhale sharply and throw your own arms around him and hold him so close to you. He squeezed you back as well, making sure to get all the emotions caused by this separation out as he hugged you tightly.


After several minutes of just standing in silence and simply feeling the presence of one another once more, you and he separated. Your eyes widening slightly as you looked at him and saw there were similar trails of tears running down his cheeks from his eyes as well. Your thumb raising and wiping away at it softly, the male watching as you did so and then wiping at the other trail with his own thumb.


“Fuck… I don’t know why I’m crying…” He admitted, looking down at you and wiping his other thumb against one of your own trails if tears. “But… looks like you are too, dough girl.”


Your lips turned into a small frown, and you looked downward. You had to tell him, and seeing as it might be because of your influence that this rather tender moment was happening… you wanted to tell him. After all, if you were manipulating his emotions to forgive you… then that’s not what you wanted nor how you wanted this fight to finally end.


“Katsuki… you’re crying cause of me.” You admitted with a slightly guilty tone.


“Huh?” Bakugou blinked. “Well no shit, dough girl!”


“No no!” You shook your head and looked at him, capturing your pools of (eye color) with his carmine ones. “Katsuki… my ability… its emotion manipulation.”


He blinked, another tear escaping his eyes as he looked at you. Slowly he nodded and then flashed a soft but still powerful smirk on his lips. He pulled you into another hug, this one much tighter and nearly taking the breath out of your lungs.


“See… knew you were not defective.” He laughed dryly. “Now you just have to learn how to control your shitty ability.”


You inhaled when you were able too. “You’re not mad… I mean… who knows how long I’ve been doing this and how many times I’ve manipulated you or someone else to feel a certain way-”


“I don’t care!” He spoke a bit loudly, squeezing your frame again. “I’m just… glad you found out and that you came back home.”


He pulled away enough to look at you. Neither your eyes nor his full of tears, but rather starting to shine with forgiveness and the need to be with your partner once more. His arms used as a bridge to connect you to him once more, now at arm's length so you could gaze upon his handsome features.


“You have one. And you are home.” He breathed out. “That’s all I fucking care about.”


You sniffled and nodded to him. The final moments of anguish passing over you and making you finally start to feel at ease once more. It was nice, this feeling of no longer having to worry about him reacting in anger. He was glad you were back and wanted to move on as well. And of his own accord.


It appeared that while you could sway emotions to one side or another, you couldn't change how people felt underneath it. Their true feelings and emotions were always underneath the surface and you were lucky to only have been able to scratch at the surface. Physical… not mental… something you were strangely glad for.


“So I have an ability, you tried to make macarons…” You laughed. “Sounds like we both discovered some new things about ourselves.”


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “I’m never trying to do your shitty… but complicated… job again, you hear me?”


You laughed. “You won’t have to. I always had a feeling to never ask you to help me bake, seeing as you don’t like sugary things.”


He rolled his eyes, but also allowed his lips to momentarily raise upwards before getting rid of the expression on his face. He then faced the kitchen behind the pair of you and sighed. You caught on and saw the mess it was left in. He looked more to have fought the ingredients that actually tried to mix them together with the love and patience you always tried to give your baked goods.


“Come on.” You hold him, snaking your hand into his own. “I’ll help you clean up.”


He turned to you with a wild expression. “Why? I fucking made the mess! Go sit down and I don’t know… read or some shit.”


“Nope.” You shook your head. “I know how to clean my bakeware better than you. So you finish the oven and I’ll clean what’s left of my baking supplies in the sink.”


He grumbled something under his breath of you being stubborn but gave into you doing so. You watched him go towards the oven, watching with a smile on your face. But as your eyes caught onto something square and outlined in his back pocket, your thoughts came back to before. Todoroki’s words and now with you almost seeing the physical object of such a question had made you fuzzy feelings buzz to life once more.


It seemed your sudden flaring of emotions had caught Bakugou’s attention as well, seeing as he was suddenly stuck feeling the exact same way. He turned to look at you, seeing how your face was in shock and slightly pink.


He came back near you and looked you over, obviously worried something else had upset you now and he for sure didn’t want you upset over something else. But as he did so, he couldn’t help but feel how outwardly he was… happy.


“Are you okay?” He asked you, raising a brow when you rose a hand to your chest and gripped the fabric of your shirt.


“Ask me.” You told him, looking at him in a way he had never seen before, almost as if you knew something you shouldn’t and wanted to be told.


“Huh?” He blinked, taking a slight step back as he gazed at you with confusion knitted deeply into his brows. “What are you talking about?”


“Katsuki.” You stated his name with a fierceness, nudging him slightly. “Ask me.”


It took him a moment, but he seemed to at least understand what you were getting at now. His own face turning red once more and now one of his hands went toward his back pocket, fumbling around with the object that was tucked away.


“I don’t know which stupid fucker told you…” Bakugou spoke, pausing as he lowered himself more towards the ground and started to get into position. “Nor was this the shitty way I planned to ask you… but…”


You inhaled a sharp breath as Bakugou was before you on one knee. His eyes looking at you with an intensity and admiration you had never seen on his face before. The look he gave causing you to raise a hand to your mouth in surprise despite knowing this was going to happen.


“Dough girl… you’re literally the only one for me… so, I guess you’re stuck with me for all time.” He started, definitely not the prince charming way of speaking to you for such a fairy tale moment. “But… that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you for every single damn second. So… if you think you can do it, will you be my wife?”


You nodded, tears sprouting again and falling to the floor where Bakugou was still on one knee. He had to really do his best to catch you and still keep the ring in his hand and you held onto him and muttered yes after yes to him.


Bakugou smirked to himself, holding you close and squeezing your form against his once more. Holy hell… it was not in the way he pictured but damn… you were going to marry him. You agreed to be his wife. And that meant you also wanted him to be your husband.


He never knew he would be the type to be into this type of domestic shit… but the thought of literally having you all to himself… was something else entirely. So much so that he couldn’t help but laugh happily and then pick you up with ease and hold you in his arms.


He spun you once and then twice, not knowing where this happiness was coming from. His guess that it might be you was a good one, but he also couldn’t deny how this feeling spread through his entire body and not just his outer layer.


“Let me put the ring on!” You laughed as he stopped spinning you and placed you back on your feet.


“Shit! Right!” He spoke, grabbing your hand gently with one hand and then taking the ring out of the box with the other.


You watched with glee as he slid the beautiful little piece of jewelry onto your finger. It fit perfectly and the colors and design were truly one of a kind. You didn’t know where he found the ring or how much it cost him, but it was clear he had truly gone all out for you to make this moment as wonderful as it could be.


“It’s beautiful.” You spoke, admiring the ring and then looking towards your no longer boyfriend. “So… I guess I’m going to be a Bakugou soon, right?”


He inhaled a breath. “You want my last name?”


You nodded. “Yeah… I think Bakugou (Name) had a nice right to it.”


He smirked. “Yeah… it certainly fucking does.”


You laughed slightly, still so happy in this moment, especially with the new snug piece of metal around your ring finger. Everything felt right again, and now with this little stress off his shoulders and also you no longer feeling like he was keeping something big from you, the two of you could move on.


“So… you want to be a Bakugou huh?” Bakugou rubbed his chin as he smiled smugly. “It’s gonna be pretty difficult to hold up to that name… the Bakugou name is always basked in great things and held by great people.”


“I’m sure I can do it.” You gave him just as a smug expression back. “Seeing as I was the one meant for you and only you… so I can handle your last name even better then I handle you.”


“Oi! The hell does that mean, dough girl!?” He called, sweeping you off your feet suddenly and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “You saying I’m hard to live with?”


You laughed again, this time playing you the hem of his shirt. “No. I’m saying being a Bakugou won’t be as hard as living with one…. Plus…”


Bakugou rose a brow at you, seeing how you became a bit flustered at the thought inside your head. But with him looking at you with such a curious and also affectionate glimmer in his eyes, you honestly were in no way able to stop anything from spilling from your mouth now.


“I was just thinking that… I would prefer being a Bakugou much more than a (Last Name). Because… I’d prefer to be known as Bakugou more than my current name.”


Bakugou sighed, kissing you again, this time softly on the lips. He adjusted you in his arms and placed his forehead against yours slightly as you inhaled and calmed your rapidly beating heart with him being not only so close but acting so soft at this moment. He must really be happy and ready for this. He was ready to move forward and truly make sure you knew of how much he cared for you.


“I don’t care what your last name is… as long as I always get to have you be mine.” He whispered, wisps of his hair tickling your sides and skin.


“Good.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Cause I don’t want to be with anyone else. Only you, Bakugou Katsuki.”


He could only chuckle softly, admiring how nicely your ring reflected in the glow of the apartment lighting and how truly lucky he was to have you. Unaware that you were thinking the exact same thing at this moment.


And just like that… all was good and right once more.

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Ch.19 - feel you next to me (NSFW)


It was clear something else was still on his mind, even after the reconciliation, the proposal, and everything in between. Something that was starting to become more clear as you were suddenly engulfed by a breath dissolving hug.


“Katsuki?” You muttered, turning to look at the male as best you could.


Instead, you were met by the appearance of ash blonde hair making tingles against your nose and cheeks. The feeling of his hands beginning to be firm and also sink lower until they were on your hips. You gulped down a large amount of saliva, something inside of you buzzing at the mere idea of what might be coming.


It had certainly been a while… and with you wanting nothing more than to be close to him and hold the idea of the two of you were meant for only the other… you could understand his need.


“I don’t think I can hold back…” He choked out, the words used rather unsettling in any other situation, but strangely enough, you understood it in a way.


This desire to be touched by the one person who seemed to know exactly what to do, say, act, and feel you in a way no one else, not even yourself could do. And after having had that person gone for what could have been longer than this mere torturous, you could see and understand why he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from not going further.


He wanted to feel you around him. And you wanted to feel him inside of you. The closest either of you could get physically after having just gotten even closer emotionally. It was only natural to want to fulfill the physical desire since the emotional one was now more than capped for the night.


“Then don’t.” You whispered to him, hugging him closer.


His ears buzzed with the words you had spoken and the male could hardly believe his luck. Things really had gone his way tonight. Not only did you come home, this dreadful fight was over, and he got himself a fiance, but now… he was also going to be able to make love to you. Your words of acceptance and almost urging him to do so were all he needed.


And with one strong and swift hooking of his arms, the male was able to pick you up and easily carry you to the bedroom. The door had been closed and remained that way since you had left. The only time Bakugou had gone in was to carry that damn ring box with him… and now, he would be back with the ring, but being held in a different place.


The sheets were soft and plush, holding your body with the feeling of a cloud from the moment you were thrown against them. The body above you starting to litter your neck and face with all sorts of kisses and love bites.


His sharp pair of fangs sinking in at one moment, nearly drawing blood and making you slowly pull away from him, Bakugou looking at you with wide eyes, almost fearful he had messed up and you were pulling away to tell him you had made a mistake and wanted to be on your own at this moment.


“Be gentle tonight, okay?” You told him, taking off the t-shirt that had been on your frame and tossing it onto a nearby dresser. “I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy the usual roughness you always give me so well tonight.”


Bakugou nodded slowly, tracing his fingers along your skin and admiring how at his slightest cold touch, your body reacted with shivers and goosebumps. Anticipation and arousal were seen as how you arched your back when he began to work on your bra.


“Yeah, I got it.” He husked, freeing the last lingering piece of fabric on your upper half off. “I don’t think I have it in me for more than one round anyway… I just need to fucking feel you. That’s all I want from this tonight.”


“I know. I do too.” You admitted, watching him shed his own top.


Bakugou was back on you a second later, starting to feel his way around familiar places. Your head rolling back as his tugged his fingers across your nipple. Your moan telling him clearly on how much you were enjoying this and enjoying what he was making you feel.


“Good.” He muttered, starting ti fumble with his belt. “Makes this easier.”


“You’re going to have to do a bit more before diving straight in.” You sighed. “Impatient leech.”


“Keep those damn names out of the bedroom, you’re gonna kill my bon-”


“Then don’t say that word in the bedroom either then!” You blushed, squeezing your thighs together.


Bakugou smirked, chuckling low. “What? Don’t like that word, (Name)?


“You know I - Ah!” You tried to protest but was suddenly being given a few strokes against your pants.


Bakugou was in full smug mode it appeared, and soon enough the impatience he had as well as his usual dominance he helped him remove both his and your pants and underwear. In less than ten minutes, both of you were laid bare in front of the other once more.


“Stop staring…” You blushed, looking away.


“Can’t help it.” He exhaled. “Always have to fucking ask myself how I managed to get someone as beautiful as you to fall for my poor personality.”


“Shut up…” You shook your head, not sure how to handle his strange declarations at this moment. “Shut up and just make love to me already, Katsuki.”


He exhaled, coming to crawl over you. Positioning himself a little bit, looking downwards towards you womanhood and frowning. It was clear you were not the most aroused as you had been other times.


“Are you sure you’re okay to do this right now?” He rose a brow. “I could fucking touch you a bit more or some shit.”


“I’ll be fine.” You assured him.


“It’ll fucking hurt like a bitch if you’re not turned on enough, moron.”


“Trust me Katsuki… I’m ready.” You pushed him gently, rubbing his tip against you. “I’m impatient tonight too… so just do it already, okay?”


He nodded slowly and with a final inhale of air, he pushed himself into you. The feeling of him stretching you out did hurt a little bit, but the immediate pleasure was always something else entirely.


And this feeling: was exactly what you each needed right now. The mere idea of being together in so many ways and how nothing else aside the other matter was all it took for the pain and worry to subside, instead replaced by an equal balance of love and lust for the one in bed with you.


It felt like it always did: the tightness, the warmth, and the intensity of it all. Bakugou could barely keep his grip on your hips as he started to try and push more and more of himself up inside of you.


You sucked in a heavy breath, your body tightening as it was stretched further and further with every inch Bakugou gave you. Your hands moving from his neck to creating little half moons along his back.


“Fuck…” He breathed, already feeling the sweat start to form and slowly trickle down his face. “You’re always so tight… it feels so damn good every single fucking time.”


“Ah Katsuki~” You panted, scratching him slightly. “Please move… please.”


He smirked, seeing how easy you could unravel to him and him alone. Slowly he bent to your wishes and started the pace you were on the verge of begging him for. The feeling of him moving at such a pace making your toes curl and your back arch further. Legs moving to wrap around him and your eyes lidding enough to seeing the illuminated figure of your lover above you as he continued.


“That’s right babe…” He huffed, smirking at you as he continued. “You like this huh? Like it when I’m inside you, huh?”


“Katsuki…” You whined, his teasing not helping you stay tethered down at all, but rather making you go further and further into the deep end of this pool of lust. “Hell… so much.”


He chuckled, grabbing a leg and shoving it onto his shoulder. The new position making him slide further into you. Your voice going loud for a moment and you forced your teeth down into your lips in order to silence yourself.


Bakugou looked at you smugly, slowing his pace, but still dragging himself in a way that still made you feel like you might burst at any second from the amount of pleasure this single vampire could give to you.


“What? Don’t want to be vocal tonight?” He laughed. “Doesn’t matter to me… cause I always manage to get you to say my name by the end of it…”


“Hnng.” You moaned eyes forced closed. “More.”


“Making demands huh?” He clicked his tongue. “Then look at me, (Name).”


You obeyed, opening your eyes and looking right at him. His scarlet hues shined brightly in the dimmly lit room, as if his eyes had become suns of their own and were shining for your sake only. His hands digging into your sides away, slight heat coming from his palms. His ability more than not always coming through when he got especially riled up. But unlike you, he had perfect control and you knew no fear when he was the who helped you get here in the first place.


Bakugou was in his own little world as well at the moment. And while you were reveling at the fact that you could trust him with such little notions or worries as to where you might end up, knowing you were in safe hands. Trusted hands… he was more so wondering how after so many years… you were something else.


He had told you long before that you were not his first like he had been for you… but when compared to the others he had been with… he never once felt let down or used when it came to you. Every time, every moment, every single vulnerability of being this close… never once made him feel anything other than that he had finally found someone… who he would never get sick of. That while the sex with you was always something new and exciting despite the number of times you did it… it was the moments afterward and in between that truly made him want the closeness in the first place.


From how you looked moments after or how you’d embarrassingly slap his arms at the mentions the following morning… he lived to see you outside of the bedroom and how good he felt because he could be this intimate with you.


With intimacy brought a certain closeness, and unlike all those before you… none had made him feel content with the afterthoughts. But you had… and he couldn’t help but realize how much he missed this. Missed this feeling and what ones would come afterward.


“Fuck…” He choked, suddenly feeling himself begin to come crashing into a wall. “(Name)... hell I’m-”


“Ah! Katsuki!” You gasped, squeezing him tightly against you, the end for you coming mere seconds before his own.


He was left in shock. He had barely touched you and you already had reached that point. He really had underestimated how much distance could make one crave their partner. And with him breaking the wall not even three seconds after you, it was clear he was no better than you.


It had been sloppy, messy, and rushed… but by the heaving of both your chests and how your foreheads were against one another as you attempted to catch your breaths… it was clear tonight wasn’t about holding out. It was about getting it all out and reaching an end with the love in front of you.


“I love you.” he admitted, stroking your cheek gently, lowering himself down until he was burying you under his weight. “Fuck I love you so damn much…”


You giggled, feeling how he still had yet to remove himself from inside of you. It didn’t bother you though, wanting to be part of him and one with him for as long as you could. Your hands running up and down his body soothingly, letting him know you were not going anywhere anytime soon.


“I love you too.” You muttered, a gleam catching in the light, catching your eye and making you smile happily towards your hand. “More than you’ll ever know.”


“I think I have a pretty good idea…” He chuckled.


“I guess you might.” You played along with him.


The pair of you remained like that for a while. Eventually having him pull out of you, and the both of you cleaning up a little bit before sleep began to knock at your door and ask to borrow both of you for a moment now.

Eventually, you both laid in bed together. Silence washing away the passing moments and snuggled bodies rising upwards and falling with every breath. It was once more peaceful and neither of you had any desire to break it.


For at least a little while longer.

(AN- NSFW content ends here. It is once again safe to read.)

You hummed lightly, tracing fingers through his ash blonde hair. The male next to you took a few seconds to settle in, seeming to have his thoughts once more away from you. You had noticed once or twice after the end of your previous activities. But now seeing him silently staring at the ceiling above you, it was rather obvious something was still on his mind. Something that… no doubt was making it hard for him to focus, despite having the one thing he had wanted to have for the last week back in his arms again.


“Are you okay?” You asked him, watching as his eyes slowly trailed down to look at you.


Your frame covered mostly by the blanket, locks of hair resting on his exposed chest as you hover your head over it as well. He sighed deeply, shaking his head a little bit. You inhaled slowly, looking down at the sheets and closed your eyes as your lungs were filled to capacity.


“I’m sorry…” You muttered. “I should have expected that everything we said to one another wouldn’t have been fixed cause we’re engaged now… or after one session of makeup se-”


“It’s now that…” Bakugou admitted, hand moving to trace his fingers through your locks. “I know we still need to do all that apology shit and what not… but, that’s not what I’m worried about.”


You blinked, looking at the male with wide eyes and nodded slowly. He frowned, fingers pausing for a long second before he started to speak once more. Your eyes watching him carefully as his other hand began to rise up as well. His fingers touching his neck and tracing over somewhere that used to have a matching pair of marks.


“I don’t know why they’re gone…” he breathed out. “And now… I think its starting to affect me more than I initially gave it credit for.”


“What do you mean?” You looked at him with genuine worry. Worry that not even he could get mad at or yell at. You cared for him not because you didn’t think he was capable, but because it was what happened when you loved someone.


You worried for him… because you wanted him to be happy and healthy and enjoying this long life of his. And he felt foolish for taking so long to realize that. Felt foolish for not wanting to worry you when that was him worrying about you himself. He had been a bit of a hypocrite when it came around to this.


“I don’t want to worry about it tonight.” He admitted, looking off towards the ceiling once more.


He knew full well that his emotionally protective wall was still damaged and after a night with you in his arms again he might actually have it come close to being repaired. If anything… he just wanted to sleep with your warm form snuggled into his own and knowing all would be fine once more. Because you were here. And you were with him.


