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You Saved Me

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Chapter 1


On Saturday morning Sebastian sat in the back corner of the Lima Bean drinking his coffee with his ear buds in as he looked at pictures on his phone.  He was deep in thought about the previous week. It had been the first week of school and his life at Dalton Academy was going better than he had expected.  He hated that he had to spend his senior year in a new school, and practically a new country, since he had spent the last three years in Paris. However, he actually liked his roommate, Nick, and Nick’s boyfriend, Jeff. The Warblers seemed pretty great for the most part so far, and classes seemed like they were going to be fairly easy compared to the classes in France.

He was thinking about to getting up to head home to spend some time with his sister, Leah.  She was leaving the next week for freshman year of high school at Oldenberg Academy, a boarding school for girls in Indiana. He was actually going to miss his little sister.  They had become close while away in France. He worried about her being away from him. He was quiet protective. He was, however, glad there were no boys at her school. She’s beautiful, and he knows he’s going to have to beat the boys away with a stick someday soon.

 Sebastian's thoughts were interrupted by a group of five guys laughing and carrying on as they made their way into the coffee shop.   That’s some nice eye candy , Sebastian thought, Maybe I should stick around for a few more minutes.   He took out his ear buds as they sat several tables away from him in front of the large windows of the coffee shop.  He knew he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but this was such a hot looking group of guys, he just couldn’t help it.

Kurt, Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike came tumbling into the Lima Bean.  They were laughing and enjoying their time together - happy to be back to hanging out after summer.  Their summer had been filled with different time consuming activities for each of them… Jobs, camps, internships, etc., making it difficult to see each other often.  It made them extra grateful to be together again. Puck and Sam sat on either side of Kurt with their backs to the window, and Finn and Mike sat across from them.

Puck put his arm around Kurt, “So, Princess, are you happy to be coming back to McKinley?”  Puck had missed his friend while he was away at Dalton.

Kurt smiled as he looked at Puck with one eyebrow cocked, “Yes, Noah.  Now take your arm off of me. Unless my gaydar is completely broken, which sometimes with you I think it might be, you were totally straight when I left McKinley.”   

“Oh, but Princess, I’d make an exception for you.  That is one fine ass you have. You know you want some Puckzilla!”  Puck flexed and everyone just laughed, including Finn as he said, “Dude!  That’s my brother!”

Sam smiled fondly at Kurt, “Seriously, Kurt, we’re glad your back.  It wasn’t the same without you. We missed you. And don’t worry about Karofsky.  He transferred to Carmel High.”

“And if anyone else gives you any shit at all, you let us know.  Things won’t go back to the way they were. We won’t let it.” Finn added, as all of the guys agreed.  Kurt smiled and nodded at them gratefully.

Mike added “Now, how can we convince you to rejoin the football team? Jackson moved away, so we need a kicker.  We all know you were the best.” 

Kurt smiled sheepishly and said, “Well boys, as fine as my ass looks in those football pants,”  He turned and winked at Puck, “I don’t think football is for me. I’m actually thinking of rejoining the Cheerios.  Coach stopped me in the hallway yesterday and practically begged me to come back. It would look good on my college applications, so may take her up on it.”

Sebastian couldn’t get over what he was hearing.  This was a hot gay guy in the middle of Ohio who had four straight football players surrounding him who obviously admired and respected him. Is this guy a miracle worker?  Last Sebastian heard, Ohio wasn’t exactly the best place to be out and proud.  Not if you’re not in the city anyway. And wait… They said he played football?  And what was a Cheerio…?

Sebastian was shaken from thoughts as the group got up to leave.  “I’m going to stay and get some reading done. I’ll see you guys later.”  Kurt said as the others all got up and said their goodbyes.

This could be my shot.  Maybe I should go introduce myself , Sebastian thought. But as soon as he started to gather his things to get up to approach Kurt, he paused as he realized something was different.  Kurt was looking toward the door as someone entered a couple of minutes after his friends had left. Kurt looked…. Scared? Distressed? Worried?... Sebastian wasn’t quite sure, but he knew whatever it was, the look on Kurt’s face bothered him to his core.  

Before he could process what to do next, Kurt was out of his seat and walking toward him.  Is he going past me to the bathroom?  Is he sick? Is he approaching ME?  Sebastian wondered.  

“Kurt!”  A deep voice said quickly.  “Kurt! Stop!” Sebastian's head snapped up to look at the guy.  He was large and intrusive. The look in his eye was determined as he zeroed in on Kurt.

Sebastian looked over to Kurt instantly to see him almost freeze.  A deep fear flashed in his eyes and then for a split second he closed them, almost willing himself to keep walking.  As Kurt moved quickly between the tables toward the restrooms, he suddenly noticed Sebastian. When their eyes met, Sebastian felt a jolt to his heart.   What was THAT feeling? Kurt looked at him and almost pleading with his eyes as he approached, whispered, “Can I join you?  Please?”

Without hesitation, Sebastian sat up straight, saying, “Absolutely!  Are you okay?”

Seconds later, before Kurt could answer, the large guy was by their side.  “K-Karofsky” Kurt stuttered. Karofsky?  Karofsky as in the guy they said had transferred?  Kurt looks terrified! “What do you want?” Kurt said breathlessly.   

Karofsky looked at Sebastian with question, “Who’s this?  This your boyfriend from Dalton, Kurt?” 

Kurt looked at Sebastian with wide eyes.   God, those eyes are even more gorgeous up close!   Sebastian smiled his best smile, offered his hand for Karofsky to shake and said, “Hi I’m Sebastian. Kurt and I are just friends… for now. And who might you be?” 

