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{Villains VS Heroes}

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DAY 0 _00:00 | SIDE - HEROES


Katsuki grit his teeth in anger as he entered the fake city, the rest of the heroes trailing behind him. As if mocking him and his team, the first thing they see is, low and behold, Midoriya Izuku, leader of their opponents - the villains. He felt like tearing off the shit-eating grin on the smaller boys face. But as soon as he moved his arm, Shouto prevented him from attacking. 


"Wait. Something doesn't feel right..." Shouto looked at the masked man. Izuku wore a Sacramento green and black domino mask, covering the top half of his face including his freckled cheeks. He had also worn a formal, solid black vest over a long-sleeved, white shirt, rolled up to his elbows. Replacing the poorly tied blood-red tie, was a jet black one, tied properly and normally. Instead of the cream gloves he added to his hero costume, he wore pitch black gloves. The colour of his straight trousers matched the colour of his vest, as did his shoes. Speaking of, he abandoned his favourite pairs of sneaker, swapping it out with platformed, formal shoes. However, going by the look of the soles, it seemed to function the same as his hero costumes' shoes. A designer black trench coat was draped over his shoulders, the collar lifted up to his jaw. His fluffy hair was gelled - his left side pushed to his right. Who knew formal wear could make someone feel so uncomfortable - sans in a funeral?


"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen - heroes and heroines - to my show." Katsuki forced himself to reign in his anger as Izuku bowed to the twenty one of them. "I hope you enjoy." Izuku turned away, showing off his back as a target. Kojiro, Sero and Ibara reacted immediately, vines, tape and glue rushing towards the open target. Pony and Tenya tried to warn them but it was too late. And just as they were about to hit Izuku, the villain stopped. The glue, tape and vines stopped just in front of him, as if they hit an invisible wall. "Now, now. That's uncalled for." Izuku tuned his head to face the heroes. "Also, if I were you, I'd move far, far away from your spot. Let's go, Hermit." Before any of them could react, Izuku was swept off of his feet - though it was too dark to see how or what took him away. Well, it wasn't just the fact that it too dark. There was also the fact that - as soon as Izuku left - they had been blown off their feet. Literally. By an explosion. 


Katsuki swore as he landed on his back, arching said back upon impact. Burns scattered his body, bits of his costume torn from the explosion. That damned Deku tried to get rid of them as fast as he could, is what one half of his said. The other, more logical side of him, knew that Deku was testing them and their durability. He set off the explosion to gather information on the heroes. And that pissed him off.


He struggled to get up, his feet stumbling slightly as he did so. Katsuki sent a look over to the others. People like Shouto, Tenya, Eijiro, Tetsutestu, Jurota, Togaru and Itsuka were already getting up. Others like Ochako, Pony, Reiko, Kinoko, Mineta, Hanta and Setsuna were still on their back. The explosive boy scoffed. 


"Get up," At that, everyone forced themselves to stand up, ears ringing from the explosion. "We're... going to our base." Ochako, Tenya, Eijiro and a couple others helped the weaker ones up, glaring at the back of the retreating Katsuki. They didn't really agree with how dismissive their leader was towards his own teammates. Ochako almost regretted joining if she hadn't remembered why she did in the first place. 




Classes 2-A and 2-B mumbled to each other in confusion as they sat in the auditorium, wondering what was so important that the principal had to gather both heroic course classes only three weeks into their second year. Did something happen already? Were they gonna host another exam? Izuku glanced up to the empty stage. And cue the muttering of Midoriya Izuku.


"Nothing like this happened in the previous years. Has UA implemented a new exam or event? If so, what is it? Does it have something to do with fighting against one another again? Or is it more tame?" Izuku seemed to have realize something as everyone stared. His muttering was a bit creepy but maybe he would reveal something. "Now that I think about it, there was an event that UA hosted randomly throughout a classes experience in UA. it's always hosted at different times. I think it was called the Civil War? Yeah. It was Civil War. That was the one with the villains vs heroes. The results haven't been made public about any of them so I don't know about how many times either side won. Maybe the school does that so people won't be discouraged if they're put in the side with the least wins..." 


"Midoriya-kun." Izuku looked at Tenya, blushing slightly as he realized he was muttering again. "What is the Civil War?" He blinked and looked around seeing the curious gazes from everyone. 