“I want to focus on us tonight.” He sighed, pulling you closer to him as if fearing that you would be absorbed by the blankets that were tangled and dangled off your bodies. “I just want… to fucking know you’re home again.”


You nodded slowly, moving a hand upwards and making sure both you and he could see it. Your hand obstructing the perfect view of the ceiling. Though it wasn’t your hand that did it, but rather the shiny piece of jewelry on it. The twinkling little ring sure seemed to hold his attention, and his thoughts could only repeat in a melody how good it looked on your finger. And how the smile adorned onto your face was caused by him taking this step.


“I’m more than home.” You chuckled, watching as his hand was removed from his neck and started to linger in the air next to yours. “I’m going to be your family now.”


He snorted, clasping your hand with his. “So stupid… only you would say something so sickly sweet, dough girl.”


“Oh don’t act like I haven’t melted your big bad heart, Katsuki.” You chuckled along with him, feeling him rub his fingers over your skin, the metal, and then your skin again.


“I’m always going to be big and bad…” Bakugou spoke in a harsh whisper. “But… for you, dough girl… I’ll tone it down a little bit.”


“I’m glad.” You whispered back, feeling the need for sleep starting to draw you in now.


After the emotional, mental, physical, and psychological events that had occurred today… sleep was just about the only thing you wanted right now. A harsh reset on you, and the final kick in the ass of this fight. By tomorrow all would be gone.


Meaning tomorrow would bring up the morning of being finances, wedding planning, telling friends… and making apologies.


“Tomorrow… I’ll tell you more.” Bakugou whispered, his eyes dropping closed before even yours could. “Tomorrow… I’ll act like the person you see me as.”


You laughed one more time as silence overtook the bedroom. The final words before you both drifted off until the next day. But ones that would make you both fall into the arms of slumber and dreams with a welcomed decent.


“If that’s so… then you don’t have to change a thing, Katsuki. I already think the world of you… and always will.”


(Shamefully not beta read cause I am ashamed of my filth… RIP XD)

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Ch.20 - so what's next? I Really Don’t Know...

You hummed gently, watching the eggs sizzle in the pan below. The smell of rice and veggies was already strong and the plates behind you were waiting for the last part of the meal to be served. You spun on your heels as you took the pan and plopped the eggs on top of the rice with a whistle.


The skillet next dumped into the sink to be washed later and the omelet rices finished for the morning. You picked up the serving tray holding both plates and some drinks. Your legs carrying you back to the bedroom where you spotted your lover.


He was still passed out, breathing in slightly as the rays of sunshine on his face seemed to not affect him in the slightest. You chuckled softly, seeing how, unlike when he was awake, while he slept, Bakugou showed off a very peaceful and content expression.


You successfully got into bed. Placing the tray on your nightstand and then turning to him. Gently shaking the male and trying to wake him up. Your lips pouting when you began to discover that it was much harder than it looked to wake up this sleepy ash blonde. In fact, it seemed as if he was pulling your leg and pretending to sleep.


But from how shallow his breathing was and that you knew he wasn’t the type to do these things… especially sleeping all night and most of the morning, you were growing worried. You had woken up after about three hours of sleep feeling rested, but he was still asleep. And now... it's been nearly ten hours since you had awoken.


For a normal human this was normal, but for Bakugou… this was abnormal. He was always the type to not sleep any more than two hours at a time, no matter what. So him still dozing and not showing any signs of wanting to wake up… had indeed brought you to shaking him in a rather violent way.


“Come on…” You begged, moving from his shoulder to his face.


Calm features and closed eyes greeting you. Your mind allowing your body to the first idea it had on how to wake him up. Taking your finger, you gently rubbed it under his nose, ticking the male. His eyes scrunched together and then suddenly his eyes opened up and he sat up. You pulled your digit away as he sneezed.


“The hell was that for…?” He groggily spoke. “I was fucking sleeping…”


“Yeah, I know…” You sighed, pointing to the digital clock on his nightstand. “For nearly 14 hours.”


He blinked. “Fuck… was it seriously that long?”


You nodded, worry flashing over your eyes. “Katsuki… should I be worried?  You never sleep in general and when you did it’s only an hour at a time. This is… not normal for you.”


He chuckled lowly, moving his hand upwards and gracing it against where there was once a matching set of circular marks. “Normal for me ended when these shits disappeared suddenly…”


You inhaled sharply. He was finally talking about it, and you would make sure to listen as to respect him. Bakugou had always been someone who had a hard time opening up about things, you knew that well… but seeing as he was still trying to let you in, you wanted to make sure he knew you were taking him and his feelings seriously.


“I’m willing to listen when you want to talk.” You smiled at him, connecting your hands. “Oh! I made breakfast as well!”


He watched as you pulled forward a large tray of food. One plate for you and one for him. The Japanese rice and eggs meal making him smile. You had been learning how to make more of the food he was accustomed to since getting together… and this meal might be his favorite that you make.


“Well… not like I could sleep through your… interesting… cooking.” He grumbled, taking his plate, digging in before you could lightly slap his shoulder playfully.


“Oh shut it!” You laughed. “You love my cooking! Admit it!”


He rolled his eyes, eating several bites of his food before speaking again. Waiting and wanting this light moment to end properly before the more… uncertain things were spoken of by him.


“Ever since my shitty marks disappeared… I’ve started to grow more and more tired every day.” Bakugou admitted. “At first it was hard to notice, but every time I close my eyes, it feels as if they won’t open again. And… that pisses me off.”


“You’re sleepy, and now, you’re worried that when you do fall asleep, you… won’t wake up again?” You echoed him.


“I’m not fucking worried! I said I was pissed off about it!” He blew up at you a little bit.


You frowned, touching his skin lightly. A sense of calmness washing over him as he squeezed your hand back. His frowning lips going more neutral. Carmine eyes looking at you, seeing that your eyes were closed and eyebrows knit together.


“You should wait for me to help you.” He spoke, anger present but much lower then moments before.


“You do enough… and I want to help.” You told him, releasing the breath you had been holding in and feeling the tingles in your arm fade. “I’m your partner, Katsuki. So even if I can’t feel it myself… I in some way do feel your pain and worry… so at least let me share a feeling with you.”


“You’re an idiot, dough girl.” He spoke, rose tint on his cheeks and fuzzy feeling in his chest. “But… I guess if it makes you feel good, then… do what needs to be done.”


“Thank you, Katsuki.” You smiled at him. “I’ll do my best to make sure you always wake up next to me.”


“Yeah…” He muttered, wanting to take your words to heart, but couldn’t. Not when so much was uncertain about him and this condition that had overtaken him.


You hovered near him, inching closer until your lips were upon his neck. Bakugou straightening up, trying to move away from you but it seemed you had placed the entire tray of food on his lap, thus keeping him in place.


He was stuck with shivers running up his spine as he felt you slowly starting to paralyze the area around his neck with your saliva. He rose a lip in slight annoyance, but couldn’t say anything. He hadn’t in the two years after your change ever had you be the one to drink directly from his neck or him at all since that initial reawakening.


But now, he could feel the slight pinch on his neck and the feeling of you lips squeezing his neck slightly. You exhaled slowly through your nose, tongue doing circles around his puncture marks, making sure they closed up enough before you pulled away.


You had taken much less time than he ever did and soon enough you had pulled away and were wiping your lips free of a crimson color. Your eyes batted a few times and eventually, you ended up using a napkin to clear away the scarlet shade on your lips.


“Hmmm.” You breathed out. “It certainly does feel different from the source…”


Bakugou stiffened, shoving the tray onto your lap as you looked at him with a confused expression. His eyes twitching and you smiled softly.


“What the hell was that about?!” He yelled, pointing an accusing finger at you.


“Well… it might not be permanent, but it is at least a temporary solution.” You told him, rubbing your fingertips against his neck and feeling a set of bite marks you had placed there. “And now… we kinda match! I have yours on my neck and now you have mine on yours!”


Bakugou held his breath or rather was unable to even breathe in anything else. The notion that now… his ‘marks’ had been ones given to him by you… was a much nicer thought than having ones given to him by captors.


He placed his hand onto yours and you chuckled. “How long do these usually last?”


You thought a moment. “If I recall… mine always lasted a week or two back when you’d give me ones that were not the turn mark variety.”


He nodded, thinking of what next to say. He had a feeling you knew of his happiness for at least feeling like he wasn’t breaking at the seams once more, but he also knew that these matching marks on his neck were not there to stay… and that this issue was not resolved.


“Well… come on and finish eating.” You told him, starting to rise from the bed yourself. “I’m already dressed and it’ll only take me a few minutes to eat after all. And I don’t want to be late.”


Bakugou gave you a falling look, then seemed to end it in a light glare. You always seemed to have made plans and dragged him along. So as to what you had decided this time… he wanted to know to see how much he should freak out.


“Where the hell are we going?” He rose a brow, fighting your light tugs on his arm to stand up.


You smiled softly. “The zoo.”


He could see the stubborn glimmer in your eyes, the one that told him you would not be giving in. And if it came down to it, you’d leave him here to mope around. But seeing as he had spent more than enough time by himself as of late… the last thing he wanted to do was be left behind. And thus… it seemed he was going to the zoo as well.




It was a miracle that the two of you arrived on time. As Bakugou had made sure to take his time after you had told him. But you had made it and could spot your friends waiting for you by the entrance way to the zoo.


“(Name!)” Eri cried, running immediately up to you and into your arms. “I missed you so much!”


“It’s only been a day, Eri-chan!” You laughed and squeezed her gently back. “But, I missed you too. How’s Pokemon going?”


As the small white-haired child started telling you all about how she managed to catch another Pokemon, Bakugou seemed to have gotten the information he wanted for and his main reason for coming on this outing.


“Deku…” Bakugou seethed, grabbing the green-haired male’s collar. “Did you fucking tell the dough girl about the ring?! Huh?!”


Midoriya immediately started to wail, telling his childhood friend he had done no such thing and he had made sure to keep it a secret. Motioning to Uraraka who had made sure he did as well. Next to the three of them stood Todoroki, who interjected before Midoriya ended up getting strangled by Bakugou’s hands.


“Midoriya didn’t tell her, I did.” Todoroki admitted with no sense of remorse. “You took too long and she was worried more than she should have about you and how things were.”


“Bastard! I was waiting for the right moment and you ruined it! I had to propose to her cause she kept telling me too!” Bakugou roared, catching the attention of the fairy who was beside him.


“Wah! You proposed, Bakugou-kun?!” She immediately took off towards you. “(Name)-chan! Let me see your ring!”


You laughed, holding it up to show off. Uraraka’s eyes widening as she looked at it, and even gracing her fingers on it once you had told her it was okay to touch. The pretty little ring making both Uraraka and Eri unable to take their eyes off of it.


“Deku-kun tried to describe it but it's even more gorgeous in real life!” Uraraka beamed, watching Eri look between you and the ash blonde vampire.


“It’s mending…” She muttered but was unheard as it seemed the last few people had arrived as well to the meeting point.


“What are we crowding around, (Name) for?” Mina asked, sticking her head in and seeing Uraraka still holding your hand, engagement ring directly in her line of vision.


Jirou, Kaminari, and Kirishima all looking as well. The females immediately reacting differently than the males who had been aware. As Jirou and Mina had not been told of plans and thus… this came as quite the shock. Especially because of who you were dating.


“IS THAT AN ENGAGEMENT RING?!” Mina and Jirou cried, grabbing your hand as well and each trying to take a peek at it as Kirishima and Kaminari made their way to Bakugou.


“See man!” Kirishima cheered. “I told you she’d say yes!”


“And you seem to have gotten more than a yes last night, huh?” Kaminari muttered, only to be held by his collar at the moment next.


“I’m going to murder all four of you!”Bakugou screamed, still holding onto Kaminari and Midoriya. “I should have never asked you bastards for help picking out a damn ring!”


“You would have never found one if it hadn’t been for Midoriya.” Todoroki told him, Bakugou’s grip tightening on the collars of his two hostages.


“Maybe we shouldn’t tell him that…” Kirishima awkwardly chuckled, slowly starting to shift away from Bakugou as the red haired male did not want to end up similarly as his poor two friends.


Eventually, everyone made it inside the zoo and started to go about their ways of seeing and observing animals they otherwise would have never had the chance to see before. Eri happily and excitedly tugging Midoriya from one exhibit to another, while Uraraka could only chuckle and sneakily take a few pictures of her and her ‘brother-figure’ doing so.


Jirou and Mina had started to slightly whine about how neither of them had been allowed into the secret when practically everyone else knew. Kaminari and Kirishima apologizing heavily and saying how even if they wanted to… they couldn’t as it was Bakugou they were talking about. It seemed as if the pair could understand there point.


Midoriya had already gotten an earful from the ash blonde about telling Uraraka and now was letting off on Todoroki for having been the one to spill the beans. You walked in between the half-angel and vampire, humming to yourself as they went back and forth.


Eventually, Uraraka took over with Eri running after her and still trying to get the small girl to talk to Mina. But it appeared it was harder than it looked, but at least Eri seemed to like the penguins they were all looking at.


Todoroki had gone to pat Midoriya on his back, muttering something about how ‘parenting was hard’ and Midoriya reacting in his usual almost spazzy way. You could only chuckle, looking over towards the male who was still beside you.


His gaze was elsewhere, but you could tell he was still thinking of what he had mentioned to you this morning. The idea that one day soon… he might not wake up. It was a thought that scared you to your core and you were not even the one with the condition. So you truly couldn’t imagine what was going on in his head this moment.


“Hey.” You spoke, nudging him softly. “I’m right here, you know.”


Bakugou rose a brow at you. “Yeah, I can fucking see you, moron.”


You laughed a little, tugging his hand into yours. “I’m glad then… and just know, that I’m always going to be right here okay? I’m not leaving again, I’m not going to break my promise to you and I'm not going to love anyone as much as I love you, Bakugou Katsuki.”


“I’m sure you won’t… no one is as fucking good as me.” Bakugou smirked. “I’m sure you’ve known that for a while though, future Bakugou (Name).”


Your cheeks flushed darkly, rivaling Uraraka’s naturally blushy features. Your laughter light and your body bumping playfully into Bakugou’s as he gave you that smug expression only he could wear that seemed to say so many other things.


Hand connected with yours he pulled you with him. “Come on, let’s lead all these extras to the lion exhibit. Show them some really cool animals, unlike these boring ass penguins.”


You followed him, laughing excitedly all the way. The others soon seeing you both go off and following. The joyous calls caught and seen by all who you passed or were within the distance of spotting you.


One, in particular, seemed to take an interest in the group, smile on her face as she watched you all go about without a care in the world. She had really honestly expected you all to have been on much higher alert… but it seemed the appeal of mortal living had contaminated the usual guard of immortal life.


From engagement to raising a child to dating and owning or renting a place… the idea of tracking down those who had come after you all earlier had not been as high up on the list as usual. They had been looking but compared to two years ago…. It appears some kind of edge had been lost.


And for Toga Himiko, that just made her job that much easier. The last few ingredients needed to be gathered but seeing as there was no way she or her allies could collect them without alerting the only people standing in their way… it looked like it was time to make sure they all didn’t get in the way.


And with everyone here, she was told to take down distracted by the allure of such a domestic life… it would make it that much easier. Now all she’d have to do was come out of her viewing point and interact with you all without raising suspicions.


But seeing as she had been lucky enough for you all to have been together after having followed the vampire pair here… she wasn’t to let this opportunity slip. Nor would she fail those who had brought her back and were now offering her a way to make sure she never ended up in that dark and unending painful place again.

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Ch.21 - The Way It Was Before, and How Lonely I Was


You yawned softly, sitting up in bed and rubbing your eyes of the sleep that had been harboring inside your hues. Your back cracking as you got up to stretch, feet touching the plush carpet as you started to get your daily routine started.


Showering, brushing your teeth, and then getting dressed into some clothing you wouldn’t mind making a mess in. Your hands making quick work of the buttons on your top as you walked out the door. Locking it and then going to the small bakery downstairs, flicking on the lights and then starting to set up for the day.


It was six thirty in the morning and you needed to put the pastries in the oven that you had prepped and stored before closing yesterday and also start on the frosting for the treats for today. You couldn’t help but feel tired today, seeing as you had been restless in your sleep. But with the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies and whipping up the fluffy air like frosting for the cupcakes, you soon fell back into your usual groove, forgetting all about the tiredness and only focusing on the pastries.


You worked fast, soon having the display case filled and then walked to the front of the store. Unlocking the door to come in and flicking the sign on. It was exactly eight am, and thus another workday began. One you hoped would keep you busy and not on your thoughts of how you wanted to only sit at home on the couch watching a movie or three.


But as the morning rush started to come in, you fell into the groove with ease. Your skills as a baker and the usual constant unchanging flow of these work days letting you work, act, and speak on autopilot. No one seemed to notice you trance-like work ethic, too busy picking up their own items and treats for the office, school, or themselves before hurrying off.


As ten am rolled around, the rush had died down and you decided to take a moment to check on the latest batch of cupcakes you had been making. They had been cooling for over an hour now and seeing as you had the time, you thought you might as well start to frost and decorate them.


The order was for some garden party who asked for the cupcakes to resemble flowers. So you decided to go a step above and make the frosting look like actual flowers. Phone on the counter and showing off a daisy, you slowly started to make frosting copies. Your hands delicately working and then pausing to check on your work and you nodded to yourself. The cupcake looked good.


Now to make eleven more daisies and then take on the three other flowers that needed twelve identical looks. Daisies, roses, sunflowers, and petunias. Those were the kinds you ended up deciding upon. So with numerous frosting tips, airbrushes, and redos you eventually had finished and set the sweets to chill and set in the large industrial fridge you had in the back of the room. The clock struck twelve and you placed your hands on your hips. You had had a few customers in the last two hours, but now it was the afternoon… meaning there was about to come another influx of people seeking sweets in the afternoon.


You hummed gently as you rang up some customers, recommending a pizza place down the street to people who were looking for a heartier meal than a cupcake. Something buzzed in the back of your mind, the feeling as if you were forgetting something, but it seemed the reminder came in the next moment as someone walked in through the door.


“Busy day?” She asked, holding the door open for the last few customers who had been helped, carrying out their red velvet cake.


“Yeah, more than usual. But nothing I can’t handle.” You smiled widely, not noticing the white frosting that had crusted on your lower right cheek and along your left forearm.


“You’re covered in frosting you know.” The female spoke, closing the door and coming in closer to you. “You must have been busy to not notice that.”


You laughed. “Yeah, I guess I have. Wanted to finish your order before you showed up, Yaoyorozu.”


“Oh, are they ready?” She blinked, having thought she had come early to give you a hand since the order was so big. “I would have helped you, especially since it was so last minute.”


“Don’t worry about it at all.” You waved your hand, then motioned for her to follow you to the back room. “Now come and look at these cute cupcakes-”


“Hello.” Someone new entered, motioning for those behind her to come in as well. “Hope you don’t mind, but we were in the neighborhood and I thought a treat was in order.”


“Tsuyu!” You smiled. “I’m so happy you stopped by, and hi kiddos!”


Tsuyu’s ten preschoolers were all pressed up against your display case, looking over the various treats and each trying to decide which was the best. Of course, no one would agree as they all had different tastes, but the circus cupcake was what was catching their attention the most. Especially since it had an animal cracker on the top of the frosting, making any eyes widen and mouths start to drool.


“How much for a dozen cupcakes?” Tsuyu asked you, knowing the cupcakes were her favorite and thus she wanted to buy enough for her and the kids… plus with one left over for her later.


“Usually 30, but for you my dear friend, how does 25 sound?” You winked, seeing Tsuyu laugh slightly.


“I say you’re always too good to me.” She took out a twenty and a ten. “And are you sure? I don’t mind paying the full price?”


“The kiddos make up for the five off I’m giving you.” You waved to a little boy who had horns attached to his hat. “Now… what would everyone like?!”


Suddenly your bakery was engulfed with the sounds of shouting and screaming, various pointing and slightly fighting over who got what and who didn’t by the children. You winced slightly, looking at Tsuyu with an apologetic expression.


