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Blood Union

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Ch.1 - this time we begin peacefully


The afternoon had been relatively noisy, despite the bakery not having any rushes or big orders that would raise your stress levels to the roof. Instead, it was the calm and comfortable laughter that erupted, or the groans when the oven went off, that kept things lively. The display cases were empty, seeing as today was your preparation day for the week ahead.

You didn’t know what exactly to expect today, but with the spring rain coming in harshly, it made sense for the day's activities to end up here. Spring had come in like a lamb this year, unlike the storm that had come two years ago. The morning was ending and now the afternoon was taking hold of this lazy rainy day.

The two females, who were having a sort of baking competition, were paying you no mind. The pink-haired female putting in too much flour for the chocolate cake, and the brown-haired female adding a bit too much sugar to her own red velvet cake.


You groaned, looking down at the recipes you had attempted to give both at the start of this madness… but as it turned out, both assumed they knew the recipe by heart. And now, you were sure you’d be the unfortunate soul to have to taste test the disasters that would come from the oven. Like… the last three rounds...

Sighing once more, you tried to focus on how exactly to get your kitchen back. After all… unlike your two close friends, you did have a business to run and rent to pay. But… seeing as both were attempting to make something for another close friend and her arrival back home… you couldn’t kick them out.

The opening of the backdoor to the apartment complex alerted you that someone had come wandering into the baking hurricane that was currently happening. You turned to meet a familiar pair of eyes, seeing as he rose an eyebrow at the scene. You shrugged towards him, letting the male know it was, and had been, out of your control from the start. He scoffed, but even so, his attitude didn’t stop you from smiling softly at the male who was walking towards the mess.


“The hell happened in here…?” He breathed out, flicking a burnt macaron with his finger.


It skidded across the flour-dusted table and hit an empty measuring cup. The cookie seemed more akin to being hard and bitter than sweet and airy like it was supposed to be. And the smell of burnt flour wasn’t pleasant either.


“We’re baking Jirou a cake!” Uraraka beamed, sticking her finger in the batter. “She comes back today, so we wanted to make her a welcome home gift!”


“The cakes got burnt… and well, things escalated rather quickly after that.” You spoke, motioning to the burned or deformed pastries that had been deemed inedible, and now rested inside of the trash. “And now, Ochaco and Mina are trying to see which of them is the better baker…”


Bakugou stared at you, his expression in disbelief. How the hell could they mess up so badly that your usually neat and sparkly bakery was now reduced to what looked like the scene of a breaking and entering? These two were definitely destructive idiots...


“You wanna give a taste to my excellent lemon meringue pie, Bakugou?” Mina lightly poked her elbow into his side.


“If you made it, then I sure as hell don’t.” He breathed, lip rising in slight disgust.


He almost seemed afraid of it from how he practically jumped away from Mina and the spoon she held out. Part of the liquidy pie on it as she stuffed it into her mouth. You watched on in a sigh, not wanting to tell her that her pie wasn’t made right.


Uraraka’s was no better though… as she tried to add extra sugar and sprinkles to everything. And her distraction with it all led to a good majority of her creations to be over baked or burnt. No wonder Midoriya was the one who often cooked in their apartment… as Uraraka was too quick to move on before finishing her original task.


As Bakugou started to argue with Mina about her pie, you finally looked at what he was wearing. A clean and pressed cream sweater, with a gray jacket over it. His usual ripped jeans or dirty bleached ones were now a pair of new looking black jeans.


“And where are you going all dressed up?” You asked him, catching his attention as he threw Mina’s pie into the trash.


“Huh?” He rose a brow. “Nowhere you have to worry about.”


Uraraka and Mina peeked into the conversation, exchanging glances with each other. You blinked towards your boyfriend, not believing he had said it with such a lack of care to not see how that might worry you.


“What do you think, Ochaco?” Mina’s lips pulled up into a smug expression. “Does he have a secret family, or did he do something and doesn’t want to get caught?”


Uraraka pondered the thought, touching her chin a few times with one of her fingers as she thought. “Hmmm… well (Name)’s the only one for Bakugou-kun… so I think he messed up and is trying to fix it before she finds out.”