“Dave Karofsky”.  Dave then turned his attention back to Kurt.  “Look Kurt, I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I NEED to talk to you.  Can we go somewhere… I don’t know… private?” 

Kurt looked at Sebastian who subtly shook his head no.  He turned back to Karofsky and said, “Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Sebastian, or not at all.”

Dave took a deep breath and sighed as he pulled up a chair from the table next to them.  “Okay. I guess that’s fair.” Looking at Kurt sincerely, he added, “Look, Kurt. I have had a lot of time to reflect on everything.  I just want you to know that I’m really sorry for everything I put you through. I was scared. I didn’t know how to deal with my own feelings.  I wasn’t the person I thought I was, and that was terrifying. I took it out on you, because you are out and proud… Obviously not ashamed of who you are, like I was.  It really messed with my head, even though it shouldn’t have. And it wasn’t fair to you in the slightest. I’m really, really sorry.”

Kurt glanced at Sebastian, somehow drawing strength from his presence, before looking back to Dave.  “What made you come to this realization, David? You made my life hell. So much so that I had to transfer schools.  And now? You just, what, see the light?”

Dave blushed and replied, “I don’t know, actually.  I guess not having you at school kind of made a difference.  I realized that it wasn’t just you that made me question myself.  It was ME. It was how I was feeling about my sexuality, with or without you there.  I’m not out and proud…” He pointedly looked at Sebastian trying to will him to keep his mouth shut.  Sebastian nodded that he understood. “But I’m getting there. I transferred to Carmel in hopes of a fresh start.  No one there knows anything about me. I just want to play football and then go to college next year. I don’t want to deal with anything else right now.” 

Kurt gave a small smile.  “You know, I would have never outed you, David.  I never said anything to anyone about that.” He sighed and added, “I hope everything works out for you at Carmel.  If you ever need or want to return to McKinley, I promise your secret is safe with me.” 

Dave smiled and nodded as he stood and returned his chair to his table.  “Thanks, Fancy.”

Kurt chuckled, “Give me your phone.”  Dave handed Kurt his phone with a questioning look.  “If you need to talk about it, this is my number. Don’t hesitate to call.  But just a warning… The guys in glee are ready and willing kick your ass if you even look at me the wrong way.  Not to mention Santana and the girls.”

Dave smiled.  “Understood.” He waved shyly as he walked away.

Sebastian wasn’t sure what he just witnessed.  “Did you just forgive him for putting you through hell?”

Kurt smiled shyly, and said, “Yes, well, he was going through a hell of his own, I suppose.  I forgive, but I don’t really forget….” He looked at Sebastian, really for the first time. His breath hitched when he really looked into his eyes.  He quickly looked down at coffee before looking back up. “I’m Kurt. Kurt Hummel. Thanks so much for saving me just then. I was afraid he was the Karofsky that he was a year ago.  That would not have been pretty.” 

“It was my pleasure.” Sebastian smirked.  “I’m Sebastian Smythe. It’s nice to meet you.”  Kurt smiled. “So do I understand correctly that you went to Dalton Academy?  I’m a senior there this year.”

“Yes, I did!  I transferred there last fall.  I just transferred back to McKinley High for my senior year, though. My boyfriend is a Junior there.  You just started there though, right? I think I would remember if you were there last year.”

Disappointed in the boyfriend comment, Sebastian smiled anyway at the thought that Kurt would remember him.  “Yes, my family just moved back to Ohio. My mother and sister and I lived in Paris for three years while my mother helped take care of her sister who had cancer.  My father stayed here due to his job.” Sebastian frowned, “My aunt passed away over the summer. We moved back right away to be with my father again.”

“I’m so sorry.  My mother passed away from cancer.  I understand how devastating it can be.”  Kurt reached across the table and put his hand on Sebastian's.  It sent a jolt of electric though both of their bodies. Kurt pulled his hand away immediately as he looked shyly down at his coffee.   

Sebastian cleared his throat, “Um, thanks.  I’m sorry about your mom. I can’t imagine how hard that is.”  He smiled a little at Kurt. “So, are you and your father close?” 

Kurt beamed and replied, “Oh yes!  He’s the best. He actually just became a member of Congress!” 

“Wait!  Hummel? Your father is Burt Hummel?!  Oh my god, he’s like, my hero!” Sebastian sat up all excited at the realization.  “He’s such a strong advocate for gay rights. I can’t believe he’s your dad!”

Kurt laughed at Sebastian’s reaction.  “Well, I guess I’m the reason he’s such a strong advocate.  He’s seen my struggles, and wants to help in any way possible.”  Kurt’s phone rang. He pulled it out and looked at. “Speak of the devil.  Excuse me for a second?” He looked at Sebastian apologetically. 

“Sure.”  Sebastian smiled as he watched Kurt walk a few tables away on his phone.  He couldn’t help but check out his ass. Wow, he’s right.  His ass would look good in football pants!

Kurt returned with a smile and told Sebastian he needed to head home.  He shyly added, “It was really nice meeting you. Thanks again for helping me earlier.  Good luck at Dalton. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

God he’s adorable!   “It was nice meeting you too.  Can I have your number? It’s nice to make friends here in Ohio.” 

“Sure!  Hand me your phone.”  Sebastian smiled and handed him his phone.  Once Kurt handed it back, he quickly typed a text back so that Kurt would have his number as well.  “I’ll see ya around. Bye, Sebastian.” Kurt smiled and then walked away. I’m sooo screwed…

Bye, Kurt”  Sebastian smirked.  

Before Kurt started his car to leave, he pulled out his phone to see what Sebastian had texted him.

From Sebastian:  Don’t forget me ;)