“Sorry… I’m not super experienced with kids like you…” You laughed awkwardly, Tsuyu shaking her head.


“It was bound to happen eventually.” She cleared her throat. “Boys and girls… is this how we act when we are getting a treat? Especially when the treat was a reward for good behavior?”


“No, miss Tsuyu.” Every child echoed back, looking down with embarrassed expressions.


“Then let’s make a line, with no pushing or fighting, and tell (Name) what you each would like. When you get your cupcake, go and sit somewhere in her shop and stay on your best behavior. Does everyone understand?”


“Yes, miss Tsuyu!” The kids returned to being energetic little bundles of energy.


You listened carefully to each one, grabbing the cupcake and giving them each one. And lucky for the ones on the back of the line, you brought out the next finished batches. In the end, everyone got the kind they wanted and Tsuyu happily got a matcha cupcake for now and then a chocolate peanut butter one for later tonight when she was off work.


As the kids happily ate and talked you had shuffled both Tsuyu and Yaoyorozu into the back room and opened the fridge to show them your latest works of edible art. Both of their eyes gleaming as they saw what was inside. Yaoyorozu seeming so pleased, especially since you had done this all yourself in two hours.


“I always underestimate how much of a wonderful work ethic you have.” She praised you. “And how excellent your work always is when it’s finished.”


“The petunia ones are very cute.” Tsuyu smiled. “Though I may be a bit biased, as they are my favorite flowers.”


“Really? You always seemed like the type to prefer lilies to me.” You told the green haired female, shutting the fridge as to not warm up the cupcakes with unneeded heat.


“I like lilies a lot, but I grow petunias on my window sill, so I have a bit of a preference for them.” Tsuyu continued on.


“Well, I think the rose ones are darling!” Yaoyorozu beamed, looking quite moved. “But… I may be biased as well… seeing how I adore roses and the shade of red you made them.”


“I’m glad you liked them so much then.” You exhaled a breath. “I was so worried that you’d think they were a bit much.”


You chuckled a bit as both Tsuyu and Yaoyorozu shook their heads. Your hands grabbing onto the container of flour you had wanted to start making the batter for tomorrow and let it set in the fridge overnight. You had a superstition that leaving the batter to chill of twelve hours made the product sweeter, and thus always made things in advance.


It also helped you in the fact that you didn’t have to wake up at four in the morning like some other bakers have to.


“You always go above expectations! That’s why your bakery is starting to become so much more popular now!” Yaoyorozu was doing her best to help boost your ego up.


“Plus… all your treats taste good, so it's not like people are making a huge gamble by trying something new.” Tsuyu continued on. “Oh before we completely move on from the conversation, you never told us your favorite flower, (Name).”


“Huh?” You blinked. “My favorite flower?”


“Yes! Is it one of the four you made with frosting?” Yaoyorozu was more interested then she should be.


“Oh no, I ended up picking those four because I thought I could actually make them out of frosting. As for my favorite flower, its globe amaranth.” You spoke, the buzzing feeling in the back of your head becoming slightly warm. “In fact, my engagement ring is based on the flower.”


The room went silent for a moment. You turned your head to the females you had just been chatting with, seeing them giving you unsure expressions.


“You’re engaged?” Yaoyorozu blinked. “To whom?”


You gave her a strange look. “What do you mean… you’ve met him before.”


“(Name)... we’ve known you for two years and have never once seen you dating anyone.” Tsuyu came forward. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


You shook your head. “What are you two talking about… you’ve both met him. You’ve both met… met…”


Your eyes widened. His name… what was his name? Your orbs tracing down to your hand, seeing an empty hand. No ring on any fingers, just smooth untouched skin slightly covered in flour and frosting.


“I could have sworn-” You began to speak, only to suddenly having the warm buzz in your head hit you like an overwhelming spike directly into the center of your forehead. The pain being enough to make you release the glass container of flour and sending it to collide with the ground and break into a million pieces.


The sounds of breaking glass and the sight of you wavering from one side to the other were enough for both females to rush near you before you collided with the glass on the floor. Yaoyorozu helping support you, and Tsuyu immediately running to grab a broom and pan to sweep aside the flour.


Your vision was blurred, specks of white covering your entire body and making the air thick with flour. You groaned, pain in your head still intense, it was overwhelming at this moment… everything hurt and there was nothing you could do.


You felt as if you were being torn apart from the inside and that this pain had no way of subsiding. You didn’t even know where it came from or why so suddenly… just that it had and now you could only wish for it to end.


“I’ll take her upstairs.” Yaoyorozu told Tsuyu. “You go back to work and I’ll call you later.”


“Are you sure… she looks really pale.” Tsuyu worried for you.


“I’m sure it's just overworking… knowing (Name) she was trying hard to not put any extra work on me and she got herself sick.” Yaoyorozu smiled. “Now go, the kids look worried about the loud noise.”


Tsuyu nodded and went out to collect her students once more. In the meantime, Yaoyorozu managed to get you back upstairs to your apartment. And after making sure you were okay, even helped run your bakery until closing time around five pm.


She even stayed after closing, wanting to make sure you were okay. And after about an hour of insistence that you just had a migraine brought upon by work stress, Yaoyorozu left you. Saying she’d stop by tomorrow to check on you.


You thanked her, reminding her to take the cupcakes for her garden party in another hour and then watched as she reluctantly left. You sighed slightly, looking around your apartment. You couldn’t shake the feeling now… and since your mind was slightly cleared, you knew you had to find evidence that you were not going crazy.


You had a fiance… and he lived here with you. You were sure of it.


As to if he had been a secret or if you had never told Yaoyorozu and Tsuyu and happened to find out today about it, you didn’t know. What you did know was that you needed to check your home.


You had already seen a lack of anything photo wise or object wise tied to him. But you were smart… and knew that items most recognized with him might be gone, but small things would not be.


And that’s how you ended up at the refrigerator, going through all the items inside. Until you came across a certain object inside, one you knew you would never buy in a million years… yet here it was sitting. Inside your fridge, half used and on a self you hardly ever put things, seeing as it was between an empty bottle of lemon juice and some soy sauce that needed to be replaced.


A bottle of hot sauce with the warning of ghost peppers inside of it.


You grabbed the object slowly, looking and studying it. This might be your only clue as to what had happened and why your memories were fuzzy. You were good at remembering things, very good… so seeing as you couldn’t even remember the name of the man you were supposed to marry meant someone or something was playing at your memories.


But it appeared whoever it was underestimated not only your own trained and repressed skills as a hunter but also the fact that something as emotionally important as marriage and love didn’t fade so simply.


Now you were not thinking or trying to convince yourself that love was some powerful feeling… but rather that it left an unforgettable impression on you and was one that became hard to fade over entirely. Another poor underestimate.


But even so, you knew you were dealing with someone with experience… someone who knew exactly what they were doing and it was their own personal outlooks that had caused these errors. Ones you now needed to capitalize on in order to get back what they had taken from you… but also find out where exactly this fiance of yours was. God forbid they had done something with him…


A set of numbers appeared in your head and you quickly snatched your phone dialing it. The line ringing until you heard someone answer, the voice familiar, but still unsure of how you knew it.


“Fairy photography, this is Uraraka Ochaco. How can I help you?”


“I-um…” You started and then inhaled sharply as another idea came to you. “S-sorry wrong number!”


“Oh. That’s fin-”


The line clicked dead before she could even finish her sentence. The poor girl on the other side of the line must be thinking you were the rudest and strangest person on this planet… and you certainly felt like it as well. But could care less at this moment as more ideas started to come into your head.


You closed your phone with wide eyes, the number in your head and the voice that had come from when you called it sounding slightly familiar but even so… it was so foreign. You knew you should know it… knew you knew the person who had answered… but even so, you couldn’t feel like you truly knew them.


You shook your head, eyes widening as you started to think more on it. It couldn’t be… had you really been doing this the entire time?


Going over to your laptop you opened up the newsletter your bakery sent out for those who wanted to know of flavors and coupons. You scrolled down until you spotted the familiar name of the woman you had just called. That’s how you knew the number.


Maybe you had been being irrational all along. Your mind suddenly reminding you of how… you had made a lot of wedding cakes this week. Maybe your sleep deprivation made you assume you were engaged and made up an imaginary silhouette of a fiance.


You checked the fridge once more, now seeing that what you had once thought to be a bottle of hot sauce was now a bottle of salsa. Your head’s pounding ceased as well and you shook your head.


Imaginary was what it all was… and thanks to your lack of sleep and anxiety, you had gone out of your way to call a random customer and then hang up on them after they had said their name.


Maybe you should just go to bed… seeing as your mind was not your friend right now. And what would be best… was to ignore it and go back to bed. That way… your thoughts and irrational thinking would leave you away and hopefully come morning… the boring life of a baker you had would once more return.

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Ch.22 - Please make sure to follow the ingredients list to the best of your ability


Furiously digging through closets, drawers and other small spaces, you refused to stop. Something had come back to you, and it was slowly driving you mad again. It had originally been a passing thought, but as the day went on you couldn’t focus. Having burned several batches of cookies, and instead deciding to close up. 


Now you were slowly driving yourself more and more mad with each passing day. This idea of someone you had known and knew existed that you couldn’t remember nor anyone else was for sure a way to drive one mad. And you were no exception. 


The hour was passed three in the morning and you had been at this since around three in the afternoon. Everything in your home was a mess, and nothing was where it needed to be. You couldn’t stop though, as much as you tried… you couldn’t stop.


This was eating away at you. You knew you were crazy, that you were having some quarter life crisis… but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was finding out how this idea got into your head if there was any backing to it.


And what his name was.


A task that with each second you knew was impossible because you knew he didn’t exist… yet your control had been crumbled away hours ago and all that remained of your mind was a ravaging and panicked woman in her mess of an apartment.




Raining was pouring rather harshly, one of those rains that people would talk about for years and into their elder years. The kind that made it hard to forget the feeling of the liquid chill and the beating of the droplets against your skin.


But for him, he couldn’t feel anything. He couldn’t do anything else aside from digging his scraped knees in further and further into the cracked cement. Slight scarlet leaking from his knees, as his skin ground further upon the substance of the rock beneath him.


“She’s not coming back.” A man spoke from behind him. “It’s time to move on and get over it.”


He turned his head slightly, one silver eye peering at the man dressed in black who was holding an umbrella over himself and looked down at the child with a frown. He was completely dry, unlike his soaking wet son.


“It’s better this way.” He spoke, turning and wandering back to the car. “When you finally cry your feelings away, I’ll be in the car.”


His sloshing steps were the only other noise aside from the rain and his cries of anguish. His hands balling at the Earth beneath him, gripping and pulling the dirt up, making it wedge under his fingernails.


“Mama…” He breathed, unable to speak anything else.




The smell of smoke in the air and how hard it was to see made his eyes and lungs burn with contact from the foul substance. He coughed as he waded through further, looking down the glowing orange and red streets for where his friend had run off to.


He was sure he had seen him come this way. 


The boy coughed again, eyes widening as he saw something in front of him. The images of the boy he had been chasing after… or his hand, the one he had earned a cut from thanks to the wooden blades… underneath the flaming piles of what used to be a house.


The boy inhaled sharply, taking off running and throwing himself towards the flames as well. It was at that moment, as his hands began to become charred thanks to the contact with the flames that he could hear the screams once more.


People were dying as he foolishly plunged his hands into the fire over and over again. Not being able to move any of the burning beams of wood or make out his friend anymore. The village was on fire, and now everyone would burn with it.


So, despite the calls of his body to run into the forest and away from the flames, his legs faltered, and hands dug further and further into the flames. A childlike hope to save at least one in this deathly situation.




“Deku-kun.” She breathed out lightly. “Come on…”


Her hands coming towards him, attempting to touch him. But instead diving straight through him, nothing more than vanishing light. Her brown eyes pooling with liquid, but as soon as they escaped her eyes, she saw them begin to turn into soft particles of light as well.


His body remained still, an open-mouthed smile on his face as she attempted to hold him once more… but nothing. Her legs were already vanishing and her memories were fading. The people who at one point had been known to her, their faces becoming distant and unrecognizable. 


The only one she still knew was him… and he was no longer in this same plane of existence as she had been. And by the time her body disappeared and the new version of her came to be for the new keeper of the sacred stone… she would forget herself once more. The pair who had been once a wonderful pair would never have their halves united again, as was the tradition for this… she only wished she could have one more single minute to hear him talk about nonsense and smile at her with those bright eyes of his… the color of… something.


As she would forget him… words of her heart never spoken and now never being able to. He was gone and in a way… she was too.




Familiar, but also not familiar. She saw among not images, but rather blurry ones linked with all sorts of emotions and hard to recall memories. Were these hers at one point or another? She had for so long been a white crystal used in a staff of would-be conquerors and rulers that her memories of old were hard to come by.


Erased and blurred out with each use of her power by greedy mortals. So much so… that may be at one point her power was weakened to the point of her taking on the form of a mere child. 


That sounded right, but she couldn’t know. There was so much she had been exposed to in recent months that she was sure sounded familiar, but looking back it was only a feeling no memories or powers able to make a true call on it… or who she was.


All the small albino girl could do was sit down on the floor and cover her ears. Everything was so loud, the volume increasing and the colors brightening to the point where it stung to glance at them for even a small glance. It was overwhelming and she couldn’t handle much more of it, her voice finally finding its way.


“Stop… please.” Eri cried, shaking her head back and forth. “Someone… please help.”




There was a certain process when it came to hatred. The beginning emotion always being that of fear. Fear of something new and strange. So of course, many people were terrified when they laid eyes upon a girl who had skin the color of cherry blossoms and golden horns coming out of her hair.


By fear, while being nothing but isolation, always came to pass. And what came next would always fulfill the desire of the ostracized… but the attention and interactions they craved were not the kinds they would be receiving.


Rather it would next come to be seen as yet another punch to the gut, a blade on her horns, or even a gun firing a few shots to get her away from them. The pink girl never knowing anything aside from running and hiding.


So… this was new. These bars that caged her in and the looks of all sorts of people from above her. Small children listening to their parents as they read on some sign that talked about what she was.


“What an ugly creature…” Mothers would say.


“No wonder she has to stay here.” Men would boast. “I could shoot any pink creature if it was in the woods.”


“Gross!” Children would laugh, tossing little treats down to her.


The pink girl would only watch on, not interacting, merely thinking of how at one point or another… she was the same as them, and only because of some forest’s spirit… she had ended up as some attraction.




The growling of territory as a rather weaker wolf lurched forward made one of the stronger alphas baring their fangs and scaring the weaker ones away as they ate further. Their tails swishing gently from side to side and they feasted on the juicy meat they had managed to take down for themselves.


“Urghhh-!” The male groaned, feeling another set of broken and ragged teeth sink into his flesh, this one making quick work to detach his flesh from the bone and choke it down its throat. Red staining the animal’s lips as the male watched with a pained and horrified expression to have witnessed parts of his own body being eaten.


The axe he had brought with him was still laying just out of reach, the male with the dark black hair having not stood a single chance against a single wolf, let alone an entire hungry pack of the beasts.


He held back another scream, not wanting to let the animals know their prey was not entirely dead, but just hanging on by his thin fingernails. Their teeth ripping and tearing more and more flesh as the seconds continued on.


Even if someone were to find him now, nothing could be done to save him. Too much of his body had been used to fill hungry wolf bellies and what was left of him would never help him survive. 


All that would come next was death… the male only wishing that it would have not been as painful as this was. This was… just cruel fate.




The burning pits of hell were not a strange place for him to find himself it. In fact, he, even after a near seventy-year absence, still could recall all sorts of things like how the air smelled, what it sounded like, and who some of the other class demons were.


And like before… he couldn’t feel anything more than distaste and a feeling of a lack of comfortability. The mortals had truly nailed down what Hell was like, and even as a demon himself, the incubus despised this place.


“We will now begin the sentencing of one of our own having partaken in intercourse with and as spoke by his own words ‘fallen for’ a female mortal. The punishment of such crimes, if found guilty is the removal of wings, followed by a drop into the endless pits of Hell.” A horned demon, bearing a mark of General Pride spoke, speaking more of the crimes he had apparently committed.


“To think that General Lust could have such a disgusting defector…” Two succubi spoke behind him. 


“He was always a strange one… Lust had assumed that casting him out for a century would make him see what sort of disease this ‘love’ is on mortals… but he seems to have been even worse than we ever assumed.”


The golden eyed incubus could care less about some pathetic drabble by two succubi who obviously had never left the Hell flames before… he could only care about the person who had been found out with him.


If something had happened to her, then he was sure of it. Sure that he would become a creature of General Wrath more so than General Lust by the time he was done and gone from this literal Hell hole again.




Maybe she had been kidding herself this entire time… after all, why would an actual incubus… the mythical demon of sex, have genuine feelings. They were known to be master manipulators. All she had to do was give in to his charms, and he got a free pass to feed on her.


Even still… he was here. So she could at least confirm he wasn’t the type to smash and dash as so many non-demonic men had done to her. Instead, the blonde haired incubus seemed to have been doing something much much worse to her.


If he had been aware of it and using her or was much more of an idiot than she teased him of being… she didn’t know or care to know. All she knew was that this news made her heart harden against him.


Her doctors were not sure what had happened when the musician had been brought into their office, but as she stayed in a waiting room now, waiting for the cause to show up… she couldn’t help but grip the bed, pale and sickly hands making it hard to even squeeze.


Love truly was a consuming thing, and love for an incubus it turned out… zapped more than your sexual desire. And now… she only had what the men and women in lab coats suspected to be about another month.




“Stop pretending like you care about that failure!” The hunter shouts as he cradles the shot body of his fated. 

Tears pour from his eyes as he holds you close. Something about how he’d miss the sound of your voice and the way you… how you-




Bakugou looks up, seeing the man in front of him. His eyes widening as his lips curve into an entertained smile. The hunter falters a bit as the vampire raises to his feet and pokes the hunter in his chest.


“You’re dead. Scram…” He speaks, watching as the dead hunter fades from sight once more.


Bakugou sighs, looking down at his hands. He could feel it, it was slight… but enough for him to know that this reality… was a manufactured one. Something in how he had been forced to witness your death again, only this time… your cold was much colder then he remembered.


“Clever.” Your voice speaks up, making him look down to where your body had been.


Your figure raises up, the blood from your gunshot seeping to all edges of the dress, dyeing it a harsh red. He backs up, only to run into a version of you in yellow. The versions of you he had seen in places and spaces before disaster hit.


“It’s been a while.” Red spoke.


“Time to see what you’ve learned…” Yellow snaps her fingers.


The ground dissolves, sending him plunging into the depths of a dark black mass of water, chains gripping his body again as he sinks further and further below.




The male with the black hair and the female with the blonde hair watch as their boss suddenly opens his eyes. His messy dark white hair falling onto his face as he turns a glare towards the male vampire who lay passed out a little ways away.


The darkness only shined out by the light of the overhead lights, framed with little zoo animals. A few nighttime keepers walking by but not noticing the bodies of passed out patrons, nor the now long spilled cups of the drinks each had purchased.


“One of them giving your trouble, Shigi?” Toga spoke, spinning over to the brown haired girl, bending down and stroking her hair.


“The blonde vampire… his willpower is much stronger then I assumed.” The dream eater mutters. “Though… it appears his own blood bond is in a rather rocky place with him. So… we need not worry about him waking up. In fact… this works to our advantage well.”


Shigaraki looks towards the other male who had been silent up until this time. His cerulean eyes looking down towards a male who was sprawled across the ground, eyebrows knit together and wet streaks coming from his eyes.


“Having second thoughts, Tou-Tou?” Toga smiled, licking her lips slightly.


“No… just curious as to what soul breaking scenario is being played. He’s making a face similar to when our monster of a father would beat the crap out of him when he was small…” Dabi turned to Toga. “And don’t call me by that name… it's Dabi.”


The salamander powered male looked back towards the dream eater. “I have a question for you though, great leader… how do you know this recipe is the real deal.”


Shigaraki narrowed his eyes, taking out some poorly taken care of papers that had been ripped from a certain magic book millennia ago. He unfolded it slowly, looking down at the text sprawled across the page.