“Oh! Maybe he racked up a huge credit card debt!”


“Or bought something when he was drunk!”


“What about-”


“Would you two shut it! You’re freaking me the hell out!” Bakugou shouted, growing angrier as the females laughed at how easy it was to tease him.


You came forward, placing a hand on his shoulder. He glanced at you, seeing that despite you not believing what the girls had been making up, your familiar hues of (eye color) were still filled with concern for him.


He scoffed, still not understanding how exactly you could and felt the need to worry about him. After all… he managed to outlive a lot of people, and even now, he’d saved you more than you saved him. But then again… if he so much as tried to use that debate with you, you’d no doubt have a long list of reasons why it was you who had saved him more.


And he currently didn’t have time to waste… seeing as his appointment was in another thirty minutes and he still needed to get across town to the location.


“Relax, dough girl.” He stroked your locks as gently as he could. “Got a job interview since you keep pushing for me to pull in my own weight for rent and shit. I’ll be home for dinner and whatever else…”


You nodded towards him, finally letting him go to wherever he needed to be. He moved towards the exit without another word, though the eye contact he held with you until he opened the door was a silent conversation between the two of you.


Once he was gone, an umbrella pulled over this untamable locks and his figure starting to mesh together with everyone else who was out on the sidewalk. You watched silently for a few more moments, having not realized you had done so. And by the time you had turned around to gaze back towards your friends who had been watching you, watching him leave… it was obvious that both the fairy and shapeshifter knew you a bit too well from their smiling faces.


“Sooooo~” Mina cooed, starting to run the sink to clean off her bowls and utensils covered in flour and sugar.


“So~” Uraraka copied, but much shorter and a bit more high pitched.


“So…?” You eyed them, taking out your own materials and bowls.


Seeing how both seemed to be done with this ridiculous competition, meant you could finally make Jirou’s favorite. She was simple, and thus a strawberry shortcake was enough to always bring a smile to her face and make her mouth begin to salivate.


“All seems well in vampire soulmate land… huh?” Mina giggled, watching as the flour you had been delicately pouring into a bowl puffed up into the air.


“H-huh?” You spoke, the words unable to form.


You had learned in these past two years that Mina’s way of dealing with a situation was never to beat around it… rather, she’d say things as bluntly as she thought she should. Therefore, seeing how in sync you and the grumpy vampire were… she wanted some details.


“Deku-kun used to talk about Bakugou-kun a lot before he came back into his life… or before we even met you.” Uraraka muttered, looking towards nothing in particular. “He always seemed to make it seem like Bakugou-kun wasn’t the type of person to rely on anyone or let someone into his life…”


She paused, a small smile gracing her face as her pink cheeks looked towards you with a joyful expression. Her big brown orbs twinkling in elation for you and your love, or just from the sugar she had absorbed today.


“But… I’m happy to see that he loves you so much!” She beamed. “After all, he’s going out looking for a job just so he can help support you and your life more!”


“That and he’s been living here for two years… rent free.” You grumbled, a look an annoyance crossing your features. “It makes sense though… he’s been a leech since the day he came throwing hands into my life…”


“Still…” Mina spoke, a tone change from teasing to serious heard by the other two parties from the single word she said. “I’ve known Bakugou for one hundred and fifty years… and this is the first I’ve heard of him actually attempting to earn a wage. He’s usually just found a way to get it.”


“Well he wasn’t exactly himself for the last four hundred plus years…” You spoke, knowing all you could know about how exactly your Blood Bond worked. “And while I can’t speak for the last four hundred years, I can speak for the last two… and he’s been happier, I think. I hope.”


You mixed in the wet ingredients, looking at how the batter formed something new, something different than what the two had been separate. You whipped it a bit faster, thoughts of Bakugou coming to mind and making you smile.


“Well… you’ve been a lot happier these last two years too, (Name)-chan.” Uraraka smiled, sliding her fingers towards the batter.


“No.” You slapped her hand gently and she pulled away. “And… have I?”