"The Civil War is an event in UA. It's when two students from the heroics department are picked to lead two different groups. The heroes and the villains." Gulp. "The other students join a side and duke it out in a makeshift city. According to some sources, the villains are given objectives to complete within the four day time limit. And the objectives are different each time so asking a previous participant is futile. In addition, the objectives are given to the leader of the villains personally on the day before the start so there is no way for the heroes to know what the objectives are through a leak and gain a head start. In order for the villains to win, they need to complete the objectives or 'kill' the leader of the heroes. In order for the heroes to win, they need to capture the leader of the villains or have the villain leave before the fourth day - which will be classed as surrendering. Apparently, the person with the best villain score is Endeavour, according to some sources. No one knows for sure. That's all I know..." There was silence before it had been interrupted by slow clapping. Everyone turned to the stage, Nedzu smiling at the green haired boy.


"Well informed Midoriya." Izuku blushed at the compliment from the principal. "It's as he says. Fortunately, I don't need to explain much more. A hero has to be wise, potent and proactive against all forms of evil, whether it be in public or not! You may be shocked to learn that the less legal side of the law possess the same traits - adapting, improvising and overcoming potential dangers. As such, two student will be chosen at random to lead two different groups - as Midoriya stated. However, you will decide which team to join! Will you challenge yourself and act as the very force you train to defeat? A villain? Or will you try to live up to the person you want to become? A hero? Present Mic, if you will." Nedzu stepped down, allowing Hizashi taking over.


"Hello, my listeners!! Let fate decide who the leaders of the heroes and the villains! Refusing is useless - these roles are secure! Take the position with pride!" Those who felt uncomfortable becoming leader of the villains visibly relaxed from the comforting words. "First up, leader of the white knights! Of the heroes! THE NONPAREIL!! IT IIIIIISSSS...!" The screen turned on, slots with each students picture scrolling rapidly. Everyone leaned in closer, staring at the screen, tension building up so thick, it could be cut with a butter knife.


Who will it be? Will it be a trusted friend like Tenya, Pony or Izuku? Or will it be a more annoying character like Minoru, Neito or Yuga? Will they be strong? Will they be weak? Will they be smart? Will they be dumb? The faces started to slow down and down, until it came to a stop.


"BAKUGOU KATSUKIIIII!!!!! GET UP HERE!!" Katsuki smirked as everyone turned to look at the explosive teen. He walked up the stairs of the stage, taking his place next to Hizashi. A picture appeared next to the slots. It was Katsuki, the normal scowl on his face, a small white crown on his head. Izuku looked around the hall, seeing some people deflate at the news. Whether this was due to Katsuki being the leader or them not being picked, Izuku couldn't tell. He still made a mental note of those he saw look uncomfortable.


"Next up - the leader of the dark soldiers! The villains! THE JOKER!! IT IIIIIISSSSS...!" Before the faces even started to flicker, Izuku knew who the leader would be. Something just told him. It screamed out exactly who it would land on. When the faces came to a stop, Izuku cursed how right he was. "MIDORIYA IZUKU!!! COME ON OVER HERE!!!" Izuku stood up and walked to the other, unoccupied side of Hizashi. Hizashi grinned as he yelled once more. Instead of looking around, he focused on the floor, missing the hopeful and determined looks from the others. A picture of Izuku smiling shyly appeared next to Katsuki, a black crown drawn on his head instead of Katsuki's white one. Izuku shook his head. Villain or hero - he wouldn't let his team down because he wanted to be a hero. "A few words, Nonpareil? Joker? Just something to persuade people to join you!" Hizashi went back to the side of the stage. Katsuki went first.


He stood in front of the microphone, his face a tamed scowl. "I pledge that I will guide my team to victory and beat Deku and any other extra that sides with him. That's all." The audience unenthusiastically clapped - including Tenya and that's saying a lot. Katsuki stepped down, Izuku taking his place. 


"Umm... I appreciate the fact that not many people want to become a villain, even if it's for an event." He brought a clenched fist to his chest. "I won't force anyone to join me. But I will treat you right. I will acknowledge anyone that confronts me. I will not disregard anyone as useless or a waste. I cannot promise that my team will pass - but I will promise you one thing." Izuku looked at everyone, fire burning in his eyes. "I will not - no. I refuse to hold back." There was awestruck silence before Eijiro started to clap. From then on, the claps escalated, shocking Izuku. Izuku blushed before stepping down, letting Nedzu take over again. 


"Please report which group you side with to your homeroom teacher, myself or Midnight. Your time limit to decide which team you will enter is midnight. Should you not choose one in time, you will automatically be sorted into one of the two teams! Take the rest of today to decide which side you will join - the heroes or the villains? Dismissed!" 



Izuku didn't even blink as he sat at his desk in the empty classroom, writing furiously, noting down every loophole he could find in the rulebook provided by Shouta. He scratched his head as he examined the rules. This was easier than he thought. After he jotted down all loopholes, Izuku stood up to find people to add to his team. 


But as he reached towards the door handle, the door swung open, revealing the person who will later on become known as  'Chariot.'