Despite how he should be putting all his attention to monitoring and pushing for more graphic nightmares to break the spirits of the enemies further… he also needed to make sure his two underlings were in line and not questioning him more then he needed them to.


“I know because it's written here… taken from that ancient spell book the green haired one has allowed to use so foolishly. It's a good thing my master managed to rip the ambrosia recipe from his own master… and seeing as the master was a God himself… only killed by the philosopher's stone being used to end him… we are guaranteed to become Gods ourselves… once we harvest the ingredients…”


“And what exactly are these ingredients… you’ve been a bit too quiet for my comfort and faith in this operation.” Dabi narrowed his gaze.


Shigaraki smirked, looking down at the list. “Broken spirits and tears… of some hard to come by creatures is all it takes… in this case, an angel, fated vampires, demon, werewolf, immortal mortal, fairy, mortal, shapeshifter… as well as the little mystery girl. I'm sure we’ll find her power helpful when we bring a new order to this world.”


“And how much longer is that going to take?” Toga whined, raising a piece of Uraraka’s brown hair to her nose. “Watching them wither in pain is making me really hungry.”


“Soon…” The male with the torn book pages cackled. “After all… this task isn’t easy, we just were lucky to have all the ingredients together in one place… ready to be harvested.”

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Ch.23 - Inexperience usually doesn’t help you in the long run… but this time, I actually accomplished something.


It was eating away at you. You were not sure how much more of this you could take. You hadn’t eaten in days, slept even less and your home and bakery looked to have been victims of a robbery. Nothing was in order and if anything, you would say it symbolized your state of mind.


You sucked in a breath, standing in your kitchen. Eyes staring at the fridge. The door wide open, everything having been thrown onto the floor aside from the one bottle of salsa.


“I’m going crazy over you…” You spoke to it as it would understand you. “You’re the reason for this all…”


You glared at the bottle, picking it up suddenly. Not holding anything back, you opened the knife drawer, taking out the largest one you could find and stabbing it directly into the bottle. The red liquid oozing out and getting all over your hands and counter.


“I’m not crazy.” You told yourself, taking another knife and doing it again. “I’m not crazy…”


Some part of you was telling you to calm down that you were having some sort of emotional breakdown. However… it appeared that the little voice was silenced in favor of taking another knife and stabbing it multiple times into the cutting board.


“I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.” You kept repeating as if it was a sacred chant to you.


The cutting board cracked, a chunk of it having been sliced out. Splinters coming into the air and the knife standing upwards on the board. You whimpered, falling to your knees and resorting into a fetal position. Liquid came out from your eyes, and your hearing numbed out, the ringing of all sorts of emotions and overwhelming urges taking over.


You couldn’t recall how to breathe and to make matters worse, your neck started to sting as well. Your eyes squeezed shut, trying to ignore this latest attack, but then suddenly everything went silent. You eyes opening slowly, wondering if it had passed.


Instead… the ground cracked and you were sent tumbling down into a black abyss. By the time your vision came back, it seemed other things had cleared up as well… such as the names and memories of before. 


You inhaled sharply, mind ringing with images, sounds, smells, sights, and feelings of a certain ash blonde haired male with a name of victory. And then literally… a blonde with straw yellow hair and black lightning bolt.


He was sitting on top of what appeared to be a throne, multiple demons all bowing to him. He rose an eyebrow at your appearance, and at the giant hole now in his ceiling. He adjusted himself in his throne, taking the crown off and handing it to a butler on his right-hand side.


“Kaminari?!” You rose your voice, the influence of whatever had been in your previous area seemed to have lost its power now that you had come crashing into another place.


The incubus blinked, raising a hand. “Oh, you the real (Name) or another terrible attempt to get me to break?”


You gave him a questioning look. “What are you talking about?”


Kaminari smirked, jumping down from his little throne and landing next to you. “Yeah, you’re the real one. No illusion can make that confused face as accurate as the real one.”


“My confused face is that strange?” You blinked, having not thought about your own facial expressions might look from time to time.


“It’s not strange as more… infamous.” he chuckled. “Bakugou talks about it a lot… says you always make it when you are suspecting he might be lying.”


“Oh… a-anyway… what is- this.” You motioned around yourself.


“I took this nightmare and made it into a rather nice dream, don’t you think?” Kaminari smiled widely. “The dream eater tried to make me feel guilty for my relationship with Jirou… but I guess he underestimated my power and I changed it for myself.”


“You sex demons are pretty good at manipulating dreams too… so it makes sense for you to outclass a dream eater.” You smiled towards the male, shaking your head to a demon butler who was offering you some tea. “So in your dreams… you want to be the King of Hell?”


“Not really… or at least I realize that now. It's boring being a King. I think I prefer an apartment with Jirou. Seems more suitable for me.” Kaminari spoke, the scene shifting to exactly that as he spoke. “Much better, oh… looks like the hole you came through is still here.”


You both glanced upwards, seeing the ceiling of your bakery through the hole. Kaminari’s wings appeared from his back in a mist and he held onto your arm, lifting you both up to peer through. Your form not going in as far as he had, glancing around. 


The bakery looked dimmed out as if it was a stage set that had been shut down for the evening since the shooting was done. Kaminari rose a brow, bringing you both back into his more pleasant dream.


“How’d you know it was a dream eater?” You spoke, seeing the male shrug.


“The scenario I was in was… what’s the word… irrational? Yeah, irrational.” He spoke, snapping his fingers as he confirmed the word. “I was kicked out from Hell… so being back and on trial made no sense. When they kick you out, it’s pretty much all of Hell telling you they don’t give a shit what you do from here on out. So… I kinda came to realize it was my own nightmare.”


He sighed, looking towards an illusionary Jirou in the back room, strumming on a guitar and allowing a melody to play. “If it wasn’t for her… I wouldn’t have been as up in power as I am right now. So cause of Kyouka… I was able to basically kick the Dream Eater out of my dream… but even so, I can’t break out of the dream itself.”


“So… the dream itself is something different from the Dream Eater.” You muttered. “Do you feel any sort of magical interference with waking us up?”


“A little… but it’s more like its keeping us believing that this is the reality. Whatever put us to sleep and is still keeping us asleep seems to be more herb based.” Kaminari told you. “Oh… how exactly did you end up in my dream anyway?”


You shrugged. “Dumb luck maybe? I had pretty much thought I was going crazy and was under the impression that you all and the supernatural world didn’t exist. It drove me so crazy that I started to panic… and well then I ended up here.”


“Weird… I wonder why? It's hard to break out of a Dream Eater’s hold by sheer will alone.”


“I think… it was my ability, maybe. I was in an emotional breakdown and then suddenly there was an overwhelming surge of it… then the world broke and I ended up here.”


“Your ability? Well… I’m guessing it's still pretty unstable since you’ve never talked about it before… so with that and your own mental state, you may have overwhelmed the Dream Eater and broke out but into my dream instead of waking up.”


“So what do we do now?” You muttered, feeling at a total loss.


“Do you think you could do that thing you just did to get into my dream… to get into someone else’s?” Kaminari asked you, tapping a finger along his chin.


“I don’t know… I kinda did this one by accident.” You admitted. “I’m not even sure if I could conquer up the same emotions that literally broke the wall between us again.”


“Well… maybe I could help in some way!” Kaminari cheered. “An overwhelming surge of emotions right… maybe I could use one of my abilities?”


“As much as I appreciate it… I don’t really want my head to be messed around with any more than it already has been today. So let’s think of something else.”


“Well… seeing how it looks like both our dreams were confined to a few places… maybe that means that breaking another wall… would lead us to another dream. But, I do think you using your ability would help.”


“How?” You blinked. 


“Well… it’s something to do with emotions right. What were you thinking about before you crashed in?”


You paused a moment, trying to recall the feelings you had felt and what you had wished for. Your memories had been hazy, so you were definitely not calling out for someone to come and get you… but rather… to end up somewhere much happier and calmer than your own, at the time, unknown nightmare had been.


“You were having a pleasant dream… and that’s what I wanted. So I think… my emotional connection to you literally pulled me here because you had what I wanted… needed.” You tightened a fist. “Okay… so I’ll focus on finding someone who can help us further.”


Kaminari watched as you closed your eyes, breathing in slowly with you. Your eyebrows knitted together, telling him this was quite a hard ability to try and master so quickly. Your breathing picking up slightly, eyelids twitching and body stiffening.


“It’s so loud.” You muttered, hands holding your head slowly. “The emotional connect I’ve formed with everyone are becoming very strained… and I… I can’t feel Katsuki at all.”


“Shit… did old vampy break?” Kaminari’s eyes widened. 


“No… it's not like I can’t see him… but I can’t feel him. I can feel his presence, but unlike everyone else… its feels as if he’s… he’s-”


You opened your eyes suddenly. “He’s sinking…”


“What?” Kaminari batted his eyes. “Sinking?”


“Kaminari we really don’t have time for details… we need to break a wall and get to someone who can pretty much start a domino effect. Or at least someone who has more control over these life-like dreams then we do.”


“I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” Kaminari nodded.


“Then when I tell you to break the wall… break the one I point towards.” You spoke to him, closing your eyes and focusing once more on the weaving, dancing, and fading emotional strings tied around your form and going outwards.


You needed a strong one… one that hadn’t been as affected by this state or dream like the others. Your eyes catching onto a thin white one, tied around a pinky of yours. Going downwards and passing through the ground.


“The ground…” You muttered, feeling a strain begin to form from having started to overuse this new and untrained ability of yours.


“Say no more!” Kaminari called, smiling widely as black horns and wings appeared on his form once more. Body illuminating in a dark yellow before he struck the ground with tiny little sparks. The energy from his magic easily cracking and breaking the ground.


Sending both of you plummeting into another world and scenario. One you could only hope would have a powerful enough ally that could solve this time-sensitive issue.


As it appeared, rather then ending up in another illusionary fantasy, you both had ended up in a small dull room, only blinking colors and shades coming and going. Kaminari’s wings and horns still present, but even he had crashed down to the ground with you.


“Well… my demonic parts are pretty much numb to me right now.” He sighed. “Can’t move or hide them.”


“Strange…” You muttered, starting to rise and look around. “Where are we and whose dream is… this?”


“(Name)?” Someone called out, making both you and Kaminari turn to look in the direction of the voice.


A little girl with white hair ran out, connecting to your legs and squeezing them as tightly as she could. You smiled gently, bending down and taking the girl into your arms a bit more. Eri’s slight sniffles buried in the fabric of your clothing, and your hand rubbing her back making her feel a bit more at ease.


“Where’s Deku? And Urara?” She whined slightly, pulling away. “I only see the naughty demon.”


Kaminari gaped at her. Was that how she saw him?! Meanwhile, you could only laugh slightly. Eri’s hair being patted gently and her shaking stopping ever so slightly. She looked at you with worried eyes, but you knew better than to worry the child who had already been through so much.


“They are still trapped somewhere in this dream labyrinth.” You told her, seeing her eyes widen in fear. “But don’t worry… Kaminari and I are going to save everyone.”


“We don't have a lot of time…” Eri muttered. “Soon the ingredients will be harvested.”


You looked at her confused, then slowly glanced around the area you were in. This wasn’t a nightmare… it was easy to see. Eri was still, in a way, not terrorized. More kept separate and tortured by this little room.


It was a cage more than anything, playing around with whatever these colors could be. You gently rose up, realizing that your wish for a powerful ally to help turn the tables in your favor… had led you to Eri. Which meant… her true identity was something beyond what anyone was expecting. 


Thus you decided to try something out.


You rose away from Eri, picking her up a moment later. You carried her towards Kaminari, motioning for him to open his arms. He did so and you gave him Eri to hold. You walked towards a splotch of color and held in a breath.


“Hold on! What are you-” 


You didn’t even allow Kaminari to finish, instead pushing yourself directly through the cherry blossom color on the wall. What laid beyond it was something interesting. A forest it appeared, though everything was colored in various shades of pink rather than the natural colors.


Your head began to stir, feeling an overwhelming sense of admiration, devotion, and infatuation was what greeted you. Your legs quivering as you made your way through the woods further and further. Your eyes straining to even see what was in front of you. 


This was not based on a memory, but rather the emotions that occurred during this memory. But the memory was so faded and worn out that it was hard to tell where you were or what was going on.


Even so, with the sounds of voices that came from a little ways away… you couldn’t stop yourself from diving further and further into the pink shrubs and cotton candy underbrush. Soon coming across two figures. 


It was hard to make out any sort of features on either though, seeing as both were dyed pink as well, and their faces were void aside from a pair of lips on each. Eyes and nose gone and instead used as a dark pink shade.


You walked into the clearing they were in, seeing as one was laying down, hot pink coming from her. The other was on her knees, trembling lightly. The one on the ground lightly lifted a hand caressing the face of the one on her knees.


“It’ll be fine, ----.” She spoke, voice fading in and out. “Now go ---- find her… she’ll know ---- you are ---- she sees you. My magic is --- over you ----- all.”


“But, --- right behind! -- he sees you - he’ll ---- you!” The other female shouted.


The one on the ground chuckled. “No, -- sweet, ----. For us… death -- not permanent. We simply are ------. Just like the ----- and --- familiar of the ------------- Stone.”


“But… if ----- true… --- won’t remember --.”


The woman chuckled. “I --- not… but I ----- think I ----- ever forget these ------ gold horns -- -----, ----. Now go… -- don’t need -- both to die -----.”


The one of her knees nodded slowly, rising to her feet. She cast one last look down at the other female who merely nodded to her. And then she sprinted off, daring to not look back. You watched with wide eyes as not even a few moments later, a man appeared through the bushes, carrying a set of daggers and rope.


“Come to ------- put -- out -- of my ------?” She questioned him, smiling proudly as the hunter kneeled down by the woman.


“Disgusting forest wench…” He spoke, taking out a bloodied dagger. “Now… --- me ----- that other monster --!”


“Far away. ---- from --- and ---- allies.” She spoke, letting out a breath.


“I’ll find her… --- I’ll make ---- to end --- more tragically ---- you.” He chuckled, driving the knife deep into the chest of the woman.


She gasped for breath, feeling another five knives enter her chest. The woman on the ground writhing in pain. But from what you could see, she was forcing herself to withstand it. Seeming to know something would happen… and that she would be fine so long as she got past this part.


However, it appeared that the hunter was not yet finished with his task. His hands reaching into a small bag that rested on his hip. His fingers dipping in and slowly starting to mix the blood of the woman with some sort of dust on his fingers. 


She watched with wide eyes as he started to create markings and symbols on her skin. The knives in her chest making it so she couldn’t move without so much as screaming in pain. The hunter seemed to notice she had caught on, as did you.


“What… don’t ---- to be turned ---- an orb?” He chuckled, seeing her eyes wide. “You ---- rather foolish, ------ forest spirit. -- hunters caught -- long ago -- --- fact that ---- --- die… you are --- ---- forever. Thus… since -- can’t kill --- ---- many creatures -- ---- world… we can -- least control --- and your abilities -- making you ---- - magical weapon --- our personal usage.”


“Fool… don’t --- know --- price this ---- pay!” She cried both in pain and revolt at this man. 


“This forest ---- die… but - don’t care.” He spoke. Finishing the spell. “From ---- on out… your --- purpose will -- -- serve whoever ----- your crystalized -----.”


The forest spirit was quiet, and she looked to be full of fear. Humans… could do that to a supernatural… especially in how resilient they were when their fear controlled them. But before she could even utter another word, the ritual was complete.


You were blinded by a stream of bright pink light. And then by the time it faded and you could see once more, the pink had disappeared from this world… now replaced with white. The hunter bending down, picking up a pink crystal fading to white.


He smirked, sticking it into a staff he held. Swinging it around slowly and testing out the weight of the object. 


“From --- spirit -- this forest… to --- new enslaver -- life.” He spoke, carrying on to wherever he came from.


You barely had time to even process the blurry images you had seen, suddenly pulled back by a forceful state and passing back through the wall. Your body skidding across the ground and gliding past Eri and Kaminari who had been waiting on edge for your return.


“(Name)!” Both screamed, Kaminari carrying Eri and himself over to you.


Eri wiggled herself free, looking down at you with wide eyes. “Are you okay? Where did you go?”


You coughed slightly, looking at Eri with wide eyes. “Eri-chan… I know what you are.”


Eri looked startled, and Kaminari was hovering over you both as you pulled her into your form. Eri hugged you back tightly. Feeling a mixture of relief you were okay and that she may finally be getting her answer.


“Y-you used to be forest spirit… and y-you were Mina’s forest spirit! B-but you were reincarnated into a different spirit and through all the years of being used by those who couldn’t care about your well being… you must have forgotten who you were before!” You spoke quickly, both Eri and Kaminari having their eyes widen. “But now… now you’re Eri… the spirit of free will!”


“Free will…?” Eri muttered. 


“Yes… I’m sure of it.” You spoke. “How your powers work, your visions… they all tie into this. And look at this place! The Dream Eater couldn’t even make you hallucinate because your initial orb seal was broken long ago!”


“You’re basically a supernatural God, kiddo.” Kamiari spoke.


“Well not exactly… but you are insanely powerful.” You corrected the incubus. “But… Eri.”


You pushed her away slightly. “You’re the key for us all getting out of here alive okay. You need to help us restore everyone’s will and help us break out of this little cage.”


She looked scared and you shook your head towards her. “It’s okay… Kaminari and I will be right here with you. And we’ll do all the hard lifting. We just need you to help us get to everyone and restore their faith in themselves. Can you help us with that? Please, Eri?”


She took a moment, but slowly she raised her head. Nodding to you and squeezing your hand. “Yes. I want to save everyone too.”

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Ch.24 - Here is my hand, now take it! I know you can!


“Are we ready?” Kaminari inhaled sharply, feeling his legs fill with jitters.


You looked towards Eri, who was nodding to you slowly. You smiled down at her, repeating once more what you had already told her way too many times that she needed to do now.


“Remember… all you need to do is give Kaminari and I a little power up so we can reach the others. My ability is hard to control and Kaminari’s dream abilities can’t help him reach others without his physical form touching them… so we need you to propel us to our friends… okay, Eri?”


She nodded, hands balled together in anticipation. “I got it… I’ll do my best!”


Her form coming up to you and Kaminari, touching her little hands to both of your temples. She smiled gently as a gentle white light started to form on the bases of both of your foreheads. You closed your eyes slowly, trying to find another emotional string.


Kaminari merely smiled with confidence to Eri. “Nice job! Now watch over base camp while we handle this, okay?”


Eri nodded, taking a few steps back. “Okay… good luck.”


You laughed slightly. “We won’t need it now… you’re all the luck we need, Eri-chan.”


She smiled gently to you, watching as slowly both you and Kaminari’s forms turned into a single ball of light. The duo twirling around and then shooting off into different directions to whoever would be at the other end of this dream spectrum.


Eri watched with a soft smile on her face. Then looked down towards her hands. She had finally found her answer… but at the same time… she still felt as lost as before. Years of being used seemed to have done more damage then she knew. But at least now… now she had people who could help her grow and regain what she had lost.


But before that… she needed and wanted to have them back with her once more.




It was still raining harshly, the ground becoming so wet that it was starting to flood. He was still crouched in front of the grave though, refusing to move or lift his eyes up from where he had been staring at the tombstone.


He was sopping at this point as well, forgetting what it felt like to be dry and warm. All he knew by now was this cold wetness that clung to his skin and hair like a nasty cold. Ever ending it seemed.


“You’re going to catch a cold, y’know.” Someone muttered, and then slowly the feeling of rain on his skin was cut off.


He lifted his head slightly, turning around to gaze at the figure who had come up to him. Her dress was black, but the small white ribbon around her waist was what made his eyes trained onto her. 


“Go away…” He muttered, turning his head back.


Despite his rough words, she refused to move nor move the umbrella over him. Her own attire starting to get sopping wet now. Slowly, the girl next door knelt down beside him. Her movements slow and him watching her from the corner of his eyes.


She removed her ribbon, going towards the grave and tying it around the stone. Then backed away, gazing upon her friend as his eyes widened slowly.


