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Waking up he could feel something heavy and warm on top of him. Of course, that had been a usual occurrence, so the only reaction it drew out of him was to cuddle closer to the warm figure. He could feel himself slowly fall back asleep, being unable to keep his heavy-lidded eyes open. He checked the time squinting his huge emerald eyes at the bright alarm clock near the bedside which pained his overstimulated eyes. Blinking twice to get a better look at the clock to find that it was 2:19, ‘It’s our day off’ his brain supplied helpfully. Sinking back into bed he felt himself drift deeper into sleep, then it was dark.


The first thought that crossed Izuku ’s mind when he roused from his sleep was about how cold he felt. Moving his arm trying to find his lover only to be met with air, grumbling to himself he got up grabbed a sweatshirt that was definitely not his because of how tight it was. He moved through the apartment he had been living in for about four years with his boyfriend. Getting closer to the kitchen he could smell french toast being made as the smell of hot chocolate wafted through the air.

Reaching the kitchen the sight he saw was normal, of course, it still shocked him as he watched Katsuki in an apron he gave to him making breakfast. HIS Kacchan. He couldn’t help the huge grin on his face or how he had wrapped his arms around his Kacchan.

“Doing that to someone whos cooking isn’t a good idea,” Katsuki gruffed out

The response Katsuki gave did not deter him, as he laid his head in the crook of his neck and kissed there. To see the flush on his cheeks spread to his ears and neck, raising his head he was greeted to a prominent blush on Katsuki’s usually pale face. He couldn’t help but admire his face from the pale skin to his pale long eyelashes which were usually hard to see and how they contrasted with his intense red eyes. Getting closer to his lips Izuku took satisfaction in how Katsuki’s eyes fluttered closed, as he gave him a brisk kiss on the lips and muttered a short, “Morning” Standing straight up he towered over Katsuki by at least a head. That had of course been normal since the 3rd year of high school.

Then getting out of his hair Izuku proceeded to sit at the breakfast table and watch with amusement as the flush on the tip of Katsuki’s ears spread to his neck, Katsuki couldn’t help but blush because Izuku just sat there staring at him. Something which happened quite often but still managed to unnerve him. Turning to Izuku, Katsuki notices how the nerd was wearing one of his sweatshirts which seemed to hold on by the seams with how tight it was on him. “Is that my sweatshirt?” Katsuki asked raising an eyebrow.

Izuku hummed in response, “I swear I will blow you up if you stretch out my fucking sweatshirt,” Humming again Izuku pointed out, “You said that last time too, and plus you wear my stuff all the time.”

Sighing Katsuki said, “Yeah but, your clothes are big on me so I can’t stretch them out my clothes barely fit you I wonder how you even get that shit on you.” To that Izuku chuckled remembering how Katsuki’s height used to be a sore spot for him.

Settling back to comfortable silence, Izuku couldn’t help but admire his boyfriend of six years, how the sun pouring through the window seemed to highlight his unblemished skin. And how filled out he was even with his short stature, how his sharp face from years of his scowling and muscular upper body from years of training contrasted with how soft and round he seemed at his hips and lower body. Izuku looked from the scars littering Katsuki’s hands from years of quirk usage to how every other part of his body was without a single blemish. And he couldn’t help but think that Katsuki was definitely an adonis


Later that day they had both decided to watch the new Hero movie that came out this year. They had already bought it but hadn’t decided when they would watch it until now. Sitting on the couch cuddling so close together that Katsuki was practically laying on top of Izuku. They were a mess of limbs but they cuddled so much it had come naturally to them. There was no discomfort after doing this together for years they had gotten used to it.

The movie was supposed to be a vague documentary styled on All Mights life as a pro-hero to celebrate his birthday and the anniversary of his retirement.

Izuku wasn’t focused on the movie as much as usual, he was more focused on the commentary his boyfriend was making on the movie. Such as in the beginning when he had said, “How the fuck does that look like All Might?” or “For fuck sake when did that ever happen? I thought this was based on real fucking events!”

The fighting scene was when Katsuki hadn’t shown any distaste for the movie, “This movie isn’t so shitty I guess.” He had muttered halfway through the fighting scene. Izuku had been focused on his boyfriend enough to notice how quiet he had gotten because he hadn’t heard anything from him in 5 minutes.

Looking at Katsuki he noticed how he was drifting off to sleep yet still trying to fend it off. ‘Cute’ Izuku thought, he reached out towards Katsuki and slowly pulled him closer to his chest. Grabbing a blanket that was conveniently on the couch Izuku used it to wrap around Katsuki and himself. Katsuki had been watching him with curious, bleary eyes, and when Izuku was done. Katsuki’s back was to the T.V and Izuku’s chin was nestled on top of his hair.

‘Comfortable’, Katsuki thought to himself as he buried himself into Izuku’s chest. Before he fell asleep, he heard Izuku mutter a short, “Love you” with a brisk kiss on Katsuki’s forehead. Without much thought, Katsuki said, “Love you too” Katsuki fell asleep. In response to that Izuku hummed and nuzzled his nose into his Kacchan’s hair, “Kacchan’s Too cute,” he said aloud with a sleepy lopsided grin, of course, it was unknown to the sleeping blond.