You chuckled, reaching towards a pan and started to scrape the batter inside of it. The thick batter running inside and filling up the cool dark silver with ease.


“It’s strange…” You spoke as the last parts started to come out. “I feel like I haven’t changed at all… and yet, when I look back on certain things I do, I can see how my thinking has changed. I guess… it's just something you don’t notice until you really think about it.”


Mina and Uraraka exchanged glances, a smile crossing both of their features at your words. In a way… you were the immortal baby of the group, and seeing you start to come to these conclusions on your own, some they hadn’t even noticed yet, was always nice to watch and hear.


The sincerity of your words and the emotion hiding behind them could only come from someone in your position. The hunter’s daughter who had found her home among the outcasts of both the human and supernatural worlds… and had even fallen in love and escaped death.


Neither dwelled on it for long though, knowing that while time was endless for them all… it didn’t mean it needed to be run at a slow pace. And seeing how you seemed to end the conversation perfectly, it was time to bring up the other thing that had been on their minds as of late.


“Has Kaminari been behaving?” Uraraka gave Mina a cheeky grin.


The pink haired female let out a loud groan as you placed the cake into the oven and set the timer. Your form coming to lean against the counter Uraraka was cleaning off. Once she had cleared it, Mina’s head slammed into the marble as she groaned further.


“Kiri and I can’t have a normal movie showing with him… like he’s been freaking out about Jirou coming home this week… it's driving me crazy.”


“Well, it's not like you live with him… so Kirishima is the one who’s really been driven up the wall.” You spoke, knowing that despite how patient the redhead was… even he had his breaking points.


“Well, she gets back today… though the real question is if he’s actually going to ask her out finally…” Uraraka shook her head. “Ever since Jirou left for that music opportunity overseas… he’s been glued to his phone and texting her at any chance he gets.”


“He’s in love guys, chill.” You spoke, knowing each had a tendency to attempt to pry into others’ business when it involved love. “And Jirou is getting back tonight, so he’ll at least be able to focus his energy on her now.”


“Still…” Mina muttered, her voice dropping again. It was different than last time though, this time much more worried and even a bit melancholy. “... I’m afraid that he’s getting himself too involved and it might end badly.”


“How so?” Uraraka looked at her with a concerned face.


“Kaminari’s an incubus… sure he’s out of the norm, but I still worry how Jirou might take it. She’s a human and humans usually don’t like to suddenly find out they were dating or interested in someone who survives off well… you know.” Mina made a lewd gesture, one that neither you or Uraraka truly needed to understand what she was getting at.


“Oh… well, it worked out for Bakugou-kun and (Name)-chan…?” Uraraka tried to find a reason to give Mina any sort of hope.


“But (Name) knew Bakugou was a vampire from the beginning…” She responded, pouting slightly.


“Well he also tried to kill me, I didn’t trust him, and my father shot me thanks to what we are to one another…” You deadpanned, seeing the two females tense up. “So… I think when compared to myself and Katsuki… Kaminari and Jirou have a much better shot. Especially since both actually talk to one another. Katsuki and I didn’t at first.”


“That’s true.” Uraraka nodded, her smile returning to her features once more. “I think it’ll be fine! And if Kaminari somehow messes up… then… he’ll have all of us here to help him. And Jirou too!”


“Yeah! It's going to be fine.” Mina told herself, looking at the both of you as she spoke. “Kaminari may not be the brightest of us all, but I’m sure he’ll do his best. And Jirou’s not the type to let him do whatever he wants… it’ll work out.”


“That’s if they decide to try out how they are together in the first place.” You reminded your eager friends. “After all… you don’t see me poking into your love lives.”


You smirked as both went pink, or rather pinker than each already was. Uraraka’s more fairy-like features accidentally coming through, and Mina’s skin starting to turn pink as well. Each trying to make up excuses as to how they were taking it slow or how they didn’t like anyone.


“Hmmm.” You nodded towards them, playful smirk still on your features as the smell of shortcake started to fill the bakery. “Whatever you two say… but if you really want me to keep my mouth shut, then help me wrap up this cake and let Kaminari give it to Jirou when he sees her at the airport tonight.”