“You’re mother deserves something pretty on her stone.” You muttered, sighing and looking at Todoroki once more. “That’s what I said all those years ago… you remember right?”


Todoroki nodded slowly, looking up to you with wide eyes. “We- we’ve been here before…”


You nodded. “And here I thought it would have been harder to bring you out of this. You were unconsciously fighting back, weren’t you, Shou?”


The rain died down, making the umbrella useless. Todoroki wiped his eyes down, standing up next to you. “I made peace with her a while ago… but even so… this day is not a pleasant one.”


“We have other work to do… can I ask you to help me out?”


Todoroki nodded slowly. “Of course.”




There was barely anything left of her now. The feeling of her fading presence was something the female knew would come eventually, but right now… as it was finally happening she couldn’t help but think it was premature.


But it was too late now, the last holder was gone and thus the stone was disappearing. So, as the keeper of it… her time as this fairy was to no longer be. She would be reborn once more when a new holder came… but until then she would be left feeling these final moments wishing for even a second more to spend with them all.


“You know… even if you can’t remember us… we’ll always remember you.” Your gentle voice spoke out of the silence, the familiar of the stone’s eyes widening.


The voice of someone she held dear. A sound she would enjoy hearing as she reverted back to her original form now. Even more when she felt you grab onto her hand, letting the fairy know she wasn’t alone in these final moments.


“Though… you should know that… it’s nowhere near your time to go, Uraraka.” You chuckled lightly.


“What…?” She breathed, feeling her body slowly start to come back together.


“You heard me.” You told her. “Midoriya isn’t dead nor are you fading into your next life.”


Uraraka blinked, vision returning to her. Her eyes softening when she saw you holding her small winged form gently in your hands. 


“Then where are we… and why did I see-”


“I’m afraid we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in another poor situation…” You sighed. “So… we’ll need everyone’s help to get out. So… want to help?”


Her wings flickered to life once more, nodding towards her best friend. “Yes! I want to go back and help in any way to accomplish that!”


You nodded to her. “Great. Then follow me.”




Everything was still burning, and his hands were the least of his problems. Forest green eyes were now the only thing that still remained green in this entire place, but even so, the fire that reflected in them was making the green hard to see.


The small boy’s form was aching from the heat, the burns, and the hiccups that came from the tears. He was starting to lose his faith in this all. But he also knew there was not much else he could do. The only power he had was to keep digging and hoping someone was still alive under the rubble.


“Midoriya.” Someone approached from behind him. “Snap out of it.”


The boy persisted, ignoring the calls of the mystery person behind him.


“Midoriya.” The voice tried again, this time much more sternly than before. “You can sense it. You know this isn’t real. You’re only giving in to the guilt of the past.”


“I can’t… I should have done more that day… instead, I ran away.” He muttered back.


“You may have not saved the day that day… but you’ve done so much more since then.” The figure said, kneeling down beside him. “And if you refuse to give up on this hopeless scenario, then you won’t be able to save anyone else ever again. Is that what you want?”


He stopped his pursuit of unearthing this once standing home. “No.”


“Then stand up.” The male behind him spoke, getting up himself. “We need your help.”


“Right.” The male blinked, standing up and looking behind him for the first time since the male had appeared. “And thank you, Todoroki-kun.”


The half-angel nodded to him. “It’s nothing. Think of it as me repaying you for the last time. Now- let’s go.”


Midoriya nodded, walking with Todoroki through the blaze, not turning back once… knowing he had done the best he could and now he had more important things to worry about than the past.




The sounds of growling had died down a little bit, but only because the ones who had previously been forced out were now finally given their chance to feast upon the fallen human as well. The flesh on his body decreasing more and more as the animals around him had their fill.


“Scram you scavengers!” Someone yelled loudly.


The wolves took off, especially after a few were hit with large rocks. The beasts sprinting off and barking at the figure who was running into the scene. The new male heaved, looking down to the fallen one.


“Holy shit dude… is this your fear?” Kaminari shook at the image before him. “Shit Kiri… I had no idea this scarred you so badly?!”


Kirishima blinked, unable to move but recognizing the voice. “Kaminari? How are you here… I didn’t even know you yet.”


“It’s cause we’re trapped in some crappy dreamscape.” Kaminari attempted to inform his friend. “You should start to realize it right now! Seeing as it wasn’t a pack and you become a werewolf thanks to this encounter!”


Kirishima blinked a few times, feeling his fingers and toes once more. Slowly he forced himself to sit up. Looking down at his body, hugging himself as he saw that he wasn’t torn to shreds but rather still a whole.


Kaminari was right though… this was his fear of what could have happened that day. But rather, he had been saved by the mountain spirit and given new life by her hands. He didn't die that day, but rather have been given a second chance. One he was wasting by imagining scenarios that didn’t exist and never would.


“That was messed up…” Kaminari muttered. “Are you-”


“Fine… where’s Ashido?” Kirishima demanded. “If my nightmare was this messed up… hers is worse.”


“I’ll let you go after her then.” Kaminari told him. “I have to find Kyouka still.”


“And how are we getting out of here then?” The werewolf spoke to the incubus.


Kaminari smirked. “Just leave that to me, my friend!”




A small bundle of flowers was what rested on the bedside window, a gentle breeze revealing and hiding it as the curtains moved. She sat on the little bed in the small white room, listening to the soft beeps of her own heartbeat. Weaker and weaker with each passing moment.


She sighed softly, the sounds of her door opening. Purple eyes wandering over to the figure of a male who was opening her door. His eyes widening as he saw her beyond and what was happening in the small room.


“Kyouka…?” He breathed slowly, coming into the room and keeping the door open.


“Denki.” She muttered, voice not containing the usual emotions she always had for him. Rather… it was void dead.


Kaminari inhaled sharply. He should have come here earlier… it was clear that as a human… Jirou was the least resistant to this all. But even so… she had lasted this long, all he needed to do was turn the tide in his favor now.


“You should have told me…” He breathed out slowly, the bed sinking a bit more as he sat beside her. “I… I’m afraid of myself too sometimes.”


“It’s not that I’m afraid of you…” She breathed out slowly. “I’m… afraid that this may be taboo and now I’m going to die from both of our inexperience with this.”


Kaminari smiled weakly. “I’m sorry… I’m a big idiot who never asked how you were feeling or how you were adjusting.”


He gripped his fist together harshly. “I-I should have… maybe I should have never…”


Jirou looked at him with growing surprise. Her familiar blonde and seeing how much he was beating himself up about all of this… truly did show her how much of a genuine and kind moron he was.


“I don’t regret this… or you.” She muttered, squeezing his hand softly. “I love you, Denki.”


Kaminari chuckled softly. “This is definitely not how I pictured us exchanging these words… but I love you too. Now… come one, let’s get out of here. It's too gloomy for you.”




She couldn’t take much more of this. The sounds of laughter, sneering faces, and the feeling of things constantly hitting her from above. She wanted this to end… in some way no matter the cost… this had to end.


Ashido sucked in a breath, trembling as the voices began to increase and echo. Her hands covering her ears, her senses becoming that much more hyper-aware of everything. She couldn’t take it. This was too much, she only wanted to escape and make all this end by any sort of means.


Even if it meant she needed to-




Her ears perked up, the sound of someone calling her name and the voices dying out suddenly. The noise continued, as something skidded down towards her, entering the lowly world she lived in rather than staying in the peaceful world above.


“Ashido… it's okay. I’m here.” Someone spoke, out of breath and throwing themself at her.


Strong arms and a warm chest greeted her, the shapeshifter blinking a few times, feeling tears escape her eyes. The silence was finally here and the feeling of someone down in this Hell besides her as well.


“Kirishima?” She breathed out slowly, recognizing the voice and feeling of his body around her.


“Yeah, it's me.” He spoke to her, hugging her close. “I got you. It's going to be okay now.”


Mina nodded against him, burying her face into his chest and crying into the fabric of his shirt. He held her close, not wanting to let her go for any sort of reason. He had seen what this nightmare was the moment he entered… and was as terrified as her over it.


“No one’s gonna hurt you with me around.” He promised her. “We stick together like we always have… nothing will ever change that.”


Ashido nodded slowly, her cries dulling down for a moment as she responded to him. “I know… I know.”




The small little white haired girl was waiting patiently, seeing as a few of the conscious orbs started to come back to her little domain slowly. Her eyes lighting up as their figures returned to her. Red eyes widening as she saw her caretakers made it back safe and sound.


“Deku! Urara!” Eri cries,  tears of joy coming from her eyes and she runs towards the pair.


You and Shou stepped aside, allowing the small little family to reunite with one another once more. You watched with a soft smile as they all hugged each other, telling one another they were fine and things would be fine.


The others around you were doing the same. Kaminari seeming to not want to let go of Jirou as she hugged him back with just as much strength as he was hugging her. And then Kirishima and Mina, holding hands and squeezing the other’s gently in a silent sign that both were next to one another once more.


You inhaled softly, seeing as your own other half was still missing. Next, to you, someone placed a hand on your shoulder, giving it a tender squeeze. You glanced up, seeing your oldest friend looking at you with confidence in his eyes.


“You’re going after him, aren’t you?” Todoroki asks you, already knowing the answer even before he asked the question.


“Of course.” You nodded at him. “I already had the experience of what it would be like to lose him once today… I’m not going to forget about him now. Nor am I going to leave him wherever he is.”


“He’s going to be hard to reach.” Eri muttered, turning towards you. “He’s sinking… slowly, but he’s falling into depths that he can’t even float in.”


“Then it's a good thing I know how to swim.” You smiled gently at her. “And I know I’ve asked a lot of you today Eri… but could you please help me once more.”


She blinked, gently pushing away from Midoriya and Uraraka, instead running up to you and taking your hands into her own. You looked at the girl gently, seeing her frown.


“It’s going to be scary.” She told you. “It could mean you end up the same as him…”


“I know.” You told her. “But… someone did tell me I am the one who needs to fix all this after all.”


Eri’s eyes widened and she slowly nodded her head towards you. Before any more could be done though, it appeared everyone else had come out of their reunion stupor and had been listening in.


“Wait… what’s happening?” Kirishima spoke, coming forward. “Is Bakubro in trouble?”


You nodded. “He has been for a while… but now seems to have finally been the point where he’s reached the edge of returning or not. And… I’m going after him.”


“Are you crazy! At least bring one of us with you!” Mina spoke up.


“No time. I have to go to him. The rest of you need to wake back up on the physical world. Defend mine and his body from the lunatics who did this… and I’ll try to bring Katsuki and me to the battle as soon as possible… okay?”


Everyone nodded slowly. They knew it too… time was not of the essence. The dream eater would more than likely have realized no one was under his control any longer and would be telling the ghoul and salamander to do whatever they pleased in order to gain control or the upper hand once more.


“Be safe.” Uraraka told you, hugging you once more.


“Make sure to drag him back kicking and screaming if you have too!” Kaminari spoke to you.


“We’ll see you soon. I’m sure of it.” Midoriya nodded to you.


“Good luck. Something tells me you’ll need it.” Jirou smiled.


“Thanks everyone.” You nodded, watching as they all started to vanish slowly.


The scene around you changing slowly until it was once more and dulled out and empty space. The others had gone, Eri taking them to a place where they would be able to wake up and begin this battle for life and death…. One you knew they would need help with.


But seeing as the only door in this room would more than likely lead to him, especially since your mark throbbed slightly as you stepped towards it… you knew that this would be the true challenge for you ahead.


And so with a deep breath and thinking of only him and how soon you both would be together once more… you entered whatever may be behind the door.

Chapter Text

Ch.25 - I’ve got You. But do You got Me?


You were not sure where exactly you would be ending up when you arrived in the subconscious of your soulmate, but it most certainly was not where you currently stood. The ground was covered in a thin sheet of ice, swirling black liquid underneath it.


You inhaled sharply, seeing as this was more than definitely a near exact recreation of the dream that had been haunting you for weeks now. And if anything, it meant that you would soon be seeing the image of your fiance drowning underneath and you being helpless to reach him.


Though, you had no intention to allow that to happen… rather make sure you reached him before that moment came. And lucky for you… it appeared you had the opportunity to find him before that happened, though the image of him before you was not a happy one or one you had hoped to find him in.


He was before you, sinking slowly into the black liquid, it passing by the center of his chest now. Chains were added around him, keeping him in place and restricting him from moving, let alone attempting to pull himself out of the water.


Behind him were what appeared to be versions of… you? One in a red dress looking bored. Another in yellow with her eyes closed and standing still, as if sleeping standing up. 


As you made your way over,  Bakugou’s eyes looked up to you. His gaze hardening as you came close. You paused before him, looking at him as he stared you down.


“Another fucking copy… what is your shitty message, huh?”


You blinked, looking down at yourself and seeing how you were dressed in a sunset orange dress. You sighed, crossing your arms and staring back at him with just as much sass as he had directed towards you.


“Are you serious?” You chuckled, dropping your arms. “I come all the way down to your subconscious to help and this is the attitude I am greeted with?”


His eyes widened, seeming to at least sense something different about this you who was before him. But it couldn’t be? How could you get down to him?


“(Name)...? The real one?” He breathed, watching you edge closer to the water.


“Who else?” You smiled at him, that warm smile he knew and made him feel slightly more at ease despite this terrible situation. “I’m happy to see you again, Katsuki… I had quite the nightmare before this…”


Before he had a chance to speak up to you, you continue on smile fading and replaced by a neutral looking face. Your motives unknown to him, but he couldn’t look away as you spoke, wanting to know why you were here and why you were getting so close to this painful trap he was ensnared in.


“So this is the hell on Earth you’ve been subjected to… huh?” You spoke, slowly approaching him, the ice around you cracking with each step you took.


“The hell are you doing…?!” He spoke as he watched with horror in his eyes. “If you’re not careful you’re going to end up in here too!”


You laughed a humorless chuckle, shaking your head as you stopped at the edge of the ice and where the water and ice had been combined long ago. Your smile fading into a deep frown, eyes casting off away from him and towards the broken shards of ice that made up the perimeter of this jagged circle.


“I know.” You muttered, lips quivering slightly, your face meeting his once more. Eyes softening as a small and safe smile made its way onto your features. “And it's okay…”


You lifted a leg, not looking away from him with that deathly calm expression. Your leg plunging into the water below, the black liquid staining your clean form with darkness. The orange on your dress becoming black at the edges thanks to the water’s height.  Your eyes narrowing slightly in frustrations at how even with a single leg in it was rather difficult to move further into this strange liquid.


“Get out of here! You’re going to end up like me!” Bakugou screamed at you, panic in his voice. 


“It’s fine.”  You heaved, bringing your second leg into the mix, pain immediately flowing into your body. 


“Get out!” Bakugou’s volume had surpassed the point of it not hurting. “Stop it and get out!”


“No.” You told him, wading through the water, ignoring the feelings all over. Your body telling you to stop. “I’m not going to do anything… expect come to you!”


“Moron…” Bakugou bit his lip harshly. “You’re going to end up the same as me if you keep coming…”


“I know.” You spoke softly, within touching distance of him now. 


His eyes widened as you looked at him with a wide-eyed expression and shaky lips. Eyes full of soon to be cascading waterfalls and quivering hands. He watched with complete silence as you stood before him now, unable to speak from the simple yet powerful words you had said to him.


“I know I’m going to end up like you…” You choked out, knees shaking violently. “But it's okay… I told you before, didn’t I, Katsuki?”

The sounds of moving chains echoed in both of your ears, only to erupt from the water seconds later. The moving metals starting to enclose in on you until they were snuggling against your skin and the now black fabric of your attire. The chains pushing you quickly down into the waters as well. Pushing you until the water had submerged nearly the entirety of your torso.


“No!” Bakugou cried, forcing his head onto your shoulder and what was left of his own chest to help keep you up and in the air so you wouldn’t sink below him. His chest rising and falling quickly, eyes strained and panicked.


“What the hell are you thinking?!” He scolded you. “Why would you come here? Why would you fucking do this to yourself! You were not even affected in any way until now! Why the hell did you jump in as if this was some usual shitty swimming pool?!”


You hummed gently, strangely filled with some sort of comfort. Despite the pain of the water, the tightness of the chains, and the ever-gnawing feeling of worry thanks to the sinking that was still happening as you listened and spoke to him… you felt calm and worry-free besides him right here.


“What was your nightmare?” You answered his question with one of your own. 


He looked taken back by your sudden question, inhaling sharply. Eyes closing but eyelids twitching as he was forced to once again look back upon the one moment he truly feared happening again or having not had the opportunity to change the future thanks to his own cursing bite.


“That night… the one where you… got shot.” He admitted, head pressing lowly on your shoulder. “One in where I was too slow to give into my own temptations and bring you back. One where… your father lived and you died.”


A pause. Then he inhaled gently, seeming to take it all in a bit more. Your eyes fluttering open, gazing at his ash blonde locks as you saw him adjust his barely held onto hold of you. The both of you sinking below once more, the water finally starting to rise past the center of your chests and making the need for air seem that much more apparent.


“But… the entire time I couldn’t shake the feeling of how I couldn't and wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. It just seemed so obvious to me that I wouldn’t let that asshole live and you die. That’s when I remembered what had actually happened and how… you were fine. How you were still alive and didn’t actually die in my arms as I was powerless to do anything but wallow in regret.”


He shook gently, and you placed your head against his. The action placing him in a slight tranquil state as you picked up the conversation from here, but wanting him to feel this pressure to continue pushing himself further and further into the parts of himself and his memories he was not ready to speak or admit to yet. 


“You didn’t exist in mine.” You whispered gently to him. “But at the same time… I could recall your presence, having never been able to completely forget you. Your name and face were gone from my memory, but your presence never could. You have taken up too much of a space in my heart, body, and mind to ever fade from it Katsuki… and my bond to you is too strong to be manipulated into me thinking I was hallucinating.”


You chuckled sourly. “That's what I thought at first… but I could never shake it. Shake that something was wrong, that something big in my life was gone. I… knew you existed and it drove me to near insanity because I couldn’t figure out how I knew or why I knew… but I just did. And it ate away at me, because how could I forget someone so important to me?”


The waterfalls started to stream downwards, your face buried into his ash blonde hair as you cried harshly onto him, words becoming nearly unextinguishable. But even so, you didn’t dare stop speaking. Not when you still had so much to say and so little time to do it.


The liquid was nearly at both of your chins, some sloshing up towards your mouths. Neither of you able to use the other for balance at this point or support, thus only able to stay in close sight and listen and talk to one another.


“But… you’ve been hurting for a while. Not just now… but for as long as you could remember, right Katsuki?” You inhaled. “People always told you they were relying on you cause they saw you as someone strong, capable, and amazing. And you are… you are most definitely the most amazing person I have ever known… but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have your own share of problems.”


You coughed water, edging up to your mouth. “You never thought you’d want to put your faith into others… because you always saw it as not being what you wanted to be seen as. And so… you suffered and moved on all on your own. You pushed yourself forward without anyone to aid you… and now it's drowning you.”


He opened his mouth to speak, instead allowing a gross amount of foul tasting liquid to be swallowed. The male shutting his mouth and trying to calm the panic of drowning from the water narrowing in on his nose.


“So… I’ll do it.” You chuckled softly, still refusing to stop talking despite the water entering your mouth. “I’ll be the person you can rely on and the one by your side when you are alone.”


Your eyes softened as his widened. “So… let’s sink together, okay? Because I’m not leaving you on your own… like you have never left me on my own. I’ll be okay and you’ll be okay… because we have each other. And now… we’ll be fine because-”


You choked, unable to finish your throat as the water reached above your nose suddenly. Your eyes wide in panic as the air was suddenly gone. Bakugou next to you watching with panic, trying to edge closer to grab onto you once more, but the chains had become that much heavier and he could only witness you slowly descended below the surface right before him.


And then, as he blinked his eyes, screaming something unheard from the black liquid below… his vision went out. You were gone from his sight, and he was gone from yours. The sounds of struggling under the water and water movement from someone near being the only indicator of the soulmate in front of the other.


Bakugou wrestled with his chains, doing whatever he could to at least move them closer to you. Get near you enough to either feel you or make out your figure before him in this infinite sinking blackness. Instead… he was suddenly hit with another sinking realization.


