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Kirby Takes Manhattan

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Betty Boop looked around almost impatiently as she straightened out her dress. Her date was late by at least two hours, and it was very likely that she had stood her up entirely.


"Ugh, Christ, not again..." Betty swore, and she got up from her seat. Pulling a few monochrome dollars out of her clutch, she left a generous tip for the waiter and walked away from the lovely French cafe and bar.


Suddenly, a brick building she was near to exploded outwards, and a bald pale man with no nose and red eyes tackled a teenage boy with auburn hair and loose clothing into the street. Betty let out a short shriek and jumped back.


"Fool!!!" Voldemort screamed, "Do you truly think you can defeat me?!"


"Like, I don't think, man, I know!" Shaggy's eyes swirled until they were red with a black diamond pattern. "Like, Tsukuyomi, man!" He shouted, staring directly into Voldemort's eyes.


Voldemort froze, and Shaggy threw Voldemort off of him and back into the building into the emerging form of Swiper the Fox.


Betty staggered back, wondering what was going on, when a bony, aged hand grabbed her arm. "Now, now, dear, where do you think you're going?" Count Olaf said.


Reacting immediately, Betty stamped her stiletto heel directly into Count Olaf's foot. As Count Olaf released her in favor of his Verifiably Foot-based Disaster, Betty ran to help Shaggy up. "Norville, are you alright?!" Betty asked him.


"Huh? Betty? Zoinks, what are you, like, doing here?" Shaggy asked as he stood up.


"There's no time, Norville!" Betty replied as she ran off with him, "You know that overusing your Mangekyou Sharingan is deadly!"


"It was important! It was the only way I could have escaped from Voldemort!" Shaggy replied, and the two ran down an alleyway.


Stopping to hide behind a dumpster, the two managed to catch their breath.


"Like, Betty," Shaggy whispered, "Betty, we gotta, like, get outta here. Voldemort won't be stopped forever by my Tsukuyomi illusion, he probably has wet dreams more disturbing than what I showed him. He's gonna catch up to us. Can you still summon?"


"I-It's been a while, but I can try..." Betty gasped. Her eyes widened. "Oh no! Norville, look out!"


Reacting immediately, Shaggy caught the rapier aimed at his neck with his bare hand and then threw Count Olaf at his two bodyguards, Colonel Sanders and Thanos. "Like, Amaterasu!" Shaggy cried, and the three were engulfed in the unquenchable black flames.


"Persona!" Betty screamed as she summoned the Sun Arcana Icarus, "Icarus! We gotta get out of here!"


"At once, mistress..." Icarus nodded, and he grabbed Shaggy and Betty and winged into the skies.


"So, where to, Norville?" Betty asked.


"Like, Popstar, Betty," Shaggy replied, his eyes bleeding due to overuse of the Mangekyou Sharingan, "We need to get backup, and I have one person in mind..."