You laughed as they called you out for your own meddling. Though, you’d admit to yourself that the incubus and musician did indeed make a rather cute couple. But you wouldn’t meddle more than that, knowing it would be better for both to grow their relationship at their own pace.


Much like yours had.




The green haired male wasn’t sure why he was standing by this specific park bench in this specific park on the other side of the city he called home… but here he was. He looked around cautiously, not knowing who had sent him this message, or why it was only this location… but here he was.


“Midoriya?” Someone spoke from his left, the green-eyed male glancing to his side and seeing a familiar figure standing a few feet away.


“Oh… Todoroki-kun.” Midoriya blinked. “Was it you who sent me this location?”


Todoroki shook his head, holding up his phone with an identical message on it. “I assumed it was you… since you’ve sent me to random locations before.”


Midoriya shook his head, slight embarrassment filling his cheeks. “N-no it wasn’t me this time! Sorry to have made you assume it was…”


Todoroki shook his head. “It’s fine, Midoriya. I wonder who did send us here though…”


The answer came rather quickly, as someone shouted from the right of where Midoriya stood. A pair of two more familiar figures approaching, one waving with a large grin while the other was staring down at his phone like he was expecting something to suddenly appear on its screen.


“Awe man, he told you guys to come here too?” Kirishima chuckled. “Guess he’s serious about what he’s planning then…”


“Kirishima-kun… and Kaminari-kun too.” Midoriya spoke, slowly starting to piece the puzzle together. “And he… you mean it wasn’t either one of you who sent us here?”


Kirishima shook his head. “Naw, I would have actually sent some words along.”


Kirishima nudged Kaminari, pulling the male away from his phone daze. The straw blonde blinked a few times, his orbs of golden widening when he saw the two males in front of him.


“Woah… when did Midoriya and Todoroki get here?” He asked Kirishima, the redhead trying hold back his mild frustration.


“They’ve been here… we just got here.” Kirishima told him. “And come on… you promised to put it away for the next hour or so.”


Kaminari looked between Kirishima and his phone. “But… what if she texts me?”


“Dude… she’s on a ten-hour flight right now. She won’t be texting you for a while…”


Kaminari eventually caved, stuffing his phone into his pocket and focusing on why he was here. It appeared only Kirishima had a slight clue, but not the full picture.


“I’m guessing Bakugou hasn’t given you his number.” Kirishima chuckled, finally putting a face to the unknown and blocked number.


“And they still ain’t gonna get it…” Said male spoke, coming down the same way Todoroki had. “Anyway, glad to know you shits made it.”


“Wait… why are we here?” Midoriya spoke, slight concern in his voice.


“Cause you and half-and-half know her tastes better than me.” The scarlet eyed vampire turned towards Kirishima and Kaminari. “And you two are here to make sure I don’t get pissed off at them… and to make sure I actually find one.”


“Find one?” Todoroki spoke, feeling a bit lost himself.


Before anyone can ask any more questions though, Bakugou turned on his heel and started walking back towards where the street was. Everyone watched him as he did so, and then slowly started to follow him as he raised his hand for them to follow.


It was a short walk to wherever he was going, but once he paused in front of the store he had intended to go into but never could find the nerves for the last three months… he could feel that terrible ache in his stomach again.


The four males behind him were stunned in silence, not knowing that this was where he wanted to go… but knew exactly the purpose of this store, what he would be buying and what it meant.


Bakugou shook his ash blonde locks, his heart steadying as he grabbed the door handle and shoved it open like he meant trouble. He marched in with a sneer on his face before anyone could react further, no doubt scaring the man behind the counter as he did so.


Kirishima was the first to follow after him, and then Kaminari. Midoriya and Todoroki only looked at each other with an expression that only seemed curious as to why they were here… but if Bakugou had deemed them worthy to have a say in this decision… they might as well put their all into helping him.


After all… it wasn’t every day that someone like Bakugou decided to come into a shop such as this… let alone what his larger intentions would be once he came out with his purchase.