In his moment of rest between him trying to move and locate you… he noticed how the movement of the water in front of him and the sounds of chains beyond him- had stopped. No more sounds, movements, or indicators that you were still actively trying to fight.


Short bursts of reminders of how you had inhaled much more of this poisonous liquid then him making him internally worry. No… not when you had literally just been here. Not when even two minutes ago he had been against your warmth.


He screamed bubbles into the water, the last of his air going with it. His eyes bugging out as he realized that he was quickly losing his own grasp on this reality. But he refused to let go… refused to let the one person he knew he could count of end up drowning among this isolating sea before him.


You had hit the head onto the nail about him though… he had never put the same trust into others as they had done for him. And even with you… his own soulmate he had done nothing but keep you out of his business. Even now, he had refused to accept your pleas of being with him, instead fighting your support to the point of where you had taken the major fall for his own lack of abilities or strength… like the last time. Only this time, it wasn’t a bullet… it was he who killed you.


It was too late now… the trust he realized he needed to place onto you, the secrets and fears he should have shared with you, and the issues that should have been faced with you right by his side were now no longer an option. 


His brow scrunched together, heart beating in pained rhythms against his chest. You trusted him… and the least he could do now… was power through his last moments to at least grab onto you and fulfill your wish.


To sink to the bottom of this unwakeable nightmare with you and him in each other's arms.


He pushed himself forward again, the feeling of the chains creaking as he did so. He could feel himself slowly starting to move but sheered panicked adrenaline alone. Eyes straining through the water that stung, he could see something in front of him. Your figure floating gently among the darkness.


His arms jolting forward, the sounds of cracking heard by his ears but not understood. His large and safe arms wrapping around you until you were pressed safely into his arms once more. The feeling of weightlessness and floating making the male pause. He glanced downwards, seeing the ends of the chains falling into the abyss, while he only had the cuffs with two or three ringlets around him.


His eyes widened, noticing how your own chains were starting to disintegrate as he pushed you further into him. Your eyes were shut and you had a peaceful look on your face as the water current gently swayed your hair back and forth. Bakugou narrowed his gaze above, seeing as that while you still held a warmness to your skin, it would not last long and neither would he if you both stayed in this poisonous ocean much longer.


He pushed himself further than he could remember in the next moments, forcing himself to break the surface, and then helping your head stay above water. His arms were tired and sore from the chains having been on him for so long, but also seeing how he wouldn’t be able to keep you both afloat forever.


Somewhere nearby though, he could spot a heap of sand peeking out. Mindset on getting there, he rolled over onto his back, making sure to keep your upper half onto his chest and your legs floating next to his. Slowly but surely, he started to push you both towards the shore. With each stroke, the dark polluted water turning into a more serene and calming blue.


Soon enough, the feeling of solid land hit his back and the mal relaxed, holding you in his arms and upon his chest as he closed his eyes. The sounds of you coughed and spitting you whatever water you had taken in making his heart steady. Bakugou’s breathing making your head rise and fall smoothly. Your eyes flickering to life suddenly and look up at him.


He looked back at you, eyes full of relief, but the sneer on his lips making you know that he was feeling more many things than a simple single emotion. Slowly he reached out his hand, batting the top of your head lightly.


“I-Idiot…” He sucked in air. “Don’t fucking ever decide to drown with me ever again.”


You smiled gently. “Couldn’t help it… if you’re in trouble… so am I.”


He sighed, shaking his head. “How did I get stuck with such a headstrong and stupid soulmate, again?”


“I could say that same about you.” You told him softly, pressing your head comfortably on his chest. 


He didn’t say anything after that, watching as the figures who had been haunting him slowly disappeared among the sandy dunes of this beach at sunrise. The only you that remained was the real you and the one who had made him finally realize exactly what he had been missing and holding out on when it came to your shared bond.


But never again. Now he would always open up to you… the only one he knew and the only one in existence who would sink with him in his problems. You didn’t want to fix him… you only wanted to accept him. Thus… he wanted to fix himself and be the best version of himself for you.


It had taken him a long time… but he could finally say that he trusted you with more than his life and now… he was ready to put the past behind him and only focus on all the wonderful and exciting opportunities that would come because you had him.


And he had you.


Chapter Text

Ch.26 - Reunions are always too complicated… especially when it’s time to part again.


Sounds of waves gently crashed against the sand, sending soft and bubbling pieces of sand and sea foam coming with it. Not too far off, sitting among the dry sand and away from the crystal clear water was the pair of vampires. 


One leaning against a tree, his arms crossed. His crimson eyes closed as he listened in on what you were telling him was happening, where you both were and what exactly was happening in the outside world at this current moment. The female near him sitting with her chin resting on her knees as she spoke more and more. Explaining every little detail of how she managed to get here and why the pair of them needed to get back.


“So… those three assholes who ruined the day at the Farmer’s Market did this?” Bakugou sighed, looking as if he didn’t want to have to deal with another issue after having literally just dealt with the issue of his marks and bond to his soulmate.


“Yes. I still am not sure why they are doing this… but I am worried. Currently, we’re the only ones who are still in this dreamscape, and we need to leave soon.” You urged him.


“I know.” Bakugou sighed. “But hell… it means the minute we wake up… it’s gonna be back to fighting for our lives. Can’t the universe only throw one of those at us a day? Maybe even a week if it’s feeling fucking generous?”


“Didn’t you once live for the thrill of a fight…?” You rose a brow at him, watching Bakugou tense up. “My oh my, Katsuki… you’ve turned terribly domestic, haven’t you?”


He snarled towards you, seeming to not want to be reminded of how he secretly has enjoyed the peaceful life he had built with you. More so that it would continue as there was still an engagement ring on your finger, even in a dream world.


“Alright.” He rose to his feet, stretching his body as if it was the real physical one. “How the hell do we get outta this once nightmare area?”


You nodded to him, getting up on your own feet as well. “I’ll do it. But you have to be quiet okay… uses a lot of concentration and energy to even move around… let alone enough to break free finally.”


“So you’re not fucking useless after all, huh?” Bakugou teased you, seeing a low glare come his way from you.


“Unlike you… I don’t like to get involved into these types of situations…” You grimaced. “But then again… the people I’m friends with don’t make it easy to stay away from this life or its events for long, does it?”


“Nope.” Bakugou shook his head. “‘Sides… something tells me the lonely baker girl likes a little adventure too. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t pissed these last two years about re-entering this hidden supernatural world of ours, huh?”


“Oh shut up! Or I’ll leave you here by yourself again!” You stomped your foot, but your weak threat still didn’t sway Bakugou in the slightest.


“You won’t.” He shook his head. “Not when you pushed yourself so much to come and find my sorry ass. Now, use that special emotion ability of yours and wake us up or whatever it is you do.”


You nodded to him slowly, ducking your head down so he wouldn’t see the smile on your face. Your hands clasping together as you focused on who you were looking for. If you could locate Eri-chan… then she could pull the string of connection of the both of you enough to wake you up.


“Hand.” You instructed Bakugou, holding out your hand to him.


He rose a brow at you, seeing you look back up at him and smile. “I want to take you back with me after all. We do things together… including fighting for our lives and happiness.”


He smirked. “Yeah… we do. Only this time, let’s make sure neither of us dies.”


You nodded, feeling his hand connect with yours, a moment later finding Eri and feeling her immediately pull you, and also Bakugou away from the world you were in and towards the physical one you both had been away from for so long now.


It was time to wake up… and end things once and for all.




“Come on…” Mina spoke, watching as Kirishima took a rather harsh hit from Toga then back towards you and Bakugou. “You guys need to wake up and soon!”


Kaminari had managed to send Toga flying by using a bit of demonic magic himself, but it was clear the male had used a lot already and was hitting a wall quickly.


Meanwhile, Todoroki and Dabi were ensuring their usual fight. All the while, it appeared Midoriya finally got to meet the current owner of the missing pieces of his old spell book. Shigaraki and him having a battle of casting circles and enchantments while trying to dodge the other’s attacks.


Uraraka was helping keep both you and Bakugou safe, as well as Eri and Jirou. Mina had already gotten stabbed by the ghoul, Kirishima forcing her to stay back and let him and Kaminari handle it. Only… she couldn’t possibly sit and watch, thus had started trying to force you and Bakugou up to even the score.


“Perish, you little pest…” Shigaraki muttered, sending a death curse towards Midoriya who barely had any time to throw up a defense.


Midoriya’s eyes squinted together, wishing he hadn't used his one erasing power on Alcide two years ago… as he wouldn’t be able to do that again for another ninety-eight years and right now he felt like this Shigaraki was a much larger threat than Alcide had ever been.


Ambrosia… the one thing Toshinori had warned him against ever attempting to make. And now he was literally fighting to get the pages back from the dream eater who held them in his grasp only a few feet away.


“So… you’re the asshole who did this?!” Shigaraki heard someone say behind him, not having a chance to turn before he was blasted with a blast of heat.


“Kacchan!” Midoriya called, watching the vampire start to go berzerk on the dream eater. “You’re awake!”


“Stop fucking around and help me get this shit under control, Deku!” Bakugou snarled back to the alchemist.


“Both of you are getting annoying… go back to sleep forever.” Shigaraki muttered, trying to swipe his finger’s against Bakugou’s forehead. 


If he could connect his fingers to this vampire’s forehead… then he could put him to sleep again, this time without the help of a sleep aid the ghoul had snuck into their drinks before. This time… he’d make him sleep by his own terms and break his will to go on with his own traumatic dream world...


The only issue for Shigaraki was that the vampire had above average reflexes, even for a vampire. The ash blonde barely dodging, as Midoriya cast a cube-like room to trap them all in. Shigaraki batting his eyes before snapping his fingers and breaking the spell. Walking towards Midoriya, hand extended.


“Weak for the chosen being of this world…” He muttered, not noticing Bakugou coming back and hitting Shigaraki with such a force that both males were sent toppling over and onto the ground.


“You are getting on my nerves…” Shigaraki breathed out, Bakugou trying to hold him down without allowing the dream eater to touch him with his dry hands.


“Don’t let him touch you, Kacchan!” Midoriya called, coming forward, this time creating some thin rope and binds.


“Then fucking help me!” Bakugou yelled back, anger making him want to make sure this fucker didn’t have a single chance to do anything… not even move.


As Midoriya and Bakugou were literally pushing Shigaraki to the ground, having every intention to interrogate him as soon as this was all handled, they failed to notice how the dream eater had let something go.


The papers floating in the air, catching the attention of two males, both of them dropping arms. Another two females noticing, the vampire female moving towards the fairy as she watched the two brothers start to dash towards the pages. The fairy listening closely as the vampire whispered something to her, right as the elder brother kicked the younger one down and out of his way.


Dabi threw his hand forward, reaching for the fluttering papers in the air. His cerulean eyes widening in excitement as he nearly had the objects in hand. Shigaraki may have failed… but it didn’t mean he could take these little hidden recipes and sell them to the highest bidder.


So caught up in his fantasies about what a rich and posh life he could be living thanks to a stack of five old and tattered papers, the black haired male failed to see someone else reaching towards the papers at the same moment. Another male born from the same parents as the salamander and moving quickly towards the papers then Dabi would have liked.


Dabi glared towards his brother, moving faster to snatch the papers, throwing his hand so fast that sparks ignited his hand into flames of blue. The male shocked by his desire and anger at Shouto making him ignite. This small moment of hesitance and confusion being all Shouto needed to truly have his side be declared the winner.


Shouto’s arm ignited into white, and he changed direction. The male snatching his older brother’s lit arm and shoving the papers into his grasp. Dabi’s eyes widening as he saw the papers take the flames happily and be set ablaze. Leaving nothing but light wisps of black soot floating in the air between the eldest and youngest Todoroki siblings.


Ashes danced down, matching in with Dabi’s hair while standing out in Shouto’s. Neither brother moving, only staring the other down harshly as they came to see and realize silently that this game was now over… and the most dangerous pages of the Negotiator's book had been destroyed.


“Flames of a salamander are the only flames to never be restored… no matter how strong the magic.” Todoroki spoke first, seeing Dabi’s arm ignite further.


The battle of dark flames and white light clashing and causing both brother's pain. Dabi’s eyes were twitching in a manic way, showing his displeasure for his back up plan having been ruined. Reaching for his brother and knowing his words were true… and thus if the paper could forever be destroyed… so could a damned half-angel brother.


“Then you can go with it!” Dabi called, his other arm igniting in brighter flames and aiming for the half of his brother that would not be able to protect himself due to a lack of angelic magic on his father’s mortal side. Todoroki bit his lip, watching with intense eyes as Dabi was quick to plunge his burning hand onto his arm.


Dabi’s hand stopped just above Todoroki’s arm though, as if he couldn’t move it any further as to do any harm. His eyes now wide and eyebrows scrunched together. He shook his head, suddenly backing away and looking at his burning hands as he did so.


“Touya?” The calling of a voice inside his head rang. “Could you do it again? Mom said you were the best at it.”


Dabi’s eyes scanned the room quickly, looking for who he knew would be interfering with this. And there she was… the damned next door neighbor from childhood. She was holding onto the shoulders of that fairy too… and the fairy looked to be spell casting.


“Touya… can you teach me how to fight too? Mom says you’re good at defending yourself… and I want to be as good as you!” A younger voice of Shouto echoed in his head, the male’s heart beating fast as it had done that day decades ago.


“You bitch…” Dabi snarled, looking towards you. “First you get some shit power and you are using it to make me feel bad about killing my perfect brother…. I’ll kill you for this!”


Todoroki was thrown away from him, into the bars of some animal cage. The loud clammering doing nothing to distract the others from their final fights. Now with no one to distract him aside from the memory in his head and the repeated feelings of that day… Dabi started his strides towards you and Uraraka.


Dabi took a step towards you, foot cracking the ground and leaving scorch marks as he came towards you. You and Uraraka didn’t move, instead increasing the mental memory and emotional manipulation you had started in order to save your childhood friend.


“You won’t be killing anyone, Touya.” Todoroki spoke, throwing his hand directly against his brother’s back and watching as the white light overtook his brother’s body.


Dabi let out a bone-chilling scream, a small but much heard cracking coming as well. Then the male fell to the floor, Todoroki collapsing on his knees beside him. You and Uraraka stopped your unison mental attack, running towards Todoroki.


“Are you okay, Shou?!” You called, pulling him into a hug. “That hit was nasty… you might need some ice later…”


“I’m fine… how is Da-” He shut his mouth, thinking over his words before continuing. “Is Touya okay? I heard a cracking sound…”


Uraraka was leaning over the passed out male’s body, her eyes wide. She pinched the male’s neck gently, squeezing something out before showing it to you and Todoroki. Both of your eyes widening.


“Todoroki-kun… your power exercised the salamander in the orb to the point where it broke…” Uraraka muttered, looking towards the now human male once more.


“I didn’t know you could do that…” You muttered, looking at your friend.


“Neither did I…” Todoroki shook his head. “All I remember thinking about was wanting my brother back. I think part of your ability is still not under complete control…”


You rubbed the back of your head awkwardly. “Yeah, I know… but at least… Touya is now free of whatever that thing might have been instigating him to do-”


You barely had time to properly finish your sentence as the sounds of rattling cages and crashing came from before the three of you. You all looking forward and seeing that the last attacker was finally down.


“That took… a lot.” Kaminari huffed, falling to the floor.


“Denki!” Jirou was up on her feet and away from her protectors of Mina and Eri in the next second.


She caught him before he could completely crash his face into the concrete below. The incubus having already passed out and now sleeping gently in the embrace of the girl he had fallen for completely. 


Kirishima was still standing luckily, making sure that the ghoul who was trapped below a bunch of old rusted water system pipes was down for the count. Only Toga’s arm and upper chest were seen, everything else buried under, some blood starting to pool out.


Everyone took a deep breath, looking at one another. It was over… this was finally over.

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Ch.27 - Impatience can sometimes be a Virtue


“Seeing how this turned out… I think I was better off dead…” Toga muttered, staring at the alchemist who was making sure she was restrained. “Though… being so close  to this cute little one isn’t so bad.”


Midoriya tensed up, not liking how the ghoul was looking at him as if trying to decide on the best way to feast upon him. Even though he was creeped out by her, he still made sure the three perpetrators of this little forbidden attempt were not going to escape.


“Would you shut up…” Shigaraki muttered, then closed his mouth once more.


He had been silent since he had been taken down, rather quickly. He had underestimated the teamwork these others had… and he knew that in the future, he’d need to recruit further allies for his own plans.


That was only if he found a way to escape though, seeing as both the current Negotiator and the half-angel were keeping close tabs on them all. The half-angel was particularly keeping track of the still passed out male.


“Are you okay?” You spoke from the background of where Todoroki and Midoriya were, approaching your fiance.


He had been sitting on the ground, rubbing his arms. “Yeah… just fucking sore.”


“You went overboard again, didn’t you?” You gave him a weak smile.


“Look who’s talking.” Bakugou tried to keep his voice down. “Got a headache?”


You nodded a little. “Yeah, but it's passing. I should be fine in a little bit.”


You both were quiet for a moment, and then you slowly embraced him, squeezing the ash blonde tightly as you held him. He blinked, but slowly held you back, the feelings of relief there, but fear still present. 


“I was so scared… I thought I might have lost you…” You muttered, rubbing your head into his shoulder.


“I’m fine.” Bakugou answered you. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, dough girl.”


“I know…” You chuckled, wiping your eyes and looking into his crimson orbs. “You are and always will be a leech, huh?”


Bakugou clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, making you laugh again. His arms still holding you close, not wanting to let you go for a few more minutes. And you had nothing against letting him have this wish… as you had the same one.



Midoriya, Uraraka, and Todoroki had pretty much said they’d take care of the scene and the people who had attacked you all. Eri as well looked to want to stay with those three, saying she could be of more help to them now that she knew what she was exactly. That seemed like enough of a reason for Midoriya to agree, and thus Eri was staying behind to witness interrogation and arrests it appeared. Soon after, Todoroki dismissed everyone else home for the night and saying they’d check in with everyone tomorrow and see if everyone was okay.


Kirishima, Mina, Kaminari, and Jirou all seemed to agree that a few rounds of drinks were in order, inviting you and Bakugou along with you. But the two of you declined, wanting to just go home and do nothing all night.


Something seemed rather alluring about staying up all night with your fiance and feeling no obligations. Especially since… it had felt like a long while since the both of you had just had time to yourselves. And thus, you all split up and headed your separate ways.


Bakugou and you were walking in stride, not saying much to one another, only holding hands as you walked through the final part of your journey home. The park near your shared apartment was lit up with lights and the fountains were still running, despite the late hour.


You hummed gently, looking upwards towards the stars, corner of your eyes lingering on Bakugou. Despite it all… it still hadn’t come back… and his neck was still barren. You didn’t say anything about it, knowing now was not the time to bring up something else worrisome, especially after the hell that had just been put to a stop.


Neither of you still truly understood what it was about, or why you all were targeted in the way you were… but with Todoroki, Midoriya, and company on the scene, you were sure they’d be sharing some sort of idea with you all tomorrow.


Your eyes closed suddenly, another pain sprouting from your body and making you struggle to hide it. You hadn’t noticed it when you had reawoken, seeing as you needed to help Shou with his brother, and then needed to concentrate enough to help Uraraka bring the memory and emotions to life… but now that everything was done- you couldn’t ignore this pain much longer. 


Something was wrong… and it was hurting like hell.


Your pace was slowly a lot over the last few minutes, enough for Bakugou to take notice now. He had originally assumed you were tired and walking sluggishly, but now, it was clear it was something else. You looked as if it was painful to move, and he was about ready to ask you what the hell was going on.


But of course, his words were too slow. And as he stopped to ask you, you ended up doing a dive towards him, legs finally unable to keep steady with the pain that was slowly growing more and more harsh as the seconds ticked by antagonizing.


You fell into his arms with a thud, going limp in his arms. Bakugou’s eyes widened, seeing how you had literally fallen into him. Your breathing shallow and his heartbeat picking up slightly, looking at you with worry. Your eyes scrunched together in pain, an amount that seemed to justify your fangs protruding and drawing blood from your lips.


“Hey… what the fuck is wrong?” He gripped you, looking at your tired eyes.


“How long have we been passed out?” You spoke, looking at him, raising a weak hand to touch his cheek gently.


“No idea…” He breathed out, watching as you inhaled sharply, a pained expression coming onto your face again.


“Crap… my throat is killing me…” You muttered, looking at him with a desperate look in your eyes.


Bakugou’s ears perked up slightly at this, and he looked further at you. Your fangs seeming unable to be put under your control and your skin seeming to lose much more color than it usually had. As well as the complaining of your throat was hurting and the pain that was painted loudly on your features.


“Well shit…” Bakugou sighed. “We must have been out for a while… you’re going into your first craving.”


“Huh?” Your eyes widened. “Seriously?”


“That’s the only explanation I can think of… and I’m a much more seasoned vampire than you, dough girl.” He shook his head as if he was upset with you, but the way he was still holding you said otherwise.


“God how did you fucking put up with this until you lost your damn mind…” You told him, gritting your teeth in a poor attempt to fight back against this pain. “It feels like someone poured boiling water straight from the pot down my throat… and it's constant!”


“Once again, idiot… I’m used to this shit. So I can put up with it better than you.” Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Now, come on… let’s get you home so you can get-”


He didn’t have time to finish, instead falling onto the ground in the middle of the park by your apartment complex. It seemed as if your thirst was a hell of a thing, and waiting another five minutes wasn’t very appealing to you. Thus now he was on the ground with you, sighing as he felt you begin the process of feeding.


“Still fucking rude… and you’re not even a damn newborn anymore…” He complained, losing feeling in his neck slowly. 


“Can’t help it… you were right about how feeding from the source is better.” You muttered, sinking fangs into his neck a moment later.


He sighed, trying not to move so you could finish quickly and so the two of you could be out of here quickly. He didn’t want to ever tell you… but your apartment had the best shower pressure and he was craving a shower that would make all his sore muscles feel more at ease.


His thoughts were cut short though, as something in his neck twitched. Eyes widening, and chest tightening for a moment. A strong passing feeling striking through him, making him freeze momentarily. It was strange, but this feeling… he could have sworn that for the passing second it happened… he could also feel you.


Yes, he could feel your fangs and lips against his neck, but in that second, he felt as if he could feel something more than just physical. As if… he and you for that split second had been able to connect your souls. Two halves having for a passing second become a whole again, only to separate and remind one another what they were to each other.


You pulled away a moment later, looking startled. Bakugou blinked, seeing as your lips were parted, as if you were trying to phrase something you wanted to share with him, but had no idea how to do so.


“You feel that weird shit too?” He asked you, watching your eyes widen.


“That weird… connecting feeling?” You decided to give it a name.


“Yeah… that.” Bakugou spoke,  gently moving you aside so he could sit criss crossed on the grassy field beside you. “The hell was that…?”


“I thought you were the more experienced vampire here… so why are you asking me?!” Your words were between a tease and a genuine question.


He sighed, raising a hand to rub his neck. “I wasn’t actually asking you, dough girl… stop fucking assuming everything I say is directed towards you.”


“Oh, and who were you asking then?” You rolled your eyes. “The tree over there? Yes, Katsuki… that tree has our answer to wha-”


You paused when you noticed your fiance doing something much weirder than he had been when you started to lightly make fun of him thirty seconds ago. He was rubbing his hands along his neck slowly and vigorously. His eyes wide as he did so, seeming in disbelief.


“What’s gotten into you now-”


“Shit… they’re back!” He cried, tracing two of his fingers against the spot on his neck he had found the matching pair of circle scars. “Fuck… how did they-”


He blinked his eyes a moment, looking at you. You rose a brow at him, unsure what to do or say. You could see the marks yourself, and with every strange thing that had happened this evening, you honestly had no idea what to expect next.


“You did this!!” He suddenly shouted out you, adding an accusatory finger into the mix as well.


“Me?!” You shouted back. “How the heck did I do that?!”


“God damn it, (Name)! Use that brain I know you have! I know you’re not a fucking idiot!” Bakugou called out towards you. “My marks have always been on the other side of my neck towards the top! Now they are on the other side and near the bottom of my neck! Exactly where your fangs just where!”


“Huh?!” You shook your head. “But I didn’t do anything weird! I only did what you usually do! Wait- you don’t think that weird feeling was-”


“Yes… I do.” He turned his head slowly. “I think we finally accepted one another all the way… and thus… our marks are matching as well or some shit.”


You nodded slowly, heart pounding slightly. Bakugou sighed, getting up at stretching his back slowly. He looked back down towards you, holding out a hand.


“Come on… I don’t want to fucking think or deal with whatever stupid and complicated bullshit is in this world.” He sighed, looking exhausted. “I just want to go home, take a fucking shower, and then eat whatever we can find.”


You nodded towards him, grabbing his hand. “It’s not too late… we could order something through delivery.”


“Yeah… let’s do that.” He pulled you up. “I’m too tired to cook.”


“How about… some pizza? We can get half with pepper flakes on it.” You offered him, seeing him nod once to your offer, his way of saying he was all for it.


The pair of you walked in stride once more, the both of you just enjoying each other’s presence once more and the silence that came from the comfortable and calm silence of it all. Your eyes batting slowly between the path ahead and the ash blonde next to you.


Something inside of you suddenly nagging you to the point of once more walking slow, making Bakugou’s eye twitch. He stopped right before the street to cross over to your apartment, making you stop and look at him once more.


“What the fuck is it now?” He inhaled deeply, trying to control his temper, especially since he could feel happiness in the air thanks to you.


“Katsuki… I want to get married.” You told him.


He let out a sigh. “Yeah, I know… you already fucking agreed to do that.”


You shook your head. “No no! Not that… I-I want to get married… like tomorrow.”


He looked at you wide-eyed. “Are you fucking serious?! We can’t do it tomorrow, that’s way too damn soon, woman!”


You sighed, nodding to him. “I know it is… but I don’t wanna wait. I… I just went through some shit about having lost you… twice… and I don’t wanna wait to be your wife… cause… I want to be your wife now! And I want you to be my husband now… but I know weddings take a crap ton of planning…”


“Yes, they fucking do…” He sighed, seeing that the crosswalk had changed to the tiny white man allowing you both to cross, which he started to do. “At least wait till the end of the week, so we can do all the shitty prep. Then we can get married.”


You nodded, not letting his words sink in at first. It was only when he was over halfway across the street that you picked up what he said and you took off in a sprint after him.


“Wait! Does that mean you are impatient too and want to get married by Saturday!”


“Do whatever the hell you want… just don't half-ass it.” He spoke, face turned away from your eyes, but his tone told you that he seemed rather okay with this new idea as well.


“I’m going to hold you to it then! Can’t back out now! I’ll make prep for next Saturday!” You warned him, testing to see if he realized this was much sooner then he assumed or not.


“I already fucking told you I was fine with Saturday, didn’t I? So hurry up and make the shitty plans so I can marry you already, dough girl.” He spoke, opening the door to the apartment and storming in.


You watching him descend the steps, smiling to yourself happily. It appeared you were not the only impatient one. As you watch him disappear from sight… you could have sworn you saw a little happiness in the way he walked up those stairs.


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Ch.28 - Some things are better left unanswered (NSFW)




Your legs were kicked on top of the coffee table, listening to the person on the other side of the line fill you in on everything they had managed to gather and find out in the last five or so days. You sighed, thanking your childhood friend for the information, and then gave him a parting word of wishing him a good night’s sleep, something you knew he was definitely had not been getting these last few days due to the desire to find out what had been going on.


You leaned your head back. Despite Todoroki saying he and Midoriya were now done for the long run… you couldn’t shake the feeling still inside of you. Ambrosia… the drink of the Gods was not just the breaking of wills from several different classes of creatures... 


As it turned out, out of them all… it had been Dabi who was the one to come clean with it all. Shigaraki and Toga were keeping silent, and now would be dealt with by Shinsou and his company who specialized in containing dangerous supernaturals so they wouldn’t cause any more havoc. But even so… it made you worried.


You knew it would be wrong, if not hypocritical of you, to want them dead… but at the same time keeping them alive still always brought the risk of escape or trials for the future. But seeing as Toga had literally been brought back to life through sacrifice, there was now no telling if death was truly the end of it all.


Your mind was still too swarming with what Todoroki had told you to continue to further think about the people who had done this but rather focus on what they had been trying to get out of each of you. As it turns out, the ways and methods to break a soul was not just a single simple way, but numerous and complex.


The methods for ambrosia though were as difficult as to procure as the ingredients themselves. Todoroki had sounded disturbed when he began to tell you, and you couldn’t blame him now knowing what he knew.


The breaking of a blood bond between two vampires, the clipped wings of a fairy who lost their joy, blood of the Negotiator (though it seemed they through in some mental torture as well), a strand of hair from a angel no longer able to produce holy light, horns of a demon that rejected their own kind and self, the fangs of a werewolf who wished to be rid of one half of themselves, the heart of a human who had lost their wonder of the supernatural world and tears of a creature of choice (that choice having unluckily been Mina). All of which could be harvested by breaking a spirit.


This was what they were trying to get out of all of you and had come so close to doing had the criminals not overlooked small little details that really made each of you who you were. You supposed you could thank him for this selfish and obsessive behavior of not stopping no matter what when something bothered you and you knew wasn’t right.  In a way… for the first time, something your father had given you actually came in handy.


Along the same lines of realizing your father might have had one single good trait right that you managed by some miracle to inherit, Todoroki had said that Touya had apologized for what he had done before. Something about his mind being cleared and seeing now what carrying hate could do to you in the long run.


You were not sure what to make of it, and from Todoroki’s tone, neither was he… but Touya had mentioned that if their scum of a father could repent before death… he wanted to do so long before. 


Natsuo had seemed to be willing to take the elder Todoroki sibling in. Todoroki had handed his older brother over to his slightly older brother and now Touya would apparently be getting examined by Natsuo who had made himself into a doctor through the years So… you hoped Touya would get the help he needed, you knew well what trauma of a parent could do.


Aside from the male with the salamander in his neck formerly, Toga remained hard to crack. Only wanting to talk to Midoriya and only then she would talk about how she only wanted to have a little taste of him in exchange for any more information.


Shigaraki was worse. He said nothing, only ever muttering about how this wasn’t over. The male was weak by nature, only strong when he had control of dreams. And thanks to trying to control upwards to ten dreams at once… he had been weak when it came to the final battle. So… the villainous male definitely didn’t feel like he had shown what he was truly capable of. And you feared for when and if that day would ever come for you to find out exactly what he would be talking about.


You put your phone down on the couch beside you. Looking up towards the ceiling and lightly staring at it. You hummed gently, trying now to focus on the good that had come out of all of this.


Eri and Mina seemed to have come to some understanding. Eri was most definitely not who she was before, and was still very weak for a spirit who was supposed to be very very powerful. And thus, seeing as it was her chance to repay Eri’s former life for the kindness she had done… Mina had practically begged Midoriya and Uraraka to make her Eri’s Godmother.


It was easy to tell how much Mina wanted this, to help grow and care for the new reincarnation of the magical spirit who had one the same for her centuries ago. Midoriya and Uraraka, of course, couldn’t say no… and thus the paperwork they had been meaning to fill out had finally been filled out. It did mean you were no longer marketed as the next in line to take Eri in, as that was Mina now…  but someone else was marked higher then Mina.


Bakugou had wanted to throttle Midoriya when he tried to give Bakugou the sheet saying he was now Eri’s official Godfather. You had been in the room when it happened, trying your best to practice your new ability, but even your aura of calmness and serenity did little to control  Bakugou.


He was pretty blunt about it too… telling Midoriya that just because he couldn’t have children, didn’t mean the ‘nerd’ just give him one. You at that point had told him to shut up,  then turning to Midoriya and Uraraka and said that despite his harsh words, you both would always protect Eri in case anything ever happened to them in the time she was regaining her abilities and memories of past lives and the symbols tied to them.


Kaminari and Jirou were the same, though… apparently were moving in together now. Kaminari’s little dream creation of his own making him realize he wanted to take the next step. Jirou felt the same, saying a lot of time had already passed since they met and she was comfortable with it. Though… you also had a feeling it was because Kaminari was almost never at his apartment with Kirishima and Mina anymore since the pair started dating.


Kirishima, Midoriya, and Uraraka had nothing new to mention aside from that each wanted to have everyone get together again soon. After the hell on Earth that was the last time you all were together, it was due time for another meetup, this time with hopefully nothing terrible being thrown your way. 


The sliding glass door to the terrace opened up, bringing in the final good thing that had come out of this all. Your eyes catching onto his right away, crimson meeting (eye color). Bakugou seemed to have returned from wherever he had been.


“Hey.” You greeted him, seeing him nod to you.


“Hey.” He walked over, plopping down onto the couch right next to you. “What’s with the shitty face?”


You shrugged. “Shou called… gave me the info we’ve been dying to know.”


Bakugou shrugged. “That bad?”




“Then save it until some of other time then.” He shook his head. “I don’t wanna be in a piss mood tonight.”


You rose a brow at him. “Since when are you not in a piss mood?”


He looked back at you, your spine tingling from the little smirk he gave you. That smirk never meant anything good… nor did the way his hands suddenly found their way your shoulders, beginning to massage them.


Damn him… and knowing exactly what to do to get you to relax enough for you to agree to what was more thne likely on his mind for late night plans. But… then again, he did give good massages and you couldn’t exactly say no to the way he always managed to knot out the tension in your back.



“Hmmm, Katsuki.” You muttered, knowing clearly what he wanted.


“You looked tense.” He breathed softly, sending more shivers up your spine. “Lemme help make you feel really nice and relaxed.”


“You ass… I know exactly what you’re doing.” You told him, tone sounding like a mother scolding her child. “But… if you go and massage the center of my back… I may just let you have it tonight.”


Bakugou smirked, still not believing how well the old back message trick managed to get you into the mood or allow him to sway your fence sitting thoughts on possibly lovemaking activities that evening.


“You wanna stay here on this shitty couch?” He rose a brow as you looked uncomfortable hunched over. “Bedroom is fucking better… and away from where the shitty half and half could hear us…”


“First… don’t put Shou’s face into my head when you’re trying to get me into the mood. He’s like a brother to me so it's weird! Secondly, yes… the bedroom is a damn good idea.”


He lifted you up with ease in the next moment, walking quickly and no doubt excitedly to the bedroom. You didn’t say anything, only shedding your shirt when he put you on the bed and then went to close the door.


Soon enough you were laying on the bed, breasts pressed against the comforter with only a pair of underwear on as Bakugou worked his magic fingers into his skin. You moaned lightly when his warm fingers did wonders on you. He was only in his boxers, trying to ignore how tight they were becoming with every moan that escaped your lips.


He did one final rub down of your back, then flipped you over. Hands running over your sides as he stared down at you, a twinkle in his eyes as he took you in. Your face relaxed and smile looking at him in a way he knew was reserved for him and only him.


“Fuck… you know I can’t keep my urges under control when you look like that…” He scolded you, making you laugh.

“Well… I’m ready if you are.” You told him, pulling at his boxers slightly. “Time for you to feel as good as I do right now.”


“Fuck. Yes.” His lips pulled into a smug expression as he slowly started to remove your underwear.


Everything next happened in a blur. One moment turned in a long series of pleasuring feelings. He was always rather impatient when it came to the need to feel you around him, but even so, would ask before he tried to immerse himself once more in the drug that was you.


The feeling of him going in and out of you drove you to not be able to conceal your cries of joy. Likewise, the tightness that was your core was exactly what he needed to keep himself grounded and make sure you were enjoying yourself as much as he was. 


The feeling of being this close together, even stronger than before, was a feeling neither of you knew exactly how to describe. But in the moments it was happening… it was once more as if you could feel the other and start to connect further then before again.


A single round hopped up to three before you were at your limit, and Bakugou was not far behind you. Soon enough, you both were collapsed onto the sheets, heaving heavily and relishing in the afterthoughts of so many feelings and emotions. The feeling of sharing these intimate moments with your other half never seemed to fade and you were always left in awe of how truly good it felt to be with him… in more than just the physical ways.


You both laid in silence afterward, in one another’s embrace. Both of you breathing in slight sync with one another. You inhaled a little bit, shifting to be laying your bare chest onto his. Bakugou watched you without saying a word.


Your fingers ran up along his chest, eventually topping at his new set of marks. Five days since they came in, and you still couldn’t help but feel a sort of jolt inside of your stomach whenever you touched the two matching circles.


Your fingers traced them lightly, sighing contently. Bakugou sighed as well, finding peace for the first time in his life about where the marks on his neck came from.


No longer a bad memory of a time he wished he could forget… but rather now about someone who would literally risk their entire world for him and his life. How fate had decided to give him you… was a question he asked himself on the daily every time he caught himself watching you when you weren’t aware of him doing so.


“Tomorrow… right?” You asked him, sleep heavy in your voice.


“You seriously that tired out?” He cracked a smirk.


“You aren’t exactly gentle when we have sex…” You blew a piece of hair out of your face.


“Not like you don’t fucking love it.” He cracked back, you groaning and burying your face into his chest, feeling it puff upwards with pride.


“Would you just answer my question please…” You whined, not wanting to do another session of reddening to your face.


“Yeah… we’ll go make it official tomorrow.” He nodded at you.


“Good.” You yawned.


“Take a nap, moron.” Bakugou told you.


“What about you?” You spoke, eyes closing.


‘I’ll be here when you wake up.” He spoke, voice starting to distance itself out.


You nodded, the sound of his heartbeat starting to lull you to sleep. Comfortable with the mere thought of waking up in an hour or so with him right here next to… and always would be.

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Ch.29 - traditions are meant to be broken, especially by you


You inhaled deeply, feeling Uraraka still messing around with your hair. She had been at it for the last hour, and you were nearly at your maximum patience. Especially since she kept saying that she almost had it every five minutes or so. You honestly didn’t care too much about how your hair looked, nor that both Uraraka and Mina were slightly upset at your choice of clothing for this day.


You had ended up deciding that a wedding dress wasn’t a good idea. Seeing as it would be too much trouble, too much money for a one time wear, and you quite honestly didn’t want to be seen as this girl being given off to some man… marked by the white lace of a wedding dress.


Anyone could call you modern or untraditional all they liked… all you cared about was tying the knot with the male who more than likely gave less of a shit about traditional and rules then you did. As such, this sudden wedding was, of course, going to be unlike anything else, especially since neither you or your soon to be husband wanted to go all out… that expense would be reserved for your honeymoon starting next week.


At first… you and Bakugou had simply gone down to the government office, asking for a marriage license. Only to be told you both needed a witness… which brought up the second issue. That being… who to ask to be your witness.


Uraraka would have complained about not having a big wedding for you both to spoil yourselves with. Midoriya was out of the question… as Bakugou was Bakugou. Todoroki would be fine… until he spilled to everyone and then everyone came for you and Bakugou’s heads as to why you didn’t have a big wedding.


Kirishima was a good option, but he also was more than likely to accidentally say something since he would be so honored and touched by the question of him being your witness. Mina would have acted even worse then Uraraka, maybe even passive-aggressively offering to have all the girls plan a wedding and not have either of you worry about it.


Kaminari was hopeless. Who even knew if he truly understood what marriage was since he was a demon of lust. But then again, maybe he had started trying to think of mortal ideas and immortal bonds more… seeing as Jirou and he was going steady. Speaking of Jirou, the girl was a good choice… but then again she would question why you both were asking her and not someone closer.


Tsuyu, Iida, Yaoyorozu, and anyone else was out of the question. Jirou was the last resort of sorts… as you and Bakugou to some extent felt you you knew Jirou. The others not so much, either because they were unaware of the supernatural secret… or because they were just not around as much as the others.


You and your fiance had gone back and forth for a good hour at the courthouse, eventually deciding on a half-way point. You both would have your small marriage ceremony, and your friends would all be witnesses and thus would be happy to have some sort of party and celebration for you both.


So… moving the wedding back another week, Bakugou and you had started to plan not only this ceremony but finalize the honeymoon plans. The wedding would be on a Friday and come Saturday afternoon, you both would be off on your honeymoon as the new and official Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou.


Bakugou had been put in charge of planning and booking a space and food. You knew it was better to leave him to the technical stuff, and you would call your friends and tell then the date… and hope they were free or willingly to clear their calendar for that day.


“Okay… so everyone is pretty much open on Friday or clearing their schedules to come. Is there anyone else we want to invite?” You told him once you got off the line with Tsuyu who was happy to take one of her paid days off to come to your wedding.


“How many people do we have so far?” Bakugou eyed you, writing down the name of the florist who agreed to a last-minute bridal bouquet. “I don’t want a shit ton of people.”


“I don’t either… and so far… um-” You counted the marks next to those who agreed to come. “We have nine yes’s and then three maybe’s.”


“So counting the two of us… we might have up to fourteen people?” Bakugou recounted.


“Yes.” You nodded at him.


“I’d say twenty max… including both of us.” He started dialing the number of the next person on his list. “Also… do I need to worry about a fucking cake?”


“So I’ll make that.” You told him. “I like making wedding cakes, so I’ll make sure ours is badass.”


“Fuck yeah.” Bakugou smirked, hearing the line click. “Hey, you got a free space on Friday? I’m getting fucking married and need some damn food to serve.”


You chuckled lightly. He was going a really good job thus far, and you wanted to make sure to do just as good of a job. Thus you turned back to the guest list in front of you, trying to decide if you both had six more people you knew and cared for between you that could fill up those spots.


Those little planning session afternoons had been a week ago. And by some miracle, it looked like everyone was going to work out. Guests all ended up being able to come, every person Bakugou called managed to agree to come… possibly by some harassment by the ash blonde, and you had even scored the best wedding planner in town to help with this last minute assembly: Yaoyorozu.


She pretty much took care of every other detail you and Bakugou didn’t care about: color scheme, she got it down. Food choices? She picked a good variety. Time of day? Sunset wedding was what she thought fit best. She was a literal lifesaver it appeared.


So today… you and Bakugou had lucked out and ended up renting a small little outdoor space in the park near your home. The area closed off to the public and the city has already given you both the marriage certificates. Now all you needed was to have the ceremony and have someone signs off on it. Once that was done… then the marriage would finally be official and then you both could enjoy a nice and hopefully calm reception.


The morning had started off calm, but by the afternoon when the chosen bridesmaid’s and groomsmen had arrived… that was when hell broke loose. You both had been separated and you were starting to feel the nerves and strain of this day set in. The girls had tried to remain calm and collected… but their excitement leads to some hectic moments.


“Are you sure you want to wear this?” Mina asked you for the tenth time, holding up your little sundress.


It was one you had in the back of your closet for nearly a year now, never feeling like you had the occasion to wear it. It was a soft white, with some lace hanging down near the edges of the dress. Some small embroidered flowers making a ring around the bottom as well on the actual fabric of it. It was very cute in your opinion, and the pair of white flats you had bought yesterday would be good and easy to walk in when you scooted down the aisle in a few hours.


“Mina let it go.” Jirou spoke from the back, tunning her guitar. “We've had this talk like… five times. (Name) wants that dress. This is her wedding. Let her wear what she wants, smile and be supportive.”


Mina puffed out her cheeks. “I am! I just don’t want her to regret a single thing about today!”


She truly was just trying to be nice and helpful. She wanted this day to be as special and memorable as everyone else here. But was starting to show her own tastes little by little, but luckily you had Jirou. 


The musician had offered to play a tune as you walked down and you agreed. Plus… she was a nice medium to have between your desires for this day and some of Uraraka and Mina’s outlandish ones. Jirou was truly a blessing… in more ways then you knew.


“Are you almost done, Uraraka?” You asked, feeling the fairy do one of two more things.


“Almost…” She spoke, then clapped her hands together. “Done!”


Mina, Jirou, and the small flower girl all came running to catch your gaze. Uraraka backed up, smiling widely as the girls all started to admire her work with your hair. It was something out of a fairy tale and truly something only a fairy could do with such speed and precision.


“You look like a princess.” Eri told you, looking too cute for words in her puffy pink dress.


“You look even more adorable than usual!” You spoke back to her, seeing the spirit of free will blush slightly.


You laughed, motioning towards Mina. “My dress please.”


Mina nodded, smiling at you. “You’re going to look great. Bakugou’s gonna be speechless!”


You nodded. “Well… hopefully not entirely speechless. He still needs to say two words for this to be official in the eyes of mortals.”


Jirou snorted. “Someone certainly had adapted to being a supernatural these last two years.” 


You stuck your tongue out at the girl, going into your changing room. Less then an hour left… you could only hope you could make it until the fated moment. More so… that Bakugou was doing well with his groomsmen… most of whom you had to choose.




“Fuck! Kirishima!” Bakugou roared from in front of the mirror.


“At your service!” The best man came running, looking pretty good in his tuxedo.


Bakugou pointed to the frayed tie around his neck. He had been struggling with it for the past fifteen minutes and it was now time to call upon his secret weapon to do this. Kirishima smiled brightly, getting to work tying the annoying neck strangler as Bakugou huffed.


“Still can’t tie one?” Kaminari smiled, looking on the verge of laughter.


The incubus had learned the hard way earlier though why he needed to tread especially lightly today. His chin from where Bakugou had sucker punched him for asking him if he was sure he wanted to get married showed for it.


“This shitty piece of fabric is a death trap…” Bakugou growled, Kirishima taking note to make it a bit looser than he usually did. “Hey! Don’t fucking touch those!”


Todoroki rose a brow, still trying to understand why he was here… as one of the ash blonde’s groomsmen. You must have had something to do with this… but he was glad to have such a big role.


“I was just looking.” Todoroki spoke, putting down the set of rings. “Did you get these from the harpy?”


Bakugou nodded. “Yeah…”


“What did you have to pay him this time for two wedding rings?” Kaminari asked Bakugou as Kirishima finished the tie.


Bkaugou’s eye twitched. “The stupid bird wanted to come to the wedding… apparently, he likes them. And of course, since I brought my idiot dough girl… she agreed right away, even making sure to have fresh apples here for him.”


“Is he walking around with a bird head?!” Kaminari called out.


“No, Kami.” Kirishima spoke up. “Tokoyami is using form cloaking magic to look human. He’s apperently saying he;s your long distance cousin as well, Bakubro.”


“Fucking wonderful…” He felt his eye twitch. “Who else wants to pretend to be fucking related to me?”


Kaminari rose a hand slowly, making everyone look towards him.


“What?” He shrugged. “Might be fun.”


Before anyone could say anything else, the door to the room they were all standing in had someone knocking on the other side. Kirishima called for whoever was there to open the door, and it did a moment later.


Midoriya’s head popped in, all four males looking at him. He looked a bit nervous, having been banned from entering as ordered by the groom at the start of all this. But then again… the alchemist was officiating this ceremony and thus needed to at least be within earshot for when it was time.


“Uraraka says they are ready to go. How are we doing in here?” The green haired male asked, looking towards the groomsmen.


“We’re ready!” Kirishima gave a thumbs-up towards Midoriya and then turned to Bakugou. “Right?! Ready to marry the girl of your dreams?!”


“Stop fucking yelling… this entire room is already suffocating me.” Bakugou snarled, looking to be trying to glare at his tie.


The vampire didn’t say anything after that, instead going towards the door and starting to walk out. Everyone looked at one another.


“I guess he’s ready…?” Kaminari questioned.


“Or he just walked out…” Todoroki sighed.


“Naw he wouldn’t do that to (Name).” Kirishima had the utmost faith. “Now come on, he’s certainly not going to wait for us before he starts the wedding!”




The girls had left you, trying to get into places themselves and also help the boys who were proving to be clueless. You waited behind a small wall made of flowers, blooming fully on this beautiful day.


“Hey.” Someone spoke to you and you looked to see the groom himself standing near you.


“Hey.” You greeted back, swinging around to face him, smile wide and unwavering. “You look quite dashing Mr. Bakugou!” 


You chuckled gleefully as he shook his head at you. It appeared that despite the wonderful feeling of today… he was still him no matter what. Even if today meant you would soon be his wife… he always managed to look like it was the worst day of his life.


“You’re always too fucking happy…” He sighed. “You ready to go?”


You nodded to him. “Yup! Been waiting for my prince charming to walk me down the aisle.”


“You’re making me fucking choke on this attitude…” He sighed, coming towards you and connecting his arm to your own. “But… I’ll do it for you. Especially since this is important to you or whatever.”


Your wide smile minimized, turning soft and sweet as you gazed at him. “It’s important to me because you’re here.”


He blinked, turning his head slightly, knowing better than to try and fight off the feelings and redness you would often give him from your words alone. Instead grabbing your arm and tucking it into his own.


“Let’s do this shit then.” He breathed, seeing you nod eagerly at him.


“Yes… let’s.” You smiled, stepping in stride with him to what awaited ahead and the change that would soon occur.


Neither of you feeling nervous or worried at all. You had one another after all… and right now, that the person linked in your arm was the only one you wanted here with you. And it was the same for him.

Chapter Text

Ch.30 - Time to close this chapter on a good note and start on a new adventure


You were tapping your foot impatiently, looking down at your phone and seeing how you had already managed to fall fifteen minutes behind schedule. Looks like the calm trip to the airport would now be filled with a mad rush to check your luggage, get through security and then find your gate. But your impatience was because of your excitement for the honeymoon you both had agreed upon.


Bakugou had always spoken of taking you to see the world, and so you had finally told him where you wanted to go first. His eyes had practically bulged out of his head when you told him your desired location, but despite your initial assumption of him saying no… he actually nodded slowly to you. It appeared he didn’t mind the idea either.


“You know we do have a plane to catch! I don’t wanna miss our trip to Japan!” You scolded him, seeing the male come out from the back.


“I know woman... I know.” He shook his head, slinging his small carry on backpack over his shoulder.


He had a small carry on suitcase as well, as most of his, and your clothing were together in the large checked bag. The both of you would be gone for nearly three weeks and decided that it was best to only check one bag full of items you would not immediately need and then fill your carry on rollers and backpacks with things you’d need right away like electronics, food, and some books to read.


“What was taking you so long anyway?” You asked as he marched out the door with you, taking the big suitcase from your grip as you locked the door.


He had been consumed with something last night, not stopping until you had told him an hour before you both needed to leave. Meaning he had been working a good twelve or so hours on this. Thus, you were curious, as your husband wasn’t usually the type to put things aside until the last minute, thus it had to be something interesting to have taken over his attention for so long.


“Here.” He told you, holding out a small map towards you. 


Well… it was much more like a sheet of computer paper he had printed a certain region of the country out on and then scribbled things upon on that messy and rushed handwriting of his. He even wrote angrily… which always made you chuckle. He never changed these small little habits and you loved the little details of his personality that came through in all sorts of other things outside of his words and body language.


“What is this?” You asked him, both of you having made your way down the hallway and were now waiting for the elevator to arrive.


Bakugou leaned over you, pointing something out. “That is Kanda Shrine.”


You gave him a strange look, showing him you were still not exactly getting what he was trying to allude to. Did he want to visit it? If so… why did he spend over twelve hours looking for this exact shrine when a final search could have done it in less than a second.


“Kanda Shrine was the shrine near where I grew up, idiot.” He sighed. 


“You want to go find where your old village was?!” You beamed at him.


Truthfully, when you had picked Japan out as the destination you wanted to go to… you had hoped your new husband would take over a guide and take you all over the country and show you things not only you’d for sure want to see… but also show you things from his past. 


You wanted to know about his childhood and his time in his homeland. But didn’t want to say anything, not knowing what he would think of it, especially since the last time he was home… it wasn’t exactly a good thing that happened. But even so… he seemed to have taken the idea up himself and wanted to take you to his home.


“Yeah… Kanda was moved a few times back in the 1600’s… but it should at least pose a good starting point for me. The landscape might have changed… but the general layout of the land and the familiarity of it hasn’t faded from my mind.”


You nodded to him, watching as he shoved the bags into the elevator. You filed in after him, pressing the lobby button and then waited in silence as the descent from the seventh story to down below began.


“I haven’t been home for over 400 years…” He breathed out.


“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” You told him, not wanting to push him to do things for the sake of your happiness alone.


This was just as much his honeymoon as it was yours, so he should at least feel as calm, cool, and collected as possible for him. 


“No.” He shook his head. “I want to go back. I need to… ‘bout fucking time I paid my damn respects or some shit to my family and everyone else who fucking died.”


You nodded to him, pushing your hand into one of his and squeezing slightly. He glanced over at you, seeing you looking at him with that look of yours. The one that seemed to have his chest always feel so strange and fuzzy, no matter the time that passed or what title you were to him.


“Well… I’ll be right beside you then.” You told him. “And if you’d let me… I want to say hello and  pay my respects as well.”


Bakugou nodded. “Had a feeling you would… seems like the type of thing you’d do, dough girl.”


You chuckled softly. “Well...this is the closest I’d get to meet your parents. So I should at least show their resting place some respect… and also thank them for bringing you into this world. I’d be very lonely without you.”


Bakugou grimaced. “Yeah… the old hag would have fucking adored you and that stupid smile of yours… she would have never let me hear the end of it…”


“End of what?” You snorted, still not believing he called his mother that.


“She would have never fucking let me hear the end of how you’re too good for me and that I must have lucked out again.” He sighed, moving right away when the elevator doors opened.


You laughed silently, Bakugou noticing how nothing he could say seemed to even put a dent into your happy state of mind. You had been like that since the vows, seeming quite happy and content, like you had gotten everything you had ever wanted or needed for the rest of your life.


Nothing else was desired and you were more than content with your state. He had noticed it from the light feelings always hovering around you, that damn power of yours never able to be fully taken control of, or when you’d speak to him. Genuine happiness looked rather marvelous on you, and even he had to admit that he enjoyed the atmosphere. Your mood seeming to calm even the most dangerous parts of his inner rage to the point where he had better and further control over his anger.


He could always say it was because of your emotional manipulation scratching the surface and making him stay in high spirits as well. But then again… he had felt it internally as well, meaning it wasn’t completely you who was doing this, as he inwardly felt it as well, not just on his surface.


It had been around the same time when you had nodded and with tears in your eyes accepted his last name as your own. His heart beating rapidly as he pulled you into a kiss, marking the first of many of you being a Bakugou. And it hadn’t stopped, especially when he caught himself gazing at you without knowing it.


“You zoning out now?” Your voice brought him back to reality and he shook his head, looking at you with a slight frown.


Like right now it appeared...


“What?” He clicked his tongue, seeing a vehicle next to you.


“I said the Uber is here… are you getting in with me or gonna stare at me for so more?” You teased him lightly, noticing the driver waiting. “Keep in mind I have my 4.89 rating I’d like to keep up.”


“I thought you said it was five stars last time?” He blinked, getting in with you, seeing as you and the driver had handled the luggage already.


“It was… until I let you into the car with me last time.” You sighed. “The driver was an asshole anyway. She was annoyed cause you didn’t use an ‘appropriate volume’... despite that, you only spoke once and that was to yell at some teens who were walking across the street and nearly got hit. So… I think it was her being more stingy then you being loud.”


“Fucking bitch… what did you rate her?” He asked you, looking out the window, not wanting to be caught staring at you again.


“Shh!” You giggled, falling onto him. “Use appropriate language! My rating, Katsuki!”


“This entire app is a fucking joke though.” He told you, not caring if the driver could hear either of you.


You couldn't contain your laughter any longer and burst out into loud, but sweet giggles right beside him. Bakugou’s lips lifted into a soft smile of his own, genuinely enjoying being next to you and seeing you happy. He had come a long way to get to this point, and while his ego didn’t let him act like this all the time… it was rare moments like these when anyone and everyone could see the genuine love and care each of you had for the other.


The ride went by pretty fast, the driver asking occasional questions as to where you both were going, you saying without any hesitation your honeymoon, and then the talks back and forth with the kind old man about his memories of marriage to his love and how happy he was to see how genuinely happy you both were together.


Bakugou was quiet, window viewing much more his thing than small talk. You excelled at it though, and soon enough the airport was in view and the driver had wished you both good luck and a wonderful marriage.


Bakugou rolled his eyes. Humans… always assuming the love they had was some simple thing. To him… you and he had a much more complicated bond, and it showed in more ways than one. He kept his mouth shut though, knowing better than to upset you on this happy day of yours. Less he gets the cold shoulder on a God knows how long flight to his home country.


Checking the big bag and getting through security was luckily easy for you both, and eventually, the pair of you had found seats not too far from the gate and were waiting for boarding to begin. You had already decked out on the snacks, enjoying some mini cookies as Bakugou looked at you with a disgusted look.


“I took stuff you like too. So don’t gimme that look.” You rolled your eyes at him, passing over a bag of his favorite spicy chips.


“Wow… fats and sugar. Thanks.” He decided to be snarky over rude.


“I could have let you starve.” You warned him, though it was clear you could burst into laughter again at any moment.


“Moron… I can’t die of hunger…” He leaned in close, deciding it was time to tease you a little himself. “Only from being denied you.”


You pulled away from him, face more red then it should be in this calm public setting. Bakugou cackling lightly as you swatted his arm a few times with your hands. Your childish whining about how he needed to be appropriate and mindful of the children around him seemed to go nowhere. Instead, he only winked at you, saying that he could very well talk more about things along this subject line, which both he and you knew you would not be able to handle without turning into a cherry tomato.


“Would Bakugou Katsuki and Bakugou (Name) please come up to the check-in desk located at gate 39 please?” A woman over the intercom instructed her listeners, the two in question obviously being you two.


“I wonder what that’s about?” You blinked, getting up and putting your stuff away before starting to drag your suitcase towards the desk at the gate. “Are you on some ‘no fly’ list, Katsuki?”


“Of fucking course not…” He grumbled, marching alongside you.


You both stopped at the desk, looking towards a woman working. She paused and looked up at you, asking how she could help. You told her you were the two she had just called and she beamed towards you both.


“It’s your lucky day, Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou. We drew your seats for an upgrade to first class. The seats are right next to each other as well. It's our company’s way of thanking you for choosing to fly with us to your destination.” She spoke, starting to print out your new tickets. “And here are your new tickets, please board when first class is called and have a wonderful flight.”


Bakugou grabbed the pair of tickets, marching back to a pair of seats with you. He sat down, relaxing in the final minutes before it was time to get onto the plane to his luxury seats. You were quiet beside him, your talkative nature seeming to have suddenly died down.


“What’s stolen your voice, dough girl?” He looked towards you, seeing a light pink blush on your cheeks.


“Awe its nothing.” You informed him. “I was just caught a little off guard… that stewardess was the first one to refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou… so I guess I'm still getting used to the idea that well…”


You laughed awkwardly, smiling happily once more. Bakugou rolled his eyes, reaching over and pushing you gently into himself. You blinked feeling him embrace you slowly.


“Fucking glad you’re my wife…” He breathed out softly. “That title is reserved for the only person in this damn existence I love… and lucky you, it's you (Name).”


You nodded against him, placing a tender kiss onto his lips. Letting it last a few seconds longer than acceptable in public you pulled away and looked at him with that infatuated gaze he could barely control himself over when he saw you with it.


“I’m glad you’re my husband…” You breathed in slowly. “And I’m glad how everything worked out… it was hard, but… I can’t think of anyone I’d want to be with for all eternity.”


He nodded. “You said everything I’ve been thinking out.”


“Glad we’re on the same page then.” You laughed once more, hearing the announcements begin once more. “Oh… looks like it’s time to go.”


“Yeah.” The ash blonde got up. “Ready?”


You nodded. “Yeah. I get the window seat, right?”


“Yeah, I prefer the aisle anyway.” He shrugged, beginning to walk over.


You followed after him. “Wow… we really were made for one another!”


He only shook his head in false annoyance with you. But… he couldn’t help but think it himself. He really had ended up with the perfect person, and he knew you felt the exact same way.


It was as it was before… he was him and you were you. And together… both of you always managed to find happiness and contentedness in your lives thanks to the presence of the other.


As it should be and as it always will be.


The End.